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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.12008
in repository libnet-twitter-lite-perl.

        at  8b22831   (tag)
   tagging  5e4e4a4301894f6d09ba06a164e13c0fff8b4cb0 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.12007
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sun Dec 25 22:11:28 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.12008

Ansgar Burchardt (1):
      Fix test t/unicode.t

Chris (2):
      Tests for the wrap_result functionality.
      Contributor update for wrap-result tests.

Marc Mims (105):
      Initial version
      Added documentation for migration from Net::Twitter 2.x; release
      Fixed: accept extra args as a hashref (search behaved this way in 2.12)
      Doc patch: s/Net::Twitter/Net::Twitter::Lite/ mostly
      Fixed typo in NAME
      Added saved_searches API methods
      Reverted the 'forceauth' feature; requires too recent LWP::UserAgent
      Call lwp:ua's credentials since we aren't doing forceauth, now.
      Tests depend upon a recent version of LWP::UserAgent
      Initial dev OAuth support
      Added OAuth 1.0a support
      Merge branch 'oauth'
      Fixed Basic Auth regression error.
      Added "authenticate" argument handling and Twitter API updates
      Fixed: duplicate plan when LWP:UA is too old
      Pulled in OAuth changes from Net::Twitter (doc update; nonce algorithim)
      CPAN Release 0.04001; Makefile.PL updated like Net::Twitter's
      Updated Changes
      Added ssl and netrc arguments to new
      Added a simple load test to avoid cpantesters UNKNOWN status
      Fixed: typo resulting in abbreviated error messages
      Add optional features to Makefile.PL
      Bug fix: OAuth signatures on POST requests
      Unicode fixes.
      CPAN release 0.06000
      Fixed spurious OAuth signature failures (ported from Net::Twitter)
      Ported Net::Twitter 3.05000 changes
      Ported get_authentication_url from Net::Twitter
      Work around perl bug requiring encoded hash keys when client uses "use 
      Removed deprecated is_authorized from examples in pod (thanks to Nigel 
      URI 1.35 breaks unicode; require 1.40
      Oops. Forgot to update Changes
      Doc patch: created_at, not time (thanks to Blair Christensen, RT#50313)
      Changed nonce generation to eliminate dependency on Digest::SHA
      Improved error message when Net::OAuth is not install or version is 
      Ported multi-part form support for image uploads from Net::Twitter
      Added new API method: report_spam
      Better runtime error reporting when SSL support is missing
      Twitter account name change: @net_twitter => @perl_api
      Fixed: cached request_token resulted in stale authentication/autorization 
      Return user_id and screen_name from request_access_token (ported from 
      Fixed retweet_{of,to}_me methods; ported recent changes from Net::Twitter
      Ported unicode test from Net::Twitter
      Fixed: utf8 encoding error for latin1 using Basic Authentication (ported 
from Net::Twitter)
      Added fallback => 1 to
      Added XAuth support
      CPAN Release 0.09000
      Fixed unicode test to avoid additional dependencies
      Added Lists API support (ported from Net::Twitter 3.13002_02)
      fixed: handle http method DELETE and fix lists tests to actually use 
      CPAN developer release 0.09002_03
      CPAN release 1.00000
      fixed "plan twice" error in unicode test
      CPAN release 0.10001
      Fixed: set correct Search API URL to https when ssl option is specified
      Added RT# to Changes for recent bug fix
      Fixed ssl test: skip_all if Crypt::SSLeay in unavailable
      Use SSL for token exchange
      fixed: methods using HTTP DELETE failed when using OAuth
      Support for new lists API endpoinds and semantics with backwards compat
      Replaced JSON::Any with JSON
      Rebuilt from Net::Twitter 3.18002
      Dev release 0.11000_01
      CPAN release 0.11001
      Rebuilt from Net::Twitter 3.18003 to fix replies, mentions path
      Added upload url
      dzilify - use a static lib/Net/Twitter/
      Initial support for Twitter API v1.1 via Net::Twitter::Lite::WithAPIv1_1
      URI encode content to match Twitter's requirements
      Minor formatting change
      Added static POD for both v1 and v1.1 APIs
      Removed legacy list support from v1.1 code (not supported by Twitter)
      base_url no longer used
      Minor doc patch
      Build methods in derived class, not __PACKAGE__
      POD changes to accomodate Dist::Zilla builds
      Added rudimentary tests (based on a copy of t/01_basic.t
      Release 0.12000
      Updated examples to use Twitter API v1.1
      Net::OAuth is optional; ensure tests pass without it
      Merge pull request #7 from semifor/issue-7
      Updated dist.ini to recommend Net::HTTPS
      credit where credit is due
      Release 0.12001
      Release 0.12002
      Added list_ownerships; released 0.12003
      Restored list_subscriptions and released 0.12004
      Declared missing dependency on parent (RT#86183)
      No longer built from Net::Twitter :(
      Twitter now requires SSL connections
      Add blank lines for dzil's VERSION insertions
      Remove Makefile.PL (Module::Install no longer used)
      Add WrapResult for returning HTTP::Response
      Merge pull request #15 from TheWatcher/wrap-result
      Add accessors manually to avoid a new dependency
      Prepare for release
      Merge pull request #16 from TheWatcher/wrap-result
      Fix typo
      Merge pull request #19 from zhouzhen1/zhouzhen1/doc_patches
      Release 0.12007
      Minor documentation updates
      Add upload_media; deprecate update_with_media
      Update web app OAuth example
      Update build/release process
      Release 0.12008

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 0.12008

zhouzhen1 (1):
      Some trivial changes in the doc, including RT #93027.


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