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abe pushed a change to annotated tag v0.80
in repository libdevel-cover-perl.

        at  bcffcb5   (tag)
   tagging  219ab248d1540fc438631c35d4182257ec025a58 (commit)
  replaces  v0.79
 tagged by  Paul Johnson
        on  Sun Mar 18 04:48:50 2012 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Christian Walde (17):
      tarball is now created with `dzil build`
      added build dir to gitignore
      cleared some trailing spaces
      moved the scripts to bin/
      package versions are now set via dzil
      POD versions are now generated by dist zilla
      removed explicit versions in use statements
      versions in generated texts are now pulled from the package
      renamed changes file
      changes file is now done by dzil
      removed version declaration from internal tools
      removed unneeded generated file
      updated dzil ini to add release plugins and more documentation
      removed version mangling code from the makefile
      dzil.ini needs to end with a newline
      uncouple warnings from SIG warn so they don't inadvertantly cause dies
      recursively unwrap evals to fix some condition coverage gaps

Paul Johnson (64):
      DEVEL_COVER_TEST_OPTS might be undefined.
      Ignore Moose generated filenames.
      Select gcov2perl from the same directory as cover.
      Use system LIST for gcov commands.
      Tidy module building in buildperl.
      Stash moose branch ...
      Remove version req. from generated tests.
      Remove dependency on MANIFEST.
      Don't specify XS version in development.
      Ignore tags file.
      We don't need libscan() anymore.
      Update session.vim.
      Move to OurPkgVersion from PkgVersion.
      Merge branch 'moose' into dzil_moose
      cover executable is now in the bin directory.
      Add create_all_gold.
      Fix up VERSION mistake.
      Remove golden files carefully and appropriately.
      Don't create golden results when test is skipped.
      Prepare for moving to perlbrew.
      Add corrected moose_basic test with golden results.
      Don't open golden results if the test is skipped.
      Merge branch 'cop_fix' of into 
      Remove requirement to read MANIFEST in Makefile.PL.
      Now tested against 5.14.2.
      Fix up cop test and add golden results.
      Manage Devel::Cover coverage reporting errors.
      Ensure ends array is initialised.
      Seems the mailinglist parameter is non-standard.
      Add test for nested eval fix.
      We can start creating gold on a threaded perl.
      No fork tests on Windows.
      Add more documentation about cover --test.
      Tidy up long lines.
      Add 5.15.4.
      Remove race conditions around mkdir.
      Add travis config file.
      Using OurPkgVersion.
      Correctly set $LVERSION.
      Start on Changes for next release.
      Move closer to using perlbrew and cpanm.
      Test on versions up to 5.15.8
      Add new golden results for 5.15.6
      Skip uncoverable test on 5.16.6.
      Regenerate golden results.
      Properly load MANIFEST.
      Untodo some done things.
      Merge branch 'dzil' of into dzil
      Update Changes.
      Uncoverable test wasn't source of the warnings.
      It was the criteria test.
      Add TODO item.
      Add word "Warning" to MD5 digest message.
      Add basic pod to Devel::Cover::Test.
      Add version to Devel::Cover::Tutorial.
      Generate README automatically and keep out of git.
      Version is stored in Makefile.PL.
      Update Changes file.
      New release procedure for dzil.
      Merge branch 'dzil'
      Streamline release procedures.
      Changes need to be indented.
      CheckChangesHasContent fights with NextRelease.
      Let's actually push the changes.


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