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angel pushed a change to branch master
in repository libzonemaster-perl.

      from  b7bd2b2   Switch to Maintainer: Debian Perl Group 
       new  e6de3b6   Fix debian/upstream/metadata.
      adds  3ded117   Change all the paths.
      adds  790f313   Auto-edit a lot of files.
      adds  e227bee   Regenerate data files.
      adds  ef3cdbd   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  6b516be   PBP and perltidy rules...
      adds  de97d32   Typo (name changing).
      adds  c4d0239   Cosmetic changes.
      adds  e99f62b   Delegation tests new version.
      adds  64a7abf   Cosmetic.
      adds  ce711dd   New Delegation unit tests.
      adds  f4dbb54   Basic Unit Tests.
      adds  a11406c   perltidy on Basic Test module.
      adds  8bbc4c5   Add some doc.
      adds  39a6818   Add some internal logging to recursor.
      adds  32249ed   Add delegating methods for edns_size and edns_rcode.
      adds  d1b5da2   Use Net::LDNS methods to categorize packets.
      adds  e36c1bd   Fix so tests in Basic can be run singly.
      adds  936db1a   Merge branch 'master' into recursor_experiment
      adds  2c3ab34   Revert test data to earlier version that makes tests pass.
      adds  c7a31a9   Log a little more info for redirects.
      adds  67b757b   Cache recursor calls.
      adds  8b05dc6   Fix so tests in Basic can be run singly.
      adds  db642be   Stabilize against hash key order randomization.
      adds  980b35b   Merge branch 'master' into recursor_experiment
      adds  3f231ae   Another Test case found for Basic unit tests.
      adds  0e18165   New Consistency.
      adds  71d7c0c   Merge
      adds  8095749   Stabilize against hash key order randomization.
      adds  f161224   Use framework instead of Net::LDNS directly.
      adds  777a71d   More logging for lookup errors.
      adds  2a66cf8   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  44c1c5b   Consistency Test package release candidate.
      adds  e3ea3ff   Consistency error messages.
      adds  1978527   Basic test typo.
      adds  93a8e6d   Cosmetic changes.
      adds  ae62c03   Syntax tests new version.
      adds  6c753d9   No, Vincent, that was not a typo.
      adds  493ba96   Add forgotten system message to policy. Improve test 
      adds  cba1976   Better test coverage.
      adds  6d8df87   Fix case bug in nameserver cache, and no-network bug in 
several test scripts.
      adds  5080be6   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  dc2f4a5   Syntax unit tests.
      adds  aff3143   Add Consistency unit tests.
      adds  7f5db3c   Add POD.
      adds  35bf702   Merge from master.
      adds  7a15cde   Protection against being called with a plain string.
      adds  bf65c4a   Ability to terminate test runs early.
      adds  d2aeb6a   Add Scalar::Util to modules that get their versions 
      adds  df5c02d   Improve test coverage.
      adds  e473213   Add ability to fake DS answers.
      adds  5ef4c71   Test coverage.
      adds  c0f5230   Make module requests case-insensitive.
      adds  dd95d29   Add axfr() method to nameserver class.
      adds  271f7ba   Saving and replaying AXFRs for tests. Somewhat 
      adds  ddee006   no_network guard in axfr() method.
      adds  4a45ef6   Change nameserver03 to use new framework-provided AXFR 
      adds  cb5133f   Change nameserver02 to use builtin has_edns method.
      adds  6a90700   Bump required version of Net::LDNS to one that actually 
provides has_edns (doh).
      adds  0568284   Huge perltidy run.
      adds  f390737   Obsolete. May be reimplemented later. For now, see 
Zonemaster::CLI instead.
      adds  1502cf5   Stop trying to install removed script.
      adds  e83d422   axfr() should obey IPv4/IPv6 flags.
      adds  8f4d6e0   Rewrite dnssec02 to better match spec.
      adds  4610999   Only run DNSSEC tests if there is a DS record in the 
      adds  bff20a7   Make dnssec10 conform better to spec.
      adds  4360810   Utility script to re-format JSON data into canonical 
format and order.
      adds  926d160   Reformat tech language and policy data files.
      adds  c477cb7   Update MANIFEST
      adds  53674e6   Improve README and add LICENSE.
      adds  256cf61   Better resilience and error reporting in totally broken 
      adds  3c1ad68   Bump required version in Net::LDNS to get bugfix.
      adds  7398a98   First stab at AS lookup module, with a single set of 
hardcoded servers.
      adds  6d3af92   Change to lists of pairs of servers.
      adds  e16a452   Add method to access no_network flag.
      adds  dfbed56   Kill the "config" helper method.
      adds  7b1a611   Access methods for IPv4/IPv6 flags.
      adds  7909f06   Access methods resolver_defaults and logfilter.
      adds  8cf1f79   Take AS lookup roots from config instead of hardcoding 
them. Closes #52.
      adds  6cb01b3   Increase version numbers for modules affected by config 
      adds  6085971   Log more versions.
      adds  ffe1fba   Add ability to store translation data in modules. See the 
Example and DNSSEC test modules for details.
      adds  9d8d60f   Add ability to store default policy data in modules. See 
the Example and DNSSEC test modules for details.
      adds  f90feb4   Make double-dash check case insensitive. Closes #33.
      adds  4abcbcb   Do not crash on non-responsive server. Closes #34.
      adds  a92b366   - Move connectivity3 to address04.
      adds  be07563   - Modify connectivity03 checking DB.
      adds  8c97183   - Remove syntax09.
      adds  e142a95   - Delegation02 modified afeter specs changes.
      adds  cd39901   - Modify delegation03 after specs changes...
      adds  9333695   - Bugfix EDNS0 case (nameserver02).
      adds  56e83b9   - Rename DNSSEC test files.
      adds  6201188   - Delete old test files.
      adds  36f72b8   Set start time to current time every time a test run is 
asked for.
      adds  d0cb503   Remove INIT blocks, so we conform to the subset of Perl 
that can be used in PSGI applications.
      adds  43e8518   Fix tests in accordance with recent code changes.
      adds  9ae50d1   Regenerate test data.
      adds  e025d8f   Everything seems to work except loading policy from 
      adds  2432a7e   Load policy included in test modules when the module is 
about to be used. Closes #55.
      adds  650a5cc   Add missing dependency to Time::HiRes
      adds  6c09632   Fix for crash bug when a zone has DS records with no 
matching DNSKEY.
      adds  c8c754b   Add method to reset system to pristine state.
      adds  47e4294   Adjust MANIFEST.
      adds  bf095b8   Add ability for logger to export directly to JSON.
      adds  b018a93   perltidy run on t/*.t
      adds  9b72ffc   Move most translations into their respective modules.
      adds  b935a94   Remove leftover data for removed code.
      adds  8f401ee   Bugfixes.
      adds  a249ea1   New translator works so far at least.
      adds  b145338   Bump version numbers, plus tiny problem workaround.
      adds  4f1fcfb   Add new files.
      adds  b7cc1ed   No need to mirror installation structure now, I think.
      adds  b30b543   Start of Swedish translation.
      adds  85b7a53   CONNECTIVITY translations to Swedish.
      adds  efd020b   CONSISTENCY translations to Swedish.
      adds  9c76d86   DELEGATION translations to Swedish.
      adds  8311364   DNSKEY translations to Swedish.
      adds  d6d1824   The rest of the translations to Swedish.
      adds  631fe8f   Build and install stuff for translations.
      adds  a9671c9   Fix tests.
      adds  5795aea   Some documentation of the translation process.
      adds  bfdbe3e   Teach query_one and query_all to obey the IPv4 and IPv6 
      adds  26a658e   Basic test module heeds v4 and v6 flags.
      adds  d159172   Fix to set locale on Translator object creation.
      adds  89112bf   Read configuration data from more places, and document 
      adds  98560be   Also load policy from the directories where we look for 
      adds  b379617   Log disabled modules.
      adds  d60210c   - "Basic Tests" new messages.
      adds  dd7ba63   - Add new message.
      adds  202b0e6   - "Address Tests" new messages.
      adds  8356b8b   Adjust tests according to recent commits.
      adds  93f7617   - "Connectivity Tests" new messages.
      adds  4fedce0   - "Delegation Tests" new messages.
      adds  9159a6d   - Extra comma... :-/
      adds  7d3645c   - "DNSSEC Tests" new messages.
      adds  a7a797d   - "Nameserver Tests" new messages.
      adds  7b2b49c   - "Syntax Tests" new messages.
      adds  815f2dc   New messages added to translation system, with Swedish 
      adds  30a1537   Adjust test after code change.
      adds  b32537c   New extraction of tags to PO.
      adds  cba2c97   New translation tags, with Swedish translations.
      adds  e18c256   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  04eb4e7   - "Syntax tests" bugfixes.
      adds  34388a2   - Catch more fatal errors.
      adds  e2cb925   - Catch error in case of non response from nameservers 
for an SOA query.
      adds  7faa452   - "Zone Tests" new messages.
      adds  237dbf8   - Missing message.
      adds  b28f8be   - Bug fixes.
      adds  299f91f   Bug fixes.
      adds  63f60ce   - Bug fixes.
      adds  4c2d547   - make test will stop complain with syntax tests...
      adds  1cada56   - Remove debug print...
      adds  5b11df7   Try to proceed as far as possible when a parent zone does 
not exist.
      adds  5647999   Adjust dnssec04 in accordance with spec change. Closes 
      adds  6abd982   Default policy for new dnssec04 messages.
      adds  a1ad8e6   - Add dnssec04/step3 missing case.
      adds  6ed2812   - Delegation01 bug fix (hostnames count mistakes).
      adds  b305248   Typo in error message UNKNOWN_METHOD.
      adds  42537c6   Adjust tests after report from Sandoche.
      adds  c1e8f2c   Add translation for new message Vincent added to DNSSEC 
      adds  82d49d6   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  79f3a94   - Error messages typo fixes.
      adds  6647179   Add glue_names and ns_names attributes to Zone object 
(and as a consequence change the way the ns and glue attributes are built). 
Also fixes a bug in Zonemaster::Packet::get_records_for_name().
      adds  3a62981   Creating a DNSName from a DNSName returns the existing 
      adds  574bf57   Adjust tests and regenerate test data.
      adds  9bff2e2   - [BugFix] Fatal error in Zonemaster::Test::Address #75
      adds  3d62b7f   Make overeager loop protection less so.
      adds  c49f9e0   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  352e2df   - Add Method Class to simplify specs test to 
implementation   understanding.
      adds  14e9ded   - Methods Class renaming.
      adds  354db5a   - Address use now TestMethods methods.
      adds  f430fde   - Basic use now TestMethods methods.
      adds  e2d2c44   - Connectivity use now TestMethods methods.
      adds  5110c0f   - Use of TestMethods methods + some bugfixes.
      adds  9152353   - Use now TestMethods Class methods.
      adds  fa907f1   - Nameserver uses now TestMethods methods.
      adds  e91d26f   - PBP.
      adds  fe86bd5   - delegation01 modifications to be compliant with specs 
(previous code   was based on older version).
      adds  f96bee0   - Remove useless call to List::MoreUtils::uniq.
      adds  6fc1477   Try to cut down on re-lookups during recursion.
      adds  ec70799   Makes reported problematic domain work.
      adds  8782082   Regenerate data files for tests.
      adds  21ba536   Add regression test for bug.
      adds  f1aa082   - French translation bootstrapping...
      adds  a796c53   - Bugfix: Did not work properly with non authoritative NS.
      adds  78519af   Predictability problems.
      adds  2edce4e   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  6a5951e   Switch from RFC::RFC822::Address to Mail::RFC822::Address 
(closes #85).
      adds  2bbf76a   - [BugFix] Change test in case of SOA reply missing.
      adds  167ea9e   - Test::Consistency limit queries to enabled transports.
      adds  eaf1b58   - Test::Connectivity limit queries to enabled transports.
      adds  4a626e2   - Test::Nameserver limits queries to enabled transports.
      adds  e9fef65   - Remove useless Zonemaster::Nameserver object creations.
      adds  288d1c1   - Test::Delegation limits queries to enabled transports.
      adds  a554162   Bugfix add_fake_ds
      adds  7cf10b3   Can load data and add fake glue/DS without crashing. 
Which is a start.
      adds  b3f9179   Fix final-dot bug in add_fake_delegation
      adds  fe2b0a9   It appears that fake delegation never actually worked at 
      adds  7e41edd   Can actually run tests against a fake domain.
      adds  83ab40e   - Check closely SOA existence before continue testing.
      adds  805c7c4   - Delegation06 bug fix (really check answer content...).
      adds  bed8168   - Test::Address bugfix on return values (PTR query). - 
Test::Address add translations. - Test::Address add Unit tests.
      adds  72682bf   Adjust a couple of tests prone to false positives.
      adds  bb19ccb   Merge branch 'master' into mock_nameserver
      adds  6fde782   - Test::Consistency  add missing case in consistency01. - 
Test::Consistency new unit tests with dedicated data. - Test::Address move a 
test unit that does not work with restored data.
      adds  95f5c22   Allow translator to translate unblessed objects
      adds  4452a04   - Scope declaration issue in t/Test-dnssec.t.
      adds  9abfccc   - Zonemaster::Test::Zone new SOA/MX retrieval method. - 
Zonemaster::Test::Zone new unit tests with dedicated data.
      adds  ae5dc00   - Zonemaster::Test::Syntax new unit tests with dedicated 
      adds  252b615   - Zonemaster::Test::Zone PBP.
      adds  93180e8   - Zonemaster::Test::Syntax PBP.
      adds  dbbca3a   - Zonemaster::Test::Delegation bugfix on returned values. 
- Zonemaster::Test::Delegation new unit tests with dedicated data.
      adds  6ba0e61   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  42ec111   Merge from master
      adds  1b1a06a   Add query_one_persistent method to zone object.
      adds  797beea   Case-sensitivity bug in address03
      adds  51ac024   Merge branch 'master' into mock_nameserver
      adds  a0c9475   Capitalization-related fixes.
      adds  e3f4649   Test adjustments and regenerated data for capitalization 
      adds  7a02b3f   Bump version number after capitalization fixes.
      adds  3ef7dff   Even more capitalization fixes.
      adds  0ad8590   - Tests return values clarification and policy changes...
      adds  4f25068   - New default policy.
      adds  0e8a4ae   Still more capitalization problems fixed.
      adds  bba1397   Special case for root zone. Closes #95.
      adds  f5a09e8    - [Fixed] delegation02 has been updated #96
      adds  73d739f   - Clarify domain name length analysis (254 vs 255, 
trailing dot or   not...).
      adds  ec62319   - Zonemaster::Test:Address PBP, Perltidy, Typos... 
Cosmetic changes.
      adds  7e49741   -  Missing test: length of labels #73 - Basic00 has been 
      adds  de9c2de   - Zonemaster::Test::Address and Zonemaster::Test::Basic 
Typos,   translations, documentation...
      adds  946b0c9   Add missing documentation.
      adds  2000176   Rename query_one_persistent to query_persistent, add 
query_auth. Tests need to be improved.
      adds  6c8fb2e   Make is_in_zone() return undef instead of dying if it 
cannot get a SOA record.
      adds  4c136a1   - New test case, Nameserver06 #102 - Code, policy, PBP, 
perltidy... Translations and UT to follow...
      adds  28fb6cc   - Change UT for Zonemaster::Test::Syntax without length 
      adds  2571cc0   - Fix IPv4/IPv6 messages not well processed in 
      adds  5fe649d   - Zonemaster::Test::Nameserver translation messages.
      adds  0982e3c   - New test case, Consistency04 #103 - 
      adds  b62119d   - t/Test-basic.t exited before end of tests...
      adds  39af024   Adjust test to match reality.
      adds  d20324f   Add missing documentation, and fix typo.
      adds  6f2b238   Align basic03 logging behavior with that of basic02.
      adds  7009be3   Move (some) cross-test dependencies into the framework.
      adds  6ead6da   Documentation
      adds  f77d76f   Perlcritic level 5 fixes.
      adds  9242256   - Zonemaster::Test::Zone new versions afetr last spec 
      adds  2c8bb4c   - Zonemaster::Test::Zone messages french translation.
      adds  20f074b   - Remove unecessary sort in nameserver06.
      adds  50bf04c   Lower the importance of buggy test.
      adds  5952256   Remove duplicate glue and ns entries.
      adds  2b5c97e   - Zonemaster::Test::Syntax french translation.
      adds  2745f3b    Zonemaster::Test::Connectivity french translation, Unit 
      adds  c912e11   - Zonemaster::Test::Connectivity perltidy.
      adds  3f80d0b   - Zonemaster::Test::Delegation french translation.
      adds  b5d4d5d   Bugfix. Closes #108.
      adds  a77da1f   Update policy according to comments on list
      adds  55e7829   Not sure if final but should be better defaults
      adds  63ebf15   Remove non-specified tests.
      adds  8cb5e67   - Move DNSSEC message from local policy to global policy 
      adds  c07c27c   - DNSSEC test french translation.
      adds  dfd04fb   - Error messages typos-cosmetics.
      adds  0c0a9f3   DNSSEC policy was put in its module as a test that doing 
so works, and to provide an example for people writing their own test modules 
in the future. If having it there is a problem, we need to fix the problem, not 
just move it.
      adds  179ee6c   Typo fix.
      adds  68aef00   - Lot's of new DNSSEC Unit test added.
      adds  50a04b5   - Policy change on "No illegal characters in the domain 
name" #115
      adds  e087ca2   Adjust tests in accordance with new log levels. Closes 
      adds  edbadab   Make sure logger tests cannot be disrupted by installed 
      adds  ff5e6ea   - Missing DNSSEC Unit test added.
      adds  96f9b23   - Fix DNSSEC Unit tests memory usage issue.
      adds  9b3daf5   - nameserver06 bug fixed when no nameservers.
      adds  0e5c298   - Zonemaster::TestMethods PBP
      adds  379be99   - For now remove some tests that do not work with saved 
data yet.
      adds  7e21bb4   - Data for Zonemaster::Test::Nameserver.
      adds  0c40e82   Fill in Swedish translations.
      adds  9cafaf0   Fix bug in parent-finding in recursor.
      adds  1791b75   - New Unit Tests after fix in parent-finding in recursor.
      adds  6471783   - Message Tag Typo fixed.
      adds  42fb169   - New UT for Zonemaster::Test::Connectivity.
      adds  2b22c9b   - Missing value in metadata.
      adds  73acfe7   More sane triggers in zone...
      adds  a0d7314   Do not add self-referential fake delegations.
      adds  4ca9de0   Do ASN lookups in the framework as efficiently as 
possible, and rewrite tests to use this.
      adds  9b1b979   Adjust metadata and English and Swedish translations 
after recent ASN change.
      adds  5f9a4ac   Do not try to run tests when both IPv4 and IPv6 are 
      adds  23bc334   Trivial additions to .gitignore
      adds  1227d2c   Make the ns and glue attributes of Zonemaster::Zone 
lazy-load by name.
      adds  b0177f6   Switch to Net::IP::XS.
      adds  f9ac1cf   Cosmetic test changes.
      adds  43e449d   Reduce CPU load from logger.
      adds  6b38639   Make Moose classes immutable.
      adds  780b08b   Fix translator.
      adds  eb0fbfe   Remove undefs from ASN lists. Closes #149.
      adds  078ceaf   - No connectivity message french translation.
      adds  7b92dde   Make policy loading more flexible, and bump 
      adds  dd996d6   Merge branch 'policy_names' of
      adds  3e74ac0   - French translation typos fixes...
      adds  8b8319a   - Missing french messages for module 
      adds  eae9871    - Missing french messages for module 
      adds  e2c8b85   - Clean english messages.
      adds  fafb2b9   - Missing french messages for module 
      adds  945a997   - Missing french messages for module 
      adds  d481914   - Fix some french messages typos.
      adds  2e36d72   Fix case sensitivity bug in Test::Nameserver. Closes #155.
      adds  b9f0e94   Fix thinko in Config.
      adds  90b51c4   - Test cases updated with test on disabled IPv4 or IPv6 
transport #104.
      adds  a037eec   - Remove external provider usage for ASN tests.
      adds  18874cd   Adjust MANIFEST.
      adds  6235ec1   Fix bug leading to eternal looping with disabled IP 
      adds  c434891   - Move Basic IPV4_DISABLED/IPV6_DISABLED from NOTICE to 
      adds  bf70e34   - Remove Zonemaster::Test::Address::address04 method.
      adds  ab5fef0   is_in_zone blew up when first NS was not authoritative.
      adds  8075f05   Do not die from common situations.
      adds  fa5b976   Tell recursor never to follow redirects to root, fix 
followup problem and regenerate affected data.
      adds  4fc4d12   Disable referral size test for the time being.
      adds  2434907   Forgot to include one test in previous commit.
      adds  28299b1   Use receive time of packet rather than RTC time for test. 
Closes #180.
      adds  768c1ef   Add some more metadata around running tests. Closes #195.
      adds  fc9f239   Prevent crash in the case of a particular kind of broken 
      adds  d734013   Test for NO_RESPONSE_PTR_QUERY.
      adds  b8fcc4b   Add NAMESERVER_NO_UDP_53 and NAMESERVER_NO_TCP_53.
      adds  83dc9eb   Add SOA_NOT_EXISTS and IS_NOT_AUTHORITATIVE.
      adds  b81bce4   Add EDNS0_BAD_QUERY, EDNS0_SUPPORT, QUERY_DROPPED, 
      adds  caf68f2   Add NO_RESPONSE_SOA_QUERY and NO_RESPONSE_MX_QUERY.
      adds  06aac79   Fix fault in parsing of ASN lookup records.
      adds  273db24   Fix spec and implementation of dnssec10 for zones with 
wildcards. Closes #211.
      adds  48633a8   Remove the message DNSSEC:INVALID_NAME_FOUND.
      adds  ebfe945   Merge pull request #214 from 
      adds  69aef46   Normalize IPv6 addresses before comparing them.
      adds  e476e67   Set version numbers of all component Perl modules to 
0.1.0 for alpha release.
      adds  3166454   Fix crash bug in ASNLookup. Closes #223.
      adds  a2b8401   Fix typo in default config.
      adds  b355b03   Initial implementation of dnssec11.
      adds  98cb0f7   Bugfixes.
      adds  e8c8f93   Doc and translation to English and Swedish.
      adds  b31911d   Unit tests for dnssec11.
      adds  3a133bd   Add logging of found ASNs.
      adds  bd4522c   Add en and sv translations for new ASN messages.
      adds  07a9305   Typo fix.
      adds  afc8671   Perltidy.
      adds  e9993d5   Merge pull request #1 from cdybedahl/master
      adds  2666b26   Adjust required modules.
      adds  ac5ad7d   - Add missing french messages. - Follow-up of english 
typo fixes...
      adds  27d2a81   - Missing files for translation...
      adds  44a9741   Merge pull request #2 from 
      adds  e08d6e7   Raise version number to v1.0.0. Rewrite Changes file. 
Update Makefile.PL metadata. Update MANIFEST.
      adds  85b59a8   Add document with currently known issues.
      adds  f615054   Merge pull request #3 from dotse/release_1_0_0_prep
      adds  9810263   Fix NSEC3PARAM issue reported by Jakob Schlyter.
      adds  308049d   Merge pull request #4 from cdybedahl/fix-nsec3param-issue
      adds  c0cad44   Add and/or adjust Swedish translations to match en.po.
      adds  3745ca2   Generated file.
      adds  7baca2f   Merge pull request #5 from cdybedahl/add-missing-sv-transl
      adds  6a354a9   Faked DS response packets should have AA set.
      adds  066cad1   Merge pull request #6 from cdybedahl/mark-fake-packet-aa
      adds  93fd724   CNAME was not handled correctly when looking up addresses 
for names.
      adds  0989b13   Merge pull request #7 from 
      adds  70c15bd   Change level of open AXFR message to NOTICE.
      adds  73cc1a2   Merge pull request #8 from cdybedahl/change-axfr-level
      adds  24d759c   Raise version numbers for changed modules.
      adds  2c28879   Update the Changes and MANIFEST files.
      adds  b62c965   Merge pull request #9 from cdybedahl/release-1.0.1-prep
      adds  7c685b0   - [BugFix]  Classless #14
      adds  60b2b58   - Add non regression tests for Classless #14
      adds  83ebdf6   - Move #14 Issue non regression test from old-bugs.t to 
      adds  2bae57b   Merge pull request #15 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-14
      adds  e4e0e07   [BugFix] French translation #331
      adds  738814e   [BugFix] Wrong french translation #334
      adds  ae40253   Merge pull request #21 from 
      adds  f7f47a3   Make sure dnssec11 emits one and only one message.
      adds  0898daa   Merge pull request #30 from cdybedahl/fix_dnssec11
      adds  0b4c1b5   fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#29
      adds  5811b2d   Merge pull request #31 from 
      adds  9090482   Config support for run/not run info on test cases.
      adds  e4cc70b   Make Test::Zone pay attention to should_run.
      adds  d19c2e4   Make Test::Syntax pay attention to should_run.
      adds  1e7fd9a   Make Test::Nameserver pay attention to should_run.
      adds  e466dea   Make Test::Example pay attention to should_run.
      adds  643e226   Make Test::DNSSEC pay attention to should_run.
      adds  981b656   Make Test::Delegation pay attention to should_run.
      adds  1389841   Make Test::Consistency pay attention to should_run.
      adds  f0d98be   Make Test::Connectivity pay attention to should_run.
      adds  11bb7c1   Make basic03 pay attention to should_run.
      adds  6e54ca9   Make Test::Address pay attention to should_run.
      adds  b9c4c94   Add information about all standard test cases to default 
policy, and adjust tests.
      adds  86c84e7   Also handle explicit loading.
      adds  0586afa   Document policy data.
      adds  9622da0   Merge pull request #32 from cdybedahl/add_policy
      adds  f74ff95   Raise Net::LDNS requirement to v0.71. Closes #17. Closes 
      adds  8b80eeb   Merge pull request #33 from cdybedahl/ldns_v_0_71
      adds  49d88a2   Document the should_run method. Closes #34.
      adds  321a467   Merge pull request #35 from cdybedahl/fix-issue-34
      adds  dc18a6b   fixes dotse/zonemaster#339
      adds  8ed32ab   leftover debugging code removed.
      adds  9be046d   Merge pull request #37 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-339
      adds  8e43cc1   Run most DNSSEC tests even when there is no DS.
      adds  f990439   Merge pull request #39 from cdybedahl/run_more_dnssec
      adds  b49eb46   Raise version numbers on changed modules.
      adds  594e513   List visible changes in Changes file.
      adds  286ff37   Update KNOWN_ISSUES.
      adds  853d23c   Merge pull request #40 from cdybedahl/release-1.0.2-prep
      adds  9783625   Clearer message when failling signature checks because 
GOST support is not present. Closes #16. Closes dotse/zonemaster#347.
      adds  ffb026d   Merge pull request #41 from cdybedahl/no_gost_support
      adds  fc8873d   CNAME handling accidentally left outside check for packet 
existence. Closes #45.
      adds  59610a9   Merge pull request #46 from cdybedahl/fix-issue-45
      adds  d547b1b   Fix missed corner case in parent-finding algorithm. 
Closes #44.
      adds  1964b24   Merge pull request #47 from cdybedahl/fix-parent-issue-44
      adds  4665189   Intro and end-user overview.
      adds  1baac94   Brief test module implementation overview.
      adds  b192a14   Random advice to maintainers, and long list of RFC 
      adds  417e253   Refer to overview page from Zonemaster page.
      adds  8b7e85c   Merge pull request #49 from 
      adds  5f6e048   Updated DNSSEC policy
      adds  e588db3   Merge pull request #50 from pawal/master
      adds  435d7ba   Fix for crash bug.
      adds  49cd47f   Merge pull request #52 from cdybedahl/fix-instant-reset
      adds  596a783   Typo fixes in tests.
      adds  d8e5526   Cache was not properly cleared.
      adds  896379a   Merge pull request #54 from cdybedahl/clear_cache
      adds  784c483   Fix capitalization bug in consistency04.
      adds  d0d0f97   Merge pull request #55 from 
      adds  8f041d2   Log information on how and when a test was started.
      adds  2c2f202   Merge pull request #56 from cdybedahl/startup_information
      adds  a46c8f0   Stupid bug.
      adds  410824f   Merge pull request #57 from cdybedahl/startup_information
      adds  ceb0dad   And one more...
      adds  c86bcb9   Documentation updates. Part of fix for #43.
      adds  a2db706   Merge pull request #58 from cdybedahl/documentation_review
      adds  74a364d   Globally settable resolver source address.
      adds  9433f41   Source address settable by nameserver object with a 
global default.
      adds  567f265   Merge pull request #59 from cdybedahl/settable-source
      adds  d20310b   Check more thoroughly that answers are answers when 
building zone NS list. Closes dotse/zonemaster#362. Closes dotse/zonemaster#363.
      adds  90c641d   Merge pull request #61 from cdybedahl/fix-nsbuild-problem
      adds  dc3a337   Tests for a few more DNSSEC messages.
      adds  61e7000   Add test for NAMESERVER:EDNS0_BAD_ANSWER.
      adds  054088a   Add test for MX_RECORD_IS_CNAME.
      adds  ab8f8c8   Merge pull request #64 from cdybedahl/some_more_tests
      adds  be8c39e   Add message stating clearly that a name is not a domain.
      adds  c4560bc   Merge pull request #65 from cdybedahl/not_a_domain_message
      adds  62e6217   Update Changes file.
      adds  64294a1   Update MANIFEST.
      adds  dbcac34   Increase version number.
      adds  a7adeb9   Merge pull request #66 from cdybedahl/release-1.0.3-prep
      adds  d3c10f3   At the request of St├ęphane Bortzmeyer, change "domain" to 
      adds  f3e9545   Merge pull request #69 from cdybedahl/re-fix-issue-294
      adds  bb305e7   YAML setup file.
      adds  0b00708   Merge pull request #70 from cdybedahl/travis-ci-setup
      adds  995d440   First version of document describing the arguments values 
used in log entries in tests.
      adds  3a29501   Formatting.
      adds  ac9ef37   Make it a table instead.
      adds  1427b33   Make a column for argument names.
      adds  f494831   Merge pull request #72 from cdybedahl/work-on-issue-60
      adds  8bd475c   Try to avoid problem with locale making JSON::XS produce 
invalid JSON.
      adds  d5e1ebd   And workaround for problem with Pod::Coverage in older 
      adds  6f63151   Merge pull request #73 from cdybedahl/locale_problem
      adds  3a338fe   Change log argument names in Basic to standardized ones.
      adds  36b8872   Adjust test to message changes.
      adds  583ad86   Merge pull request #74 from cdybedahl/work-on-issue-60
      adds  1f0b1e4   Do rounding of minimum key length values according to 
RFC. Closes dotse/zonemaster-engine#77.
      adds  ef258fb   Merge pull request #80 from cdybedahl/fix-issue-77
      adds  476a6ac   Update the KNOWN_ISSUES file.
      adds  844e1e1   Merge pull request #81 from cdybedahl/update_known_issues
      adds  b6cf9b7   Prevent crash if the DNSKEY list is empty. Closes 
      adds  9019dc6   Merge pull request #82 from 
      adds  53281bd   - Clarify english messages.
      adds  2d41cca   Merge pull request #84 from 
      adds  37efe3b   Fixes dotse/zonemaster-cli#20
      adds  da80aa8   Merge pull request #83 from 
      adds  44f1cef   Resolves dotse/zonemaster-engine#13
      adds  41e3b05   forgot (again) mo file...
      adds  7f8a7c9   Merge pull request #85 from 
      adds  7124f2a   - Resolves dotse/zonemaster#311
      adds  69821c9   Merge pull request.
      adds  c10f188   Merge branch 'vlevigneron-add-nameserver07'
      adds  3e19b4e   Change translation for IS_A_RECURSOR to something much 
less ocnfusing. Closes #76.
      adds  de6b6f0   Merge pull request #87 from cdybedahl/fix-issue-76
      adds  76c96be   Merge branch 'master' of into DNSSEC-signature-expire
      adds  ba73b19   Resolves dotse/zonemaster-engine#79
      adds  47f03f6   Merge pull request #88 from 
      adds  cabd8cf   fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#90
      adds  f65980d   Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#91 in a better way
      adds  edf0029   Merge pull request #92 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-90
      adds  6ad7c3e   nameserver08 implementation
      adds  4078b01   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      adds  0a87d1f   - forgot debug display.
      adds  f2725de   - forgot debug display.
      adds  ebfa18b   Merge pull request #89 from vlevigneron/add-nameserver08
      adds  ea4912b   Added missing Swedish translations, closes #94
      adds  04f2055   Merge pull request #95 from pawal/master
      adds  8b1d58f   - French translation, closes dotse/zonemaster-engine#93
      adds  344b9aa   Bump to version 1.0.4
      adds  b0878e4   Merge pull request #97 from pawal/master
      adds  08f5e91   - Quality Improvements:   - PBP   - perltidy   - coverage 
  - new unit tests
      adds  cf1f4b3   Merge pull request #98 from 
      adds  0713456   Merge branch 'master' of into add-nameserver08
      adds  f68dd8e   - nameserver08 french translation. - closes 
      adds  244c5ed   Merge pull request #99 from 
      adds  ab4b5ef   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      adds  1e6c661   - Nameserver08 NOW does what is specified...
      adds  4f4c611   Merge pull request #100 from vlevigneron/add-nameserver08
      adds  611ba77   - Coverage is now more than 90%...
      adds  a5b8fe4   - Remove GOST tests for now...
      adds  426b0d0   Merge pull request #101 from 
      adds  52097a4   installation instructions for the engine
      adds  85d35e7   Merge pull request #103 from pawal/master
      adds  d91ddd6   Update readme
      adds  5f069d1   removed old readme
      adds  82f3fe9   Merge pull request #104 from pawal/master
      adds  beac25c   - Add non responding servers blacklisting.
      adds  e5a6893   -_query had too much parameters...
      adds  565a785   - BugFix...
      adds  9ec35b7   - Add DNSSEC condition for blacklisting.
      adds  a1f876d   Merge pull request #105 from 
      adds  1e1f529   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      adds  a8bfad5   Merge pull request #106 from 
      adds  e83a675   added travis build status
      adds  a6f858a   fixed link to installation document
      adds  7445c0e   Update
      adds  9ce588d   - Nameserver09 first iteration (messages missing).
      adds  3341793   - Resolves dotse/zonemaster-engine#110
      adds  6fbf34e   - Add messages. - Upgrade Test methods.
      adds  3494939   - Add comment.
      adds  3c6bb8d   bump to version 1.0.5
      adds  21b76c1   update changelog
      adds  5644785   split name and address in log message for RECURSE_QUERY
      adds  613a803   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      adds  6052e6e   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      adds  5cb3270   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      adds  8ec3c7c   More split of ns and address for the ns field in the log
      adds  f284ee1   Add the method get_max_level() to Zonemaster::Logger to 
return the maxiumum log level from a log
      adds  9f6b1bc   remove debug info
      adds  8ff9b93   Merge pull request #112 from pawal/master
      adds  5e6dfd2   more changes
      adds  ad0b143   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      adds  7394938   Merge pull request #113 from vlevigneron/nameserver09
      adds  edb1bbc   update changes before release
      adds  83487a1   The README file was renamed to
      adds  ba9cb6c   more files to the MANIFEST
      adds  6dc55c5   - Final fix for dotse/zonemaster-engine#110
      adds  2b9f629   Merge pull request #116 from vlevigneron/nameserver09
      adds  89ac16b   release 1.0.6
      adds  0c41836   moved all files under doc to docs
      adds  b2c3746   rename doc to docs and adjusted the links
      adds  308e0ec   Merge pull request #118 from 
      adds  c801bbf   modified all instances of .SE to IIS
      adds  e98ab55   Fixed an error that was caused by my script while 
changing all .SE to IIS
      adds  227f54b   Merge pull request #119 from sandoche2k/modify-SE-IIS
      adds  0950b1f   - [Log issue] AS number sets are now arrays.
      adds  623f448   Merge pull request #120 from vlevigneron/asn-as-arrays
      adds  5d1ce37   ASN in logs are now arrays
      adds  886a14b   - Add locale files.
      adds  af0800a   Merge pull request #122 from vlevigneron/nameserver09
      adds  38fd36f   - Fix malformed messages.
      adds  905eeff   Merge pull request #123 from vlevigneron/nameserver09
      adds  991cd70   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#121
      adds  0d79d79   - Dependency issue.
      adds  31326d6   Merge pull request #124 from 
      adds  2fcae56   prepare release 1.0.7
      adds  c231df3   prepare release 1.0.7
      adds  f9cdc75   Improve documentation
      adds  dbd532a   Merge pull request #125 from tomhukins/doc_fix
      adds  c0bbf57   Changed all doc to docs in MANIFEST
      adds  77dec37   Merge pull request #126 from 
      adds  54bcb97   added CPAN version badge
      adds  0866c94   - Increase EDNS0_BAD_QUERY message severity level.
      adds  3a60c59   Merge pull request #129 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-305
      adds  979f1e3   Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#128
      adds  2c0ab52   Merge pull request #130 from 
      adds  aa4fd88   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#111
      adds  4748bff   Merge pull request #131 from 
      adds  10dc589   - Closes dotse/zonemaster-cli#24 - Add debug output for 
AS numbers.
      adds  b0907e6   Merge pull request #132 from 
      adds  eb7f27b   - Closes dotse/zonemaster#375
      adds  9cb135d   - Increase version number.
      adds  830514e   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster#369
      adds  ce6551f   - Increase version number
      adds  7fb4e19   Merge pull request #134 from 
      adds  dd7ba28   update swedish translation
      adds  9cc65c2   Merge pull request #135 from pawal/master
      adds  616cfa6   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      adds  0e8ce9e   Merge pull request #133 from 
      adds  559aac1   update the ZM engine documentation
      adds  beb6322   Provide inline links
      adds  439ca01   Provide inline links
      adds  efd4a43   Provide inline links
      adds  fa450f5   Provide inline links
      adds  3592c79   Provide inline links
      adds  f5a1f4b   Provide inline links
      adds  3ac27a3   Provide inline links
      adds  58d668c   Provide inline links
      adds  bb7e56b   Provide inline links
      adds  95fa6bd   Provide inline links
      adds  9871112   Provide inline links
      adds  9b252b4   Provide inline links
      adds  79185b2   Provide inline links
      adds  5614184   Provide inline links
      adds  1bcbd0b   Provide inline links
      adds  7efe945   Provide inline links
      adds  c3ceaaf   Provide inline links
      adds  e0a47e0   Provide inline links
      adds  db8d238   Provide inline links
      adds  fba7ad8   Merge pull request #136 from 
      adds  a490188   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#139
      adds  2254ca1   Merge pull request #141 from 
      adds  11050ff   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#138
      adds  6801eea   Merge pull request #142 from 
      adds  72e59d4   - Output messages fixes...
      adds  19a9feb   Merge pull request #143 from 
      adds  190cf60   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#144
      adds  6323045   Merge pull request #145 from 
      adds  65d884e   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#137
      adds  3eebdca   - Typo Makefile
      adds  6bb3455   Merge pull request #147 from 
      adds  9c924e4   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#149
      adds  eb51843   Merge pull request #150 from 
      adds  f154fbe   - PBP
      adds  1a7d72e   Merge pull request #151 from 
      adds  4938fd9   fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#431
      adds  f54438b   Removed buggy files from MANIFEST
      adds  c1cb757   Replaced a MANIFEST with MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  11197d3   Merge pull request #146 from mtoma/fix-issue-431
      adds  7fdee00   Prepare for release 1.0.8 - changelog
      adds  d91b0e4   Added .git, Makefile, MYMETA.*, closes #154 closes #153
      adds  9a4f13c   1.0.9
      adds  7a33310   preparing 1.0.10
      adds  2ff3143   makefile should not be in .skip
      adds  51b77c1   proper regexp for Makefile
      adds  ff71aa1   Changefile updated for 1.0.10
      adds  0b902d5   support for Perl 5.22 in Travis
      adds  cf9fcda   - Fix ASN messages.
      adds  e2209f4   Merge pull request #156 from vlevigneron/master
      adds  2f5496d   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#108
      adds  e274b50   Merge pull request #157 from 
      adds  ae2fee1   Zonemaster policy for IANA DNS delegation tests
      adds  54ea77f   Merge pull request #159 from pawal/master
      adds  2aea91d   fixed speling error on notice
      adds  eabcecf   Merge pull request #160 from pawal/master
      adds  8d66e5d   prepare for 1.0.11
      adds  cde1980   bump to 1.0.11
      adds  a039fee   - Fixed broken link in the pod for package Zonemaster.
      adds  8ace348   - Fixed the typo in the link.
      adds  0aa200e   Merge pull request #163 from Manwar/fix-broken-link-in-pod
      adds  2083a24   Updated CPAN dependencies page for centos
      adds  d0aa7c6   Merge pull request #161 from 
      adds  8215704   - Fixed pod error in the package 
Zonemaster::Test::Delegation. - Added standard unit test script for POD syntax 
check (t/pod.t).
      adds  48021f1   Merge pull request #162 from Manwar/fix-pod-error
      adds  6ad9bb6   prepare for release 1.0.12
      adds  3fe52a7   fixed skipped files
      adds  25aeb69   Prepare release v1.0.13
      adds  b179438   Make it possible to run tests without network
      adds  e30cda1   Merge pull request #166 from jelu/test-no-network
      adds  209e898   - Fixes issue dotse/zonemaster-engine#175
      adds  4a96f53   Merge pull request #176 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-175
      adds  e9de32e   Fixed Swedish translation, fixes #176
      adds  c401d55   Merge pull request #177 from pawal/master
      adds  42f6467   - Fixes issue dotse/zonemaster#446
      adds  39dedef   Merge pull request #180 from 
      adds  a9f9f26   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#168
      adds  eea1688   Merge pull request #184 from 
      adds  70bcd73   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#165
      adds  7751da0   - remove JSON::XS reference in Makefile.PL
      adds  aa9d606   - Add again JSON::XS
      adds  da2848b   Merge pull request #183 from 
      adds  e8749cd   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#179
      adds  d2a1c7e   Merge pull request #181 from 
      adds  4e4f863   - Closes dotse/zonemaster#453
      adds  c4d0d70   Merge pull request #182 from 
      adds  69f3a63   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#173
      adds  a27bbbc   Merge pull request #188 from 
      adds  280c6e1   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster#441
      adds  d063ba7   Merge pull request #192 from 
      adds  0aea0f8   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#168
      adds  2ab2fb7   - TEST
      adds  e218d04   - TEST
      adds  c9eb7d0   - should work now... :-(
      adds  ee1bdb9   Merge pull request #190 from 
      adds  676e565   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#193
      adds  2b7274a   - Increase version number.
      adds  8580263   Merge pull request #194 from 
      adds  1b3dcce   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#187
      adds  bf7245d   Merge pull request #197 from 
      adds  ca1faba   - Log issues.
      adds  24384eb   Merge pull request #203 from 
      adds  30df365   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#186
      adds  86b0951   Merge pull request #204 from 
      adds  d785c13   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#171
      adds  7e8f0e3   - Modify test cases.
      adds  64d9811   - Add recursion tests.
      adds  cef2566   Merge pull request #207 from 
      adds  ae6572a   Prepare for release v1.0.14
      adds  cbc27d2   Added to Changes. Prepare for release v1.0.14
      adds  145ada9   - First step of dotse/zonemaster-engine#174 Fix.
      adds  1729675   - Dependency missing.
      adds  d8683c8   - Remove all Net::IP::XS references
      adds  f3b76ce   - Missing Net::IP::XS references.
      adds  7621106   Merge pull request #205 from 
      adds  89c9b6e   committing changes
      adds  ce11cbe   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      adds  a69619f   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      adds  0bd1811   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      adds  d94cb4d   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      adds  11328a0   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      adds  1537d8f   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      adds  5da54fa   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      adds  ef0b9d8   Removed JSON-XS from installation
      adds  b9e41a7   Merge pull request #208 from 
      adds  2a6e8a0   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#206.
      adds  054d964   - Clean conf file.
      adds  90e34ac   - Fix test issues.
      adds  597a46c   Merge pull request #211 from 
      adds  15ee1a4   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster#439
      adds  8646c37   Merge pull request #212 from 
      adds  4ec66c0   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster#463
      adds  584dc0a   Merge pull request #213 from 
      adds  a7aa082   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#210
      adds  ffc8c37   Merge pull request #214 from 
      adds  fc6519f   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#193
      adds  be1cd91   - Increase version number
      adds  a58ab93   Merge pull request #215 from 
      adds  96088df   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#209
      adds  956d64a   Merge pull request #220 from 
      adds  9cb1b72   Fix perl warning about unquoted 'refs'
      adds  2c69719   Merge pull request #229 from mattias-p/fix-perl-warning
      adds  a2b29b6   - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#230
      adds  316856f   Merge pull request #232 from 
      adds  f624c2b   Update Changes
      adds  af37ba8   Add missing dependency, remove duplicated ditto
      adds  b8e284b   Merge pull request #234 from mattias-p/testing
      adds  740f508   Update
      adds  e568bae   Fix markdown syntax
      adds  ef95d23   Merge pull request #235 from mattias-p/patch-1
      adds  929957c   Update Changes
      adds  8397d58   Update KNOWN_ISSUES
      adds  70571d4   New upstream version 1.0.15
       new  da2c264   Merge tag 'upstream/1.0.15'
       new  f1267c8   Update debian/changelog
       new  95e8031   debian/copyright: Update years.
       new  eac3411   debian/control: Add libnet-ip-perl to {Build-}Depends.
       new  8eaf185   debian/control: update versioned (build) dependencies.
       new  06aebb4   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  65c85a3   debian/patches/0002-fix-spelling-errors.patch: Fix 
spelling errors.
       new  f036b4c   Update changelog.

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Summary of changes:
 Changes                                            |   16 +
 KNOWN_ISSUES                                       |    2 +
 MANIFEST                                           |    4 +-
 META.yml                                           |    4 +-
 Makefile.PL                                        |    2 +-
 Makefile.old                                       | 1032 --------------------
 debian/changelog                                   |   16 +-
 debian/control                                     |   42 +-
 debian/copyright                                   |    3 +-
 debian/patches/0002-fix-spelling-errors.patch      |  137 +++
 debian/patches/series                              |    1 +
 debian/upstream/metadata                           |    2 +-
 docs/                               |   10 +-
 lib/                                  |    2 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/                        |   10 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/                           |   20 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/                        |   76 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/                           |   33 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/                       |   18 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/Nameserver/                 |    6 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/Net/                           |   42 +
 lib/Zonemaster/                         |    8 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/                             |    2 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/Test/                     |   25 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/Test/                |    6 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/Test/                 |   77 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/Test/                      |   16 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/Test/                  |    2 +-
 lib/Zonemaster/Test/                  |    2 +-
 share/config_example_logfilter.json                |   39 +
 share/en.po                                        |   20 +
 share/fr.po                                        |   20 +
 share/fr_FR.UTF-8.po                               |   20 +
 share/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/          |  Bin 37509 -> 38285 bytes
 share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/          |  Bin 45119 -> 46222 bytes
 share/locale/fr_FR.UTF-8/LC_MESSAGES/ |  Bin 45119 -> 46222 bytes
 share/policy.json                                  |    7 +-
 t/00-load.t                                        |    2 +
 t/Test-address.t                                   |   72 +-
 t/                           |  271 ++---
 t/                            |  243 +++--
 t/Test-consistency.t                               |    7 +-
 t/config.json                                      |   18 +-
 t/nameserver.t                                     |    2 +-
 t/pod.t                                            |    2 +
 t/policies/Test-consistency01-only.json            |    3 +-
 t/policies/Test-consistency02-only.json            |    3 +-
 t/policies/Test-consistency03-only.json            |    3 +-
 t/policies/Test-consistency04-only.json            |    3 +-
 ...cy04-only.json => Test-consistency05-only.json} |    3 +-
 t/recursor.t                                       |    2 +-
 51 files changed, 929 insertions(+), 1427 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 Makefile.old
 create mode 100644 debian/patches/0002-fix-spelling-errors.patch
 create mode 100644 lib/Zonemaster/Net/
 create mode 100644 share/config_example_logfilter.json
 copy t/policies/{Test-consistency04-only.json => Test-consistency05-only.json} 

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