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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libmetacpan-client-perl.

      from  c57770c   releasing package libmetacpan-client-perl version 
      adds  1c5c77a   Initial commit
      adds  a047a16   adding what we got so far
      adds  40a0964   adding abstracts to informations
      adds  8f4a83f   missing word in comment
      adds  acf8e9e   Merge branch 'feature/adding_files' into devel
      adds  0213803   actually, we're gonna release 0.01_01 instead
      adds  bca79dd   Merge branch 'release/0.01_01'
      adds  5294979   By making the base_url 'rw', we can use this module for 
testing other MetaCPAN installations (like developer instances).
      adds  5bdeeee   Fixes URL for module search by distname.  Wiki example 
was outdated
      adds  818978a   Merge branch 'feature/base_url' into devel
      adds  2de1e9e   update changelog
      adds  a340aca   remove render_result method
      adds  94d68d2   adding _http_req and refactoring for great good
      adds  6d171f4   refactor author searches
      adds  585d9c3   refactor cpanratings searches
      adds  16cdb0a   refactor module searches
      adds  8be206f   refactor pod searches
      adds  cde0084   wtf i left a print here?
      adds  930ec74   adding .swp to ignores
      adds  c663a6f   roles require _http_req to be implemented
      adds  17ecf62   Merge branch 'feature/productionize' into devel
      adds  59e25ff   bumping version
      adds  6a9167a   updating changes
      adds  1fb6e85   Merge branch 'release/0.01_02'
      adds  5e74ba7   Merge branch 'release/0.01_02' into devel
      adds  2ff3d8b   immutabilize base_url
      adds  cd1e02e   bump version
      adds  704041d   reflect changes
      adds  033bab8   Merge branch 'release/0.01_03'
      adds  892e2b3   adding docs to main .pm -
      adds  aeceaaa   fix indentation for POD
      adds  4d8fa66   adding docs for
      adds  0cac5cf   adding docs for
      adds  0ca40f1   adding docs to
      adds  4377efa   docs for
      adds  2828a01   Merge branch 'feature/docs' into devel
      adds  cfdfa8f   reflecting changes
      adds  9d587c3   bump version
      adds  0ca4e84   Merge branch 'release/0.02'
      adds  d841493   protect against non-existent req_opts in useragent request
      adds  8cf107b   adding base tests
      adds  6ac7cb2   useragent tests
      adds  c0220fc   adding release test
      adds  dd112df   adding ua_args
      adds  31024f5   removing calls for roles, will add one by one later
      adds  97c3436   removing old methods, will be adding by necessity later on
      adds  25cd3f9   removing unnecessary modules, will add later on by 
      adds  396d91b   adding MetaCPAN::API::Role::Path
      adds  5d00c37   use updated API URL
      adds  0048a98   checking input
      adds  355cc7d   actually, pure roles would be easier
      adds  edcb8e4   clean up of release test
      adds  b004a0a   test for fetch method
      adds  01fc7b8   test different issues with fetch()
      adds  302e396   add fetch method
      adds  0271d1b   adding a release role
      adds  5bcdb32   fetch content before decode
      adds  facd04d   checking whether request was successful
      adds  9aa6695   update test to reflect changes
      adds  e92660c   updating docs
      adds  2477ea3   no need for these anymore
      adds  efbd7a3   add isa_ok
      adds  8ce4625   correct count
      adds  2984065   adding author tests
      adds  15992a9   update docs, add
      adds  d1d9552   explicit return
      adds  6bce8aa   refactor base_url in fetch() method
      adds  62d5df6   error string correction
      adds  675609e   no need for additional variable
      adds  a1192e7   updating docs
      adds  ff069e2   unnecessary variable
      adds  0864178   implement module
      adds  1d66a13   add test
      adds  7217c61   use Module role
      adds  8c8bb0d   typo
      adds  0dc36d6   deprecated
      adds  2ecd987   opts instead of req_opts
      adds  e7f28e0   add tests for
      adds  652fd19   adding to fetch POD information
      adds  4ed9b28   use MetaCPAN::API::POD
      adds  07c1c1c   Merge branch 'beta_api' into devel
      adds  a4d69cd   new version
      adds  85ba7e9   Merge branch 'release/0.10'
      adds  8c16c41   Merge branch 'release/0.10' into devel
      adds  074db97   use updated and accurate api path
      adds  784b283   correct tests for POD and include the correction in the 
      adds  ac4a372   version 0.11
      adds  f11e40e   Merge branch 'release/0.11'
      adds  2a70206   Merge branch 'release/0.01_03' into devel
      adds  d33849f   Merge branch 'release/0.11' into devel
      adds  87b0966   adding tests for content-type
      adds  f73b228   respect content-type
      adds  fb698d2   use closing anchor on regex
      adds  7ba6d5c   Merge branch 'feature/content_type' into devel
      adds  40c992f   add file() as a synonym of module()
      adds  e559276   Merge branch 'feature/file' into devel
      adds  7b2c504   add extra parameters to fetch()
      adds  1fcf65c   Merge branch 'feature/fetch_parameters' into devel
      adds  cb6f979   adding test for _build_extra_params
      adds  534b2df   flatten params, make proper request
      adds  104cf4a   Merge branch 'feature/correct_extra_params' into devel
      adds  7ae6fb1   adding manual search for release()
      adds  24390a1   add example for complex search in documents
      adds  b576769   allow pauseid as key, add manual search to author
      adds  54316bf   adapt tests to params fix
      adds  9086fa9   update error string in test file
      adds  2544f00   Merge branch 'feature/manual_searching' into devel
      adds  393fdd0   Merge branch 'devel' of 
into devel
      adds  fdc9639   version 0.20
      adds  6e660f0   AutoPrereq -> AutoPrereqs (dzil)
      adds  83a2e4b   Merge branch 'release/0.20'
      adds  83c6336   Merge branch 'release/0.20' into devel
      adds  c9a90fe   add post() method and refactored it and fetch() to 
      adds  d448d00   add docs and example
      adds  a189b74   adding tests for _decode_result
      adds  7c448a6   remove unecessary tests
      adds  e870386   adding tests for post()
      adds  84ed942   check parameters
      adds  f6518b9   Merge branch 'feature/post_requests' into devel
      adds  a6f7391   version 0.30
      adds  3bec6ec   Merge branch 'release/0.30'
      adds  6502854   Merge branch 'release/0.30' into devel
      adds  cb2341d   Updates MetaCPAN URL
      adds  574dcfa   Updates default API URL in Pod
      adds  e594d44   Merge branch 'feature/url-updates' into devel
      adds  bb3251f   whoops, incorrect starting quote in POD example
      adds  88de23d   Merge branch 'feature/podfix' into devel
      adds  6e3eb09   reflect changes
      adds  401431b   version bump
      adds  2842fb1   Merge branch 'release/0.31'
      adds  3a4ef3c   Merge branch 'release/0.31' into devel
      adds  e00ce38   use a default user agent string
      adds  1abf409   use a test user agent string
      adds  9b041bd   Merge branch 'feature/test_ua' into devel
      adds  7e649d9   version 0.32
      adds  47124d4   Merge branch 'release/0.32'
      adds  68e1dd9   bump version
      adds  3d58973   update changes
      adds  e0b1a99   skip t:lib::Functions
      adds  312dc11   Merge branch 'hotfix/0.33'
      adds  ed3bfa8   Merge branch 'release/0.32' into devel
      adds  88c821d   Fixes typo in synopsis
      adds  622626e   Merge branch 'feature/oalders-fix-synopsis-typo' into 
      adds  a09c573   HTTP::Tiny does not accept 'content-type' in %options in 
'get' call
      adds  dba0d99   shorted syntax
      adds  b46eda0   Merge branch 'feature/reneeb-fix-httptiny-opts' into devel
      adds  d344e1d   support 'source' request: add MetaCPAN::API::Source role
      adds  739c471   support 'source' request: add MetaCPAN::API::Source role
      adds  188400a   add test for source role
      adds  64faa6c   cleanup
      adds  1ff81d6   Merge branch 'feature/reneeb-add-source-role' into devel
      adds  00abf09   Merge branch 'devel' of 
into devel
      adds  b3c7b34   Merge branch 'hotfix/0.33' into devel
      adds  9e85869   Merge branch 'devel' of 
into devel
      adds  a2a46bd   version bump
      adds  2416ab5   reflect changes
      adds  ed7a3b9   Merge branch 'release/0.34'
      adds  1f3ac66   Merge branch 'release/0.34' into devel
      adds  be3e2ba   Small documentation tweak - changed fetch to post.
      adds  9822202   Another tweak to the documentation.
      adds  ff37fac   Merge branch 'feature/logie17-fixes' into devel
      adds  e96ba7f   encode queries to json with sorted keys so ES doesn't 
throw a fit
      adds  52c4f6b   Merge branch 'feature/wchristian-fixes-jsonencoding' into 
      adds  8e6be14   version bump
      adds  93e3d35   reflect changes
      adds  be6b469   Merge branch 'release/0.40'
      adds  7869796   Merge branch 'release/0.40' into devel
      adds  e63ce0e   use method instead methods to comply with 
Test::TinyMocker 0.02
      adds  d39915e   Merge branch 'feature/old-tinymocker' into devel
      adds  b88f9d0   version bump
      adds  8b3112e   reflect changes
      adds  9467be0   Merge branch 'release/0.41'
      adds  0d60415   Merge branch 'release/0.41' into devel
      adds  4dd26ea   sort modules, update, add more tests
      adds  722a65d   Merge branch 'feature/update-dzil' into devel
      adds  34205f8   correct method names
      adds  7fad787   Merge branch 'feature/document-source' into devel
      adds  9d4fcea   version bump
      adds  6baa180   reflect changes
      adds  965c147   Merge branch 'release/0.42'
      adds  cd23422   add repository link
      adds  c09ccc7   sort keys before joining url params
      adds  47d2491   adjust test
      adds  3790b0f   Merge branch 'devel'
      adds  6032a9a   add advanced usage example by Kent Fredric
      adds  c04229d   reflect changes
      adds  591b48a   bump version
      adds  ef7e65a   Fix _build_extra_params to auto-encode deep objects
      adds  7271c46   Merge branch 'topic/json_dwim'
      adds  86d23ad   Add MetaCPAN::API::Distribution Add 
MetaCPAN::API::Favorite Add MetaCPAN::API::File (split from Module) Add 
MetaCPAN::API::Rating Add content-type docs to MetaCPAN::API::POD Add README 
(for the sake of GitHub) Bulk up .gitignore
      adds  d77202a   replace README with dzil-created README.pod
      adds  db2945f   Merge branch 'topic/distribution_mod'
      adds  3f6f37e   merge autocomplete feature
      adds  7c1563d   Merge branch 'autocomplete-role'
      adds  6572d50   get rid of some shit
      adds  2ac76e1   splitting to Request module
      adds  ea6af07   removed code in API that was moved to API::Request
      adds  96aa6ee   some data objects
      adds  59c1525   laziness ftw
      adds  03f84ac   some code updates
      adds  03ef319   tidy
      adds  ab34322   adding the rest
      adds  fd39eb6   add author method
      adds  2e21745   use or
      adds  7180ef2   propagate improvements from Author entity to the rest
      adds  32f3d4c   support advanced searches
      adds  7d04d68   bug fix: pass parametes separetly so they get treated
      adds  736ab32   update the return output of author_search (incomplete)
      adds  36af545   this means war
      adds  707049a   redundant
      adds  9d102ed   Cache MetaCPAN::API::Request in MetaCPAN::API:
      adds  a799520   add post to the handles list
      adds  d9d98f7   adding ->module(), ->file() to
      adds  7897159   move parsing of author details into the author module
      adds  aa83d2e   move new_from_request to a role and use it everywhere
      adds  1cfed8d   Entity is clearer than Object
      adds  06e7077   make more functions work
      adds  e0f6db3   use one method to remove some code duplications
      adds  70bd26d   not sure this is going in the right direction
      adds  55ce24b   simpler
      adds  78d02ef   Revert "simpler"
      adds  aa43bc7   not complete yet, but slowly getting there
      adds  aedb742   release works
      adds  09d112a   DUDE WTF STOP IT
      adds  9a08ce2   duplicates --> method
      adds  7f0800d   add parameters
      adds  675a551   add parameters, propagate all the way
      adds  d847cba   bug fix
      adds  951943b   moving data attribute to role
      adds  02f605f   add resultset, populate hits/facets for complex queries
      adds  c32eea4   scrolled search method in request (wip)
      adds  6c16fff   use the scrolled search in searches
      adds  2de74f9   STOP IT
      adds  993b987   trying to add facets to the output
      adds  c3db401   get the correct output field
      adds  87a98ff   return facets in results
      adds  cccb974   fix compilation error, d'oh
      adds  f885d5f   default hashref when no facets available
      adds  20a30c2   make the result set an iterator (front for the ES 
      adds  0f07c90   rewrote the ES search query building
      adds  3606071   fix test: author
      adds  c9fa823   bug fix
      adds  7eed9d5   some more documentation here and there
      adds  f5c03cd   Move to new Elasticsearch API module (introduce breakage):
      adds  7bc8de3   try Elasticsearch
      adds  f86cf44   align =
      adds  00a25f9   more consistent code
      adds  a78cb10   add sawyer's Elasticsearch code so it will kinda work
      adds  eee08c6   send_get_body_as => 'POST'
      adds  c445aa2   Require Elasticsearch 1.04
      adds  d3ffbfb   wrapping up more docs
      adds  9c4e4cd   Fixes, additions, yada yada:
      adds  709b0f0   some things bug me too :)
      adds  1692520   remove all old tests
      adds  696a441   add new tests
      adds  14535d5   fixes prompted by tests
      adds  3ce697c   Rename everything to MetaCPAN::Client:
      adds  1a93e99   version 1.000000 - WELCOME
      adds  21c6da8   abstract for MetaCPAN::Client::Request
      adds  3142dcf   README update (by dzil)
      adds  b8f7d27   Perl::Critic complains
      adds  95757a9   sawyer is chewing my brain off
      adds  27cf92e   dzil doesn't want me to release today
      adds  0021b95   Merge branch '1.000'
      adds  efa9e93   Elasticsearch --> Search::Elasticsearch
      adds  200fe69   Merge branch '1.000'
      adds  0c11a82   1.000001 release
      adds  edd2d66   more 1.000001 release updates
      adds  a625d3a   support nested all/either queries
      adds  7c277f7   Fix package definition to suit older perls:
      adds  17130e8   Add tests for complex queries:
      adds  6b4cf88   updated changes
      adds  5e0786a   release 1.1
      adds  43a688f   changes update
      adds  04ce2b6   when 'fields' is passed to the scroller, we will have the 
results under a different key
      adds  4b87553   release 1.001001
      adds  560005f   added support for reverse dependencies search (returns 
array of dist. objects)
      adds  11c5518   add 'distribution' field support for Distribution objects
      adds  cd8fedf   Revert "add 'distribution' field support for Distribution 
      adds  ffd8cb6   avoid crashing in some cases
      adds  6516376   add alias to reverse_dependencies
      adds  eaacdfc   support 'not' key in complex queries.
      adds  e709c6d   rev_deps should map to releases. thanks Olaf ;)
      adds  7a6ab1b   add doc. for 'not'
      adds  3dfe03a   release 1.00200
      adds  59d0dc5   fix doc for rev_deps
      adds  7f2ac29   add POD fetching (type based) for file/module objects.
      adds  106cbac   update changes log
      adds  3758482   Switch from to JSON::MaybeXS:
      adds  8ff2f08   Merge branch 'feature/json-maybexs'
      adds  3848e03   GH #2: remove unnecessary validation of _get_or_search:
      adds  c3075ad   Merge branch 'fix/remove-unnecessary-validation'
      adds  cab0ddb   connect author to releases, return RS
      adds  aaf3ee5   update changes log
      adds  9643f54   here are some examples
      adds  61876c8   Use encode_json instead of to_json:
      adds  4ed9753   Provide "ua" attribute to override user agent in Request 
      adds  7942981   reflect changes
      adds  7133d46   Merge branch 'feature/override-ua'
      adds  cd5212e   nicer
      adds  696bf5a   Remove the duplicate "ua" attribute:
      adds  84d7773   update changes
      adds  2e6956c   default POD should be plain text as in returned data
      adds  f709d81   remove accidental symlink
      adds  bd204ea   cleanups, use full class Data::Printer instead of DDP
      adds  4b989b5   a better example showing use of hyphen in module name
      adds  472c633   reflect actual changes
      adds  b3a1214   improve POD syntax
      adds  637c3fa   new version: 1.003000
      adds  f159133   fix method name in doc
      adds  90104bb   make RS support list of results as an alternative to 
      adds  aa20d59   rev_deps --> return RS
      adds  eb77a27   FIX0rzdzca: sort scroller vs. given items:
      adds  f25a2d2   Merge branch 'mickey/rs_support_non_scrolled_fetch'
      adds  2c6f099   corrections to docs
      adds  23954b7   change doc for rev_deps
      adds  88f1760   make rev-deps-recursive example take an alternative 
module name as arg
      adds  b1fd5b7   release 1.004000
      adds  065629f   improve rev_deps query (match to cpan-web origin)
      adds  cabcc54   release 1.004001
      adds  a26c659   add the pod resource to MetaCPAN client
      adds  8b95c0c   update docs
      adds  d1a39cd   Test::Fatal isn't used
      adds  415a73a   Merge pull request #9 from reneeb/reneeb_test
      adds  8e0e41c   updated changes file
      adds  131e005   allow single element in either/all/not structures
      adds  f7f1cc1   update changes
      adds  65c0256   Link references to complex search specs to the 
documentation for them
      adds  4712a96   Don't use the word "simple" when describing complex 
search specs
      adds  5f01c20   Merge pull request #13 from 
      adds  b4fdfc4   release 1.005000
      adds  ee7f49a   yet another example (module)
      adds  fe12ffa   reverse dependencies: return an empty result set on 
      adds  ea203ee   added the recent(N|'today') functionality
      adds  53c3961   changes update
      adds  37985df   update examples
      adds  a8869f4   release 1.006000
      adds  a9d794f   rev_deps: example update (take module as param)
      adds  58b4774 Isolate generated 'ua' from user provided 
      adds  74fe420 pass the user specified ua if one was passed.
      adds  8a39f07 Add an optional, lazy loaded 'client' 
      adds  6f529b1 use new client attribute instead of creating 
      adds  a529708 Make sure to pass the MetaCPAN Client to 
constructed objects.
      adds  c6635d7   t/ua_trap.t: Add a basic bad-ua-passing test that fails 
due to ES calling HTTP::Tiny directly
      adds  21a5695   Changes: Add details about ua/client pass around
      adds  b8707db   Add .mailmap in case anyone ever does x_contributors from 
      adds  c0ea928   Merge pull request #17 from kentfredric/master
      adds  d69ccb3   release 1.007000
      adds  59b2933   whoops POD mistake
      adds  3243430   Downgrade WWW::Mechanize::Cached and HTTP::Tiny::Mech to 
being optional for testing
      adds  4460655   Merge pull request #18 from kentfredric/master
      adds  a7f0d8a   Include metadata in known fields for ::Release
      adds  5df0d33   Merge branch 'metadata' of into kentfredric-metadata
      adds  2da348e   Merge branch 'kentfredric-metadata'
      adds  6a140f1   release 1.007001
      adds  0831027   Fixes typo in SYNOPSIS.
      adds  a28c5ec   Allow domain and version of the API url to be settable 
via MetaCPAN::Client.
      adds  a959d4a   Merge pull request #21 from CPAN-API/oalders/domain
      adds  8834192   C1;2802;0cupdate Changes file
      adds  241ca8e   added example for nested either-and query
      adds  edfc51d   documented the nested queries (RT#94491)
      adds  7c760f9   update Changes
      adds  9d69d70   added 'all' method api for { match_all => {} } query
      adds  ffc2776   doc update
      adds  7f0efc4   update Changes
      adds  a86bdcd   release 1.008000
      adds  b296558   release 1.008000 - README update
      adds  42a4231   Fix casing of MetaCPAN::Client::Pod link
      adds  3a9ea59   Merge pull request #24 from alexmv/master
      adds  459b076   Fix meta resources:
      adds  e398b2e   reflect changes
      adds  ba22c22   new version, new year
      adds  8027d0d   readme rewritten
      adds  ccc64c3   support 'fields' filtering param in simple searches
      adds  dd61541   added example script for fields filtering
      adds  8dcb402   update Changes
      adds  b0e9a18   release 1.009000
      adds  aec4f49   allow '*' as value in complex search
      adds  cdfbe76   update Changes
      adds  264a826   unify syntax
      adds  774f5db   Support raw ES filters in 'all' (macth_all=>{}) queries
      adds  fecbcd4   add an example for es_filter use
      adds  5ca3fac   doc update
      adds  b005a54   update Changes
      adds  90511ea   release 1.010000
      adds  2c0d726   support favorites and facets in 'all' queries
      adds  b9592c8   reflect change
      adds  dde60ed   release 1.011000
      adds  0e85828   add example for facets in 'all' query
      adds  c27259a   another example (top 20 favorite distributions)
      adds  4d93956   added another example: all authors (pauseid) to blogs URL 
      adds  6e5b61f   some documentation
      adds  6e62c39   Merge pull request #31 from szabgab/pod
      adds  716e348   cleanup comments and update doc
      adds  be5c6bf   add an example for rating search
      adds  45194dc   allow ratings search in 'all' matches
      adds  7ba3fa1   added the Mirror type (including 'all' searches)
      adds  4f17cf8   reflect changes
      adds  2f70bce   fix doc
      adds  571d296   release 1.012000
      adds  8a4946d   Set up Travis testing.
      adds  c0cd465   Update .gitignore
      adds  7f2bba3   Add cpanfile.
      adds  289d966   Merge pull request #34 from CPAN-API/oalders/travis
      adds  501aedf   Don't add cpanfile twice when building dist.
      adds  d851ebe   Improve Kwalitee.
      adds  4d929ca   WWW::Mechanize::Cached < 1.48 can trigger a failure in 
      adds  481bf0d   Merge pull request #35 from 
      adds  65d3b5b   release 1.013000
      adds  070ef32   fixed warning with missing fields param
      adds  378dc60   update changes
      adds  380d734   Just use ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      adds  8469a48   Merge pull request #38 from karenetheridge/patch-1
      adds  aab4f8d   Switch to new scroll helper from new 
      adds  d54e315   reflect changes
      adds  e17889b   require proper version
      adds  bf66f4c   support alternative domain through env for testing
      adds  84c087b   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  059c8de   new version, yo
      adds  4712267   updates
      adds  827b33b   Adding a `source` method to MetaCPAN::Client::File
      adds  73dbcc3   Merge pull request #39 from stevan/master
      adds  8fdc4bd   release 1.015000
      adds  19b596a   support all filter for 'files'
      adds  41591a9   no http (https only)
      adds  1e24766   release 1.016000
      adds  dcafd76   support aggregations (facets replacement)
      adds  562151b   fix nodes list
      adds  077ed10   make dzil happy (added missing method doc)
      adds  fbc15b7   rename attribute
      adds  4dde8dc   release 1.017000
      adds  edcfa59   fix dates in changelog
      adds  be36787   Merge pull request #40 from zhouzhen1/fix_history
      adds  063d150   Set default 'domain' value if 'version' is v0|v1
      adds  929c549   Support download_url endpoint
      adds  381c727   release 1.018000
      adds  8bf7f88   fix abstract
      adds  5ba9293   added test api/download_url
      adds  ff77d7d   Added missing 'download_url' key in 'file' type
      adds  ec8057c   release: 1.019000
      adds  9cb8357   Author: added support for 'release_count' and 'links'
      adds  bcf516e   POD: pass the request object down to MetaCPAN::Client::Pod
      adds  6edccff   POD: support url_prefix parameter
      adds  3bc58de   update pod
      adds  5f82bcb   release 1.020000
      adds  aa6c630   add single valued arrayref to scalar fix
      adds  98b035f   release 1.021000
      adds  7d6e0d6   ES fields: accurate type check (pre-defined types)
      adds  7a0b226   Release: 1.022000
      adds  35a5537   pod updates. #bored_at_the_airport
      adds  36e0159   user ua must support 'get' and 'post'
      adds  e254907   release 1.022001
      adds  d9acc52   add test dependency: LWP::Protocol::https
      adds  396a84e   release 1.022002
      adds  8afc83e   fix warning: check file for name value in pod method
      adds  23eccbe   release 1.022003
      adds  607a9c1   support version from env (METACPAN_VERSION)
      adds  c663ba1   improve version input + tests
      adds  e69ca72   oops, add the tests
      adds  6f142f9   release: 1.023000
      adds  34eb148   try to fetch default production version from
      adds  4b44ea2   avoid returning undef
      adds  85985c1   release: 1.024000
      adds  75a25bd   some version restrictions for SSL over HTTP::Tiny
      adds  2f7bfa7   distribution: add default values for missing keys
      adds  6e4d005   release: 1.025000
      adds  e3a3b87   Favorite: author is the release author, not the person 
who favorited the release
      adds  d1a69a6   Merge pull request #47 from metacpan/favorites-doc-fix
      adds  529d2de   take prereqs from cpanfile
      adds  9fc6888   limit Search::Elasticsearch version
      adds  68a5aaf   release 1.026000
      adds  0a136ae   fix version range for Search::Elasticsearch (restore 
limit on older than 2.02)
      adds  104a0bd   release 1.026001
      adds  1487187   don't skip blessed JSON::PP::Boolean values for expected 
      adds  5259698   release 1.027000
      adds  8bbc016   Soften test deps HTTP::Tiny::Mech and 
      adds  afd8423   Merge pull request #50 from pghmcfc/master
      adds  f7a4172   dist.ini: don't inject into cpanfile
      adds  0fecd9b   release 1.028000
      adds  6a51cf1   Adds eumm_version to dist.ini
      adds  ef62cc8   Merge pull request #51 from metacpan/oalders/makemaker
      adds  9b310f2   Stop excluding cpanfile from being copied to build.
      adds  132e0dc   Merge pull request #52 from 
      adds  0e0e259   release 1.028001
      adds  2971ce7   dist.ini: update links
      adds  6f5fcc5   fix github URL so metacpan can render it
      adds  f240d13   this plugin does nothing with ReadmeAnyFromPod running 
lower down
      adds  691c48d   Merge pull request #53 from 
      adds  edfe4d7   dist.ini: added git tags
      adds  e89c5cb   dist.ini: restore ReadmeFromPod
      adds  e7ac434   dist.ini: few more tweaks (thanks to Grinnz)
      adds  3fd075a   release 1.028002
      adds  9e9b95c   dist.ini: removed AutoPrereqs
      adds  b69fac0   release 1.028003
      adds  f7031b7   use @Starter to simplify dist.ini
      adds  5ecb3b9   Clean up cpanfile
      adds  6d2b6e4   Merge pull request #54 from Grinnz/distini_starter
      adds  005cd6f   example: aggregations
      adds  33e7117   pin Search::Elasticsearch version
      adds  a569276   live v1 full support
      adds  6b9bdfb   release 2.000000
      adds  85113da   use Ref::Util for ref checks
      adds  6791362   documentation fix (download_url location)
      adds  44d6da7   distribution: support rt and github methods
      adds  ac46d28   release 2.001000
      adds  80e058c   workaround ES breaking change
      adds  acb353a   support the autocomplete endpoint
      adds  1a0baf4   release 2.002000
      adds  49e1b55   removed Try::Tiny dependency
      adds  4f53f86   GH#63: escape query for autocomplete
      adds  9dcb523   release 2.003000
      adds  ef1be7d   New upstream version 2.003000
       new  9c1eff5   Merge tag 'upstream/2.003000'
       new  997bfa2   Update debian/changelog
       new  af4ea32   Refresh es-scroll.patch (offset).
       new  3935562   Update (build) dependencies.
       new  775db64   releasing package libmetacpan-client-perl version 

The 5 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                             |  4 ++++
 META.json                           | 34 +++++++++++++++++-----------------
 META.yml                            | 34 +++++++++++++++++-----------------
 Makefile.PL                         |  6 +++---
 README                              |  2 +-
 cpanfile                            |  2 +-
 debian/changelog                    |  8 ++++++++
 debian/control                      |  4 ++--
 debian/patches/es-scroll.patch      |  4 ++--
 dist.ini                            |  2 +-
 lib/MetaCPAN/              |  7 ++++---
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/       |  4 ++--
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/ |  4 ++--
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/  |  4 ++--
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/     |  4 ++--
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/         |  4 ++--
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/       |  4 ++--
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/       |  4 ++--
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/          |  4 ++--
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/       |  4 ++--
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/      |  4 ++--
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/      | 13 ++++++++-----
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/    |  4 ++--
 lib/MetaCPAN/Client/Role/  |  4 ++--
 t/00-report-prereqs.dd              |  2 +-
 25 files changed, 93 insertions(+), 77 deletions(-)

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