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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libnanomsg-raw-perl.

      from  67ed989   releasing package libnanomsg-raw-perl version 0.09-1
      adds  e164b3b   Initial version
      adds  1ff302b   Link against libnanomsg
      adds  c3babaa   Drop the prefix
      adds  4de3abe   A successful close should have a true return value
      adds  7bfee9f   Bind a few constants for testing
      adds  543fdea   Export all symbols
      adds  473b9b3   Add a basic test
      adds  9906daa   Export strerror
      adds  08e227c   Add a macro for setting $! for nanomsg specific errors
      adds  76fd0ea   Better error handling
      adds  8280f48   Test nn_strerror messages in $!
      adds  02e65de   Centralise error handling
      adds  3607d14   Bind all constants
      adds  25b7e98   More the c-style bindings into a ::Raw namespace
      adds  176f905   Export all constants
      adds  d7932f3   Bind sendmsg
      adds  dd8fb4d   Implement recvmsg
      adds  f08808e   Fix some warnings
      adds  478847b   Traverse the symbol list only once on load
      adds  049f062   Remove some strlen()s and copies
      adds  8a235ab   Add a bus test
      adds  9a9d9fd   Fix recvmsg
      adds  b757735   Export recvmsg
      adds  df28e2c   Test sendmsg/recvmsg
      adds  8d30e8d   Test setsockopt and timeouts
      adds  3bd8645   Failing test for recvmsg
      adds  b9f45b5   Fix SvCUR for recvmsg buffers that didn't get written to
      adds  4f08ca6   Add a polling test
      adds  5d8c0ea   More getsockopt and constant tests
      adds  f62d782   Add an EMFILE test
      adds  8092b49   Test the inproc transport
      adds  ffff749   Truncate reads with too small buffers correctly
      adds  4735da3   Test the ipc transport
      adds  6e330af   Fix some warnings
      adds  65cecd7   Expose NN_MSG
      adds  10d6e8c   Bind nn_allocmsg
      adds  4ce13ed   Re-use the newmortal xsubpp creates for us
      adds  6a6d5b3   Bind nn_freemsg
      adds  8dd41fe   Implement copying into message buffers
      adds  c212cd8   Factor out message object invalidation
      adds  fe260d1   Implement sending message instances
      adds  6a0e5f5   Make writing to the underlying PV fatal
      adds  05b440a   Make messages stringify to their content
      adds  0d01de4   Implement receiving message instances
      adds  542ff00   Treat constants as IVs
      adds  2eef698   Require being explicit about buffer sizes in recvmsg
      adds  15e49c3   Fix recvmsg and support NN_MSG in it
      adds  9898412   Remove some tabs
      adds  224f447   Support NN_MSG in sendmsg
      adds  124f6ca   Export allocmsg
      adds  effdda6   Add tests for NN_MSG
      adds  3f3fbf8   Reverse order of len/buf pairs in recvmsg
      adds  ee9b3c6   Factor out message predicate
      adds  4d5b943   Get rid of the extra NUL at the end of buffers
      adds  5b7a873   Upgrade to PVMG right away
      adds  3c83f31   Store the message buffer len in the IV/UV slot
      adds  5a2088a   Assert buffer length in $msg->copy
      adds  6d06af9   Test buffer length assertion
      adds  f71ba28   Name the constant XSUB c symbol like all the generated 
      adds  76fbe0c   Add .gitignore
      adds  f224cf4   Add tests for NN_PAIR
      adds  b46b1b5   Add PUSH/PULL tests
      adds  b27d962   Add SNDPRIO tests
      adds  167d084   Add PUB/SUB tests
      adds  cd0ec7d   Add REQ/REP tests
      adds  61e30ab   Replace clock_gettime with gettimeofday.
      adds  a6b9ce3   Increase timing tolerance
      adds  c9da861   Merge branch 'bz/fix-timeo'
      adds  89d1550   Test communicating with sockets of different protocols
      adds  f774166   Add tests for SURVEYOR/RESPONDENT
      adds  522da95   Remove an unused import
      adds  eced923   Add tcp transport tests
      adds  bebb59e   Remove the errno test for now
      adds  fb6cf61   First pass having messages be magic based
      adds  988961c   Copy message buffers when cloning new interpreters
      adds  7dac68a   Use the mg_free callback rather than a destructor
      adds  cc2e89c   Stop copying data when stringifying messages
      adds  f9a88ba   Remove our magic when invalidating message instances
      adds  5627d52   Improve the threading tests
      adds  4c4454d   Go back to the blessed objects containing the buffer 
      adds  f73dffc   Fix a bunch of warnings
      adds  b16baf9   A few simplifications
      adds  94a465f   Merge branch 'rafl/magic'
      adds  5f829d7   Test using sockets in threads
      adds  9d40aa4   $flags defaults to 0 for nn_send + nn_recv
      adds  21e7f51   Merge branch 'bz/flags-defaults-to-zero'
      adds  b68591f   Fix conversion specification to match the parameters
      adds  7824c59   Merge branch 'bz/fix-printf-args'
      adds  ce19198   Return false or errors in nn_device
      adds  e72421d   Make sure perl is compiled with threads, or skip threads 
      adds  92692ab   Simplify skip for non-threaded perls
      adds  90c32aa   Merge branch 'rafl/skip-threads'
      adds  f3df9a3   Expose errors through an nn_errno function
      adds  792213d   Merge branch 'rafl/error-handling'
      adds  876c9c8   Allow nn_recv($s, $buf) as shortcut for nn_recv($s, $buf, 
NN_MSG, 0)
      adds  fa1d3ed   Refactor nn_send & nn_recv tests
      adds  4b3d25e   Use SvUPGRADE to avoid 'sv_upgrade from type 5 down to 
type 2'
      adds  739b3bc   Better diagnostics for failing tests in send-recv.t
      adds  13077b7   Avoid producing invalid references
      adds  26414eb   Merge branch 'bz/short-nn_recv'
      adds  90d1f79   Add dependencies
      adds  477bb89   Merge branch 'bz/add-dependecies'
      adds  e128c44   Stub out some docs
      adds  35be96f   Die with proper error messages in the examples
      adds  0df50aa   Add ABSTRACT and SYNOPSIS
      adds  f35f6f0   Add some more docs
      adds  f943a3d   Docs for nn_bind
      adds  0350818   Docs for nn_connect
      adds  cd58d1a   Docs for nn_shutdown
      adds  074a7ae   Docs for nn_send
      adds  627fec7   Add docs for nn_recv
      adds  9bf3318   Add docs for nn_allocmsg
      adds  02c4aac   Add docs for nn_errno
      adds  503c649   Allow loopback nn_devices using undef
      adds  7ddb85d   Add docs for nn_device
      adds  6f6c041   Add docs for nn_term
      adds  c5c4f57   Add docs for nn_sendmsg
      adds  9f37bfe   Tweak the nn_send docs and markup
      adds  e08a2db   Wrap a long line
      adds  5029999   Add docs for nn_recvmsg
      adds  b168be7   Document the protocols
      adds  690e89b   Document the transports
      adds  0e91808   Add a description and warn about nanomsg's alpha state
      adds  505b6fe   ABSTRACT and SYNOPSIS for ::Message
      adds  6c6ddca   More ::Message docs
      adds  5791225   Merge branch 'rafl/docs'
      adds  8e4b955   Rename the shared object to Raw
      adds  39ca9ef   Distify
      adds  c2738e9   Merge branch 'rafl/distify'
      adds  1157461   Pass VERSION along to boot xsub
      adds  f68f410   Do named stash lookups only once, during BOOT
      adds  db671b6   Make it easier for the user to specify what to import
      adds  4390a9c   Test and document nn_strerror
      adds  1a54ee5   Document transport IDs
      adds  4ef3fec   Document some additional constants
      adds  73aedec   Make Pod::Coverage ignore constants we documented
      adds  51a1277   Don't export an EFAULT constant
      adds  ebf5ac9   Support perl versions without XS_INTERNAL
      adds  db91a08   Fix POD generation
      adds  5f8c845   Add a few documentation references
      adds  1eb6fe1   Ignore some symbols upstream doesn't document
      adds  18fdf8e   Try getting travis going
      adds  7e26b3d   Only build with one perl version while I'm still figuring 
out travis
      adds  1520565   For debugging, print pwd before calling dzil
      adds  955f6bf   cd back to the original pwd after installing nanomsg
      adds  6309ae0   More travis debugging
      adds  f5c9404   More travis debugging
      adds  7226e5a   Fix directory stack
      adds  a802d8b   Remove debugging code
      adds  54c6296   Test on additional perl versions
      adds  95d6bc1   Let's see what perl builds we can use
      adds  1e0008d   Looks like travis-ci only has non-threaded builds
      adds  258d8c1   Merge branch 'rafl/travis'
      adds  66ea569   Attempt to restore 5.12 compatibility
      adds  c1c5a7e   Use %lu to format size_t arguments where perl doesn't 
support %zd
      adds  362ec27   Merge branch 'rafl/5.12compat'
      adds  78c01d9   See if we work on 5.10
      adds  4eb48c4   Merge branch 'rafl/try5.10'
      adds  e39e261   See if we work on 5.8
      adds  75b9f35   Attempt to support 5.8
      adds  bbce3d1   Merge branch 'rafl/try5.8'
      adds  a3e67c7   Quote perl versions
      adds  520746c   Stop depending on
      adds  eea4789   Version 0.01
      adds  cc063dc   Stop running the tests of our dependencies
      adds  19d30ac   PIPELINE replaces FANIN and FANOUT
      adds  3a090c7   Some doc improvements
      adds  861bcc1   Version 0.02
      adds  ddab181   The next version of nanomsg will allow multiple publishers
      adds  a10b5a1   Update travis
      adds  a798b8c   Remove distzilla from travis. It is so unreliable
      adds  1e02528   Avoid developent perl version in travis
      adds  bd3bfcf   Fix nn_getsockopt optval's max length
      adds  d966bea   Merge branch 'bz/fix-nn_getsockopt' into bz/develop
      adds  fee5f8e   Increase timing tolerance
      adds  be4e9a0   Merge branch 'bz/fix-osx-tests' into bz/develop
      adds  d253625   Fix segfault when nn_recv upgrade the receive buffer
      adds  b1c3263   Merge branch 'bz/fix-recv-free-segv' into bz/develop
      adds  ed93d59   The nanomsg c library status changed to beta
      adds  7264a7b   Add - A copy of our pod just for github users
      adds  0d8363b   Merge branch 'bz/' into bz/develop
      adds  518aaef   Fix some non ascii chars and update the file
      adds  1550674   Fix some formating issues in the
      adds  f2ceb02   Synopsis example is complete and works
      adds  7ba6e28   Update Changes
      adds  461c983   use mXPUSHs instead of mPUSHs
      adds  8fd50af   Update changes
      adds  9e45aa3   Fix misspellings in the POD
      adds  4ab4696   Fix spelling
      adds  5767bd7   Bump VERSION 0.03
      adds  26c4719   Merge pull request #5 from rafl/bz/develop
      adds  bcec109   Make sure the nanomsg library and the headers are 
      adds  1631249   Update travis
      adds  aa9f5e3   Update Changes and version
      adds  d517ef4   Remove t/threads.t
      adds  afebba0   timeo.t accept timouts between 0.1 and .12
      adds  52207d6   Bump version to 0.05
      adds  1d03c2d   Update Changes
      adds  e6aa5db   t/survey.t works with libnanomsg-0.6
      adds  e4ccc7f   Bump VERSION to 0.06
      adds  09818e6   Fix spelling
      adds  42e2d40   Fix test cases with libnanomsg-0.8beta
      adds  518c423   Update travis to test against nanomsg-0.8-beta
      adds  8ef920b   Drop support for perl 5.8 add 5.22
      adds  c1f7892   Travis should use v0.9-beta
      adds  18b0dc8   Bump version to 0.07
      adds  56345f6   Update Changes
      adds  9f5f665   Test against perl 5.24.0
      adds  2922b95   Test against first production release of libnanomsg 1.0.0
      adds  6e551aa   Fix VERSION - otherwise make dist does not work
      adds  97365c7   Remove perl 5.24 for now, since it is curently not 
directly supported in travis
      adds  7b65790   Update VERSION
      adds  47a1c5a   Add missing tests
      adds  8d39a48   Remove dist.ini and get rid of Dist::Zilla.
      adds  c1be433   Makefile.PL works wothout Dist::Zilla.
      adds  cf2089e   Add LICENSE
      adds  87004ed   Add MAINFEST
      adds  fa6c31d   Update MANIFEST & MAIFEST.SKIP
      adds  23cb614   git should ignore .bak files
      adds  0ba3042   Remove inc/ was used by Dist::Zilla
      adds  1750a84   Do not compare error messages
      adds  414766c   Update VERSION 0.09
      adds  d82c6a7   Add perl 5.24.x as test target for travis
      adds  f829ce8   Fix POD
      adds  dd52b98   Update Changes
      adds  ccc22e5   Fix MANIFEST - remove inc/
      adds  b6e46de   Add NAME sections to POD patch from gregor herrmann
      adds  2435bcb   Update Changes
      adds  f320421   UPD VERSION
      adds  dd8feb1   New upstream version 0.10
       new  60a677f   Merge tag 'upstream/0.10'
       new  63aed2d   Update debian/changelog
       new  b9fa302   Drop pod-name.patch, merged upstream.
       new  a40fa38   releasing package libnanomsg-raw-perl version 0.10-1

The 4 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                       |  2 ++
 META.json                     |  2 +-
 META.yml                      |  2 +-
 debian/changelog              |  8 ++++++++
 debian/patches/pod-name.patch | 33 ---------------------------------
 debian/patches/series         |  1 -
 lib/NanoMsg/            |  6 +++++-
 lib/NanoMsg/Raw/    |  4 ++++
 8 files changed, 21 insertions(+), 37 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/pod-name.patch
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/series

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