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 tagged by  Angel Abad
        on  Fri Nov 11 16:45:59 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.0.15


Angel Abad (1):
      New upstream version 1.0.15

Calle Dybedahl (314):
      Change all the paths.
      Auto-edit a lot of files.
      Regenerate data files.
      Add some internal logging to recursor.
      Add delegating methods for edns_size and edns_rcode.
      Use Net::LDNS methods to categorize packets.
      Fix so tests in Basic can be run singly.
      Merge branch 'master' into recursor_experiment
      Revert test data to earlier version that makes tests pass.
      Log a little more info for redirects.
      Cache recursor calls.
      Fix so tests in Basic can be run singly.
      Stabilize against hash key order randomization.
      Merge branch 'master' into recursor_experiment
      Stabilize against hash key order randomization.
      Use framework instead of Net::LDNS directly.
      More logging for lookup errors.
      No, Vincent, that was not a typo.
      Add forgotten system message to policy. Improve test coverage.
      Better test coverage.
      Fix case bug in nameserver cache, and no-network bug in several test 
      Merge from master.
      Protection against being called with a plain string.
      Ability to terminate test runs early.
      Add Scalar::Util to modules that get their versions logged.
      Improve test coverage.
      Add ability to fake DS answers.
      Test coverage.
      Make module requests case-insensitive.
      Add axfr() method to nameserver class.
      Saving and replaying AXFRs for tests. Somewhat complicated.
      no_network guard in axfr() method.
      Change nameserver03 to use new framework-provided AXFR method.
      Change nameserver02 to use builtin has_edns method.
      Bump required version of Net::LDNS to one that actually provides has_edns 
      Huge perltidy run.
      Obsolete. May be reimplemented later. For now, see Zonemaster::CLI 
      Stop trying to install removed script.
      axfr() should obey IPv4/IPv6 flags.
      Rewrite dnssec02 to better match spec.
      Only run DNSSEC tests if there is a DS record in the parent.
      Make dnssec10 conform better to spec.
      Utility script to re-format JSON data into canonical format and order.
      Reformat tech language and policy data files.
      Update MANIFEST
      Improve README and add LICENSE.
      Better resilience and error reporting in totally broken circumstances.
      Bump required version in Net::LDNS to get bugfix.
      First stab at AS lookup module, with a single set of hardcoded servers.
      Change to lists of pairs of servers.
      Add method to access no_network flag.
      Kill the "config" helper method.
      Access methods for IPv4/IPv6 flags.
      Access methods resolver_defaults and logfilter.
      Take AS lookup roots from config instead of hardcoding them. Closes #52.
      Increase version numbers for modules affected by config changes.
      Log more versions.
      Add ability to store translation data in modules. See the Example and 
DNSSEC test modules for details.
      Add ability to store default policy data in modules. See the Example and 
DNSSEC test modules for details.
      Make double-dash check case insensitive. Closes #33.
      Do not crash on non-responsive server. Closes #34.
      Set start time to current time every time a test run is asked for.
      Remove INIT blocks, so we conform to the subset of Perl that can be used 
in PSGI applications.
      Fix tests in accordance with recent code changes.
      Regenerate test data.
      Everything seems to work except loading policy from modules.
      Load policy included in test modules when the module is about to be used. 
Closes #55.
      Fix for crash bug when a zone has DS records with no matching DNSKEY.
      Add method to reset system to pristine state.
      Adjust MANIFEST.
      Add ability for logger to export directly to JSON.
      perltidy run on t/*.t
      Move most translations into their respective modules.
      Remove leftover data for removed code.
      New translator works so far at least.
      Bump version numbers, plus tiny problem workaround.
      Add new files.
      No need to mirror installation structure now, I think.
      Start of Swedish translation.
      CONNECTIVITY translations to Swedish.
      CONSISTENCY translations to Swedish.
      DELEGATION translations to Swedish.
      DNSKEY translations to Swedish.
      The rest of the translations to Swedish.
      Build and install stuff for translations.
      Fix tests.
      Some documentation of the translation process.
      Teach query_one and query_all to obey the IPv4 and IPv6 flags.
      Basic test module heeds v4 and v6 flags.
      Fix to set locale on Translator object creation.
      Read configuration data from more places, and document where.
      Also load policy from the directories where we look for config.
      Log disabled modules.
      Adjust tests according to recent commits.
      New messages added to translation system, with Swedish translations.
      Adjust test after code change.
      New extraction of tags to PO.
      New translation tags, with Swedish translations.
      Try to proceed as far as possible when a parent zone does not exist.
      Adjust dnssec04 in accordance with spec change. Closes #74.
      Default policy for new dnssec04 messages.
      Adjust tests after report from Sandoche.
      Add translation for new message Vincent added to DNSSEC tests.
      Add glue_names and ns_names attributes to Zone object (and as a 
consequence change the way the ns and glue attributes are built). Also fixes a 
bug in Zonemaster::Packet::get_records_for_name().
      Creating a DNSName from a DNSName returns the existing object.
      Adjust tests and regenerate test data.
      Make overeager loop protection less so.
      Try to cut down on re-lookups during recursion.
      Makes reported problematic domain work.
      Regenerate data files for tests.
      Add regression test for bug.
      Predictability problems.
      Switch from RFC::RFC822::Address to Mail::RFC822::Address (closes #85).
      Bugfix add_fake_ds
      Can load data and add fake glue/DS without crashing. Which is a start.
      Fix final-dot bug in add_fake_delegation
      It appears that fake delegation never actually worked at all.
      Can actually run tests against a fake domain.
      Adjust a couple of tests prone to false positives.
      Merge branch 'master' into mock_nameserver
      Merge from master
      Add query_one_persistent method to zone object.
      Case-sensitivity bug in address03
      Merge branch 'master' into mock_nameserver
      Capitalization-related fixes.
      Test adjustments and regenerated data for capitalization fixes.
      Bump version number after capitalization fixes.
      Even more capitalization fixes.
      Still more capitalization problems fixed.
      Special case for root zone. Closes #95.
      Add missing documentation.
      Rename query_one_persistent to query_persistent, add query_auth. Tests 
need to be improved.
      Make is_in_zone() return undef instead of dying if it cannot get a SOA 
      Adjust test to match reality.
      Add missing documentation, and fix typo.
      Align basic03 logging behavior with that of basic02.
      Move (some) cross-test dependencies into the framework.
      Perlcritic level 5 fixes.
      Lower the importance of buggy test.
      Remove duplicate glue and ns entries.
      Bugfix. Closes #108.
      Remove non-specified tests.
      DNSSEC policy was put in its module as a test that doing so works, and to 
provide an example for people writing their own test modules in the future.
      Typo fix.
      Adjust tests in accordance with new log levels. Closes #116.
      Make sure logger tests cannot be disrupted by installed policy.
      Fill in Swedish translations.
      Fix bug in parent-finding in recursor.
      Do not add self-referential fake delegations.
      Do ASN lookups in the framework as efficiently as possible, and rewrite 
tests to use this.
      Adjust metadata and English and Swedish translations after recent ASN 
      Do not try to run tests when both IPv4 and IPv6 are disabled.
      Trivial additions to .gitignore
      Make the ns and glue attributes of Zonemaster::Zone lazy-load by name.
      Switch to Net::IP::XS.
      Cosmetic test changes.
      Reduce CPU load from logger.
      Make Moose classes immutable.
      Fix translator.
      Remove undefs from ASN lists. Closes #149.
      Make policy loading more flexible, and bump SYSTEM:CONFIG_FILE and 
SYSTEM:POLICY_FILE to default level INFO.
      Fix case sensitivity bug in Test::Nameserver. Closes #155.
      Fix thinko in Config.
      Adjust MANIFEST.
      Fix bug leading to eternal looping with disabled IP protocol.
      is_in_zone blew up when first NS was not authoritative.
      Do not die from common situations.
      Tell recursor never to follow redirects to root, fix followup problem and 
regenerate affected data.
      Disable referral size test for the time being.
      Forgot to include one test in previous commit.
      Use receive time of packet rather than RTC time for test. Closes #180.
      Add some more metadata around running tests. Closes #195.
      Prevent crash in the case of a particular kind of broken nameserver.
      Fix spec and implementation of dnssec10 for zones with wildcards. Closes 
      Remove the message DNSSEC:INVALID_NAME_FOUND.
      Fix fault in parsing of ASN lookup records.
      Normalize IPv6 addresses before comparing them.
      Set version numbers of all component Perl modules to 0.1.0 for alpha 
      Fix crash bug in ASNLookup. Closes #223.
      Fix typo in default config.
      Initial implementation of dnssec11.
      Doc and translation to English and Swedish.
      Unit tests for dnssec11.
      Add logging of found ASNs.
      Add en and sv translations for new ASN messages.
      Typo fix.
      Merge pull request #1 from cdybedahl/master
      Adjust required modules.
      Merge pull request #2 from vlevigneron/fix-french-translations
      Raise version number to v1.0.0. Rewrite Changes file. Update Makefile.PL 
metadata. Update MANIFEST.
      Add document with currently known issues.
      Merge pull request #3 from dotse/release_1_0_0_prep
      Fix NSEC3PARAM issue reported by Jakob Schlyter.
      Merge pull request #4 from cdybedahl/fix-nsec3param-issue
      Add and/or adjust Swedish translations to match en.po.
      Generated file.
      Merge pull request #5 from cdybedahl/add-missing-sv-transl
      Faked DS response packets should have AA set.
      Merge pull request #6 from cdybedahl/mark-fake-packet-aa
      CNAME was not handled correctly when looking up addresses for names.
      Merge pull request #7 from cdybedahl/fix-cname-address-lookup
      Change level of open AXFR message to NOTICE.
      Merge pull request #8 from cdybedahl/change-axfr-level
      Raise version numbers for changed modules.
      Update the Changes and MANIFEST files.
      Merge pull request #9 from cdybedahl/release-1.0.1-prep
      Merge pull request #15 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-14
      Make sure dnssec11 emits one and only one message.
      Merge pull request #30 from cdybedahl/fix_dnssec11
      Merge pull request #31 from vlevigneron/fix-french-translations
      Config support for run/not run info on test cases.
      Make Test::Zone pay attention to should_run.
      Make Test::Syntax pay attention to should_run.
      Make Test::Nameserver pay attention to should_run.
      Make Test::Example pay attention to should_run.
      Make Test::DNSSEC pay attention to should_run.
      Make Test::Delegation pay attention to should_run.
      Make Test::Consistency pay attention to should_run.
      Make Test::Connectivity pay attention to should_run.
      Make basic03 pay attention to should_run.
      Make Test::Address pay attention to should_run.
      Add information about all standard test cases to default policy, and 
adjust tests.
      Also handle explicit loading.
      Document policy data.
      Merge pull request #32 from cdybedahl/add_policy
      Raise Net::LDNS requirement to v0.71. Closes #17. Closes #18.
      Merge pull request #33 from cdybedahl/ldns_v_0_71
      Document the should_run method. Closes #34.
      Merge pull request #35 from cdybedahl/fix-issue-34
      Merge pull request #37 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-339
      Run most DNSSEC tests even when there is no DS.
      Merge pull request #39 from cdybedahl/run_more_dnssec
      Raise version numbers on changed modules.
      List visible changes in Changes file.
      Update KNOWN_ISSUES.
      Merge pull request #40 from cdybedahl/release-1.0.2-prep
      Clearer message when failling signature checks because GOST support is 
not present. Closes #16. Closes dotse/zonemaster#347.
      Merge pull request #41 from cdybedahl/no_gost_support
      CNAME handling accidentally left outside check for packet existence. 
Closes #45.
      Merge pull request #46 from cdybedahl/fix-issue-45
      Fix missed corner case in parent-finding algorithm. Closes #44.
      Merge pull request #47 from cdybedahl/fix-parent-issue-44
      Intro and end-user overview.
      Brief test module implementation overview.
      Random advice to maintainers, and long list of RFC references.
      Refer to overview page from Zonemaster page.
      Merge pull request #49 from cdybedahl/overview-documentation
      Fix for crash bug.
      Merge pull request #52 from cdybedahl/fix-instant-reset
      Typo fixes in tests.
      Cache was not properly cleared.
      Merge pull request #54 from cdybedahl/clear_cache
      Fix capitalization bug in consistency04.
      Merge pull request #55 from cdybedahl/consistency04_capitalization
      Log information on how and when a test was started.
      Merge pull request #56 from cdybedahl/startup_information
      Stupid bug.
      Merge pull request #57 from cdybedahl/startup_information
      And one more...
      Documentation updates. Part of fix for #43.
      Merge pull request #58 from cdybedahl/documentation_review
      Globally settable resolver source address.
      Source address settable by nameserver object with a global default.
      Merge pull request #59 from cdybedahl/settable-source
      Check more thoroughly that answers are answers when building zone NS 
list. Closes dotse/zonemaster#362. Closes dotse/zonemaster#363.
      Merge pull request #61 from cdybedahl/fix-nsbuild-problem
      Tests for a few more DNSSEC messages.
      Add test for MX_RECORD_IS_CNAME.
      Add message stating clearly that a name is not a domain.
      Merge pull request #64 from cdybedahl/some_more_tests
      Merge pull request #65 from cdybedahl/not_a_domain_message
      Update Changes file.
      Update MANIFEST.
      Increase version number.
      Merge pull request #66 from cdybedahl/release-1.0.3-prep
      YAML setup file.
      At the request of Stéphane Bortzmeyer, change "domain" to "zone".
      Merge pull request #69 from cdybedahl/re-fix-issue-294
      Merge pull request #70 from cdybedahl/travis-ci-setup
      First version of document describing the arguments values used in log 
entries in tests.
      Make it a table instead.
      Make a column for argument names.
      Merge pull request #72 from cdybedahl/work-on-issue-60
      Try to avoid problem with locale making JSON::XS produce invalid JSON.
      And workaround for problem with Pod::Coverage in older perls.
      Merge pull request #73 from cdybedahl/locale_problem
      Change log argument names in Basic to standardized ones.
      Adjust test to message changes.
      Merge pull request #74 from cdybedahl/work-on-issue-60
      Do rounding of minimum key length values according to RFC. Closes 
      Merge pull request #80 from cdybedahl/fix-issue-77
      Update the KNOWN_ISSUES file.
      Prevent crash if the DNSKEY list is empty. Closes dotse/zonemaster#380.
      Merge pull request #82 from cdybedahl/fix-empty-keylist-crash
      Merge pull request #84 from vlevigneron/fix-english-messages
      Merge pull request #83 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-cli-20
      Merge pull request #85 from vlevigneron/fix-english-messages
      Merge pull request.
      Merge branch 'vlevigneron-add-nameserver07'
      Change translation for IS_A_RECURSOR to something much less ocnfusing. 
Closes #76.
      Merge pull request #87 from cdybedahl/fix-issue-76

Einar Lönn (3):
      Update policy according to comments on list
      Not sure if final but should be better defaults
      More sane triggers in zone...

GitLab (1):
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#165

Jerry Lundström (1):
      Make it possible to run tests without network

Mats Dufberg (2):
      Prepare for release v1.0.14
      Added to Changes. Prepare for release v1.0.14

Mattias Päivärinta (3):
      Fix perl warning about unquoted 'refs'
      Add missing dependency, remove duplicated ditto
      Fix markdown syntax

Michal TOMA (6):
      Add missing dependency to Time::HiRes
      Allow translator to translate unblessed objects
      Merge branch 'master' of
      fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#431
      Removed buggy files from MANIFEST
      Replaced a MANIFEST with MANIFEST.SKIP

Mohammad S Anwar (3):
      - Fixed pod error in the package Zonemaster::Test::Delegation.
      - Fixed broken link in the pod for package Zonemaster.
      - Fixed the typo in the link.

Ondřej Surý (1):
      Import original source of Zonemaster 1.0.14

Patrik Wallstrom (25):
      split name and address in log message for RECURSE_QUERY
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      More split of ns and address for the ns field in the log
      Add the method get_max_level() to Zonemaster::Logger to return the 
maxiumum log level from a log
      remove debug info
      release 1.0.6
      update swedish translation
      Prepare for release 1.0.8 - changelog
      Added .git, Makefile, MYMETA.*, closes #154 closes #153
      preparing 1.0.10
      makefile should not be in .skip
      proper regexp for Makefile
      Changefile updated for 1.0.10
      support for Perl 5.22 in Travis
      Zonemaster policy for IANA DNS delegation tests
      fixed speling error on notice
      prepare for 1.0.11
      bump to 1.0.11
      prepare for release 1.0.12
      fixed skipped files
      Prepare release v1.0.13
      Fixed Swedish translation, fixes #176

Patrik Wallström (6):
      Updated DNSSEC policy
      Added missing Swedish translations, closes #94
      Bump to version 1.0.4
      installation instructions for the engine
      Update readme
      removed old readme

Patrik Wallström (61):
      Merge pull request #214 from cdybedahl/dnssec10-wildcard-fix
      Merge pull request #21 from vlevigneron/fix-french-translations
      Merge pull request #50 from pawal/master
      Merge pull request #81 from cdybedahl/update_known_issues
      Merge pull request #88 from vlevigneron/DNSSEC-signature-expire
      Merge pull request #92 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-90
      Merge pull request #89 from vlevigneron/add-nameserver08
      Merge pull request #95 from pawal/master
      Merge pull request #97 from pawal/master
      Merge pull request #98 from vlevigneron/quality-pbp-coverage
      Merge pull request #99 from vlevigneron/fix-french-translations
      Merge pull request #103 from pawal/master
      Merge pull request #104 from pawal/master
      Merge pull request #105 from vlevigneron/fix-timeouts-issue
      Merge pull request #106 from vlevigneron/fix-timeouts-issue
      added travis build status
      fixed link to installation document
      bump to version 1.0.5
      update changelog
      Merge pull request #112 from pawal/master
      more changes
      update changes before release
      The README file was renamed to
      more files to the MANIFEST
      Merge pull request #118 from sandoche2k/cleanup-documentation-1
      Merge pull request #119 from sandoche2k/modify-SE-IIS
      Merge pull request #120 from vlevigneron/asn-as-arrays
      ASN in logs are now arrays
      Merge pull request #122 from vlevigneron/nameserver09
      Merge pull request #123 from vlevigneron/nameserver09
      Merge pull request #124 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-IPV6-121
      prepare release 1.0.7
      prepare release 1.0.7
      Merge pull request #125 from tomhukins/doc_fix
      Merge pull request #126 from sandoche2k/fix-manfist-for-links
      added CPAN version badge
      Merge pull request #134 from vlevigneron/fix-zonemaster-369
      Merge pull request #135 from pawal/master
      Merge pull request #136 from sandoche2k/fix-engine-documentation
      Merge pull request #147 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-engine-137
      Merge pull request #159 from pawal/master
      Merge pull request #160 from pawal/master
      Merge pull request #163 from Manwar/fix-broken-link-in-pod
      Merge pull request #161 from sandoche2k/fix-centos-installation
      Merge pull request #162 from Manwar/fix-pod-error
      Merge pull request #166 from jelu/test-no-network
      Merge pull request #176 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-175
      Merge pull request #177 from pawal/master
      Merge pull request #180 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-446
      Merge pull request #184 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-engine-168
      Merge pull request #183 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-engine-165
      Merge pull request #181 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-engine-179
      Merge pull request #182 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-453
      Merge pull request #188 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-engine-173
      Merge pull request #192 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-441
      Merge pull request #190 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-engine-165
      Merge pull request #194 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-engine-193
      Merge pull request #197 from vlevigneron/fix-zonemaster-engine-187
      Merge pull request #203 from vlevigneron/issue-zonemaster-engine-202
      Merge pull request #204 from vlevigneron/issue-zonemaster-engine-186

Sandoche Balakrichenan (36):
      Merge branch 'policy_names' of
      moved all files under doc to docs
      rename doc to docs and adjusted the links
      modified all instances of .SE to IIS
      Fixed an error that was caused by my script while changing all .SE to IIS
      Changed all doc to docs in MANIFEST
      update the ZM engine documentation
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      Provide inline links
      committing changes
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      Updated CPAN dependencies page for centos
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into iana-profile-fix
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into iana-profile-fix
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into iana-profile-fix
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into iana-profile-fix
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-address04
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-address04
      Removed JSON-XS from installation

Tom Hukins (1):
      Improve documentation

Vincent Levigneron (13):
      - No connectivity message french translation.
      - French translation typos fixes...
      - Missing french messages for module Zonemaster::Test::Basic.
      - Missing french messages for module Zonemaster::Test::Connectivity.
      - Clean english messages.
      - Missing french messages for module Zonemaster::Test::Nameserver.
      - Missing french messages for module Zonemaster::Test::Zone.
      - Fix some french messages typos.
      - Test cases updated with test on disabled IPv4 or IPv6 transport #104.
      - Remove external provider usage for ASN tests.
      - Remove Zonemaster::Test::Address::address04 method.
      - Increase EDNS0_BAD_QUERY message severity level.

matsduf (14):
      Merge pull request #205 from vlevigneron/issue-zonemaster-engine-174
      Merge pull request #208 from sandoche2k/remove-JSON-XS-from-installation
      Merge pull request #211 from vlevigneron/issue-zonemaster-engine-206
      Merge pull request #212 from vlevigneron/issue-zonemaster-439
      Merge pull request #213 from vlevigneron/issue-zonemaster-463
      Merge pull request #214 from vlevigneron/issue-zonemaster-engine-210
      Merge pull request #215 from vlevigneron/issue-zonemaster-engine-193
      Merge pull request #229 from mattias-p/fix-perl-warning
      Update Changes
      Merge pull request #234 from mattias-p/testing
      Merge pull request #235 from mattias-p/patch-1
      Update Changes
      Update KNOWN_ISSUES

sandoche2k (3):
      Merge pull request #130 from vlevigneron/fix-zonemaster-engine-128
      Merge pull request #207 from vlevigneron/issue-zonemaster-engine-171
      Merge pull request #220 from vlevigneron/issue-zonemaster-engine-209

vlevigneron (240):
      Merge branch 'master' of
      PBP and perltidy rules...
      Typo (name changing).
      Cosmetic changes.
      Delegation tests new version.
      New Delegation unit tests.
      Basic Unit Tests.
      perltidy on Basic Test module.
      Add some doc.
      Another Test case found for Basic unit tests.
      New Consistency.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Consistency Test package release candidate.
      Consistency error messages.
      Basic test typo.
      Cosmetic changes.
      Syntax tests new version.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Syntax unit tests.
      Add Consistency unit tests.
      Add POD.
      - Move connectivity3 to address04.
      - Modify connectivity03 checking DB.
      - Remove syntax09.
      - Delegation02 modified afeter specs changes.
      - Modify delegation03 after specs changes...
      - Bugfix EDNS0 case (nameserver02).
      - Rename DNSSEC test files.
      - Delete old test files.
      - "Basic Tests" new messages.
      - Add new message.
      - "Address Tests" new messages.
      - "Connectivity Tests" new messages.
      - "Delegation Tests" new messages.
      - Extra comma... :-/
      - "DNSSEC Tests" new messages.
      - "Nameserver Tests" new messages.
      - "Syntax Tests" new messages.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      - "Syntax tests" bugfixes.
      - Catch more fatal errors.
      - Catch error in case of non response from nameservers for an SOA query.
      - "Zone Tests" new messages.
      - Missing message.
      - Bug fixes.
      Bug fixes.
      - Bug fixes.
      - make test will stop complain with syntax tests...
      - Remove debug print...
      - Add dnssec04/step3 missing case.
      - Delegation01 bug fix (hostnames count mistakes).
      Typo in error message UNKNOWN_METHOD.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      - Error messages typo fixes.
      - [BugFix] Fatal error in Zonemaster::Test::Address #75
      Merge branch 'master' of
      - Add Method Class to simplify specs test to implementation
      - Methods Class renaming.
      - Address use now TestMethods methods.
      - Basic use now TestMethods methods.
      - Connectivity use now TestMethods methods.
      - Use of TestMethods methods + some bugfixes.
      - Use now TestMethods Class methods.
      - Nameserver uses now TestMethods methods.
      - PBP.
      - delegation01 modifications to be compliant with specs (previous code
      - Remove useless call to List::MoreUtils::uniq.
      - French translation bootstrapping...
      - Bugfix: Did not work properly with non authoritative NS.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      - [BugFix] Change test in case of SOA reply missing.
      - Test::Consistency limit queries to enabled transports.
      - Test::Connectivity limit queries to enabled transports.
      - Test::Nameserver limits queries to enabled transports.
      - Remove useless Zonemaster::Nameserver object creations.
      - Test::Delegation limits queries to enabled transports.
      - Check closely SOA existence before continue testing.
      - Delegation06 bug fix (really check answer content...).
      - Test::Address bugfix on return values (PTR query).
      - Test::Consistency  add missing case in consistency01.
      - Scope declaration issue in t/Test-dnssec.t.
      - Zonemaster::Test::Zone new SOA/MX retrieval method.
      - Zonemaster::Test::Syntax new unit tests with dedicated data.
      - Zonemaster::Test::Zone PBP.
      - Zonemaster::Test::Syntax PBP.
      - Zonemaster::Test::Delegation bugfix on returned values.
      - Tests return values clarification and policy changes...
      - New default policy.
      - [Fixed] delegation02 has been updated #96
      - Clarify domain name length analysis (254 vs 255, trailing dot or
      - Zonemaster::Test:Address PBP, Perltidy, Typos... Cosmetic changes.
      -  Missing test: length of labels #73
      - Zonemaster::Test::Address and Zonemaster::Test::Basic Typos,
      - New test case, Nameserver06 #102
      - Change UT for Zonemaster::Test::Syntax without length tests.
      - Fix IPv4/IPv6 messages not well processed in Nameserver::Test::Basic.
      - Zonemaster::Test::Nameserver translation messages.
      - New test case, Consistency04 #103
      - t/Test-basic.t exited before end of tests...
      - Zonemaster::Test::Zone new versions afetr last spec revision.
      - Zonemaster::Test::Zone messages french translation.
      - Remove unecessary sort in nameserver06.
      - Zonemaster::Test::Syntax french translation.
      Zonemaster::Test::Connectivity french translation, Unit tests.
      - Zonemaster::Test::Connectivity perltidy.
      - Zonemaster::Test::Delegation french translation.
      - Move DNSSEC message from local policy to global policy file.
      - DNSSEC test french translation.
      - Error messages typos-cosmetics.
      - Lot's of new DNSSEC Unit test added.
      - Policy change on "No illegal characters in the domain name" #115
      - Missing DNSSEC Unit test added.
      - Fix DNSSEC Unit tests memory usage issue.
      - nameserver06 bug fixed when no nameservers.
      - Zonemaster::TestMethods PBP
      - For now remove some tests that do not work with saved data yet.
      - Data for Zonemaster::Test::Nameserver.
      - New Unit Tests after fix in parent-finding in recursor.
      - Message Tag Typo fixed.
      - New UT for Zonemaster::Test::Connectivity.
      - Missing value in metadata.
      - Add missing french messages.
      - Missing files for translation...
      - [BugFix]  Classless #14
      - Add non regression tests for Classless #14
      - Move #14 Issue non regression test from old-bugs.t to Test-address.t
      [BugFix] French translation #331
      [BugFix] Wrong french translation #334
      fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#29
      fixes dotse/zonemaster#339
      leftover debugging code removed.
      Fixes dotse/zonemaster-cli#20
      - Clarify english messages.
      forgot (again) mo file...
      - Resolves dotse/zonemaster#311
      Resolves dotse/zonemaster-engine#13
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      Resolves dotse/zonemaster-engine#79
      nameserver08 implementation
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into add-nameserver08
      - forgot debug display.
      - forgot debug display.
      fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#90
      Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#91 in a better way
      - French translation, closes dotse/zonemaster-engine#93
      - Quality Improvements:
      - nameserver08 french translation.
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into add-nameserver08
      - Nameserver08 NOW does what is specified...
      Merge pull request #100 from vlevigneron/add-nameserver08
      - Coverage is now more than 90%...
      - Remove GOST tests for now...
      Merge pull request #101 from vlevigneron/quality-pbp-coverage
      - Add non responding servers blacklisting.
      -_query had too much parameters...
      - BugFix...
      - Add DNSSEC condition for blacklisting.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-timeouts-issue
      - Nameserver09 first iteration (messages missing).
      - Resolves dotse/zonemaster-engine#110
      - Add messages.
      - Add comment.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into nameserver09
      Merge pull request #113 from vlevigneron/nameserver09
      - Final fix for dotse/zonemaster-engine#110
      Merge pull request #116 from vlevigneron/nameserver09
      - [Log issue] AS number sets are now arrays.
      - Add locale files.
      - Fix malformed messages.
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#121
      - Dependency issue.
      Merge pull request #129 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-305
      Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#128
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#111
      Merge pull request #131 from vlevigneron/fix-zonemaster-engine-111
      - Closes dotse/zonemaster-cli#24
      Merge pull request #132 from vlevigneron/fix-zonemaster-cli-24
      - Closes dotse/zonemaster#375
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster#369
      - Increase version number
      - Increase version number.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-zonemaster-375
      Merge pull request #133 from vlevigneron/fix-zonemaster-375
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#139
      Merge pull request #141 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-engine-139
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#138
      Merge pull request #142 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-engine-138
      - Output messages fixes...
      Merge pull request #143 from 
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#144
      Merge pull request #145 from 
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#137
      - Typo Makefile
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#149
      Merge pull request #150 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-engine-149
      - PBP
      Merge pull request #151 from vlevigneron/quality-pbp-coverage
      Merge pull request #146 from mtoma/fix-issue-431
      - Fix ASN messages.
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#108
      Merge pull request #156 from vlevigneron/master
      Merge pull request #157 from vlevigneron/fix-issue-zonemaster-engine-108
      - Fixes issue dotse/zonemaster-engine#175
      - Fixes issue dotse/zonemaster#446
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#179
      - Closes dotse/zonemaster#453
      - remove JSON::XS reference in Makefile.PL
      - Add again JSON::XS
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#168
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#168
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#173
      - TEST
      - TEST
      - should work now... :-(
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster#441
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#193
      - Increase version number.
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#187
      - Log issues.
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#186
      - First step of dotse/zonemaster-engine#174 Fix.
      - Dependency missing.
      - Remove all Net::IP::XS references
      - Missing Net::IP::XS references.
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#171
      - Modify test cases.
      - Add recursion tests.
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#206.
      - Clean conf file.
      - Fix test issues.
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster#439
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster#463
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#193
      - Increase version number
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#210
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#209
      - Fixes dotse/zonemaster-engine#230
      Merge pull request #232 from vlevigneron/issue-zonemaster-engine-230


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