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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/1.41
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        at  2750e4c   (tag)
   tagging  e8b46eeae2a0d7029dbeb90477427b508da126e2 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.40
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Tue Dec 27 22:54:10 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.41

Dave Rolsky (127):
      More tidying
      Add resources to META.yml
      apply patch from Graham Barr to make getting context info optional
      Tweak docs for defaults
      Tidy SYNOPSIS code
      tidy all code in pod
      More code tidying
      improve docs for no_context_info
      Rework context info feature to work as class method like similar existing 
      move all author tests to xt and add more
      Speling fix
      More speling fix
      And more speling
      Final speling fix
      Add dictionary
      Add trustme methods
      Update .shipit for hg
      add benchmark script
      Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      Add .hgignore
      updated skip list
      bump version to 1.30
      More on defining light weight.
      Add changes for 1.30
      modernize tests and require Test::More 0.88+
      Move done_testing() and fix line number check
      remove redundant strict & warnings
      require Test::More 0.88+
      Create README
      Add egid to dictionary
      Added tag 1.30 for changeset 82d3e7bd88de
      typo fix
      Make EC::Base usable without loading EC
      Add some changes for 1.31
      dzilize this distro
      update xt tests
      dist.ini fixes
      Added tag 1.31 for changeset 706b968b385f
      Fix Alex Peters' name
      Remove Test::Most dependency
      Changes for 1.32
      Bump version
      Added tag 1.32 for changeset 30a527f07259
      remove .shipit
      post hg conversion tweaks
      post hg conversion tweaks
      post hg conversion - change repo uris in dist.ini
      Don't mention Error, just Try::Tiny
      Silence warning from test on 5.17.x
      Changes for next release
      Fix release dates
      Modernize dist.ini
      Fix next release format
      Bump version
      Remove pod.t
      Run code through tidy
      Run code through tidy
      Add more word to whitelist
      Fix pod formatting
      Small Changes tweak
      Disable changes test for now
      Require Test::More 0.88+
      Use AutoPrereqs plugin
      Changes for next release
      Bump version
      Require Class::Data::Inheritable 0.02
      Changes for next release
      Bump version
      Don't assume $@ will never be reset
      Changes for next release
      Add subclasses to spelling whitelist
      Bump version
      Add example of using Try::Tiny with Exception::Class
      Clean up synopsis code
      Recommend Try::Tiny over EC->caught
      Changes for netx release
      Bump version
      Remove copyright year
      Add license & copyright holder
      Merge branch 'master' of into rjbs-master
      Bump version
      Remove nonsense test
      Modernize dzil bits and use my DROLSKY bundle
      Replace NoRefs with UnsafeRefCapture
      Require Devel::StackTrace 2.00
      No two spaces after a period
      Add .travis.yml
      Update .gitignore
      Add NoRefs to pod coverage whitelist
      Add generated
      Bump version
      Skip the synopsis test
      Remove extra newline
      Get rid of use_ok
      Add $VERSION to modules in repo
      use warnings in Exception::Class
      Ignore .tidyall.d
      Perltidy all code
      Add generated files
      Skip Test::Synopsis entirely
      Add 5.22 to build targets and use Travis containers
      Add dev to perl list, allow blead failures, add coverage, use travis-perl 
      Add aspell package
      Include aspell-en package for .travis.yml
      Quote Perl versions so 5.20 is not interpreted as 5.2
      Fix dist name in dist.ini
      Tidyall code
      Bump version after release
      Tidy with latest Perl::Tidy
      Test with Perl 5.24
      Use 5.24 for coverage
      Update generated files
      Tidyall code and make critic happy
      Remove Test::CleanNamespaces
      More critic tweaking
      Switch to GitHub Issues
      Pod formatting tweaks and remove () on method calls

Ricardo Signes (7):
      the Fields method returns a list
      avoid a warning on 5.17.1 by escaping a {
      remove +x bit from t/basic.t
      add context_hash
      add field_hash method
      changelog for field_hash and context_hash
      try to ensure the first line of exception string is not empty

autarch (175):
      eureka.  it's alive
      added overloading when exception is used as a string
      test for overloading
      fixed bug in params to StackTrace->new
      added further overloading test
      fixed problem where trace wasn't included in as_string output
      added a test of 'use ExceptionSubclass ("Foo");'
      minor change to how classes are created with import to allow:
      broke into two classes.  One for declaring and one that is the exceptions
      new class name
      changed name
      moved file
      changed class name
      change tests to reflect new classes
      added some text
      can't use my __PACKAGE__ $foo (stupid Perl)
      changed class name again
      class name changes
      change class name again
      upped version num
      added note about 5.6.0
      *** empty log message ***
      hack to make tests work under 5.6.0
      *** empty log message ***
      upped version and set error to null string (avoid undef)
      add prereq
      detail perl bugs
      more useful error messages
      removed pseudo-hash stuff
      more accessor tests
      version 0.8
      require devel stacktrace 0.85
      *** empty log message ***
      add ability to use message as hash key constructor (and add it as a 
      fix bugs and doc updates
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      doc tweaks
      *** empty log message ***
      more doc tweaks
      code tweaks to better check for the presence of a class (check for symbol 
table, not $VERSION or @ISA)
      fix as_string overriding
      whee, add fields patch from Jon Swartz
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      add full_message for easy overriding of as_string
      remove warn
      *** empty log message ***
      add release dates
      *** empty log message ***
      overload bool
      test boolean stuff
      *** empty log message ***
      remove CORE::time bit
      tests for single arg constructor and field inheritance
      single arg constructor plus fields inheritance fix and docs cleanup
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      lots of doc updates/improvements
      minor doc tweak
      more doc tweaks
      update copyright
      *** empty log message ***
      add CORE::time back with comment
      *** empty log message ***
      up to 1.04
      fix tarball
      add test for not storing object refs
      add NoObjectRefs class method
      *** empty log message ***
      require Test::More
      use File::Spec for testing $@->file
      *** empty log message ***
      NoObjectRefs => NoRefs
      up v num
      *** empty log message ***
      require D::S 1.01
      tests for alias
      no need for inheritable Fields sub
      remove parens on sub
      add alias feature
      fix bugs with earlier perls
      shut up warning
      details for tests
      wacky typo (worked, but looks _weird_)
      fix alias bug when called via _make_parents
      make sure we have a package to put alias in
      add alias that dies with alias bug from 1.09
      skip test with 5.6.0
      clarify reason for skipping
      use skip feature properly
      really escape description
      test that description can contain single quote and backslash
      *** empty log message ***
      add Classes method
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      add docs for Fields class method
      *** empty log message ***
      new version
      docs cleanup
      fix for problem where checking Foo::Bar:: stash creates "Bar::" key in 
Foo:: stash
      test turning of NoRefs
      *** empty log message ***
      doc fix
      test that alias subs set package correctly
      fix alias sub package problem
      moved module file
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      doc cleanup
      *** empty log message ***
      fix doc buglet
      fix bug in test code revealed with D::S 1.05
      add changes for RespectOverload
      new version
      move Classes
      switch to Build.PL
      *** empty log message ***
      doc tweaklet
      add ignore_class & ignore_package constructor params
      not executables
      new test
      add caught() method and doc it
      *** empty log message ***
      fix pod
      add pod tests
      use caught() method
      use caught() in SYNOPSIS
      minor doc changes to fix bugs in synopsis
      Modernize support, license, copyright
      Modernize Pod test
      Add pod-coverage.t
      Update manifest
      more manifest updates
      add .shipit
      remove generated files
      ignore generated files
      add MaxArgLength patch from RT 33519
      Add DONATIONS section.
      Don't look at stack trace frames in object constructor
      Bump version
      Fix version #
      remove doubled ;
      Bump version and require D::ST 1.20
      require Perl 5.8.0
      Add dropping of 5.6.x support to Changes
      actually require 5.8.1+
      do not default error message to $!
      use our
      Add release date
      Move base class to its own .pm file
      Update changes
      Bump version
      Make sure that only the real $VERSION is seen by the toolchain
      Bump version
      tidy all code

convert-repo (1):
      update tags

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 1.41

unknown (5):
      add Class->caught()
      require D::S 1.12
      fix synopsis
      make caught() return $@


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