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  replaces  upstream/0.40
 tagged by  Angel Abad
        on  Mon Dec 19 19:38:47 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.41


Angel Abad (1):
      New upstream version 0.41

Christian Hansen (2):
      Added Time Zone example
      Merge pull request #17 from spansh/bug_as_string

Gareth Harper (1):
      fixed test so it stringifies both sides

chansen (414):
      Initial import
      Fixed formatting of fractional seconds
      Increase buffer allocation in strftime
      Documented this is an early preview release
      added Module::Install::ReadmeFromPod
      Added Changes
      Implement Time::Moment->now in XS/C on systems that provides 
      Added Time::Piece to benchmark
      Added which compares memory usage
      Sort clocks using offset instead of local date and time
      Implemented from_string in C
      Implemented from_string in C
      added sizeof localtime() for comparison
      use offset instead of local_rd_as_seconds to compute diff
      Updated Changes
      Bumped version
      Rename variable 'sun' to 'sunday' to prevent conflict on Solaris (leont++)
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Implemented support for parsing of any ISO 8601 date and time of day
      Added a few tests
      Added DateTime::Format::ISO8601 to benchmark
      Added localtime() and POSIX::strftime() to benchmark
      Added accessor for week of the year
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Added moment_week() to header file
      Added Travis config
      renamed pow10 variable to prevent symbol clashes
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      test the ->week accessor
      minor refactor of parsing function
      added ->week accessor to synopsis
      Reject negative zero time-zone offsets: -00, -0000 and -00:00
      Added support for parsing of 24:00 midnight
      Implemented support for %s conversion specifier
      added more conversion specifiers to tests
      consistent validdation messages
      minor refactor
      prefer %f over %N
      started to document strftime conversion specifiers
      correct typo, Time::Moment->now is ~ 70% fater than localtime() not 700%
      Reformatted Changes to please metacpan
      removed coercion between Time::Moment to Time::Piece as Time::Piece can 
only represent local or utc time
      Added more docs
      Corrcted method docs
      corrected offset accessor
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      More documentation
      Preserve the SvUTF8 flag in the resulting strftime string
      Implemented ->to_string method
      Only output fractional seconds if non-zero
      Documented more methods
      use die() instead of croak() when reporting eval error
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Increased the supported resolution from microseconds to nano seconds
      Implemented ->with_nanosecond()
      Changed and documented the behavior of the %f
      Overhauled strftime() conversion specifications IEEE Std 1003.1
      Add comment to p conversion specification
      add .gitignore
      Added the year to the %c conversion specification
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Corrected indentation
      Document that the %s conversion specification is an extension
      use the expanded conversion specifications in %x and %X
      add a comment to the %s format specifier
      Documented ->from_object
      Documented the API/Scheme for coercion
      renamed variable names in function declarations to match source
      remove unnecessary parentheses
      Documented overloaded operators
      Moved constructors to it's own section
      Added more messages to DIAGNOSTICS
      doc tweaks
      Document the %G conversion specifier
      Changed the %f conversion specification to permit use of an optional 
maximum field width
      Implemented a new constructor, ->now_utc()
      Add ->now_utc() to the benchmark
      Add Time::Moment->now_utc to synopsis
      Correct croak() message
      Implemented %k and %l conversion specifications (extensions)
      doc tweaks
      bumped version
      updated Changes
      use fractional hours instead of minutes to report difference between 
local time and time zone
      Added serialization support with Storable
      Added support for fractional epoch seconds to ->from_epoch
      Removed usage of SvREADONLY as it causes issues with modules that rebless.
      Add JSON and CBOR serialization support
      Add example of CBOR usage, eg/
      Add comment that Time::Moment serializes as tag 0
      Attempt to reuse invocant if it's a temporary SV
      Only extract fractional seconds from epoch seconds parameter if 
->from_epoch is invoked with one parameter
      Changed ->to_string to return the same representation as stringification
      use ->to_string instead of overloaded stringification
      Document support of fractional seconds in ->from_epoch
      Document the supported serialization methods
      provide a reference to CBOR::XS
      document coercion from Time::Moment to DateTime
      Correct documentation about the Stroable serialized representation
      Add eg/ example
      documentation tweaks
      bumped version
      updated Changes
      remove unused variable
      documentation tweaks
      Document the supported range and that leap seconds isn't observed
      added pod tags to prevent breaks
      documentation tweaks
      Clarify parts of the API
      Removed $offset from the constructor ->from_epoch
      updated docs for ->from_epoch
      Added example strftime formats
      use the same date and time in all strftime examples 
      add ordinal date and week date examples
      Add a few more RFC formats to strftime examples
      Added ->to_utc method
      Move example string formats to it's own section
      document the support for reduced format in ->from_string
      Add comparison of Storable::nfreeze size
      added support for GNU's extension to the %z conversion specifier
      reorder examples
      Added support for calendar and date arithmetic
      Implemented $tm->with_unit methods
      Added arithmetic benchmarks
      Added more test units
      Implemented (plus|minus)_nanoseconds()
      bumped version
      updated Changes
      Correct typos in Changes
      shorten the error message
      minor pod tweaks
      Implemented constructor '->new'
      Add the ->new constructor to the benchmark
      Added benchmark that compares sorting of 1000 instants
      Add rudimentary documentation for ->new
      test nanosecond
      Add Test::Fatal and Test::Requires to test prerequisites
      added more tests
      Added Test::Fatal and Test::Requires
      Added more test cases to ->utc and ->utc_now
      Implemented support for GNU's '_', '-' and '0' padding flags
      documentation tweaks
      added more strftime test cases
      added more strftime test cases
      Added strftime example using ISO 8601 formats
      Implemented support for lenient parsing in from_string
      remove unnecessary length check
      Added SQL strftime formats
      refactored lenient parsing
      use named parameters in ->from_string
      boolean lenient was uninitialized
      pod tweaks
      Added serialization tests
      Added Storable::dclone() test
      Implemented generic FREEZE and THAW method which will be supported by 
upcomming Sereal release
      correct module name
      corrected nfreeze size, size is 34 bytes not 30
      bumped Version
      updated Changes
      correct ISO 9075 strftime formats, missing percent character in hours
      removed unused variables in FREEZE/THAW
      Changed with_offset
      Changed with_offset
      Added tests for ->with_offset_same_xxx
      use ->with_offset_same_instant
      Note that ISO 9075 string representations is not conformant with ISO 8601
      Added TIME ZONES section to the POD
      Expanded TIME ZONES section
      Report whether gettimeofday() is available
      more time zone documentation
      added coercion tests
      corrected typo
      bumped version
      updated Changes
      use the reentrant version of localtime if available
      detect if localtime_r is available
      Correct format string
      Added Sereal example
      Added Sereal test
      Added Sereal to the supported serialization
      update to latest c-dt src
      Document the support for the literal strings UTC and GMT in lenient 
      Added more tests for lenient parsing
      bumped version
      updated Changes
      correct typedef declaration
      Implemented ->length_of_{year,quarter,month} methods
      moved ->with_offset alias to PP
      Changed to_string() to use named parameters
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      corrected documentation for the ->length_of_{year, quarter, month} methods
      Documentation updates for consistency
      Time::Piece is context sensitive
      implemented ->with_day_of_quarter()
      implemented ->with_millisecond and ->with_microsecond
      Add explicit casts to avoid warnings when perl is complied with 32bit IV's
      Implemented methods plus/minus milliseconds/microseconds
      correct typos
      A few more tweaks
      minor refactor
      Bug fix, account for negative offsets in Storable thaw
      Bumped requirement for Sereal and CBOR::XS in tests
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Ensure that SvREFCNT is 1 before trying to reuse the invocant, leont++
      Require Test::Fatal v0.006 or higher, fixes issue #5
      Removed the "early preview release" notice from documentation
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Added accessor method ->utc_year
      Ensure that the referenced object has a SvREFCNT of 1
      Clarify the fraction precision in ->from_string
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Only check if Module::Install or plugins is missing
      Implemented accessors for Juilian Dates
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Reduced the required accuracy in ISO 8601 representations
      Documentation updates
      Document the %w specifier in ->srtftime
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Added following methods to increase consistency in the API:
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Use unconditional numerical offset in examples
      Implemented support for second_of_day accessor
      Include stdbool.h on recent MSC compilers.
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Implemented ->with_second_of_day
      Implemented following methods:
      Renamed internal function moment_compare()
      Refactored internal moment_compare_{local,instant}
      Bug fix for when Perl is compiled with threads.
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Renamed a few internal functions
      Clarified the Rata Die epoch
      Implemented constructors from_jd and from_mjd
      Implemented accessor for Rata Die, ->rd
      Added a few methods to the POD synopsis
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Correct typo in POD, to the correct Rata Die Epoch
      Only load Time::HiRes if necessary
      Started to refactor internals
      Minor documentation additions/fixes
      Added more test cases for ->at_last_day_of_xxxx
      Added test cases for ->length_of_xxxx
      Documentation improvements/fixes
      Reworked tests cases
      Added test cases for ->with_second_of_day()
      Implemented following methods:
      Renamed internal enum members
      Made internal functions static
      Refactored tests
      Added clarifications to the documentation
      Changed the epoch date in ->from_jd and ->from_mjd
      Rewritten ->from_epoch(NV) to reject Inf/NaN
      Refactoring: reordered functions in logical order
      Documented following methods:
      Apply patch provided by Vitaliy V. Tokarev in #15
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Implemented ->with($adjuster)
      Added Time::Moment::Adjusters
      Validate Rata Die boundaries
      Permit ->with_millisecond_of_day(86_400_000)
      Reworded to increase clarity
      Added a few examples to /eg
      Document the range in ->with_millisecond_of_day()
      Remove duplicate entry in Changes
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Changed ->from_string in lenient mode to be more relaxed
      Updated Changes
      Implemented ->with_precision()
      Added >with() to SYNOPSIS
      Changed the fractional second precision in ->{jd,mjd,rd}
      Updated Changes
      Bumped version
      Changed the exception message in ->from_string()
      Updated DIAGNOSTICS message
      Implemented following $tm->delta_* methods:
      Use Test::Number::Delta in eg/
      Sort clocks by offset then name in eg/
      Minor code refactoring
      Code refactoring, use int64_t in moment_with_field()
      Implemented following methods:
      Added new methods to Changes
      Documentation fixes
      Changed the fractional second precision in from_epoch()
      Updated Changes
      Bumped version
      Added two examples to eg/
      Whitespace cleanup
      Use exponential notation
      Correct typo in comment
      Fixed a bug in delta_xxxx methods
      Increase test range
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Minor refactor of the test
      Implemented support for ->delta date units:
      Clarified documentation of delta time methods
      Documented delta date methods
      Documentation improvements
      Added more test cases
      Minor POD corrections
      Require Test::Number::Delta version 1.06
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Implemented coercion from Time::Moment to Time::Piece
      Use hours instead of days in arithmetic benchmark
      Added two arithmetic benchmarks to dev/
      Minor tweaks to the documentation
      Implemented constructor ->from_rd
      Added from_rd to SYNOPSIS
      Use ->from_rd instead of ->from_jd
      Minor tweaks to documentation
      Added Test::Number::Delta v1.06 to test prerequisites
      Added tests for Rata Die, Julian Dates, Modified Julian Dates
      Added Test::Number::Delta to travis conf
      Added tests for fractional epoch values
      Added optional test modules to travis conf
      Test negative fractional epoch values
      Added more test cases
      Correct command to install Params::Coerce
      Removed JSON::XS and CBOR::XS from travis
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Round up before casting to int32_t, fixes issue #19
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Added more test units to from_epoch
      Implemented support for named parameters in from_epoch
      Reformat from_epoch XS code
      Work around PERL_UNUSED_VAR()
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Correct typo
      Validate the precision value in from_epoch
      Remove unnecessary int() call
      Applied patch provided by Vitaliy V. Tokarev in #15
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Append .0 to indicate a floating-point constants, leont++
      Implemented ->precision method
      Minor code refactoring
      Implemented ->with_quarter() method
      Corrected typo
      Documented ->with_quarter() method
      Documentation clarifications
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Documentation tweaks
      bumped compyright year
      Implemented ->is_leap_year
      Added eg/
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Minor tweaks
      Renamed variables to increase clarity
      Changed a few variables to increase clarity
      Use better serial date's in
      Documented ->with_precision()
      Changed ->precision accessor to match ->with_precision
      Minor refactor
      Added tests for local date/time in ->with_precision
      Minor tweaks to documentation
      Implemented support for precision parameter in ->compare
      Call correct function (without context)
      Document the %:z conversion specification
      Implemented feature ->rdn and ->with_rdn
      Added feature for computus of Western and Orthodox Easter
      Add example of computing Swedish bank holidays
      Correct paragraph, add missing comma
      Implemented feature: round to nearest minute
      Clarify NearestMinuteInterval($interval)
      Correct formatting error
      Remove 5.8 from travis
      Correct Typo
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Correct forward function declaration to include interpreter context
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes
      Documentation improvements
      Correct NearestMinuteInterval() example
      Permit [1, 1440] in NearestMinuteInterval()
      Document the accepted interval in NearestMinuteInterval()
      Document the optional precision value in ->compare
      Documented the ->precision method
      Merge branch 'XXX-travis-ci' of 
into travis
      Provide local difference as HH:MM instead of decimal hours
      Documentation tweaks
      Remove Perl 5.8 from travis tests
      Bumped version
      Updated Changes


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