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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat Jan 14 00:01:43 2017 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.40

Andy Lester (34):
      =head2 Boost was listed twice.  Remove it.
      Add MYMETA.yml and MYMETA.json
      Get rid of use_ok() in the tests.  use_ok() should only be used if the
      Require Test::More to get note(), explain(), subtest() and done_testing()
      Add explanation of how to do filter queries
      Switch to subtest()s so that we can easily count our tests
      Add MYMETA.yml and MYMETA.json
      Switch to subtest()s so that we can easily count our tests
      Merge branch 'dev'
      Speed up ->value_for() to lazily find the first field, rather than
      started a README for GitHub
      ignore the MYMETA files that get build
      update copyright year
      update copyright dates to 2013
      ignore all ^MYMETA
      Speed up ->value_for() to lazily find the first field, rather than
      started a README for GitHub
      update copyright year
      update copyright dates to 2013
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Updated the README to be maintained, and not be just an autogenerated 
dump of the POD
      changed the name
      Releasing 0.22
      Added a test case for ANDing prohibits
      - Fix a bug in Webservice::Solr::Query::stringify() where it would
      Updated copyright date
      Do not load Data::Dumper unless necessary
      test program for issue #22
      About to roll 0.23
      Merge pull request #30 from Tordek/master
      Switch from the deprecated Any::Moose to Moo + Types::Standard.
      Getting ready to release 0.24_01
      Update copyright date to 2016
      Releasing 0.40

Brian Cassidy (136):
      initial folders for WebService-Solr
      add some dist-related meta files
      add a $VERSION
      tidy up some use statements, plus put the "true value" in the right spot.
      remove use of Tie::IxHash, add LWP::UserAgent to prereqs
      remove SolrUrl and Update. Add URI as a dep.
      add a simple compile test, plus some pod-related tests.
      re-work optimize.t
      add agent accessor, add C::A::F to prereqs.
      fix use statements
      remove exec flag code tidy
      moose branch
      start some moose-ifying
      more solr work
      "optimize" request
      test work, "delete" request
      "ping" request
      response work
      "delete" response
      "add document" response
      major simplification based on the ruby-slite library
      test work
      pod work
      perl version
      paging fix
      math fix. "add" request test
      live ping test
      add update() test (same as add)
      ping/search tests
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      Merge  into 'trunk'
      add value_for() to document. add docs.
      fix pager creation
      add a simple facet_counts() shortcut method
      update changes, prereqs
      typo fix
      version typo
      tiny pod fixes
      update changes file
      try to work around old LWP versions when setting HTTP headers
      require URI >= 1.28
      require XML::Generator >= 0.94
      fix docs. prep for release
      remove auto_install
      add make_immutable to
      be paranoid about XML escaping
      update changed
      Merge branch 'moose-ify'
      bumped ver. add gitignore file.
      fix Changes
      update MANIFEST.SKIP
      add auto_suggest (RT #45798), refactor generic GET requests into 
      add repo info.
      start of abstract query interface
      simple queries including range queries supported
      more ops (range_exc, boost, fuzzy, proximity) plus (un)escaping
      default field, docs, more escape tests.
      test for default field and escaping
      prohit and require
      fix issue with -prohibit and a field named default.
      refactor for explicit ANDs and ORs
      add missing paren on test
      head1 should be head2 for methods
      some basic docs for D() and BUILDARGS(). Add stub for query syntax.
      query docs
      add Jos to authors section
      explain that values are automatically escaped
      Merge branch 'abstract_query'
      prep for release
      Allow scalar ref value in WebService::Solr::Query, which works like 
SQL::Abstract (literal query)
      Merge branch 'master' of
      ignore README as we auto-generate it.
      fix status_message and status_code in response. changelogging. bump ver.
      Ensure compatibility with older versions of Encode by making sure we pass 
a string to encode()
      add release date. add Encode to deps for completeness.
      minor updates
      Return undef in pager/pageset special case when we explicitly return 0 
      add rollback method from solr 1.4
      add generic delete() method. update options for solr 1.4. changelogging.
      perltidy. missed one solr 1.3 mention.
      Fix ping() to check only the HTTP status. prep release.
      Add spellcheck() convenience method to Response object
      prep release
      update copyright
      Add a note about enabling Keep-Alive connections (Stijn Prompers)
      prep release
      Clean up docs in relation to autocommit
      fix up changelog
      Merge remote branch 'nhooey/master' into speedup-xml
      purge the rest of XML::Generator. funnel delete_* to delete(). tidy.
      re-work constructors slightly.
      re-emulate auto_deref attr
      use blessed() again
      prep release
      fix broken rows per page logic when not explicitly stated
      make sure we have the latest Test::Mock::LWP
      Merge pull request #5 from broquaint/last-response
      prep release
      Merge pull request #7 from kgoess/master
      make sure it is version 0.16 of Any::Moose. Changelog.
      prep release
      Merge pull request #8 from rtward/master
      prep release
      Force previous switch to a post request to be utf-8 encoded
      prep release
      fix test
      move default params to post content with the other params
      prep release
      Merge pull request #10 from petdance/master
      Merge pull request #11 from petdance/master
      avoid random hash key issues
      prep release
      Merge branch 'master' of
      prep release
      Merge pull request #20 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1

Cory Watson (2):
      Fix exception thrown when there are no documents.
      Add field_named to Document

Dan Brook (2):
      Handle blessed field values.
      Add the last_response attribute to WebService::Solr.

David Steinbrunner (1):
      typo fixes

Guillermo O. Freschi (1):
      Added note on facets to `search` method.

Jos Boumans (7):
      * testing write access
      * add logging (set constant D to true) for the query parser to track down 
      * add test case for -or
      * JSON::XS throw an exception, but kills most of the content
      * add support for data::pageset through $res->pageset
      * add response tests
      Merge branch 'master' of

Kevin Goess (1):
      Changing from Moose to Any::Moose so that the user can choose to use the

Kirk Beers (49):
      Beta perl client classes for NALD Solr WebService
      moving things around
      This is a test class for the
      This is a test class for the
      Removed the main package, cleaned up the code for now, added a true 
return on the module and also added a check for a HASH reference
      Renamed the 2 test classes for and to meet standard 
naming protocol of optimize.t and commit.t
      In commit.t - removed require test, added use strict and warnings and 
placed other tests in individual code blocks
      In optimize.t - removed require test, added use strict and warnings and 
placed other tests in individual code blocks
      In optimize.t all numerics were removed from the variable names because 
the cod blocks mad it unnecessary
      Added a test file for
      Adding tests for the Delete and Field modules
      Field class accepts a hash with name, values, and boost attributes
      Added to replace code for, new classes and
      New testing classes for and
      Added the to AddDocument for handler and response-format 
      Added the to for handler and response-format 
      Added the to for handler and response-format 
      new class to contain Common Query parameters
      New test for
      Test class for WebService::Solr::CoreQueryParamaters
      New class to hold values of Core Query Parameters for Solr
      A class to access the SimpleFacetParameters of solr
      A new class to test the values of are being 
accessed peoperly
      This class returns a basic solr ulr, an update url or a query url
      This test checks to see that the class returns properly formed urls 
according to update/select/solr
      Stringified the return values of my xml classes before they were returned.
      Tidied up the perl code
      Contains methods for communicating with solr server. Only updates to this 
      Changed the format for all classes to meet PErl naming conventions for 
subroutines and test file names
      Added new test classes with proper Perl naming convention
      Removed old test classes with improper Perl naming convention
      Have nearly functional, must write tests and finish sort and 
facet functionality
      Fixed the import statements for
      Made tests for in solr.t, more to come
      Added test file for, more to come
      removed these test files as the corresponding modules are obsolete with 
the new methods in the
      These modules became obsolete when and make_query subroutine was 
      This test class no longer required as module was replaced 
with add_documents subroutine in
      Removed an inherited class which was present twice.
      Finished the Solr module so that all subroutines function properly witht 
he addition of the URI module to create the url
      Changed the solr.t as it had the incorrect number of tests to be run
      Add new test live.t ... more to come.
      Deleted repetitious test file subroutine make_query only returns an array of document hashes. 
This subroutine requires more work to return a suitable object.
      query subroutine now returns an array of documents with fields
      commit e15173dc82f587896bee68d07792120b1368883c
      Removed the garbage code (main package) from the
      Changes to document.t and I made the to_xml sub to accept a 
hash ref for the boost attribute and a hash ref for fields in the form of my 
%fields1 = (name=>id,value=>1,boost=>1.6); specifically for xml format to 
update the index. The document.t file was likewise changed to comply with the changes.

Leon Brocard (2):
      Confess upon HTTP error
      Send UTF-8 requests to keep new LWP happy

Neil Hooey (8):
      Removed Moose from the Solr, Document and Field objects.
      Replaced XML::Generator with XML::Simple which improves XML generation
      Merge branch 'remove-moose' into replace-xml-generator
      Merge branch 'replace-xml-generator'
      Fixed field test for XML escaping.
      Replaced former Moose accessors with equivalents.
      Merge branch 'remove-moose' into replace-xml-generator
      Merge branch 'replace-xml-generator'

Robert Ward (1):
      Changed the solr search to use a post request.

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 0.40


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