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js pushed a change to branch master
in repository libatteanx-query-cache-perl.

      from  7dc3f11   Initial packaging release.
      adds  6348840   remove Test::Exception to fix #26
      adds  f292919   Point at the right BTS to fix #25
      adds  f887c8f   improve project metadata
      adds  d04a9eb   stub caching test
      adds  670cd07   just compose SimpleMungeResponse for now
      adds  7a7735f   fix comma...
      adds  850285d   add version dep on UA
      adds  b7b9fc4   add simple test
      adds  4892947   Add LWP::Protocol::PSGI to test deps
      adds  801dce1   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  b8005da   Do not run tests unless LOD_ADAPTER is given explicitly. 
Fixes #28
      adds  9ba6d6f   Remove unused TPF plan
      adds  2cf4bf4   Rename plans as they have changed in other modules
      adds  cd52dad   bump version deps on stores
      adds  5a4377d   fix store version deps
      adds  fd3f6e3   update changelog
      adds  44e5642   bump version
      adds  39873fd   add TODO, remove SPARQLBGP include
      adds  13f91cc   a comment
      adds  0e697bb   canonicalize return 1 at the end
      adds  c7c8ef0   call the prefetching LDF accessplan
      adds  9334650   Add a prefetching LDF access plan
      adds  61613bd   Test for prefetching plans
      adds  d56bbf4   redis pubsub in test
      adds  b645da6   fix redis pubsub
      adds  2afd9b7   fix pubsub
      adds  7d340a1   dont canonicalize in this end
      adds  aee7533   add tests for the pubsub
      adds  e386461   subscribe now works
      adds  ed08f28   parsing subtests OK
      adds  0e980af   diag now superfluous
      adds  a6e01a9   record a message to pass tests
      adds  db964b8   canonicalize for now
      adds  4aed55c   branch out to support both SPARQL and LDF
      adds  91f186f   refactor tests before LDF
      adds  87d0104   bump attean version dep
      adds  a5e4e2d   add publish flag to plan serialization
      adds  be0ca97   check the publish flag
      adds  ac26e0d   Make the pubsub optional; add predicate for it
      adds  1c05341   Remove the optional pubsub from analysis tests
      adds  cae4c02   add publish flag
      adds  b6410e0   LDF fetcher
      adds  4dd95b8   stub prefetcher script
      adds  cb94c96   rename pubsub publisher
      adds  4714efc   set attean version dep
      adds  58629a1   First attempt at a proxy for #7
      adds  f807806   For #7: Let it die for now remember to use the planner
      adds  baa8638   enable logging
      adds  d569cef   loop prefetcher forever
      adds  b18f936   Remove the retriever from test
      adds  4a8238e   refactor the query parsing to an attribute
      adds  a8875ba   just pass a hashref as config
      adds  2dc4275   Actually set the cache
      adds  d2ef6dd   just a space
      adds  79e941e   Add an analyzer script
      adds  fcb42cd   Update to reflect AtteanX::Endpoint; Call it Plack::App...
      adds  465b8fa   Create separate plack app
      adds  39ea7d5   Use a Redis cache
      adds  6d84336   fix missing comma
      adds  6e08eac   CodeIterator for arrays
      adds  7910cc5   The pushed plan is now an iterator plan
      adds  12aa94b   codeiterator for hash
      adds  05e2d59   return exhausted iterator early clarify
      adds  6278ac7   s/Attean::Plan::Table/Attean::Plan::Iterator/
      adds  945b849   exception to the iterator rule
      adds  6817842   Exceptions to the iterator rule
      adds  35a2056   Try calling elements on the iterators
      adds  c3b9851   add variables to the iterators
      adds  5d0614e   rows is now an array
      adds  c7bc795   accept 5 iterator plans
      adds  da5e7f4   fix iterator bug
      adds  ab47723   fix tests for new iterators
      adds  34aa93b   make an iterator for the analysis
      adds  f76e8cc   fix two forgotten tests
      adds  a454cff   Add (lazy_iris => 1) option in cache parsing
      adds  3b9b4f3   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  6b37924   add the size estimate to the plan
      adds  79d0078   use the size estimate in the planning
      adds  5f7844e   smaller changes
      adds  63a1360   passing tests with the size estimates
      adds  1603b19   Prefer small RHS in hashjoins
      adds  549fbfc   add version dep on IRI 0.005
      adds  9dba9c5   Slight preference for smaller LHS
      adds  37ff065   check the size_estimate predicate
      adds  e5f6488   some new work on tests
      adds  4edaab9   Set an upper limit for how large datasets we may cache
      adds  704f327   bump version deps
      adds  6459276   Move the single-quad BGP access_plan to a role of its own
      adds  adffbc4   bump version dep on SPARQL store
      adds  b5c3845   Bump version
      adds  cc498a2   update changelog
      adds  814b3d5   reenable all tests
      adds  96e3efc   send the planner to cost_for_plan
      adds  8f8aac3   another test needs explicit query planner
      adds  e76e308   add description
      adds  edb2b74   fix BT URL
      adds  a6a7f41   update changelog
      adds  154b76b   Bump version
      adds  c77f2b1   New upstream version 0.002
       new  8cea1ee   Merge tag 'upstream/0.002'
       new  e87f4e0   (Build-)depend on libiri-perl.
       new  485ea10   Build-depend on liblwp-protocol-psgi-perl.
       new  0c41526   Tidy rules file: Stop suppress versioned debhelper 
build-dependency: Handled by CDBS now.
       new  3bc0e46   Drop CDBS get-orig-source target: Use gbp import-orig 
       new  118a220   Update watch file: Watch only metacpan URL. Mention gbp 
--uscan in usage comment.
       new  589d7d7   Modernize git-buildpackage config: Filter any .git* file.
       new  9e45422   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.8.
       new  d20108c   Fix Vcs-Git field URL.
       new  2a7f655   Update changelog, control file, and copyright hints.

The 10 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 COPYRIGHT                                        |  22 +++-
 CREDITS                                          |   3 +
 Changes                                          |   8 +-
 MANIFEST                                         |   9 +-
 META.json                                        |  54 +++++---
 META.yml                                         |  46 ++++---
 Makefile.PL                                      |  61 ++++-----
 SIGNATURE                                        |  85 +++++++------
 debian/changelog                                 |  20 +++
 debian/control                                   |   8 +-
 debian/                                |   4 +-
 debian/copyright_hints                           |  58 +++++++--
 debian/gbp.conf                                  |   2 +-
 debian/rules                                     |  13 +-
 debian/watch                                     |   3 +-
 doap.ttl                                         |  54 ++++++--
 lib/AtteanX/Model/                 |  12 +-
 lib/AtteanX/Model/SPARQLCache/             |  22 ++--
 lib/AtteanX/Plan/LDF/Triple/        |  30 +++++
 lib/AtteanX/Plan/        |  47 -------
 lib/AtteanX/Query/AccessPlan/            |  64 +++++++---
 lib/AtteanX/Query/AccessPlan/      |  76 ++++++++++++
 lib/AtteanX/Query/                       |  25 +++-
 lib/AtteanX/Query/Cache/              |  23 +++-
 lib/AtteanX/Query/Cache/Analyzer/ |  26 +++-
 lib/AtteanX/Query/Cache/             |  59 ++++++---
 lib/AtteanX/QueryPlanner/                |  39 ++----
 lib/AtteanX/QueryPlanner/Cache/            |  18 +--
 lib/LWP/UserAgent/                 |   6 +-
 lib/Plack/App/AtteanX/Query/             |  57 +++++++++
 scripts/analyzer                                 |  56 +++++++++
 scripts/prefetcher                               |  45 +++++++
 scripts/proxy.psgi                               |  45 +++++++
 t/analysis-best-cost.t                           |  15 +--
 t/analysis-count.t                               |  19 ++-
 t/analysis.t                                     |  19 ++-
 t/caching-ua.t                                   |  28 +++++
 t/planner-with-tpf-cache.t                       | 119 ++++++++++++++++++
 t/retriever.t                                    |  81 ++++++++----
 t/simple-cache-planner.t                         |  47 ++++---
 t/simple-sparql-planner.t                        | 101 ++++++++-------
 t/simple-sparql-tpf-planner.t                    | 150 ++++++++++++++++-------
 42 files changed, 1202 insertions(+), 477 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 lib/AtteanX/Plan/LDF/Triple/
 delete mode 100644 lib/AtteanX/Plan/
 create mode 100644 lib/AtteanX/Query/AccessPlan/
 create mode 100644 lib/Plack/App/AtteanX/Query/
 create mode 100644 scripts/analyzer
 create mode 100644 scripts/prefetcher
 create mode 100644 scripts/proxy.psgi
 create mode 100644 t/caching-ua.t
 create mode 100644 t/planner-with-tpf-cache.t

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