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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag 0.36
in repository pkg-perl-tools.

        at  eea7134   (tag)
   tagging  530ea6914ee6d58c4441309a55cda626c260101f (commit)
  replaces  0.35
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Thu Jan 26 20:23:21 2017 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging package pkg-perl-tools version 0.36


Alex Muntada (57):
      Test GitHub pull request workflow
      Refactor PR workflow
      Move subs to Debian::PkgPerl::GitHub module
      Make patch silent
      Test access to github via ssh
      Add support to create pull requests for patches
      Add -Ilib to perl tests in Makefile
      Add missing copyright information
      Skip t/github.t unless AUTHOR_TESTING is set
      Check files in lib/Debian/PkgPerl directory
      Add documentation for exported subs
      Install Perl modules in lib/Debian/PkgPerl
      Merge branch 'forward-github-pr'
      update changelog and TODO
      Apply patch using Git::Repository->run
      Option quiet only needed in Git::Repository->new
      update changelog and TODO
      lib/Debian/PkgPerl/ improve code and doc
      Get the actual repo in fork_exists
      Provide patch realpath to git apply
      update changelog
      Sync with upstream before branching
      update changelog
      Move forward logic to Debian::PkgPerl::GitHub
      Convert Debian::PkgPerl::GitHub into a class
      Fix perlcritic alert
      Fix ticket attribute name
      Extract bug info sub into a Bug class
      Retrieve Bug information from global vars
      Add a test for Debian::PkgPerl::Bug
      Merge branch 'extract-bug-to-class'
      Extract patch info sub into a Patch class
      Retrieve Patch information from global vars
      Add a test for Debian::PkgPerl::Patch
      Merge branch 'extract-patch-to-class'
      Extract message subs into a Message class
      Build a new Message object from global vars
      Add a test for Debian::PkgPerl::Message
      Merge branch 'extract-messages-to-class'
      Remove full path from patch filename in github.t
      Bring back prefix in prepare_body from 7a6c58c
      Save bug number in Debian::PkgPerl::Bug
      Save patch name in Debian::PkgPerl::Patch
      Update Debian::PkgPerl::Message
      Update Debian::PkgPerl::GitHub
      Add fallback for GitHub pull-requests
      Add test for failback feature in pull requests
      Update TODO
      Merge branch 'fallback-for-github-pull-requests'
      Update debian/copyright with latest tests
      Add invite-github script
      Take note from first argument, not second
      Fix typo in environment var name
      Add invite-github to dpt docs
      Fix glitch that asked to review subject twice
      Change name to dpt-github-oauth for consistency
      Change synopsis to "dpt invite-github" for consistency

Dominique Dumont (4):
      add script to install dzil author dependencies
      add install-dzil-deps in dpt doc
      Revert "add install-dzil-deps in dpt doc"
      Revert "add script to install dzil author dependencies"

Florian Schlichting (8):
      scripts/forward: fail early if no pause credentials and not using mail
      scripts/forward: fix mail-forwarding bug without patch
      update changelog and TODO
      scripts/forward: un-obfuscate mailto address (if needed)
      forward: fall back to sending email when pause credentials cannot be read
      forward: add POD on email fallback and relevant config
      Add missing dependencies for github.t
      fix call to basename()

Niko Tyni (2):
      Merge tag '0.34' into HEAD
      Merge tag '0.35'

gregor herrmann (21):
      examples: update pbuilder-hooks/E10cleanup.
      update changelog
      examples/mass-commit: `continue' in a function fails with newer bash.
      update changelog
      Add (build) dependency on libgit-repository-perl.
      Add a note to the pbuilder firewall example hook.
      update changelog
      dpt-github-oauth: don't display password if Term::ReadLine::Gnu is used.
      update changelog
      dpt-alioth-repo: document the possibility to pass the distribution name 
as a parameter.
      editorial/syntax changes in POD of scripts/alioth-repo
      update changelog
      change $opt_mailto only if it exists
      update changelog run the pipe/tee magic only for subcommands
      update changelog
      scripts/invite-github: POD: change name to dpt-invite-github for 
      add more Pod::Spelling stopwords
      Add debian/tests/pkg-perl/use-name to run autopkgtest's use.t test.
      update changelog
      releasing package pkg-perl-tools version 0.36

tony mancill (1):
      Fix typo in bts-retitle POD.


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  530ea69   releasing package pkg-perl-tools version 0.36

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