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 tagged by  Axel Beckert
        on  Fri Apr 10 23:06:11 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.13.1
Version: GnuPG v1


Andrew Parker (2):
      Test for foreach over empty array
      Fixed foreach method

Axel Beckert (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2.13.1

Bruno Vecchi (118):
      added method SCALAR::wrap with tests and docs
      add separator parameter to wrap(). Changed API to accept named arguments
      Merge git://
      move method wrap() to
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      added .prove to .gitignore
      Implement Github Issue 85: Fix LIST->grep() to take a regex
      added .prove to .gitignore
      Implement Github Issue 85: Fix LIST->grep() to take a regex
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Implemented autoboxed List::MoreUtils functions: all, any, none, minmax, 
true, false, uniq and zip"
      solve merge conflict in (Try::Tiny docs)
      Mention List::MoreUtils in the docs
      Implemented autoboxed List::MoreUtils functions: all, any, none, minmax, 
true, false, uniq and zip"
      Mention List::MoreUtils in the docs
      forgot to commit the tests for List::MoreUtils
      Removed "zip" and "range" aliases. Fixed incorrect test
      update the docs on zip -> mesh name change
      .gitignore: ignore vim's annoying *.swp files
      added List::Moreutils test files to MANIFEST
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      forgot to commit the tests for List::MoreUtils
      Removed "zip" and "range" aliases. Fixed incorrect test
      update the docs on zip -> mesh name change
      .gitignore: ignore vim's annoying *.swp files
      added new files to MANIFEST
      documented flip()
      added List::Moreutils test files to MANIFEST
      implemented %hash->merge using Hash::Merge::Simple
      added prereq for Hash::Merge::Simple to Build.PL
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      tests in place, naive implementation
      replace my implementation with Array::Diff
      name tests, create a TODO for nested data structures
      Document ARRAY->diff
      croak when passed a nested data structure
      Add Array::Diff to the prereqs
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Merge branch 'diff'
      extend ARRAY::diff() to work with nested data structures
      stress test ARRAY::diff() for nested data structures
      update ARRAY::diff()'s docs to account for nested comparison
      formatting diff.t
      Make ARRAY::diff() take any number of arguments
      document ARRAY::diff() taking more than two arguments
      Ordering of elements shouldn't matter when considering equality of deep 
array references
      Comments and some variable renaming of ARRAY::diff
      smartmatch is your friend
      improve _are_equal() method
      test that array order effectively doesn't matter when testing equality
      correct test name in diff.t
      diff() called with non-arrayrefs wasn't being caught. Fix that, and add 
tests for it
      Do not compare refs and nonrefs separately anymore.
      remove Array::Diff dependency from Build.PL
      First shot at implementing comparison of overloaded objects. Also, some 
basic tests in place.
      refactor of the _are_equal() method
      Add explicit returns
      typo in docs
      minor formatting nit in's example code
      Remove unreachable argument check in _diff_two(). Add a test to prove 
that it's not necessary.
      Test that comparison of scalar references works as expected
      Test comparison of overloaded objects vs. overloaded objects
      Test comparison of overloaded objects vs. non-overloaded objects.
      Better nested d.s. comparison: compare arrayrefs of different lengths, 
hashrefs of different values, and coderefs. Bug revealed and fixed
      Improve test coverage: left scalar vs. right overloaded object
      [ github 93 ]: Fix first() to take regex
      remove duplicate tests in diff.t
      collapse SCALAR and REF clauses, they're identical
      implemented ARRAY::intersect()
      better coverage of diff() for non-overloaded objects
      update comment
      [ github 100 ]: Make is_number and friends work for everything
      Merge branch 'master' of
      better documentation for diff()
      Merge branch 'diff' into intersect
      some documentation for intersect()
      Make diff() return an array in list context
      Make grep() context-aware
      make uniq() context-aware
      make minmax() context-aware
      make mesh() context-aware
      Merge branch 'master' of
      make %hash->flip context-aware
      make %hash->merge context-aware
      Merge branch 'master' into intersect
      make @array->intersect context-aware
      diff: return correctly with no arguments
      diff() doc fixes
      Merge branch 'diff'
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'intersect'
      Minor doc fixes and improvements
      minor typo fixes in perl5ifaq.pod
      Update Changes
      fix typo in perl5ifaq
      implemented checksum metaclass method
      forgot to commit the test file
      rename variable s/suffix/prefix/
      more thorough testing of checksum
      Move test file to t/Meta/ and test throwing exceptions on invalid 
      changed base option 'utf' to 'binary'
      documented checksum
      Merge branch 'checksum'
      checksum: change optional flag "base" for "format"
      Clarify what checksum implies a little better in the docs
      [ github 106 ]: Change mo() to always return an instance object, write 
mc() to return the meta class object.
      Cleaner Meta::Class and Meta::Instance constructor inherited from Meta
      Implemented $o->mo->is_equal($foo)
      todo_skip tests for $scalar->mo->is_equal until mc is merged
      documentation stub for mo->is_equal()
      added optimization for diffing arrays with no refs. Considerable speedup, 
especially for large arrays:
      remove no-op line
      apply same optimization for intersect
      %hash->keys now returns a list in list context since autobox::Core 1.0, 
fix failing test in autovivification.t and bump prereq requirement in Build.PL
      implement %hash->diff and %hash->intersect.
      document %hash->diff and %hash->intersect
      update Changes file
      enable TODO tests that pass now that branch mc has been merged

Carlos Lima (2):
      Add a Rationale section to the documentation (issue #226)
      Make methods() ignore subroutines declared as functions

Chad 'Exodist' Granum (3):
      Synchronize tests, require newer versions
      Add circular::require to be loaded with perl5i
      Merge branch 'exodist/master' into HEAD

Chad Granum (18):
      Fix #99
      Fixed the require error ordering and test
      Merge branch 'require_error' into HEAD
      * Modularize @INC improvements, and document
      Regenerated README
      Add Block-NamedVar
      Close #150, added Child qw/child/
      Add documentation for Child
      Bumped required version for Child
      Fixed child test
      Close #143
      New version of Child required changes here
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Fix #165
      Merge pull request #223 from schwern/utf8_vs_autodie
      Use Hash::StoredIterator to make %hash->each({...}) iterator safe
      New version of Hash::StoredIterator for 5.18 support
      Fix #270

Chas. J. Owens IV (6):
      Merge branch 'master' of schwern/perl5i
      added autobox::List::Util and tests
      made die always return 255 regardless of $! and $?
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      let center use a character other than space

Chas. Owens (9):
      corrected casing of Text::ParseWords
      corrected casing of Text::ParseWords
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      added autobox::*::dump
      consolidated autobox::*::dump, fixed MANIFEST
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      swtiched to autobox::dump, updated tests
      fixed and added tests for DateTime
      Merge branch 'master' of git://

Chris Fedde (1):
      cfedde's "radical onion" logo.

Chuck Adams (4):
      suppress "Smartmatch is experimental" warnings on 5.18+
      removed hash ordering assumptions in flip.t
      relaxed test for "Module doesnt exist" in t/require.t
      added __FILE__ and __LINE__ back to "Module doesnt exist" test in 

Darian Anthony Patrick (23):
      Added docs noting existence of perl5i command line util
      Initial, somewhat functional version of perl5i.c
      Merge branch 'master' of git:// into perl5i_as_c
      Added wrapping of params in double quotes; buggy; crashes on $ bin/perl5i 
-M"lib 'lib'" -e "say 'foo';"
      Merge branch 'master' of git:// into perl5i_as_c
      Corrected error in string length allocation
      Merge branch 'master' of git:// into perl5i_as_c
      Improved readability and added return of int from system() call
      Integrated compilation of perl5i.c into build/install process
      Removed perl5i.PL from MANIFEST
      Moved script_files definition to because resulting executable
      Added .c and .o to list of files ignored during install
      Added perl5i.c to the MANIFEST
      Added check for C compiler
      Adding failing test proving that "perl5i -h" doesn't work as expected
      Incremented number of test
      Added null pointer to execv argument array as required; see exec(3); 
"perl5i -h" test now passes
      Added escaping backslashes, for handling Windows paths
      Added escaping backslashes, for handling Windows paths
      Testing schwern's hypothesis noted in schwern/perl5i#58
      Merge branch 'perl5i_as_c' of into perl5i_as_c
      A couple of additional workarounds of the perl printf call
      Removed debugging statement

Eric A. Zarko (1):
      Added is_even and is_odd [github 143]

Graham Knop (1):
      Use IRC rather than Chat for IRC link

Jeff Lavallee (2):
      pulled in Want
      mention Want in the POD.

Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯 (3):
      handle import skip list
      document import(-skip => …)
      Merge pull request #236 from schwern/issue/235

Michael G. Schwern (583):
      Basic philosophy
      Sane .gitignore
      A basic Build.PL
      Start off by using Modern::Perl.
      Add a MANIFEST and .SKIP
      Whitespace nit
      Add CLASS.
      Add File::stat
      Add Time::Piece
      A quick test to see if perl5i works lexically.  it doesn't.
      Add Module::Load
      Try to add autodie, but its not amenable to being wrapped.
      Update MANIFEST
      Fix autodie, but now its not lexical.
      Add autodie to the deps.
      Time::y2038 and Time::Piece don't play nice together. :(
      Fix autodie to be lexical.
      Add autobox::Core
      Note that this is mostly just about loading some modules.
      Encourage collaboration.
      Remove Fatal dep, add IPC::System::Simple for autodie system dep.
      Note inspiration.  Encourage more imagination.
      Note the unstable interface.
      Rebuild MANIFEST
      Version 20090424
      Link to some modules we use.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Using DateTime instead of Time::Piece.
      Fix DateTime version.
      Fix time() so it behaves like a number.
      Roll in cowens' extra time tests.
      time is no longer TODO
      Repair the DateTime test to account for differnt ideas about Sunday.
      Make DateTime y2038 safe.
      Merge commit 'cowens/master'
      Normalize the #! lines.
      Put all the dumper and List::Util tests into their own directories
      Fix the hard coded path in reduce.t
      Add a perltidy and perlcritic.
      perltidy the whole thing.
      Test dumping code.
      Fix line number calc in reduce test after perltidy moved code around.
      Fix the tidy action so it picks up .PL files.
      Implement alias()  [github #23]
      Document that localtime() and gmtime() are y2038 safe.
      Forgot to add the alias() test.
      Merge commit 'cowens/master'
      Move the die() docs in place.  Mention the simple work around for the
      Our die() was setting $! after an eval.
      Fix the numbering on the die test.
      Use parent instead of base.
      Add a perl5i program.
      Rebuild the MANIFEST
      Have git ignore the generated bin/perl5i and Devel::NYTProf files.
      FIx alias() so it doesn't add the caller if there's more than one arg.
      Fix stat() so it works in list context.
      Add in File::chdir.
      Fix casing of File::stat
      Move the DateTime code into perl5i::DateTime to clear things out.
      Merge commit 'chromatic/center' into center
      Add the center test to the MANIFEST
      Test some more edge cases.
      Test that center() always returns the correct length
      Document center()
      Fix our die() override to not munge a reference
      Fix the die tests so they work without having to rebuild.
      use English  [github.issues 33]
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Keep Module::Build from installing bin/perl5i.PL
      Add a THANKS section
      Clarify the near term goal.
      Add IO::Handle for autoflush() and all that
      Remove File::stat.  It's a core module and people are getting confused by 
      Move the SCALAR code into perl5i::SCALAR
      Update the MANIFEST
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Add missing dep on File::chdir [github 55]
      Merge commit 'dap/perl5i_as_c' into perl5i_as_c
      Fix up perl5i.c to do an exec and avoid the shell.
      Ignore object files
      Generate perl5i.c so we can insert which perl it should wrap around.
      Make the command line wrapper test skip if there's no C compiler.
      New version of autobox::List::Util makes everything return an array ref 
in scalar context to fix chaining of method calls [github 34]
      Don't need blib any more
      Mention the channel
      Ignore the generated perl5i.c
      Merge commit 'brunov/master' into wrap
      Merge commit 'cowens/master'
      Doc typo
      Reword the docs to be more inclusive.
      Handle some joker using double quotes in their Perl path as well.
      Eliminate C++ style comments, technically not compatible.
      I don't think we need to malloc.  This might help with Windows' problems.
      Add a note to the generated C code that it is generated.
      We don't have to add our own null pointer, there's already one on argv.
      Merge commit 'dap/perl5i_as_c'
      Add a Perl wrapper around perl5i so there's something when there's no C 
      Use a fixed time for the object tests.
      Eliminate the need to globally override gmtime() and localtime()
      wrap() got lost along the way.
      Restore lost center() and wrap() docs
      Moving the documentation into perl5i
      Move the center and wrap docs back where they were
      Change title() to the less ambiguous title_case()
      Merge commit 'jlavallee/want' into want
      Remove a debugging print from the Want test.
      Convert from ok() to is().  In the process discovered that want() is 
broken with prototypes.  See 47963.
      Merge branch 'want' of git:// into want
      Merge commit 'notbenh/faq4' into faq4
      Skip the perl5i bat file
      We were leaking functions into the SCALAR namespace from loaded modules.
      Update the MANIFEST
      Merge branch 'master' into faq4
      Fix the hash autovivification bug with "no autovivification".
      Add dep on autovivification.  Auto generate readme and license.
      Update gitignore for MYMETA
      Change the versioning scheme to follow
      Version 0.1.0
      Skip emacs temp files
      Add a patching policy
      Update the MANIFEST
      Note that Try::Tiny is an alternative to eval BLOCK.
      Add a Changes file.  Play catch up.
      Collect together the autoboxed stuff in the docs.
      Some updates to the patching policy
      caller() now returns an object. [ 21]
      Add the mailing list to the meta data.
      I don't know how, but perl5i exports Carp. [github 52]
      A basic Object class. [github 65]
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Add Object->class to determine the class of an object
      Add Object->reftype
      For some reason the Build.PL was executable
      Test that reftype() gets bare arrays and hashes wrong. [github 74]
      Implement is_tainted(), taint() and untaint().  [github 71]
      Avar convinced me that tainting any ol thing isn't very useful.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      The story so far.
      Add Object->ISA
      Encourage patching.
      Add the IRC channel to the metadata.
      Add some more contact info.  Also mention Moose in the SEE ALSO.
      Add Object->super
      Realized that Object->class doesn't DWIM as a class method.  This is more 
important than identifying a SCALAR object.
      Add Object->linear_isa
      Pulled the trigger on "use perl5i".  It will die now.  Its "use 
      Move the docs back into, so they can be found.
      POD fix, turn an email address into a mailto link.
      Rebuild the MANIFEST
      Turn on "use utf8".  perl5i is MËTÁŁ
      Change the abstract to something a little more purposeful.
      The big slog to convert meta object methods from Object to a meta object.
      Update the Changes with the new meta object info
      Don't export rreturn() or lnoreturn() from Want. [github 90]
      Make load() a scalar method [github 90]
      Merge branch 'master' into faq4
      Eliminate is_dec().  That's a bit too abbrev.
      De shiftify for a tiny bit of speed
      Changes to the numeric examination methods.
      Remove is_positive_integer special case and make is_positive/is_negative 
      Not going to mess with scientific notation just yet.
      Make grep() with regex a bit faster
      Document extra argument to trim() and friends.  Fix trim($charset).
      No point to using Module::Load on hard coded modules.
      Add missing List::MoreUtils dep
      Update MANIFEST
      Reformat list autobox docs with example.
      flip() docs imply an untrue hash ordering.
      Kill another useless use of Module::Load
      Whitespace nit
      Turn alias() into an autoboxed method.  [github 90]
      Update Changes with brunov's work.
      Make @ARGV and all filehandles utf8 encoded. [github 76]
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Make utf8+open lexical, otherwise its likely to cause havoc on 
unsuspecting code.
      Merge branch 'master' into faq4
      Remove the is_code, is_array, etc...
      Document the numeric methods.
      Test that zero is neither negative nor positive.
      Document that 0 is neither positive nor negative.
      Note numeric methods in the change log
      Whoops, left over from the faq4 branch
      Fix a warning when open fails.
      Version 0.2.0
      Whoops, round_up and round_down are busted.
      Version 0.2.1
      Don't index most of the internals.
      The meta file didn't get the right versions last release
      make sure MB sees our copy of perl5i::VERSION when building
      Load Taint::Util on demand
      Version 0.2.2
      Update the stability caveat now that its come true.
      Squeeze some performance out of ceil, floor and is_number by making them 
      Fix _are_equal() with ARRAY
      Don't quote when checking equality, it will interfere with overloading.
      An attempt to simplify the diff() code by resolving overloading early.
      Note first() regex fix
      Overhaul _are_equal() based on Etherpad discussion and rewriting the 
overload comparison rules.
      Glitch in _equal_overload()
      Work around is_deeply() not comparing overloaded object as string/numbers.
      Test diffing with undef
      Added a ref test and discovered a bug.
      false alarm, I didn't understand how diff works
      Make sure time() works with == and gmtime() works with eq.
      Merge branch 'master' into diff
      Start writing perl5ifaq
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Note is_number() and friends now work with everything. [github 100]
      Finish up answering the questions in the FAQ.
      Fill in more FAQ questions.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Add bruno to the THANKS
      Update the change log with brunov's list context work and the FAQ
      Add a "critic" target to run perlcritic
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Minor fixes to pass perlcritic severity 5
      Document the perl5i command line utility [github 31]
      Update to the latest Time::y2038 which appears to have fixed [github 30]
      A basic round() function [github 95]
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Ok, Time::y2038 20100218 was exactly the same as 20100223 except for a 
dep change.
      Hey! Ho! Version One Point Oh!
      Rewrite autobox to use UNIVERSAL instead of DEFAULT which is more correct
      Remove warnings about version 0.
      Don't put our own distdir in the MANIFEST
      Update the MANIFEST
      Version 1.0.0
      alias() was still being exported.
      Document that carp() and croak() are exported, and do it explicitly.
      %hash->say, just cuz
      Special case print() and say() for gmtime() and friends.
      Work around "Cannot determine local time zone" on FreeBSD and the large 
localtime problem.
      Tweak the say() test to be robust against say/tie being fixed in 5.12.
      Explain the hopes that perl5i will serve as a testing ground for Perl 5.
      Explain better why perl5i is safe for production use.
      Encourage users to send us their problems with Perl 5.
      Cleanup checksum() docs, change 64 format to commonly used base64.
      Mention checksum() in the change log
      Add methods to translate paths to modules and modules to paths.
      Whoops, typo in the time_compat test.
      Version 1.1.0
      Whoops, forgot to rebuild the MANIFEST.
      Make indirect object syntax into an error.
      Eliminate load() and add a much simpler require().  [github 107]
      Make map() return a list in list context.
      Rebuild the MANIFEST
      autoviv 0.05 fixed an assertion on 5.11.5
      Update autobox::Core dep to one that is consistent about list returns.
      update the change log for the changes since 1.1.0
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge remote branch 'origin/mc'
      New Test::More is() does a real eq now, not "$have" eq "$want".
      Merge remote branch 'origin/no_indirect'
      Merge remote branch 'origin/load_to_require'
      Rebuild the MANIFEST
      Update the change log with all the 2.0 merges.
      Fix the failing time_compat tests.
      Clarify that %hash->diff and %hash->intersect work like their array 
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Unnecessary use of a TODO block
      Only depend on Time::y2038 if necessary.
      update meta files
      Put the Module::Load dep back, perl5i::1 needs it.
      Create version 2.
      Add a script to make a new major version.
      Rebuld the MANIFEST
      Forgot to change perl5i::1 to perl5i::2 in lib/perl5i/
      Return perl5i::1 to its state at v1.1.0.
      Make the equal test use perl5i::latest
      no strict not necessary, commend what equal.t is about.
      remove the configure_requires section and let MB take care of it.
      Unnecessary use of autobox in SCALAR.  Covered by perl5i::2::autobox
      Test for the autobox can() bug [github 112]
      Change $thing->perl to $thing->mo->perl so everything can do it.
      Add $thing->mo->dump
      Document the mo vs mc ambiguity
      Fix ISA and linear_isa to return an array ref in scalar context to allow 
      Version 2.0.0
      Quick fix to allow perl5i to run without DateTime.
      Version 2.0.1
      Module::Build's auto configure requires doesn't work on non-META.yml 
aware CPAN shells
      Forgot to require
      Forgot to depend on JSON and YAML::Any for dump()
      v1 and v0 depend on Time::y2038.  Don't run their tests without it.
      autobox 2.60 breaks 42->isa("UNIVERSAL").
      Version 2.0.2
      Forgot to require B before using a B routine in the JSON dump.
      Add perl5i motivational image
      Forgot to require Digest::SHA1 and might as well throw in MD5 just in 
      Eliminate Test::Exception
      Add an admin script to increment the version for release.
      Version 2.0.3
      "Evil Magicians For A Better Perl" motivational poster
      gmtime() will sometimes return undef if its out of bounds.
      Fix for perl5i command line on OS X 5.10.0 [github 116]
      Quiet a warning in 5.10.0 on OS X.
      Update the change log
      Forgot to change perl5i.bat to use perl5i::latest.
      Change perl5i.plx to use perl5i::cmd and set $^X correctly
      Trademark owners denied our use. *sigh*
      Allow perl5i to load after List::MoreUtils.
      Fix is_integer() and is_decimal() for things like 1.0 and 1. and .0 
[github 123]
      Fix rounding of negative numbers.
      Cut down a bit on the trim docs redundancy.
      Use scalar to force scalar context.  More obvious what's going on.
      More directly test @array->trim in list context.
      Note @array->trim
      Quiet the autodie test on Windows.
      Have to use single quotes to be most portable.
      Version 2.1.0
      autovivification 0.05 did not play nice with Regexp::Common [github 32]
      Version 2.1.1
      Make $scalar->mo->is_tainted and friends work.
      Uhh, we never implemented $obj->mo->id.
      Add commify() and group_digits().
      Implement $obj->mo->id
      Restore $foo->is_tainted for compatibility.
      Merge branch 'mo_taint' into more_features
      Note commify in the change log
      Merge branch 'object-id' into more_features
      Load Object::ID on demand.
      Fix the test so numbers and strings work.
      Note the addition of id
      Test wasn't actually workding, Perl isn't reusing the same ref inside 
this test.
      Test that a content change doesn't alter the ID.
      The latest autobox has fixes which lets the new taint stuff work.
      The updated autobox fixes can()
      Note the issue number for comify
      Note that many locales are wrong about numerification
      Add a currency option to group_digits
      Test commify with a decimal
      Test commify with 0
      Fix all the "seperator" typos
      More seperator typos
      Implement the decimal_point option for commify and group_digits
      Note that github 89 has been fixed.
      Make commify() and group_digits() take their options as a hash ref.
      Version 2.2.0
      Separate the perl5i DateTime subclasses.
      Document that you shouldn't use perl5i::1 and perl5i::2 together in the 
same package.
      Greatly reduce the number of clashes when loading perl5i::1 and perl5i::2.
      Set the current major version of perl5i in %^H.  May prove useful later.
      Turn on strict in some naughty packages found by perlcritic
      Bump's version to one that doesn't leak.
      Add a test of the command line wrapper that it can run a file.
      Remove the Windows specific code from the command line wrapper.
      Turn perl5i one liners into real files.
      Fool the program into thinking its a one liner
      Devel::Declare is provisionally go!
      Was fooled by the e in -MBlock::NamedVar
      Fix the "modification of read-only value" errors from non-threaded Perls.
      Version 2.2.1
      Merge branch 'bugfix'
      Fix the command line wrapper test so it can always find the perl5i 
      Make perl5i::1 use the same logic as perl5i::2 to load Time::y2038
      Pull the command line wrapper test from master.
      Version 2.2.2
      Merge branch 'bugfix'
      Note ngrep, nfor and nmap
      Add basic subroutine and method signatures.
      Log the temp file fix.  Attribute changes.
      Heh, need to make signatures load as part of perl5i
      Document @INC error improvement
      Attribute recent changes to issues.
      Version 2.3.0_01
      Test and document anonymous functions and methods.
      A class to efficiently store signatures.
      make sure the optimization works
      Add method handling and implied invocant.
      Accidentally left a $DB::single in
      Make signature objects assignable and retrievable from any code ref.
      The segfault was being caused by make_real being called during global 
      Finally giving defined routines their signatures.
      Mark methods properly
      Make Signature objects stringify
      Change Signature->parameters and Signature->num_parameters to params to 
better match Perl 6.
      Eliminate "proto" as its confused with Perl's prototypes.
      Signatures are always true, even if the string rep is not.
      Document signature introspection
      Version 2.3.0_02
      ARRAY->foreach that works N at a time using the function's signature
      Document that what to do with odd numbered arrays is undefined.
      Make passing functions to foreach which take no arguments an error
      Fix the signature setter.
      Test that ARRAY->foreach will error if given a function that takes no 
      Test map() with named arguments.  Works by implementation quirk.
      Change docs from "def" to "func" as it looks like that's the way things 
are going.
      Remove ngrep, nmap and nfor.
      Change "print" in docs to "say"
      Add "how do I iterate over more than one item at a time" FAQ
      Update the MANIFEST to remove the NamedVar test
      Fix a test that was referencing a Child class now that we load Child.
      This $one thing is hard to follow.  Break the Child test up into blocks.
      Make the final exit status test TODO until Chad can figure what's goign 
      Make signatures available to the ARRAY class internally.
      Rewrite ARRAY internally using function signatures.
      is_even/is_odd docs were wrong
      The examples complicate a pair of very simple methods.
      Change Signature->num_params to Signature->num_positional_params and add 
      Update the change log with the latest work
      Anonymous functions were getting a new signature each time they're used.
      Remove def.
      Fix the $VERSION patcher to handle alphas
      Version 2.3.0_03
      Version 2.3.1
      FAQ on how to make perlcritic aware of perl5i
      At chromatic's request, added
      [github 164] Upgrade to indirect 0.22 which fixes the bug reported.
      Document the indirect fix in the change log
      Upgrade dependency on to one that avoids 60819
      Documenting the lexical @INC fix.
      Version 2.4.0
      The lexical nature of the improved error message was implemented wrong. 
[github 99] (Schwern)
      Version 2.4.1
      Update the Artistic License link to one that works.
      First cut, worked out at the pub.
      Move the methods() tests into t/Meta where it belongs
      Implement Meta->symbol_table
      Document methods and add options
      Version 2.5.0
      Change extensions for pure POD files so they are formatted on github.
      Update the MANIFEST
      More complete Windows fix for center.t
      Add Capture::Tiny, but as a single function with options.
      Add capture() entries to perl5ifaq based on perlfaq8 questions.
      Fix t/command_line_wrapper.t for Windows.
      Declare our dep on Capture::Tiny.
      Depend on true::VERSION to avoid YAML bugs in META.yml parsing.
      Only encode @ARGV once.
      Forgot to add the test for double @ARGV encoding
      Version 2.6.0
      Fix methods() for things like Fcntl which have odd things in the symbol 
      Merge branch 'bug/methods_vs_fcntl'
      Update change log for methods() fix
      Work around broken Test::Output 0.16_03 that Andreas is smoking with.
      Ignore new MYMETA.json
      Version 2.6.1
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'doherty/utf8-all'
      Add the dependency on utf8::all
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'doherty/list-keyword'
      Remove subtests, that would require upgrading Test::More.  Sorry.
      Test that list triggers wantarray.
      Strip out some unnecessary detail about Child which is better gotten from 
their docs.
      Docs for the new list() function.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'doherty/oneline-no-strict'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'doherty/alias-no-warnings'
      Merge pull request #195 from doherty/Mperl5i-is-latest
      Devel::Declare 0.006007 fixes issues with Devel::REPL
      Depend on a newer version of indirect that avoids leaks into eval on 
5.10. [ #64521]
      Document the change to utf8::all
      Update the change log with all the work done since last comprehensive 
      Make use of "state" for some readonly variables.
      Use the core Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1.
      Fix some calls to Carp::croak.
      5.10.0 (no other version) issues a warning about "use vX.Y.Z".
      $string->reverse always reverses the string.
      Version 2.8.0
      These are all methods, not functions.
      Avoid Carp functions leaking in as ARRAY methods.
      Add a test for HASH->each as it exists now.
      Whaddya know, %hash->each( func($k,$v) { ... } ); already works.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Update the change log for Chad's Child changes.
      Fix %hash->each so it always resets the iterator.
      Normalize the headers for methods.
      More clearly document our use of autobox::Core.
      Add (and test) some perl5ifaq entries about hashes.
      Log the POD fixes from Debian.
      Add is_module_name and defend against require() loading bogus modules.
      Test require() against invalid module names.
      Update the change log.
      Document is_module_name.
      Merge branch 'bug/secure_require'
      Version 2.9.0
      Merge pull request #211 from zaphod42/foreach-over-empty-array
      Whoops, forgot to update the change log version & date for 2.9.0
      Update the change log with the foreach fix.
      Version 2.9.1
      Fix our throws_ok() emulation to accept a name.
      Use our throws_ok() emulation rather than Test::Exception.
      Merge pull request #214 from qrazhan/master
      Tweak the documentation of as_hash()
      Note as_hash() in the change log.
      t/as_hash.t was weirdly indented one space over.
      @a->as_hash() was not returning a hash ref in scalar context.
      Change shitfn/popn() and shiftn/popn(negative) to be errors.
      Test popn/shiftn in scalar context.
      Change the popn/shiftn arg checks to be positive instead of negative.
      Add the value to the incorrect argument message.
      Clean up the docs to follow the doc standards (such as they are)
      Note popn/shiftn in the change log.
      Merge branch 'issue/149'
      Whitespace and style fixups.
      Make throws_ok() report the correct line number.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'qrazhan/issue/145'
      note pick and pick_one in the change log
      My file_notes.txt mistakenly got into the MANIFEST
      Make pick() not always return in the same order as the @array.
      Revert "Merge branch 'exodist/master' into HEAD"
      POD typo
      Smooth over the Carp 1.25 formatting change using Carp::Fix::1_25.
      Mostly fix the fight between the open pragma and autodie.
      Revert "Merge pull request #223 from schwern/utf8_vs_autodie"
      autodie 2.12 now honors the open pragma and plays nice with utf8::all.
      Merge branch 'bug/autodie'
      Version 2.10.0
      Revert "handle import skip list"
      Move all the easy features into a %feature hash.
      Add Modern::Perl to the feature table.
      Add Carp::Fix::1_25, list(), Meta class and Signatures to the feature 
      Add true and autovivification to the feature list.
      Turn autoboxing into a feature.
      Turn "no indirect" into a feature.
      Little cleanup of the feature code.
      Turn utf8::all into a feature.
      Don't seem to need this work around for utf8::all vs autodie any more.
      More stuff we don't need to load.
      Can't avoid inheriting from autodie or do it at runtime.
      Remove the program name from the import list before passing it along to 
      Implement and test use perl5i::2 -skip => [feature1, feature2];
      Merge pull request #232 from notbenh/issue/208
      Adding a test template to be copied for making new test files.
      Merge pull request #234 from notbenh/issue/230
      Bring t/dump/formats.t up to standards.
      Eliminate a layer of aliasing for the dumping methods.
      Remove references to IRC, mailing list. Add wiki, twitter.
      Rebuild the dist meta files to reflect the mailing list and IRC changes.
      Merge branch 'master' into issue/235
      Change packages like DateTime::y2038 to perl5i::X::DateTime::y2038
      Put the IRC channel back.
      Document ->mo->yaml and ->mo->json
      Got the method names wrong last commit.  Its as_json, not json.
      Forgot to reflect the yaml -> as_yaml fix in the change log.
      Merge branch 'master' into issue/235
      Make a commented out test into a TODO test.
      Merge branch 'issue/228'
      Update the change log for #228
      Move the -skip docs so they are more tightly bound with the feature list.
      Rewrite the -skip docs to be less about the mechanics of import.
      Add Hash::FieldHash to the dependencies.
      Clarify what goes where with meta and universal autoboxed methods.
      Upgrade our dependency on Devel::Declare to a safer version.
      Add $scalar->path to turn make a Path::Tiny object from $scalar.
      Enable continuous integration with
      Add a local::lib rc file for people to add to their .bashrc
      Upgrade Hash::StoredIterator version for 5.14 and 5.12.
      Update the change log wit things since 2.11.2.
      Merge pull request #261 from chuckadams/issue/259
      Merge pull request #264 from chuckadams/issue/263
      Quiet 5.18 experimental smartmatch warnings in modern_perl test.
      Merge pull request #262 from chuckadams/issue/260
      Update change log with the 5.18 fixes.
      Let's see if Travis has 5.18.0 yet.
      Update the MANIFEST
      5.18 doesn't exist on Travis yet.
      Version 2.12.0
      Merge pull request #247 from schwern/issue/229
      Got the Path::Tiny version wrong.
      Merge pull request #273 from rurban/master
      Bring the change log up to date.
      The repository has moved to evalEmpire.
      Bumping up the Path::Tiny version.
      Merge pull request #253 from carloslima/methods-ignore-functions
      Merge pull request #252 from carloslima/add-rationale
      Update the change log
      Version 2.13.0
      Add perl 5.18 to Travis testing.
      Switch to Import::Into for custom importing.
      Turn off the unicode_eval feature.
      Update autobox to avoid segfaults in global destruction.
      Merge pull request #281 from evalEmpire/issue/280
      Merge branch 'master' into bug/autobox_in_destroy
      Merge pull request #283 from evalEmpire/bug/autobox_in_destroy
      Travis CI now supports Perl 5.20.
      Reformat how requirement rationales are commented.
      Recommend the latest autodie which has significant performance 
      Merge pull request #286 from haarg/patch-1
      Version 2.13.1

Michael Greb (2):
      Fix a minor doc error
      fix a couple of typos in docs

Mike Doherty (7):
      Use utf8::all to turn on Unicode
      Silence redefine warnings in alias()
      Add a list keyword similar to scalar
      No strict vars for one-liners
      Allow -Mperl5i on the command line to mean -Mperl5i::latest
      Test for redefine warnings in alias()
      Document that -Mperl5i means -Mperl5i::latest

Myf White (1):
      The problem was with $0 in the warnings checks - the backslashes from the 
filename in the regex caused issues - I just changed the regex to hardcode the 
filename - not sure if this is appropriate.

Nick Patch (2):
      copy diff.t to list-trim.t
      add @list->ltrim, @list->rtrim, @list->trim, issue #121

Nóirín Plunkett (4):
      Releasing perl5i v2.11.0
      Adding date for v2.11.0 to Changes
      Releasing v2.11.1, fixed permissions on PAUSE
      Releasing v2.11.2, yet more permissions problems

Paul Howarth (1):
      Fix ARGV tests broken with utf8::all 0.013 or later

Prashan Dharmasena (15):
      Adding as_hash method
      Changed map to CORE::map in as_hash
      Add @array->pick() and @array->pick_one().
      Updating picking algorithm #145
      Fixed style problems in pick method.  Also updated pick.t to check if an 
element occurs more than once.
      Fixed a typo in pick.t
      Adding warnings for invalid parameters to pick() #145
      Rewrote pick.t, adding a lot more test cases #145
      Fixed errors in pick.t #145
      Fixed undefined warnings and Test::Builder::Level in pick.t #145
      fixed pick_one_ok() #145
      added documentation
      Fixed documentation and added commments to pick() #145
      Fixed word wrap in comments
      Made pick more readable

Reini Urban (1):
      fix perl5i.c #269

Ricardo SIGNES (1): has a weird inline pod sequence parser

Richard Soderberg (1):
      pod fixes

Schwern (3):
      Work around IPC::Open3 issues on Windows
      Fix the perl5i tests so they work before perl5i is installed
      Give up on trying to make a command line wrapper in C on Windows and just 
us a bat file

Tanner Hobson (2):
      @a->popn() and @a->shiftn() from Tanner Hobson (@player1537 on github).
      Add docs to popn() & shiftn() and defend them against non-numeric 

Tom Legrady (1):
      Fix the new examples in the docs.

ben hengst (43):
      (lc_)ucfirst_word test
      a not so dumb way to attack the ucfirst_word problem
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      realised that I didnt comment anything
      pull from upstream
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      now lets do ucfirst as scalar methods
      l/rtrim done
      and pulling it all in with trim
      moved some stuff arround.
      dropping lc_ucfirst... schwern pointed you can just stack lc and get the 
same results
      change to the way that ucfirst_word works, updated tests
      really, conflict with stash
      Merge branch 'master' of git:// into scalar_tools
      Merge branch 'master' of git:// into scalar_tools
      just realized that these are still here
      going to pull the data type stuff to there own file
      Merge branch 'master' of git:// into scalar_tools
      Merge branch 'scalar_tools' of into 
      Merge branch 'master' of git:// into scalar_tools
      pulling the data type stuff to its own branch
      adding the ability for center to be handed a string to use to pad
      resolved conflict
      Merge branch 'master' of git:// into scalar_tools
      finishing up all my todos for, center is now in one place and 
everything has docs
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Merge branch 'scalar_tools' of into 
      missed a conflict
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Merge branch 'master' of git:// into scalar_tools
      Merge branch 'master' of into scalar_tools
      why is this still here?
      adding ref stuff
      AHHHH why is this still here?
      Merge branch 'flat' of into faq4
      starting the number stuff from perlfaq4
      clarification from schwern, the faq4 note was only refering to the how to 
parse a number stuff from perlfaq4
      how did I miss that, all better now, forgot to clean out Test::Most, also 
had is_real pointing to is_integer, fixed that. All tests pass again.
      rename Scalar to SCALAR
      Merge branch 'scalar_tools' of into 
      swapping head2 for head3 when it comes to functions/methods as was 
suggested in #208
      Adding the as_* methods as requested in #230

brunoV (1):
      diff() should return an empty array rather than undef when no matches are 
found, to avoid breaking autobox chains

brunov (8):
      removed no-op looping in wrap.t
      fixed wrap.t, I wasn't testing for non-default separators
      Added try/catch support via Try::Tiny
      Added try/catch support via Try::Tiny
      [ github 96 ]: Element ordering in arrayrefs matters when comparing 
      clarify the tests intentions
      Consider that overloaded objects can be equal to references (ARRAY,
      refactoring of _equal_object method from

chromatic (3):
      Added SCALAR::center() and tests in t/center.t.  See [github/issues] #44.
      Added SCALAR->center() per [github/issues] #44.
      Fixed typos in documentation.

gregor herrmann (2):
      POD glitches from Debian. [ 71253]
      POD spelling fixes from Debian [ 71254]

ironcamel (4):
      Fixed a typo in the docs that explains how to use perl5i.
      Fixed a minor typo in the README file in the Using perl5i section.
      Fixed a typo in the docs that explains how to use perl5i.
      Fixed a minor typo in the README file in the Using perl5i section.

raforg (1):
      Fixed three grammatical errors ("not to you[r] liking", "temporar[il]y 
change the directory", "hell it[']s rapidly descending into").

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (3):
      Use smartmatch in grep implementation. This way @array->grep($xyz) 
accepts any $xyz that ~~ would
      Make perl5i MËTÁŁ, not MËTÁÅ: Set =encoding utf8 on POD
      Issue #139: Don't leave dangling temporary files we don't need after 


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