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js pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.07
in repository libdatetime-incomplete-perl.

        at  446f9fc   (tag)
   tagging  ca664f2f07be97a4ee3b7bf51716a46cd7937155 (commit)
 tagged by  Jonas Smedegaard
        on  Tue Feb 24 22:20:18 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.07
Version: GnuPG v1


(no author) (1):
      New repository initialized by cvs2svn.

Flavio S. Glock (4):
      move to git
      Initial commit
      Merge ssh://
      move to git

Jonas Smedegaard (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.07

autarch (19):
      dir for DateTime-Incomplete
      create subs as closures, not through eval (much more readable)
      don't use ->has()
      make set() look just like version
      just require DT::E::Recurrence
      make sure locale is always an object, not a string
      remove base_class bits, because it would require every base class to 
implement _all_ of the DT methods (like time_zone_short_name, offset, 
microsecond, etc.) and that is clearly ridiculous
      don't bother with creating _locale & _time_zone methods, since returning 
'xxx' for these is bogus.  they need to return real objects or undef, otherwise 
end user may try to call 'xxx'->am_pms or something like that!
      build more methods on the fly
      last_day_of_month is constructor, not accessor
      oops, shift off class
      turn some globals into lexicals
      don't import constants we won't use
      if locale is given to set(), we do need to pass that on to base object
      make last_day_of_month set time fields to undef
      more small doc tweaks
      a few more tiny doc nits
      make it work under 5.00503
      doc buglet fixes

fglock (64):
      initial upload; version 0.00_02
      DateTime-like methods implemented; passes all tests.
      All methods implemented & tested, except 'to_recurrence'.
      minor additions: more datetime methods, docs
      new(base=>$dt); set_base($dt)
      has(), get()
      datetime-like methods has_year/year, etc.
      base, next, previous, closest; more docs & tests.
      some more DateTime functionality
      "next" rewritten
      bugfix in "set(day=>undef)"; fix/add tests.
      added many "february-specific" tests
      the "february" tests
      documented 'previous' test failure in docs
      more tests
      'next+february' tests succeed
      added an error check
      version 0.00_05 - all "february" tests pass.
      DateTime methods
      today / now / from_epoch / from_object / from_day_of_year
      strftime (untested)
      strftime (test fails)
      fixed "to_recurrence" docs
      less errors in t/13strftime.t
      strftime done; version 0.00_07
      "strftime" is properly tested
      "contains" works with time_zones
      Storable hooks, untested.
      bugfixes: strftime, set_locale, set_time_zone
      added "README"
      small fix in docs; test is less verbose.
      some "DateTime" methods added
      epoch() returns a value or undef (doesn't die)
      docs: mutators die / accessors return undef; from_day_of_year does not 
define "time" by default
      t/02incomplete.t test is no longer skipped. Depends on new DT::Set "huge 
set" feature.
      CPAN version 0.01
      fixed infinite loop in _format_nanoseconds. Patch by Rick Measham
      set(locale=>x) instead of: set_locale(x)
      fix version to be the same as CPAN, after some cvs conflicts :)
      include Rick Measham in @AUTHOR
      can_be_datetime, become_datetime
      Included has() method, contributed by Rick Measham
      code ported from ricks-brain-1.0 to linux-redhat-7.2, added tests
      to_datetime sets fields in a particular order instead of hash-order.
      defined_fields() method
      to_datetime uses today as base date. removed become_datetime.
      version 0.0102
      new methods: start, end, to_span
      version 0.02: fixed to_spanset() bug; more tests added.
      small edits; changed some "keys %x" to "@y"
      [DateTime-Incomplete] version 0.03 - fixed strftime tests
      fixed a test (DateTime::Incomplete)
      create DateTime-Incomplete/tags/0.0301
      DateTime-Incomplete version 0.04
      bug fix, #78914 - 5.16 deprecated the use of braces in regexes without 
escaping them


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