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      from  cdfc301   update changelog
      adds  de226cc   Initial commit
      adds  3762977   New set of test cases
      adds  ac43d13   More functionality; general cleanup; lots of POD docs
      adds  857bb70   Two examples
      adds  2903f6e   Fixes
      adds  30ee720   Added high level service+object API around low level 
      adds  4055943   Moved from DBus to Net::DBus & Net::DBus::Binding
      adds  46f8210   Fixed method names
      adds  23c8e75   Switch back to session bus
      adds  92627d0   Fix when no initial makefile
      adds  5afaf97   Added const char *
      adds  54d3025   Allow DBUS_HOME env vars to override install location
      adds  6c7c4cd   Dummy DESTROY method to keep autoloader from complaining 
about missing constants
      adds  345d430   Verbose tests
      adds  2421721   More work on RPM build
      adds  1c99971   Increase timeout
      adds  7feaae5   Increase timeout range check
      adds  23bb56a   Skip debian package build
      adds  9ecce09   Fix mapping for const char *
      adds  333995d   Added more examples for strong typing
      adds  e8a58a1   Whitespace
      adds  111d961   Support for strong typing, arrays & dictionaries
      adds  c2d0fbc   Fixed ignore rules
      adds  a30cd09   Fixed many problems with signals
      adds  25e390f   Added emit signal method
      adds  b006500   Renamed params
      adds  de5c667   Fixed case of no args
      adds  4ddf707   Added add_match rule. Dummy DESTROY method
      adds  ea186cf   Tied up signal handling
      adds  09b43e2   Added add_match call
      adds  0b7b2d1   Changed example programs to match python examples
      adds  e098a8f   Fixed arg name
      adds  7d51133   Expose the dbus_bus_register method
      adds  8a8c516   Added dpack method for type encoding. Switched to doing 
looser matching on signal rules to allow matches even when the rule does not 
specify a sender. Added connection method for connecting to a bus based on 
address, rather than the two well known type names
      adds  25408e9   Allow an address to be specified instead of well known 
bus name, for connections to remote buses
      adds  ee2d55d   Allow additional "lazy_binding" parameter when adding 
signals to work with case where the service being matched against is not 
currently attached to the bus - causing the service-name -> sender conversion 
to fail
      adds  fdb44e1   Run the callbacks before creating the bitmasks for select
      adds  3f57750   Large update to deal with new recursive types APIs
      adds  651d06b   Updated tests to work with recent changes
      adds  0f2b28b   Updated example programs to match recent changes to 
python examples
      adds  f93f023   Added checking of syntax
      adds  91fe18a   Added coverage reports on test suite
      adds  149d287   Merged introspection code from INTROSPECTION branch into 
      adds  91817ec   Bump version to 0.31.0
      adds  f2e9c67   Ignore coverage db
      adds  62bbfb0   A trial at updating introspection XML to use signatures 
instead of type names
      adds  c2f4cbf   Update version to match 0.32 dbus
      adds  758f980   Added missing deps for XML::Grove and XML::Parser
      adds  6c4ac3d   Incorporated patch from  Carlos Garnacho to fully deal 
with recursive type signatures
      adds  061912d   Fix version number
      adds  a0339ec   When generating introspection XML, sort interfaces, 
methods & nodes alphabetically to ensure stable ordering in XML output, and 
thus make things reliably unit-testable!
      adds  ae87c0c   Allow passing in of extra args
      adds  830c5c8   Fix typo
      adds  7e279a2   Remove direct use of internal variables. Added "find" 
constructor to auto-magic determine session/system bus connection. Added 
convenience method for creating a service.
      adds  8c51f7c   Added concept of Net::DBus::Exporter for defining 
metadata, rather than passing raw introspection data into object constructor. 
Added much documentation. Updated tests & examples
      adds  510f16f   Add a static "default" instance of the reactor. Check the 
callbacks actually delete when in remove_* methods to catch errors by caller
      adds  141ba7a   Fixed decode() method. Added more helpful warning 
messages. Ignore case where a method is exported with no returns, but perl 
returns value of last statement. Many methods for querying metadata
      adds  ca7d4ca   Added warning message about invalid interface names. 
Allow params, or returns to be omitted, in which case they are exported as 
      adds  149c708   Cache remote object instances, to avoid repeated lookup 
of introspection data. No longer pass interface name when getting object
      adds  d62b02e   Caching of introspection data to avoid repeated lookups. 
Pass actual signal parameters into signal handler callbacks, rather than the 
useless lowlevel api info.
      adds  888ead3   No longer require interface to be passed into 
emit_signal, figure it out from introspection data instead. Reverse order of 
server & path params in constructor
      adds  eaf62f3   Reverse order of params in constructor
      adds  44139e0   Automatically register with mainloop, unless nomainloop 
is specifed. Bump to 0.32.1
      adds  e4bcd36   Added list of changes
      adds  4fc678e   Updated to reflect API changes
      adds  2b2e95b   Added module for dumping info about DBus objects
      adds  dea2fb4   Added simple script for dumping objects
      adds  212bad7   No longer require inteface name
      adds  99b8ae2   Fix arg counting
      adds  009397b   Change service_name to get_service_name to match
      adds  181602d   Add connect_to_signal to allow connecting to locally 
exported objects, although we really ought to short circuit the emit_signal 
method i reckon
      adds  2ed21da   Made tests pass
      adds  883e8d9   Doh, we have compiled code, we can not be noarch
      adds  c5e9eff   Added POD docs, and tweaked heuristics for find method
      adds  6c671f5   Added support for services & buses. Added POD docs
      adds  d2d9256   Added support for services & buses
      adds  edebbfb   Removed bogus/obsolete examples
      adds  160141a   Added variant type
      adds  17bf873   Moved introspector class to private Binding namespace. 
Decode input args for method calls. Short circuit local callbacks
      adds  c8ff90a   Fixed up docs
      adds  84785b6   Added GNU GPL docs
      adds  dbdeb19   Aded more docs
      adds  8095c62   Recursively look for introspection data in parent types
      adds  0b09a32   Guess type data if none is supplied
      adds  ef8ea31   Add simple methods for getting & appending a list of args 
without explicit type data
      adds  6b392a2   Optionaly accept a interface in get_object method
      adds  ae12b92   Make introspection data optional both for client & servers
      adds  cd95b0c   Revert previous accidental checkin
      adds  59cb298   Added examples without introspection data
      adds  3f29450   Use pkg-config for finding CFLAGS & LIBS for dbus
      adds  dc3cfc5   Added tag VERSION_0_32_1_R_1 for changeset 
      adds  71fade1   Fix introspector tests
      adds  74a9b10   Fix order of arguments in connect_to_signal
      adds  8c334b4   Incorporate fix from  Emmanuele Bassi to ensure memory is 
not leaked when throwing errors
      adds  ec4f326   Ensure autobuilt RPMs include builder counter / timestamp 
to differentiate from formal builds
      adds  fb91c2a   Added initial support for org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties
      adds  ae39277   Make sure Net::DBus::Error stringifies
      adds  eaee19b   Don't discard the introspect error, if it was a 'no such 
service' error
      adds  008adf4   Make appending of variant data type work
      adds  c8cacf2   Added example use of properties
      adds  c7f828f   Work around introspection data for bus which is missing 
      adds  fcf8cd7   Added access to dbus_bus_get_unique_name method
      adds  5a7e8cf   Added POD documentation. Fix caching of objects so that 
primary object is cached, not the one cast to an interface
      adds  660e394   Ensure makefile depends on the $VERSION_FROM
      adds  4565175   Remove obsolete file
      adds  753de23   Remove meaningless $VERSION constants
      adds  a1304b6   Add caching of service ownership info & online status, 
adapting method call timeouts using this info to allow extra time for activation
      adds  98d85ed   Remove reference to obsolete Value object
      adds  e33fa8c   Clarified error message to show type character
      adds  15795da   Dont use Class::MethodMaker. Fix to use append_variant 
instead of append_string
      adds  99d401b   Ensure interface, path & member are set on method 
replies. Add binding to set_caller, and get_serial methods.
      adds  469d433   Fix method name for introspection to be "Set" rather than 
"Get" when writing properties
      adds  7d5a0fc   Added accessors for getting serial & sender
      adds  31ab30c   Remove pointless denormalization of method, props, 
signals from services. Added support for magic "caller" and "serial" data types
      adds  4b53cf4   Added test case for object magic data types
      adds  f2fd2e2   If the message doesnt include a interface, then try & 
figure it out
      adds  984d603   Added method for removing a signal match
      adds  baa6337   Use 60 sec timeout if service isnt online when calling 
introspect. Remove debug print out
      adds  9ab7a7c   Auto-matically reconnect signals if a service disappears 
& then comes back
      adds  2dbc3e6   Added note about latest changes
      adds  269442d   Method parameters default to 'in' if no direction is given
      adds  d3fbdc0   Added initial tutorial on creating services
      adds  8922c3d   Added prototype for /org/freedesktop/DBus/Exporter 
      adds  72fa2a0   Added binding for set_destination method on message. Use 
close instead of disconnect on connections
      adds  969d6f7   Added emit_signal_to method to enable unicast of signals 
to specific clients
      adds  e7c004c   Remove lazy_binding parameter, since its basically 
broken. Dont rely on return type instrospection data
      adds  c056c0a   Added callthrough to set_destination method
      adds  2ee2529   NFC - whitespace only
      adds  7d51968   Added copyright header to all files
      adds  bcc72da   Change doc example to be HAL instead of SKYPE, since the 
latter is fubar with newer DBus libs
      adds  d1c587d   Use correct printf format string for pointers. Remove 
unused variables. Add missing return values
      adds  b30c2be   Example for listing HAL devices
      adds  9273027   Fix autobuild install root vars
      adds  b13a08c   Swich org.freedesktop.DBus.Exporter to 
org.cpan.Net.DBus.Exporter to indicate it is non-standard Perl specific at this 
      adds  16c5fab   Fix RPM spec
      adds  40223eb   Updated changelist
      adds  d9c53a7   Make us relaxed about typing for incoming data, to play 
nicer with other languages
      adds  6de959b   Update readme notes
      adds  a769d21   prevent XS built files being include in distro
      adds  1cdf97c   Update to be compatible with examples in GLib & Python
      adds  b5aab7c   Updated changelog for new release
      adds  a07cdb9   Exclude CVS files from blib/lib. Die immediately if 
pkg-config fails
      adds  4e72273   Rip out variable timeout crap, since its overcomplicated 
and dosn't add significant value
      adds  2239483   Print friendly message is we can't lookup list of 
exported objects
      adds  ac269a9   Fix use of unitialized value
      adds  b8fb6a4   Rip out lamo-logic which tried to keep track of services 
& auto-update signals, because frankly it'll never work. A client will have to 
manage this manually, since there may be server side state it needs to worry 
about too
      adds  c7d586e   Added tag VERSION_0_32_2_R_1 for changeset 
      adds  803484e   Explicitly connect to session bus, since no security 
policy allows use of system bus with the examples
      adds  8f84dd7   Fix typo in POD. Remove redundant import of RemoteObject
      adds  8af5b50   Correct POD copyright doc
      adds  6327bb6   Add binding for get_error_name and get_signature methods 
on dbus_message.
      adds  6910c0e   Fix POD doc on copyright
      adds  483b57e   Added annotations & POD docs
      adds  9e36025   Added mock connection & objects for use in unit testing
      adds  d1b2e24   Support annotations when exporting objects
      adds  ad0dadc   Re-work dispatching to be more robuse to 
partial/incomplete introspection data. Print warnings for any methods/signals 
annotated as deprecated
      adds  d04d2b7   Re-add support for explicit data typing, to deal with 
cases where introspection data is missing, or incomplete, but client needs to 
strongly type values
      adds  3b0a384   Ensure spec file gets deleted when "realclean" is run
      adds  385447a   Print out warning about possible time lag
      adds  1c42803   Added Oliver Blin to authors file, after patch for 
explicit typing
      adds  25b703c   Update changelog for new release
      adds  31cc735   Significantly increase test coverage & adapt existing 
tests to use mock objects
      adds  15e2412   Reverse arguments to Binding::Value to ensure back-compat
      adds  1712ee1   Fixed section indentation in POD
      adds  8e6a850   Added tag VERSION_0_32_3_R_1 for changeset 
      adds  f2756b5   Minor POD changes
      adds  48a5361   POD cleanup
      adds  a59d228   Append newline to error message when stringifying if not 
present. Bump version
      adds  bda7f68   Add binding for unregister_object_path. Add missing 
OUTPUT: section
      adds  4d427f6   Added missing POD =over tag
      adds  efbe6b2   Added convenience method for getting a logical child of 
an object, using a relative path
      adds  e64e191   Renamed -> to comply with 
new autobuild standards
      adds  d7a3462   Added binding for dbus_connection_register_fallback
      adds  4b5ddcf   Extend constructor for Net::DBus::Object to enable 
creating child objects with a relative path, by passing in a parent object, 
rather than a service as first param
      adds  7d70e56   Updated version to 0.33.1, bumped dependancy on dbus to 
0.33, filled out new changelog entries
      adds  297fe1e   Added missing =back statement
      adds  8d6989a   Fixed releasing of object path callback
      adds  2e93528   Added binding to unregister an object path
      adds  2c76f14   Unregister all children
      adds  2f0954e   Renamed files which only contain documentation to .pod, 
avoiding CPANTS warnings about packages not using strict
      adds  d8a427c   Significantly increased POD api coverage & fix various 
pod errors
      adds  68184fe   Added more documentation & a (temporarily disabled) test 
case using Test::Pod::Coverage
      adds  e03c2eb   100% pod documentation coverage
      adds  f69977f   Added stub for missing tutorial
      adds  5732a2e   Fix typo
      adds  9d1ed4e   Added tag VERSION_0_33_1_R_1 for changeset 
      adds  ec318e0   Added extra ignore rules
      adds  c4d6b07   Added support for int16/uint16
      adds  4671e11   Added AddMatch and RemoveMatch methods
      adds  8b638e8   Added binding for signature & object paths and changed 
way (get|set)_no_reply is done
      adds  69305dd   Switch to doing Introspect on the virtual components in 
the object tree hierarchy, starting from /, since dbus takes care of 
Introspect() for these automatically. Added a method to query children to the 
      adds  d556166   Remove /org/cpan/Net/DBus/Exporter since dbus handles 
Introspect on / for us
      adds  8bae9b1   Added missing import for Introspector
      adds  d791760   Fixed handling of variants when parsing introspection data
      adds  3c306f5   Added binding for DBusPendingCall objects
      adds  93dd974   Added some missing RPM dependancies
      adds  0ee74fb   Ignore mercurial dir
      adds  0137ae1   Ignore built files
      adds  67278e4   Added support for asynchronous method call/replies. 
Bumped version for new release
      adds  16d8927   Added tag VERSION_0_33_2_R_1 for changeset 
      adds  c17d009   Fixed parsing of introspection data when there are 
processing instructions before root node
      adds  6f0bcb3   Added test suite for Avahi XML format which caused 
trouble previously
      adds  11cf0b0   Switch from XML::Grove to use XML::Twig for parsing
      adds  b908846   Bump version & whitespace cleanup
      adds  b33787e   Made sure everything uses strict & warnings pragmas
      adds  5bd2bcb   Allow subclassing of Net::DBus::Error for strong error 
      adds  7bc0700   Remove use of Carp from modules, allowing calling code to 
turn Carp on/off interpreter wide
      adds  b55138c   Change copyright from GPL to GPL/Artistic
      adds  4d96893   Added support for async reply callbacks
      adds  eca4aca   Re-factor code which creates message objects, to use 
factory methods on the Connection class. The mock connection now uses a pure 
perl message/iterator object, avoiding assertion failures in dbus
      adds  4938d5e   Added tag VERSION_0_33_3_R_1 for changeset 
      adds  22ecbad   Fix license blurb
      adds  13552a0   Remove 0.33.3 tag for re-spin of release
      adds  cfcbd12   Remove debug output
      adds  84719d0   Added tag VERSION_0_33_3_R_1 for changeset 
      adds  e655376   Clarified comment
      adds  cd75b4d   Fixed service name for dbus object. Ensure return value 
from signal filter is passed back to dbus
      adds  f8d2cf5   Force --nodeps on RPM build
      adds  8012e8a   Merge heads
      adds  4d8111d   Added missing module import
      adds  4e86de5   Fixed marshalling of variants
      adds  29bd72e   Fixed handling of recursive types in test case
      adds  4d13ac0   Added test case exposing variants / arrays issue
      adds  c76fb80   Fix parameter use in new connection callback
      adds  765623c   If the message reply is an error, throw a Net::Bus::Error 
instead of trying to extract return vals
      adds  8783165   Fix reference counting for connections & pending calls. 
Change PD_DEBUG -> DEBUG_MSG. Use dbus_connection_close instead of disconnect 
if compiling against newer libs. Call dbus_connnection_unref in DESTROY method.
      adds  f319730   Add GetDict and GetTuple methods
      adds  61dde90   Added demo of galago desktop notifications
      adds  c48d84c   Fix test for dbus_connection_disconnect to be against 
version 0.90
      adds  bba2ceb   Update for 0.33.4 release
      adds  47fc23d   Fix variable name for checking dbus_connection_disconnect
      adds  3541eda   Fix RPM dependancies to use auto-generated style of perl 
      adds  ebbdb3c   Added tag VERSION_0_33_4_R_1 for changeset 
      adds  53532c8   Added support for opening private connections/buses
      adds  6e9145d   Fixed test case to use a private connection
      adds  5934317   Updated changelogs
      adds  9b5656c   Allow use of 64-bit types by serializing to/from strings 
as needed
      adds  29132e8   Allow a reactor instance to be passed into the bus 
      adds  24cece1   Fixed POD docs
      adds  c3d6369   Don't complain about variant data type mismatches
      adds  b8111da   Make sure Dumper ISA Exporter
      adds  90dd978   Pass NULL into open_container if we have empty string to 
avoid strict assertion checks in new dbus
      adds  8d091bf   Make introspection more tolerant of missing data bout 
      adds  4d5f990   Added tests for dict/array use with iterators
      adds  1cffd69   Improve tests for magic values
      adds  716578a   Added example code for magic values
      adds  6009336   Signature for a dict entry should be empty string
      adds  1dbbaaf   Updated to 0.33.5
      adds  4ce8a2a   Added tag VERSION_0_33_5_R_1 for changeset 6fc73f509fe3
      adds  b203042   Fixed a couple of ref counting bugs in error case codepath
      adds  baa2779   Fix docs typo
      adds  5cb81b5   Remove non-portable & redundant testing rules
      adds  350d040   Fix handling of compound data types for properties
      adds  7d496c6   Fix marshalling of variants when using 
Net::DBus::Binding::Value (Dave Belser)
      adds  799133a   Ignore generated tar.gz files
      adds  2a1b13c   Update copyright & fix GPL version number to reflect 
actuall licensing
      adds  7838271   Rename COPYING -> LICENSE to match CPAN standards
      adds  a3364cd   Fix making of manifest file
      adds  cac0d35   Added proper META.yml file
      adds  0404677   Add support for annotating methods with their arg/return 
value names (based on work from Dave Belser)
      adds  5dcbbd3   Added signal param names, and explicitly track method 
return names separately from param names
      adds  b4535ad   Provide param names in example service
      adds  7db7185   Include param names in method/signal output
      adds  c82f523   Sort interfaces, methods & signals in Dumper output
      adds  9e3cb06   Document passing of parent object into Net::DBus::Object 
      adds  f8e79aa   Include list of child objects in Dumper output
      adds  f90f282   Fix introspection XML format for exported objects with 
children. Based on work from Dave Belser
      adds  2bbe1a2   Added example script for dumping introspection XML
      adds  9962d03   Updated to 0.33.6 version
      adds  96e5752   Added tag VERSION_0_33_6_R_1 for changeset 4431056d4e6b
      adds  35c373e   Remove bogus import of Data::Dumper (spotted by Olivier 
      adds  1425aa4   Misc POD typos (spotted by Madison Kelly)
      adds  0b18d78   Don't test precise equality for doubles (rt #37707)
      adds  8a238c8   Allow leading _ in interface names. Clarify error message 
(rt #44837)
      adds  a5c6f2b   Ensure reactor shuts down if shutdown is requested by a 
pre-select hook callback (rt #39068)
      adds  4f39252   Make use of Net::DBus::Callback optional & deprecated
      adds  f37b39d   Updated copyright dates to include 2009
      adds  c31e702   Kill off trailing whitespace
      adds  fc4fc3d   Be stricter about allowing remote invocation of methods 
(derived from patch by Stefan Pfetzing)
      adds  374a11e   Fix spelling errors in POD docs
      adds  3534207   Implement GetAll method on properties interface
      adds  76b1bd2   Update test script introspection XML for GetAll method
      adds  be2f49b   Fix warning due to possible undefined $interface in 
      adds  b5d0a14   Add API for disconnecting from a signal (rt #52764)
      adds  35c6e7b   Don't add -Wall on non-linux hosts (rt #46218)
      adds  cb6ea1b   Clarify error message for invalid interfaces (rt #44837)
      adds  64ca6db   Update copyright date to 2011
      adds  78f9593   Require min dbus == 1.00. Fix all compile warnings
      adds  5cc1854   Automatically track unique<->bus names for signal 
handlers across restarts
      adds  4fbf6da   Fix processing of marked variants
      adds  d517b01   Tweaks to example programs
      adds  ff23445   Replace dbus_strict_exports with dbus_no_strict_exports 
so default behaviour is more useful
      adds  558f7d8   Merge heads
      adds  7e5f412   Fix more compile warnings, including missing variable 
      adds  034fdf0   Remove accidental debug lines
      adds  a1e19d3   Update in prep for 1.0.0 release
      adds  67c81e6   Added tag v1.0.0 for changeset 2ec67c29d7cb
      adds  63661a3   Add support for customizable timeouts on method calls
      adds  39d6e3c   Fix invocation of properties
      adds  29969d9   Fix example code in object export tutorial
      adds  a71ba4e   Split Net::DBus::Object into two pieces
      adds  4736d06   Introduce a new object proxy class
      adds  24ef5d1   Refactor dispatching of properties to be overridable
      adds  7639b74   Add an example for proxy objects
      adds  51c4f20   Fix leaks in handling async methods / pending calls (rt 
      adds  f459f37   Update README with better website info
      adds  3d0f95e   Fix copyright metadata mistakes
      adds  de685be   Cache objects when casting to interfaces
      adds  670a728   Treat org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply as fatal when 
      adds  483b1b8   Fix casting to interface
      adds  5bf227d   Add support for UNIX file descriptor passing
      adds  63da199   Fix misc spelling errors in the POD docs
      adds  7ab24c3   Fix check for request_name method
      adds  eaff372   Fixes to encoding of dict and variant types
      adds  407b780   Fix decoding of type signatures with nested arrays
      adds  f989d79   Update git repo to point to gitlab
      adds  8293931   Rename CHANGES to Changes to follow CPAN standards
      adds  d9db53e   Add Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage to Makefile.PL
      adds  1890963   Add git ignore file
      adds  fc5e71c   Import latest RPM spec from Fedora
      adds  4b2da61   Fix mistake in export tutorial base classs
      adds  ae75cb8   Fix toggling of timeouts in reactor
      adds  77d7a24   Check that select is returning a valid state
      adds  452a48b   Add missing docs for constructors
      adds  2e5aeaf   Remove bogus $nomainloop parameter in 'new' constructor
      adds  4aac894   Add 'strict_exceptions' annotation
      adds  1a58a11   Updates for release 1.1.0
      adds  480ffc1   Imported Upstream version 1.1.0
      adds  0c4be24   Merge tag 'upstream/1.1.0' into experimental
      adds  a5f98ea   debian/copyright: update license and copyright information
      adds  68d8568   Declare compliance with standards version 3.9.6.
      adds  e56ad8f   Dropped all patches, that were applied upstream.
      adds  15064fc   Update Lintian line number that the 
manpage-has-errors-from-man Lintian override affects.
      adds  a0e0407   0001-Fix-spelling-error-in-POD.patch: new patch.
      adds  7d67052   libnet-dbus-perl (1.1.0-1)
      adds  553664e   Add debian/upstream/metadata.
      adds  816b8bb   Update debian/changelog.
       new  2486640   libnet-dbus-perl (1.1.0-2)

The 1 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 AUTHORS                                            |   3 +
 CHANGES => Changes                                 |  43 +-
 DBus.xs                                            |  26 +-
 MANIFEST                                           | 133 +++++-
 META.yml                                           |   8 +-
 META.yml.PL                                        |   6 +-
 MYMETA.json                                        |  46 ++
 MYMETA.yml                                         |  27 ++
 Makefile.PL                                        |  12 +-
 Net-DBus.spec                                      |  64 ---
 Net-DBus.spec.PL                                   |  92 ----
 README                                             |  51 +-
 debian/changelog                                   |  21 +-
 debian/control                                     |   2 +-
 debian/copyright                                   |  15 +-
 debian/libnet-dbus-perl.lintian-overrides          |   2 +-
 .../patches/0001-Fix-spelling-error-in-POD.patch   |  22 +
 debian/patches/fix-invocation-of-properties.patch  |  36 --
 debian/patches/series                              |   3 +-
 debian/patches/spelling-errors.patch               | 183 -------
 debian/upstream/metadata                           |   5 +
 examples/                   |   6 +
 examples/                         |  11 +- =>} |  45 +-
 examples/                        |  10 +-
 lib/Net/                                    |  76 ++-
 lib/Net/DBus/                         |   6 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/                         |  24 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/{ =>}          | 232 ++++-----
 lib/Net/DBus/Binding/               |  31 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/Binding/                   |  18 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/Binding/                    |   7 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/Binding/                      |   2 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/                           |   2 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/                           |  10 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/                             | 532 ++-------------------
 lib/Net/DBus/                        | 278 +++++++++++
 lib/Net/DBus/                            |   8 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/                       | 119 +++--
 lib/Net/DBus/                      |  45 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/                            |   2 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/Test/                |   2 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/Test/                  |  23 +
 lib/Net/DBus/Test/                   |   2 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/Test/                    |   2 +-
 lib/Net/DBus/Tutorial/ExportingObjects.pod         |  12 +-
 perl-Net-DBus.spec                                 |  57 +++
 perl-Net-DBus.spec.PL                              |  84 ++++
 t/12-changes.t                                     |   7 +
 t/15-message.t                                     |  16 +-
 t/40-introspector.t                                |  10 +
 51 files changed, 1291 insertions(+), 1188 deletions(-)
 rename CHANGES => Changes (89%)
 create mode 100644 MYMETA.json
 create mode 100644 MYMETA.yml
 delete mode 100644 Net-DBus.spec
 delete mode 100644 Net-DBus.spec.PL
 create mode 100644 debian/patches/0001-Fix-spelling-error-in-POD.patch
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/fix-invocation-of-properties.patch
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/spelling-errors.patch
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 copy examples/{ =>} (67%)
 copy lib/Net/DBus/{ =>} (77%)
 create mode 100644 lib/Net/DBus/
 create mode 100644 perl-Net-DBus.spec
 create mode 100644 perl-Net-DBus.spec.PL
 create mode 100644 t/12-changes.t

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