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in repository debsums.

        at  100adcd   (tag)
   tagging  db232ae2bed4c77e601687ee2ee4a3df4e2cdbc6 (commit)
  replaces  debian/2.0.52
 tagged by  Axel Beckert
        on  Sat Aug 3 15:30:30 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
debsums Debian release 2.0.52+nmu1

Axel Beckert (3):
      Fix outdated path to dpkg-divert
      Actually don't use a path at all
      Upload as NMU


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  9211dde   Imported Debian version 2.0.34
       new  e6b6198   Set myself as maintainer
       new  89a2609   Bump Standards-Version, debhelper and mention git repo
       new  52fb0c1   Update French manpage translation
       new  87e74c9   Update Russian manpage translation
       new  e95437f   Fix typos in README
       new  bc77c14   Updated pot file (automatically generated)
       new  d5d3fec   Add dependency on po-debconf (lintian error)
       new  97ceba2   Add debhelper substitution variable to the postinst
       new  c8ef5a5   Fix hyphen problems in manpage
       new  1401f27   Rephrase short description
       new  7943181   Added rdebsums and its man page, set myself as maintainer
       new  4b41b61   Modified the russian translation to fix some lintian 
       new  c5c0716   replacing russian translation file
       new  145c3df   Fixed minor whitespace issues
       new  46c79c4   fixing rules to put rdebsums to /usr/bin not sbin
       new  e308d95   Added cron job to run debsums, added ignore file, updated 
rules to install these.
       new  2454c2f   updated changelog
       new  8088196   adding details on the README file for the debsums ignore 
file & changelog entry
       new  283a6c0   changelong entry
       new  b912bff   fixing debsums cron so debhelper deals with it
       new  76beed7   Changelog tweak
       new  12d8e1c   Add call to dh_installcron, don't need to mkdir 
/etc/cron.d anymore
       new  298f909   Fixed cron.daily file, so it is installed the Right Way
       new  5641416   typo fixing.
       new  82b761f   Fixing whitespace in debsums-ignore.
       new  6b96d29   Added finnish translation of debsums template
       new  5339135   Allow users to also filter out stderr if they want
       new  42f5018   Remove the sample ignore file and create an empty one 
       new  b0acd0b   Reformat po file properly
       new  a8f9e4d   Fix the cronjob when the ignore file is missing or empty
       new  a8d63d1   Make sure the return code of the cronjob is always zero
       new  12e9e06   Simplify the cronjob based on Loïc Minier's comment on 
       new  70f1037   Added a new debconf question for the daily cronjob
       new  c9a0483   Updated Swedish translation
       new  85afbc4   Ukranian debconf translation
       new  5536e8d   Fix ukranian PO file
       new  efec82d   Updated German and Japanese debconf translations
       new  de72262   Forgot to close the debconf-related bugs
       new  a9737d2   Use ionice while running the cronjob
       new  a76e2db   Updated debconf translation
       new  9cd56d1   Updated Italian and Russian debconf translations
       new  c84bc0f   Updated Portugese debconf translation
       new  6bd0abe   Updated Brazillian Portugese debconf translation
       new  2a24128   Made the daily cron optional based on the debconf question
       new  7719e0f   Check for errors in the postrm script
       new  ddce9f9   Move the directory creation to debian/dirs
       new  75ccda3   Rewritten copyright file
       new  9052ce0   Removed outdated TODO file
       new  d9004bf   Remove emacs mode-setting lines from the changelog
       new  972944d   Swap maintainer and uploader fields
       new  c7b020c   Bump debhelper version to 7
       new  e6df6c5   Fix the build directory
       new  c29b5d3   Fix the installation of the file in /etc/default
       new  b923cb6   Use dh_prep instead of dh_clean -k
       new  afbea48   New traditional chinese debconf translation
       new  00b449b   Updated Dutch debconf translation
       new  219f929   Updated French debconf translation
       new  0c72d40   Use append version of apt's PostInvoke
       new  7214da9   Updated Finnish debconf translation
       new  f6999aa   Make it possible to run the cronjob weekly or monthly
       new  f49dcda   Update debsums question based on suggestions by MJ Ray
       new  1128885   Updated Traditional Chinese translation
       new  1ac6553   Updated Ukranian and Chinese translations
       new  d466b2b   Add missing string to the Ukranian translation
       new  7eed658   Changes to the templates from Christian, updated French 
       new  2f2ea1d   Updated traditional chinese translation
       new  0ac7b84   Updated Ukranian translation
       new  756bc57   Updated Japanese translation
       new  efa2fa9   Updated Italian and Russian debconf translations
       new  c6c4654   Updated Portugese translation
       new  35c80b0   Small correction to the Portugese debconf translation
       new  60a88a7   Updated German translation
       new  48e10c5   Updated Finnish translation
       new  0532c31   Update changelog for release
       new  bb6a41c   Updated Dutch debconf translation
       new  950ac92   Cleaned-up postinst script to hopefully help with #503444
       new  5980e18   Updated Swedish debconf translation
       new  ab87558   Updated spanish translation
       new  c78e274   Updated Galician translation
       new  94eb401   Updated vietnamese translation
       new  37c9306   Open files with O_NOATIME to reduce disk activity
       new  288e680   Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.1
       new  11a0173   Fall back on regular sysopen if the NOATIME one fails 
(closes: #519816)
       new  6e98619   Fix typo in debsums_gen.8 manpage (closes: #522942)
       new  0371943   Add German translation (closes: #524008)
       new  9ea9662   Updated po files after building the package once
       new  3ff5011   Updated French translation (closes: #526198)
       new  74dda8c   Updated Czech translation (closes: #533106)
       new  038cec2   Formatting changes after running debconf-updatepo
       new  3891a62   Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.2
       new  13dfb43   Remove debconf question about croncheck (closes: #533594)
       new  226c188   Add lintian-override about the postinst
       new  9099e62   fix syntax error in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90debsums 
(closes: #535364)
       new  3c16661   set myself as maintainer (Closes: #534655)
       new  93e1c01   document the solution to bug #74033
       new  03f4179   document the possible outcomes (Closes: #469774)
       new  32ddce5   patch from sgran to fix rmtree usage (Closes: #487317)
       new  11d21c7   add --ignore-persmissions option for use by reportbug 
(Closes: #536576)
       new  ec9dc12   fix typo
       new  6c03f96   only ignore permissions errors if running as non-root
       new  0e15cf0   fix manpage problems (Closes: #538293)
       new  6a4abd3   document the --ignore-permissions option
       new  d9a873c   --silent with --ignore-permissions
       new  13c4226   add DMUA field
       new  e5d1f21   add myself to copyright
       new  6e3c308   move the -e from the shebang to running set
       new  8ee7e7d   add spanish translation, thanks to Omar Campagne (Closes: 
       new  71dc3be   simplify the output for missing/changed files in silent 
mode (Closes: #524650)
       new  80dc434   update lintian override
       new  0af260d   make the short description a noun phrase
       new  304a7ba   preparing for upload
       new  405d3a9   fix copyright stuff
       new  b65281d   reword the --ignore-permissions documentation to say that 
it makes error get treated as warnings, thanks Sandro (Closes: #546977)
       new  5832603   update email address
       new  e4edd7b   fix handling of O_NOATIME on arches that don't defined 
O_NOATIME (Closes: 559551)
       new  f9e7c7e   update localepurge handling (Closes: #548278)
       new  3eace64   set Standards-Version to 3.8.3
       new  72b73ba   rather than filing in the version at build time, figure 
it out in a smarter way during runtime
       new  3c9303b   rename to debsums
       new  c178809   no need to figure out the version during build time 
       new  1dd9dca   Preparing for upload.
       new  93e9d77   Imported Debian version 2.0.48+nmu1
       new  3173ca6   Imported Debian version 2.0.48+nmu2
       new  1e12599   Imported Debian version 2.0.48+nmu3
       new  abb370c   Read and write .md5sums files at multiarch paths when 
       new  8b0e2cf   Use dpkg-query instead of reading /var/lib/dpkg/status
       new  d9532d3   Use dpkg-deb instead of dpkg --field
       new  09ccdc7   Keep track of packages by package specifier instead of 
       new  c57845f   Support foreign multiarch packages
       new  3883f8a   Debian version 2.0.48+nmu4
       new  e3c7134   integrate NMUs, thank you Giovanni and David (Closes: 
       new  6764aa5   when querying dpkg-divert include the user specified root 
filesystem in --admindir (Closes: #632463)
       new  5cb3ff3   fix new parse_dpkg subroutine's error message to use the 
command name variable instead of hard coding dpkg-query
       new  8e80c6e   add Korean translation for debconf templates, thanks 
min-ji Kang (Closes: #632009)
       new  7cec260   reformatting of new ko.po done automatically during 
package build
       new  d588990   update debhelper compat version to 8 and update policy 
version to
       new  7462f35   check if missing files match dpkg path exclusion settings 
(Closes: #603887)
       new  3f48e9b   add libdpkg-perl to Depends for parsing the dpkg excludes
       new  71edec9   preparing for release
       new  bf83ceb   add Greek translation, thanks to Georgios M. Zarkadas 
(Closes: #642316)
       new  3506f78   Send the output of the cron jobs to syslog as well 
(Closes: #651887)
       new  54d36f9   uploading
       new  f3e2301   Support dpkg multiarch from version 1.16.2~wipmultiarch, 
which has renamed the new PackageSpec field to binary:Package (Closes: #659170, 
       new  37799f7   Leave in support for PackageSpec, for Ubuntu’s dpkg
       new  d85b32b   Add Anders Kaseorg to Uploaders, he is now a comaintainer
       new  1f31351   uploading
       new  3114a1f   Remove debsums_gen from package (Closes: #640296)
       new  23f2a2c   Allow Multi-Arch: same packages to be specified to 
debsums without the : suffix by using a mapping for fallback package names 
(Closes: #673174)
       new  bb6efc1   Remove debian/templates and man/debsums_gen.8, as well as 
associated translation files
       new  34de899   remove debconf-updatepo invocation
       new  e640e3e   Update man/po files
       new  b5db867   stop installing debsums_gen
       new  e93016a   Remove debian/config
       new  155bc74   remove debian/lintian-overrides, no longer needed
       new  b37ab77   Update Standards-Version to 3.9.3
       new  441d881   add missing part of my patch to define package_name 
       new  fd18253   uploading
       new  4af2188   Fix outdated path to dpkg-divert
       new  5d19f68   Actually don't use a path at all
       new  db232ae   Upload as NMU

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