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      from  1e974bb   prepare changelog for release
      adds  dbd5146    r4760@not (orig r439):  svm | 2005-02-27 12:54:37 +0800  
SVM: skipping changes 0-439 for
      adds  c0401f3   * Patch from Clayton O'Neill:   If $ENV{PWD} is not 
visible, then use `pwd`.
      adds  398a987   * oops, the do{} should have been eval{}
      adds  b335f34   * GCC 4.0 fix from rgs.
      adds  c076fe9   Adapt the "skip all tests" output to be recognized fully 
by the Test::Harness protocol
      adds  3eda240   Skip tests less often when $^X and $startperl are 
      adds  5be5fd9   Extracted .pl files should be loadable via the 
coderef-in-@INC too, just like .pm files and autosplit files.
      adds  1978f01   * This be PAR, version 0.88.
      adds  dae2980   Update MANIFEST.SKIP now that PAR is hosted under 
      adds  b0365ce   Stop static.c from pulling in Perl header files, 
otherwise parl.exe ends up depending on the Perl DLL on Win32 when Perl is 
built without PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS.
      adds  ca832bc   * We can't pretend doesn't exist anymore because   
the newer PathTool depend on it.  Oh well.
      adds  298598a   * This be PAR, version 0.89.
      adds  209784f   Fix generation of sha1.c for static libperls.
      adds  39a97fd   Patch by Schupp Roderich to fix POD stripping in __DATA__ 
section for files in CRLF format.
      adds  fb31fad   Changed documentation so that it references 
      adds  9c2e298   * Patch from Vincent Ladeuil (rt.cpan #13549): Adjust   
mkdir macro to my_mkdir so MSYS can pass compilation.
      adds  ad69414   * John Siracusa reports that an empty myldr/par was   
preventing PAR from building in his OSX.   Attempt a bandaid fix.
      adds  a749eaf   * apply the \r?\n fix to other pod stripping places.
      adds  cef704f   * add myldr/sha1.[co] to MANIFEST.SKIP.
      adds  82ef846   * refresh inc/ files.
      adds  f729f4b   * bump version.
      adds  a3e4398   * Patch from David Romano to fix static libperl 
compilation on OSX.
      adds  1a0e4c9   * Last commit broke Win32 -- attempt a remedy
      adds  15caa25   * supply PL_statbuf in utils.c too
      adds  09d5c4a   * move PL_statbuf definition to use sites
      adds  0695372   * load Scalar::Util as part of PAR to avoid PurePerl 
      adds  59fd338   * upgrade to the new M::I.
      adds  7f39336   * update manifest
      adds  2bb9229   refresh inc
      adds  3cda5a1   * changed
      adds  436888f   # Patched PAR with the patch supplied by Alan Stewart to 
fix # a bug which would result in bad @ARGV in programs invoked # via system().
      adds  8db5d7b   # Forgot to mention the patch from Alan Stewart in the 
ChangeLog. :)
      adds  657d130   * upgrade to M::I 0.41
      adds  932bccf   * s/Autrijus Tang/Audrey Tang/g
      adds  44cfbef   Added mention of the PAR_VERBATIM environment var to the 
PAR POD. Steffen
      adds  6aeb404   Incorporating Malcolm Nooning's fix for correct handling 
of paths with spaces on Windows.
      adds  7eafb6e   Forgot to mention the last change in th log again. Stupid 
      adds  c5e258c   Applied Roderich Schupp's and Malcolm Nooning's cygwin 
      adds  f20b32c   Windows bug fix again.
      adds  5cf5427   * remove inc/.author.
      adds  9609ee2   * Smueleer caught in incorrect M::I transition.
      adds  fd40a5e   * upgrade M::I again.
      adds  b40eefa   Copyright extends to 2006 now.
      adds  2920ae3   Copyright extends to 2006.
      adds  e874fea   More 2006 entries.
      adds  ea386bb   Also bumping year to 2006 in the filters directory.
      adds  f67e924   Final change to 2006.
      adds  18b7313   Version bump.
      adds  4c9f1c8    r27686@ata:  rafl | 2006-01-30 02:02:49 +0100  * 
Debianized everything.
      adds  da541bd   par-base changed to 'SMUELLER'
      adds  d0670e3   Copyright => 2006
      adds  b77aad8   Fix versions.
      adds  3fde00b   Gearing up for 0.91.
      adds  818ff25   Requiring Module::ScanDeps 0.55
      adds  cad8fd8   This is 0.92.
      adds  99a3a92   Erm, finally, this will be 0.92.
      adds  4f672d4   Added support for PAR_TMPDIR (PAR_GLOBAL_TMPDIR) so that 
the temp directory      can be controlled for just the PAR file bits. 
Documented the bits that make up PAR_TEMP Fixed the call to par_findprog.  path 
(aka val) was set to tmpdir.
      adds  dfff385   Document the CACHE name at the end of a self-executing 
      adds  9fae507   Added Leolo's changes to the ChangeLog.
      adds  581ce48   Forgot to mention a documentation fix.
      adds  b36a9e1   Added par_current_exec_proc() which finds the file of the 
current executable     in /proc, if possible. Added par_current_exec() which 
finds he file of the current executable,     if possible on this OS. 
par_findprog() now uses par_current_exec() if possible. Internals::PAR::BOOT 
now looks for current executable in PAR_PROGNAME or     par_current_exec().
      adds  292538c   Converted most calls to sprintf() to snprintf for that 
extra little bit of paranoia. Commented some bits of the C code.
      adds  d70fe25   Documented Leolo's most recent changes and a small patch 
to from
      adds  a6cec87   Patch from
      adds  f8c8e86   Applied a patch as outlined in the following RT ticket: Fixes a couple of calls to PAR 
subs. Now making sure PAR is loaded before using its guts.
      adds  eb7dc95   Document a strange interaction with chdir() and relative 
      adds  81761d5   Upgrading to M::I 0.61, removing PRIVATE/
      adds  512ffa0   Added Chris Dolan to the AUTHORS file and updated the 
      adds  91134da   * inline M::I::PRIVATE::PAR.
      adds  b99107e   * another attempt.
      adds  eda3f2a   Added a missing semicolon which caused trouble during 
      adds  3d92b99   Add a FAQ entry about using the C<pp -l> flag.
      adds  eaef55c   * Change the example in "pp" documentaiton to clearly 
mark ""   as a program name.   Reported by: "Wassercrats" * Change 
"" to my new mail address.
      adds  dda916c   * Changed version in documentation to 0.93 (from 0.91!). 
* Changed version to 0.93.
      adds  a3da277   Added hint that submitting an RT ticket when you really 
just want some support is inferior to joining
      adds  b18e89f   * Upgrade to Module::Install 0.62+ (r173) to fix 
      adds  fca5285   Set the release date to today. This is 0.93.
      adds  b702da6   Reverted the changes Leolo made from sprintf to the safer 
snprintf because snprintf isn't availlable everywhere. (win32) Sorry Leolo.
      adds  570b3bd   Fixed tests to run on win32 and added my friendly build 
helpers to the AUTHORS file. This will be 0.93, finally.
      adds  5a4288d   Take care of possibly undefined $ENV{PERL5LIB}.
      adds  64286e9   Use the CPAN multiplexor instead of as 
default http source for .par binary builds.
      adds  1c45710   Back to Of course, that is the multiplexer. Doh!
      adds  e68df0e   Adding Getop::ArgvFile support to pp.
      adds  18f40cb   Added some untainting in a couple of places.
      adds  209128e   Path fixes from Roderich to 30-current_exec.t fixing test 
      adds  4eaf2ed   Added workaround for scripts that are not recognized by 
-T as text files. If the "file" tool is installed and considers the file as a 
text file, it is accepted as such now.
      adds  f0d6f4f   Documenting the previous two changes.
      adds  d813d65   Now requiring the recently released Module::ScanDeps 
which fixes some issues that might be seen as PAR bugs.
      adds  342ae86   Add mention of last change to ChangeLog
      adds  e22efb7   Fixed problem with Spreadsheet::ParseExcel relating to 
bad POD blocks. Blame it on that module, not on PAR.
      adds  2e7536d   Arg. Syntax error. We can now also use regexes for 
patching modules.
      adds  65d97d4   If the output directory doesn't exist, we create it now 
and output meaningful error messages if that fails.
      adds  7beb3c8   Added Nadim Khemir to the AUTHORS list.
      adds  41221f6   Workaround for bug in Digest::SHA 5.38 and 5.39.
      adds  c683cc7   This be PAR 0.94
      adds  e11a709   Trivial improvement: don't recompute the priv and arch 
paths on for every module.
      adds  82b6a20   Bugfix for copy-and-paste error made in revision 123.  
The cache hash was mistakenly being made from the running parl executable, not 
the output file, so the hash was the same for every output file.
      adds  181b7e9   This is the PAR 0.941 hotfix release. See previous commit 
by chris dolan.
      adds  aef0420   Anyone using the svn version of PAR should have the 
.author flag set for Module::Install.
      adds  fbb4d05   Upgrade to M::I 0.63.
      adds  3e9d02c   Update META.yml to PAR 0.941. (Previously, META.yml 
wasn't regenerated because inc/.author didn't exist.)
      adds  445aa52   Fixing Requiring Module::ScanDeps 0.62 
which will be released shortly.
      adds  1a7ef43   Forgot some more fixes for diagnostics.
      adds  0c0efec   Accidentally commited test version: This is the 
Makefile.PL as per two revisions ago plus the dependency on Module::ScanDeps 
      adds  dd4374b   Applied Roderich's correction to the fix.
      adds  57e59c3   Fixed stupid temporary directory bug introduced in 108.
      adds  b4e15f3   Version bump for 0.942.
      adds  fff9837   Fixed spelling error.
      adds  f6151ad   Require the soon-to-be-released PAR::Dist 0.15 because it 
fixes bugs related to windows line endings in META.yml.
      adds  832cfe0   removed creation of t-tmp directory at end of run.
      adds  a29da25   Added the 'use PAR { file => 'foo.par', fallback => 1 };' 
syntax and semantics. Added docs. Added comments in
      adds  f69dbcf   New tests for last commit.
      adds  e73a1aa   Added the run option.
      adds  a2064a0   Tests for last commit.
      adds  e3feb56   Fix bug with Spreadsheet::ParseExcel
      adds  cc472f9   Corrected typo in error message.
      adds  39f913b   use PAR { repository => "http://foo"; }; works!
      adds  8d71607   Fixed bug in fallback loading for pars with shared libs. 
PAR::Heavy::_bootstrap should search \@PAR_INC_LAST as well.
      adds  7ef233d   Deleted a debugging return() from (Introduced 
in the last change)
      adds  8be4023   Changed version to 0.949_01 and mentioned that this is a 
developer release.
      adds  4b4b905   Added repository functionality. This is 0.950.
      adds  c330e54   Changed version in the docs.
      adds  f315e47   Somehow, 0.950 did not include all recent changes!? This 
will be 0.951
      adds  7b9bc10   Now extracting all dlls (without renaming for now!) to 
the PAR temp dir. This makes Wx .par distros work with "use PAR 
      adds  d696640   added the "install" flag to the loading syntax. This will 
be 0.952.
      adds  e064db9   Corrected error in the install=>1 implementation from the 
last commit. This is still 0.952.
      adds  4f2d45b   Upgraded to Module::Install 0.64#
      adds  503faa4   Added optional POD tests and introduced a reasonable 
naming scheme for test files
      adds  e08d8ab   If -B is specified to pp, @INC is stripped of any non-PAR 
entries before the contained script is executed. Version bump to 0.953.
      adds  936eb6a   Increasing the dependencies on PAR::Dist and 
      adds  2cc166e   Add debian/ to the skipped files. I doubt we need to ship 
that with every release.
      adds  a51a52d   This is 0.954
      adds  0c6db5d   Added File::Spec'ness
      adds  8867cac   Introduced a slightly more obvious variable name
      adds  3921c48   Adding the POD correctness tests
      adds  6ac24ec   Fixing the 0.952 bug which would remove some valid PAR 
paths from INC of -B is in effect
      adds  4d962b7   This is 0.956. Left a use Data::Dumper in the last commit
      adds  f83730d   Fix executable PARs top properly detect embedded scripts 
named the same as the executable
      adds  0795ed4   This change comments out the call to 
par_current_exec_proc() which breaks the use of symlinks to pp-ed executables 
when not called with a path. (I.e. using a search in $PATH). This is a 
prelimary fix since I'm removing a feature that way.
      adds  b25044c   This is 0.957
      adds  8fa9f6c   Fixed bug in -M which wouldn't put -M'd modules through 
%Preload. Depend on Module::ScanDeps 0.68. Version bump to 0.958
      adds  2653d36   use PAR { repository => $url }; now supports 
PAR::Repository::Client objects instead of an URL.
      adds  e9e1829   Last commit from me introduced an invalid bareword
      adds  4f9d4b6   Synchronize FAQ with the one in the wiki
      adds  71b76aa   Mention last change
      adds  9e1b4c4   No reason to store META.yml in repository
      adds  7eecdef   Moved all TODO items into the wiki. No need to duplicate 
information. The TODO file just points at the wiki now.
      adds  01ad7cc   No longer set ENV{PAR_RUN} in PAR::Packer - wasnt used 
anywhere anyway
      adds  c5d539c   Add PAR::Environment documentation, some ENV variable 
      adds  f743c53   More TE?MP* changes...
      adds  da07dc9   Spelling corrections thanks to Glenn.
      adds  b8919c7 should rather be Environment.pod
      adds  b938e26   One of the TEMPDIR patches introduced a bug in mktmpdir.c 
because an array was too small. Fixed.
      adds  5c1dc26   Implemented selective module filtering via -F. (This was 
a TODO from 2004!)
      adds  4b522e8   More documentation in Environment.pod
      adds  5ef842e   Fixing completely broken indentation.
      adds  ea7c0b7   Commenting out unnecessary delcaration of char *ret which 
has become obsolete by commenting out the /proc examining code.
      adds  1c6b072   Removing obsolete 'sub pod_strip'. PAR::Filter::PodStrip 
is used by now instead.
      adds  3e55e67   make static.o depend on my_perl.c, my_par.c, mktmpdir.c.
      adds  931d279   Indentation fixes.
      adds  8af6965   Initial take on embedded, encoded, static+dynamic PAR 
loaders for use with pp.
      adds  0865a78   Use stripped down parl/parldyn for pp-packaging
      adds  e35d5b0   Forgot to add the new packages to MANIFEST.
      adds  0a66c10   Adding myldr/ to MANIFEST
      adds  a91cbfc   Changed the quotes of the perl -e 'chmod()' commands so 
they work on win32.
      adds  dfac6b0   Added a few missing binmode()'s.
      adds  01f73df   The remaining implementation of a parl-regenerating pp.
      adds  2d86c13   Additional testing of the new parl-regeneration plus a 
small fix to the latter.
      adds  7fd09f2   Bump dependency on PAR::Dist to 0.21 and M::SD to 0.69.
      adds  9ba77b1   This is the hotfix 0.959 release.
      adds  91859c8   Initial take on fixing #6612: use getpwuid() for 
determining the user name if possible.
      adds  58a525a   Add the previous change to the log.
      adds  b8ef181   Add new file to myldr/Makefile.PL 'clean' target.
      adds  ca81647   Silence the 'av_shift() return value ignored' warning.
      adds  54559ef   * Skip tests in 10-parl-generation if there is no static 
parl. One test (-f parl) will still fail, of course. A missing static parl is 
really, really fatal\n* unlink temp files only if they are used
      adds  13764be   Fix for lots and lots of warnings on irix. Hopefully.
      adds  5cf3855   Documenting the recent changes.
      adds  fc502bc   Experimental changes to the libperl-determining code 
intended to improve the search results.
      adds  4de375c   Load modules with require, but other files via do. Skip 
loading from AS Perl.
      adds  83d5046   Patch myldr/Makefile.PL so static perls get 
      adds  1342124   This is 0.960.
      adds  56a0d24   Update Environment variable documentation in 
Environment.pod and
      adds  c272a15   Fix minor spelling mistake =>
      adds  a6af1c6   Move conditional on PAR_TEMP outside the loop as 
suggested by Glenn.
      adds  29b9f0e   * Fix issue with spaces in paths in ::StrippedPARL::Base. 
* Add Steven Mackenzie to AUTHORS. * Document this and Glenns previous 
documentation patches in ChangeLog.
      adds  80cc4ca   Windows 'spaces in path' fix for t/30-current_exec.t
      adds  0346b74   Document t/30... fix in ChangeLog, version bump to 0.961.
      adds  f64c78a   Refer to itself as 'PAR Packager' instead of 'Perl 
Packager'. Make pp run in package 'pp' so you can not install pp via 
      adds  5408242   Initial attempt at splitting PAR into two distributions. 
Modifications to the individual files will follow.
      adds  bdd65e5   Modified docs, Makefile.PL, ChangeLog, and README 
of PAR according to the split of PAR into PAR and PAR-Packer.
      adds  6d77cce   Updated MANIFEST.SKIP with some of the recent 
      adds  2023f86   Re-add t/hello.par which was erroneously removed.
      adds  9522f3f   Update MANIFEST with distribution split.
      adds  82e7f9f   This is PAR 0.970. Also: Removing 
      adds  f0cc436   Added Jerrad Pierce to AUTHORS. Fix POD typo in
      adds  673415e   Add AutoLoaderFix with tests. Update POD to 
reflect that this'll become 0.971.
      adds  6c9eb70   This is PAR 0.971.
      adds  74aeed3   Remove PAR::AutoLoaderFix again. It's broken. Remove 
corresponding code from Require AutoLoader 5.62 in Makefile.PL. 
AutoLoader 5.62 should fix the problem proper. This is PAR 0.972.
      adds  021fbbe   Added Gaal Yahas to the list of contributors and 
mentioned that the AUTHORS list is for both PAR and PAR::Packer.
      adds  e12e9c7   Add Eric Wilhelm to the list of AUTHORS
      adds  3452833   Remove AutoLoaderFix
      adds  5bb527e   Apply an optimization to the unpacking process on 
case-insensitive file systems. This saves lots of method calls. (Without 
breaking encapsulation.)
      adds  91eb826   Add previous commit to changelog
      adds  3199a29   Add some comments to 'unpar' and fix a slight bug with 
      adds  e553528   More comments. Adding a prefork section to the top of If available, will be used to predeclare various run-time 
      adds  12e92e9   Add caching mechanism and a couple of comments.
      adds  3cedc3f   Mention the recent optimization in the changelog.
      adds  faa8e06   lib/ - added $ENV{PAR_SHLIB_NO_UNPACK} switch,      
        fixed dll/so unpack (only needs shlib/$Config{archname}/*),             
 also skip extracting existing libraries
      adds  9bfbe6b   lib/ - comments
      adds  9975787   lib/ - no_shlib_unpack option and pod for 
      adds  b271d49   Upgrade to SVN version of Module::Install (0.65-to-be), 
update changelog, this is PAR 0.973.
      adds  844da2e   Add Mark Dootson to list of AUTHORS.
      adds  144655d   Docs say this is 0.972, but it's 0.973 plus some...
      adds  39c68f3   Minor code cleanup. (Access local copy of %Config instead 
of "require Config; $Config::Config{...}")
      adds  6d70873   Grr. Last commit was incomplete. (Code cleanup.)
      adds  75f8451   Axe the 'use 5.006' from Makefile.PL.
      adds  f65d7fb   Axe the auto_install_now crap from Makefile.PL.
      adds  753c2ea   Document auto_install removal.
      adds  6327206   Remove #! and add use strict;
      adds  981cb57   Speed up extraction: Use Archive::Unzip::Burst for 
unzipping binary executables if available. This is highly experimental!
      adds  6aa1a9c   
      adds  3f3c1ff    r1765@tsee64 (orig r429):  tsee | 2007-04-14 11:31:39 
+0200  Upgrade to M::I 0.65.
      adds  290deac   Remove AutoInstall from repository.
      adds  8acb26d   PAR no longer needs M::Install::PAR. (It's for installing 
binaries which are now part of PAR::Packer.)
      adds  11d44a4   This is 0.976.
      adds  e7bf12d   Add Scott Stanton to AUTHORS
      adds  a54e646   Don't try to unlink SO's in clean mode on hpux. 
Workaround will be in in PAR::Packer. (Scott Stanton)
      adds  72c3185   Document last change in changelog. (Was: Don't try to 
unlink SO's in clean mode on hpux. Workaround will be in in PAR::Packer.)
      adds  f25d1b9   Upgrade version to 0.977
      adds  6a2867c   * Replace a ? in a file name regex with a *. Correct me 
if I'm wrong,   but that regex was supposed to match files with length >= 0, 
not   length 0 or 1. * Minor cleanup. * Added some comments.
      adds  4579be7   Document the last change to PAR::Heavy.
      adds  8a702be   * Save two system calls per DLL during DLL extraction in 
      adds  86323ba   No need to have MANIFEST in version control.
      adds  3a28e66   * fixed wiki links * removed stray utf-8 * a minor layout 
improvement under "Perl Tk tips"
      adds  01c75e9   Add get_filehandle() function to This is 0.979.
      adds  c199d0d   remove the get_filehandle function again because 
Archive::Zip is broken
      adds  c3bc052   also remove the documentation of get_filehandle
      adds  9759533   slightly better diagnostics when errors wrt 
Archive::Unzip::Burst based extraction occurr
      adds  bf6cdf7   Add new contibutor
      adds  282aa40   Add new contributor
      adds  92f92e8   Update Module::Install to 0.73
      adds  938ee5a   Update ChangeLog and version documentation. This is PAR 
      adds  1e7e46c   * Moved broken link for the PAR::Tutorial from to
      adds  ea18562   test
      adds  72baec0   test2
      adds  c49bb0f   'foreach stuff { if  {} } -> if  { foreach stuff {}}
      adds  846246a   Upgrade to Module::Install 0.77
      adds  cf00bd0   move the subroutines that determine the temporary dir/env 
var and progname environment variable to spearate modules so they can be used 
by PAR::Repository::Client without paying the price of loading the whole of PAR
      adds  92718ec   dev release 0.981_01
      adds  e2e1133   add ADAMK to AUTHORS because he made me do things
      adds  adc1c8c   upgrade version
      adds  712607e   fix for running scripts from repositories
      adds  f328d79   proper error for a bad -M usage
      adds  190d30f   depend on AutoLoader 5.66_02 (or 5.67 which will be 
released shortly)
      adds  657a1c4   _extract_inc can now be forced to extract and can now 
extract from A::Zip handles.#
      adds  0108fd0   require newer versions of AutoLoader and PAR::Dist
      adds  4fc6516   this is PAR 0.983
      adds  7b9b57a   Added link to Steffen's slides about using PAR for 
application deployment.
      adds  52e7d37   fix issue with P::R::Client dev versions
      adds  a17af54   commit P::R::Client dev version fix
      adds  a760cac   implement auto-upgrading from remote repositories
      adds  8f6a43f   document upgrading
      adds  3376f90   upgrade requires a new ::Client
      adds  f0c2caf   this is PAR 0.984
      adds  bd94b6c   static dependency resolution
      adds  8c2f330   move the inc hook registration to before the repository 
loading. Reason: run script was running without the INC hooks
      adds  2c2f63b   This is PAR 0.985_01
      adds  a47d6b2   explicitly require 5.006
      adds  e17c7fc   upgrade Module::Install and friends
      adds  6ac1d6d   promote to stable release
      adds  769062c   unnecessary code duplication
      adds  9dbeae3   definedness tests
      adds  534d5ea   definedness
      adds  5598305   more definedness tests
      adds  b996125   slightly better temp cleanup
      adds  3e5bc8f   localize global var -- probably paranoia
      adds  b722b7c   21st century
      adds  74740dc   cleanup of SetupTemp
      adds  a051088   this is PAR 0.987_01
      adds  d80835d   promote to stable 0.988
      adds  ee95b7f   upgrade Module::Install
      adds  2905c47   track the locations of all archives that have been 
extracted to PAR_TEMP/inc in this run
      adds  4fa48c0   upgrade version to 0.989_01 and update changelog
      adds  1a24876   Add Johannes Lode to the list of authors
      adds  9d78fb2   promote to stable release PAR 0.991
      adds  3a476f3   remove stupid version statement in the docs. I never 
manage to keep it up to date anyway
      adds  b029224   typo in comment
      adds  6c9d3eb   fallback=>0 support for PAR
      adds  d2fe590   document support for non-fallback repositories, bump 
      adds  d08077a   no need for signatures
      adds  019a3db   Module::Install upgrade
      adds  dc5f5e1   Add Michael Schilli
      adds  ffd7185   Band-aid fix for the loading priority of shared librares 
from PAR files: Try PAR's first, the local stuff, then fallback-PARs.
      adds  f50ad80   rip out the obsolete find_par_any
      adds  33d0365   The priority (fallback=>0) repositories should look at 
@PAR_INC for the loaded PARs instead of @PAR_INC_LAST.
      adds  1013cc7   full qualification of the function name in PAR::Heavy. 
Still doesn't make things work.
      adds  266b363   no fallback
      adds  949a64a   upgrade Module::Install
      adds  1b8124b   disable re-loading from a local PAR file after upgrading
      adds  260f208   document changes
      adds  bc1a111   Use the perl version not the array index offset (doh)
      adds  62832b1   Upgrade to Module::Install 0.91
      adds  2d18999   warnings fix
      adds  0248347   first cut at implementing 'run_external_file'
      adds  369aa22   Use fully qualified name of PAR::PAR_INC
      adds  f9d997a   Fix SO loading in PAR::Heavy: Move fallback code into 
      adds  e263a46   copyright
      adds  b82be33   document changes
      adds  07720ec   bump PAR version to 0.993
      adds  bc103aa   Document the new PAR_APP_REUSE environment variable
      adds  99f69bd   Check find_par_internals for definedness (this was 
accidentally removed in a recent commit); bump PAR version to 0.994
      adds  67d4430   Fix defined(%hash) deprecation warning
      adds  22e24bd   Update Copyright, bump version to 1.000
      adds  6d5e0be   Add Niko Tyni to AUTHORS
      adds  5ca9435   RT #57399: extract everything (including DLLs) in 
File::ShareDir directories
      adds  365ad21   Upgrade Module::Install to 1.00
      adds  cfa0397   add more modules to inc/ which were added by M::I
      adds  ef2b70c   Version bump. PAR 1.001
      adds  21f6e10   Fix VERSIONS
      adds  4d4c2f4   PAR version bump to 1.002
      adds  75ca566   Fix a problem packing XML::LibXSLT on Windows (see the 
thread starting with
      adds  da02b5a   - die (with hopefully useful messgae) if any error is 
encountered   during an Archive::Zip extract operation
      adds  59b5a75   RT #69560/CVE-2011-4114: PAR packed files are extracted 
to unsafe and predictable temporary directories - create parent of cache 
directory (i.e. /tmp/par-USER) with mode 0700 - if it already exists, check 
that (and bail out if not)   - it's not a symlink   - it's mode 0700   - it's 
owned by USER
      adds  3e93a75   - prepare fro release
      adds  d055941   - post release version bump
      adds  607e659   - removed debian sub directory: it isn't released to CPAN 
and   Debian will supply its own anyway - remove some cruft from MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  bbbc9de   - change "unsafe directory" error message to the wording 
used by PAR::Packer
      adds  37b9e30   - back out r1241: it causes errors in PAR::Packer's test 
      adds  ef43396   - update Module::Install to 1.04
      adds  9a17e99   - prepare for release
      adds  ce043ea   - post release version bump
      adds  719062a   - run all tests using a nonce PAR_TMPDIR
      adds  d67fcc0   - bump Perl version requirement to 5.8.1 (Schwern: The 
End Of 5.6 Is Nigh!) - prepare for release
      adds  a73392f   - post release version bump
      adds  5783284   Fix RT #73491: cache directory naming problem - In 
PAR::SetupTemp::_get_par_user_tempdir (actually _find_username)   we try to 
sanitize username (so that there are no problematic   characters in the name of 
the per-user cache directory), but the   strategy fails miserably for some 
charset encodings. E.g. for EUC-KR or CP949   (as in the bug report) we may 
produce an illegal sequence of bytes.   In other cases we may cause collisions 
(different usernames mapping to    [...]
      adds  3c7303a   - update item for building on Debian
      adds  9cc91d5   Fix RT #78633: PAR::import ignores url => 
$repo_client_object - applied KENO's patch
      adds  34ec311   Apply RT #80151: non-fallback repository should on the 
front of the queue - patch from KENO; docs are silent on the subject, but in 
analogy to   the behaviour of "use lib"
      adds  0925a25   prepare for release of 1.006
      adds  b5cf297   post release version bump
      adds  726d90c   update to Module::Install 1.06
      adds  74d7d60   "pp -C ..." is broken: simple "use" and "require" work, 
but anything that requires an actual tree of files doesn't; examples: looking 
for all modules Foo::Bar:*, accessing Unicode data files Fix it by calling 
_extract_inc even when $ENV{PAR_CLEAN} is true
      adds  f48209e   prepare for release
      adds  532d15f   post release version bump
      adds  7c6216f   revert r1391 as it breaks PAR::Packer self test:   
t/20-pp.t   Failed tests:  8-9, 12
      adds  5993b0e   revert previous commit: IMHO the failing tests in 
PAR::Packer are bogus and previously succeeded only by accident
      adds  b313f55   Fix #86014: [PATCH] POD fix - applied Debian patch from 
gregor herrmann <>, thanks! - anyway the only non-ASCII 
character turned out to be a typo anyway   (or inserted by some "smart" word 
processor, turning two consecutive   dashes into an endash or emdash), 
corrected - while we're at it fix two bad L<> hyperlinks reported by podchecker 
  (from perl 5.18)
      adds  d1182d4   reformat ChangeLog file according to CPAN::Changes::Spec
      adds  b91773c   Fix RT #86650: typo fixes
      adds  2775597   Fix #86178: dll files not extracted to shlib subfolder 
when using -l or to other folder when using -a
      adds  e722fdb   Fix #101662: Prevent shared libs from being cached in 
memory on AIX
      adds  7344917   Update to Module::Build 1.14
      adds  7d36fb9   prepare for release
      adds  79a2d7d   get rid of included Test::More
      adds  c27a112   get rid of included and
      adds  e2e649b   post release version bump
      adds  d3263fb   Fix RT #103861 (PAR-Packer) Adding local directories to 
@INC for a pp executable fails
      adds  018ddfb   prepare for release
      adds  51bb89c   post release version bump
      adds  cc1105d   add OpenFoundry repository URL
      adds  70e4a0a   Fix #101800 "[PATCH] Reinstate files to inc dir if 
deleted by external process" - Periodic temp  directory cleaning programs (eg. 
"tmpwatch") may remove some   (older) files from $PAR_TEMP/inc, but keep 
others. This causes the packed   program to fail. - When extracting a .par file 
to $PAR_TEMP/inc do NOT restore the original   modified timestamps of the file 
(so that the extracted files have   the time of extraction as their modified 
time). - Add a "canary" file in  [...]
      adds  8f9d11b   prepare for release
      adds  8e5c9f2   update to Module::Install 1.16
      adds  de0bb67   post release version bump
      adds  56055d7   remove all references to, doesn't 
exist anymore
      adds  3e074eb   following r1636 remove all traces of 
      adds  4c303ab   more CLEARSTACK removal
      adds  8823ce3   put a description of its purpose into the canary file
      adds  9f40fd0   suppress warning "Use of uninitialized value in do "file" 
      adds  4b87ca2   add LICENSE file, point "repository" to GitHub
      adds  e19496e   prepare for release 1.011
      adds  c369632   post release version bump
      adds  b1e46bd   remove LICENSE for now, restore original wording in README
      adds  5644a0c   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  417f6b9   add back Perl_5 LICENSE
      adds  5e07581   upgrade to Module::Install 1.17
      adds  edf5f24   _dl_extract: guard against concurrent extraction attempts
      adds  2cdc25b   _run_member_*: guard against concurrent extraction 
      adds  27c5436   guard against concurrent extraction attempts of zip into 
      adds  83be1a9   make build and test work if @INC does not include "."
      adds  baca8a4   guard against concurrent extraction ... (part 2)
      adds  59c6a4c   prepare for release
      adds  ae11283   post release version bump
      adds  9553749   build t/hello.par at "make" time
      adds  431a0ed   fix a crucial typo
      adds  c7dd1c2   prepare for release
      adds  35d3e70   post release version bump
      adds  b04394f   always refer to the included LICENSE file
      adds  710e933   drop "use" statements in PAR/
      adds  301453b   generate hello.par in Makefile target "pure_all"
      adds  231f0c9   prepare for release
      adds  4e653c2   New upstream version 1.014
       new  e164be1   Merge tag 'upstream/1.014'
       new  0f0f966   Update debian/changelog
       new  6e4f087   Update years of packaging copyright.
       new  61a8b8b   Add debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-setup.
       new  54f8513   releasing package libpar-perl version 1.014-1

The 5 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                           |  30 +++
 LICENSE                           | 528 +++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 MANIFEST                          |   7 +-
 MANIFEST.SKIP                     |   1 +
 META.yml                          |  44 +---
 Makefile.PL                       |  12 +-
 README                            |   2 +-
 debian/changelog                  |   9 +
 debian/copyright                  |  12 +-
 debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-setup |   4 +
 inc/Module/             |  35 +--
 inc/Module/Install/        |   2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/         |  13 +-
 inc/Module/Install/       |   2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/    |   2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/    |   2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/       |   2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/    |   2 +-
 lib/                        | 147 ++++++-----
 lib/PAR/Environment.pod           |   2 +-
 lib/PAR/FAQ.pod                   |   2 +-
 lib/PAR/                  |  71 +++--
 lib/PAR/          |   2 +-
 lib/PAR/              |   2 +-
 lib/PAR/Tutorial.pod              |   2 +-
 t/data/lib/                |  10 +
 t/data/lib/               |   8 +
 t/data/script/             |   9 +
 t/data/script/            |   6 +
 t/data/script/         |   4 +
 t/                |   7 +
 t/hello.par                       | Bin 1297 -> 0 bytes
 32 files changed, 623 insertions(+), 358 deletions(-)
 create mode 100755 debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-setup
 create mode 100644 t/data/lib/
 create mode 100644 t/data/lib/
 create mode 100644 t/data/script/
 create mode 100644 t/data/script/
 create mode 100644 t/data/script/
 create mode 100644 t/
 delete mode 100644 t/hello.par

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