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carnil pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/1.291
in repository libconfigreader-simple-perl.

        at  865fcf8   (tag)
   tagging  c065b53c4ee0cffd676dba39511fc75ed81129ca (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.29
 tagged by  Salvatore Bonaccorso
        on  Sat Nov 26 20:08:55 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.291

Andy Lester (6):
      Andy runs this now
      Not needed
      Removed many dependencies
      Hardcoded the files to check, rather than require File::Find::Rule
      Gratuitous commit to up the version number
      Fixed warning that shows up under new Test;:Harness

Salvatore Bonaccorso (1):
      New upstream version 1.291

brian d foy (133):
      Initial revision
      * added change to parser so that NAME=VALUE format can be used, thanks
      * removed GOSSAMER's webdist recipe which i don't need.
      * added stuff so that syntax like $config->value is the same as
      * removed README entry
      * added CVS versioning line
      * added directives() so that you can get a list of the directives that
      * added an exists() method to see if the directive appeared in the config
      * ignore these files
      * added more tests for new set, unset, and multiple config files
      * added support to change values with set() or unset().
      * small format fixes
      * VERSION now has two places in the minor version number, so CVS
      * fixed up the DESCRIPTION for new_multiple
      * added new tests and config files
      * ignore these files
      * added tests for zero and undef values in config files
      * updated the docs for get() to note that empty values in the config file
      * added a pattern for tarballs
      * added the add_config_file() method to parse more config files after the
      * rewrote the test files for Test::More
      * added Test::More support
      * moved files to Test::More
      * added new_string() method
      * added gzip pattern
      * added prereq test
      release config file
      don't put these files in MANIFEST
      bail out if we can't compile
      * added names to tests
      * added dist pattern
      * from the new MANIFEST.SKIP
      * use Test::Manifest
      * things that should croak now do (instead of carp)
      * removed check for Test::Pod---we'll do it
      * corrected file name in the list of files to search
      * re-added test manifest
      * some POD fixes for literal angle brackets
      * for version 1.17
      * ignore files created by the release program
      * i got to find a better way to use this config file so
      * make POD test optional
      * my initial thoughts on a program ot create config files from a text
      * added continuation line support
      * YAML description of distribution
      * for version 1.18
      * bail out if the module does not compile
      * use Test::Manifest if it is around
      * ignore save_* files, which are artifacts of save.t
      * Added Test::Warn prereq
      * added a save() method to write configuration files
      * readded test_manifest
      *update email address
      * Issues identified by
      * get rid of META.yml
      * check pod coverage
      * added pod_coverage.t to MANIFEST, and beefed up MANIFEST.SKIP to
      * for version 1.21
      * Added missing README file
      * removed Test::Manifest kludge from Makefile.PL
      * Changed configuration directive parsing to accept [^\s=]+ instead of
      * for version 1.23
      * for version 1.24
      * updated for copyright and license
      add examples directory
      * Fixing up distro and verifying that parse_string handles continuation
      * for version 1.25
      * cleaning up the file layouts a bit
      * cleanup dist for new kwalitee stuff
      * for version 1.26
      * In _validate_keys, check that a keys exists, not that it has
      * turn warnings on, then off
      * for version 1.27
      * Brought the test coverage up to 100% in all columns.
      * Fix LICENSE to refer to this distro and not Apache::iTunes
      * Goodbye CVS tags, normalize Changes, META_MERGE in Makefile.PL, etc
      * Ignore dist dirs
      * for version 1.28
      * Fix the keywords
      Move module file to conventional location.
      Use the right Github URL (not for another module!)
      Get rid of SVN droppings
      Ignore MYMETA
      Update the manifest and use default skips
      Style fixes
      Test with only current perl
      * for version 1.29
      Add Travis file
      Clean up Changes
      Remove .cvsignore
      Expand .travis.yml for coveralls, 5.20, helpers
      get rid of more .cvsignore
      ignore these files
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Update copyright statement
      normalize Changes header line according to CPAN::Changes::Spec
      Add author test for Changes file
      Fix changes.t for missing interpolated variable
      Remove releases that were never released, add dates
      Date format for CPAN::Changes::Spec
      Ignore *.bak
      Modulino-ize Makefile.PL, Phase 1
      Die if we cannot load correct ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      More modernization of Makefile.PL
      Most of the modernization of Makefile.PL
      Update LICENSE file to include full license
      "Depend on File::Spec::Functions"
      "5.008 does not have // !"
      Dist name from module
      clean up distdir
      set a package
      It's not bugtraker with no c
      The new README.pod, fit for GitHub
      Remove the old README (now README.pod)
      Update MANIFEST
      Add Pod to all the Makefile.PLs
      Escape metachar in skip pattern
      Update MANIFEST for inadverent additions
      Fix whitespace in YAML: tabs no longer allowed
      Add v5.22 to Travis, and run in container by turning off sudo
      Add v5.22 to Travis, and run in container by turning off sudo
      Add =encoding to all pod files
      List of dependencies (new Test::Prereq doesn't filter)
      Bump to next stable version
      remove the prereq.t test from test_manifest
      Get rid of the prereq test. Do that at release time.
      * for version 1.291


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