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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libwebservice-solr-perl.

      from  f6c1cf1   releasing package libwebservice-solr-perl version 0.23-2 
to unstable
       new  f19067f   Add debian/upstream/metadata.
       new  27de089   update changelog
      adds  c954167   initial folders for WebService-Solr
      adds  50da989   Beta perl client classes for NALD Solr WebService
      adds  3fd631e   moving things around
      adds  93cbf80   renamed
      adds  ca30fb3   This is a test class for the
      adds  ac632c4   This is a test class for the
      adds  3be3d06   Removed the main package, cleaned up the code for now, 
added a true return on the module and also added a check for a HASH reference
      adds  a29105f   Renamed the 2 test classes for and 
to meet standard naming protocol of optimize.t and commit.t
      adds  bb95cd5   In commit.t - removed require test, added use strict and 
warnings and placed other tests in individual code blocks
      adds  8c5ecbb   In optimize.t - removed require test, added use strict 
and warnings and placed other tests in individual code blocks
      adds  c4a5c96   In optimize.t all numerics were removed from the variable 
names because the cod blocks mad it unnecessary
      adds  b43429c   Added a test file for
      adds  6ed382c   Adding tests for the Delete and Field modules
      adds  45486e7   Field class accepts a hash with name, values, and boost 
      adds  dcac2f9   Added to replace code for, 
new classes and
      adds  fb6a9b8   New testing classes for and
      adds  20a250e   Added the to AddDocument for handler and 
response-format functionality
      adds  4d5cfb8   Added the to for handler and 
response-format functionality
      adds  ddcae96   Added the to for handler and 
response-format functionality
      adds  e5ba80a   new class to contain Common Query parameters
      adds  7f1d234   New test for
      adds  36b6e05   Test class for WebService::Solr::CoreQueryParamaters
      adds  39a1cbb   New class to hold values of Core Query Parameters for Solr
      adds  bb701c6   A class to access the SimpleFacetParameters of solr
      adds  b8bad88   A new class to test the values of are being accessed peoperly
      adds  d409d3d   This class returns a basic solr ulr, an update url or a 
query url
      adds  c970b58   This test checks to see that the class returns properly 
formed urls according to update/select/solr
      adds  32a713f   Stringified the return values of my xml classes before 
they were returned.
      adds  31429e1   Tidied up the perl code
      adds  fc6d42d   add some dist-related meta files
      adds  90fa697   Contains methods for communicating with solr server. Only 
updates to this point.
      adds  3a81284   add a $VERSION
      adds  d893085   tidy up some use statements, plus put the "true value" in 
the right spot.
      adds  ee1f92b   remove use of Tie::IxHash, add LWP::UserAgent to prereqs
      adds  3336d6b   remove SolrUrl and Update. Add URI as a dep.
      adds  fce440a   add a simple compile test, plus some pod-related tests.
      adds  9ec6f39   re-work optimize.t
      adds  eccaeb2   Changed the format for all classes to meet PErl naming 
conventions for subroutines and test file names
      adds  b3146ef   Added new test classes with proper Perl naming convention
      adds  0dd2633   Removed old test classes with improper Perl naming 
      adds  3e184d2   Have nearly functional, must write tests and 
finish sort and facet functionality
      adds  28d0529   Fixed the import statements for
      adds  189d3d8   add agent accessor, add C::A::F to prereqs.
      adds  e0824fc   Made tests for in solr.t, more to come
      adds  a117435   Added test file for, more to come
      adds  84edf74   removed these test files as the corresponding modules are 
obsolete with the new methods in the
      adds  88adeca   These modules became obsolete when and make_query 
subroutine was created
      adds  71404c0   This test class no longer required as 
module was replaced with add_documents subroutine in
      adds  ae33756   Removed an inherited class which was present twice.
      adds  2c8ea3c   Finished the Solr module so that all subroutines function 
properly witht he addition of the URI module to create the url
      adds  5034cd2   Changed the solr.t as it had the incorrect number of 
tests to be run
      adds  764cd54   Add new test live.t ... more to come.
      adds  8df3b97   Deleted repetitious test file
      adds  602d880 subroutine make_query only returns an array of 
document hashes. This subroutine requires more work to return a suitable object.
      adds  74b1c48   fix use statements
      adds  a0893c2   remove exec flag
      adds  fe2dbd2 code tidy
      adds  e15173d   query subroutine now returns an array of documents with 
      adds  4f7d648   
      adds  033784f   Removed the garbage code (main package) from the
      adds  eb73ffc   Changes to document.t and I made the to_xml 
sub to accept a hash ref for the boost attribute and a hash ref for fields in 
the form of my %fields1 = (name=>id,value=>1,boost=>1.6); specifically for xml 
format to update the index. The document.t file was likewise changed to comply 
with the changes.
      adds  7a065f8   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  fd0fd23   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  f9c2da2   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  93af6ed   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  75a2a3e   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  41a469e   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  1fe71cf   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  2f3a578   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  9de0756   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  f32dbe3   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  550e0e3   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  f1992e3   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  3517ff8   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  4092853   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  d5d8e2a   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  e93079a   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  6b9158e   Merge  into 'trunk'
      adds  13913ab   add value_for() to document. add docs.
      adds  feca8c4   fix pager creation
      adds  3385957   add a simple facet_counts() shortcut method
      adds  110fa97   typo
      adds  963a1e6   update changes, prereqs
      adds  f9d6837   typo fix
      adds  f45c025   version typo
      adds  dddbd52   tiny pod fixes
      adds  34f0325   update changes file
      adds  f5a0306   try to work around old LWP versions when setting HTTP 
      adds  01819a0   require URI >= 1.28
      adds  1e7bd11   require XML::Generator >= 0.94
      adds  35fddda   fix docs. prep for release
      adds  534254c   remove auto_install
      adds  a190a77   add make_immutable to
      adds  1ac2387   be paranoid about XML escaping
      adds  0ad97cb   update changed
      adds  dbeacaa   moose branch
      adds  0a40acc   start some moose-ifying
      adds  f2d2d25   more solr work
      adds  f7f29c3   "optimize" request
      adds  31d4670   test work, "delete" request
      adds  a053f3d   "ping" request
      adds  52c7fd4   response work
      adds  ac775df   "delete" response
      adds  c5305f5   "add document" response
      adds  9c41a31   major simplification based on the ruby-slite library
      adds  d8d485e   test work
      adds  bd1030d   pod work
      adds  0a8e54a   perl version
      adds  1b5d23a   paging fix
      adds  0756182   math fix. "add" request test
      adds  413f4c6   live ping test
      adds  3890acb   add update() test (same as add)
      adds  33b57d5   ping/search tests
      adds  a95d9b3   Merge branch 'moose-ify'
      adds  474beeb   Confess upon HTTP error
      adds  32f7a8f   Send UTF-8 requests to keep new LWP happy
      adds  e2fbcc2   bumped ver. add gitignore file.
      adds  7b677d9   fix Changes
      adds  f401484   update MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  7fc8fc4   add auto_suggest (RT #45798), refactor generic GET 
requests into generic_solr_request().
      adds  f27118c   add repo info.
      adds  0293372   * JSON::XS throw an exception, but kills most of the 
content   in the diagnostic, making it hard to track down the problem
      adds  dad9a26   start of abstract query interface
      adds  20d5809   simple queries including range queries supported
      adds  de31932   more ops (range_exc, boost, fuzzy, proximity) plus 
      adds  e172f6c   default field, docs, more escape tests.
      adds  8cfb814   perltidy
      adds  0d27cb3   test for default field and escaping
      adds  57c5bc1   prohit and require
      adds  6dfe12e   fix issue with -prohibit and a field named default.
      adds  49c7020   refactor for explicit ANDs and ORs
      adds  7e12803   * testing write access
      adds  d6648c7   * add logging (set constant D to true) for the query 
parser to track down issues * implemented rudimentary parser for:     query => 
{ title => [ -and => { -require => 'star' }, { -require => 'wars' } ], }   
which will yield:     (((+title:"star") AND (+title:"wars")))
      adds  95a92e4   * add test case for -or
      adds  6ef5133   add missing paren on test
      adds  f5260ed   head1 should be head2 for methods
      adds  72fa2ae   some basic docs for D() and BUILDARGS(). Add stub for 
query syntax.
      adds  18446d1   query docs
      adds  15d700e   add Jos to authors section
      adds  ac36257   explain that values are automatically escaped
      adds  99c7795   Merge branch 'abstract_query'
      adds  4b5ed3b   prep for release
      adds  c9d889b   * add support for data::pageset through $res->pageset
      adds  4093938   * add response tests * fix pageset support
      adds  8cf4d97   Allow scalar ref value in WebService::Solr::Query, which 
works like SQL::Abstract (literal query)
      adds  50ac208   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  1a85646   ignore README as we auto-generate it.
      adds  f241309   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  d8ab447   fix status_message and status_code in response. 
changelogging. bump ver.
      adds  3440ddf   Ensure compatibility with older versions of Encode by 
making sure we pass a string to encode()
      adds  24c5cc8   add release date. add Encode to deps for completeness.
      adds  1dcf17f   minor updates
      adds  674c8b0   Return undef in pager/pageset special case when we 
explicitly return 0 rows
      adds  70166c0   add rollback method from solr 1.4
      adds  63a1388   add generic delete() method. update options for solr 1.4. 
      adds  a54b28c   perltidy. missed one solr 1.3 mention.
      adds  b608d02   Fix ping() to check only the HTTP status. prep release.
      adds  952a222   Add spellcheck() convenience method to Response object
      adds  0bb302d   Fix exception thrown when there are no documents.
      adds  89bc5bb   perltidy
      adds  5d8189e   prep release
      adds  dd372ee   update copyright
      adds  92856c8   Add a note about enabling Keep-Alive connections (Stijn 
      adds  00fd69e   Add field_named to Document
      adds  fbd71de   prep release
      adds  dfa7e97   Clean up docs in relation to autocommit
      adds  acc879b   Handle blessed field values.
      adds  6c898e1   changelog
      adds  5515c72   fix up changelog
      adds  18ab343   Replaced XML::Generator with XML::Simple which improves 
XML generation speed by an order of magnitude.
      adds  23c77d9   Removed Moose from the Solr, Document and Field objects.
      adds  89158fa   Merge branch 'remove-moose' into replace-xml-generator
      adds  4c8bb50   Merge branch 'replace-xml-generator'
      adds  566d58d   Fixed field test for XML escaping.
      adds  9f8755b   Replaced former Moose accessors with equivalents.
      adds  150f455   Merge branch 'remove-moose' into replace-xml-generator
      adds  9b26654   Merge branch 'replace-xml-generator'
      adds  85f6f5b   Merge remote branch 'nhooey/master' into speedup-xml
      adds  502ba36   purge the rest of XML::Generator. funnel delete_* to 
delete(). tidy.
      adds  341e922   re-work constructors slightly.
      adds  b06c577   re-emulate auto_deref attr
      adds  b1574aa   use blessed() again
      adds  4fc9148   prep release
      adds  efa6756   fix broken rows per page logic when not explicitly stated
      adds  2341780   make sure we have the latest Test::Mock::LWP
      adds  1192959   Add the last_response attribute to WebService::Solr.
      adds  a137eda   Merge pull request #5 from broquaint/last-response
      adds  e7eddd8   prep release
      adds  05f94e3   Changing from Moose to Any::Moose so that the user can 
choose to use the lightweight Mouse instead of Moose. It looks like 
WebService::Solr just uses Moose to avoid having hand-written new() methods, so 
it shouldn't really change very much.  The unit tests all still pass.
      adds  ce8c6ec   Merge pull request #7 from kgoess/master
      adds  377fa47   make sure it is version 0.16 of Any::Moose. Changelog.
      adds  13cb7de   prep release
      adds  edd826b   Changed the solr search to use a post request.
      adds  3307927   Merge pull request #8 from rtward/master
      adds  d6986e2   prep release
      adds  fea419d   Force previous switch to a post request to be utf-8 
      adds  f409a06   prep release
      adds  ae12011   fix test
      adds  d335953   move default params to post content with the other params
      adds  d52e941   prep release
      adds  4c7fddf   avoid random hash key issues
      adds  3a5afc4   prep release
      adds  3d07979   =head2 Boost was listed twice.  Remove it.
      adds  3fd0760   Merge pull request #10 from petdance/master
      adds  16cd306   Add MYMETA.yml and MYMETA.json
      adds  777638a   Switch to subtest()s so that we can easily count our tests
      adds  42a0cf0   Add MYMETA.yml and MYMETA.json
      adds  bbec380   Get rid of use_ok() in the tests.  use_ok() should only 
be used if the script should be able to conditionally handle a use failure.
      adds  51a4ade   Require Test::More to get note(), explain(), subtest() 
and done_testing()
      adds  329fd26   Add explanation of how to do filter queries
      adds  032711f   Switch to subtest()s so that we can easily count our tests
      adds  303bec5   Merge branch 'dev'
      adds  daec6f2   Merge pull request #11 from petdance/master
      adds  f5e732f   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  2c7672a   prep release
      adds  8d49ac4   Add MYMETA to MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  b54c478   Speed up ->value_for() to lazily find the first field, 
rather than processing all of ->values_for() and taking the first value.
      adds  0fea3c9   started a README for GitHub
      adds  966f17e   update copyright year
      adds  e9d6d9f   update copyright dates to 2013
      adds  2a77c2f   Speed up ->value_for() to lazily find the first field, 
rather than processing all of ->values_for() and taking the first value.
      adds  a7f75ae   started a README for GitHub
      adds  b5fd47b   ignore the MYMETA files that get build
      adds  83094ae   update copyright year
      adds  07f46a0   update copyright dates to 2013
      adds  f0b1200   ignore all ^MYMETA
      adds  444b763   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  2cb4d4d   Updated the README to be maintained, and not be just an 
autogenerated dump of the POD
      adds  71561ad   changed the name
      adds  a708cea   Releasing 0.22
      adds  a11f35d   typo fixes
      adds  4ae649d   Merge pull request #20 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  602b963   Added a test case for ANDing prohibits
      adds  47ea6d9    - Fix a bug in Webservice::Solr::Query::stringify() 
where it would    sometimes modify the query argument structure passed in.  
This would    make subsequent calls to stringify be broken and wrong, or even 
blow up.
      adds  d8c04c6   Updated copyright date
      adds  edb52e8   Do not load Data::Dumper unless necessary
      adds  8a1a642   test program for issue #22
      adds  8c8c80c   About to roll 0.23
      adds  b74b137   Added note on facets to `search` method.
      adds  4ae6e1d   Merge pull request #30 from Tordek/master
      adds  3883d5b   Switch from the deprecated Any::Moose to Moo + 
      adds  32f3492   Getting ready to release 0.24_01
      adds  9f39bb5   Update copyright date to 2016
      adds  17636ed   Releasing 0.40
      adds  8ceea1c   New upstream version 0.40
       new  61b4fcc   Merge tag 'upstream/0.40'
       new  863e9c7   Update debian/changelog
       new  3505597   add bug closer
       new  b3ba8a7   Drop debian/tests/pkg-perl/use-whitelist.
       new  ba5f74b   Update upstream contact.
       new  a78094a   Update years of upstream and packaging copyright.
       new  e02a44c   Update (build) dependencies.
       new  acaf971   releasing package libwebservice-solr-perl version 0.40-1

The 10 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                             |  14 ++++
 MANIFEST                            |   2 -
 META.yml                            |  13 ++--
 Makefile.PL                         |   3 +-
 debian/changelog                    |  14 ++++
 debian/control                      |  11 ++--
 debian/copyright                    |   6 +-
 debian/tests/pkg-perl/use-whitelist |   2 -
 debian/upstream/metadata            |   5 ++
 foo                                 | 124 ------------------------------------                              |  16 -----
 inc/Module/               |  51 +++++----------
 inc/Module/Install/          |   2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/           |  13 +++-
 inc/Module/Install/         |   2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/      |   4 +-
 inc/Module/Install/      |   6 +-
 inc/Module/Install/         |   2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/      |   2 +-
 lib/WebService/              |  34 ++++++----
 lib/WebService/Solr/     |   2 +-
 lib/WebService/Solr/        |   4 +-
 lib/WebService/Solr/        |  14 ++--
 lib/WebService/Solr/     |  29 +++++----
 24 files changed, 135 insertions(+), 240 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 debian/tests/pkg-perl/use-whitelist
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 delete mode 100644 foo
 delete mode 100644

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