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      from  0df1c73   releasing package libmodule-scandeps-perl version 1.22-1
      adds  dd68d0b   Tagging PAR 0.971
      adds  25b7f9f   lib/Module/ - lightly documented a couple 
things, notes on (probably) rt bug
      adds  c796639   lib/Module/ - case-insensitive @INC removal 
for case-insensitive filesystems (how insensitive!)
      adds  13e2a6e   lib/
      adds  295d461   Version bump. This is 0.72.
      adds  367c2f1   Add special case for which specifies default 
helper classes in variables like so:
      adds  acedbb3   Be smarter wrt detecting globs. Tests. This is 0.73.
      adds  c736443   Add another author. Still 0.73.
      adds  b97579b   * Fixed bug "scan_deps doesn't show ALL the dependencies" 
* Ensured all file entries are given by absolute paths * Added a number of test 
artificial dependency trees as test data mainly for   "scan_deps doesn't show 
ALL the dependencies" bug * Added tests for scandeps recurse option (all pass) 
* Added tests for scandeps skip option (all pass) * Added tests to show a 
duplicated dependency is in fact only shown once (all pass) * Added 
test module containing ge [...]
      adds  90b4627   Using T::Utils and expecting it to be picked up from 
t/ only works on broken (case insensitive) file systems.
      adds  5f8fb00   Make a developer release 0.73_01.
      adds  373146c   Test commit, extend copyright.
      adds  1eb8f40   Version bump to Module::ScanDeps 0.74.
      adds  8ac94dc   Add a pass() in the case of M::Pluggable not being 
installed. Would result in "dubious" test result otherwise.
      adds  a6cd056   Update Module::Install
      adds  6651227   Add a new test file, courtesy of Eric Wilhelm.
      adds  993fe99   Add mention of dynaloader test to Changelog.
      adds  72dc133   * Added exported path_to_inc_name subroutine * Added 
Module::Build::ModuleInfo dependency * Fixed bug where input files weren't 
scoped properly (Adrian Issott)
      adds  6888750   * Adding test code for path_to_inc_name and 
      adds  3401cac   path_to_inc_name now deals with 
Module::Build::ModuleInfo->name returning undef
      adds  0b633c6   Minor update to scan_chunk heuristics
      adds  7a6a52b   fix %Preload wrt POE: - fix typo ("POE" -> "") - 
for POE::Kernel add all POE::Resource::* and POE::Loop::*
      adds  46e700a   This is M::SD 0.75. Update version, add changelog
      adds  4af30c5   Update Module::Install for M::SD. Still in 0.75.
      adds  122f6c9   Add if we saw "use threads::shared", 
because in that case it's likely that the scripts declares some variables with 
attribute :shared.
      adds  dce8dba   * Fix special case for Term::ReadLine (should not rope in 
Tk) * New special case for Tcl::Tk (should not rope in Tk either!), reported   
by David Romano.
      adds  c172a5e   Semi-fix CGI::Apache special case.
      adds  907c82c   Document threads::shared and special case.
      adds  0f3c168   Attempt a fix for case insensitive file systems and path 
      adds  4161dfa   Docs still used to claim to be 0.71.
      adds  f4ec090   Fix to avoid duplicated entries that can arise due to 
case differences that don't actually matter on case-tolerant systems (Adrian 
      adds  38e14c4   M::SD warnings now go to STDERR not STDOUT (Adrian Issott)
      adds  e83a980   Remove use of Data::Dump
      adds  8d94c12   Un-tab the code which was partly tab-indented, partly 
      adds  5ea629d   Fixed bug #24162: scandeps.(bat|pl) doesn't correctly 
identify Core Modules on Windows (Adrian Issott)
      adds  41f8654   Add missing semicolon.
      adds  e469ff0   Change _add_info interface to named parameters.
      adds  631c116   replace parameter name 'return_value' if _add_info with 
'rv' as it's so common in M::SD. Sorry.
      adds  fd3af95   Find shared libraries for module files specified as 
(direct) input files.
      adds  444db0b   Add tests for searching shared libs.
      adds  8d22ea5   Version bump to 0.76. This will most likely be 0.76.
      adds  cbe7cdb   Add support for
      adds  5983e1e   Added uses field to hash descriptions returned by 
scan_deps + tests (Adrian Issott)
      adds  eda52a0   Added ScanFileRE to restrict the files scanned to .pl, 
.pm, .al and .t but allow the user to override + tests (Adrian Issott)
      adds  6914211   Time for a new release. Updated copyright to include 
2007. Version bump to 0.77. This will be Module::ScanDeps 0.77.
      adds  624f6db   Failing test for skip.  Since 0.73, skip only blocks 
modules *under* the specified module to skip and not the specified module 
itself. This means that if I call "pp -X Class::C3 ..." then Class::C3 will be 
in the resulting PAR.
      adds  4b71e71   Fix for previously failing test.  Now PAR -X option works 
properly again.
      adds  1253b41   * Fix file-selection regex from last release to include 
files without suffixes. --> Needs a more proper fix, really. * Version bump to 
      adds  d37248c   Actually, really, fix the ScanFileRE regex to include 
those files which also have a path (i.e. / or \\) in them.
      adds  da2cce5   * Remove warning from t/12-ScanFileRE.t which was left 
over from debugging. * Version bump to 0.79.
      adds  238e128   Do not report input files as dependencies of themselves.
      adds  24a0dd6   Avoid duplicated entries arising from used_by references 
with case differences. Added a test to cover this case.
      adds  b091943   Version bump to 0.80.
      adds  4bc86e2   Scott Stanton needs to be added to AUTHORS.
      adds  66054cf   Update release date for 0.80.
      adds  1ecb71c   * Fix for case insensitive file system test script. (Seth 
Blumberg) * Add Seth to the list of authors. * Version bump to 0.81.
      adds  c639284   * Update release date. * No SIGNATURE generated for this 
release so I can get it out of the   door.
      adds  7a09747   Add Test::More to build requirements
      adds  ee8c7a5   * Depend on * Understand that "use 5.10.0;" 
will rope in
      adds  fef06c6   2007->2008 This will be m-sd 0.82.
      adds  e55ed15   Add special case for Image::ExifTool. This is 
Module::ScanDeps 0.83.
      adds  9210612   special case for Class::MethodMaker. This is M::SD 0.84.
      adds  e596935   special case for Net::Server
      adds  14b7efc   fix whitespace
      adds  25c1037   use (arch|priv)libexp instead of (arch|priv)lib
      adds  c17bb2f   update Module::Install to 0.77
      adds  c535a14   note the M::I update in Changes
      adds  9943207   fix broken prefork scanner case
      adds  6c73ef3   test that prefork is detected correctly.
      adds  11c59c4   test for static scan of 'use SomeMOduleLoader'Module';' 
(without a space before the argument)
      adds  ed1827e   fix static scanning of 'use SomeMOduleLoader'Module';' 
(without a space before the argument), up the version to 0.86
      adds  e73e6be   de-tabify
      adds  eedeabd   support for and slight refactor of the 
loader-module scanning in scan_chunk
      adds  c87f04b   document changes, add TODO comment, this is 
Module::ScanDeps 0.86.
      adds  3b6c208   Add special case for PPI, this is Module::ScanDeps 0.87.
      adds  76382e3   add special case for File::HomeDir, this is M::SD 0.88
      adds  14d57bc   support for asa and only::matching
      adds  52d5b58   document changes for 0.89
      adds  3b45d0d   DateTime::Locale special case
      adds  a6ca7c1   repository in META.yml
      adds  adc39f2   make recursion optional (Jos)
      adds  3a175b8   special case for PAR::Repository and ::Client
      adds  993693f   bump version to 0.90
      adds  57c1c51   upgrade Module::Install
      adds  60feae1   Add Christoph Lamprecht to the list of authors
      adds  e910c5c   Apply Roderich's modification of Christoph's patch to 
correctly detect Tk->setPalette
      adds  896a056   update copyright
      adds  ff70d59   oops, fix setPalette patch
      adds  4c44abe   This is Module::ScanDeps 0.91
      adds  25c1c6e   upgrade Module::Install to 0.91
      adds  3d8561d   fix bug with {type} being set to unexpected values in 
some cases
      adds  290aa2d   mention Christophs recent bugfix in Changes
      adds  2f5b9aa   Add tests for scan_chunk
      adds  c98ffb2   Add special case for
      adds  5ddf329   Fix for "use parent::something"
      adds  a6402ca   Add special case for
      adds  2dd46c4   fix no. of tests in file
      adds  cd6fbff   Bump Module::ScanDeps version number
      adds  69eb172   Merge caching branch to trunk
      adds  6ec2b23   Add chorny to authors
      adds  f98fd7b   bump Module::ScanDeps version to 0.93
      adds  e38402b   Add tests for scan_line
      adds  794e9a5   fix for RT#48151, "require __PACKAGE__" should not die
      adds  f926646   fix test
      adds  27c0e95   OS/2 test fixes
      adds  16d4c06   This is Module::ScanDeps 0.94
      adds  c9ff161   Fix 'uninitialized...' warnings (Dave Rolsky)
      adds  e6e4391   special case for Perl::Critic
      adds  a2c3387   special case for Event
      adds  c43c132   special case for
      adds  992b169   Special case for Log::Any, bump M::SD version to 0.95
      adds  87bd796   Fix '14-scan_chunk.t' and '16-scan_line.t' for perl 5.6.1 
(sort problem)
      adds  0eff2fe   fix '11-finds-shared-lib.t' for 5.6.1 and some problems 
of '7-check-dynaloader.t'
      adds  ad0b0cc   Add "use strict;"
      adds  a5cb4e6   Test for "use module version;"
      adds  63fc019   Module::ScanDeps 0.96
      adds  e6aee0a   special case for CGI::Application::Plugin::AutoRunmode
      adds  3a3a853   special case for CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication
      adds  083eca8   special case for DBIx::Perlish
      adds  ab7999b   require modern Module::Install
      adds  c038ea9   RT #55746 - remove bogus "... if %Config::Config" 
      adds  689d895   RT #56020 - add data files used by Unicode::UCD
      adds  775ae22   Pack the content of module/distribution sharedirs is 
automatically. As far as I was able to test the usage of File::Sharedir works - 
there is no need for the special File::Sharedir::PAR. (kmx)
      adds  7945744   Bump M::SD version to 0.97, update change log
      adds  7f998ed   Tag M::SD 0.97
      adds  b150a6c   Fix sever mis-"tag" of M::SD. I'm a moron sometimes.
      adds  662bef5   RT #57494: add %Preload rule for
      adds  4831690   add %Preload rule for RPC::XML: RPC::XML::ParserFactory 
require's some RPC::XML::Parser::XXX which can't be detected statically
      adds  3cf4981   RT #58093: Par-Packer not including all dependencies 
      adds  52b4e41   upgrade to Module::Install 1.00
      adds  a0f8ce8   make %Preload entry for "" lazy, because computing 
its value is   quite expensive (it may take several seconds)
      adds  9bf9342   Bump M::SD version to 0.98, update change log
      adds  6b03485   fix a CPAN Testers regression
      adds  16ef39c   fix URI special case (clkao)
      adds  69078ee   clarify note add in r1201
      adds  87ddcd4   RT #61027: "use lib" does not work
      adds  f786562   Add Eric Roode to AUTHORS
      adds  b6cb9e2   Speed up scanning *significantly* by not re-constructing 
regexen for every line of input and reducing the no. of sub calls
      adds  98067af   add %Preload rule for Date::Manip
      adds  845468c   - add a %Preload rule for Log::Report::Dispatcher   cf.
      adds  d789bec   RT #65252: Temp files left when execute fails
      adds  efcd208   RT #65855: Special handling for POSIX requested - apply a 
slightly different solution as referenced in the bug report
      adds  35b01f2   Bump M::SD version to 1.00, update change log
      adds  6c69b41   - add "unicore/version" for Unicode/ (because it 
contains a call   openunicode(..., "version")) - may explain a CPAN Testers 
failure   with Perl 5.13.10
      adds  f8f5f1c   Bump M::SD version to 1.01, update change log
      adds  7927456   - drop obsolete debian directory - post release version 
      adds  07ff99f   - fix %Preload rule for add _all_ *.pl files 
below .../unicore   (the previous rule added most of them anyway, with the 
noted exception   of and
      adds  85af032   - update changelog
      adds  a7ad061   - post release version bump
      adds  0125829   Fix for failing CPAN Testers report   - 
regex meta characters in filenames break consistency check
      adds  a0944e2   Fix for failing CPAN Testers report   - 
Perl 5.15.0 got rid of
      adds  ff3496e   RT #69213: ScanDeps incompatible with AnyEvent (Perl 
5.14, AnyEvent 5.34, PAR 1.00.2) - for option -c (compile) M:SD used to wrap 
the file in one big sub and   to append an END block that dumps %INC etc; the 
outer sub causes problems   with certain contructs - instead we now use an INIT 
block prepended to the file
      adds  0802c39   - update changelog
      adds  adf0ebe   - bump perl version to 5.6.1
      adds  ad2743d   post release version bump
      adds  e0ce569   brown paper bag bug: fix option -x (execute) (broken by 
changes for -c)
      adds  ca03b13   post release version bump
      adds  03db2c6   add a test for scan_deps(..., execute => 1)
      adds  e7eed35   - the local'ization of %INC etc for DataFeed purposes 
causes warnings   "function redefined" - use DataFeed package variables 
instead: save %INC etc to them   before require'ing, the use this 
variables in _dump_info - more thorough sanitizing of %INC
      adds  c1617db   Special case for Package::Stash
      adds  b520dc9   Special case for Moose
      adds  1915688   add %Preload rules for MozRepl
      adds  cfcee23   add suggested %Preload Rules from RT #70134 (thanks, 
Markus Jansen)
      adds  f40fb50   RT #72082: $FindBin::Bin issue on Moudel::ScanDeps 1.04 - 
make FindBin work (at least with compile => 1 or execute => 1) - it used to 
work (by accident only )if the script to scan was in   the user's working 
directory - since 1.02 we create the M::SD::DataFeed temp script in the 
platform's temp   directory so $FindBin::Bin will be set to this directory - 
fix this by spoofing $0 in the temp script
      adds  37e6c92   - update changelog
      adds  46c681d   post release version bump
      adds  02a1202   RT #72211: pp includes way too much modules (when using 
'use strict;')? - rework regexes to detect "use MODULE ...":   the following 
line from unicore/mktables
      adds  6119989   - bump Perl version requirement to 5.8.1 (Schwern: The 
End Of 5.6 Is Nigh!)   5.8.0 has known bugs in the Perl parser that I'm not 
going to program around - rewrite t/7-check-dynaloader.t to look for examples 
of dynamic modules   that might be used as test cases; delete stuff in 
t/data/check-dynaloader   that's not needed any more - remove 
t/11-finds-shared-lib.t, now incorporated into t/7-check-dynaloader.t
      adds  298bfff   - prepare for release
      adds  3d512ea   post release version bump
      adds  e9c6996   - update to Module::Install 1.04
      adds  8b80bde   Fix RT #72796: dynaloader test fails when the .so files 
are in the system lib dirs and local::lib is involved? - relax a check in 
      adds  f4cee0b   - post release version bump
      adds  70c19b9   RT#72954 ":encoding(UTF-8)" doesn't imply a dependency on - if scan_chunk sees ":encoding(FOO)" or similar, it goes to some   
length to find the "external" Encode module to handle FOO; but it   forgets 
that itself is needed at runtime (esp. if FOO   is an encoding 
"internally" handled by, e.g. "UTF-8")
      adds  bce801a   - get rid of subs _compile and _execute and call 
_compile_or_execute directly
      adds  da3446d   RT #73785: scandeps -c fails on modules that depend on 
Getopt::Euclid - for "scandeps -c ..." switch from an INIT block to a CHECK 
block   and call the augmented script with "perl -c"  instaed of "perl"
      adds  f1da502   Make _glob_in_inc _always_ return the name prefixed with 
$subdir i.e. for a *.pm file found below $subdir in @INC:   - where 
_glob_in_inc($subdir, 1) lists $name (starting with "$subdir/")   - then 
_glob_in_inc($subdir, 0) lists        { file => full-pathname, name => $name }
      adds  619a242   %Preload: fix a problem with Image::ExifTool: files 
Image/ExifTool/Write*.pl are not detected
      adds  a705887   - add %Preload rules for and
      adds  0a2c3a9   prepare for release
      adds  b5cb9dc   post release version bump
      adds  21667cb   incorrect comment
      adds  1623185   Mojo::Base is a loader
      adds  760f090   Special case for Class::Load
      adds  79927f5   - t/14-scan_chunk.t: we run actually 7 tests, adjust plan 
accordingly - t/7-check-dynaloader.t: improve log message
      adds  acd156b   RT #79003: t/7-check-dynaloader.t failing when /usr/lib 
!= /usr/lib64 - scrap the test for "$entry{file} starts with $expected_prefix" 
as   its assumptions are flawed
      adds  c1633df   teach M::SD about "use if ..." - handle similarly to "use 
autouse ..." except that the module name is the second argument - fixes CPAN 
Testers failures for PAR::Packer with perl 5.17.1 and up;   t/90-rt59710.t 
would fail with "Can't locate ..."   as Storable is now loaded 
conditionally via "use if ..."
      adds  8e46088   prepare for release
      adds  1e08aa3   post release version bump
      adds  3426c16   Fix RT #80276 Module DateTime::Format::ISO8601 generates 
error after being packaged - DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser "use"s all 
installed   DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser::XXX modules when it is loaded   
(using Class::Factory::Util) - add a corresponding %Preload rule
      adds  a3c2b70   add %Preload rule for Params::Validate to detect its PP 
and XS implementations
      adds  f7ebc24   update to Module::Install 1.06
      adds  74c3486   prepare for release
      adds  ea07fe4   post release version bump
      adds  e939d92   new %Preload rule for YAML::Any - try to figure out what 
YAML::Any would have used (using YAML::Any->implementation) - as fallback, 
include anything below YAML
      adds  f685552   new %Preload rule for Net::HTTPS (e.g. used by 
LWP::Protocol::https) - look for IO::Socket::SSL or Net::SSL
      adds  c3a51f3   Fix RT #89000: test broken by indirect disuse - 
delete from list of expected deps,   patch by Andrew Main 
      adds  a48f7ef   prepare for release
      adds  23031f9   post release version bump
      adds  593490e   "no_index module" -> "no_index package"
      adds  e237b22   Fix RT #87775: typo fixes
      adds  d56f795   clean up some uses of Test::More
      adds  139914a   Fix RT #90869: Use of uninitialized value $module in 
substitution (s///) r1366 introduced handling of "use if COND, MODULE => ...". 
To avoid having tp parse all syntactic forms MODULE can take it eval()s the 
string after "use if" in list context and grabs the second list element. 
However, COND may contain calls to functions that are undefined in the context 
of Module::ScanDeps. This would cause eval() to fail, resulting in an undefined 
$module. Try to avoid this by s [...]
      adds  4a29e97   Make the new test for RT #90869 work.
      adds  f358e18   no functional change: sort the %Preload entries
      adds  8fbe3f5   add %Preload rule for Pod::Usage
      adds  d452b40   add %Preload rule for B::Hooks::EndOfScope
      adds  36fbfdb   add a fake %Preload rule that warns if use of 
Module::Implementation or Module::Runtime is detected (coz' they're doing 
runtime loading)
      adds  cf3289c   change some tests to use Test::Requires instead of 
homegrown stuff; add it to "test_requires"
      adds  95aece0   prepare for release
      adds  4092157   post release version bump
      adds  805d9b9   fix recognition of (open() arguments) like 
      adds  9c84b19   prepare for release
      adds  340b4de   post release version bump
      adds  ed03c3b   Fix RT #92860 (t/7-check-dynaloader.t doesn't handle 
systems with mod2fname
      adds  29c8d97   prepare for release
      adds  1b59de1   update to Module::Install 1.10
      adds  538e0d2   post release version bump
      adds  9c97519   fix wrong version numbers in Changes
      adds  c65be7d   Fix RT #98203: Migrate from deprecated 
Module::Build::ModuleInfo to Module::Metadata
      adds  a5a761b   add long option names to
      adds  00542b1   implement option --xargs for
      adds  16a4bb2   prepare for release
      adds  3d5d3e7   post release version bump
      adds  6e43810 die if an option is not recognized
      adds  6cc7d47   fix a nasty typo that broke option -E
      adds  ce73c31   take a stab at RT#98938: recognize Module::Runtime 
module-loading functions
      adds  0b9d2f7   add option -T to request information from CPAN
      adds  a96927b   remove some overzealous heuristics from scan_chunk()
      adds  368b46e   upgrade to Module::Install 1.12
      adds  5b434f9   recognize Test::More require_ok() and use_ok()
      adds  0728296   prepare for release
      adds  6ca2aa8   post release version bump
      adds  3de283a   %Preload iand other fixes
      adds  9e89664   reformat Changes file according to CPAN::Changes::Spec
      adds  78f3eea   add a %Preload rule: Mozilla::CA requires its cacert.pem 
      adds  4651c87   upgrade to Module::Install 1.14
      adds  9bd6b49   prepare for release
      adds  908bdf4   post release version bump
      adds  e7a8f8b   WIP: script to recursively find NEEDED (in the ELF sense) 
shared libraries
      adds  44cc641   Fix RT #101569: Incorrect module parsing if Moose is 
      adds  ce130bc   prepare for release
      adds  0463e43   post release version bump
      adds  f602b7e   add a %Preload rule for AnyEvent
      adds  f03fb30   update OpenFoundry repository URL
      adds  41db12e   add license
      adds  39524ad   add %Preload entry for MIME::Types (data file 
      adds  315a36e   always add when fix encountering constructs like
      adds  8df01bb   add %Preload rule for LWP::MediaTypes: data file 
      adds  044f1a2   prepare for release
      adds  98df30e   post release version bump
      adds  109e294   recognize constructs like "open FH, '<:via(Foo)', ..."
      adds  785354c   Fix RT#106144: Preload dependencies for File::BOM)
      adds  fd40e4a   Fix RT106142: Preload dependencies for PDL and 
      adds  691bf78   upgrade to Module::Install 1.16
      adds  52e7b86   add add_preload_rule() to dynamically add a %Preload rule
      adds  3ca2cfb   reduce the WTF factor
      adds  7aeb372   whatever this hack was for... dike it out
      adds  2d58c81   Rework the implementation of -x/-c
      adds  85359b3   Drop code for Perl < 5.008 as we rquire 5.8.1 already
      adds  8147cbe   Drop dubious %Preload of for SOAP::Lite and 
      adds  3d9745c   Make %Preload "transitive"...
      adds  4a53cbc   Now that preloafing works transitively, drop some hacky 
      adds  af23e20   De-obfuscate code...
      adds  04b11d9   Revise our stance on
      adds  eafa026   prepare for release
      adds  3bda125   post release version bump
      adds  e4a73c3   simplify up scan_deps_runtime(), _compile_or_execute(), 
      adds  ebb636b   %Preload: make the following modules require the unicore 
      adds  23eccca   remove all references to, doesn't 
exist anymore
      adds  d3bb164   add %Preload rules for List::MoreUtils and Log::Dispatch
      adds  c17c472   add helper _glob_in_inc_1()
      adds  677aae4   prepare for release 1.21
      adds  e68e862   post release version bump
      adds  f73449e   add LICENSE file, update "repository" to point to GitHub
      adds  6357ce6   neatly align %Preload table
      adds  f79eb07   Fix RT#117887: Not parsing new release of 
      adds  95fc4ae   prepare release 1.22
      adds  6abbdd6   post release version bump
      adds  13913b5   add .gitignore
      adds  4524c52   remove LICENSE for now, restore original wording in README
      adds  ca2f802   add back Perl_5 LICENSE
      adds  e120e0b   add %Preload rules for List::SomeUtils and 
      adds  730e230   get rid of Module::Install
      adds  b82675e   prepare for release
      adds  51763ee   New upstream version 1.23
       new  a20ed77   Merge tag 'upstream/1.23'
       new  d34f410   Update debian/changelog
       new  d253f8e   Refresh patch fix_references_to_renamed_executable 
       new  aef8967   debian/copyright: drop stanza about removed third-party 
       new  2e8d209   Update debian/upstream/metadata.
       new  cea6f4d   releasing package libmodule-scandeps-perl version 1.23-1

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                            |   6 +
 LICENSE                                            | 528 ++++++++++-----
 MANIFEST                                           |  12 +-
 META.json                                          |  65 ++
 META.yml                                           |  35 +-
 Makefile.PL                                        |  85 ++-
 README                                             |   2 +-
 debian/changelog                                   |   9 +
 debian/copyright                                   |   6 -
 .../patches/fix_references_to_renamed_executable   |   4 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata                           |   3 +-
 inc/Module/                              | 474 --------------
 inc/Module/Install/                         |  83 ---
 inc/Module/Install/                          | 154 -----
 inc/Module/Install/                        |  93 ---
 inc/Module/Install/                     | 418 ------------
 inc/Module/Install/                     | 722 ---------------------
 inc/Module/Install/                      |  29 -
 inc/Module/Install/                        |  64 --
 inc/Module/Install/                     |  63 --
 lib/Module/                             |   6 +-
 21 files changed, 530 insertions(+), 2331 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 META.json
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/

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