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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository perlbrew.

      from  e790e7b   releasing package perlbrew version 0.76-2
      adds  2d65eee   Support installation using any POSIX shell
      adds  a9ed52c   Merge pull request #472 from rafl/master
      adds  54598fd   Merge branch 'release/0.73' into develop
      adds  d59b872   remove that old document. probably not needed anymore.
      adds  f49a908   prefer https and remove insecure download cli flags.
      adds  4ac3f9a   die, when switching to/use a lib that does not exist.
      adds  1495d17   avoid "Use of uninitailezd value" warning.
      adds  368a42f   add test for PERLBREW_LIB_PREFIX
      adds  c29813c   support PERLBREW_LIB_PREFIX
      adds  d6942d7   Merge pull request #453 from calid/perlbrew-lib-prefix
      adds  ef0dea9   Update my local copy with latest developments from 
upstream Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      adds  44475c0   add the generated README.pod and see how it looks on 
      adds  4a26ad9   add the generated and see how it looks on gitub
      adds  d04174b   add link to the metacpan of App::perlbrew in POD
      adds  ad0cddd   deleted the README.pod file
      adds  3860a23   also generate a file using Pod::Markdown
      adds  f7f817e   configure Pod::Markdown to generate the module urls 
pointing to metacpan
      adds  cbbcd06   updated docs to add some more links
      adds  535fc6d   doc format to add links to important stuff like
      adds  80f1fac   Merge pull request #455 from 
      adds  0fbf23c   Indicate in the log when the brew is finished.
      adds  6112858   Eval didn't quite make sense after all.
      adds  fcea92d   Tests for logging success or failure of brew.
      adds  1551f69   Run build script again.
      adds  8c807c1   White space and commented code removal.
      adds  2554b04   Merge pull request #458 from cavemanpi/development
      adds  99b93a7   quote libs dirs during globbing in case PERLBREW_HOME has 
      adds  28e71b7   migrate to container-based build infra:
      adds  3f4f556   tweak regular expressions for Fish shell script
      adds  9607010   Silence the warning
      adds  4a1844b   Merge pull request #461 from yanick/fish-regex
      adds  4ad15b9   Fix minor typo in error message
      adds  a26e16f   Merge pull request #462 from tm604/patch-1
      adds  29663cd   Fix minor grammatical error
      adds  9b56b95   Merge pull request #471 from 
      adds  203898f   Merge branch 'develop' of 
into develop
      adds  b8d4666   retaining flags in upgrade-perl
      adds  1b8e5bf   Merge pull request #477 from jacoby/upgrade-flags
      adds  72738db   Update deprecated '.' command in fish script to 'source'.
      adds  c52970f   Merge pull request #476 from Asuza/develop
      adds  d38951b   include vendorlibexp for RHEL (follow-up of GH #409)
      adds  4e26ac3   rebuild
      adds  bf4a132   add doc for PERLBREW_LIB_PREFIX env var
      adds  2e056a4   Merge pull request #489 from calid/perlbrew_lib_prefix_doc
      adds  6cfc249   preserve exit status more idiomatically (for bash)
      adds  9603aaa   Merge pull request #492 from ap/shellish
      adds  5411513   Remove "mirror" command.
      adds  94028cf   also need to remove the tests for "mirror"
      adds  c549b7b   Remove documentation about 'mirror' command.
      adds  aa4a6e2   Fix the "list" and "env" command for perl 5.14 and 
      adds  2ca61a7   rebuild
      adds  761098d   rebuild readme
      adds  c144fc8   Pod::Markdown is only required for authors.
      adds  5c0bf93   [travis-ci] needs Module::Install::AuthorRequires
      adds  b9a3933   [travis-ci] debugging test env failures.
      adds  5277694   [travis-ci] looks like we are missing this one.
      adds  eb982e8   note important changes.
      adds  3dcb86d   A copy 64161eb30fdc349ca338a36cb695c57a221a6a9b in 
fatpack version.
      adds  8478560   Add another notable change.
      adds  99d2681   rebuild
      adds  bbc813a   version bump
      adds  acb35f8   Merge branch 'release/0.74'
      adds  51aed31   Change this one to a https:// url
      adds  c4460eb   Prefer https:// urls here.
      adds  d850da9   Remove 'mirror' command reference here.
      adds  02a35f1   change log updates.
      adds  a6d935b   Remove the "config" command.
      adds  edc11e7   A tentative fix for freebsd.
      adds  0f2d7d6   installed_perls: keep the "dir" around.
      adds  c590548   uninstall command: also delete associated libs.
      adds  43ed091   Redo several path construction with joinpath()
      adds  73765bb   Let $PERLBREW_HOME  be contained in each instance.
      adds  844844d   Replace many $PERLBREW_HOME with $self->home
      adds  cf8b2e0   import only the "bsd_glob" subroutine.
      adds  2c7d863   changelog update
      adds  229b285   [travis-ci] add perl 5.22
      adds  c5c69f0   documentation.
      adds  f72f9c4   rebuild
      adds  b0d3750   whitespace cleanup
      adds  ea8a53a   Minor rewrite when using cpan_mirror() method.
      adds  8580a5e   add support for "make install DESTDIR=/foo"
      adds  d486b59   add test for "make install DESTDIR=/foo"
      adds  819cd02   perl concats before considering the ternary. help it do 
the right thing
      adds  9d13fd1   Merge pull request #497 from ByteFoundryAU/DESTDIR
      adds  29b646f   chose different symbol for `-U` example.
      adds  f429a3a   Hard-code an abstract as "all_from" isn't working.
      adds  4a15645   Merge pull request #500 from davorg/develop
      adds  cf72992   if AWKPATH is set to something without '.', it won't find 
      adds  5968457   Merge pull request #502 from markjreed/issue-495
      adds  89b0b6e   add option --no-patchperl to disable patchperl on demand
      adds  9c610dc   update help with --no-patchperl option
      adds  4435092   Merge pull request #504 from MSK61/develop
      adds  d3c0e8d   fix --notest option behaviour
      adds  8393e16   Merge pull request #507 from MSK61/notest
      adds  9e5bc82   un-alter the default PERLBREW_ROOT
      adds  fbaa05e   update changelog
      adds  e4526d1   disable --noforce, --noquiet and --nonotest
      adds  fa83dbe   rebuild
      adds  927b7dd   documentation update.
      adds  4cd600f   documentation updates
      adds  b389f8c   version up
      adds  37c47b2   Merge branch 'release/0.75' into develop
      adds  f667bde   handles SIGINT during download -- simply removes the 
partial content.
      adds  a078bc3   fix spelling error
      adds  8500cac   rebuild with newer versions of dependent modules.
      adds  3a6a677   installing perlbrew via sparrow plugin
      adds  aa74e0a   no-dots-in-the-end-of-headers
      adds  00e0c83   post-deployment-checks
      adds  3a9ee65   Merge pull request #510 from melezhik/develop
      adds  85cfa9f   a few changes to support installing cperl-5.22.1 tarball 
from disk.
      adds  b283e1c   Replace a few http:// urls with https://
      adds  c2b18d6   change a few http:// URLs to be https://
      adds  8c4eaaa   also use https URLs in this test.
      adds  a38770d   get rid of the regex warning.
      adds  1b77c34   probably make more sense to use Perl::Release info before 
querying remotely.
      adds  10045f3   fix error about missing $mirror
      adds  cc19185   some info about cperl releases.
      adds  6819d7e   let download command work with known cperl distributions.
      adds  35ee12f   url for cperl-5.24.0-RC1.tar.gz
      adds  a6318f9   Merge branch 'release/0.75'
      adds  6f87c36   Merge branch 'master' into develop
      adds  9da728a   make 'install' command work with cperl.
      adds  eb84304   update Change log.
      adds  06ce300   mention cperl release in the documentation of 'install' 
      adds  73946d3   symlink cperl correctly. (eg, cperl5.22.3 -> cperl)
      adds  e483f78   fix broken tests on 5.8
      adds  4f7f4d1   rebuild
      adds  b110a4d   Add 'release_detail' method.
      adds  1bb1d7c   Add a few more sub-tests.
      adds  859319b   Add a method "release_detail_cperl_remote"
      adds  ff5b57a   Add method 'release-detail-cperl-local'
      adds  caf03a5   Add a method 'release_detail_perl_local'
      adds  bf42644   Add method 'release_detail_perl_remote'
      adds  4df5de7   Rewrite 'download' command with the new 'release_detail' 
      adds  2bdb0f3   Rewrite 'install' command with the new 'release_detail' 
      adds  4a7f593   minor logical optimization.
      adds  3db70c8   use our joinpath()
      adds  8e89fe0   probing wget/curl/fetch earlier, before the creation of 
      adds  c09a2e4   another micro optimization to avoid a trivial grep.
      adds  7ea911f   requires TEST_LIVE=1 to run these tests.
      adds  627c8ef   Update change log pre-release.
      adds  c9ef352   timestamp
      adds  d160bfc   version++
      adds  84f671b   Merge branch 'release/0.76' into develop
      adds  0cd7bc3   Merge branch 'release/0.76'
      adds  ef5523c   Revert "probing wget/curl/fetch earlier, before the 
creation of tmpdir."
      adds  3bcb0b8   Merge branch 'master' into develop
      adds  ddb9cf0   Include cperl releases in the "available" output.
      adds  b9917b0   added quotes to prevent "setenv: Too many arguments." in 
cshrc when path contains spaces (eg. "/Applications/VMware" )
      adds  fde671f   Merge pull request #515 from 
      adds  dd45f2b   uninstall command: require confirmation.
      adds  1b9dafc   let '--yes' option work for 'install' command as well.
      adds  7b10274   catch up tests after updates
      adds  bd73ba8   fix a test that fails with CPAN::Perl::Releases 2.88
      adds  35eae77   Don't break when git's core.abbrev changes
      adds  05102ec   Merge pull request #524 from seveas/develop
      adds  a08e43a   update change log briefly
      adds  dd990b1   rebuild
      adds  7c210b6   0.77 release notes.
      adds  890320d   rebuild for 0.77
      adds  f9d0a8c   Merge branch 'release/0.77'
      adds  0cfee62   New upstream version 0.77
       new  1f068e7   Merge tag 'upstream/0.77'
       new  4dca707   Update debian/changelog
       new  23b67ec   add bug closer
       new  488e208   Drop 5.003_07.patch, fixed upstream.
       new  857af93   Update (build) dependencies.
       new  e098f69   releasing package perlbrew version 0.77-1

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                            |  6 ++++++
 META.yml                           |  4 ++--
 debian/changelog                   | 11 ++++++++++
 debian/control                     |  6 ++----
 debian/patches/5.003_07.patch      | 18 ----------------
 debian/patches/series              |  1 -
 inc/Module/              | 35 ++++++-------------------------
 inc/Module/Install/         |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/          | 13 ++++++++++--
 inc/Module/Install/        |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/     |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/     |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/      |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/        |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/     |  2 +-
 lib/App/                | 43 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------
 t/13.perl_release.t                |  2 +-
 t/17.release-detail-cperl-remote.t |  8 +++----
 18 files changed, 82 insertions(+), 79 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/5.003_07.patch

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