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 tagged by  Jonas Smedegaard
        on  Tue Feb 24 12:24:22 2015 +0100

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Upstream version 0.034
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Jonas Smedegaard (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.034

Toby Inkster (277):
      initial commit
      Added tag 0.001 for changeset e4499b90741c
      clean up package preamble generation
      use MooX::late and latest Moose
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.002 for changeset 4f2429636565
      clean up and document how nested packages work; clean up `using` a little
      add a `namespace` keyword
      fix parsing error
      do not export Try::Tiny as it lacks lexical scoping
      Try::Tiny not exported by default; alter test that relies on it
      port to Dist::Inkt
      use Function::Parameters 1.0201, because it has configurable type 
constraint reification
      bump version; changelog
      fix syntax
      Added tag 0.003 for changeset 741c86da6c0f
      implement method modifiers
      remove the exporter keyword; it's easier to just do a class that extends 
Exporter::TypeTiny or
      don't provide method keyword in non-class/role packages
      syntax for declaring cheap constants
      bump version; changelog
      massive refactoring
      make dependency injection work a little better
      let the parser construct the code generator
      more refactoring
      Added tag 0.004 for changeset 45a2dfd320bf
      bump version; changelog
      improve handling of comments during parsing; not perfect, but better
      even better handling of comments
      not entirely sure why we need to do this; it should be lexical, but 
      Added tag 0.005 for changeset 46e2ec0a2553
      now that everything's not all in one big file, no need to restrict these 
hashes to such a tight lexical scope
      rename repo as a prelude for renaming dist
      rename files too
      benchmarking example
      use a guard to automatically call ->meta->make_immutable on classes
      bump version; changelog
      documentation rewrite
      note docs in changelog
      document extensibility
      fix for classes
      The beginnings of a proper test suite
      new abstract
      Added tag 0.006 for changeset f43b2daddb34
      add suggestion for MooX::HandlesVia
      set a dummy version so that Class::Load::is_class_loaded can see roles
      role tests
      document $VERSION=""
      fix parsing namespace {} blocks
      tests for namespace {} blocks
      rename some test cases
      more challenging parsing in test case
      tests for `fun` and `method` keywords
      placeholder test cases
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.007 for changeset e991aa15439a
      suggest Moose/Mouse at runtime too
      fix hard-coded list of keywords
      an example extending Moops
      further document the example
      requires Perl 5.14
      bug fixes for custom imports
      tests for custom imports
      check namespace::sweep
      check in my todo list
      stop using to define constants; new technique allows them to 
be swept by namespace::sweep
      constants tests
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.008 for changeset e958e0aa8f70
      testing that sugar functions get imported into all packages
      fix AT_RUNTIME stuff
      tests for method modifiers
      lots of type constraint related tests
      document that Moose types can work with Moo classes
      test suite done; now I can get back to refactoring/improving Moops with 
less fear of breaking stuff
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.009 for changeset 05a0c46cbfac
      parse :Attributes for packages; we'll use them as our codegen trait syntax
      pass traits on to code generator
      forgot to check in tests for traits
      let the code generator decide which relationships a keyword has
      rename code generators
      update docs given recent changes
      change trait naming scheme
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.010 for changeset 97bdf1c18a42
      add support for DAGOLDEN's new Class::Tiny; though it makes little sense 
to use it with Moops given that Moo will already be in memory
      trait :dirty
      mutable trait
      add $AUTHORITY/$VERSION to Class::Tiny::Antlers
      document Class::Tiny support
      note troubles mixing and matching class/role fameworks
      forgot to include these files in commit 99:b86b8fde7c17
      use MooseX::XSAccessor if it is available
      :ro, :rw and :rwp traits which create a default policy for attributes - 
this currently breaks Class::Tiny support, but that will be fixed soon
      make the "has"/"extends"/"with" functions exported by 
Class::Tiny::Antlers more wrappable (they no longer look at caller)
      document :traits stuff
      docs done
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.011 for changeset a9e6099fde81
      document MooseX::MungeHas usage
      an assertion keyword
      rename a couple of modules
      an instance of the old Moops::AssertKeyword name
      fix code rewriting
      assertion tests
      improve assertion parsing; document PerlX::Assert
      further assertion documentation
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.012 for changeset a9348349ad0e
      this test requires Role::Tiny and Class::Tiny
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.013 for changeset f45595f5a543
      bump version; changelog
      Class::Tiny::Antlers docs
      support `has @attrs` for Class::Tiny::Antlers
      missing version numbers; speling
      Added tag 0.014 for changeset 6b5915fba4f3
      ah, so that is why Perl 5.14 features were not being enabled
      catch another reference to Moops::DefineKeywword
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.015 for changeset a49e49656746
      a type constraint import option; this should eventually be more sugary
      docs for types stuff
      bump version; changelog
      update deps
      Added tag 0.016 for changeset a096e0b63a2d
      update for Class::Tiny 0.004
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.017 for changeset 4421188c06e2
      failing test
      seems that adding an implicit BEGIN {} block around keywords does the 
      this reduces a lot of boilerplate; not 100% sure we need it
      thanks to latest Type::Registry; support MooseX::Types and MouseX::Types 
type constraint libraries
      documentation and example for declaring type libraries
      bump version; changelog
      depend on stable version
      Added tag 0.018 for changeset f8bdabd6bce3
      split out Class::Tiny::Antlers
      bump version; changelog
      Test::Requires on Class::Tiny::Antlers is sufficient
      Added tag 0.019 for changeset 408e8fe245c2
      split dependencies into optional features
      allow traits to be supplied to import method; this replaces subclassing 
the parser
      keyword traits are simpler, so mention these earlier
      update examples for new extension API
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.020 for changeset c423a3603e52
      allow version numbers to be provided for "extends" and "with" options; 
check them
      document QuuxDie class
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.021 for changeset 280a893d9214
      fix for F::P 1.0301
      protect against future changes to F::P
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.022 for changeset c02e6a6fec68
      Method::Signatures example
      improve line numbering - if RT#88970 is fixed it should be perfect
      some workarounds for RT#88970; not perfect but better than nothing
      document line number accounting
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.023 for changeset cdd0d1ed15a4
      Keyword::Simple fixes line accounting issues
      use Test::Requires instead of jumping though hoops - silly tobyink
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.024 for changeset 60e981559d2a
      warn about potential future Kavorkafication
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.025 for changeset 7a203822cbbe
      make test cases flexible enough to pass with either Function::Parameters 
or Kavorka
      Switch from Function::Parameters to Kavorka, but provide :fp attribute to 
retain Function::Parameters
      useful debugging info
      bump version; changelog
      see also
      update dependencies
      Added tag 0.026 for changeset a92fe031abb7
      switch to Kavorka has improved Moops' run-time speed - update benchmark 
      enable travis
      beginnings of a Moops tutorial
      use Lexical::Accessor to provide private attributes
      update travis build procedure
      add credits, copyright, licence to Objects101
      travis should install some more optional deps
      expose Kavorka's override, augment, classmethod and objectmethod keywords
      drop classmethod/objectmethod keywords again; method will do
      improve logic detecting when to provide override/augment
      another example - multimethods
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.027 for changeset 19c1af003bf5
      skip some tests on MooseX::Types::Common::Numeric 0.001011
      bump version; changelog
      update docs to use new Kavorka 0.023 method traits
      Added tag 0.028 for changeset 0f85bb5b9427
      move strictures stuff later
      IRC notifications
      IRC support channel
      fix Lexical::Accessor availability within classes
      bump version; changelog
      copyright 2014
      need bareword::filehandles, indirect, and multidimensional for testing 
git checkout
      fix MooseX::MungeHas
      huh? i do not understand why this is necessary - need to pick apart 
      Added tag 0.029 for changeset 7e6c45376dbc
      fix output from an over-eager sed
      rationalize warnings categories imported by Moops - see
      recommend Test::Warnings for testers
      depend on Kavorka 0.026 (relates to pull request #1)
      Merge pull request #1 from mokko/mau
      clean up
      actually, depend on Kavorka 0.027
      rename file
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.030 for changeset 35bc4f896489
      avoid returning 0
      use Moops -strict
      this is probably not a good idea
      fix RT#93553
      steal thread test from Moops
      eliminate Devel::Pragma dependency
      oops; removed wrong dependency from Travis config
      credits for test case
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.031 for changeset d254ec9c46ab
      get modifier tests passing
      document role composition order stuff
      update travis
      PerlX::Assert has now been split out into a separate dist
      bump version; changelog
      make _guarded lazy too
      Added tag 0.032 for changeset 243e7ca0341f
      Type::Registry and Type::Library are now better integrated, so we don't 
need to manually manage the registry if we're dealng with a Type::Library-based 
type library
      clearly CHOCOLATEBOY thought more about edge cases than I did for guard 
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.033 for changeset 4f5084d5ef5c
      testing with FP
      get test suite passing with MOOPS_FUNCTION_PARAMETERS_EVERYWHERE=1
      steal example from MooseX::MultiMethods
      doc changes: SEE ALSO, SUPPORT
      check that the `use true` stuff works
      more complex tests for `use true` stuff
      not sure why we needed Sub::Name once?
      bump versions of some deps
      s/Scope::Guard/Guard/, fixes RT#99389
      Variable::Magic-based guard objects
      use namespace::autoclean instead of namespace::sweep; nac is mostly 
becoming usable now
      improved scope guards
      bump version; changelog
      planned changes
      do not want

mokko (1):
      suggest a MooX::Options example


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