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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.035
Version: GnuPG v1


Grzegorz Ro┼╝niecki (1):
      fix typos in MultiSubs manual

Jonas Smedegaard (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.035

Piers Cawley (2):
      Make Kavorka thread-safe
      Eliminate Devel::Pragma from the metadata

Toby Inkster (384):
      experimental method keyword thingy
      split into modules; move to Moo
      dist stuff
      better code generation; bring introspection API closer to Perl6
      constraints; required vs optional
      slurpy params
      factor stuff out into PerlX::Method::Sub which can be overridden on a 
per-keyword basis
      improve reported line numbers
      throw for additional arguments
      steal yadayada from Method::Signatures
      parse //= and ||= for param defaults
      slurpy fixes; req/opt fixes
      make defaults work for slurpies
      implement default_when - does not work for slurpies
      localize punctuation variables if they are in the param list
      specialize PXM::Sub into PXM::Sub::Fun and PXM::Sub::Method
      misc fixes
      mini fix
      experiment using Parse::Keyword :-(
      ok; working now. this breaks attributes, but that seems a small price to 
      shuffling deck chairs
      rename dist
      add an abstract
      implement method modifiers
      method modifiers for Role::Tiny/Moo::Role
      todo list for test cases
      some test cases
      attempt at getting closures to work (they don't); add classmethod and 
objectmethod keywords
      ok, closures kinda sometimes work
      fix argument counting, and do it earlier
      benchmarking script
      include MXMS and MS+Moose in benchmarking
      move to dev version number
      more docs
      fix test cases
      pod coverage
      use Exporter::Tiny in Parse::KeywordX
      we ditched that function ages ago
      Added tag 0.000_01 for changeset 66183fa5eaf0
      show the difference in league table when Any::Moose+Mouse is available
      fixes for non-inlinable type constraints; avoid inlining and use Mouse 
XSUBs if they're available
      update benchmark results to reflect XSUB changes
      clean up and document benchmarking script
      fix signatures containing solely a slurpy
      add some type constraint tests
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.000_02 for changeset 519fbb768dfc
      still doesn't work
      tests for method keywords
      make default stuff more reliable by avoiding deparsing; perhaps slightly 
      tests for positional parameters
      bump version; changelog
      fix checking for additional disallowed named parameters
      tests for named parameters
      Added tag 0.000_03 for changeset 46baa1652567
      some minor speed ups
      tests for invocants
      populate %_ in the case of a slurpy hash but no named parameters
      allow slurpies to be anonymous parameters
      slurpy tests
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.000_04 for changeset bc18e24a40d2
      tests for non-inlinable type constraints
      coercion test cases; currently failing
      fix bug with only one item in slurpies
      fix warning which should have been fatal assigning odd number of elements 
to %_
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.000_05 for changeset 3e9edbd7c63a
      method modifiers should work in Moo::Role
      tests for method modifiers
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.000_06 for changeset 2aecd5e6d107
      todo - documentation
      refactor Kavorka::Signature::Parameter - long overdue, but wanted to have 
a half decent test suite first
      rename a test case
      support an "alias" trait
      ro/locked traits
      improve trait documentation
      merge TODO lists
      bump version; changelog
      get non-positional parameters to work with alias trait
      Added tag 0.000_07 for changeset 63586f1da7a7
      document Kavorka::Signature::Parameter
      keep track of declaration keyword
      document and improve the API of Kavorka::Signature
      document and tidy up Kavorka::Sub interface
      clean up documentation a little
      tests for introspection API
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.000_08 for changeset 8417f6a9ca71
      lvalue test
      experimental technique that gets us attributes, but breaks anonymous 
      combine both approaches
      bump version; changelog
      update documentation for attributes
      document the yada yada
      Added tag 0.000_09 for changeset 56e6509ae521
      Function::Parameters-style type constraint expressions
      note more parities between Kavorka and others
      Moose introspection API
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.000_10 for changeset 8d11ad8d2a17
      correct MooseX::KavorkaInfo example; split it into an example script too
      export stuff
      see also MooseX::KavorkaInfo
      throw an exception for method modifiers which are missing their name
      test that it is possible to have a method called "method"
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.000_11 for changeset 16d8dc8d7fe2
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.001 for changeset 7f454cd113d5
      refactor code generation
      document the args_min and args_max methods that were added during 
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.002 for changeset 2c7d33877c10
      move docs for args_min/args_max
      improve signature sanity checking
      slurpy @_ and %_
      document @_ and %_
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.003 for changeset 3e0a5508f17c
      a new TODO
      documentation typo
      naive implementation of multi-methods; this can no doubt be optimized
      support custom long names for multi subs
      document multi methods
      check error messages for multis
      bump version; changelog
      document method modifiers with multi subs; this needs test cases and 
expanded documentation
      Added tag 0.004 for changeset fe217e225834
      fix parsing for "where"; make constraints into coderefs instead of strings
      multi sub example
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.005 for changeset d80385732f6d
      example benchmarking multimethods
      much multi method mayhem
      improved multi-method support for classes using multi-inheritance
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.006 for changeset 1e43e33f0ce8
      allow multiple names for named parameters
      shorter syntax for long named parameters
      bump version; changelog
      move the name parsing into its own method
      refactor Kavorka::Sub
      Added tag 0.007 for changeset 5ddd37737281
      correct name of parse_subname in documentation; document parse_body
      fix docs
      include plain perl implementation of fib in benchmark for comparison; a 
result to aspire to
      make implementation guessing easier in subclasses
      example of extending Kavorka to add sugar to Dancer2's DSL
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.008 for changeset 1c62b0abfe28
      allow more than one HTTP method
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.009 for changeset b1aac1ff8501
      Implement my/our variables; package variables
      some more sanity checks
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.010 for changeset 6ade0d1fc602
      planned improvements for method modifiers
      allow method modifiers to be applied to multiple methods simultaneously
      implement :prototype attribute
      beginnings of doc rearranging
      rename ${^NEXT} to $next
      more docs
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.011 for changeset 3d285824af9b
      no need to refer to Exporter::Tiny twice
      rationalize SEE ALSO sections in the manual
      rationalize SEE ALSO sections in other pod
      placeholder manual pages
      fix abstract
      document ||=
      compile multi sub checks and dispatches
      new benchmarking results
      allow multi sub dispatcher to send a signal upon dispatch to avoid 
re-checking type constraints; improves speed significantly for complex type 
checks; not terrible overhead in simple cases either
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.012 for changeset a75cb4fcd8da
      runtime definition of multi subs
      todo stuff
      failing tests
      fix cache invalidation
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.013 for changeset 681292160962
      benchmarking experiment against example from MXMM synopsis
      no longer planned - attributive parameters are basically only useful in 
initializers; most Moose/Mouse users tend to accept the default initialization; 
they'd be vaguely useful for non-Moose/Mouse classes, but would only be 
implementable with a mop like Moose/Mouse provides
      planning to implement type constraints and coercions for return values
      implement return types
      we need this now
      return type constraint documentation
      lexical subs
      latest Type::Tiny release includes fix for parsing comma-delimited type 
constraint lists
      per-context coercions for returned values
      cope with changes to Dict
      return types performance note
      the assumed trait for return types
      fix parsing edge cases for return types
      fix parsing multiple parameters
      bump version; changelog
      speling, ws
      Added tag 0.014 for changeset 8bd09e4acbe9
      kavorka intro article
      fix a buncha closure issues
      further closure improvements (I think... hope...)
      scary test shit
      ok; closures are all taken care of (I think... hope...)
      no point injecting stuff about min arg count if min arg count is zero
      fix the nulling of dummy signatures
      make lexical functions more function-like and less coderef-like
      document setting a default from another parameter
      make caveats a bullet list
      closure caveat
      structure closures test into subtests
      test for pair of anon functions closing over the same variable
      use the "my" keyword to declare lexical subs
      bump version; changelog
      documentation for closures
      Added tag 0.015 for changeset fe22d7a3d83c
      fix reliance on Perl 5.16.0 prototype handling change
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.016 for changeset 5b40ca441139
      fixed that
      include min perl in featuritis.html
      load unrecognized traits as Moose roles
      use the parse_trait function to parse :attributes; first step to unifying 
attributes and traits
      rename Kavorka::Signature::Parameter and Kavorka::Signature::ReturnType 
to Kavorka::Parameter and Kavorka::ReturnType respectively
      fix references to Kavorka::Signature::NOBBLE after the great renaming
      bump version; changelog
      allow non-Type::Tiny type constraints to be returned from type constraint 
      document to_TypeTiny
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.018 for changeset 2edad02f73bb
      augment/override modifiers
      split out some traits
      test for TODO feature
      accept hashrefs of named parameters
      more benchmarks; current Function::Parameters is somewhat faster on these 
very simple signatures
      bump version; changelog
      travis setup
      traits for subs
      document extending Kavorka
      support "but" as another alias for "is", like Perl 6 kinda
      Split out the "assumed" trait, and implement it for parameters too
      bump version; changelog
      ban the assumed parameter check in multi subs
      tests for ref_alias
      parsing for ref_alias
      implementation for ref_alias
      determine slurpiness later to allow ref_alias to override it
      document ref_alias trait
      update featuritis
      rearrange some trait docs
      split out some sanity_check stuff
      split out the "optional" trait
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.021 for changeset b3158488cce5
      turns out this is not a problem; args_max already returns undef if there 
are any named parameters; add a test for args_min/args_max anyway
      Merge pull request #1 from Xaerxess/patch-1
      fix alignment
      fresh/override traits for methods
      we need Sub::Identify now
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.022 for changeset 8a993e3a7c75
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.023 for changeset ac859187966e
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.024 for changeset bb30600b67d8
      Exporter::Tiny integration: override _exporter_fail instead of 
      shortcut for smart matching with "where"; also bugfix for "where" not 
being applied to parameters lacking a type constraint
      tests for value constraints
      more value constraint tests
      bump version; changelog
      more complex parsing challenge for value constraints
      Added tag 0.025 for changeset 069339106cef
      fix travis setup
      IRC notification
      IRC support channel
      allow method modifier keywords to be called like normal subs, bypassing 
the Perl keyword API custom parsing
      grrrrr... strictures
      bump version; changelog
      copyright 2014
      Added tag 0.026 for changeset 3762ce4eee63
      actually it turns out that the caller is not very useful; supply the 
importing package name instead
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.027 for changeset e3e76894ee54
      allow traits to be applied to keywords via import
      return nothing from these subs
      overloading for Kavorka::Sub implementations
      tried it; it complicated the implementation but made no practical 
      todo for perlsub-compat
      perlsub-compat: allow attributes to be provided prior to the signature
      complete remaining perlsub-compat stuff
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.028 for changeset dbbed7f6ed3d
      clarify which features are shared with Perl 5.20 signatures
      failing test
      begin trait
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.029 for changeset 29c9f1dae6be
      'f' should act like 'fun'
      threaded Perl test (thanks teejay)
      test threaded Perls on travis
      Merge pull request #5 from pdcawley/master
      only need this for Perl 5.6; Kavorka can never support Perl 5.6
      make _fqname private so I don't have to document/support it
      bump version; changelog
      document aliases for fun
      Added tag 0.030 for changeset 6d57e629b7cd
      document thread test
      Merge pull request #8 from thilp/fix/doc-signatures-links
      Merge pull request #7 from thilp/fix/export-multi
      merge stuff that was going out of sync
      don't warn about overwriting subs by default - it's annoying
      bump required version of Return::Type
      update benchmark
      bump version; changelog
      recommend Type::Tiny::XS
      Added tag 0.031 for changeset a7e903cc5af2
      update Travis settings; should really switch to perl-travis-helper
      workaround for RT#95786
      slightly odd issue introduced by undeferring subs early
      don't test in parallel
      fix for blead
      skip this test when running under Devel::Cover
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.032 for changeset 3a09233175ac
      Type::Registry::DWIM changed its API
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.033 for changeset e73f160442e8
      use Sub::Util (which will be in core) instead of Sub::Name+Sub::Identify
      workaround for Kavorka triggering RT#98666
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.034 for changeset 5df9d8220e40
      make it easier to do weird things by subclassing Kavorka::Multi
      bump version; changelog
      do not want
      RT#95786-related test

thilp (2):
      add "multi" in @EXPORT_OK to export it with "-all", as is documented
      fix broken links to Kavorka::Manual::Signatures (final "s" were missing)


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