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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libtest-prereq-perl.

      from  3e59a33   update changelog
      adds  e21e896   Fix whitespace in YAML: tabs no longer allowed
      adds  9095a82   Add v5.22 to Travis, and run in container by turning off 
      adds  2c4943a   Add v5.22 to Travis, and run in container by turning off 
      adds  fec5c44   Make min Perl version in Travis match the minimum 
required version
      adds  326162e   Switch to Artistic 2.0
      adds  ba86bfd   Whitespace
      adds  c2fa1d4   Bump copyright date and use Artistic 2.0 now.
      adds  33bef72   Fix spelling error in manpage #7 s/explicity/explicitly/
      adds  55b7cf5   Merge pull request #8 from ggoebel/master
      adds  36061e3   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  2e97d49   fixed prerequisites list
      adds  8f94c99   Merge pull request #12 from nbezzala/master
      adds  47dfcd0   get_loaded_modules doesn't filter now
      adds  4bef7ce   Get rid of t/get_from_prereqs
      adds  537b624   Merge branch 'master' of 
into 3.0
      adds  03ec349   Merge branch '3.0'
      adds  2419a31   Don't inherit from Exporter; inherit others with parent
      adds  c5cbc2a   Convert to the new Test::Builder::Module
      adds  cb19981   Bump to Dev version
      adds  d1d6781   * for version 2.001_001
      adds  c8a118c   Remove old test file from MANIFEST
      adds  300e123   Enable the experimental (but now stable) postderef.
      adds  3c05067   Now feature is a prereq
      adds  3e1d955   Bump version to fix postderef
      adds  908e016   * for version 2.001_002
      adds  00c2ee8   Check test_requires for requirements in Build.PL
      adds  4f802e2   Merge pull request #16 from sambrightman/test_requires
      adds  879b0b4   Bump to release version
      adds  0480728   * for version 2.002
      adds  c22edd1   New upstream version 2.002
       new  f6b1f15   Merge tag 'upstream/2.002'
       new  9d902ad   Update debian/changelog
       new  572a955   Drop fix_spelling_error_in_manpage.patch, not needed 
       new  5b1ddaf   Update (build) dependencies.
       new  1d33647   autopkgtests: skip more smoke tests.
       new  9f73392   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.8.
       new  b5f305f   releasing package libtest-prereq-perl version 2.002-1

The 7 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                            |  14 ++
 MANIFEST                                           |   1 -
 META.json                                          |  25 +-
 META.yml                                           |  25 +-
 Makefile.PL                                        |  20 +-
 debian/changelog                                   |   9 +-
 debian/control                                     |  18 +-
 debian/patches/fix_spelling_error_in_manpage.patch |  17 --
 debian/patches/series                              |   1 -
 debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-skip                   |   2 +
 lib/Test/                                 | 261 ++++++---------------
 lib/Test/Prereq/                           |  15 +-
 t/get_from_file.t                                  |  29 ++-
 t/get_from_prereqs.t                               |  12 -
 t/get_loaded_modules.t                             |  34 ++-
 t/load.t                                           |   8 +-
 t/pod_coverage.t                                   |  13 +-
 t/prereq_ok.t                                      |  16 +-
 t/prior_plan.t                                     |   4 +-
 t/test_manifest                                    |   1 -
 testdir/build_pl/Build.PL                          |   7 +-
 21 files changed, 232 insertions(+), 300 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/fix_spelling_error_in_manpage.patch
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/series
 delete mode 100644 t/get_from_prereqs.t

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