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        at  c1add77   (tag)
   tagging  855626f3aadd3702bf71bf17f57fa922a83b3292 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.639
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Wed Feb 14 20:27:42 2018 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.640

Dan McGee (1):
      Fix fetchall_arrayref({}) behavior with no columns

H.Merijn Brand - Tux (5):
      Remove trailing ; in statements before parsing
      Fix extentension detection for DBD::File related drivers
      A few more .ext protections
      Fix tests for perl without dot in @INC RT#120443
      Fix dependency on Storable for perl older than 5.8.9

Jens Rehsack (4):
      .travis.yml: add more perls to test with
      DBD::Mem - add new pure perl driver DBD::Mem
      t/48dbi_dbd_sqlengine.t: fix SQL syntax
      DBD::Mem: add basic documentation

Kenichi Ishigaki (1):
      test SvOK() before copying Statement to the parent handle

Lukas Mai (1):
      Fix gofer.t test failures due to utf8-enabled STDIN/STDOUT

Mark Fowler (1):
      Add missing semicolon in documentation

Michiel Beijen (2):
      removed broken links from POD
      add appveyor: CI for Windows, like Travis

Nigel Horne (1):
      Added support for DBD::XMLSimple

Olaf Alders (2):
      Fixes Pod typo
      Adds links to more module names in Pod.

Pali (6):
      Fix crashing when calling warn() and croak() functions
      Fix DBI documentation about eval { } usage
      Implement warn_sv/croak_sv with UTF-8 support also for Perl prior to 5.14
      Add mariadb_ prefix for a new DBD::MariaDB driver
      Fix test t/91_store_warning.t
      Add Perl 5.10.0 and 5.8.1 to Travis testing

Pete Houston (1):
      Small POD changes (Getting Help -> Online)

Rob Schaber (1):
      Fix disappearing $_ inside callbacks.

Sergiy Borodych (1):
      fix typo

Tim Bunce (54):
      Clarify docs for DBI::hash
      Cease to ignore DESTROY of outer handle in DBI::PurePerl
      Weaken CachedKids ref in attribute cache, RT#113852
      Treat undef in Profile Path as "undef". Clarify docs. RT#113298
      Update and/or remove broken links to SQL standards. RT#111437
      Removed/updated broken links in docs.  Closes #29
      Add appveyor: CI for Windows, like Travis PR#30 from mbeijen/appveyor
      Fix gofer.t test failures due to utf8-enabled STDIN/STDOUT PR#32 from 
      Fixed spelling errors in pod. RT#107838
      Add $dbh->selectall_array method. RT#106411
      Remove non-ASCI character in pod.
      Update Changes to reflect recent changes
      Fixed "panic: attempt to copy freed scalar" upon commit() or rollback()
      Removed the ancient DBI::FAQ module RT#102714
      Fixed t/pod.t to require Test::Pod >= 1.41 RT#101769
      Update dbipport.h from ppport.h 3.20 to 3.32
      Report PrintError/RaiseError via warn_sv/croak_sv for UTF-8. RT#102404
      Update Changes
      Fix cases where ShowErrorStatement might not show correct Statement
      Skip unicode PrintError/RaiseError test for perl < 5.14
      Avoid compile-time error for unicode support in old perls
      Avoid risk of segv during global destruction
      Corrected doc example to use dbi: instead of DBI: in DSN. RT#101181
      Bump version to 1.635 and update Changes
      Fix compilation for threaded perl <= 5.12
      Add 5.22 and 5.22-extras to travis-ci config
      Output perl version and archname in t/01basics.t
      Change t/16destroy.t to avoid race hazard
      Revert PurePerl DESTROY behaviour change. Delete CachedKids regardless.
      Bump version to 1.636 and update Changes
      Merge pull request #38 from nigelhorne/master
      Merge pull request #37 from bor/patch-1
      Merge pull request #33 from openstrike/podfix
      Merge pull request #44 from pali/format
      Merge pull request #43 from oalders/master
      Merge pull request #47 from robschaber/master
      Merge pull request #40 from demerphq/master
      Merge pull request #50 from rehsack/test_on_more_perls
      Merge pull request #34 from charsbar/fix_copy_statement_to_parent
      Add cautionary note to prepare_cached docs re refs in %attr
      Allow $sth NAME_* attributes to be set from perl code
      Use Try::Tiny for some examples using eval.
      Bump version. Update Changes. Fix stray char in pod.
      Merge pull request #42 from rehsack/dbd_mem
      Add new Changes in DBI 1.638 section with latest changes.
      Merge pull request #53 from pali/master
      Merge pull request #55 from 
      Update Changes. Add t/54_dbd_mem.t to MANIFEST
      Bump version to 1.639. Add lib/DBD/ to MANIFEST.
      Update Changes to record 1.639 release date
      Merge pull request #57 from pali/warning
      Merge pull request #56 from pali/master
      Update Changes. Bump version.

Yves Orton (2):
      Remove unused $HAS_WEAKEN var and setup
      Allow objects to be used as passwords without throwing an error.

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 1.640


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