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dod pushed a change to annotated tag debian/2.060
in repository libconfig-model-dpkg-perl.

        at  8dcc519   (tag)
   tagging  1dd6a6aad969faaf2177d0466d90a79a4df06765 (commit)
  replaces  debian/2.059
 tagged by  Dominique Dumont
        on  Fri Feb 20 13:52:01 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
libconfig-model-dpkg-perl Debian release 2.060
Version: GnuPG v1


Dominique Dumont (63):
      Dpkg::Source: 'cme migrate' sets TestSuite to autopkgtest-pkg-perl for 
pkg-perl team packages
      prepare release
      Dpkg COntrol Source model: improve Testsuite handling
      added test for Testsuite generation
      back to unreleased
      Merge branch 'jessie'
      Fix broken Testsuite setting depending on Maintainer value
      fix and improved Testsuite tests
      Added update implementation for dpkg-copyright
      copyright update: remove javascript restriction
      Dpkg::Copyright model: use Dpkg::Copyright Perl class
      copyright update: squashing is working
      squash and pack copyright both work
      Moved file scanner into its own module
      clarified code and added comments
      Copyright::Scanner: better handle when no copyright info is found
      Copyright::Scanner: remove spaces in copyright ranges of years
      Copyright::Scanner: remove beginnig of (any) sentence after copyright 
      Copyright::Scanner: re-arrange and consolidate copyright years
      renamed get_copyright to print_copyright
      added scan_copyrights command
      updated comments
      added doc
      copyright: change spaces into dash in license short names
      Revert "Copyright::Scanner: remove beginnig of (any) sentence after 
copyright statement"
      Scanner: handle license like "foo or bar"
      handle public domain license to have a single keyword
      Scanner: reverse sort copyright owner
      Copyright update: pack and loaf info correctly
      Scanner: expect utf-8 from licensecheck
      Scanner: scan_files now returns files with no-info-found...
      Scanner: removed traces
      C::M::D::Copyright: updated comments
      C::M::D::Copyright: update removes obsolete entries
      Scanner: remove call to WWW (diagnostic code)
      control: updated description
      Updated pod of new files to produce correct man pages
      renamed scan_copyrights command in scan-copyrights
      Scanner: removed debug trace
      Scanner: removed dead code
      added tests for Scanner::__pack_copyright
      Scanner: rename __pack -> __pack_files
      added test for Scanner::__pack_files
      added test for Scanner::__squash
      Scanner: added much needed comment
      Scanner: Also pack files when similar licenses are mingled
      Scanner: always use sort with keys for predictable results
      Scanner: sort output of licensecheck
      Scanner: handle "zlib and expat" license (very fragile...)
      Scanner: improve copyright cleanup
      Scanner: don't clobber data of (c) owner
      Scanner: Don't touch (c) data if owner can't be figured out
      Added scan-copyright test
      reindented Build.PL
      Build.PL: tweak style to avoid indentation problems with emacs
      Build.PL: run recursive tests
      C::M::Dpkg::Dependency: fix extraction of module version from deb version
      C::M::Dpkg::Dependency: do not use regexp to find Perl module in 
      Use show_message instead of say for most user messages (require C::M 
      copyright: updated years
      updated pod doc
      control: dep on libconfig-model-perl 2.066
      prepare release


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