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in repository libgearman-client-perl.

        at  74493b7   (tag)
   tagging  c570825e44af70b47ac6ef348fee6541c4a776a1 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.130.004
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Tue Dec 27 22:02:35 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.002.004

Alexei Pastuchov (449):
      override by current Gearman::Client 1.11 implementation
      override debian content by current debian 
      rm debian
      override v1.11 by v1.12
      override v1.11 by v1.12
      bugfix report: 9d39ddea-84ff-11e4-b716-d372e0bfc7aa
      complete use tests
      client refactoring
      debug moved into base
      renamed client test
      client test isa base
      worker refactoring
      worker test script
      prefix is now in base
      no warnings 'deprecated'
      client do task timeout test
      add todo in client get_status
      client background and get status tests
      worker register_function and work tests
      fix the Bug #100594 in v1.12
      add perl -c todo in
      bug 100594 fixed
      task tests
      fixed bug: 63110
      clean up task test
      fixed bug: 85192
      verbose worker test
      fixed bug: 89037
      fxied bug: BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at lib/Gearman/
      complete dependencies makefile
      update changes
      increase v1.12.002
      add .travis.yml
      Gearman::Task includes fields defined in Gearman::Objects
      Gearman::Client includes fields defined in Gearman::Objects
      Gearman::Taskset includes fields defined in Gearman::Objects
      replase use Gearman::Objects test by Gearman::Base
      Gearman::Client tidied
      Gearman::JobStatus tidied
      Gearman::ResponseParser tidied
      Gearman::Task* tidied
      Gearman::Util tidied
      Gearman::Worker tidied
      Utils uses warnings
      JobStatus uses warnings
      ResponseParser's use warnings except redefine
      Client uses warnings except redefine
      Task uses warnings except redefine
      Taskset uses warnings except redefine
      Taskset uses warnings
      rm obsolete Gearman::Objects
      cleanup MANIFEST
      update CHANGES
      add v5.18 to .travis.yml
      put into MANIFEST
      bug fixing in add_taks call
      travis: no sudo, coverage
      _before_install: clone travis-perl-helper
      update changes
      rm META.* from MANIFEST
      rm META.*
      update changes
      add branches section into .travis.yml
      test script uses warnings + perltidy
      use warnings in test scripts
      pod updates
      repository into pod; v1.12.006
      Merge branch 'upstream' of into upstream
      cpan, coverage badges
      update travice url
      test coverage
      run on upstream
      cpanm --quiet --notest --installdeps
      client tests refactoring
      worker tests refactoring
      travis for perl v5.24 [ci skip]
      README [ci skip]
      rm HACKING [ci skip]
      rm HACKING [ci skip]
      separate Gearman::Job and Gearman::Worker
      test use of Gearman::Job
      test version
      manifest got lib/Gearman/
      _get_task_from_args is now Gearman::Client object method
      Gearman::Taskset tests
      strict Gearman::Task
      more Gearman::Task tests
      BUILD_REQUIRES Test::Exception
      05-testset.t MANIFEST
      pod bug fixed
      Gearman::ResponseParser tests
      die verbose
      caught bad arguments exception
      strict Gearman::ResponseParser::Taskset
      Gearman::ResponseParser::Taskset tests
      strict Gearman::Taskset, rm use Gearman::Client
      more Gearman::Taskset tests
      more Gearman::ResponseParser::Taskset tests
      rm #no warnings redef
      Gearman::JobStatus tests
      rename Gearman::Base back to Gearman::Object because external dependency 
Gearman-Client-Async exists
      bug fix #115027: Use of uninitialized value  in numeric eq (==) at 
Gearman/ line 226
      v1.12.008 merged in
      run t/30-maxqueue.t and t/40-prefix.t only with AUTHOR_TESTING
      update changes
      merge v1.12.009
      rm o warnings redefine
      Gearman::Client tests
      Gearman::Client pod [ci skip]
      Gearman::Work pod [ci skip]
      Gearman::Job pod [ci skip]
      Gearman::Work can_ok tests [ci skip]
      Gearman::Task pod, refactoring [ci skip]
      Gearman::Task more tests [ci skip]
      Gearman::Task refactoring [ci skip]
      Gearman::Task tests [ci skip]
      Gearman::Task [ci skip]
      Gearman::Task tests [ci skip]
      Gearman::Task edit comments [ci skip]
      Gearman::Task refactoring
      Gearman::Task tests
      add Storable into build requirements
      Gearman::Taskset s/die/croak/
      Gearman::Taskset s/die/croak/; pod
      bug fix Gearman::Taskset->run_hook
      Gearman::Task->run_hook refactoring
      Gearman::Taskset tests
      add IO::Socket::INET into BUILD_REQUIRES
      check client js_count
      taskset pod, refactoring in _get_hashed_sock
      taskset socket tests
      bug fixing taskset->_get_default_sock test
      _fail_jshandle() proves arguement
      test taskset_>_fail_jshandle
      taskset->_ip_port test
      taskset->add_task pod
      taskset->add_task tests
      taskset->_wait_for_packet test
      taskset->_wait_for_packet refactoring
      taskset->_process_packet refactoring
      taskset->_process_packet tests
      client pod
      client properies and new_task_set test
      client->get_status returns undef wihtout handle
      client->get_status subtest
      client->_get_js_sock tests
      rm spaces
      client pod
      deprecate client->get_job_servers_client
      taskset pod
      catch get_job_server_clients deprecated exception
      taskset->_ip_port return hostport || ipport to get rid off undef result 
in client->get_status
      client->get_status s/die/croak/
      taskset->_process_packet dies moved into TODO block
      client tests refactoring
      Merge branch 'master' of
      taskset->_ip_port check getpeername befor loaned_sock loop
      taskset->_process_packet subtest
      client->get_job_server_clients is not deprecated
      client->get_job_server_clients test
      jobstatus refactoring, progress and percent methods hardening
      jobstatus tests
      add 06-09 test scripts into MANIFEST
      Gearman::Job tests
      add 11-job.t into MANIFEST
      worker pod
      worker->_get_js_sock warns if no socket
      requires Test::Timer
      more worker tests
      worker debug test
      worker tests
      clean up worker test
      util tests
      add util test in MANIFEST
      util pod
      util pod [ci skip]
      util  pack_re(q|s)_command refactoring
      util exception test
      util tests
      object->prefix refactoring
      tasl->pack_submit_packet refactoring
      10-all.t refactoring
      30-maxqueue.t refactoring
      TestGearman refactoring
      move server start in a block
      maxqueue refactoring
      prefix tests refactoring
      taskset timeout refactoring
      rm t/51-large_args.t
      log args subtest moved into t/50-wait_timeout.t
      stop if tests refactoring
      free_ports default count: 1
      move on top start_worker
      rm -t/51-large_args.t from MANIFEST
      rm warn pid
      client pod get_jobs, get_clients
      09-connection refactoring
      rm #/usr/bin/perl in test scripts
      TestGearman supports both Gearman::Server and gearmand
      renamed [ci skip]
      Test::Gearman [ci skip]
      Test::Gearman [ci skip]
      Test::Gearman refactoring
      use Test::Gearman
      skip uncompleted tests
      add Test::Gearman into MANIFEST
      max quiue [ci skip]
      no need for IO::Socket::INET in
      Objects module provides socket method
      simpla can socket test
      client uses objects->socket
      worker uses objects->socket
      objects uses _property methods for getting/setting
      objects supports ssl
      add IO::Socket::SSL into depends
      cleanup objects
      objects tests refactoring
      bug fix: worker provide all parameters to super
      objects provides ssl_socket_cb
      test objects ssl_socket_cb
      10-all tests work fine with gearmand
      20-leaktest only for Gearman::Server
      maxqueue test nok
      maxqueue Gearman::Server test ok
      40-prefix tests
      wait timeout tests ok
      cleanup wait timeout
      stop if tests ok
      leaktest in TODO
      rm redundant client tests
      rm Time::HiRes
      cleanup worker tests
      ok/nok comments
      respawn_children without parameters
      Test::Gearman refactoring
      rm GearTestLib
      taskset uses Test::Gearman
      travis ci + install gearman-job-server
      pod issue 56308
      fail(reason) issue 56508
      pod issue 59185
      objects pod
      travis ci only for master branch
      pod issue 46373
      issue 85191 patch manually applied
      just replace a comment
      skip connection testing
      Gearman::Util::read_res_packet refactoring: goto/redo replaced by a 
      update changes
      skip worker _get_js_sock test without gearmand
      update changes
      build requires Perl::OSType
      don't use which cmd on Windows
      skip wait_for_readability subtest on Windows
      pod s/heade2/head2/
      replace 'use Errno qw(EAGAIN)' by 'POSIX qw(:errno_h)'
      requires POSIX
      update changes
      issue 116744 Utility pod
      add Gearman::ResponseParser pod
      add Gearman::ResposeParser::Taskset pod
      chages updated
      use File::Which for gearmand lookup
      build requires File::Which
      client pod [ci skip]
      maxqueue and gladiator are going into Gearman::Server repository
      cleanup MANIFEST
      permit Gearman::Client subclassing
      Gearman::Client check by isa
      no import anything from Gearman::Util
      task refactoring
      job refactoring
      taskset refactoring
      replace ref check by isa
      worker refactoring
      add version into build requirements
      skip isa test if get_js_sock fails
      use Test::TCP for client testing
      build depends Test::TCP v2.17
      constructor checks in subtest
      Test::TCP based worker tests
      skip bug fixing
      Taskset tests based on Test::TCP
      run connect test
      job test script renamed
      unit test script renamed
      provides new_server
      provides new_worker
      separated privority tests
      client pod
      sum tests separated
      fail tests separated
      provide timeout to worker register function if given
      new_server starts gearmand with debug verbosity on demand
      background test
      sleep tests separated
      short which
      status tests separated
      rm 10-all.t
      failure tests
      taskset subtests use t::Server
      new_woker expects parameters in hash form instead of list
      prefix tests based on Test::TCP
      pass hash to new_worker
      pass hash to new_worker
      pass hash to new_worker
      pass hash to new_worker
      pass hash to new_worker
      pass hash to new_worker
      wait with timeout tests based on Test::TCP
      delete stop if test script
      rm Test::Gearman
      update MANIFEST content
      add Proc::Guard into BUILD_REQUIRES
      Merge branch 'master' into ssl
      rm obsolete ENV{GEARMAN_SERVERS}
      use t::Server in client tests
      use t::Server in worker tests
      set peer addr via env for testing purposes
      refactor canonicalize_job_servers
      socket dies if connection failed
      simple echo request tests via ssl
      cleanup echo tests
      ssl sum
      use IO::Socket::IP for the sake of IPv6
      object tests for IO::Socket::IP
      _get_js_sock dies by connection to empty port
      uses Socket::IP instead of INET
      uses Socket::IP instead of INET
      uses Socket::IP instead of INET
      cache is an IO::Socket::IP object
      worker _get_js_sock returns undef
      s/croak/carp/ in socket
      /09-connect.t AUTHOR_TESTING
      a char
      smarter t::Server
      cleaner sum tests
      cleaner fail tests
      tests refactoring
      replace PeerAddr by PeerHost and PeerPort
      t::Server does not start local gearmand if env GEARMAN_ADDR is set
      t::Server->job_servers return an array
      job_servers return wantarray ..
      Taskset->_ip_port support for ipv6
      setsockopt TCP_NODELAY moved into
      update MANIFEST
      v2.001.001 TRIAL
      bug fixing: Util::send_req writes data in subsequences
      Gearman::Object->socket shows errors only if debug is set
      ssl test set worker/client debug if SSL_DEBUG
      * set MakeMaker NAME=Gearman::Client 
      mv use_ok to the top
      carp on socket error only in debug mode
      check fileno result
      use IO::Select->can_read instead of fileno+vec+select
      rm IO::Handle
      add IO::Select to prereq_pm
      G::O supports hash reference as job_servers element
      test prereq Test::Differences
      use Ref::Util
      prereq Ref::Util
      Objects->socket rewritten with regard to js parameter:
      Gearman::Objects tests
      client uses Ref::Util
      Job uses Ref::Util
      worker _get_js_sock tests
      - job_servers item maybe a scalar or hash reference
      Objects tests
      s/Gearman::Object //
      Gearman::Object provides sock_cache store
      client uses parent class sock_cache
      job server stringify method
      job server keys renamed
      ssl test
      Objects provide a job servers lookup method
      prereq List::MoreUtils
      worker uses objects sock cache and stringifies job server items
      client stringifies job server items
      ts stringifies job server items
      t::Server->job_servers returns list of hash references
      worker tests stringifies job servers
      add on fail callback
      bug fixing reset abilities (183fda38)
      add TODO
      perl 5.24 caught Error:  Can't redeclare "my" in "my"
      skip worker stop if test if no gearmand
      rm File::Which
      distname: Gearman
      requires Ref::Util >= 0.020; see cpan tester report 
      MIN_PERL_VERSION = 5.008001
      ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.48 required

Graham Ollis (2):
      add repository to dist metadata
      remove old manifest entry

Mohammad S Anwar (1):
      Add missing LICENSE meta name in the Makefile.PL script

ask (6):
      -- Refactor tests to have less duplicate code
      -- Add prefix setting to Gearman::Client and Gearman::Worker for simple
      just warn once when a job dies
      Let Gearman::Worker use hostnames for job_servers (like
      start adding debug options (don't document until they are actually useful)
      oops - fix typo (committed from wrong wc, grrh.  18 hour workday :-/ )

athomason (3):
      Add unregister_function method to use cant_do protocol command.
      Support timeout in do_task by passing it along to Taskset::wait.
      When running subprocesses in client tests, use test runner's perl and 
gearmand instead of environment's

bradfitz (54):
      in-development snapshot commit.
      some more work.  server mostly done.  need a worker harness and
      high-priority jobs.
      *** empty log message ***
      minor work.  my notes are at the office tho and VPN/backdoors are
      Client library largley done now.  Some polish needed in places, but it 
      add wait_for_readability function from mogilefsd
      getting there.
      more polish
      avoid buffered I/O on read path (since callers could use this with 
      -- TCP_NODELAY on both client and worker.  removes the FIXME lines and 
makes the system
      new command for worker-clients to send the server a random client id.
      lot of event types have no payload.  don't read nothing.
      make the client deal with tasks w/ same handles in a taskset.
      misc notes
      -- add "do_task" method to client
      fix syntax errors
      massive reorganization, and more docs
      on_retry callback
      let dispatch_background take a task object, in addition to task 
      make both do_task and dispatch_background share argument parsing code
      whoops.  forgot the leading underscore
      new gearman response parser object.  generic and sync-specific
      vector must be '', not 0
      robustness for workers against gearmands going away at inopportune moments
      remove debug, and add a stopping condition subref on work method
      rearrange the tree.
      moving tests to client
      fix up tests from moves.  and warnings.
      add manifest
      is_finished field/method
      final fail method
      rename fail_after_idle to timeout, document it better, and change
      +     -- when workers are writing status messages up to parent, die on 
      about to release 1.01
      improved tests i guess i forgot to check in awhile back
      failing memory leak test
      add cancel method on tasksets, just to improve memleak test
      test cleanup
      doc fix
      tell stop_if hook if loop is idle or not.
      kill warning
      commit prior to 1.04 release
      -- just some extra debugging/deaths during weird cases (helped find
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.05.  Changelog diff is:
      extra step
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.06.  Changelog diff is:
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.07.  Changelog diff is:
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.08.  Changelog diff is:
      add copyright/license
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.09.  Changelog diff is:

btrott (2):
      Added POD docs for Gearman::Client and Gearman::Worker.
      * Added a test for dispatch_background and get_status, along with

chaz (10):
      Adding a method to help parse text status responses from the server.
      Adding the client functionality to issue and parse output from the server 
"status" command.
      Oops, extraneous debugging.
      Slightly more broken-up server text response parsing, to make it easier 
to implement the other informational functions in the client.
      Adding tests for the job server status stuff.
      Adding support for the job server "jobs" status command.
      Adding client support for the job server "clients" command.
      Adding a test for clients command.
      Cleaning up the other tests a little.
      Fixing these tests so they actually succeed.

dormando (5):
      Allow socket reuse for dispatch_background calls.
      make the arbitrary sleep last a lot longer.
      deprecate svn dist upload.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.10.  Changelog diff is:
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.11.  Changelog diff is:

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 2.002.004

hachi (66):
      r174@colinux:  hachi | 2006-04-18 10:14:39 -0700
      r175@colinux:  hachi | 2006-04-19 10:38:26 -0700
      Merge branches/timeouts changes into trunk
      More gearman tests.
      More testing fun, check to make sure job hashing does the right thing in 
light of worker timeouts.
      Stupid precedence bug by my hand. use of length() in a void context is 
kinda pointless.
      abunner caught the fact that we don't use Gearman::Taskset, and I noticed 
that we're missing Gearman::Util as well. This may fix compilation errors in a 
few cases.
      During global cleanup this may be called out of order, and the client my 
not exist in the taskset.
      Add maximum jobqueue size feature, with a test.
      Don't import all the socket constants when we don't even use them.
      Hooks in the Gearman client.
      Forgot this part of the hooks.
      Don't throw warnings if the hook didn't actually fail.
      Fix hook calling bits, and add an accessor.
      Release 1.04
      Timeouts for Taskset->wait() calling. Tests fail because the expect 
something wrong. Will fix tests in next commit.
      Client timeout/disconnect complete.
      Whitaker doesn't like when I do conditional assignments to new lexicals, 
suggested this style. I like it better too, but I'm not going to admit it :)
      Add ability for workers to be launched as sub processes of the gearmand, 
using a duped socketpair for communication.
      Add docs, and fix this to actually work (when I tested it earlier I had 
extra libs laying around that made my test appear to work)
      Break out on connection work, use it for better handling in the case of 
being a child process of a gearmand.
      Check the hash first, then shove through int()... not the other way 
      Add gearman-client specfile.
      Don't let rpmbuild do any automatic dependancy creation, it just gets it 
wrong anyways.
      Add stuff to ignore in MANIFEST.SKIP: debian directory and rpm specfiles 
and shipit config file
      cleanup MANIFEST with 'make manifest', no real changes.
      In pack_res_command, silence any warnings about 'undefined' or 
      change server polling order in workers to start at a random point in the 
list during every worker pass. So we drain jobs from all servers rather than 
working on each of them in order.
      expose the time that the last job was processed in the stop_if hook of 
      Forgot to add test to manifest.
      Add failing test for large jobs, which may apparently be things over 32 
kilobytes in size on linux. (takes forever to run this test on my machine)
      This fixes the problem exposed in the test in the previous commit. Large 
jobs are somehow being split into multiple reads. I'm not sure exactly why this 
is since SSIZE_MAX is 2GB on the machine I'm testing on, but it seems that 
reads max out at 32kilobytes and so we have to run them multiple times to get 
all the data.
      CHANGES entry for previous commit
      - Support for exceptions in client, disabled by default. Disabled if 
server doesn't support it.
      Remove the commented out exceptions test that require Error::Simple, I 
see no need for another build dependancy just to test that.
      Off by one is OK in this case, because we don't know how fast the 
gearmand is at dispatching the jobs.
      Send the reason all the way into the callback.
      Storable is now autoloaded for exceptions support. Failure is handled 
gracefully in the case of implicit loading and dies on explicit exceptions 
      Remove a race condition where the loop doesn't end immediately when we 
ask it to. Instead it goes for one extra loop.
      Add debian build information.
      update specfile to conflict with old named packages and have the correct 
      Fix double-prepended prefixes on func.
      Fix test worker race.
      Make workers only contact servers that woke them.
      Changelog for commit -2 ago.
      On reconnect workers should go to sleep on sockets.
      Clear hooks at init and cleanup.
      Mergedown of sync-async-client work into trunk.
      Make workers wake up periodically and poll a server.
      Fix from Martin Atkins, don't print() in the Gearman::Util code and close 
      Update specfile for client
      Use sysread's offset argument to save memory.
      A comment regarding my recent change to read_res_packet
      Rewrite read_res_packet as an event loop, for timeouts.
      Refactor _get_task_from_args to more use.
      Make dispatch_background use common code paths.
      Why is this eout here, we don't check it.
      type $self to the client class so that field names are checked at compile 
      Upon connection failure, exponential backoff
      Silence warnings during connection backoff.
      Start using the timeout feature in tasksets.
      Add an actual command timeout for, use it in ->add_task.
      Connect backoff tests.
      Add a timeout to exception negotiation
      Requires Time::HiRes now, but that's been core since 5.8, so we should be 
      Bump up version in specfile

jsteinert (6):
      Add async packet reading.
      Add Danga::Socket based client class.
      Add hash method for use by the danga async class
      Bring Client/Danga up to date using proper reading from Danga::Socket, 
and the new ResponseParser objects added by bradfitz.
      Remove now unused packet unpacking function.
      Remove now defunct .pm file

mart (6):
      Fix Gearman::ResponseParser bug where it would never finish parsing a 
message with a zero-length payload.
      My previous commit broke parsing of messages that are split into separate 
      Add tests for messages split over multiple packets.
      Patch from some cranky, anonymous guy to fix a short read bug in workers 
that causes truncated argument strings.
      Update changelog.
      Add one last test case for the combination of multiple messages in one 
packet and messages split over multiple packets.

mischa (4):
      Finish sentence in pod docs
      jonathan and i agree that this return is bogus; the is_idle
      accept callbacks for job completion
      add (minimal) POD docs for the work callbacks

p-alik (2):

sky (2):
      First draft at a Makefile.PL
      no danga socket needed

whitaker (2):
      -- not a hashref
      My workers were using 100% CPU so after investigation I found that the

ykerherve (3):
      Fixed Adam's last checkin for default case:
      Fixed an issue where $prefix was ignored for background task
      Fixed an issue introduced in r396 where multiple packets would

Алексей Пастухов (4):
      Merge pull request #1 from plicease/meta
      Merge pull request #2 from plicease/manifest
      Merge pull request #5 from manwar/add-missing-license-meta-name


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