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dod pushed a change to annotated tag debian/2.061
in repository libconfig-model-dpkg-perl.

        at  c64e8a1   (tag)
   tagging  6a2cf4893a19235a78f4abda1cea2124a8f1240a (commit)
  replaces  debian/2.060
 tagged by  Dominique Dumont
        on  Sat Apr 4 15:58:41 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
libconfig-model-dpkg-perl Debian release 2.061
Version: GnuPG v1


Dominique Dumont (57):
      C::M::Dpkg::Copyright: update can now start from scratch
      Copyright model: clean up text retrieved from Software::License...
      Dpkg::Copyright::update: pass test args to scan function
      removed debug traces
      Dpkg::Copyright: improved handling of fix.scanned.copyright file
      added copyright update test
      test copyright update from scratch
      fix typo
      test copyright update from scratch + fix.scanned.copyright
      (c) scanner: cleanup "by" and "all rights reserved" from copyrights
      (c) scanner: extracted __split_copyright function
      (c) scanner: coalesce (c) years for files in same dir with same owners 
and license
      opyright model: suppress warnings found during Software::License text 
      ignore emacs backup files
      Scanner: globally squash copyright that have same owners and licenses
      Copyright backend: improve error message when header is missing
      Scanner: fix clean up of alternate licenses
      Scanner: improve format of copyright outputs
      C::M::Dpkg::Copyright: improved update on existing file
      added test for copyright upgrade + update to check that customization are 
      C::M::D::Copyroght: fix update from scratch...
      Tolerate missing debian dir when searching for fix.scanned.copyright
      forgot one call to normalize file paths
      cleaned up copyright test input file
      fix pack_copyright test
      fix scan-copyright test
      C::M::D::Copyright: don't remove during update correct entries...
      fixed dpkg pan-copyright-upgrade-update test
      C:M:D:Copyright: sort Files at the end of the merge
      FileLicense model: put short_name after file_license ...
      Copyright update: mostly rewritten...
      copyright backend: avoid undef warning
      added copyright update-upgrade test with file addition, move and deletion
      Scanner: extract __swap_merged_ids from __squash_copyright_years
      Scanner: added __create_tree_leaf_from_paths function
      Scanner: split file paths later
      Copyright update: perform update on complete file list ...
      Copyright update: use Path::Tiny to check if dir entry still exists
      Copyright update: use dclone to avoid mixups :-/
      reduced number of warnings during tests
      copyright test: fix syntax error in load command
      copyright model: issue a warning when boilerplate license is found
      control: updated dep version of libconfig-model-perl and 
      control: added runtime dependency on devscripts (for licensecheck)
      control: udpated description for 'cme update dpkg'
      Scanner is LGPL-2.1+. Thanks to Jonas for agreeing to this license.
      C:M:D:Copyright: be less verbose
      C:M:D:Copyright: don't mess with \n from file fix.scanned.copyright
      copyright model: warn if global license text contains boilerplate
      Copyright update: improved generation of single vs global licenses
      added (c) test based on moarvm for improved single/global license 
      copyright: added entry for lib/Dpkg/Copyright/
      added moarvm test output for t/scanner/scan-copyright
      C:M:D:Scanner:  fix typos in comments
      Scanner: do next instead of last when an entry has problems...
      C:M:D:Copyright: fix pod errors
      prepare release


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