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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/4.040
in repository libdbd-mysql-perl.

        at  f48ceff   (tag)
   tagging  9ac378bdeea9fc1fd294e66e91c26a2ed923a060 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/4.039
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat Nov 19 21:50:31 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 4.040

Bernt M. Johnsen (1):
      Commit 8e7ce0b "MYSQL_OPT_NET_BUFFER_LENGTH not defined in 
mariadb-10.0.22" breaks MySQL source level combatability.

Bernt Marius Johnsen (1):
      MySQL 8.0 adaptions (#56)

H.Merijn Brand (1):
      MYSQL_OPT_NET_BUFFER_LENGTH not defined in mariadb-10.0.22

H.Merijn Brand - Tux (1):
      Small typo

Michiel Beijen (22):
      Modified check for Windows (and poll.h)
      Add Vladimir Marek to contributors
      Updated changelog
      Travis: also test on perl 5.22 and 5.24
      Updated contributors
      Merge pull request #61 from pali/master
      Merge pull request #62 from pali/printf
      Merge pull request #63 from pali/cherry-pick
      Merge pull request #64 from pali/config
      Merge pull request #65 from pali/leaks
      Merge pull request #66 from pali/master
      Fix MANIFEST
      Merge pull request #69 from berntm/master
      Small correction for 22a20c8 printf
      Update changes
      Merge pull request #70 from pali/warnings
      Merge pull request #71 from pali/newsvpvn
      Merge pull request #68 from pali/embedded
      Update contributors
      Release 4.038_01 (Development release)
      Merge pull request #72 from pali/prepare
      Release engineering for 4.040

Pali (29):
      Add support for 64bit types when perl is compiled with 64bit support
      Decrease length of bind params in t/40server_prepare_crash.t test
      Do not declare variable errno as it interact with one from errno.h
      Use %p format for printing pointer address
      Include errno.h for MYSQL_ASYNC becase it uses errno variable
      Include errno.h for MYSQL_ASYNC becase it uses errno variable
      Use correct format in printf instead casting variable types
      Add support for fetching columns of BIT type with mysql_server_prepare=1
      Correctly coerce fetched scalar values when mysql_server_prepare is not 
      When running Makefile.PL load configuration from t/mysql.mtest
      Extend test 60leaks.t for leak detection in execute/finish and bind_param
      Run test 60leaks.t with both mysql_server_prepare=0 and 
      For efficiency use newSVpvn() instead newSVpv() where possible
      Correct CHANGES file
      Remove unused variables
      Declare variables only when really used
      Hide compile warning: value computed is not used
      Fix compile warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer 
      For efficiency use newSVpvn() instead newSVpv() also in mysql.xs
      Fix compilation of embedded mysql server
      Fix Makefile.PL to read default embedded flags from mysql_config
      For embedded mysql do not use --skip-bdb in tests
      Update .travis.yml to compile also embedded mysql server
      For mysql_server_prepare=1 try fallback to normal non-prepared statement 
also when mysql_stmt_execute() fails
      Add new attribute mysql_server_prepare_disable_fallback which disable any 
fallback from prepared statement to normal non-prepared
      Add info about fallbacks and mysql_server_prepare_disable_fallback to POD 
      Use mysql_server_prepare_disable_fallback=1 in all tests which test 
prepared statements
      Add test for mysql_server_prepare_disable_fallback=1
      Fix integer types when server side prepare statements are enabled

Patrick Galbraith (2):
      Release 4.037_01 with Pali's fix
      Bumped version to 4.038, tested

Patrick M. Galbraith (1):
      Testing Pali's fix

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 4.040

kmx (2):
      avoid compiler warning "cast from pointer to integer of different size"
      better handling of mysql_get_option vs. net_buffer_length

pali (2):
      Fix regex for removing database from DSN (#54)
      Add test for buffer overflow

root (1):
      Added Pali's fix for CVE-2016-1249


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