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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/2.0200
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        at  4dae529   (tag)
   tagging  a620d13e776c74df8c242187c068c14a2722b64d (commit)
  replaces  upstream/2.0100
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Tue Dec 27 23:21:51 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.0200

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (1):
      Add filter_frames_early option to filter frames before stringifying args

Dave Rolsky (110):
      Update meta resources
      Add message & indent options, with tests
      modernize all tests
      Add .hgignore
      dzilize code
      update xt tests and more dzilization
      no need for Build.PL
      run all code through perltidy
      Changes for 1.23
      More line # fixes
      Bump version
      Style tweaks for examples
      Move frame to its own .pm file
      Add hacklet to keep dzil from adding a VERSION
      Changes for 1.24
      Bump version
      Added tag 1.24 for changeset a61802d1c1f1
      Add @Mercurial bundle
      Added tag 1.23 for changeset 7175cdebacc2
      Fix back-compat shim
      Changes for 1.25
      Bump version
      Add test for back-compat of Devel::StackTraceFrame class
      Added tag 1.25 for changeset 16d0af437fda
      localiez $@ and $SIG{__DIE__} before eval in as_string
      Changes for 1.26
      Turn all dates in YYYY-MM-DD
      Bump version
      Added tag 1.26 for changeset f20b266eb4df
      remove .shipit
      Skip tests on 5.13.8+
      Changes for 1.27
      Bump version
      Add license & copyright_holder, update copyright_year
      Added tag 1.27 for changeset d8a166f13a1a
      post hg conversion tweaks
      post hg conversion tweaks
      post hg conversion - change repo uris in dist.ini
      Remove empty conditional
      More tidying
      Add no_args option
      Allow passing max_arg_length to as_string
      Changes for next release
      More Changes for next release
      Bump version
      Add release dates for ancient releases
      Add first release to Changes
      Update spelling whitelist
      Require Test::More 0.88
      delete pod.t
      Modernize dist.ini
      Changes for next release
      Bump version
      Localize $@ and $SIG{__DIE__} before eval
      Bump version
      Bump copyright year
      Fix dupe words
      Add docs for as_string method
      Doc updates
      Bump version
      Remove copyright_year
      Use my PluginBundle
      Changes for next release
      Hide all test packages from PAUSE
      Small doc formatting tweaks
      Bump version
      Bump version
      Give Graham credit for patch
      Replace use of // with ||
      Bump version
      Remove support for no_object_refs param
      Hide Devel::StackTraceFrame class
      Add .travis.yml
      Bump version
      Update .gitignore
      Somehow AutoPrereqs thinks this distro depends on
      Mark POD as being in UTF-8
      Update license/copyright info
      Put $VERSION in each module
      Get tidyall tests passing
      Add generated files
      Add 5.22 to build targets and use Travis containers
      Add dev to perl list, allow blead failures, add coverage, use travis-perl 
      Add aspell package
      Include aspell-en package for .travis.yml
      Quote Perl versions so 5.20 is not interpreted as 5.2
      Bump version after release
      Merge pull request #9 from bessarabov/fix
      Remove Test::CleanNamespaces plugin
      Update generated files
      Remove SUPPORT pod section so it can be auto-generated
      Test with Perl 5.24
      Remove empty parens on sub calls and some text formatting tweaks
      Run coverage on 5.24
      Use GitHub issues
      Update percriticrc
      Add Changes for next release

David Cantrell (1):
      Make frames() a read-write accessor to enable filtering the list of frames

Graham Knop (2):
      add skip_frames option
      Replace no_refs option with unsafe_ref_capture option

Ivan Bessarabov (1):
      Fixing misspell in POD

Mark Fowler (1):
      Fix using frames as a setter

Ricardo Signes (1):
      allow max_arg_length to be specified in as_string

autarch (135):
      *** empty log message ***
      use overloading
      test overloading
      Stole code from to use for StackTraceFrame->as_string method
      test expects new as_string output
      fixed as_string method
      upped version to 0.1
      upped version number
      added something
      upped version so I can do new upload to CPAN with real README
      changed class name
      changed class name
      more descriptive
      new tests.  put in #line directive
      3 new methods.  new docs for them
      added use 5.005
      test of frames method
      changed version
      added note that this module needs 5.005
      changes file
      added Changes
      formatting of docs
      added note about 5.6.0 failures
      should run cleanly under 5.00503 & 5.6.0+
      added docs for 5.6.0 methods
      removed 5.6.0 warning
      note about 5.6.0 bugs
      use Tie::SecureHash instead of pseudo-hashes
      doc bug fix
      version to 0.85
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      doc tweaks
      fix pod nit
      use Test::More
      better tests
      code cleanup
      fix test
      why not 1.00?
      fix test
      no_object_refs => no_refs
      handle deprecated no_object_refs
      test no_refs & no_object_refs
      up version
      ch ch
      add Test::More prereq
      up v num
      *** empty log message ***
      no recursion with E::C::B stringification
      *** empty log message ***
      reformat for clarity
      *** empty log message ***
      don't return in do blocks
      *** empty log message ***
      pod cleanup
      rename some files
      updates after files moves and move to subversion
      add a test that fails for bug report from "Mark"
      apply patch to fix bug
      new version
      include META.yml
      switch to Module::Build
      quote module name
      by default, ignore string overloading when stringifying things
      commit f3258336c56fcaa778ad3d851cd211083d37add8
      fix failures on win32
      handle overload::Overloaded dying
      avoid warning
      localize $@ before eval block
      new version
      remove extra 1;
      use traditional Makefile.PL
      new version
      *** empty log message ***
      remove generated file from source control
      fix synopsis
      possible fix for failing tests on Win32
      add release date
      Modernize support, license, copyright
      Some micro-optimizations from Ruslan Zakirov and some doc tweaks.
      New release
      Make LICENSE not executable.
      Make more files not executable.
      Rename 99-pod.t to pod.t
      Ignore generated files
      Don't make any frame objects when constructing a stack trace
      Fix spacing.
      Treat wantarray as a boolean
      not executable
      changes for 1.16
      Updated pod tests
      add kwalitee test
      v 1.16
      Apply max_arg_length patch from RT #33519.
      add .shipit file
      remove generated files
      ignore all generated files/
      create README
      fix win32 test failure
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.18.  Changelog diff is:
      Require (and use) Perl 5.6.0+
      Stringify version
      Remove some cruft that was there to accomodate 5.005
      Skip tests with Perl < 5.8.7, because utf8 was more broken back then.
      bump version #
      only run bad utf8 tests on 5.8.8+
      Update changes
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.20.  Changelog diff is:
      Handle overloaded objects which don't provide stringification safely.
      Got rid of use_ok test
      Fix line # issues
      Refactored ignore package & class into a filter mechanism
      Always include user provided filter
      Add a generic frame filter feature and tests for it
      Add docs for frame_filter method.
      Add changes for 1.21 and date
      Bump version to 1.21
      Fix test count
      Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      update ignore list
      Remove an entirely unused method
      Add Changes for 1.22
      use AddrRef instead of StrVal
      bump version
      Don't use @a

convert-repo (1):
      update tags

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 2.0200

unknown (3):
      canonicalize filename in frames
      not executable


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