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abe pushed a change to branch master
in repository ack.

      from  3f18aa9   update changelog
      adds  d4c493f   Renaming binary and source package.
      adds  3b20be1   Rename autopkgtest configuration file(s) as per new 
pkg-perl-autopkgtest schema.
      adds  26bc9d9   update changelog
      adds  a38a85b   debian/control: Use HTTPS transport protocol for Vcs-Git 
      adds  366d2ed   update changelog
      adds  d65b9ae   debian/copyright: change Copyright-Format 1.0 URL to 
      adds  cfacc06   update changelog
      adds  f0eb04d   debian/upstream/metadata: use HTTPS for GitHub URLs.
      adds  15729b9   update changelog
      adds  ebb096e   Remove Ryan Niebur from Uploaders. Thanks for your work!
      adds  ecb1666   update changelog
      adds  2ffd723   Temporarily switch branch name in Vcs-Git
      adds  4f0ade2   Fix version in Breaks and Replaces headers
      adds  bd0f673   Add "Provides: ack-grep" header
      adds  3abdd6a   Bump debhelper compatibility to 10
      adds  b4220e0   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.8
      adds  eb12166   Upload to unstable as ack 2.14-5
       new  47e5cc7   Merge branch 'debian-stretch'
      adds  0e533fd   first commit
      adds  ca6f313   braindumping design principles
      adds  704cb9a   more notes
      adds  6bd7789   add shebang line matching
      adds  b1cbfe4   done for the night
      adds  181c335   more cleanup
      adds  b681b42   pulling in stuff from old wiki
      adds  1459d8e   breaking up big lists
      adds  2a1ac83   starting a skeleton
      adds  ada9998   starting the building
      adds  0338ed0   more work on the basic framework
      adds  d827a92   note about defaults
      adds  291316d   added
      adds  34ce82e   remove comment
      adds  5817d92   change target name
      adds  1508563   more notes
      adds  f3807ca   profiles
      adds  65cc5ad   starting ackrc
      adds  ad5ed32   starting on file specs
      adds  3cf9a39   more ignores
      adds  c520f88   removed one dupe line
      adds  c2c502f   four matching types now
      adds  8285083   Don't handle lists of args
      adds  57add73   no need for match makefile
      adds  0c996ba   no longer dropping --text
      adds  552ae5f   Add --thpppt support
      adds  809618a   push stuff to 2.1
      adds  5a8230f   starting test
      adds  c54932e   pod test
      adds  765bcb9   bringing over functions from that I know I have to 
      adds  403df73   more structurey stuff
      adds  0f2e09a   more options
      adds  197afb2   ignore comments and empty lines
      adds  88db223   Removed options that we do not yet support
      adds  fc1407c   starting
      adds  a596d9c   starting on the iterators
      adds  804a2cb   -f iterator works
      adds  ce11049   more to do
      adds  df0b688   more todo
      adds  7674566   more todo
      adds  bad1786   multiple starting points now works
      adds  c500ddc   disallow comments on the argument lines
      adds  d39a350   working on command line args
      adds  94b4531   starting on test program
      adds  60ad257   more work on two-pass arg parsing
      adds  b75843e   done for the night
      adds  fd804fc   working on rcfile reading
      adds  5740cb4   bring over the swamp files from old ack project
      adds  76324b1   testing utilities from old ack project
      adds  f89d530   starting on real tests
      adds  43152a1   starting on testing ack -f
      adds  c8a8e3a   working on more command line stuff
      adds  d5ea756   working on command line args
      adds  086836e   rename to .md
      adds  29c30ab   starting on Q&A doc
      adds  51181d8   answered questions
      adds  804561c   Add extensionless question
      adds  10eaab8   asnwering
      adds  f9ac88f   Add some ideas
      adds  edf7db8   More notes
      adds  7b49642   starting
      adds  14a9cb5   clarify some wording
      adds  299e2c4   renamed
      adds  47d3a0c   design change re: default file searching
      adds  911dbe6   more last-minute cleanups
      adds  2e7f6db   add notes about file-wide type detection
      adds  424feff   remove extraneous note
      adds  abf6bd0   move the perl 5.8.8 note to a design section
      adds  74c7353   note about encodings
      adds  ff92c54   starting
      adds  e855c88   more
      adds  199fe00   moved a section
      adds  26bfea2   braindumping forkfuls
      adds  6b42f81   fork
      adds  b5b8969   notes
      adds  bb9cd5b   ackrc.d
      adds  c221a29   words to define
      adds  46c3d5c   note about command-line switches
      adds  bce1e5d   more
      adds  2513036   add ACK_OPTIONS
      adds  81cc472   debug mode
      adds  671502f   switch
      adds  2608607   notes
      adds  d92cbe2   add rak
      adds  63b8d08   expand
      adds  7f085e2   rename regex to match
      adds  c0fdb27   Markdownified version of chat
      adds  4510e6b   mvoed to chats dir
      adds  71bd16a   first dump of rules from @hoelzro, reorganized by Andy
      adds  99e9ff4   Add config file finder conversation
      adds  c070da6   Fix up conversation formatting
      adds  762d3ec   Add config file finder test
      adds  9344f7b   Add ConfigFinder implementation
      adds  a20eb1e   Add config finder to Makefile.PL
      adds  b66d1bc   Start on today's meeting agenda
      adds  6af02ae   notes
      adds  f560c79   more notes
      adds  f8df984   Start on config loader test
      adds  034b922   Add stub for ConfigLoader
      adds  3a5e7c8   Allow non-existent args to test_loader
      adds  227b946   Actually localize ACK_OPTIONS and @ARGV in test
      adds  38cdae6   Add tests for after_context
      adds  21e5858   Start implementation of config loader
      adds  356d9af   Add tests for before_context
      adds  6c51a68   Implement before_context
      adds  129e072   Move away from Test::Builder and Test::Deep
      adds  91c3845   Move away from Test::Builder
      adds  8556d09   Remove ConfigLoader from Makefile.PL
      adds  4691995   Adapt Config finder to use $App::Ack::is_windows
      adds  92a3781   Fix up config finding logic a bit
      adds  8a9d709   Make ConfigFinder more conforming to spec
      adds  517a738   Update ackrc finding spec
      adds  cc0a7df   Move option-rules into POD
      adds  2d76def   Missed a backslash
      adds  1e44d19   Update test for config finder
      adds  aceb63d   Look for _ackrc project files
      adds  2ae440a   Replace ackrc-locating logic with ConfigFinder
      adds  b2961dc   $ACKRC is a giant pain
      adds  c994dd0   use Data::Show instead of Data::Dumper
      adds  fafda29   move Andy's starting config loading code into 
ConfigLoader.  Get ready to write tests.
      adds  63a231f   Move Andy's config loader into ConfigLoader
      adds  bf32801   little test program no longer used
      adds  9091878   add in ConfigLoader
      adds  efbac7f   Starting a braindump
      adds  2e23ba9   bring over capture-stderr from ack 1.x
      adds  0a11493   add ConfigLoader and ConfigFinder
      adds  fada502   Add --filter
      adds  fa2a91b   Rename input_from_pipe to is_filter_mode
      adds  328fbc1   Start using is_filter_mode
      adds  4cf4b8c   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  2775a03   Fix up test builder levels
      adds  eaf0d52   Add a very rudimentary roadmap
      adds  eb90f8c   working on roadmap
      adds  6b1bd6f   No longer needed
      adds  71e9cde   renamed and moved
      adds  268fce3   random notes
      adds  34d1128   Add some questions for @petdance
      adds  cb9c3a5   Split process_args into two helper methods
      adds  5c3fd47   Add debug flag in Makefile.PL
      adds  94c998a   Add line directives when squashing in debug mode
      adds  658cfb4   Process --type-set and --type-add
      adds  5acbdb1   Put leftovers from string option processing back into arg 
      adds  3f8e4c5   Check sources for extra arguments; throw or stick into 
      adds  8970056   Start on process_filter_spec function
      adds  0c864cb   Start on separate handler for --type-set
      adds  ceb316a   Return type_filters as third return value from 
      adds  4fccf8c   Have type_filters returned as second value from 
      adds  1a2edf2   Add missing %type_filters variable
      adds  039ba4c   Pass arg sources in as an array reference
      adds  987d5e3   Pass option hash in as a reference
      adds  dc72b8a   Stick filter data into opts hash
      adds  75619ac   Don't return type filter hash from process_args
      adds  d89ff67   Don't return multiple filters from process_filter_spec
      adds  72c4c60   Add App::Ack::Filter
      adds  110a8c4   Have App::Ack::Filter process filter specs
      adds  71d1513   Add test for filter functionality
      adds  58285ec   Pass filter tests
      adds  41af958   Add docs for App::Ack::Filter
      adds  f32556a   Add test for extension filter
      adds  2f818a0   Add note about --check option
      adds  9b92ad7   Improve ext filter test
      adds  a6e0c55   Add diag for ext filter test
      adds  cc86f16   Fix ext filter test
      adds  9d55240   Add in Makefile.PL
      adds  24890fc   Add ext filter implementation
      adds  b6dee6c   Wrap filter registration in BEGIN block
      adds  9b3fcc6   style changes
      adds  24ba822   Delete MockFinder
      adds  d65887c   Switch config-loader test to done_testing
      adds  ae7db52   Fix up ConfigLoader test
      adds  4e6890c   Add perlcritic and perltidy files from Ack1
      adds  3663d4e   Update Github references
      adds  62fcb22   Fix extension filter tests
      adds  729c8bc   Fix extension filters
      adds  8e7a4e7   Get -f working
      adds  29c4457   Merge branch 'rob-working'
      adds  75e8799   Add --noenv test
      adds  9713d8f   Throw an option into @ARGV in noenv test
      adds  8bc1ab5   Add a target to @ARGV in noenv test
      adds  d560b9d   Implement --noenv
      adds  cb5af9a   Check ACK_OPTIONS in noenv test
      adds  e12359d   Add another question about --noenv
      adds  b78f13b   Put new questions under their own header
      adds  a0c25b3   Fix ackrc path in noenv test
      adds  af448f8   Only ignore top-level Makefile/blib
      adds  4d18a00   Add missing swamp files
      adds  0000d49   Add another question
      adds  e8d4ec6   Add empty @expected to ack -f test
      adds  6fc18ec   answered questions
      adds  daee487   Add a gotcha to notes
      adds  523748b   requires modern Test::More
      adds  d7684a6   use subtests instead of do {} blocks. Remove the Cwd 
saving, because we do not need it
      adds  96070a3   add comments to tests
      adds  2717ebb   Store ignored dirs/files in $opt
      adds  722d825   Get arg specs from a helper function
      adds  4a49924   Start code for --dump
      adds  631f254   added back the Cwd stashing
      adds  cd35196   call run_ack correctly
      adds  9029737   Put idirs/ifiles in default opts
      adds  e4c1673   path to ctags
      adds  56e7737   implement --ackrc
      adds  4fb8337   parenthesize test args
      adds  724b491   Implement --dump
      adds  5350d6b   Use swamp for ext-filter test
      adds  2253284   Make extension filters case-insensitive
      adds  1d9e6d2   Add firstlinematch test
      adds  609a534   Implement firstlinematch
      adds  cdcd669   Move filter test logic into helper module
      adds  34a8755   Fix firstlinematch test message
      adds  cb2a802   Add test for is filters
      adds  4eed573   Implement is filters
      adds  4d35c23   Remove stupid formatting from FirstLineMatch
      adds  907cf91   Add test for match filters
      adds  d3ac58e   Add match filter implementation
      adds  244194b   Add more questions
      adds  d938d69   no import on File::Spec
      adds  e2e0021   add a comment, and fix qr// quoting
      adds  37d5a86   Fix indent of commented code
      adds  7caee45   Add default filter test
      adds  e0aa3d3   Add default filter
      adds  7f776f9   Add default filter if no others exist
      adds  e0fceb8   Remove unused return value
      adds  855ff69   Add default filter to config loader defaults
      adds  8328156   Pass file_filter and descend_filter opts into File::Next
      adds  446ea60   Add a descend_filter to App::Ack::Resources
      adds  11e1894   Fix our descend filter to use Ack filter objects
      adds  449898e   Add a file_filter to App::Ack::Resources
      adds  9cb846b   Ignore emacs work files more specifically
      adds  1c18fee   It's only 2 tests in ack-f.t
      adds  a565290   Don't expect tar files in ack -f output
      adds  b6bf6bc   Add --cmake settings
      adds  42c5314   Only do firstline match if there is a first line
      adds  cd82103   Improve --perl rules
      adds  c8699f2   Remove dead variables
      adds  96c88c9   Test --cmake rule
      adds  671cc25   Add test for combined filters
      adds  392aac0   Treat multiple filters as an OR operation
      adds  a4cc071   Add test for basic search functionality
      adds  ad5f369   Implement very basic searching
      adds  80f7a9c   Return correct result from print_matches_in_resource
      adds  2d0f2dc   Add test for -v/--invert-match
      adds  8991e10   Implement ack -v
      adds  f08012d   Test -i option
      adds  dd112b1   Implement -i
      adds  3c9c80a   Add test for -l/--files-with-matches
      adds  3628708   Implement -l
      adds  db3b06d   Add test for ack -L/--files-without-matches
      adds  29b9485   Implement -L
      adds  fbd0ce1   Delete unused MockResource class
      adds  db77817   Bring in tests from ack1
      adds  e839a14   Pass basic.t
      adds  431056a   Uncuddle elses for style
      adds  39a6f31   Import ack-c test
      adds  1b9ef55   Import text corpus for ack -c tests
      adds  a9bb7e4   Remove redundant -l/-L tests
      adds  4a31c29   Don't allow abbreviated options in first pass
      adds  d801f9b   Add count_matches_in_resource
      adds  b15a67b   Add Resources::from_stdin
      adds  6ee298c   Initialize resources from STDIN when needed
      adds  38596ac   Only print filenames unless a single argument is provided 
that is a file
      adds  7010fbc   Implement -c/--count option
      adds  c7bd57b   Don't consider filters when in filter mode
      adds  cdb0577   Add notes about printing directly in ack-base
      adds  19da97c   Remove unneeded commented-out reference code
      adds  1ff783b   Make a note on the seemingly contradictory variable name 
      adds  9a6f7ea   Abstract iterating over matches away
      adds  596be46   Add ability for match processors to break out early
      adds  47c2775   Use ack1 Getopt::Long configuration
      adds  dfc935f   Bring in ack-v test from ack1
      adds  26fd60f   Implement -m/--max-count
      adds  89ade9c   Add ack1 ack-1.t test
      adds  56ce943   Remove --text from ack-1 test
      adds  b44e95e   Implement -m + -f
      adds  40242e5   Implement -g
      adds  7d40352   Remove commented-out example code
      adds  cc00ebd   dropping -a
      adds  4fff306   we ARE going to have $ACKRC support
      adds  d510df2   Import ack-g.t from ack1
      adds  093e391   Move filtering into file filter for File::Next
      adds  861065a   Always include files explicitly specified on the command 
      adds  c1cdde2   Include ackrc for testing
      adds  b9b5b82   Warn the user if they specify a file that doesn't exist
      adds  9840207   Add type definition for HTML
      adds  18536fe   Move -g/-G filtering into File::Next filter
      adds  949cc6f   Fix regex for firstlinematch test
      adds  bd9aefe   Bring over swamp Makefile from ack1
      adds  bdf91cc   Break out match logic a bit
      adds  81b1358   Implement --invert-file-match
      adds  593d84f   Warn and exit on -f/-g + --match
      adds  bfe661e   Modify ack-g.t to get with the times
      adds  e4f2bc1   Bring over print0 test from ack1
      adds  52f4dff   Implement --print0
      adds  e584608   Bring in ack-w.t from ack1
      adds  7543c07   Put regex fetching into its own sub
      adds  2c49830   Remove --text from ack-w.t
      adds  9f8f406   Replace _get_regex with build_regex
      adds  58ef995   Don't do redundant ignore case
      adds  50de3ac   Add ack-color.t test from ack1
      adds  3c74f78   Implement basic coloration
      adds  b86f2ce   Highlight matching words if -w and --color
      adds  ff531f2   Highlight submatches
      adds  6b1eb58   Start a tasks document
      adds  930c3ba   Add a list of ack1 tets to bring over
      adds  36191ef   Only highlight the matched word (like in Ack1)
      adds  dafbe2d   Turn color on if not outputting to pipe
      adds  d23857c   Add test for loading a bad ackrc file
      adds  fffeae9   Die if we fail to load --ackrc
      adds  e4e8206   added another diag for Test::More and Test::Harness
      adds  5876f68   add -T note
      adds  e44652d   now needs Test::Simple 0.96
      adds  3e776eb   another task
      adds  2d814b1   make squash change use base to @ISA
      adds  d8cce74   Fix cmake definition
      adds  8cb3341   comments on filetypes
      adds  d92f5c4   Add a test for --no$type
      adds  d396045   Create ISA during compile time
      adds  7a9c5aa   Add invert/is_inverted operations to Filter
      adds  8a2d65c   Add inverse filter implementation
      adds  61269a1   Invert filter if --no$type is specified
      adds  3b33d08   Amend filter logic to account for inverse filters
      adds  6bad84a   Provide a default filter if no uninverted filters exist
      adds  31f2cda   Add test for --dump
      adds  1b52e21   Remove duplicate config files from consideration
      adds  2f19722   Add test for --ignore-directory=$bad_directory
      adds  7be9f25   Don't try to descend into "bad" directories
      adds  ebf60df   adding bininst
      adds  2fc66d9   fix bininst
      adds  b44abd9   Add plans for 2.1
      adds  7b79a47   copied tasks into GitHub issues
      adds  dd9c07c   cleaned up some tasks
      adds  bb7b557   Remove completed tasks from forkfuls
      adds  633c5f4   moved tasks into issues
      adds  07be8ba   Make Makefile with debugging more Windows-friendly
      adds  f57fc3c   Making make Windows-friendly - part 2
      adds  0337281   Switch to hash-based filtering of directories
      adds  ec1aa9b   Bring over ack-line.t from ack1
      adds  a04e5b9   Implement --lines
      adds  69ff37e   Add C files to ackrc
      adds  739722d   Add test for checking for ack1 filetypes
      adds  4069743   Add missing file types
      adds  7fff162   Add documentation for file types
      adds  0aa0056   Add .xs to C filetype
      adds  ff06acc   Add context test
      adds  45183c9   Start on context implementation
      adds  00a0c03   Implement --before-context
      adds  e034541   Started tracking after_context
      adds  685fd3f   Make use of after context
      adds  325553d   Add some TODOs to context.t
      adds  250488d   filetype cleanup
      adds  8ff16dd   From mason from default filetypes
      adds  52e6987   Add App::Ack::iterate
      adds  fc8a615   Implement context for --line
      adds  ea27e15   Add App::Ack::print_line_with_options
      adds  64be4f4   Make use of App::Ack::print_line_with_options
      adds  17bfa10   Add App::Ack::print_line_with_context
      adds  babc652   Start using App::Ack::print_line_with_context
      adds  e3a50ca   Initialize $last_line_printed in a BEGIN block
      adds  e21aeb9   Fix print_line_with_context to handle color and such
      adds  b7d5916   Continue to use print_line_with_context
      adds  b4a9160   Replace usage of process_matches with does_match
      adds  349794a   Save match captures for later
      adds  f4204f1   Bring over passthru test from ack1
      adds  aa36386   Implement --passthru
      adds  7933ea1   Turn off TODO for passthru
      adds  bb2e784   Implement passthru for --lines
      adds  eb28918   Import ack -h test from ack1
      adds  8fffa55   Import --column test from ack1
      adds  6443d01   Add get_match_column function
      adds  b7608c9   Implement --column
      adds  7ed97c3   Don't save match information on -v
      adds  3680284   Clear match column on new match
      adds  6329040   Replace @- with @LAST_MATCH_START
      adds  d619564   Add --ignore-dir test
      adds  53fe706   Get rid of -u bit of ignore-dir test
      adds  eb3d7c3   Prepend 'is,' to --ignore-dir arguments if not found
      adds  156142c   Remove trailing dir separators for --ignore-dir
      adds  05bbd0c   Redo --ignore-directory/--ignore-file logic in config 
      adds  fbbef65   Implement --noignore-directory
      adds  e1dc90f   No longer need to build ACK_HELP* targets
      adds  33051a8   more stuff to ignore
      adds  744d8bf   Removed the top_targets hackery
      adds  74e6aa6   starting todo
      adds  02335a5   allow /s
      adds  187000b   add a critic target
      adds  145d342   clean up whitespace
      adds  25fe971   more to do
      adds  2001fa5   fix spacing and add an explicit return
      adds  0618fe3   get rid of unless
      adds  6ec6258   get rid of unless
      adds  d196d4c   critic cleanups and spacing cleanups
      adds  5273e30   Critic cleanups
      adds  e321e4a   cleaning up critic noise
      adds  9abe50f   add shebangs
      adds  30461ec   reorganize to make critic happy
      adds  8567fe8   stylistic cleanups, and use File::Slurp
      adds  428a267   Add notes
      adds  1fbe84b   removing unlesses and doing critic cleanup
      adds  24e1b60   critic cleanup of sigils
      adds  feeb4b5   critic cleanup
      adds  0c89b61   style fixing
      adds  bde2676   fixing regexes
      adds  a2a85e6   fix critic dirtiness
      adds  7bc7f9a   critic cleanups
      adds  27251e5   spiff up the verbose
      adds  36b6bd5   handle the eval correctly
      adds  0f4cf2d   critic cleanups
      adds  bc2f3aa   add an explicit return
      adds  f80f626   use File::Slurp
      adds  5e39fb1   add a shebang
      adds  b1f6ae3   critic cleanup
      adds  de28edb   formatting and critic cleanup
      adds  24f943b   turn off warning about "no strict"
      adds  feb774a   fix up if & unless
      adds  6e38439   more to do
      adds  5478da8   fix bad if check
      adds  8ef8938   fixing formatting
      adds  890d73e   more shutoff warnings
      adds  f74aec4   new rules
      adds  4ee505f   adding returns
      adds  52524b2   remove unnecessary critic notes
      adds  40a6ab5   Add a shebang and done_testing()
      adds  78d7865   critic cleanups
      adds  aa31759   add some docs
      adds  4e6730f   clarify files & directories
      adds  779c9fa   Import ack-group.t from ack1
      adds  8569d0e   Add App::Ack::has_printed_something
      adds  cbc4af7   Implement --break and --heading
      adds  237b58e   Discard debugging output
      adds  6e74700   Enable context + grouping tests
      adds  d5d70a4   Match --python to /usr/bin/python and friends
      adds  e5d1cdb   Reset the first match in context matching when using 
      adds  a1d847b   Add a missing file from the test swamp
      adds  29bbadd   Add -o test from ack1
      adds  85a022c   Implement -o and --output
      adds  4d10990   Use $ors instead of "\n"
      adds  9f88916   Enable --output + context tests
      adds  95cd7e5   Disable context when using -o/--output
      adds  b5f514b   Move --noenv/--ackrc logic into build_ack_command_line
      adds  5cbb61f   Import ack-match.t from ack1
      adds  9ac5a07   Implement --match
      adds  4d47df6   Add run_ack_interactive to
      adds  e68eba5   Add ack-interactive.t
      adds  baec81c   Set heading and break if we're in interactive mode
      adds  7bc2106   Add more interactive tests
      adds  c70b966   Test coloration with default options
      adds  f6e702d   Add array output for run_ack_interactive
      adds  b07a0e3   Test default colors in interactive mode
      adds  a617f1c   Fix --heading colors
      adds  1eda295   Change FILES to PATHs in the documentation.
      adds  cabeec8   Clarify PATHS as FILES or DIRECTORIES.
      adds  d60ad61   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  52c1ca6   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  e19c1ff   Correct a failing ack-1.t test.
      adds  c24e6c9   More indicative regular expression.
      adds  bb06d7d   Merge pull request #30 from shlomif/master
      adds  7f3f270   fix a typo, and add some URLs
      adds  ff166bc   Add test for --files-from
      adds  ba37674   Add support for --files-from option
      adds  fd5aa0b   Add longopts test from ack1
      adds  b2da01b   Add enough help to let longopts.t pass
      adds  efa81a1   Add the --bar option (from ack 1.x)
      adds  1869620   Test all the long options
      adds  8757e4f   Add missing long options to --help
      adds  fa55c8b   Allow options for Util's build_command_line and 
      adds  06a758d   Use build_ack_command_line in run_ack_interactive
      adds  145a5f3   Allow recording of "option coverage"
      adds  bbd49a4   Add a developer script for summarized option coverage
      adds  01c7434   Style updates for dev script
      adds  41bc5da   Add some usage information to the option coverage script
      adds  27450a4   make it executable
      adds  ed92176   Doc no longer needed.  The one task I care about is now 
in the issue tracker.
      adds  3812d02   Remove 2.1 plans; moved to issue tracker
      adds  b113d47   Add option coverage file to ignored files
      adds  be45a62   Add --dump to long option test
      adds  8b00919   Add --dump to help output
      adds  50762e5   Fix a spelling error
      adds  d7e6620   Fix filter example
      adds  115f4c8   Check for coverage of extra options
      adds  a4a0e9f   Alter to retain original CWD for running scripts
      adds  f6b7030   Insert prep_environment where needed
      adds  92bda28   Test that ack fails when --noenv is found in a config file
      adds  5019297   Check for --noenv in config files
      adds  b550101   Remove done_testing from noenv.t
      adds  d0197e9   get rid of use_ok()
      adds  ede9032   Add test checking for duplicate config
      adds  3a73e8f   Explain what happened when expect_ackrcs fails
      adds  a4ebb13   Add example R file
      adds  7bb199a   Update existing tests to check for example.R
      adds  a0fa41d   Add test making sure the .R extension works fine
      adds  7e3e394   Add R language file definition to ackrc
      adds  01783d7   Add a test for a single command-line defined definition
      adds  9f84d15   Fix bug where filters wouldn't apply if no --ignore-file 
options are present
      adds  422803c   Don't expect files ending in .bak
      adds  9a03703   Remove leading dot in .bak ignore pattern
      adds  d0080a1   Add test for --type
      adds  384a5d1   Implement --type and --type=no...
      adds  8c7f01d   Add test for unknown file types
      adds  ef090a8   Croak if we encounter an unknown filter type
      adds  58a21d2   Test --type if no types are defined
      adds  26b0a3d   Add *.bak files back to tests not using our ackrc
      adds  31c9556   require Win32 in a BEGIN block
      adds  de00a73   get rid of use_ok
      adds  fb45c46   Removed -G and made -g more sensible.
      adds  bc3108f   starting on the differences between 1.x and 2.0
      adds  ec595dc   fixing markup
      adds  a4b1925   Needs File::Next 1.08
      adds  bfa737c   Change lists_match to sets_match in ack-type.t
      adds  24caee1   Add a test for bash process substitution
      adds  22401d5   Don't turn colors on by default on Windows
      adds  f4c0eb3   Add a test for testing backwards compatability of ackrc
      adds  7dc057a   Be more forgiving when we see an ack1-style --type-add
      adds  d5d9534   Fix up some code formatting
      adds  7f922ec   Don't use $1 and friends directly
      adds  a3302a4   Add test checking output of ack when searching a single 
      adds  40ce44f   Move -h/-H into show_filename
      adds  f90079c   Only print filenames when print_filename is actually true
      adds  4cd240b   Initialize show_filename before we override it
      adds  f227b33   Only set show_filename if -h or -H is provided
      adds  a024d81   Only set show_filename if we haven't already
      adds  5bc16cf   Relax our conditions for setting show_filename
      adds  d82e947   We need a newer File::Next
      adds  1d7b039   update copyright to 2012
      adds  801d9a9   Keep --noenv after our first check
      adds  98b84fa   Don't think about HOME while testing
      adds  f044c98   Increment Test::Builder level in
      adds  9e83288   Use run_ack_with_stderr to gather usage in longopts test
      adds  2ffeed2   Use --noenv in process substitution test
      adds  81609c1   fix -o and --passthru docs
      adds  c3d2d65   add more switches to check
      adds  b71341c   fix spelling typo
      adds  c8e88f3   shuffle some options
      adds  4742680   removed unnecessary version numbers
      adds  357f250   working on differences for people
      adds  ceb78de   add a shebang
      adds  7a57c4b   add --files-from and -x to the help
      adds  6c48b3b   new coding standards test
      adds  445dfae   test file for validating behavior of specifying files on 
the command line
      adds  cc18961   add read_file()
      adds  9894fd3   More coding standards goodness
      adds  a11fdfd   use our own read_file now
      adds  f0e23af   add write_file and append_file so we do not use 
      adds  d56d647   Use our own write_file and append_file
      adds  e63c7d8   Add t/file-permission.t
      adds  43d274e   test for checking for incomplete last line
      adds  4d898f1   check for anchors
      adds  805a520   Long ago there was a problem where ack would ignore a 
file named "0" because 0 is a false value in Perl.  Here we check to make sure 
we don't fall prey to that again.
      adds  24843cd   remove slurp() from the
      adds  09cf343   removed redundant "js"
      adds  e45d7ab   Add -x, although it does not yet work
      adds  e6ca0e1   fix func name in docs
      adds  0af67d6   stupid me forgot how the types thing works
      adds  7e3bd9b   starting on from_file(), but it may not work
      adds  16218b5   starting work on files_from
      adds  d20da6e   there should never be an "ack" in the root
      adds  8a2336d   standalone is ts own target
      adds  291372b   standalone is ts own target
      adds  c335a8b   now we have build_ack_invocation
      adds  911dec9   build_ack_invocation can return @ now
      adds  0392ee8   no longer used
      adds  96e702e   using the run_cmd from the tainting branch
      adds  f2c437b   ack-base no longer exists
      adds  2aa1912   Fill in missing @args in run_ack_interactive
      adds  ab7f152   invoke ack properly
      adds  2317562   fix invocation
      adds  ba808da   Merge branch 'master' into from_file
      adds  e8d8f38   fix quoting
      adds  e832c05   Make sure our command line switches use abs paths
      adds  f675642   invoke ack properly
      adds  4d2bfae   fix invocation
      adds  2d5954d   Merge branch 'master' into from_file
      adds  8a7b7c5   Bring over illegal-regex.t from ack1
      adds  72f9d55   Check for illegal regexes
      adds  618d62a   Add minified JS file to swamp
      adds  d4ebae8   Include minified.min.js in file listing in tests
      adds  dad2b6a   Ignore minified JS files in default ackrc
      adds  0945667   Merge branch 'master' into from_file
      adds  a15459e   handle non-existent --files-from arguments
      adds  f70a9f7   for testing ack
      adds  48d1ee4   add comment
      adds  8b63f7b   rearrange some code for clarity
      adds  4dd9461   add default ackrc
      adds  65669ac   Add test for --known-types
      adds  f9f2165   Add .t files to --perl
      adds  9ee318a   Add .htm to --html
      adds  20d71f6   Add a debugging module for Andy and my use
      adds  ff1b524   Add a dumb to_string function to
      adds  c6168da   Add better to_string functions to filter subclasses
      adds  10589c6   Add stringification overload for resource
      adds  7ac5b58   Add Makefile to --make
      adds  4b77e37   Fix GNUmakefile for --make
      adds  2b4e90c   Create each resource anew before filtering it
      adds  1c5c354   Implement --known-types
      adds  f05a59b   Add test for -m/-1
      adds  c562e82   Make --flush actually work
      adds  36a8a44   Must have File::Next 1.09_02
      adds  8266dcb   expanded the test and found a bug in -1.
      adds  60db745   call ack_lists_match
      adds  b3618ff   Starting using the ack_lists_match
      adds  a5964d5   use ack_lists_match
      adds  3a54e57   set $Test::Builder::Level correctly
      adds  cb5437b   use ack_sets_match
      adds  6c291aa   clean up is/ok calls
      adds  fe4f35e   use ack_sets_match
      adds  f78ae4a   use ack_sets_match
      adds  b3b4ed7   Fix -1
      adds  4b4d927   Have to have Getopt::Long 2.36
      adds  bc157b1   Use %App::Ack::mappings instead of a closed-over value 
for type mappings
      adds  56d899b   Rename to_string to inspect
      adds  5744e36   Make all filter objects blessed hashes
      adds  051059e   Implement to_string for most filters
      adds  7009fa4   Use to_string explicitly for --help-files
      adds  5e21b96   Some reason we can't specify 2.36 in the use
      adds  db380df   add ConfigDefault
      adds  6e7bce4   Fix types from ack 1.x rc files
      adds  e751384   Add to swamp
      adds  3184581   Fix tests to include
      adds  b828a3b   Actually test that old options work
      adds  a3309c1   add a comment
      adds  203521d   --files-from now warns if a non-existent file shows up
      adds  7cf46e9   Put defaults in front of other config sources
      adds  7c560ba   Don't add --ackrc to tests
      adds  f067fd1   Fix some tests to work with new ackrc defaults
      adds  76eb9cd   Mark broken tests as TODO
      adds  e03fdef   Implement --ignore-ack-defaults
      adds  9caca3c   Revert "Mark broken tests as TODO"
      adds  94ad0c9   Use --ignore-ack-defaults in tests that need it
      adds  ab3cec3   Remove --ackrc from tests where not needed
      adds  90b6e36   hoist some common code
      adds  207a8bb   move ackrc to t/ackrc
      adds  32032b1   remove old comments
      adds  7fa3258   Change --type-add/--type-set tests to use colons
      adds  054b412   Fix type-add/set to use colons instead of commas
      adds  6e2b75c   Remove --ackrc from tack
      adds  a25da36   Add --ignore-ack-defaults to help
      adds  58bbef6   Check for --ignore-ack-defaults in help test
      adds  ff19845   Added test for --show-types
      adds  93d7eaa   Merge pull request #98 from 
      adds  b49b514   fix spelling of grep
      adds  f75b8d4   make ignore-file use colons, not commas
      adds  5f32b6e   updating wording
      adds  d101164   add Ryan Olson to ACKnolwedgements
      adds  c6d27a1   Issue 97: Exclude read only files during filter.
      adds  7a22498   Merge pull request #102 from Gimpson/readonly
      adds  3185870   Remove is_filetype from Util
      adds  1ecf0ca   Add filetype.t (skipped for now)
      adds  2ae6bc6   Include filetypes.t in ack-g tests
      adds  20947e4   Increase test level in show types test
      adds  28257dd   Add clone to resource methods
      adds  9075b91   Implement clone for Resource::Basic
      adds  693d53a   Add App::Ack::filetypes
      adds  1fb36a4   Implement --show-types
      adds  d55426f   Remove text from show types test
      adds  b402a14   Classify Rakefiles as Ruby
      adds  7002530   Only match Rakefile in show types test
      adds  88dc7f7   Implement show-types for -g
      adds  52f8819   Add files to t/etc
      adds  70fa354   Stop skipping filetypes.t
      adds  91736fb   Scan t/etc for files in filetypes test
      adds  5f4d612   Stop referring to buttonhook.xml
      adds  41d4132   Add some more shebang filters
      adds  ad3ca23   Match XML files based on first line
      adds  8d92a05   Add perl.handler.pod to swamp
      adds  ae6d4ec   Add perl.handler.pod to tests that check for things like 
      adds  6e1ea57   Add test for --help-types
      adds  429edf4   add Rob Hoelz
      adds  c13b940   Add test for -x
      adds  4eaabeb   Don't forget to chomp lines in ack-x.t
      adds  c87ae25   Fix -x
      adds  c7e3c87   combine types for perl
      adds  6a802ed   Update
      adds  88a552c   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  7cf46e7   throw away the ackrc and ack-dump looks at internals
      adds  66046d4   Document configuration location semantics
      adds  7f287c9   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  d48d237   add some specific checks
      adds  f9ced23   Requires File::Next 1.10
      adds  3622ec7   fixing the --man
      adds  14c2d0e   tighten up shebang testing
      adds  59294b3   starting on getting things ready for first release
      adds  30aa1bd   Fixing up files for distribution
      adds  ad52803   escape hashes for Markdown
      adds  f1dbd99   more markup fixup
      adds  f5a006f   Add testing for classic and standalone
      adds  7c59f1b   Actually use ACK_TEST_STANDALONE
      adds  65baa7f   Make test_standalone depend on all
      adds  ca2ec9c   Fix command-line-files.t for standalone
      adds  2acf045   add Shaun Patterson to ACKnowledgements
      adds  75d8cc6   Don't put in
      adds  5dc290a   first draft of ack-k.t
      adds  6a86b6c   hoisted the show_types
      adds  2f15572   add ack --bar mention
      adds  50f4999   Quote the version numbers so they are not seen as numbers
      adds  49d40dd   Add failing test for -k
      adds  5254dd1   fix wording
      adds  32743b4   Add --help-types to --help output
      adds  56e9e72   Add --help-types to --man output
      adds  936328e   Add invalid ackrc test
      adds  e7b21e8   Filter "special" options before others
      adds  085f72b   Don't check for --help-types in first option pass
      adds  cf53f60   Skip --help-types in invalid ackrc test for now
      adds  049b24d   Get rid of unneeded code
      adds  19b3191   Put manpage logic into show_man sub
      adds  6f19b77   add shebang lines to all the tests
      adds  e1ed4ca   parenthesizing function calls
      adds  f30b772   Add test for options we removed from ack 1
      adds  0ca346a   Error out when using an option we removed
      adds  d391a94   Add test for --type-del
      adds  63b53ab   Implement --type-del
      adds  941cd10   Make our sanity check in type-del test more precise
      adds  1920af2   Rename variables in type-del test to make sense
      adds  d74b5f1   Test re-adding a filetype after deleting it
      adds  0375beb   Check --help-types output when using --type-del
      adds  1701db5   Fix tests broken by removal of -a
      adds  ea84040   Add .gradle extension to Groovy types
      adds  5a1c0af   Parens are mandatory for subs loaded by require
      adds  7fb8646   Make _remove_redundancies discard files it can't stat
      adds  995bd26   In _remove_redundancies, assume inode 0 is incorrect
      adds  c0cb9a6   Standardize .ackrc/_ackrc across platforms
      adds  8b79c61   Use test names in config-finder.t
      adds  9bd1388   Tell Emacs about ack's preferred indentation style
      adds  b0bac22   Make finding both .ackrc and _ackrc a fatal error
      adds  61d58af   Merge pull request #109 from madsen/config-finder
      adds  a174473   Don't check exception state in select()
      adds  8fecb9c   Make the tests run on Windows
      adds  9a98b85   Ignore "can't break line" warnings from man
      adds  63e2d21   Add ack-standalone to .gitignore
      adds  4320c47   Make tests complete on Windows
      adds  a10b07d   Normalize pathnames in _compile_file_filter
      adds  6a0d28d   Fix is_global_file to quote metachars in $dir
      adds  3737506   Make ack-invalid-ackrc.t pass on Windows
      adds  0dd5614   Quote metachars in $file
      adds  59b9284   Fix filetypes.t to normalize filenames
      adds  f9dd0e9   Call FIXIN on ack-standalone
      adds  9c7c704   Change ack-x.t to work on Windows
      adds  a3eb1cb   per-project file is .ackrc, not ackrc
      adds  be8cc8c   Ignore "Unknown escape E<0x...>" errors
      adds  586dab1   Merge pull request #130 from madsen/windows
      adds  0786586   Add App::Ack::get_file_id
      adds  f707378   Don't filter out global files that don't exist
      adds  0f13629   Make use of get_file_id
      adds  520421e   Add pager test
      adds  dfb871b   Use exec list for run_ack_interactive
      adds  abd29a5   Make record_option_coverage work with longer command lines
      adds  ff30340   Test --nopager
      adds  2b87b54   Add test for -l + -1
      adds  441cb2d   Add test for -m + -l
      adds  82f174a   Fix test count for ack-m.t
      adds  5c85087   Fix test count for ack-1.t
      adds  6bd310d   Make -l + -1/-m work
      adds  bd6c95f   Add test for ack --create-ackrc
      adds  fd6ed25   Implement ack --create-ackrc
      adds  9e9100f   Add --create-ackrc to --help output
      adds  964762a   Add --create-ackrc to man output
      adds  8a30e4f   Check for --ignore-ack-defaults in created ackrc
      adds  8ddfb2d   Add --ignore-ack-defaults to --create-ackrc output
      adds  2675482   Test ack -k
      adds  b293594   Implement ack -k
      adds  7eef8d4   Test --known-types + --no$type
      adds  86aeb33   Add documentation for --known-types
      adds  8138b2d   Test --dump + --type-del
      adds  90dc891   Make sure --dump + --type-del works properly
      adds  43d81af   Turn --help-types + invalid ackrc test on
      adds  b552c98   Check output of --help-types with a bad ackrc
      adds  377dda7   Still dump types if ackrc is bad
      adds  aa7a678   Check for error output even when calling --help-types
      adds  97e4f7f   Print out bad options even with --help-types
      adds  111753e   Convert found files' newlines to native newlines
      adds  0f19011   Add test file with Windows newlines
      adds  2264225   Fix existing tests to accommodate new test file
      adds  b6b296a   Set $0 to ack
      adds  06adf12   Fix $0
      adds  685261a   Fix --man
      adds  8024c49   Deprecate -a with hint about -k
      adds  2207d9c   Merge pull request #151 from rking/master
      adds  6f9960e   Added instructions for building to README
      adds  2772b1a   Merge pull request #148 from bmatheny/master
      adds  24fb840   Remove "optional" steps for building process
      adds  db63bf1   Flesh out installation steps in README
      adds  28bd6c5   Add
      adds  0dd4373   Warn people searching for terms beginning with + or -
      adds  448f151   Document what we mean by PATTERN
      adds  0c29623   Add test for -s option
      adds  e4e9f9c   Add -s option
      adds  7b3d6f5   Check for -s in --help output
      adds  1d918d9   Add notes about adding options
      adds  cdb8308   Add sample ASP.Net files
      adds  aeb6b74   Fix tests to accommodate ASP.Net files
      adds  db8efad   Add test for --aspx option
      adds  3a27d38   Add ASP.Net stuff to known types test
      adds  c5e115c   Add ASP.Net filetype (--aspx)
      adds  fe9e613   Add classic ASP file
      adds  42669bc   Add classic ASP files to tests
      adds  cbdb813   Add filetype for classi ASP (--asp)
      adds  1b1155f   Remove extra hash key
      adds  72824de   remove unnecessary semicolon
      adds  b22b5e9   Renamed a @files that was getting shadowed
      adds  162b3eb   remove useless interpolation
      adds  bfe5a1a   Don't assign hash reference to hash variable
      adds  0c758d6   Add script for finding minimum dependency versions
      adds  938095f   Add some documentation for dependency finder
      adds  ddbfe93   Add some more dependencies to the version checking script
      adds  62b9679   Add another note on the naïveté of the minimum version 
      adds  9cdd4d9   Add missing dependencies to Makefile.PL
      adds  1bd7284   Update dependency versions in Makefile.PL
      adds  f61d1b3   Explicitly require minimum module versions
      adds  c59eae2   Fix issue with 'use Getopt::Long 2.36'
      adds  d6bf5b1   --[no]break and --[no]heading in man page, for #150
      adds  171d905   Document --nopager in man page, #150
      adds  9eda351   Use a supported flag in the Vim integration example with 
--man, #150
      adds  71440e8   Fix typo
      adds  4e8e73b   Merge pull request #158 from rkbodenner/issue-150
      adds  fe58ab7   Fix typo
      adds  7d50e7b   Add @rkbodenner to the acknowledgements
      adds  7dd23cb   Add test for -n (--no-recurse)
      adds  939a365   Implement --no-recurse
      adds  dba974a   Make sure we waitpid for child processes
      adds  2e6ca43   Verify that --line does not produce warnings
      adds  1fc2ce8   Turn color as off when using --line
      adds  225502e   Start on tests for mutually exclusive options
      adds  6b17853   Check for mutually exclusive options
      adds  3b55feb   Add enough mutex combinations to get the test to pass
      adds  542f482   Remove -f + --match test in ack-f
      adds  36c58f0   Add documentation about mutually exclusive options
      adds  6a371e0   Make -h/--no-filename and --group/--heading mutually 
      adds  e22b357   Add mutually exclusive options for -c/--count
      adds  324d4f1   Add mutex options for --column
      adds  85f2908   Add mutex options for context
      adds  82b0aa4   Add mutex options for -f
      adds  0be374a   Add mutex options for -g
      adds  e378399   Move initialization of @INVALID_COMBINATIONS to BEGIN 
      adds  172c228   Verify that "options" following -- do not count as mutex
      adds  30312f4   Don't consider options past -- for mutex
      adds  9655327   Add the ability to pass an options hash to run_ack*
      adds  9fd4899   Add the ability to pass an ackrc option to run_ack*
      adds  55e6a49   Make sure that diag doesn't dump options for run_ack*
      adds  faa7e32   Verify that mutex options in separate sources don't 
      adds  7f2199d   Don't consider mutex options in different sources as mutex
      adds  b75824c   Merge branch 'mutex-options'
      adds  99b6aa3   Put git revision information in --version if built under 
      adds  38edf62   Add Git revision information when we build ack-standalone
      adds  b1a224a   Test that short options + arguments work with mutex opts
      adds  b166848   Make sure that options like '-m1' are caught by mutex
      adds  8f5f94c   Remove context + -o test
      adds  485466c   Fix --type-set/--type-add description in --help
      adds  b59f1a3   Update --man output to include --type-add/--type-set 
      adds  abd947d   Check for --type-del in --help output
      adds  9c47d4c   Add --help output for --type-del
      adds  02495d4   Add --type-del output to --man
      adds  66c14b8   Document other filter types in --man
      adds  1112b8e   consolidating options into manageable groups
      adds  f541fca   Check for --help=types in help-types test
      adds  3568e49   Add back --help=types
      adds  fbfde01   Add test for -c + -h
      adds  3bacf32   Remove -c + -h as a mutex option
      adds  eb7b041   Implement -c + -h
      adds  2cd55cc   Remove mutex options tests relating to -c + -h
      adds  6fdcb4b   Allow for options in check_with in file permissions test
      adds  eb32791   Expected a single line of stdout in --count permissions 
      adds  ffd1825   Add a test for what happens when you use --count with a 
single file
      adds  a298595   Use labelled last
      adds  160efd0   Use App::Ack::print instead of CORE::print in ack
      adds  791f01e   Fix typo in --sort-files --man output
      adds  733313a   Describe ack2 behavior in --man output when no file 
selection is given
      adds  e06ed98   Clean up language regarding default ignore patterns
      adds  03a6350   Remove documentation that suggests that -i and friends 
don't work with -g
      adds  c741cf0   Explicitly say that the CWD is searched if no files are 
      adds  56878eb   Fix typo
      adds  b01d586   Document that --help-types and --help=types are both legal
      adds  709039c   Specify that -k is equivalent to ack 1 behavior
      adds  823ee95   Fix typo
      adds  c24a793   Direct reader to ackrc location section
      adds  4d0615f   Change FAQ entry for recognizing new types
      adds  022e051   Suggest shell aliases for ack-grep users
      adds  7b48c7f   Fix Github links to point to ack2 repo
      adds  e80b9e5   Improve tests for -g + (-w, -Q)
      adds  e924968   Add test that --noignore-dir selects a subdir
      adds  4b39966   Test exit code for -f
      adds  331551e   Test exit code for -g
      adds  14c39a9   Mark --noignore-dir with subdir as TODO
      adds  9c9fdc2   Add test for exit code
      adds  4ce88a1   Add a list of differences between ack 1 and 2 to --man
      adds  3cce2b8   aggregating more options
      adds  876c76f   skip_all until we have a reliable way to bypass the 
      adds  e1f8b75   drop use of English module
      adds  bbfa7ca   Quiet Documentation::RequireEndBeforeLastPod
      adds  0027a1a   add a return to show_man
      adds  f3d0144   rmeove unused _listify function
      adds  ed89b25   add a closing return
      adds  9942335   fix quoting
      adds  566cb42   remove a stray semicolon
      adds  d0b4d4e   brace a filehandle
      adds  6798d51   add a shebang so Perl::Critic knows it is not a module
      adds  ff70e9d   Fix useless interpolation
      adds  5a177b6   bracing dereferences
      adds  d315e1e   brace dereferneces
      adds  2583c21   sort the requirements
      adds  48e7bdc   localize the Win32-only fiels
      adds  ab50b2f   uncuddle elses
      adds  bfe927f   releasing 2.00b02
      adds  33a7b47   add missing files
      adds  33a1627   use eval properly
      adds  edd29d3   make a portable version number
      adds  829b0bc   check for IO::Pty before running these tests
      adds  72c12fd   Added explicit license
      adds  3abf948   renamed LICENSE
      adds  3053f91   Point at the TPF website for the full license
      adds  88ffa7f   fixed some formatting for subpoints
      adds  e097557   took out the blockquote
      adds  da563b2   releasing 2.00b03
      adds  5f3fe86   Emit a helpful failure message when we don't check for 
      adds  8dc52b6   Add has_io_pty function
      adds  4a4fb59   Use has_io_pty to check for IO::Pty
      adds  299be7a   Add test for -g + --smart-case
      adds  8cbb6f4   put out b04 without the PELR_T on ack-standalone in the 
      adds  8372475   cutting 2.00b05
      adds  37322a7   Add get_options function to test Util module
      adds  b0b2d71   Add test for --man output
      adds  f09330e   Add missing options to --man output
      adds  5488734   Change --line to --lines in --man output
      adds  d1123f3   Add options we missed to test options list
      adds  0e13ee8   Add --man output for --dump and --ignore-ack-defaults
      adds  cb0e6f6   Move --help checks into ack-help.t
      adds  b63464c   Fix up ack-help.t
      adds  73f3cf6   Add missing prep_environment call to ack-help.t
      adds  39bb926   Use get_options in ack-help.t
      adds  3ea2d51   Fix regex for finding options in --help
      adds  94591b8   Fix --help output for ack-help.t
      adds  d2acb08   Fix indentation in --help output
      adds  7906388   Remove import of Data::Printer
      adds  d94909f   Change Carp requirement to 1.20
      adds  fae0cb6   releasing 2.00b06
      adds  f7ab91a   Relax version requirement for Term::ANSIColor
      adds  e31e8cc   Relax version requirement for Carp
      adds  d3cc421   Add examples of --output usage
      adds  af97fb4   Add link to --output examples section
      adds  c4283c6   Itemize --output variable list
      adds  3f73f6d   Add colon before output variable listing
      adds  71e0a88   Add a bit more text to output examples section
      adds  c945e3c   Add @andrewblack to ACKnowledgements
      adds  a77afd7   Add ack-named-pipes test
      adds  e51e075   Only check the swamp for PIPE in ack-g.t
      adds  ebeb5b6   Skip pipes not provided on the command line
      adds  af26e6e   Add comments
      adds  b840e0c   Add -dump info
      adds  003dfbd   Merge pull request #193 from andrewblack/doc_changes
      adds  733f185   Emit an understandable test failure for TMPDIR issue
      adds  ff0e34e   Fix overlapping contexts issue
      adds  9767bd0   Revert "Fix overlapping contexts issue"
      adds  42f293f   Add tests for overlapping contexts
      adds  d20b0d8   Merge pull request #197 from andrewblack/master
      adds  29cada5   Change labels in context test to be unique
      adds  70f05e2   Add new test text file to necessary tests
      adds  968461f   Mark overlapping context as TODO
      adds  fbc2460   Fix overlapping contexts issue
      adds  b27525f   Start fixing context mess
      adds  75f3677   Make does_match return falsy if we're not matching a regex
      adds  a344d7e   Remove TODO for overlapping context test
      adds  268dc7b   Fix messed up line counts when using after context
      adds  0c4661b   Merge branch 'rhoelz/overlapping-context'
      adds  2567914   Add test for ACKRC
      adds  0451cbe   Implement ACKRC
      adds  ab1441b   Add some notes
      adds  fd3e3d2   Document ACKRC
      adds  3b9804a   Test that coloration works with contexts overlap
      adds  0cd6a03   Move coloration logic into print_line_with_options
      adds  0f8541b   Test that before/after context and coloration works
      adds  4c16499   Make --output and context options mutually exclusive
      adds  afd5caf   Fix argument expansion for tack
      adds  895f27d   Test --output with double quotes
      adds  c3eeb0a   Escape quotes in --output expression
      adds  99d01cd   Add test for -g matching the whole path
      adds  5fe44c7   Add missing -g flag on exit status test
      adds  e79a8be   Don't alter the caller's copy in config-finder.t
      adds  c3c75c1   Fix tests to accommodate revelation about -L
      adds  983dbeb   Fix -L/-l -v
      adds  7d9536c   Merge branch 'feature/dash-L-fixes'
      adds  04e8986   Update documentation for -L
      adds  7d9a397   Be clear that ack-standalone must be built before it can 
be copied
      adds  7934cd2   Only rely on Carp 1.04
      adds  a478be2   Only require Term::ANSIColor 1.10
      adds  6f30f6e   Document why File::Temp 0.19 is needed
      adds  4329680   Fix bug with --noignore-dir (GH #181)
      adds  a614990   Add changes for next version to changelog
      adds  2477b50   releasing 2.00b07
      adds  6ef62ff   Add --type=rust
      adds  0c61a8a   Merge pull request #209 from bstrie/ackrust
      adds  7983b14   started an xt/ test directory
      adds  291ccfa   added new files to the swamp
      adds  d713493   added "sh" in the JFIF header to make ack2 think 
(mistakenly) it is a shell file
      adds  587a923   fixed the shell detector
      adds  1d7c38c   strengthened the regexes for many firstlinematch detectors
      adds  548b83b   beautification of --help-types.  Thanks Michael McClimon!
      adds  834e950   change homepage to
      adds  7c744d6   releasing 2.00
      adds  67f9526   notes about dev
      adds  50a96b6   Add newline to --create-ackrc output (fixes #221)
      adds  19d0312   Mention ack.vim in --man output (fixes #177).
      adds  3a78f7d   Merge pull request #228 from mmcclimon/lowhangingfruit
      adds  4aaad79   Optimization for first-line matching. Fixes #219.
      adds  2956faf   Merge pull request #220 from mmcclimon/issue_219
      adds  c213a81   readying 2.02
      adds  40c275e   optimized up create_ackrc
      adds  621dd4f   It's now actually first 250 chars, not 100.
      adds  dec8f67   Documentation changes (for issue #159).
      adds  e9d7b97   notes about what has changed
      adds  4379c87   Makefile has to delete different tarball directories now
      adds  f3c8827   releasing 2.02
      adds  27ddd1c   working on nytprof
      adds  38c8d3b   add notes about dev
      adds  d739df2   sped up matching of regexes by removing extraneous 
      adds  b1a01ed   bumped up dev to 2.0301
      adds  2e2cfdc   Removes GetOpt::Long 2.36 dep, runs under 5.8.8.
      adds  dd805cf   Fixing some things I messed up during development.
      adds  c149bed   Merge pull request #240 from mmcclimon/issue_225
      adds  f05bcf1   add notes to the change log
      adds  23eab9d   Removing $& from regex matching, fixes #238.
      adds  be87390   Merge pull request #241 from mmcclimon/issue_238
      adds  eef1228   Merge branch 'dev' of into dev
      adds  0d3f465   ack was colorizing captured groups even if --nocolor was 
given.  Fixes issue #239.
      adds  603afc6   removed unused check_regex() function
      adds  f83041c   Ignore ack-standalone in the tags
      adds  19ba238   $opt->{regex} that gets passed around is now a compiled 
qr// object
      adds  5fc2172   Optimizations in (removing regex).
      adds  470be3a   Merge pull request #242 from mmcclimon/optimize_basic
      adds  db028bf   removed an extra substr call
      adds  e7c896e   shaved off a second by not making does_match() check that 
$opt->{regex} exists
      adds  6857a16   specify the right ack to test
      adds  16b9d9a   Do not muck with @before_ctx_lines if we do not use it
      adds  c7f4531   simplifying the profiling artguings
      adds  2789ea4   decrement with a -= operator
      adds  ad07ed3   only normalize line endings if we have to
      adds  52b7e42   Remove the var for ack-standalone
      adds  2e34be4   make targets to compare ack 1.96 with 2.02 with local 
      adds  38bcd2a   update target names
      adds  cbb7e4a   we can use our own .ackrc, no?
      adds  8553661   add comment about -l
      adds  caba9b9   making test targets for acks in the garage
      adds  081c3ff   Use firstliney method to retrieve first line for a 
      adds  d1dd059   Don't create new resource objects when passing them to 
      adds  b71ff26   Lazily open basic resources
      adds  c71bcc9   Optimization (faster to check flag).
      adds  f0f789f   Use --noenv for timer targets
      adds  24a1bd7   Access resource filehandles directly
      adds  730d2f1   Fix line endings on output
      adds  7d06c04   Make sure we return falsy if open fails
      adds  e013741   Check for bad filehandle opening
      adds  8ad015b   Make sure we mark a resource around STDIN as already open
      adds  31582f6   Report unreadable filehandles
      adds  4fa450d   Remove _lazily_open
      adds  4572307   Remove next_text()
      adds  cbae752   Add docs/stub for open
      adds  1af0324   Only match line terminators at the end of the line
      adds  92c6eb5   Remove comment about substr magic
      adds  c257304   Use an optimized read loop for non-context code
      adds  4d048d1   Inline iterate for printing simple matches
      adds  cc7c3b0   Return 0 (for # matches) if we can't read a file
      adds  d24502a   Remove useless statement
      adds  a2c5d6c   Don't directly access resource attributes
      adds  4119e79   Inline some stuff from main I/O loop
      adds  640557c   added /o to all regex matches on $opt->{regex} and my 
runtime went from 3.3s to 2.5s over 1.4s for 1.96 version
      adds  4ffca1a   Remove a call to does_match() in count_matches_in_resource
      adds  5b7561a   diag STDERR lines on test failure
      adds  fd8fa3c   removed iterate() from count_matches_in_resource
      adds  57dc557   Add timings script
      adds  4070202   made resource_has_match have an acutal loop
      adds  1342b91   handle versions with embedded underscores
      adds  7dfd37e   perl version is now required 5.8.8
      adds  2ba4b9f   more notes about how we do things
      adds  bef5031   ack now runs on a standard Perl 5.8.8 install with no 
module updates. Thanks, Michael McClimon.
      adds  7d62916   releasing 2.03_01
      adds  47a2ea7   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  70a048c   removed the diffs list
      adds  cdf8792   merging up from master
      adds  4447eed   Use firstliney method to retrieve first line for a 
      adds  28ba379   Don't create new resource objects when passing them to 
      adds  5c507d9   Lazily open basic resources
      adds  1ee6098   Optimization (faster to check flag).
      adds  1329bcf   Use --noenv for timer targets
      adds  bac6764   Access resource filehandles directly
      adds  293f17d   Fix line endings on output
      adds  fbe5a25   Make sure we return falsy if open fails
      adds  6cc99a0   Check for bad filehandle opening
      adds  2512d30   Make sure we mark a resource around STDIN as already open
      adds  ca18ddd   Report unreadable filehandles
      adds  01a72fe   Remove _lazily_open
      adds  b5d29cc   Remove next_text()
      adds  e1f40b6   Add docs/stub for open
      adds  0f3a01c   Only match line terminators at the end of the line
      adds  2cc648d   Remove comment about substr magic
      adds  77e2c0e   Use an optimized read loop for non-context code
      adds  b022d68   Inline iterate for printing simple matches
      adds  77acff4   Return 0 (for # matches) if we can't read a file
      adds  7f9dadc   Remove useless statement
      adds  f7700bb   Don't directly access resource attributes
      adds  da93c89   Inline some stuff from main I/O loop
      adds  3f5121a   added /o to all regex matches on $opt->{regex} and my 
runtime went from 3.3s to 2.5s over 1.4s for 1.96 version
      adds  d7564e4   Remove a call to does_match() in count_matches_in_resource
      adds  c5c92bf   diag STDERR lines on test failure
      adds  6f1ee8e   removed iterate() from count_matches_in_resource
      adds  235d619   Add timings script
      adds  813ce4d   made resource_has_match have an acutal loop
      adds  eea7c37   handle versions with embedded underscores
      adds  9b8b43a   getting 2.03_02 ready for release
      adds  c731854   Merging down the dev/ branch for 2.03_02.  Many speedups 
get us to only 70% above the speed of ack 1.96, as opposed to the 600-800% of 
ack 2.02
      adds  a6b6b5e   adding 2.03_02 to the garage
      adds  de938c3   merging up master
      adds  18afc2a   added a timings target, and do not pass --known to ack1 
because that is what it knows
      adds  e317c3b   merging up from master->dev->kessel
      adds  78d51f1   Fix for Win32 require in ConfigFinder (issue #231)
      adds  cdb5100   Tests to load each file individually w/o relying on 
others having been loaded first
      adds  f4b701d   Fixing undef warnings in --dump (fixes #245).
      adds  b8ffa72   Ignoring minified JS/CSS (fixes #249)
      adds  7ad48e3   Reslash for Windows in ack-n.t, now passes.
      adds  9526ef2   Changes to config finder to install on Windows.
      adds  de03822   cover more cases in find-minimum-dep-version
      adds  57e823f   Merge pull request #250 from sth/find-dep-versions
      adds  c297919   verb form of setup is set up, same with clean up
      adds  bbf019f   ignore garage stuff
      adds  e7a803f   explicitly use a required module rather than relying on 
someone else having loaded it
      adds  934a557   Fix for config-finder.t so cygwin install passes.
      adds  7a2110e   spacing fix
      adds  82e439f   Skipping bash test when on Windows
      adds  591479d   optimize the heck out of the hit count
      adds  8123a39   optimizing the -l and -c loops
      adds  39abe2e   Add --store option to dev/
      adds  4a8177e   Add --clear option to dev/
      adds  2df2eb0   Merge 'dev'->kessel (Win32 fix)
      adds  85a770f   Merge branch 'dev' into kessel
      adds  987ad47   Merge branch 'dev' into kessel
      adds  560fdc2   Merge branch 'dev' into kessel
      adds  f30fe93   Merge branch 'dev' into kessel
      adds  12f71ab   cover more cases in find-minimum-dep-version
      adds  1068db7   verb form of setup is set up, same with clean up
      adds  4b785bb   ignore garage stuff
      adds  6bff185   explicitly use a required module rather than relying on 
someone else having loaded it
      adds  6fdc6cc   Fix bug with format creation
      adds  8d7f216   Print previous results if available
      adds  16a62e4   Move timing logic into its own sub
      adds  d946cb4   Allow users to specify with versions of ack to time
      adds  29ea4ac   Add --perl option to timings
      adds  5133782   Detect failure when timing acks
      adds  c0ba0c6   Add TODO for
      adds  cc1195d   Fix for config-finder.t so cygwin install passes.
      adds  af6a0c3   Spacing fix
      adds  c15a2aa   Merge branch 'dev' into kessel
      adds  b0348a8   Merge branch 'kessel' into dev
      adds  8898875   optimize the heck out of the hit count
      adds  cf47f34   optimizing the -l and -c loops
      adds  0ae425e   Merge branch 'kessel' into dev
      adds  6065726   add missing files
      adds  eeb9d44   releasing 2.03_03
      adds  d60c6f5   add 2.03_03 to the garage
      adds  b4a0de8   Merge branch 'dev' into kessel
      adds  371545c   note about fish
      adds  24a5fee   inlined the create_ackrc() function
      adds  d88ce76   added many missing test files
      adds  0e8ccc5   fixed a filename
      adds  0b9e68b   add test-pager
      adds  c1e6fc6   Merge branch 'dev' of into dev
      adds  65c31df   Fish shell suggestion
      adds  7b09cae   Merge pull request #256 from mmcclimon/fish
      adds  9135646   inlined the create_ackrc() function
      adds  989d105   added many missing test files
      adds  9a7f26d   fixed a filename
      adds  f3508d4   add test-pager
      adds  bc90081   Moving program logic out of and into ack.
      adds  e1fff4c   Shuffling Config dependencies around.
      adds  cfcebba   Removing create_ignore_rules from (unused)
      adds  ce23175   Moving regex building into ack proper.
      adds  a5d443f   Merge branch 'kessel' into dev
      adds  49444ca   More moving out of and into ack proper.
      adds  3d7e825   more notes
      adds  5f1db28   renamed the files in the garage
      adds  a2341de   handle version numbers with underscores
      adds  8f405b7   added support for Dart
      adds  4967b67   Releasing ack 2.04
      adds  a289613   Ignore Node modules
      adds  4dba91a   Merge pull request #257 from GlitchMr/node_modules
      adds  6d0823a   Use 'is' syntax for node_modules ignoring
      adds  4302088   Update changelog and acknowledgements for the 
node_modules exclusion
      adds  f748962   Test that --type on command line overrides --notype in 
      adds  e03f858   Adding node modules to ignore caused test to fail.
      adds  16c5eb7   handle new naming
      adds  57fcb40   added tests for the xt directory of author tests
      adds  7d3908a   rename fulltest to testfull
      adds  d26dff1   remove the path for ctags
      adds  a6fda26   removed old documents that refer to ack 1.0
      adds  7fac4f5   Making command-line options override ackrc options
      adds  2fb20a9   Note about command-line opts in Changes
      adds  580469e   Skip dev versions in our timings for now
      adds  bc37287   Add another test for --type overriding
      adds  bcdca0f   Sort files in --type/--notype override checks
      adds  f1535a9   Only grab terminal size from STDIN if STDIN is a terminal
      adds  aa12e3f   Make sure tests run under 'make test' *always* have a 
non-pipe standard input
      adds  a808204   Fix documented default path for Windows
      adds  990fabf   added xt/whitespace.t and also fixed whitespace probs it 
      adds  3f41a86   give diagnostics even if the user does not have 
Test::Differences installed
      adds  d4152d0   Changing min.js ignore to also ignore -min.js
      adds  6a276eb   Add test for GH #244
      adds  993c9f2   Fix GH #244
      adds  86a754c   Add more tests for pager stuff
      adds  e8b1aae   Initialize pager option from environment
      adds  3642184   Add test for ACK_PAGER + --noenv
      adds  1c2d1bf   Mark tests using ACK_PAGER as TODO
      adds  b70218e   Add test for ACK_PAGER in ConfigLoader
      adds  18eb9e2   added .psgi
      adds  4e10edd   Add more pager environment tests
      adds  d050634   Make sure ACK_PAGER_COLOR works
      adds  e8c9472   Add tests for --pager without an argument
      adds  1213074   Implement no-argument --pager
      adds  76c0305   Make a note of a possible problem with zero argument 
      adds  3f5a81b   Add changes to Changes file
      adds  43a3e0e   clarify some updates
      adds  fc4ee64   Add coloring support for Windows. Fixes #234.
      adds  a23b0c3   Updating changelog for Windows color bugfix
      adds  14e6eba   Turning on color by default on Windows (for #234)
      adds  2dd77b5   Fix bug in Windows coloring (for #234).
      adds  4224b21   Reformatting so --help fits in 80 columns.
      adds  76e6885   typo fixes
      adds  ded2830   Merge pull request #283 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  1bc564b   Added sass filetype
      adds  0224100   added less filetype
      adds  93131d8   Added coffeescript filetype
      adds  26326d4   Merge pull request #279 from Errorific/dev
      adds  c793118   Add changelog entry for new filetypes
      adds  05e94d0   Add JSON filetype
      adds  67430b6   Merge pull request #285 from rconradharris/add-json-type
      adds  d1603d1   releasing 2.05_01
      adds  6900c42   added 2.05_01 to the garage
      adds  1f55d8f   Add .travis.yml
      adds  34683ab   Install IO::Pty during travis build
      adds  3c41d98   Merge pull request #282 from lenniboy/dev
      adds  e50e504   add email notifications
      adds  2f27037   Display petdance/ack2's build status in README
      adds  63669aa   Merge pull request #296 from lenniboy/dev
      adds  1e09ac8   Add ability to pass alternative forms of input into 
      adds  e7232c9   Add test for GH #276
      adds  36523dc   Don't highlight subcaptures if the enclosing group matches
      adds  5f3920a   Test that adjacent capture groups are correctly 
      adds  5501ab5   Add --ackrc to list of valid options
      adds  228e0bf   Remove TODO for passing test
      adds  65be200   Add test checking for second highlight on a line
      adds  ef88c74   Access capture index variables directly
      adds  cc95cf5   Make sure we color every match in a line when using 
capture groups
      adds  86811a2   Add docs for --ackrc
      adds  82886ab   Move coding-standards under xt
      adds  8c6f8ca   Ignore CMake cache
      adds  64480e2   Merge pull request #300 from medvid/dev
      adds  4ef0426   Update test count
      adds  4740b03   notes about cmake cache
      adds  daa3b58   credited Volodymyr Medvid
      adds  b53fc69   Fix wrong function name for docs
      adds  1df6931   Add a she-bang match for lua and luajit.
      adds  732d390   Merge pull request #305 from KaraJ/dev
      adds  9f57ab0   Credit KaraJ
      adds  d9c7859   Add Lua shebang test
      adds  f8a8555   Add test for Lua shebangs
      adds  bf40903   Use KaraJ's true name
      adds  aa8405a   Credit David Steinbrunner
      adds  0439414   Add changelog entries for other changes since 2.05_01
      adds  187f313   Added Elixir language extensions
      adds  1b080c7   Merge pull request #311 from jwarwick/elixir
      adds  53049e6   Update changelog
      adds  81bd0f7   Credit John Warwick
      adds  b9f5412   Adding lots of links
      adds  15c0419   label the build status
      adds  075b17a   Add --cathy option
      adds  8fd388e   Add --cathy option to changes
      adds  24fcd8c   Credit Joe McMahon
      adds  2ec08e3   Add --cathy to list of options
      adds  f26ad97   Add simple test for --cathy
      adds  e6bd418   Document --cathy option
      adds  942014d   Suggest --dump when disallowed options are found
      adds  3635e55   Merge pull request #307 from chaqke/dev
      adds  e4cb408   Fixed the --cathy option encoding
      adds  c40cdac   Note fixes
      adds  f87c4c1   added a question to the FAQ
      adds  7ce3e49   Clarified a fix
      adds  9d199aa   Ignore .pdf, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg and .png
      adds  d92ec88   added a missing name to acknowledgements
      adds  ec609ed   Escape pathing when we put it in the regex
      adds  3a05bf5   for testing
      adds  4e56859   starting to do Travis tracking
      adds  900644f   Merge branch 'dev'
      adds  0c5f694   for testing
      adds  b73f170   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into dev
      adds  06e20e5   I see no missing standards
      adds  772802c   Releasing 2.08
      adds  3a7e928   add a missing file
      adds  1ccbb23   Merge branch 'master' into dev Just released 2.08 on 
      adds  481881e   2.06 is an error
      adds  9dfae3a   releasing 2.08
      adds  1ef6e49   Merge branch 'master' into dev Bringing up master 2.08
      adds  dbf5b0e   prepped for work on 2.09_01
      adds  9e3fe9b   note about 2.06
      adds  3085337   Ignore file .timings.json
      adds  7a5756d   Add --color option to timings script
      adds  3e3de19   Add --times option to timing script
      adds  27c1aff   Start on ack developer's guide
      adds  2434331   Updates to the developer guide
      adds  fa98df4   Start of log about how to cut a release
      adds  f0d1e10   note about 2.1 vs 2.10
      adds  91bb8e3   Add "But I can't contribute" section to DEVELOPERS
      adds  ea54faf   Add a comment
      adds  e709582   Added missing return to Ack::Filter::Is::to_string
      adds  7965a5d   Merge pull request #368 from sth/Is-to_string-return
      adds  9d2d16a   when shelling out, make sure to at least try to escape 
some of the payload
      adds  3342179   mark some failing win32 tests as TODO, since their 
feature is not implemented yet
      adds  f505cc9   mark one failing win32 test as SKIP, since their feature 
is not implemented yet and the test goes into an endless loop
      adds  4beeb1c   Merge pull request #369 from wchristian/win_fix
      adds  fe03260   Fix squash and build process
      adds  d3858aa   Start on "source tour" section of DEVELOPERS
      adds  6b22e1e   Start on "How do I...?" section in DEVELOPERS
      adds  269a7f3   Start on Community section in README
      adds  2f46585   Fix run_cmd for Win32
      adds  2819af4   Revert "mark some failing win32 tests as TODO, since 
their feature is not implemented yet"
      adds  ccf9696   Require Win32::ShellQuote on Win32
      adds  da85632   Revert "when shelling out, make sure to at least try to 
escape some of the payload" This commit fixes #370
      adds  6922be6   Merge pull request #372 from wchristian/win_fix
      adds  c70275b   Merge branch 'win32-fixes' into dev
      adds  a5a287e   Add Changes entry for Win32 fix
      adds  5f70ae3   Add Christian Walde to ACKnowledgements
      adds  14c8a9e   Start on release process section
      adds  b8471b3   Flesh out module guide to developer guide
      adds  5b565da   Run author tests in Travis
      adds  a6ffd8b   Add Test modules to travis installation process
      adds  96e126c   Add Test::Pod to Travis dependencies
      adds  ea6998e   Revert "Start on release process section"
      adds  568d63c   Add some tips to the developer docs
      adds  ca8e0a5   Add perlcritic author test
      adds  b8a9567   Ignore perlcritic test history
      adds  e61be1b   Add Perl::Critic deps to travis
      adds  7532c7d   Don't run tests for Perl::Critic
      adds  a98e437   Don't run tests when installing any Perl::Critic stuff
      adds  34fb7ba   Properly install Perl::Critic without tests on Travis
      adds  f7b080f   releasing 2.09_01
      adds  78aa10b   for testing
      adds  643b5cd   prepped for work on 2.09_01
      adds  c4b5d69   note about 2.06
      adds  9ab5cb3   Ignore file .timings.json
      adds  e5782d5   Add --color option to timings script
      adds  9fc2e92   Add --times option to timing script
      adds  7fdef90   Start on ack developer's guide
      adds  7cf8380   Updates to the developer guide
      adds  727bc06   Added missing return to Ack::Filter::Is::to_string
      adds  bb358c7   Start of log about how to cut a release
      adds  5aaa97a   note about 2.1 vs 2.10
      adds  f24bb06   Add "But I can't contribute" section to DEVELOPERS
      adds  98bb230   Add a comment
      adds  496f911   when shelling out, make sure to at least try to escape 
some of the payload
      adds  0b9a531   mark some failing win32 tests as TODO, since their 
feature is not implemented yet
      adds  6317e50   mark one failing win32 test as SKIP, since their feature 
is not implemented yet and the test goes into an endless loop
      adds  9c1bc55   Fix squash and build process
      adds  f3562b5   Start on "source tour" section of DEVELOPERS
      adds  ef0f17d   Start on "How do I...?" section in DEVELOPERS
      adds  b77c654   Start on Community section in README
      adds  bac408b   Fix run_cmd for Win32
      adds  ddedf57   Revert "mark some failing win32 tests as TODO, since 
their feature is not implemented yet"
      adds  517106e   Require Win32::ShellQuote on Win32
      adds  30a947e   Revert "when shelling out, make sure to at least try to 
escape some of the payload" This commit fixes #370
      adds  bd509f8   Add Changes entry for Win32 fix
      adds  3515dda   Add Christian Walde to ACKnowledgements
      adds  41a9b89   Start on release process section
      adds  7d1b545   Flesh out module guide to developer guide
      adds  6f8b854   Run author tests in Travis
      adds  31c5d0c   Add Test modules to travis installation process
      adds  5f6e0f4   Add Test::Pod to Travis dependencies
      adds  3386185   Revert "Start on release process section"
      adds  cc233bb   Add some tips to the developer docs
      adds  9d4b84a   Add perlcritic author test
      adds  bd29561   Ignore perlcritic test history
      adds  98b1874   Add Perl::Critic deps to travis
      adds  6024e15   Don't run tests for Perl::Critic
      adds  797fc56   Don't run tests when installing any Perl::Critic stuff
      adds  ec49097   Properly install Perl::Critic without tests on Travis
      adds  33cd977   releasing 2.09_01
      adds  063a4c3   Garage copy of 2.09_01
      adds  ff5acb0   Merge branch 'master' into dev
      adds  9d1d727   No need for 2.06 becuase it was never live
      adds  bdce142   Merge branch 'master' into dev
      adds  52511b9   Getting ready for work on 2.09_02
      adds  6e3ec48   Check more files in critic target
      adds  9c8992e   Clean up some arg processing.
      adds  1594819   Remove unnecessary quoting
      adds  60e6709   clean up the way we do tests
      adds  854507e   Cleaning up tests
      adds  57389ae   Fixed indent and capitalization
      adds  bf7f175   Fix Win32 detection
      adds  1c3836d   Added filter groups to speed up "is:" and "ext:"
      adds  fc009a2   Merge pull request #375 from sth/grouped-filters
      adds  e85eadc   fix syntax of code in #375 to work on older perls
      adds  e436cf8   Merge pull request #380 from wchristian/backcompat
      adds  992eab1   add more debugging output to file permission test to 
investigate failures on solimano's smoker
      adds  3dcb6a1   chmod result verification in file perm test now checks 
actual perms, not chmod return value
      adds  725994e   Merge pull request #381 from wchristian/investigate_cygwin
      adds  a5e1f43   Made check for MIN_PERL_VERSION be based on MakeMaker 6.48
      adds  3df6d7d   Simplify some constructs
      adds  5710268   Add Matlab filetype to
      adds  8e54bb3   Merge pull request #379 from zertrin/patch-1
      adds  4dbb325   Add matlab note
      adds  56c3ddd   Add missing files
      adds  c2203d7   Releasing 2.09_02
      adds  edbe8dd   Bump up to 2.09_03 for dev
      adds  831570e   Simplified the make file
      adds  eb43273   Clean up comments.
      adds  23a92c2   Fixing markup in headings
      adds  5f890ee   All the tests need a shebang line
      adds  ce9e75f   Centralizing the Win32 checking
      adds  da18ac8   Match against $^O with eq, not a regex
      adds  36fd2ab   Don't return arrays directly
      adds  073f1bd   All .t files need a shebang
      adds  0249f4b   No need for to figure out $is_win.  
App::Ack has it.
      adds  2256fcd   Cleaning up comments.  Making the o() function be a 
function to call.
      adds  75ea254   Remove redundant unless
      adds  8f63f20   No checking of spelling
      adds  52b4b4e   Remove useless initialization
      adds  11f011c   cleaned up test
      adds  660e13c   Modify some critic rules
      adds  affdc47   Critic cleanup and removing unneccessary blocks
      adds  61fc272   Adding explicit returns
      adds  dbe5dc7   Cleaning up comments.
      adds  1bde402   skip file permission test if program remains readable 
(for cygwin)
      adds  89558bb   Merge pull request #385 from 
      adds  957f2a6   Fix capitalization
      adds  659fd2e   Standardizing all Windows-detecting functions as 
"is_windows()".  Added is_cygwin() to t/
      adds  181f00a   Big changes to the tests.  The *_match functions now 
require a message, and there are now subtests to help pinpoint failures from 
the output
      adds  35a2a9b   Releasing 2.09_03
      adds  3995891   Prepping for 2.09_04 dev
      adds  f771694   Add subtesting
      adds  98ed01a   Why is that if() block empty
      adds  6571076   More is_deeply() diags
      adds  7ae6629   Normalize setnences
      adds  6155afa   Add more checks on open()s
      adds  f4e7b11   Adding --perltest
      adds  14ee797   Check for perl as a word becuase now we have perltest
      adds  97caa47   Getting ready for 2.10 release
      adds  af91cce   Also have to use --perltest
      adds  111558a   2.10 released
      adds  c44461b   Starting up for 2.11_01
      adds  d810637   Fixed the order of files that get put in squash
      adds  c2b30c8   put version and core module imports first
      adds  353f9dc   I prefer \Q for qutoing
      adds  a259b59   Add coverage test to make sure that every .pm file has a 
      adds  222ca32   Fix a race condition in t/file-permission.t by using temp 
      adds  575661b   Releasing 2.11_01
      adds  e324251   Use subtests to help narrow down failures
      adds  44aa911   Don't check for Debug.t because isn't a 
general-purpose module
      adds  933083b should not ship or test
      adds  6ec3932   released 2.11_02
      adds  fabeb48   fix issue 326 ("flags --column and --context together 
produce an error") with test
      adds  68ea28d   Merge pull request #396 from bartlomiejb/dev
      adds  00fd010   Don't hardcode separator comparison for column print check
      adds  6fa9889   Clear environment before config loader tests
      adds  047f61c   Merge pull request #392 from 
      adds  48bec52   Added Stephan Hohe to acknowledgements
      adds  d2dd595   Added test for testing highlighting
      adds  52ebdff   Add missing use of Term::ANSIColor to
      adds  d948360   Test -g + --color
      adds  4d0a90c   Implement -g + --color
      adds  a172e81   Document -g + --color
      adds  8e4fee2   Add test for illegal --output in project ackrc
      adds  6ec4c08   Change protocol for passing arg sources around
      adds  f71d24d   Change ConfigFinder to return structures of data
      adds  0e29756   Expect config finder to set project = 1 for project files
      adds  eef78d1   Flag project files in config finder
      adds  02ea8f5   Thread project flag through config loader
      adds  00b0fc2   Fix up illegal --output test
      adds  a9233ab   Make certain options illegal in project ackrcs
      adds  f5be619   Fix typo
      adds  3f3f6f0   Test illegal --output for HOME/ACKRC
      adds  cdb7fce   Add illegal ackrc checks for pager and match
      adds  dcff932   Sort files in highlight test
      adds  4ec4be9   explicit return
      adds  8773093   Ignore eclipse workspace folder '.metadata'
      adds  c822161   Merge pull request #404 from sjaeckel/patch-1
      adds  26316ff   add thanks and notes about .metadata
      adds  d29d459   ack-dump.t: updated ignored dirs count
      adds  75d3731   Merge pull request #408 from 
      adds  695c358   Add Raúl Gundín to contributors
      adds  3758f75   Fix encoding issue with POD
      adds  6c5719e   man.t: strip ansi escape codes
      adds  422bc1d   Merge pull request #409 from 
      adds  6501a24   Add Fraser Tweedale to contributors
      adds  b78d905   Add writeup about security fix
      adds  5ec8026   Use new is_empty_array() and is_nonempty_array() functions
      adds  0c4e500   Remove the GIT_REVISION
      adds  7701e00   Releasing 2.12
      adds  25a5116   Use is_empty_array
      adds  42016f0   Change the error message for forbidden switches
      adds  7d5b166   Add a period to the warning
      adds  61332d0   Getting ready for dev towards 2.14
      adds  eba4ec7   The failure if $TMP is under $HOME should be a skip_all, 
not a fail
      adds  8282a97   remove useless interpolation
      adds  2bbc550   Why is this localized?
      adds  330ca42   no need for L<>
      adds  c0ddcff   Fixed quotes
      adds  1117c66   Quiet some policies
      adds  dfee5a8   Simplify to_string() and make it deterministic
      adds  0ab9876   Add explicit returns
      adds  425d74c   Quiet more warnings
      adds  7e2fca8   removed unnecessary block
      adds  75203f7   Add explicit return
      adds  6ac5a3c   rename some vars
      adds  6528aa6   Remove unnecessary diag
      adds  8f88d11   fixed indents
      adds  1c8a646   Prefer qw()
      adds  76fc4a0   Add new first_line_like() function
      adds  8e91d46   combine some tests into a test_deeply
      adds  f88c1f0   use File::Next instead of File::Find
      adds  1546edd   Test suite runs under taint flag
      adds  64688c7   Make comments be actual sentences
      adds  0868e94   quieting more warnings
      adds  c22b4ed   Critic cleanups
      adds  39eb43a   Add some error checking and localize @files
      adds  b3f2f9a   Stashed garage copy
      adds  3996841   use getcwd_clean instead of Cwd directly
      adds  90adad4   Putting the tainty stuff together at the end
      adds  2bae6ed   starting design
      adds  7b0442f   notes abotu Windows
      adds  c587fd0   Failing to find dirs() or everything() is a sign of 
something wrong with the squash.
      adds  6845163   Add mentions of --man and --version
      adds  5db825e   Issue #313: ack would fail when trying to check files for 
readability on some networked filesystems, or on Mac OS X with ACLs.  Now it 
uses the filetest pragma.  Thanks, Jonathan Perret.
      adds  eda8f2c   Use the accessors to show the resource name, not direct 
hash element access
      adds  e20f7ea   Do not use "unless" as a replacement for "if not"
      adds  83d522f   Readying 2.13_01 release
      adds  2697f2b   Opening up for 2.13_02 dev
      adds  f5be800   fix indents
      adds  74eae78   fix indents
      adds  d2251cd   Removed a flag XXX
      adds  2722b49   Add a comment about
      adds  060fa83   Add a missing semicolon
      adds  31207e4   critic cleanup
      adds  67d35b0   Avoid C-style loops
      adds  0d49cc9   De-XXX a comment
      adds  94c0dd0   Turning off unused policiies
      adds  3eaac12   No double sigils
      adds  7c7b973   Delete vars instead of just "local"ing them
      adds  b83216d   Critic cleanup
      adds  06dacda   Add an explicit return
      adds  82401b2   Add explicit returns and error checking
      adds  9ccfb9d   Turn off noise
      adds  e940d32   Explicitly include File::Next
      adds  e5259d0   use a regex, not chop
      adds  2758a78   Clarify double-sigil derefs
      adds  961036c   Remove an XXX comment
      adds  687f722   Removed outdated comment
      adds  94e050f   Fixed the build process to not rely on perldoc -l to find 
      adds  bd09154   Remove unused File::Spec usage.  Squash together some 
      adds  1266898   Add File::Spec explicitly
      adds  d63c8a7   Removed unused File::Spec
      adds  28de1ae   Releasing 2.13_02
      adds  b68cc87   Updated the locations of ackrc files on Windows
      adds  386c5f8   Colorize tests should expect backslashes in windows (gh 
      adds  22364d9   Merge pull request #426 from pdl/issue420
      adds  5fa7b3a   Moved the windows slashifying into its own function
      adds  38bbfad   add a link to Design Guide
      adds  baa8dea   ignore Cabal sandbox directories by default
      adds  c62f1fd   Merge pull request #401 from 
      adds  7c92198   Updating URLs for configs
      adds  a4a9aab   Return config hash from _remove_redundancies on Windows
      adds  99a8bd3   Merge pull request #418 from jamessan/win-configfinder
      adds  6e58943   Thanks, James McCoy
      adds  9b12fe9   Added filetypes for Jade, Smarty and Stylus
      adds  45f1686   Use POSIX::mkfifo for portability
      adds  4c770b5   windows_slashify assigns, does not return a regex
      adds  8edb1ae   Merge pull request #433 from pdl/issue420
      adds  de58b62   Releasing 2.13_03
      adds  4d8b9bc   XXX on the untaint
      adds  84b095b   update two comments
      adds  af130f2   prepping for next release
      adds  ed53000   Critic happiness
      adds  b41bfec   Releasing 2.13_04 with dedupe fixes.
      adds  1169e9a   ready for next
      adds  6ccf7c5   Cleaning up some comments
      adds  1773f3e   --create-ackrc keeps the comments that describe each of 
the options, and it shows the ack version number.
      adds  ad539a9   More diagnostics about what modules are getting used, 
because I think that some CPAN testers are not following Makefile.PL
      adds  f3dd770   Put the mkfifo in an eval because Windows dies on the call
      adds  5e8a41a   I hate whack-a-mole
      adds  055c673   Comment about intended audience of this .ackrc
      adds  ad2e4ed   Check return value of close(), and be more lenient on 
comments in the ackrc
      adds  090bfea   Use options_clean() func
      adds  2ce68b1   Releasing 2.13_05
      adds  dcb5bc8   Added a check on the system() call that has been failing
      adds  5f93b90   t/ ensure cmd.exe is in the path on Win32
      adds  517703b   Revert "Added a check on the system() call that has been 
      adds  4daccb4   t/config-finder.t: fix error on Win32
      adds  e10ba1a   t/noenv.t: fix error on Win32
      adds  ec5da6b   Merge pull request #435 from ispedals/testFixes
      adds  cffadd1   We should check syscalls
      adds  e0efcb2   Cleaned up comments
      adds  354504b   clean whitespace
      adds  d98448b   Added back the error checking
      adds  6dab008   No checking on close/closedir
      adds  e6ceca3   Updating to 2.13_06
      adds  e29c9dc   ack is an alternative, not a replacement
      adds  abfe9aa   added rst
      adds  0264704   ignore JS & CSS source maps by default
      adds  3e429f9   Merge pull request #434 from cvrebert/patch-1
      adds  148958c   DO not die because some tests need to run commands that 
return return codes
      adds  af1927c   Notes about source maps
      adds  f42eef7   anotehr credit
      adds  3b0dabc   Synced up with dev branch
      adds  5966019   Merge pull request #413 from mrshu/rst-opt
      adds  0f8879e   Add a starter
      adds  853fcd4   Fix link to issue in
      adds  98b29b1   Test -s when a directory is not readable
      adds  9443904   Ignore permission errors from File::Next when using -s
      adds  e76039e   Note fix to -s
      adds  6271e63   Add number.txt to text swamp
      adds  e03307a   Test that alternation works with -w
      adds  af21f7d   Enclose -w matches in a group
      adds  586e095   Update Changelog
      adds  9edeab6   Add a completion script generator
      adds  ac3e697   Ignore generated completion scripts
      adds  93fd8cc   Add more notes on what to consider when adding a new 
      adds  095fad9   Specify which completion script to generate
      adds  7583af3   Add Makefile rules for completion scripts
      adds  94ea83b   Update changelog to include completion scripts
      adds  0345082   Added documentation on available colors; fixes #26
      adds  868ec71   Merge pull request #452 from jgbishop/issue_26
      adds  47a8bee   Update changelog
      adds  d5d7daa   Add Jonah Bishop to contributors
      adds  0920f8e   Fixing indentation levels for color values
      adds  9cc2407   Merge pull request #453 from jgbishop/issue_26
      adds  856d699   Pre-screen regex searches before file filters
      adds  336eb25   Add change for faster -g improvement
      adds  467a6dd   Clear $ENV{ACKRC} in t/config-finder.t
      adds  320eefe   Merge pull request #461 from sdt/bugfix/config-finder
      adds  ec77026   Add Stephen Thirlwall to contributors
      adds  a981951   Hopefully final fix to gh #419 - config-finder.t
      adds  96dd2fb   Merge pull request #463 from pdl/dev
      adds  b3617f1   Speed up -l, -L, and -c when not using -v
      adds  2470189   make: add Makefile.Debug and Makefile.Release
      adds  bc607a8   Merge pull request #451 from mingwandroid/make
      adds  963d82a   Add a note
      adds  2de9b19   another note
      adds  ec27504   Merge branch 'dev' of into dev
      adds  90a1d01   Releasing 2.14
      adds  14f9e19   Added missing file
      adds  ec4d06d   New upstream version 2.15.03
       new  3eda199   Merge tag 'upstream/2.15.03'
       new  ef34ece   Update changelog + refresh patch for new upstream dev 
release 2.15_03

The 3 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:                                             |   8 +-                                    |  11 ++
 Changes                                            |  55 ++++++-                                   |  17 +-                                    |   6 +-
 MANIFEST                                           |   7 +-
 META.json                                          |  69 ++++++++
 META.yml                                           |  75 ++++-----
 Makefile.PL                                        |   2 +-
 ack                                                | 172 ++++++++++----------
 debian/changelog                                   |  29 +++-
 debian/compat                                      |   2 +-
 debian/control                                     |  11 +-
 .../no-standalone-test-but-autopkgtests.patch      |  44 ++----
 t/                                          |   2 +-
 t/ack-1.t                                          |   2 +-
 t/ack-c.t                                          |  10 +-
 t/ack-f.t                                          |   1 +
 t/ack-filetypes.t                                  |   2 +
 t/ack-g.t                                          |   8 +-
 t/ack-ignore-dir.t                                 |  16 +-
 t/ack-ignore-file.t                                |   4 +-
 t/ack-interactive.t                                |   8 +-
 t/ack-m.t                                          |   2 +-
 t/ack-match.t                                      |   1 +
 t/ack-n.t                                          |   2 +-
 t/ack-o.t                                          |   8 +-
 t/ack-output.t                                     | 175 +++++++++++++++++++++
 t/ack-pager.t                                      |  18 +--
 t/ack-v.t                                          |   4 +-
 t/ack-w.t                                          |  83 +++++++++-
 t/ack-x.t                                          |   2 +-
 t/anchored.t                                       |   6 +-
 t/context.t                                        |   2 +-
 t/default-filter.t                                 |   1 +
 t/highlighting.t                                   |   6 +-
 t/inverted-file-filter.t                           |   1 +
 t/issue562.t                                       |  23 +++
 t/issue571.t                                       |  23 +++
 t/resource-iterator.t                              |   1 +
 t/swamp/swamp/ignoreme.txt                         |   1 +
 41 files changed, 688 insertions(+), 232 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 META.json
 mode change 100644 => 100755 ack
 create mode 100644 t/ack-output.t
 create mode 100644 t/issue562.t
 create mode 100644 t/issue571.t
 create mode 100644 t/swamp/swamp/ignoreme.txt

Alioth's /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice on 

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