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      from  a004bb1   Upload to experimental as 2.15.03-1
      adds  30e8d77   Add start of Unicode design doc
      adds  44aef5c   Add test for issue #491
      adds  e18c0ac   Remove useless /g flag on regex
      adds  17504aa   Make sure strings match along lines
      adds  3922e7a   Update changelog
      adds  4a7ce44   Add notes on potential evolution of ignore feature
      adds  42144bd   Fix complaints about insecure $ENV{ENV}
      adds  10a3826   Merge pull request #493 from rkleemann/patch-1
      adds  87dd59b   Don't use does_match for no frills matching
      adds  b36be1d   Expand main matching/printing loop
      adds  f749acd   Don't use print_line_with_context when not using context
      adds  e3a5b3c   Slurp files into a huge chunk to search for no frills 
      adds  321891a   Document the horror I have wrought upon the codebase
      adds  9bface0   Eliminate a lot of calls to File::Spec->splitpath
      adds  a89451d   Add optimization notes to changelog
      adds  3d0f774   Continue matching after end of current line
      adds  0dd3f43   Fix CRLF problem with optimization
      adds  70f1e44   Use basename more
      adds  4f16d7d   Group matches into match groups
      adds  7fb536c   Move commonly-accessed options into globals
      adds  4f1e5b2   Remove useless variables
      adds  55de674   Question correct behavior for --ignore-dir and 
--noignore-dir combinations
      adds  fa9ff03   Add test for MatchGroup
      adds  001821b   Add basename as an "abstract method" to Resource
      adds  88573de   Add context timings to timings script
      adds  5ddf061   Removed unused variable `$match_word`
      adds  97733da   Removed unnecessary local copy of `$opt_regex`
      adds  32e0f47   Removed unnecessary local copy of `$opt_passthru`
      adds  7de5a42   Merge pull request #506 from sth/unnecessary-variables
      adds  118bc50   Credit sth
      adds  61dd4f3   Reworked context handling to be faster
      adds  3958e9f   Avoid some work when not tracking context
      adds  f529bc3   Merge branch 'improve-context-handling' into dev
      adds  d419ea4   Credit sth for helping with optimization
      adds  1033035   Add --hpp option
      adds  34e278a   Merge pull request #507 from sjaeckel/patch-2
      adds  194fc27   Update for --hpp option.
      adds  3687c60   Integrate patch for --ignore-dir=match:...
      adds  007f0ad   Update changelog
      adds  551e459   Work on more tests for --ignore-dir
      adds  a8a8745   Add stub for --ignore-file testing
      adds  ebb43ee   Use filter facility for --ignore-dir and --noignore-dir
      adds  09f1ef3   Remove stringification overload for Filters
      adds  30cecff   Remove redundant check
      adds  07de134   Add IsPath filter
      adds  3f5f766   Use IsPath for --ignore-dir matches
      adds  f4e78cd   Add IsPathGroup module
      adds  1f2e11e   Enable usage of IsPathGroup
      adds  6ed7efa   Add a directory with extension to the test corpus
      adds  428099c   Fix broken tests from dir.d addition
      adds  c8b04e6   Uses lists_match instead of is_deeply for ack-n.t
      adds  713f3e7   Add test for --ignore-dir=ext:...
      adds  e5a7630   Make sure ext:... works with --ignore-dir
      adds  2c62628   Fix broken ack-n.t
      adds  a0395b9   Add test for --ignore-dir=firstlinematch:...
      adds  f9f7fc4   Don't allow filter types that we said we wouldn't
      adds  7b82451   Be less specific in allowing filter types for 
--ignore-dir in the config loader
      adds  c3264c8   Get started on --noignore-dir tests
      adds  acfff4e   Make sure noignore-dir filters are given a chance to 
override the current filename's status
      adds  cfe210a   Optimization notes
      adds  14e6b53   Remove irrelevant comment
      adds  1e71c16   Have _compile_filters return an array of filters
      adds  f98c396   Push --noignore-dir directives onto idirs
      adds  ddd4dd9   Fix --noignore-dir match test
      adds  0060a65   Make --ignore-file work again
      adds  0f43bf6   Add coverage tests for new modules
      adds  db818db   Just ignore --ignore-file tests for now
      adds  1b8cedb   Don't use _compile_filters to build idirs
      adds  60c2afc   Use filter collections for --ignore-dir and friends
      adds  dc202f0   Use filter collections for --ignore-file
      adds  4faadb0   Remove useless _compile_filters sub
      adds  f35e97b   Avoid calls to is_inverted in _compile_file_filter
      adds  fd4b07c   Cache most recently evaluated directory for ignoring
      adds  ca12dbf   Test --noignore-dir + relative paths
      adds  3ed8bbe   Make sure noignore-dir works with relative paths
      adds  f600449   Unify --ignore-dir and --noignore-dir implementations
      adds  4ff0bc9   Get rid of useless comment
      adds  231f987   Remove redundant code
      adds  4aff53d   Clean up comments a bit
      adds  592b21e   Remove comments
      adds  c2152e1   Merge branch 'ignore-dir-match' into dev
      adds  36a3c66   Update changelog
      adds  3c6a195   More notes on the evolution of --ignore*
      adds  a27b17e   More notes on how ignoring things should work
      adds  52b0f2b   Minor documentation improvements for ackrc location 
      adds  ed9582a   Merge pull request #519 from jgbishop/issue_518
      adds  f2c38ed   Add test for GH #522
      adds  0cc65d4   If a search regex contains a newline, exit immediately
      adds  c94f8d8   Bump Changes
      adds  9f6c388   Update to Getopt::Long 2.38 because of 
      adds  0551980   Added missing files
      adds  c92cb6c   Updating to 2.15_01 and 2015 in preparation for a release.
      adds  88b5865   Add manpage excerpt about new filetypes/enhancements
      adds  c1ab4bd   Reference in the developer's guide
      adds  f9db71f   Fix up block quotes
      adds  1cdf5bd   Add ack 2.14 to garage
      adds  f96e4cf   Don't close standard output before exec in timings script
      adds  f22cf7c   Add FAQ entry for ack's policy on emulating grep
      adds  311a3eb   Add test for GH #524 (targets may be ignored)
      adds  4091db4   Add resolution of GH #524 to Changes
      adds  80402b4   Don't let empty matches throw you for an infinite loop
      adds  8d17fac   Update Changelog
      adds  862687f   Comment empty match early termination reasoning
      adds  06da8de   New test for ignoring a subdir: Fix for #541 Other tests 
affected by this extra dir and file amended to cope.
      adds  b69a4be   Merge pull request #570 from openstrike/issue541
      adds  1cf9362   Add openstrike's addition to changelog
      adds  338171a   Add Pete Houston to Acknowledgements section
      adds  3045e18   Add test for GH #562
      adds  c1fb380   Add test for GH #571
      adds  e37bb58   Perform necessary reverts for GH #572
      adds  a11cdc9   Add bugfix to changelog
      adds  29b8199   Update MANIFEST
      adds  bc2b3c7   Add missing Getopt::Long 2.38 update
      adds  415cbc4   Merge pull request #581 from 
      adds  f0fc1a0   Specify --sort-files in all test cases that scan the 
t/text directory. This makes them more robust if the order of the files on disk 
changes. As it happens, they were all expecting the files sorted by name (which 
is the default if you make a git checkout, I think).
      adds  b81fda4   Merge pull request #583 from epa/dev
      adds  9866475   Expand out NYI
      adds  fd71b0f   Added JSP filetype
      adds  44ca211   Fix incorrect FAQ.  Update changes and thanks.
      adds  d0c7a53   Add one more file
      adds  50bb160   Releasing 2.15_02
      adds  081286f   Add 2.14 to the garage
      adds  1442ae6   Merge branch 'dev'
      adds  6922664   Merge branch 'master' into dev
      adds  697174a   Added --output test script.
      adds  efbf766   Merge pull request #587 from Varadinsky/test-output
      adds  548e205   Add new test to manifest
      adds  6d5d7c0   Added ack-output contribution to Changes
      adds  5061ac5   Add Varadinsky to contributors
      adds  d226097   added more tests to t/ack-output.t
      adds  a43b196   Merge pull request #590 from Varadinsky/output_more_tests
      adds  939f6e0   Make sure files are sorted in output test
      adds  06d47c8   Update changelog to include new contribution
      adds  6e2f4a9   Fix some stray paragraphs in the man page.
      adds  060e947   Merge pull request #592 from 
      adds  e070913   Fix typos
      adds  240735a   Merge pull request #584 from jwilk/spelling
      adds  a92ee84   dev/ should exit and warn if cannot find parrot
      adds  a1531a7   unless -d, die preferred over -d or die per @hoelzro
      adds  67e76e6   Merge pull request #536 from pdl/no-parrot-warn
      adds  aad1b54   support for searching edn, clojurescipt, and cljc files
      adds  90bcf0d   changelog updates for additional clojure filetypes
      adds  49c279f   Merge pull request #591 from achamberlin-lendup/dev
      adds  59b9c35   Add XML Schema Documents (.xsd) to the XML filetype
      adds  616df2a   Merge pull request #527 from knowledgejunkie/xsd
      adds  b29ea2f   Credit to Austin Chamberlin
      adds  fc05a09   Credit Nick Morrott
      adds  4fd012e   Add -T to ack-ignore-file
      adds  6df5f0d   Fix warning when rendering pod
      adds  925260e   Merge pull request #609 from 
      adds  f0ad2b9   Remove __END__ from end of ack
      adds  8272404   Document and test current semantics of -w.
      adds  61a25c3   --sort-files also needed for new test cases.
      adds  a0cbff6   Merge pull request #585 from epa/dev
      adds  6ceb946   Credit Ed Avis
      adds  ae0ad92   Add support for Apple's Swift.
      adds  bfa4bcc   Merge pull request #512 from nschum/feature/swift
      adds  1b76713   Thanks Nikolaj Schumacher
      adds  433577c   MSYS?: consider as is_cygwin
      adds  a0661f5   Merge pull request #450 from mingwandroid/msys2
      adds  ee695a3   Thank Olivier Mengue
      adds  14d223a   Thank Ray Donnelly.  Thanked wrong person before.
      adds  3771e6d   Search in ocamllex/ocamlyacc/menhir source files
      adds  440285b   Merge pull request #511 from 
      adds  a7233b4   Clarify precedence
      adds  e1ddf4e   Thank Marek Kubica
      adds  06a9dbb   Add gsp (Groovy Server Pages) to filetypes
      adds  441471b   Merge pull request #469 from emallove/dev
      adds  e004ee2   Thank Ethan Mallove
      adds  8096166   Ready to release 2.15_03
      adds  d5bf242   prepping for more dev
      adds  2a74506   Fix typos
      adds  dba49d4   Merge pull request #631 from jwilk/spelling
      adds  837ae07   Readying for 2.16
      adds  c0736f2   Explain -w badness
      adds  5f9f596   New upstream version 2.16
       new  d75554f   Merge tag 'upstream/2.16'
       new  39acf7c   Update debian/changelog

The 2 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:           |  6 +++---
 Changes          | 24 +++++++++++++++++++++++-
 META.json        |  8 ++++----
 META.yml         |  6 +++---
 ack              |  5 ++---
 debian/changelog |  6 ++++++
 t/        |  2 +-
 7 files changed, 42 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)

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