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      from  d4112ac   Update changelog.
      adds  7fe4ddb   Change 'set' alias spec (back) to 'code' (backward 
      adds  cc5b01f   Release v1.1.9
      adds  4b6748d   Wording
      adds  bec56ae   Add 'schema' alias spec
      adds  f5770cc   Release v1.1.10
      adds  bab3dd5   Fix terminology in Changes
      adds  c3c6b66   function: Add feature: immutable
      adds  c3f8167   Rename pkg_version to entity_version, becomes a general 
      adds  b81cca6   Release v1.1.11
      adds  94a2153   Add Rinci::result
      adds  060524b   Release v1.1.12
      adds  06f4208   Specify tag metadata
      adds  a16173f   Release v1.1.13
      adds  49f1c99   Change 'exec' dep clause to 'prog' (it's a better name 
and does not imply that we need to execute the program, there can be other 
dependency for that)
      adds  c9fc1d7   Release v1.1.14
      adds  e8c706c   Update Sah schema syntax
      adds  cce6354   Release v1.1.15
      adds  081a970   Rewrite undo protocol section: provide summary, describe 
benefits/drawbacks, change example. I want to it to be clearer, preparing the 
section on undo/transaction manager
      adds  d305f9c   Revise undo documentation again, declare dep clause 
      adds  12b5f8c   Release v1.1.16
      adds  92a9514   Mention status 430 (transaction is not supported for this 
      adds  85decec   Mention status 431 (transaction is aborted)
      adds  4a81c0f   Change transaction-related status codes (430->431, 
431->432, new 434)
      adds  49993e0   Set status 531 & 532
      adds  e085410   Introduce status codes 433, 435
      adds  91a717e   English grammar
      adds  0c3bf39   fmt
      adds  b4b018e   Revise status codes (432 & 433 -> 432)
      adds  1dffd8a   pod: Terminology (property instead of key)
      adds  ce4eed4   Split undo protocol section to its own document; specify 
undo/redo under transaction; specify features tx & idempotent
      adds  7d12c9d   Tutorial does not belong in spec, should put it in 
implementation dist (like Perinci)
      adds  7799028   tx feature becomes a hash
      adds  f038ddd   Some revision, add detailed 
do/rollback/undo/redo/recovery steps documentation
      adds  c8186f6   Release v1.1.17
      adds  ee47fb6   Add FAQ entry
      adds  38dfbff   Some adjustments (from implementation)
      adds  457d99e   Update transaction feature spec: required -> req, mention 
link to Rinci::function::Transaction
      adds  6c15b4e   Refine undo/redo mechanism (special argument -tx_call_id, 
record_step -> record_undo_step / record_redo_step)
      adds  1ad7d97   Change undo_storage dep to trash_dir, tmp_dir (relevant 
even for non-undo-related tasks), undo_trash_dir
      adds  f8ac66f   Release v1.1.18
      adds  66a8df9   Fix link
      adds  9dcefd2   A bit of rewording
      adds  65f35a4   Add status code: 429 (too many requests)
      adds  4ded8b9   Adjust transaction statuses (transient states now in 
lowercase: [iaude], final states in uppercase: [CRUX])
      adds  862f58a   Release v1.1.19
      adds  bd4d3af   Update links to module
      adds  13b08e9   Add argument specification key: src, cmdline_src
      adds  49d8d43   Add TODO
      adds  f821427   Release v1.1.20
      adds  c1843f5   Fix POD error
      adds  7526c4d   Remove arg spec key 'src', I don't think it's general 
      adds  4992263   Release v1.1.21
      adds  fdcdbff   Define -undo_action = check; define requirements of 
undoable function
      adds  d9c78e3   Update Changes
      adds  a3dd9a6   Remove -check_action => check (unnecessary, all undoable 
function's actions MUST BE undoable), add a section to explain about 
non-undoable actions
      adds  c2f5ac1   Replace link
      adds  71c69ca   Grammar
      adds  22e69b9   dzil: Add weaver.ini (include Changes)
      adds  3596cd8   dzil: exclude adding Changes to
      adds  e9acd61   Add FAQ entry: drawback
      adds  cf515ef   Describe ordering of steps/calls during undo/rollback; 
remove txm's get_undo_steps() and get_redo_steps(), function gets steps from 
-undo_data instead, like in non-transactional mode
      adds  2fd0643   Release v1.1.22
      adds  6fbca9e   Major rewrite of transaction specification
      adds  323b048   Release v1.1.23
      adds  cfdf398   Fix argument passing style
      adds  43513b4   Rename unready module
      adds  8e592e2   Deprecate undo protocol; Rewrite transaction 
specification (clarify steps in more detail, add examples)
      adds  99aaba3   Wording
      adds  c4e3fea   Release v1.1.24
      adds  5c615a8   Update Changes
      adds  ce69d16   Remove use=>1 in tx feature (redundant)
      adds  8cd7831   Punctuation
      adds  29963e7   Release v1.1.25
      adds  82b9fb2   Remove old reference to use=>1 property in tx feature
      adds  fe11a05   Specify savepoint
      adds  c51a747   Specify release savepoint
      adds  0b8c77c   Add FAQ entry on non-undoable action
      adds  b116d47   Term change: call -> action
      adds  92f4760   Release v1.1.26
      adds  ee61720   Link to HTTP RFC, mark codes that are introduced by Rinci
      adds  b18ea9b   Introduce status code 331 (confirmation required)
      adds  b841031   Confirmation prompt can also simply be given in message 
      adds  7345910   Rename old references to Sub::Spec:: modules
      adds  22b0a9b   Release v1.1.27
      adds  457eaa4   ritx: To link between check_state and fix_state, now we 
use -tx_action_id => GUID instead of passing -tx_undo_actions, because the 
later is already recorded in database by the time of fix_state, and we 
shouldn't modify it anyway
      adds  ff2b6d2   Release v1.1.28
      adds  1395095   Use standard UUID/GUID representation (implied)
      adds  68c9f69   Specify that result message should contain a description 
of what needs to be fixed, or how it is already fixed, or how it is unfixable; 
the message can then be logged by TM to be displayed to user
      adds  19638c6   Release v1.1.29
      adds  f76f025 is actually used (steven--)
      adds  379b583   Release v1.1.30
      adds  89f7816   dzil: Remove Changes podweaver plugin (I changed my mind, 
it's not a good idea :) )
      adds  16b983e   Update link to Sah spec (now split)
      adds  0c8e582   Base on DefHash
      adds  b1f99f9   Release v1.1.31
      adds  86e5e41   Define result metadata: error_stack
      adds  c0b7360   Typo
      adds  d1c3744   function: result property: add key 'statuses'
      adds  2b85f08   Release v1.1.32
      adds  63f5351   Move comments from periwrap
      adds  b7686c3   Wording
      adds  e8a0e6e   Split Rinci::Schema to its own dist
      adds  ac97c17   Release v1.1.33
      adds  770340a   Introduce status 44x and 54x (experimental)
      adds  a64c684   Release v1.1.34
      adds  11741e5   Update weaver.ini to use PWP::SHARYANTO
      adds  6bfe13c   Add rfc 2119 incantation
      adds  6088f19   Introduce property 'x' (from DefHash 1.0.3)
      adds  c75fba8   Release v1.1.35
      adds  63d8c64   POD fmt
      adds  de988ca   Rename entity_version to entity_v
      adds  1cde161   Release v1.1.36
      adds  f941680   Replace references to Perinci::Access::InProcess to ::Perl
      adds  98faadd   Mark todo-rebuild-with-makemaker
      adds  8f21ff8   dist: Rename .todo tag file
      adds  82a368f   dist: Rename .todo tag file (put reason into why I need 
to re-release this dist)
      adds  84f9495   result: Replace error_stack with prev
      adds  7131e75   Release v1.1.37
      adds  5ec1fd2   Add result metadata: logs
      adds  a1aa7c1   Add stack_trace to create log
      adds  942b3bb   Rename pkg to package in create log
      adds  0081c70   Release v1.1.38
      adds  3c73461   Code of argument's cmdline alias gets option value
      adds  f77866a   dist: dzil: Force @SHARYANTO version (inspired by chorny)
      adds  7194ac7   Wording
      adds  32b6d47   function: examples: Introduce 'src' and 'src_plang' 
properties so that examples can also be more general
      adds  b7a52d6   Release v1.1.39
      adds  8ad0339   dist: Add personal note in Changes
      adds  6c621d7   dist: dzil: rename bundle SHARYANTO -> Author::SHARYANTO
      adds  e83b951   dist: pw: rename bundle SHARYANTO -> Author::SHARYANTO
      adds  dda58ba   dist: Remove homepage/repository (become default with 
pwp-sh 0.05+)
      adds  2b76aeb   Add result metadata property: func.*
      adds  692e292   Release v1.1.40
      adds  b529110   Update example name
      adds  10e4445   completion routine will be called with word=>... and 
ci=>... only
      adds  786c334   Replace references to Perinci::BashComplete to 
Perinci::Sub::Complete (its replacement)
      adds  765fc08   Wording on 'cmdline_src', define 'file' as another valid 
value of 'cmdline_src'
      adds  de4b1e0   Add property 'test' to function example spec
      adds  d01c26c   Release v1.1.41
      adds  0bf51f7   Add argument spec's 'default' and 'element_completion' 
      adds  c257405   Release v1.1.42
      adds  d3b7002   Specify argument property: cmdline_on_getopt
      adds  bda8234   Specify argument property: cmdline_on_getarg
      adds  c13d616   Release v1.1.43
      adds  ae22803   Revert "Specify argument property: cmdline_on_getarg"
      adds  2b955b2   Update Changes
      adds  1806505   Update Changes
      adds  76a2350   dist: Replace MANIFEST.SKIP with DZP::PruneFiles
      adds  2833d3b   Add Sah::Schema::Rinci
      adds  5b82373   dist: Add # DATE
      adds  99451d9   Release v1.1.44
      adds  21be6e6   Tweak schema
      adds  aed69bc   Release v1.1.45
      adds  ecbc95a   Tweak schema: cmdline_aliases' properties were not defined
      adds  7e82186   Forgot to add x (defhash properties) in several places
      adds  ad040d9   Release v1.1.45
      adds  a96cb91   Release v1.1.46
      adds  662a507   Make sure all defhash props are added
      adds  7e0b3bc   Release v1.1.47
      adds  c9f4356   dist: Add tags
      adds  a9ef5eb   Specify two new function dependency: pkg & func
      adds  821cfa9   Release v1.1.48
      adds  cc9bd1f   Checking dep func/pkg should be done using Riap info 
action and not meta
      adds  54b291e   Update Sah schema
      adds  e65b469   Rename args_as to args/as, result_naked to 
result/is_naked to make top-level properties cleaner
      adds  b785121   Release v1.1.49
      adds  7ad6ce7   Revert "Rename args_as to args/as, result_naked to 
result/is_naked to make top-level properties cleaner"
      adds  64c75ed   Release v1.1.50
      adds  82068d0   Tweak Sah schema: add entity_date
      adds  b2fef10   Release v1.1.51
      adds  1e45bc8   Allow completion routine to return hash (completion reply 
+ metadata) instead of just array (completion reply), as already implemented in 
Perinci::Sub::Complete and Complete::Util
      adds  675f59f   Release v1.1.52
      adds  5b3a039   [dist] Change dzil/pw plugin bundle
      adds  d459836   Introduce function argument spec properties: 
cmdline_prompt, is_password
      adds  72d9e80   Release v1.1.53
      adds  3fe4543   POD tweaks (explain 1xx, mark with * some status codes 
which haven't been marked)
      adds  8359f34   Add FAQ document
      adds  a95c187   POD Wording, update examples
      adds  be847f1   Add result metadata property: perm_err
      adds  8ddc7bb   Release v1.1.54
      adds  41ee908   Add tag: name-id
      adds  680ee3a   [dist] Rename tag
      adds  944dadb   Introduce argument submetadata (experimental)
      adds  c44c2fd   Release v1.1.55
      adds  3449e10   Introduce argument element submetadata (element_meta 
property in argument specification, experimental)
      adds  9d6f18c   Release v1.1.56
      adds  1afc1e9   Introduce is_flag bool property on command-line alias
      adds  1fc9061   Release v1.1.57
      adds  3fc76e4   Rename Rinci::result -> Rinci::resmeta
      adds  e809fbe   Release v1.1.58
      adds  3d242f8   Introduce 'encoding' property in result metadata and 
argument specification
      adds  6233170   Rename file
      adds  573e04c   Introduce 'arg_errors' and 'arg_warnings' properties in 
result metadata
      adds  19ce76b   Introduce 'check_arg' feature and '-action' special 
      adds  17f3898   Release v1.1.59
      adds  7ea3ce9   Forgot to update Sah schema
      adds  438a14b   Release v1.1.60
      adds  1ebe7de   Introduce 'encoding' property in result specification
      adds  672eb91   Release v1.1.61
      adds  a41c9a8   Give more explanation in Changes
      adds  dfecdad   Cancel adding support for 'encoding', will be handled on 
the Riap level
      adds  f5fde5b   Release v1.1.62
      adds  8134595   Add statuses 201, 204
      adds  0ec0f60   Introduce status 207, replace arg_errors & arg_warnings 
with the more generic 'results' result metadata property to report 
per-item/detailed statuses
      adds  00ea371   Release v1.1.63
      adds  8160a90   Hackety hack
      adds  359c31e   Hackety hack
      adds  adeb6ef   Add example for partial_res
      adds  76138fb   Release v1.1.64
      adds  c5abb6d   Add more detailed note in Changes
      adds  5009491   [Bugfix] Forgot to update Sah schema
      adds  1c2d680   Release v1.1.65
      adds  c0b288d   Make it clear that there should be at most one argument 
with partial=1
      adds  b533e4f   Update Changes
      adds  7a9f5d4   Release v1.1.66
      adds  9f6ec3b   Tweaks to partial arg/result, introduce stream input 
(arg) & output (result), add FAQ items
      adds  a413d4e   Release v1.1.67
      adds  11540a3   Forgot to mention 'stream' argument spec property
      adds  4d90f96   Release v1.1.68
      adds  98949bd   [Bugfix] forgot to update Sah schema
      adds  b89da28   Release v1.1.69
      adds  fef8a9f   Replace copy-pasted text
      adds  ce4190c   Add FAQ items
      adds  38fe23c   Add 'links' property to arg spec
      adds  52d9f68   Release v1.1.70
      adds  de74225   Specify that streaming input and output now uses coderef 
instead of filehandle/etc
      adds  07021b0   Release v1.1.71
      adds  b845afc   Edit Changes
      adds  c9fd941   Specify argument specification property 'deps', to allow 
an argument to depend on others
      adds  322d2cb   Introduce function property 'args_groups' to allow things 
like requiring {only one,all} members of a group of args must be specified (and 
possibly others in the future)
      adds  8cb9e8b   Release v1.1.72
      adds  70f9f88   Forgot to update schema
      adds  c4fda4f   Release v1.1.73
      adds  9093666   [Incompatible change] Use DefHash's 'caption' property 
for link title, instead of using another ('title')
      adds  4ea266c   Update schema
      adds  f6ca194   Grammar
      adds  b64b015   [doc] Add UPDATE entry for older entries in Changes which 
have been deprecated/reverted/removed
      adds  05d90f3   func: Introduce another value for 'cmdline_src' argument 
spec property: 'stdin_or_file' (in addition to 'stdin_or_files')
      adds  3bcdd00   Release v1.1.74
      adds  d5edebe   Add (experimental) argument specification: filters
      adds  66be345   Release v1.1.75
      adds  ee81504   Replace function property args_groups with args_schema
      adds  8c0752d   Release v1.1.76
      adds  35394be   Typos (args_rels, not args_schema) & wording
      adds  53e712c   Release v1.1.77
      adds  c79e034   Adjust to Sah 0.9.36 (renamed dep_one -> dep_any, 
req_dep_one -> req_dep_any)
      adds  cfec159   [dzil] Update syntax of lint-prereqs directive (-> 
lint_prereqs) to be more IOD-compliant
      adds  8b28d85   [dist] Move spec prereqs from RuntimeRequires to 
DevelopRecommends to reduce deps but still allow indicating spec requirement
      adds  3b80a47   Release v1.1.78
      adds  abcbaf6   Update some module mentions
      adds  25361a6   Tweak example to show what cmdline_alias code receives
      adds  54f9c54   Fmt
      adds  e4434f6   Define new command-line source for function argument 
(cmdline_src): stdin_or_args
      adds  22b594c   [dist] Re-pass lint-prereqs (core modules must now be 
      adds  4ae7ca9   Release v1.1.79
      adds  d37b8a1   [dist] Use Pod::Weaver::Plugin::Sah::Schema
      adds  94defc5   [dist] Add nytprof* to .gitignore
      adds  19d8673   Follow Sah-Schemas convention (individual Sah schemas are 
put into their separate Sah::Schema::* package), Sah schemas are now put in 
Sah::Schema::rinci::* modules
      adds  679ead0   Release v1.1.80
      adds  f243cf5   Split Sah schemas to Sah-Schemas-Rinci so that schema 
tweaks don't require releasing a new spec release
      adds  3ae720d   [dist] Re-pass lint-prereqs
      adds  a135ba4   Release v1.1.81
      adds  925c12b   Remove DZP: & PWP:Sah::Schemas
      adds  2565472   Typo [RT#118381]
      adds  18f80b3   Introduce argument spec property 'index_completion'
      adds  47a0cdb   Release v1.1.82
      adds  6f2519c   New upstream version 1.1.82
       new  37eba7b   Merge tag 'upstream/1.1.82'
       new  2eb5e76   Update debian/changelog
       new  4c0f960   debian/patches/fix-spelling-error: Remove, applied 
       new  66cd86d   Update changelog.

The 4 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                           |   7 +
 MANIFEST                          |   2 +-
 META.json                         |  99 ++++----
 META.yml                          |  91 +++----
 Makefile.PL                       |   4 +-
 README                            | 496 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 debian/changelog                  |   8 +
 debian/patches/fix-spelling-error |  18 --
 debian/patches/series             |   1 -
 dist.ini                          |   7 +-
 lib/                      |   6 +-
 lib/Rinci.pod                     |  16 +-
 lib/Rinci/FAQ.pod                 |   4 +-
 lib/Rinci/Transaction.pod         |   4 +-
 lib/Rinci/Undo.pod                |   4 +-
 lib/Rinci/Upgrading.pod           |   4 +-
 lib/Rinci/function.pod            |  88 ++++++-
 lib/Rinci/package.pod             |   4 +-
 lib/Rinci/resmeta.pod             |   4 +-
 lib/Rinci/variable.pod            |   4 +-
 t/author-pod-coverage.t           |   4 +-
 t/author-pod-syntax.t             |   4 +-
 weaver.ini                        |   1 -
 23 files changed, 722 insertions(+), 158 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/fix-spelling-error
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/series

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