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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Tue Dec 27 00:59:05 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging package libmetacpan-client-perl version debian/2.003000-1


Alex Vandiver (1):
      Fix casing of MetaCPAN::Client::Pod link

Christian Walde (1):
      encode queries to json with sorted keys so ES doesn't throw a fit

Dan Book (2):
      use @Starter to simplify dist.ini
      Clean up cpanfile

Gabor Szabo (1):
      some documentation

Karen Etheridge (3):
      Just use ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      fix github URL so metacpan can render it
      this plugin does nothing with ReadmeAnyFromPod running lower down

Kent Fredric (10): Isolate generated 'ua' from user provided 'ua'. pass the user specified ua if one was passed. Add an optional, lazy loaded 'client' attribute. use new client attribute instead of creating one Make sure to pass the MetaCPAN Client to constructed objects.
      t/ua_trap.t: Add a basic bad-ua-passing test that fails due to ES calling 
HTTP::Tiny directly
      Changes: Add details about ua/client pass around
      Add .mailmap in case anyone ever does x_contributors from git
      Downgrade WWW::Mechanize::Cached and HTTP::Tiny::Mech to being optional 
for testing
      Include metadata in known fields for ::Release

Logan (2):
      Small documentation tweak - changed fetch to post.
      Another tweak to the documentation.

Mickey (17):
      Merge pull request #9 from reneeb/reneeb_test
      Merge pull request #13 from CPAN-API/tsibley/search-spec-clarification
      Merge pull request #17 from kentfredric/master
      Merge pull request #18 from kentfredric/master
      Merge pull request #21 from CPAN-API/oalders/domain
      Merge pull request #31 from szabgab/pod
      Merge pull request #34 from CPAN-API/oalders/travis
      Merge pull request #35 from CPAN-API/oalders/fix-dzil-build
      Merge pull request #38 from karenetheridge/patch-1
      Merge pull request #39 from stevan/master
      Merge pull request #40 from zhouzhen1/fix_history
      Merge pull request #47 from metacpan/favorites-doc-fix
      Merge pull request #50 from pghmcfc/master
      Merge pull request #51 from metacpan/oalders/makemaker
      Merge pull request #52 from metacpan/oalders/copy-cpanfile-to-build
      Merge pull request #53 from karenetheridge/topic/tooling_fixes
      Merge pull request #54 from Grinnz/distini_starter

Mickey Nasriachi (74):
      support alternative domain through env for testing
      release 1.015000
      support all filter for 'files'
      no http (https only)
      release 1.016000
      support aggregations (facets replacement)
      fix nodes list
      make dzil happy (added missing method doc)
      rename attribute
      release 1.017000
      Set default 'domain' value if 'version' is v0|v1
      Support download_url endpoint
      release 1.018000
      fix abstract
      added test api/download_url
      Added missing 'download_url' key in 'file' type
      release: 1.019000
      Author: added support for 'release_count' and 'links'
      POD: pass the request object down to MetaCPAN::Client::Pod
      POD: support url_prefix parameter
      update pod
      release 1.020000
      add single valued arrayref to scalar fix
      release 1.021000
      ES fields: accurate type check (pre-defined types)
      Release: 1.022000
      pod updates. #bored_at_the_airport
      user ua must support 'get' and 'post'
      release 1.022001
      add test dependency: LWP::Protocol::https
      release 1.022002
      fix warning: check file for name value in pod method
      release 1.022003
      support version from env (METACPAN_VERSION)
      improve version input + tests
      oops, add the tests
      release: 1.023000
      try to fetch default production version from
      avoid returning undef
      release: 1.024000
      some version restrictions for SSL over HTTP::Tiny
      distribution: add default values for missing keys
      release: 1.025000
      take prereqs from cpanfile
      limit Search::Elasticsearch version
      release 1.026000
      fix version range for Search::Elasticsearch (restore limit on older than 
      release 1.026001
      don't skip blessed JSON::PP::Boolean values for expected scalars
      release 1.027000
      dist.ini: don't inject into cpanfile
      release 1.028000
      release 1.028001
      dist.ini: update links
      dist.ini: added git tags
      dist.ini: restore ReadmeFromPod
      dist.ini: few more tweaks (thanks to Grinnz)
      release 1.028002
      dist.ini: removed AutoPrereqs
      release 1.028003
      example: aggregations
      pin Search::Elasticsearch version
      live v1 full support
      release 2.000000
      use Ref::Util for ref checks
      documentation fix (download_url location)
      distribution: support rt and github methods
      release 2.001000
      workaround ES breaking change
      support the autocomplete endpoint
      release 2.002000
      removed Try::Tiny dependency
      GH#63: escape query for autocomplete
      release 2.003000

Olaf Alders (16):
      By making the base_url 'rw', we can use this module for testing other 
MetaCPAN installations (like developer instances).
      Fixes URL for module search by distname.  Wiki example was outdated
      Updates MetaCPAN URL
      Updates default API URL in Pod
      Fixes typo in synopsis
      Fixes typo in SYNOPSIS.
      Allow domain and version of the API url to be settable via
      Merge pull request #24 from alexmv/master
      Set up Travis testing.
      Update .gitignore
      Add cpanfile.
      Don't add cpanfile twice when building dist.
      Improve Kwalitee.
      WWW::Mechanize::Cached < 1.48 can trigger a failure in t/ua_trap.t
      Adds eumm_version to dist.ini
      Stop excluding cpanfile from being copied to build.

Paul Howarth (1):
      Soften test deps HTTP::Tiny::Mech and WWW::Mechanize::Cached

Sawyer X (241):
      Initial commit
      adding what we got so far
      adding abstracts to informations
      missing word in comment
      Merge branch 'feature/adding_files' into devel
      actually, we're gonna release 0.01_01 instead
      Merge branch 'release/0.01_01'
      Merge branch 'feature/base_url' into devel
      update changelog
      remove render_result method
      adding _http_req and refactoring for great good
      refactor author searches
      refactor cpanratings searches
      refactor module searches
      refactor pod searches
      wtf i left a print here?
      adding .swp to ignores
      roles require _http_req to be implemented
      Merge branch 'feature/productionize' into devel
      bumping version
      updating changes
      Merge branch 'release/0.01_02'
      Merge branch 'release/0.01_02' into devel
      immutabilize base_url
      bump version
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'release/0.01_03'
      Merge branch 'release/0.01_03' into devel
      adding docs to main .pm -
      fix indentation for POD
      adding docs for
      adding docs for
      adding docs to
      docs for
      Merge branch 'feature/docs' into devel
      reflecting changes
      bump version
      Merge branch 'release/0.02'
      protect against non-existent req_opts in useragent request
      adding base tests
      useragent tests
      adding release test
      adding ua_args
      removing calls for roles, will add one by one later
      removing old methods, will be adding by necessity later on
      removing unnecessary modules, will add later on by necessity
      adding MetaCPAN::API::Role::Path
      use updated API URL
      checking input
      actually, pure roles would be easier
      clean up of release test
      test for fetch method
      test different issues with fetch()
      add fetch method
      adding a release role
      fetch content before decode
      checking whether request was successful
      update test to reflect changes
      updating docs
      no need for these anymore
      add isa_ok
      correct count
      adding author tests
      update docs, add
      explicit return
      refactor base_url in fetch() method
      error string correction
      no need for additional variable
      updating docs
      unnecessary variable
      implement module
      add test
      use Module role
      opts instead of req_opts
      add tests for
      adding to fetch POD information
      use MetaCPAN::API::POD
      Merge branch 'beta_api' into devel
      new version
      Merge branch 'release/0.10'
      Merge branch 'release/0.10' into devel
      use updated and accurate api path
      correct tests for POD and include the correction in the documentation
      version 0.11
      Merge branch 'release/0.11'
      Merge branch 'release/0.11' into devel
      adding tests for content-type
      respect content-type
      use closing anchor on regex
      Merge branch 'feature/content_type' into devel
      add file() as a synonym of module()
      Merge branch 'feature/file' into devel
      add extra parameters to fetch()
      Merge branch 'feature/fetch_parameters' into devel
      adding test for _build_extra_params
      flatten params, make proper request
      Merge branch 'feature/correct_extra_params' into devel
      adding manual search for release()
      add example for complex search in documents
      allow pauseid as key, add manual search to author
      adapt tests to params fix
      update error string in test file
      Merge branch 'feature/manual_searching' into devel
      Merge branch 'devel' of into devel
      version 0.20
      AutoPrereq -> AutoPrereqs (dzil)
      Merge branch 'release/0.20'
      Merge branch 'release/0.20' into devel
      add post() method and refactored it and fetch() to _decode_result
      add docs and example
      adding tests for _decode_result
      remove unecessary tests
      adding tests for post()
      check parameters
      Merge branch 'feature/post_requests' into devel
      version 0.30
      Merge branch 'release/0.30'
      Merge branch 'release/0.30' into devel
      Merge branch 'feature/url-updates' into devel
      whoops, incorrect starting quote in POD example
      Merge branch 'feature/podfix' into devel
      reflect changes
      version bump
      Merge branch 'release/0.31'
      Merge branch 'release/0.31' into devel
      use a default user agent string
      use a test user agent string
      Merge branch 'feature/test_ua' into devel
      version 0.32
      Merge branch 'release/0.32'
      Merge branch 'release/0.32' into devel
      Merge branch 'devel' of into devel
      bump version
      update changes
      skip t:lib::Functions
      Merge branch 'hotfix/0.33'
      Merge branch 'hotfix/0.33' into devel
      Merge branch 'feature/oalders-fix-synopsis-typo' into devel
      shorted syntax
      Merge branch 'feature/reneeb-fix-httptiny-opts' into devel
      Merge branch 'feature/reneeb-add-source-role' into devel
      Merge branch 'devel' of into devel
      version bump
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'release/0.34'
      Merge branch 'release/0.34' into devel
      Merge branch 'feature/logie17-fixes' into devel
      Merge branch 'feature/wchristian-fixes-jsonencoding' into devel
      version bump
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'release/0.40'
      Merge branch 'release/0.40' into devel
      use method instead methods to comply with Test::TinyMocker 0.02
      Merge branch 'feature/old-tinymocker' into devel
      version bump
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'release/0.41'
      Merge branch 'release/0.41' into devel
      sort modules, update, add more tests
      Merge branch 'feature/update-dzil' into devel
      correct method names
      Merge branch 'feature/document-source' into devel
      version bump
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'release/0.42'
      add repository link
      sort keys before joining url params
      adjust test
      Merge branch 'devel'
      add advanced usage example by Kent Fredric
      reflect changes
      bump version
      Merge branch 'topic/json_dwim'
      replace README with dzil-created README.pod
      Merge branch 'topic/distribution_mod'
      Merge branch 'autocomplete-role'
      some data objects
      adding the rest
      propagate improvements from Author entity to the rest
      this means war
      Cache MetaCPAN::API::Request in MetaCPAN::API:
      adding ->module(), ->file() to
      Entity is clearer than Object
      add parameters
      add parameters, propagate all the way
      moving data attribute to role
      add resultset, populate hits/facets for complex queries
      STOP IT
      return facets in results
      fix compilation error, d'oh
      default hashref when no facets available
      some more documentation here and there
      Move to new Elasticsearch API module (introduce breakage):
      Require Elasticsearch 1.04
      wrapping up more docs
      Fixes, additions, yada yada:
      remove all old tests
      add new tests
      fixes prompted by tests
      Rename everything to MetaCPAN::Client:
      version 1.000000 - WELCOME
      abstract for MetaCPAN::Client::Request
      Perl::Critic complains
      Merge branch '1.000'
      Fix package definition to suit older perls:
      Add tests for complex queries:
      add alias to reverse_dependencies
      Switch from to JSON::MaybeXS:
      Merge branch 'feature/json-maybexs'
      GH #2: remove unnecessary validation of _get_or_search:
      Merge branch 'fix/remove-unnecessary-validation'
      Use encode_json instead of to_json:
      Provide "ua" attribute to override user agent in Request object:
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'feature/override-ua'
      Remove the duplicate "ua" attribute:
      update changes
      remove accidental symlink
      cleanups, use full class Data::Printer instead of DDP
      reflect actual changes
      improve POD syntax
      new version: 1.003000
      FIX0rzdzca: sort scroller vs. given items:
      Merge branch 'mickey/rs_support_non_scrolled_fetch'
      corrections to docs
      whoops POD mistake
      Fix meta resources:
      reflect changes
      new version, new year
      readme rewritten
      Switch to new scroll helper from new Search::Elasticsearch:
      reflect changes
      require proper version
      Merge branch 'master' of
      new version, yo

SineSwiper (2):
      Fix _build_extra_params to auto-encode deep objects
      Add MetaCPAN::API::Distribution

Stevan Little (1):
      Adding a `source` method to MetaCPAN::Client::File

Thomas Sibley (3):
      Link references to complex search specs to the documentation for them
      Don't use the word "simple" when describing complex search specs
      Favorite: author is the release author, not the person who favorited the 

bowtie (1):
      a better example showing use of hyphen in module name

gregor herrmann (6):
      New upstream version 2.003000
      Merge tag 'upstream/2.003000'
      Update debian/changelog
      Refresh es-scroll.patch (offset).
      Update (build) dependencies.
      releasing package libmetacpan-client-perl version 2.003000-1

mickey (126):
      get rid of some shit
      splitting to Request module
      removed code in API that was moved to API::Request
      laziness ftw
      some code updates
      add author method
      use or
      support advanced searches
      bug fix: pass parametes separetly so they get treated
      update the return output of author_search (incomplete)
      add post to the handles list
      move parsing of author details into the author module
      move new_from_request to a role and use it everywhere
      make more functions work
      use one method to remove some code duplications
      not sure this is going in the right direction
      Revert "simpler"
      not complete yet, but slowly getting there
      release works
      duplicates --> method
      bug fix
      scrolled search method in request (wip)
      use the scrolled search in searches
      trying to add facets to the output
      get the correct output field
      make the result set an iterator (front for the ES scroller)
      rewrote the ES search query building
      fix test: author
      bug fix
      try Elasticsearch
      align =
      more consistent code
      add sawyer's Elasticsearch code so it will kinda work
      send_get_body_as => 'POST'
      some things bug me too :)
      README update (by dzil)
      sawyer is chewing my brain off
      dzil doesn't want me to release today
      Elasticsearch --> Search::Elasticsearch
      Merge branch '1.000'
      1.000001 release
      more 1.000001 release updates
      support nested all/either queries
      updated changes
      release 1.1
      changes update
      when 'fields' is passed to the scroller, we will have the results under a 
different key
      release 1.001001
      added support for reverse dependencies search (returns array of dist. 
      add 'distribution' field support for Distribution objects
      Revert "add 'distribution' field support for Distribution objects"
      avoid crashing in some cases
      support 'not' key in complex queries.
      rev_deps should map to releases. thanks Olaf ;)
      add doc. for 'not'
      release 1.00200
      fix doc for rev_deps
      add POD fetching (type based) for file/module objects.
      update changes log
      connect author to releases, return RS
      update changes log
      here are some examples
      default POD should be plain text as in returned data
      fix method name in doc
      make RS support list of results as an alternative to scroller
      rev_deps --> return RS
      change doc for rev_deps
      make rev-deps-recursive example take an alternative module name as arg
      release 1.004000
      improve rev_deps query (match to cpan-web origin)
      release 1.004001
      updated changes file
      allow single element in either/all/not structures
      update changes
      release 1.005000
      yet another example (module)
      reverse dependencies: return an empty result set on failure
      added the recent(N|'today') functionality
      changes update
      update examples
      release 1.006000
      rev_deps: example update (take module as param)
      release 1.007000
      Merge branch 'metadata' of 
into kentfredric-metadata
      Merge branch 'kentfredric-metadata'
      release 1.007001
      C1;2802;0cupdate Changes file
      added example for nested either-and query
      documented the nested queries (RT#94491)
      update Changes
      added 'all' method api for { match_all => {} } query
      doc update
      update Changes
      release 1.008000
      release 1.008000 - README update
      support 'fields' filtering param in simple searches
      added example script for fields filtering
      update Changes
      release 1.009000
      allow '*' as value in complex search
      update Changes
      unify syntax
      Support raw ES filters in 'all' (macth_all=>{}) queries
      add an example for es_filter use
      doc update
      update Changes
      release 1.010000
      support favorites and facets in 'all' queries
      reflect change
      release 1.011000
      add example for facets in 'all' query
      another example (top 20 favorite distributions)
      added another example: all authors (pauseid) to blogs URL mapping
      cleanup comments and update doc
      add an example for rating search
      allow ratings search in 'all' matches
      added the Mirror type (including 'all' searches)
      reflect changes
      fix doc
      release 1.012000
      release 1.013000
      fixed warning with missing fields param
      update changes

reneeb (8):
      HTTP::Tiny does not accept 'content-type' in %options in 'get' call
      support 'source' request: add MetaCPAN::API::Source role
      support 'source' request: add MetaCPAN::API::Source role
      add test for source role
      merge autocomplete feature
      add the pod resource to MetaCPAN client
      update docs
      Test::Fatal isn't used

zhouzhen1 (1):
      fix dates in changelog


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       new  9c1eff5   Merge tag 'upstream/2.003000'
       new  997bfa2   Update debian/changelog
       new  af4ea32   Refresh es-scroll.patch (offset).
       new  3935562   Update (build) dependencies.
       new  775db64   releasing package libmetacpan-client-perl version 

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