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abe pushed a change to annotated tag v0.48
in repository libio-all-perl.

        at  ad414dc   (tag)
   tagging  05d67d045a02780951d634f55dc56140c716140a (commit)
 tagged by  Arthur Axel 'fREW' Schmidt
        on  Tue Oct 8 13:48:40 2013 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Arthur Axel 'fREW' Schmidt (16):
      add ext(ension) method to ::FileSys
      add mimetype method to ::FileSys
      list based file/dir constructors
      add glob to ::Dir
      Released version 0.47
      add as_foreign method to dir and file
      rename as_foreign to os
      nicer names
      convert os to a mutator
      document os
      remove silly test that fails from a tmpdir
      convert to Dist-Zilla
      test on travis and record coverage on coveralls
      document Changes

David Steinbrunner (1):
      typo fixes

Ingy dot Net (14):
      Removing MANIFEST from repository.
      typo. thanks tokuhirom++
      0.41 tweaks
      Update Makefile.PL
      starting release 0.42
      Released version 0.42
      Released version 0.43
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Released version 0.44

Ingy döt Net (4):
      doc tweak
      design doc for 2.0
      Released version 0.46

Matt S Trout (1):
      switch from $^V to $^] to avoid a pre-5.14 leak

Shlomi Fish (27):
      Moved all the files to under IO-All
      Add the .gitignore.
      Add t/append.t.
      Add an example for mode('>>').
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Moved all files back under root.
      Renamed the .gitignore.
      Add L<> links to the related modules.
      Changed "grok" to "become familiar with".
      Add space between the io and the string.
      Add a missing L<>.
      Add the MANIFEST file to .gitignore.
      Add parentheses for good style.
      Correct many typos in the documentation.
      Got rid of trailing space in lib/IO/
      Removed a lot of duplicate code.
      Got rid of trailing space.
      Add an example for ->absolute.
      Add the test for in-place modification of files.
      Add an example for ->assert.
      Copy changes to README.
      Fix warnings in perl-5.16.0. (RT #74511)
      Add generated files to .gitignore.
      Remove the stray t/output directory.
      Convert from t/output to dedicated dirs.
      Rename IO_All_ParTest to IO_All_Test.
      Add generated files to gitignore.

Torsten Raudssus (7):
      Added - Added to MANIFEST.SKIP
      Fixed bug about changed overloading behaviour with Test::More 0.96
      note of the author (David Cantrell) of the fix:
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge pull request #4 from shadowcat-mst/master
      Typo in Changes
      Updated Changes, made 0.45 release

ingy (4):
      r3797@dhcp199:  ingy | 2007-04-08 10:51:27 +0900
      r3830@skinny-2:  ingy | 2007-04-09 10:03:17 +0800
      r3831@skinny-2:  ingy | 2007-04-10 07:21:36 +0800


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