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abe pushed a change to annotated tag v1.15
in repository libdevel-cover-perl.

        at  35749c2   (tag)
   tagging  ba8b56c5febe944d81e4d24959c9b43eab540371 (commit)
  replaces  v1.14
 tagged by  Paul Johnson
        on  Sun Jun 1 00:08:52 2014 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

David Cantrell (1):
      allow -coverage default,-pod option

Paul Johnson (115):
      Note Test::TestCoverage failures with Devel::Cover
      Minor tidying.
      Fix over-zealous tidying.
      Add write_json stub.
      A bit of debugging output.
      Read cover.results when we have the exclusive lock
      Write results json in a better fashion.
      Start rework of cpancover.
      Do coverage runs.
      Copy coverage results.
      Run coverage in parallel.
      Rename cpancover -> collection.
      Add JSON report.
      Tidy up.
      Correct data for collections.
      Copyright is case insensitive.
      Write output correctly by setting criteria.
      Rename last parts of cpancover -> collection.
      Create cpancover.json.
      Fix up getting criteria.
      Clean up cpancover scripts.
      Just copy the percentage value.
      Move cpancover script into dc.
      Be more careful with compression.
      Put alarm around all external commands.
      Run all possible installations through cpancover.
      Better check for already covered modules.
      No need to cover already covered distributions.
      Store all criteria perentages in cpancover.json.
      Build using CPAN.
      Let's try 30 minutes for coverage collection.
      CPAN_OPTS doesn't appear to work.
      Change % format in json file.
      Fork and timeout system commands.
      Force install modules.
      Ensure results_dir exists.
      Add setup script.
      Don't duplicate output.
      Increase output size.
      Use CPAN::Releases::Latest.
      Add extra information to DB and bump version.
      Report extra run information in JSON report.
      Correct directory for cpan builds.
      Add extra run information to collection output.
      Fix up emptying cpan directory.
      Remove table width constraints.
      Add extra run information to html_basic report.
      Don't wait for input that isn't there.
      Break early if there are no runs.
      Buffered and non-buffered output.
      Remove local cpan directory too.
      No need to xargs any more.
      Sort precendence.
      Manage multiple cpan directories.
      Alter cpancover.json format.
      Add another level to the coverage hash.
      Convert dc to sh (probably bash).
      Add cpancover-docker-module.
      Make container name unique and valid.
      Only change results directory if it exists.
      Get coverage in docker container.
      Pass staging dir into cpancover-docker-module.
      Add staging directory to .gitignore.
      Use HiRes time in module directory.
      Copy into staging directory correctly.
      Remove top-level files from sub directories.
      Run docker containers in parallel.
      Use $CPANCOVER_STAGING as default.
      Add cpancover -generate_html.
      Add dc cpancover-generate-html.
      inc_sub test is too sensitive to installed perl.
      Merge branch 'cpancover'
      Build modules from STDIN in parallel.
      Allow overwriting of results.
      Fix up overwriting results.
      Kill timed out docker containers properly.
      Try to determine whether docker container worked.
      Parameterise docker name.
      Pass docker executable name through.
      Build locally with a single worker.
      Store logs in staging individually.
      Specify docker image.
      Allow utils/setup to be (somewhat) shell agnostic.
      Calculate number of jobs dynamically.
      Clean up dc.
      Add install_dependencies to dc.
      Don't add n/a criteria to cpancover.json.
      Don't need cpanm any more.
      No need to clean out cpan directory.
      Don't need latest attribute.
      Don't need build_dir attribute.
      Tune output.
      Make timeout consistent.
      Skip already covered modules.
      Document cpancover.
      Compress cpancover.json after generating html.
      Document how to run cpancover.
      Link to docker upgrade instructions.
      Compress cpancover.json.
      Silly bash.
      Bomb out if module can't be found.
      Add dc cpancover-kill-docker.
      Add as a prerequisite.
      80 chars for output is fine.
      Update colouring module check text.
      Test against 5.20.0.
      Welcome 5.20.0!
      Test against 5.21.0.
      Add longer delay in tests to try to appease *BSD.
      Update release documentation.
      Add Changes.
      Bump version number.
      Add building dzil to release documentation.


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