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  replaces  upstream/7.21+dfsg
 tagged by  CSILLAG Tamas
        on  Fri Aug 11 22:09:20 2017 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 7.39+dfsg

Adriano Ferreira (1):
      Mojo::Date: epoch can be a negative number

CSILLAG Tamas (1):
      New upstream version 7.39+dfsg

CandyAngel (1):
      Optimise frame parsing by removing substr calls

Dan Book (1):
      slugify util function

Joe Zheng (1):
      update document for load_class function

Joel Berger (2):
      Exit early when the subprocess parent callback is in the wrong process
      fix basename on a relative path

John Slavick (1):
      Fixed broken documentation url

Lee Johnson (1):
      document that around_action can be called more than once

Marcus Ramberg (1):
      Add support for pluggable reloader backends in Morbo. Can be set on the

Roy Storey (1):
      add doc on passing args and tests to check pass though to File::Path

Sebastian Riedel (214):
      bump version
      add extract_usage function to Mojo::Util
      leave some space
      just default to @ARGV
      an arrayref might be the second argument when using @ARGV
      just use one line
      test multiple newlines too
      explain newline handling at the end of templates (closes #1041)
      test more newline special cases
      we can just use the result method now
      fix a few typos in the ojo documentation
      bump version
      link to the blog example as well
      mention a little more detail
      just mention example tasks as well
      this sounds a little better
      more links
      add ports method to Mojo::Server::Daemon
      add a few new features to Mojo::File
      bump version
      work around a problem with IO::Socket::SSL
      coolo came up with the test case
      add to_unsafe_string method to Mojo::URL
      fix typo in example
      add max_response_size attribute to Mojo::UserAgent
      mention the -S option too
      recommend max_response_size instead of max_message_size
      there is no need to mention the limit everywhere
      remove a few more mentions of the 16MB limit
      add max_request_size attribute to Mojolicious
      let basename remove the extension
      better test deactivating the message size limit
      fix typo in description
      fix typo in Changes
      help perltidy a little
      use the result method in the get command too
      bump version
      use current best practices in examples
      use the result method in the README example too
      more examples for conditions
      just recommend the over method
      use the result method in more examples
      fix pink_mist's typo
      Merge pull request #1049 from kiwiroy/more-file-tests
      members on hiatus are still part of the core team, but do not affect 
majority votes
      we no longer recompile templates
      add open method and tempfile function to Mojo::File
      separate the three cases
      document and test all open variants
      try to reuse slurp
      not using a second file descriptor is a lot faster
      consistent quotes
      update Changes
      use Mojo::File in Mojo::Log
      more consistent imports
      show how to combine constants
      bump version
      functions look better in examples
      forgot two examples
      use the result method in all examples
      our implementation follows the spec (closes #1052)
      show how to use a URL queue
      use our own server to make a point
      fix typo in example
      fix cleanup bugs in Mojo::IOLoop::Stream (closes #1050)
      bump version
      move a few FAQ answers into the cookbook
      use a more realistic reactor example
      keep the @_ handling on one line
      move blog to a new address, where it can be shared with other members of 
the core team
      we did not mean to test this :)
      Merge pull request #1055 from kraih/subprocess_fix
      better subprocess tests
      two processes are enough
      explain the original idea behind delays with examples
      bump version
      use more precise terminology when explaining delays
      add a GROWING section to Mojolicious::Lite
      Merge pull request #1056 from 
      nested routes are the only reason
      fix blib handling in Mojo::Home
      add support for UNIX domain sockets and fix a few bugs
      test UNIX domain sockets on Travis too
      add support for WebSockets over UNIX domain sockets
      improve Mojo::UserAgent to complain about unsupported protocols
      place protocol check a little more at the center of connection management
      expect failure
      test the host_port method too
      support http+unix:// for proxy servers too
      show UNIX domain sockets in command examples
      the get command supports UNIX domain sockets too
      mention UNIX domain sockets in the cookbook too
      include Mojo::IOLoop too
      mention the path too
      fix typos
      show how to pass along a hostname
      no need to keep the path around
      bump version
      Merge pull request #1066 from joez/topic-doc-for-load_class
      fix formatting
      add copy_to method to Mojo::File
      add dir option to list_tree method in Mojo::File
      Merge pull request #1067 from tudorconstantin/master
      fix config file
      use the config file to activate the documentation browser
      generate a better secret by default
      might as well use sha1_sum
      update Changes
      add sibling method to Mojo::File
      add realpath method and make sibling method a bit faster
      just return the destination
      use the sibling method instead
      realpath has problems on Windows
      add realpath method to Mojo::File
      update Changes
      bump version
      fix unescaping of HTML5 attribute values in Mojo::DOM::HTML (closes #1069)
      add support for overriding configuration files in applications tested 
with Test::Mojo
      use the same example Mojo::config uses
      bump version
      Merge pull request #1074 from slavick/fix_documentation_url
      Merge pull request #1079 from aferreira/devel/negative-epoch
      a few more Mojo::Date tests
      remove support for negative epoch values from Mojo::Date again
      Merge pull request #1073 from marcusramberg/pluggable_morbo
      fix a few small inconsistencies and update Changes
      bump version
      remove a lot of deprecated code
      more backend tests
      no need to sleep all the time
      fix typo in Changes
      better description for forced semantics
      fix a bug in the app generator command where the config file name was not 
based on the application moniker
      fix typo in example
      do not ignore .appveyor.* files
      remove redundant check
      bump version
      use a more realistic example for username validation
      no need to create an extra object
      fix connect timeout for TLS handshakes (closes #1097)
      add -f option to get command
      mention which arguments can appear more than once
      use a little less code
      allow multiple values with the same name
      use a little less code again
      add support for piping data to STDIN as well
      better examples for using STDIN/STDOUT with the get command
      try checking if STDIN is a pipe
      check if STDIN on Windows is a TTY
      test a few more get command features
      bump version
      Perl 5.26 has been released
      include Perl 5.24
      MetaCPAN broke their old API
      mention the example here too
      fix link
      mention a few features too
      link to the SQL reference too
      add support for <form> elements to Mojo::DOM::val and support for 
:matches pseudo-class to Mojo::DOM::CSS
      fix typo in example
      remove support for <form> elements from Mojo::DOM::val again
      bump version
      fix typo in Changes
      clean up the event loop consistently (closes #1102)
      load all modules we use explicitly
      mention returned objects consistently
      fix typo in description
      less is more
      Merge pull request #1103 from CandyAngel/master
      use more references
      make many Mojo::DOM methods a little faster
      make many Mojo::DOM methods a little faster again
      using the grep method is not slower anymore
      print log messages without timestamps to STDERR when deployed with systemd
      && already casts to boolean
      make Mojo::DOM a little faster again
      support old versions of Perl again
      mention the new attribute
      bump version
      remove deprecated watch attribute from Mojo::Server::Morbo
      increase graceful_timeout from 20 to 60 seconds and make the log message 
for immediate shutdown a little more threatening
      mention timeouts in log messages and make forced worker shutdown a warning
      server log messages are not just for debugging
      allow more workers to be spawned temporarily if there is a need
      better explanation for the overload feature
      mention workers
      rename overload to spare
      change heartbeat timeout to a value not shared with anything else
      update default value in usage message
      make it easier to use systemd for socket activation
      bump version
      Merge pull request #1104 from kraih/fix-relative-basename
      update Changes
      Mojo::HelloWorld is supposed to be a Mojolicious subclass
      fix typo in usage message
      use the INVOCATION_ID environment variable too
      bump version
      try having a chat link in the menu bar
      looks like the project no longer exists
      fix bugs in Mojo::IOLoop and Mojo::Reactor::Poll that would prevent a 
reset from clearing events
      Merge pull request #1108 from Grinnz/util_slugify
      update Changes
      show an example for $ua going out of scope too early
      bump version
      Merge pull request #1113 from lindleyw/enumerated-bundled
      rename special attribute to extra
      mention that extra files are only a fallback
      fix typo in example
      make sure not to include .DS_Store files anymore
      improve Mojo::URL performance significantly
      the memory leak has been fixed too
      bump version
      remove close_idle_connections again and fix a bug where connections would 
get closed too quickly
      now that we have to process one more request before we can close the 
connection, it makes sense to increase the timeout a little as well

Tudor Constantin (1):
      added the config mechanism in the app generated with generate app command

William Lindley (1):
      Add 'special' attribute to Mojolicious::Static to permit examining, 
overriding, or disabling any or all bundled files. Resolves #1094


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