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 tagged by  Jonas Smedegaard
        on  Sun Dec 25 17:09:29 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.04


Alex Balhatchet (80):
      First few methods of Template...
      Finish up Template... but not the hairiest partial handling method thing 
      Minor bug fixes... it actually does something ish now!!!
      Replace JS code generation with Perl code generation. Woo!
      More closely behave like JS prototypes... I think
      Missing _t codegen handler! Ooooops!!
      Fix typo add_buff -> add_buf
      use boolean;
      Add the missing half of d() that I forgot to write
      Use a custom char_at() over harder to read substr()
      Handy debugging script
      Various small bug fixes and syntax improvements
      Major bug fix! Curly brace level/indentation error :-(
      Use eval for new Function! Woo it's actually working!
      More things working! Sections and lists and inversions oh my
      Actually implemented create_specialized_partial! And it half works!
      Put hogan-bin*.pl scripts into t for now...
      Stupid typo in!
      Fix JS -> Perl translation bug in triple_stache()
      1.210 should render as 1.21 in all cases
      Test I didn't actually need because the bug was in the spec runner...
      Fix substring() vs substr() bug in change delimiters!
      Failing lambda example... also failing on hogan.js!
      Mustache Specs - all passing except for ~lambdas.yml!
      Fix escaping for raw strings for Perl interpolation
      Avoid uninitialized value for empty partial
      Get ready for release - docs, dist.ini, changes, etc.
      Drop use of for speed
      Version 0.02
      Remove 'use DDP;' from spec_test.t
      Version 0.03
      Use Dist::Zilla to detect minimum Perl version
      Remove use of defined-or to support older Perls
      .gitignore improvements - add vim .swp files
      Version 0.04
      Use Github as a bugtracker rather than
      Version 0.05
      Die on lambda section to make very clear they are not supported yet
      Duplicate optimization from hogan.js that I thought was not needed in Perl
      In-line call to t() in v() for performance
      Optimization: avoid needless $t = $self assignment
      Use custom MinimumPerl test_finder to skip YAML spec files
      Version 0.06
      README.pod for Github
      Version 0.07
      Documentation fix
      POD: better link from to Compiler and Template
      POD: add "see also" section
      Version 0.08
      Document the link to hogan.js much more clearly
      Version 0.09
      Remove superfluous "next;" for TODO lambda spec tests
      Improve "SEE ALSO" section of Text::Hogan POD
      Improve README.pod
      Implement lambda sections
      Un-TODO lambda tests - they pass now!
      Update POD notes about lambdas
      Remove referneces to hogan.js-specific "model_get" option
      Add per-spec-test-file note() call to spec_test.t
      Fix typo: selection_tags should be section_tags
      Small POD improvements
      Add tests for the three SYNOPSIS POD sections
      Update README.pod to match Text::Hogan POD
      Use Data::Visitor::Callback for lambda case in spec_test.t
      Version 1.00 - we now pass the whole mustache spec!
      Remove trailing whitespace and improve test message
      Version 1.01
      Transfer ownership from company to individual
      Merge pull request #2 from remorse/master
      Update Changes file
      Update SEE ALSO documentation
      Update Changes file and bump version
      Merge pull request #4 from tomhukins/data_structures
      Version 1.04

Ed Freyfogle (2):
      very minor pod fix for consistancy
      add support (and test, POD) for optional param 'numeric_string_as_string' 
to prevent

Jonas Smedegaard (1):
      New upstream version 1.04

Ricky Morse (5):
      add ability to have whitespace before hashmark, slash, caret, etc.
      add an option to control extra whitespace ability, default to not
      fix error
      add test for whitespace stuff
      bump version number, add documentation

Tom Hukins (2):
      Use arrays instead of array references
      Stop dzil complaining


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