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js pushed a change to annotated tag debian/3.0.28-1
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        at  35864d5   (tag)
   tagging  9f16ec7d727c6bd97fef6bdff70ca1255278f02a (commit)
  replaces  upstream/3.0.28
 tagged by  Jonas Smedegaard
        on  Fri Nov 25 22:58:04 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
licensecheck Debian release 3.0.28-1


Dominique Dumont (2):
      Enhance detection of Perl license
      Revert "Enhance detection of Perl license"

Jonas Smedegaard (39):
      Initial packaging.
      Fix replace (not only break) older devscripts. Thanks to James McCoy.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.1'
      Prepare for release: Update changelog, control file and copyright hints.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.8'
      Update package relations: (Build-)depend on 
libgetopt-long-descriptive-perl. (Build-)depend on (recent perl or) 
libexperimental-perl. Build-depend on libtest-requires-perl libtest-roo-perl 
libtest-script-perl. Stop (build-)depend on libtype-tiny-perl.
      Prepare for release: Update changelog,control file and copyright hints.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.10'
      Update package relations: (Build-)depend on libstring-copyright-perl.
      Prepare for release: Update changelog, control file and copyright hints.
      Fix tighten (build-)dependency on libpath-tiny-perl and 
libstrictures-perl. Closes: Bug#832446. Thanks to Stuart Prescott.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.13'
      Prepare for release: Update changelog and control file.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.15'
      Tighten (Build-)dependency on libstring-copyright-perl.
      Prepare for release: Update changelog and control file.
      Fix typo in changelog.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.18'
      Tighten (Build-)dependency on libstring-copyright-perl.
      Prepare for release: Update changelog and control file.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.19'
      Prepare for release: Update changelog.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.21'
      Prepare for release: Update changelog and copyright hints.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.22'
      Update package relations: (Build-)depend on libsort-key-perl and recent 
      Prepare for release: Update changelog and control file.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.23'
      Use local code for licensecheck of ourselves.
      Update package relations: (Build-)depend on libpath-iterator-rule-perl.
      Prepare for release: Update changelog, control file and copyright hints.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.24'
      Prepare for release: Update changelog.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.25'
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.27'
      Update changelog.
      Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.28'
      Suppress lintian license-problem-json-evil false positive.
      Prepare for release: Update changelog and copyright hints.


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  41cb640   Enhance detection of Perl license
       new  9e26056   Update testsuite to reflect Perl license detection.
       new  7609aaf   Fix parse whole file for test info-at-eof.h (default 
length only approximates lines and is too short since String::Copyright 
       new  9d0f33d   Apply fallback marker "UNKNOWN" after (not during) 
license detection.
       new  9691e38   Fix delimit multiple licenses with "and/or" (not "or") 
when ambiguous.
       new  e0728ce   Tidy license regexes: Add and adjust comments.
       new  dfd2928   Tighten regexes: Simplify space matching (string already 
       new  e319a1e   Tighten regexes: Treat affero as alternative (not prefix) 
to GPL prefixes lesser and library.
       new  606a397   Fix avoid non-digit in version of license Artistic.
       new  c3df8af   Tighten regexes: Generalize and improve version matching.
       new  551b151   Generalize license string composition.
       new  40b0028   Improve non-version descriptor matching.
       new  d54a2fd   Improve version matching in license detections.
       new  7330b5f   Improve detection of license Apache.
       new  097d209   Improve detection of license AGPL.
       new  9b7f5bf   Detect license CC-BY-SA.
       new  77e66ee   Detect licenses APAFML Adobe-Glyph Adobe-2006 Aladdin SIL 
FSFAP FSFUL FSFULLR JSON PostgreSQL Unicode-strict Unicode-TOU 
       new  712499c   Update changes, and bump version.
       new  dcd778f   New upstream version 3.0.25
       new  a72cd55   Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.25'
       new  6079336   Fix exclude AGPL false positives.
       new  9927484   Use generalized license string composition at more places.
       new  67580e4   Update changes, and bump version.
       new  89129c6   Fix detect license FSFULLR (was misdetected as bogus 
       new  7c2b2c1   Clean m4 dnl comment marker.
       new  e8c41a2   Tidy code: Drop noop code.
       new  7e830f0   Drop too exotic licensing phrase, and corresponding test 
       new  b52c6dd   Introduce new modules: Pattern::License 
       new  cb13f08   Use Regexp::Pattern::License for shortname resolving 
(with internal list as fallback until phased out).
       new  7151926   Add license patterns mit_new mit_new_materials mit_old 
mit_unspecified postgresql, and group pattern mit.
       new  ef2d1f4   Fix detect licenses mit_old mit_unspecified (was 
misdetected as mit_new).
       new  ba484e2   Add new license patterns curl dsdp mit_oldstyle 
mit_oldstyle_disclaimer mit_oldstyle_permission ntp ntp_disclaimer.
       new  3ca5830   Add license patterns bsd_2_clause bsd_3_clause 
bsd_4_clause, trait patterns clause_retention clause_reproduction 
clause_advertising clause_non_endorsement disclaimer, and group pattern bsd.
       new  186d7f9   Add license pattern openssl and trait pattern 
       new  e805527   Add license pattern cc_by_sa.
       new  d6cfa3d   Relax license pattern cc_by_ca.
       new  7f2de8b   Add new license patterns cc_by cc_by_nc cc_by_nc_nd 
cc_by_nc_sa cc_by_nd cc_cc0 cc_sp.
       new  79fa465   Fix version identifier to use + only in machine-readable 
       new  3f48b06   Add trait pattern license_version.
       new  6bafd0e   Add trait pattern license_prefix.
       new  ac92afe   Emulate Regexp::Common -keep syntax to capture version 
       new  19aa45b   Add trait patterns version_later version_later_paragraph 
       new  7013467   Add license pattern afl.
       new  d9e34af   Relax detection of license GPL.
       new  74ecff7   Add license pattern agpl.
       new  1681fc0   Fix detect license MPL-2.0 (was misdetected as MPL-2.0 or 
       new  dc91a0e   Add license pattern mpl.
       new  2970349   Add new license patterns gfdl gfdl-niv.
       new  14b4e47   Add license pattern apache.
       new  e91dcde   Fix avoid detection of GPL/LGPL fulltext (rarely if ever 
used as grant).
       new  a6ef289   Add license patterns gpl lgpl.
       new  0a70c58   Tighten regexes: Generalize and improve LGPL matching.
       new  a52682c   Add group pattern gnu.
       new  aa36afb   Tighten regexes: Generalize abbreviated AGPL/LGPL/GPL 
       new  8da8105   Add license pattern artistic, and combo pattern perl.
       new  9e33758   Improve license detections artistic perl.
       new  8f2a61e   Add license pattern qpl.
       new  ba66846   Add license pattern adobe_2006.
       new  db1e221   Add license pattern adobe_glyph.
       new  7f2b9f0   Add license pattern apafml.
       new  6081a54   Add license pattern fsfap.
       new  bb9c263   Add license patterns fsful fsfullr, and trait patterns 
fsf_unlimited fsf_unlimited_retention.
       new  a80dbe4   Add license pattern ftl.
       new  5c489ec   Add license patterns libpng zlib zlib_acknowledgement.
       new  cdea51a   Add new license patterns cube eurosym.
       new  8f90ac2   Add license patterns unicode_strict unicode_tou.
       new  f07c17d   Add license pattern sgi_b.
       new  231af80   Add license pattern python.
       new  bd4c6f7   Add license pattern public_domain.
       new  6759d52   Add license pattern ms_pl.
       new  3d2c7e9   Add new license pattern ms_rl.
       new  723745d   Add license patterns cddl cecill cecill_1 cecill_1_1 
cecill_2 cecill_2_1 cecill_b cecill_c epl.
       new  f2a13fb   Add license pattern beerware.
       new  8420594   Add license pattern llgpl.
       new  da2d383   Drop no longer used internal license shortname list.
       new  d5428b7   Add license pattern wtfpl.
       new  ed11e13   Improve detection of license GPL.
       new  33f83f1   Fix POD lists.
       new  bea6fb3   Update changes, and bump version.
       new  6e5270d   New upstream version 3.0.27
       new  c03c0ed   Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.27'
       new  2ff95f9   Fix typo in changelog.
       new  49c3eec   Tidy changelog: Improve distinction between newly added 
and added-to-patternlist entries.
       new  2c12e64   Tidy Regexp::Pattern::License: Remove stray bogus regexp.
       new  4c16291   Extend license pattern dsdp with alternate fedora name 
       new  424ae9f   Drop unused and too broad trait pattern disclaimer.
       new  d8f38b5   Tidy Regexp::Pattern::License::Pattern: Rename pattern 
discl → asis_sw_name.
       new  1b39a7b   Tidy Regexp::Pattern::License::Pattern: Rename pattern 
discl_provide → asis_name_sw.
       new  71eace5   Tidy Regexp::Pattern::License::Pattern: Rename pattern 
provided_no_warranty → asis_expr_warranty.
       new  8f31658   Tidy Regexp::Pattern::License::Pattern: Rename pattern 
discl_disclaim → discl_name_warranties.
       new  077b50f   Tighten license pattern bsd-2-clause. Tidy 
Regexp::Pattern::License::Pattern: Rename pattern asis_sw_name → 
       new  2d122ed   Fix tighten detection of ISC license (was misdetecting 
       new  c0bf9c9   Add license pattern ISC to 
       new  4bc03c3   Fix tighten license pattern curl (was misdetecting other 
MIT variants).
       new  96f419a   Tidy Regexp::Pattern::License::Pattern: Rename pattern 
promo_no_author → nopromo_neither.
       new  863324e   Tidy Regexp::Pattern::License::Pattern: Fix sort pattern 
       new  c5bf29c   Tidy Regexp::Pattern::License::Pattern: Rename pattern 
retain_notice → note_invar.
       new  9f9119c   Tidy Regexp::Pattern::License::Pattern: Rename pattern 
retain_notice_cond_discl → note_retain_notice_cond_discl.
       new  2260808   Tidy Regexp::Pattern::License::Pattern: Rename pattern 
repro_notice_cond_discl → note_repro_notice_cond_discl.
       new  5c80e41   Tidy Regexp::Pattern::License::Pattern: Rename pattern 
name_no_ad → nopromo_written_prior.
       new  940389a   Fix tighten detection of mit_new license (was 
misdetecting other MIT flavors).
       new  f44ddcd   List license mit_new alternate fedora name Modern Style 
with sublicense.
       new  85c68d8   Add new license pattern icu.
       new  96aa0d5   Fix detect dual licensing mit_new mit_old (and speed up 
partsing while at it).
       new  5ea6798   Add new license patterns mit_enna mit_feh.
       new  2e4cb4f   Add new license pattern mit_advertising.
       new  f4c9298   Update changes, and bump version.
       new  f9aeb35   Update changelog.
       new  39737da   New upstream version 3.0.28
       new  7e0b34e   Merge tag 'upstream/3.0.28'
       new  938d862   Suppress lintian license-problem-json-evil false positive.
       new  9f16ec7   Prepare for release: Update changelog and copyright hints.

The 112 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
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