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  replaces  upstream/2.30
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Mon Dec 26 23:24:05 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.31

Flavio Poletti (1):
      Accept protocol as postgresql and postgres

Sebastian Riedel (369):
      first commit
      bump version
      use signatures in example
      fixed formatting
      added support for PostgreSQL connection strings
      better connection string examples
      mention how I/O works
      handle zeros a little better
      bump version
      show how to use a custom DSN
      use a better table name
      more links
      mention that the event loop needs to be running
      mention more details about caching
      documentation tweaks
      fixed encoding problem
      improved non-blocking queries to be able to introspect the statement 
      bump version
      explain how asynchronous queries work
      use the term connection
      use a more advanced non-blocking example
      better description for methods fetching only one row
      use more modern features
      documentation tweaks
      a few more examples
      more links
      added support for migrations
      mention how migrations are loaded from the DATA section
      more documentation for migrations
      fixed link
      more tests and documentation
      added MOJO_MIGRATION_DEBUG environment variable
      renamed from_class to from_data
      use migrations in example
      simplify migration examples
      mention the DATA section
      lock migrations table
      allow a name to be passed to from_data
      lock migrations table more strict
      no need to block selects on the migrations table
      more tests and documentation
      more diverse examples
      bump version
      use the term migrate instead of switch
      better comment for example
      another select example
      better description for migrations
      renamed MOJO_MIGRATION_DEBUG environment variable to MOJO_MIGRATIONS_DEBUG
      fixed typo in example
      updated Mojolicious requirement to 5.49 to ensure migrations in the DATA 
section are not served as static files
      bump version
      better documentation for migrations
      added notify method to Mojo::Pg::Database
      bump version
      added scope guards for transactions
      another transaction test
      no need to commit
      leave the commit return value undefined
      added connection event to Mojo::Pg
      bump version
      fixed typo in documentation
      changed a few default values in Mojo::Pg to allow more DBD::Pg 
environment variables to work correctly (closes #1)
      no need for a default value
      improved Mojo::Pg to allow service names in connection strings
      fixed typo
      bump version
      mention how to install Mojo::Pg securely
      updated Mojolicious requirement to 5.57
      bump version
      use newer Mojolicious features
      use time zone in example
      fixed bug where notifications did not get delivered immediately to the
      always check for notifications
      more reliable notification tests
      check notifications after commits
      fixed typo in transaction example
      bump version
      handle connection errors more gracefully
      better notification example
      emit close event only when listening for notifications
      bump version
      recommend a more secure installation one-liner
      --verify is useless
      use a more secure one-liner
      use a better installation one-liner
      removed experimental status from distribution
      bump version
      another example application
      more minimalistic example
      release preparations
      bump version
      simplify example
      mention timeouts
      better description for caching behaviour
      improved performance for many different queries significantly by 
deactivating pg_server_prepare by default
      more diverse examples
      bump version
      try the new container-based stack
      a few more migration tests
      added workaround for DBD::Pg losing connections that have been used for 
asynchronous queries
      fixed bug where Perl would close the DBD::Pg file descriptor after it had 
been used with the event loop
      make sure the connection is actually being reused
      bump version
      improved all methods not to use question marks in queries
      bump version
      more connection tests
      use Test::Mojo methods
      improved Mojo::Pg::Migrations to create a mojo_migrations table with 
stricter constraints
      bump version
      fixed formatting
      added dollar_only method to Mojo::Pg::Database
      documentation tweak
      bump version
      fixed typo in dollar_only example
      happy new year
      added support for encoding and decoding of JSON values
      renamed json method to expand
      handle null values more gracefully
      handle final result more gracefully
      use a little less code
      another expand example
      bump version
      another example
      do should accept placeholder values
      deprecated Mojo::Pg::Database::do in favor of Mojo::Pg::Database::query
      no need to use query
      test with PostgreSQL 9.4
      more comments
      depend on a more recent version of Mojolicious
      bump version
      newer versions are ok too
      improve fork-safety by activating AutoInactiveDestroy by default
      add Mojo::Pg::PubSub
      mention notify too
      explain why Mojo::Pg::PubSub is a good idea
      another example
      add is_listening method
      remove is_listening method again
      use a real pub/sub example
      mention connection sharing more often
      mention that there is no limit
      add pub/sub example application
      use a more distinctive channel name
      add error event to Mojo::Pg::PubSub
      try without an error event for now
      test basic functionality
      test reconnect behavior as well
      more consistent tests
      Mojo::Pg::PubSub is experimental
      update Changes
      more diverse tests
      prevent recursion
      reconnect tests should be at the end
      more consistent formatting
      less whitespace
      make sure we can reconnect even when we are not actually listening
      no need for a db attribute
      bump version
      use new Mojo::Loader API
      bump version
      more consistent documentation
      fix line length
      added REFERENCE section
      more diverse migration examples
      use a hash slice
      remove experimental status from Mojo::Pg::PubSub
      bump version
      fix Mojo::Pg::Migrations to handle UTF-8 encoded files correctly
      bump version
      show how to use returning in a query
      move the JSON example
      move JSON example again
      no need for a verbose example
      improved notify performance significantly
      no need for parentheses
      the payload is optional
      bump version
      fix bug where non-blocking queries could get lost after the database 
connection got closed unexpectedly
      use a little less code
      bump version
      add another example application
      simplify example a little
      use the same default connection string
      migrate more defensively
      url_for is not necessary
      allow posts to be deleted in blog example
      test application without migrations
      more diverse examples
      a few more migration tests
      split up tests
      the mojo_migrations table might not exist yet
      use more generic paths
      bump version
      no need to localize
      prepare only once
      improve performance for many different queries with a statement handle 
      attributes have been added too
      bump version
      AutoCommit and RaiseError are considered mandatory
      improve Mojo::Pg::Migrations to make no changes to the database when 
checking the currently active version
      bump version
      remove support for sequential non-blocking operations, because they are 
currently incompatible with DBD::Pg (closes #3)
      use prepare_cached from DBI to cache statement handles
      clean up non-blocking queries correctly
      the database handle needs to be destroyed before the file handle
      bump version
      fix bug where Perl would close the DBD::Pg file descriptor unexpectedly
      use a little less code
      bump version
      handle global destruction more gracefully
      mention that it only works on Perl 5.14+
      reconnect after fork
      just use the close event
      remove all subscribers after forking
      use the same idiom everywhere
      bump version
      use a full CRUD example
      use one-liners more consistently
      applications have been updated
      use two forms
      use the new button_to helper
      the form requires a post
      use buttons everywhere
      just check if the element exists
      caption sounds better
      there is no button_to helper anymore
      use the action
      better captions
      use more links
      use more generic method names
      bump version
      fix bug in Mojo::Pg::Migrations where the latest version could not always 
be determined correctly (closes #5)
      bump version
      fix bug in Mojo::Pg::Migrations where migrations would sometimes be 
executed in the wrong order (closes #6)
      bump version
      fix bug in Mojo::Pg::Database where sequential non-blocking queries would 
not work correctly
      test with 3 queries
      bump version
      test unicode roundtrip
      fix a few JSON encoding and decoding issues
      bump version
      do not index examples
      more consistent tests
      improve support for long-lived Mojo::Pg::Results objects
      update CREDITS section
      bump version
      use a modern Makefile.PL
      use consistent line length
      use consistent line length everywhere
      packaging changes should be mentioned
      bump version
      update DBD::Pg requirement to 3.5.1
      bump version
      let Mojo::Pg::Transaction start the transaction
      improve notification performance slightly
      bump version
      calling render instead of stash looks better
      bump version
      show how to use the connection event
      add search_path attribute to Mojo::Pg
      slightly more consistent names
      search_path should be a string
      use whitespace consistently
      stick with the array reference
      test quoting too
      bump version
      this line might not be necessary
      more diverse search_path examples
      improve unlisten method in Mojo::Pg::PubSub with support for removing all 
subscribers of a channel at once
      bump version
      improve Mojo::Pg::Migrations to detect if the currently active version is 
greater than the latest version
      bump version
      fix typo
      try Perl 5.22
      add finish method to Mojo::Pg::Results
      bump version
      happy new year
      use instead of
      bump version
      scripts are more portable now
      add auto_migrate attribute to Mojo::Pg
      bump version
      more non-blocking examples
      no need for quotes
      keep versions quoted so 5.10 does not become 5.1
      check the accessor last
      use custom schemas in tests
      handle exceptions in examples
      no need for two lines
      use the same prefix consistently
      no need for a long prefix
      use the same prefix consistently
      better example for concurrent queries
      use a more elegant one-liner
      bump version
      check the right schema
      bump version
      add tables method to Mojo::Pg::Database
      better tests for table names
      mention that internal tables are hidden
      make sure internal tables are hidden
      fix test description
      use a dot consistently
      mention how to grow with Mojo::Pg
      fix example formatting
      slightly better description
      use the same connection string
      no need to reduce
      just die consistently
      bump version
      do not include views in the list of table names
      bump version
      list all tables and views that are visible to the current user and not 
      bump version
      mention where to find more documentation
      update copyright section
      explain the example application (closes #15)
      mention that it is an application
      link to SQL documentation
      mention migrations too
      better search_path example
      start with something simple
      more consistent examples
      bump version
      explain JSON handling (closes #17)
      use jsonb instead
      more consistent descriptions
      show how to use utility methods
      small optimization
      more consistent formatting
      show how to drop and recreate the table
      test unicode notifications
      better notification examples
      add support for JSON notifications
      more consistent language
      a few more JSON tests
      bump version
      a few more JSON tests
      expand a little faster
      silly GitHub, Perl6 is not a real language :trollface:
      fix a few typos
      bump version
      try an issue template
      make it easier to see what parts should be filled out
      move template into a directory
      remove extra newline
      use a template for pull requests too
      improve query method in Mojo::Pg::Database to include caller information 
in error messages (closes #20)
      use the same test case
      no need to run the same test twice
      bump version
      use new Mojo::URL methods from Mojolicious 6.65
      bump version
      add motivation section to the pull request template
      more consistent descriptions
      added a few attributes to make it easier for some classes to be extended 
(closes #26)
      also test the results class
      fix a few fork-safety bugs
      bump version
      fix typo in example
      handle global destruction more gracefully
      improve query method in Mojo::Pg::Database to allow binding of specific 
DBD::Pg data types to placeholders (closes #30)
      better test for custom data types
      add a comment to data type example
      bump version
      Merge pull request #33 from polettix/patch/protocol
      update Changes
      mention the short scheme as well
      use the new button_to helper

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 2.31


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