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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libmojo-pg-perl.

      from  1a0e5ef   Releasing package libmojo-pg-perl version 2.30-1
      adds  9a78a4b   first commit
      adds  c0b2914   bump version
      adds  446254b   use signatures in example
      adds  1476a74   fixed formatting
      adds  1b4d1a7   added support for PostgreSQL connection strings
      adds  beb6749   better connection string examples
      adds  7410874   mention how I/O works
      adds  2693584   handle zeros a little better
      adds  369e22d   bump version
      adds  6124062   show how to use a custom DSN
      adds  c4c1e68   use a better table name
      adds  6fee782   more links
      adds  041c169   mention that the event loop needs to be running
      adds  bd7fd76   mention more details about caching
      adds  0b90d9a   documentation tweaks
      adds  3465cda   fixed encoding problem
      adds  9f35c05   improved non-blocking queries to be able to introspect 
the statement handle
      adds  404a645   bump version
      adds  a52abdf   explain how asynchronous queries work
      adds  c9ad5c1   use the term connection
      adds  d4b0212   use a more advanced non-blocking example
      adds  ff8033a   better description for methods fetching only one row
      adds  adff695   use more modern features
      adds  a15558f   documentation tweaks
      adds  e0a42f6   a few more examples
      adds  4db1e4b   more links
      adds  bbb90e1   added support for migrations
      adds  8fd8bd3   mention how migrations are loaded from the DATA section
      adds  b811962   more documentation for migrations
      adds  f83f0cb   fixed link
      adds  360bea7   more tests and documentation
      adds  30b51bb   added MOJO_MIGRATION_DEBUG environment variable
      adds  c25249d   renamed from_class to from_data
      adds  debe454   use migrations in example
      adds  c40be8a   simplify migration examples
      adds  32bf671   mention the DATA section
      adds  6712f00   lock migrations table
      adds  6ee3cb2   allow a name to be passed to from_data
      adds  8f00ff1   lock migrations table more strict
      adds  6c796bb   no need to block selects on the migrations table
      adds  36bfe11   more tests and documentation
      adds  027f2dd   more diverse examples
      adds  2bc27cc   bump version
      adds  b559685   use the term migrate instead of switch
      adds  26db149   better comment for example
      adds  03cd293   another select example
      adds  1e03085   better description for migrations
      adds  b705b76   renamed MOJO_MIGRATION_DEBUG environment variable to 
      adds  5400fbe   fixed typo in example
      adds  de9e316   updated Mojolicious requirement to 5.49 to ensure 
migrations in the DATA section are not served as static files
      adds  115bdc4   bump version
      adds  bf40fac   better documentation for migrations
      adds  0f82b26   added notify method to Mojo::Pg::Database
      adds  36bb9b6   bump version
      adds  494c2d5   added scope guards for transactions
      adds  db332df   another transaction test
      adds  4e17e8f   no need to commit
      adds  bc7f733   leave the commit return value undefined
      adds  e530bef   added connection event to Mojo::Pg
      adds  5da813e   bump version
      adds  9189256   fixed typo in documentation
      adds  05ef28c   changed a few default values in Mojo::Pg to allow more 
DBD::Pg environment variables to work correctly (closes #1)
      adds  86928d0   no need for a default value
      adds  5bb37f8   improved Mojo::Pg to allow service names in connection 
      adds  be99b98   fixed typo
      adds  f718270   bump version
      adds  caf0e5f   mention how to install Mojo::Pg securely
      adds  97c6629   updated Mojolicious requirement to 5.57
      adds  d2f6c8d   bump version
      adds  00c99a7   use newer Mojolicious features
      adds  9d268ba   use time zone in example
      adds  8e0ab64   fixed bug where notifications did not get delivered 
immediately to the process that sent them (closes #2)
      adds  40c3aa2   always check for notifications
      adds  a97cd10   more reliable notification tests
      adds  5697dd5   check notifications after commits
      adds  1bc4c30   fixed typo in transaction example
      adds  78b9517   bump version
      adds  2f93c50   handle connection errors more gracefully
      adds  4348dd5   better notification example
      adds  c51dc5c   emit close event only when listening for notifications
      adds  5adc7eb   bump version
      adds  8349880   recommend a more secure installation one-liner
      adds  9d4f3c0   --verify is useless
      adds  8b0164e   use a more secure one-liner
      adds  6e64897   use a better installation one-liner
      adds  20e6a6e   removed experimental status from distribution
      adds  01ecfc3   bump version
      adds  5dd5114   another example application
      adds  39d3f4f   more minimalistic example
      adds  f1aab80   release preparations
      adds  0c552c0   bump version
      adds  da29e32   simplify example
      adds  2764dcb   mention timeouts
      adds  7c492a3   better description for caching behaviour
      adds  4ce74d1   improved performance for many different queries 
significantly by deactivating pg_server_prepare by default
      adds  14a04f6   more diverse examples
      adds  fac5799   bump version
      adds  ceef913   try the new container-based stack
      adds  b94da85   a few more migration tests
      adds  38280cb   added workaround for DBD::Pg losing connections that have 
been used for asynchronous queries
      adds  4a3d2e4   fixed bug where Perl would close the DBD::Pg file 
descriptor after it had been used with the event loop
      adds  ebe68fd   make sure the connection is actually being reused
      adds  2116c48   bump version
      adds  c7681d0   improved all methods not to use question marks in queries
      adds  cace669   bump version
      adds  d3b8b65   more connection tests
      adds  6aa86f7   use Test::Mojo methods
      adds  23f6439   improved Mojo::Pg::Migrations to create a mojo_migrations 
table with stricter constraints
      adds  bd35b35   bump version
      adds  15256f9   fixed formatting
      adds  0a2b571   added dollar_only method to Mojo::Pg::Database
      adds  da0ed1d   documentation tweak
      adds  20c33ad   bump version
      adds  24ee278   fixed typo in dollar_only example
      adds  014c197   happy new year
      adds  5ec4418   added support for encoding and decoding of JSON values
      adds  a60d8ee   renamed json method to expand
      adds  6a9225e   handle null values more gracefully
      adds  04ac387   handle final result more gracefully
      adds  b3d90e1   use a little less code
      adds  ecc164c   another expand example
      adds  33d8869   bump version
      adds  ad62be6   another example
      adds  4e20fbd   do should accept placeholder values
      adds  d930ef5   deprecated Mojo::Pg::Database::do in favor of 
      adds  169abc7   no need to use query
      adds  1b72c63   test with PostgreSQL 9.4
      adds  cd5c1ae   more comments
      adds  ae46183   depend on a more recent version of Mojolicious
      adds  5dd9cfe   bump version
      adds  0b28251   newer versions are ok too
      adds  4ed1e28   improve fork-safety by activating AutoInactiveDestroy by 
      adds  c44334b   add Mojo::Pg::PubSub
      adds  23db22c   mention notify too
      adds  ad8b74b   explain why Mojo::Pg::PubSub is a good idea
      adds  1014792   another example
      adds  16afa3e   add is_listening method
      adds  c248826   remove is_listening method again
      adds  8736677   use a real pub/sub example
      adds  eeeb811   mention connection sharing more often
      adds  8ae9bd3   mention that there is no limit
      adds  104170b   add pub/sub example application
      adds  3bc77fa   use a more distinctive channel name
      adds  53bb612   add error event to Mojo::Pg::PubSub
      adds  7720434   try without an error event for now
      adds  1d06ee4   test basic functionality
      adds  05e7f4f   test reconnect behavior as well
      adds  d9c60da   more consistent tests
      adds  4f93386   Mojo::Pg::PubSub is experimental
      adds  3ed1675   update Changes
      adds  2454184   more diverse tests
      adds  1f25107   prevent recursion
      adds  3c6e936   reconnect tests should be at the end
      adds  d51973b   more consistent formatting
      adds  e863386   less whitespace
      adds  f85f1ea   make sure we can reconnect even when we are not actually 
      adds  b19eff3   no need for a db attribute
      adds  f0ea404   bump version
      adds  217237a   use new Mojo::Loader API
      adds  29a461e   bump version
      adds  02eb0c7   more consistent documentation
      adds  f017623   fix line length
      adds  11f5a18   added REFERENCE section
      adds  de84f9b   more diverse migration examples
      adds  e562096   use a hash slice
      adds  147414d   remove experimental status from Mojo::Pg::PubSub
      adds  bb76eb5   bump version
      adds  2ce1c78   fix Mojo::Pg::Migrations to handle UTF-8 encoded files 
      adds  8aa77f3   bump version
      adds  f1593f3   show how to use returning in a query
      adds  406b069   move the JSON example
      adds  324b507   move JSON example again
      adds  bf1f06c   no need for a verbose example
      adds  eff7fb0   improved notify performance significantly
      adds  4f3751e   no need for parentheses
      adds  17e5965   the payload is optional
      adds  189456a   bump version
      adds  2165b8e   fix bug where non-blocking queries could get lost after 
the database connection got closed unexpectedly
      adds  a8f795d   use a little less code
      adds  76a2fb0   bump version
      adds  45e9d91   add another example application
      adds  b282f7a   simplify example a little
      adds  7f797b5   use the same default connection string
      adds  b2fa3b2   migrate more defensively
      adds  2b9e3d6   url_for is not necessary
      adds  dd91934   allow posts to be deleted in blog example
      adds  fb1eef1   test application without migrations
      adds  a53d5c7   more diverse examples
      adds  13d1ae9   a few more migration tests
      adds  309c69d   split up tests
      adds  79ac875   the mojo_migrations table might not exist yet
      adds  356edfd   use more generic paths
      adds  06ca149   bump version
      adds  e3c5cd9   no need to localize
      adds  5618457   prepare only once
      adds  09e0ba4   improve performance for many different queries with a 
statement handle cache
      adds  de75555   attributes have been added too
      adds  07282aa   bump version
      adds  fe4c3ae   AutoCommit and RaiseError are considered mandatory
      adds  f2026fd   improve Mojo::Pg::Migrations to make no changes to the 
database when checking the currently active version
      adds  ca219fa   bump version
      adds  5aa9417   remove support for sequential non-blocking operations, 
because they are currently incompatible with DBD::Pg (closes #3)
      adds  42e329e   use prepare_cached from DBI to cache statement handles
      adds  c45aebe   clean up non-blocking queries correctly
      adds  842005d   the database handle needs to be destroyed before the file 
      adds  0e3550a   bump version
      adds  68c9485   fix bug where Perl would close the DBD::Pg file 
descriptor unexpectedly
      adds  91bee33   use a little less code
      adds  7819829   bump version
      adds  a8dbeab   handle global destruction more gracefully
      adds  b319b70   mention that it only works on Perl 5.14+
      adds  0d2333d   reconnect after fork
      adds  22dee3e   just use the close event
      adds  87d1bec   remove all subscribers after forking
      adds  147b88f   use the same idiom everywhere
      adds  6b60b01   bump version
      adds  558fdd9   use a full CRUD example
      adds  839992e   use one-liners more consistently
      adds  d7310f1   applications have been updated
      adds  ed26a80   use two forms
      adds  21f4eaf   use the new button_to helper
      adds  5e85f47   the form requires a post
      adds  bd7bc31   use buttons everywhere
      adds  c3ca3db   just check if the element exists
      adds  39404f5   caption sounds better
      adds  25f8ba8   there is no button_to helper anymore
      adds  f69eae9   use the action
      adds  638dc9b   better captions
      adds  f45b8cb   use more links
      adds  f408f61   use more generic method names
      adds  c3a1e90   bump version
      adds  be9c8ad   fix bug in Mojo::Pg::Migrations where the latest version 
could not always be determined correctly (closes #5)
      adds  06edc8e   bump version
      adds  7e1a99e   fix bug in Mojo::Pg::Migrations where migrations would 
sometimes be executed in the wrong order (closes #6)
      adds  51f0999   bump version
      adds  cf742ae   fix bug in Mojo::Pg::Database where sequential 
non-blocking queries would not work correctly
      adds  c0ff545   test with 3 queries
      adds  e416d29   bump version
      adds  6d6d6c3   test unicode roundtrip
      adds  6dcc2a7   fix a few JSON encoding and decoding issues
      adds  4fd99bd   bump version
      adds  417eae0   do not index examples
      adds  2111f3b   more consistent tests
      adds  fa47254   improve support for long-lived Mojo::Pg::Results objects
      adds  4df389f   update CREDITS section
      adds  eaac9e6   bump version
      adds  80ba18e   use a modern Makefile.PL
      adds  2713a40   use consistent line length
      adds  21fcc49   use consistent line length everywhere
      adds  763cd52   packaging changes should be mentioned
      adds  6251c3c   bump version
      adds  c43a9ba   update DBD::Pg requirement to 3.5.1
      adds  3df52cc   bump version
      adds  abdb00f   let Mojo::Pg::Transaction start the transaction
      adds  3aa609d   improve notification performance slightly
      adds  15dfa27   bump version
      adds  c0a0109   calling render instead of stash looks better
      adds  e72675c   bump version
      adds  64fd027   show how to use the connection event
      adds  55e1a55   add search_path attribute to Mojo::Pg
      adds  764975b   slightly more consistent names
      adds  75fd01e   search_path should be a string
      adds  5cfea8f   use whitespace consistently
      adds  94858a1   stick with the array reference
      adds  6736132   test quoting too
      adds  f815e4c   bump version
      adds  aba4f0d   this line might not be necessary
      adds  cc4c706   more diverse search_path examples
      adds  7f9bced   improve unlisten method in Mojo::Pg::PubSub with support 
for removing all subscribers of a channel at once
      adds  e518b95   bump version
      adds  92bc312   improve Mojo::Pg::Migrations to detect if the currently 
active version is greater than the latest version
      adds  6493e6a   bump version
      adds  d42e1d7   fix typo
      adds  2983c6c   try Perl 5.22
      adds  c40f61f   add finish method to Mojo::Pg::Results
      adds  ed05f3e   bump version
      adds  30acc2b   happy new year
      adds  b43526e   use instead of
      adds  62a892d   bump version
      adds  4aa74fe   scripts are more portable now
      adds  0df8061   add auto_migrate attribute to Mojo::Pg
      adds  4fe3383   bump version
      adds  a6898ea   more non-blocking examples
      adds  526c1c2   no need for quotes
      adds  f0725b5   keep versions quoted so 5.10 does not become 5.1
      adds  ef9036f   check the accessor last
      adds  912d727   use custom schemas in tests
      adds  3fea641   handle exceptions in examples
      adds  b9ce055   no need for two lines
      adds  eeae3f4   use the same prefix consistently
      adds  f6469b8   no need for a long prefix
      adds  6594a89   use the same prefix consistently
      adds  d9ea3be   better example for concurrent queries
      adds  5a96045   use a more elegant one-liner
      adds  088ae6f   bump version
      adds  9fa8abe   check the right schema
      adds  f94cf76   bump version
      adds  7e643ac   add tables method to Mojo::Pg::Database
      adds  3b74dcc   better tests for table names
      adds  5b8b816   mention that internal tables are hidden
      adds  0727b69   make sure internal tables are hidden
      adds  d9ec7aa   fix test description
      adds  2f163ca   use a dot consistently
      adds  0759063   mention how to grow with Mojo::Pg
      adds  49ccf00   fix example formatting
      adds  4df3b5d   slightly better description
      adds  05a527b   use the same connection string
      adds  343a26d   no need to reduce
      adds  38436c3   just die consistently
      adds  ef8cd11   bump version
      adds  ce05d67   do not include views in the list of table names
      adds  e032887   bump version
      adds  c3da66f   list all tables and views that are visible to the current 
user and not internal
      adds  3db2a64   bump version
      adds  20f9005   mention where to find more documentation
      adds  83c540d   update copyright section
      adds  cae3175   explain the example application (closes #15)
      adds  fcf4ea7   mention that it is an application
      adds  9c61a40   link to SQL documentation
      adds  a95707b   mention migrations too
      adds  be8cbf5   better search_path example
      adds  71689ae   start with something simple
      adds  d67d191   more consistent examples
      adds  4643c67   bump version
      adds  6efec70   explain JSON handling (closes #17)
      adds  0ae1b2e   use jsonb instead
      adds  1491e5c   more consistent descriptions
      adds  57acd59   show how to use utility methods
      adds  617aea2   small optimization
      adds  b9314d6   more consistent formatting
      adds  50e7c75   show how to drop and recreate the table
      adds  7b7fb8d   test unicode notifications
      adds  2f1348d   better notification examples
      adds  eb027c6   add support for JSON notifications
      adds  2746da5   more consistent language
      adds  3a769c0   a few more JSON tests
      adds  a376613   bump version
      adds  0edbce9   a few more JSON tests
      adds  f854bdd   expand a little faster
      adds  3f5ec84   silly GitHub, Perl6 is not a real language :trollface:
      adds  562223d   fix a few typos
      adds  ba91549   bump version
      adds  13925fb   try an issue template
      adds  b63a3dd   make it easier to see what parts should be filled out
      adds  97b3c1e   move template into a directory
      adds  36bde61   remove extra newline
      adds  3a7d810   use a template for pull requests too
      adds  7a710ad   improve query method in Mojo::Pg::Database to include 
caller information in error messages (closes #20)
      adds  cb1e1c5   use the same test case
      adds  0ff2240   no need to run the same test twice
      adds  ccc0da2   bump version
      adds  99cccdd   use new Mojo::URL methods from Mojolicious 6.65
      adds  76a0cf1   bump version
      adds  25ae2d0   add motivation section to the pull request template
      adds  f8e2f95   more consistent descriptions
      adds  ed9125e   added a few attributes to make it easier for some classes 
to be extended (closes #26)
      adds  319b7d0   also test the results class
      adds  74d26c4   fix a few fork-safety bugs
      adds  c9d549b   bump version
      adds  724b6d6   fix typo in example
      adds  db57ede   handle global destruction more gracefully
      adds  ec71002   improve query method in Mojo::Pg::Database to allow 
binding of specific DBD::Pg data types to placeholders (closes #30)
      adds  b6b901e   better test for custom data types
      adds  c06c57e   add a comment to data type example
      adds  916d271   bump version
      adds  784da8d   Accept protocol as postgresql and postgres
      adds  4414d78   Merge pull request #33 from polettix/patch/protocol
      adds  d5ef0e6   update Changes
      adds  0a793e1   mention the short scheme as well
      adds  44b3ea1   use the new button_to helper
      adds  69a0caa   New upstream version 2.31
       new  3893269   Merge tag 'upstream/2.31'
       new  8d46923   Update debian/changelog
       new  ea5dfea   Bump versioned (build) dependency on libmojolicious-perl.
       new  5a9db45   releasing package libmojo-pg-perl version 2.31-1

The 4 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                    |  5 +++++
 META.json                                  |  4 ++--
 META.yml                                   |  4 ++--
 Makefile.PL                                |  2 +-
 debian/changelog                           |  8 ++++++++
 debian/control                             |  4 ++--
 examples/blog/blog.conf                    |  2 +-
 examples/blog/templates/posts/edit.html.ep |  4 +---
 lib/Mojo/                             | 10 ++++++----
 t/connection.t                             |  6 +++---
 10 files changed, 31 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

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