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dod pushed a commit to branch master
in repository libconfig-model-perl.

commit f63ff215a0fef2107ccff55c349d31985adafa03
Author: Dominique Dumont <>
Date:   Fri May 1 16:51:16 2015 +0200

    dh_cme_upgrade: tell user where to find config file when refusing automatic 
 debian/dh/dh_cme_upgrade | 10 ++++++++++
 debian/dh/template-cme   |  5 +++--
 2 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/debian/dh/dh_cme_upgrade b/debian/dh/dh_cme_upgrade
index eac4ba7..2bb4bf0 100644
--- a/debian/dh/dh_cme_upgrade
+++ b/debian/dh/dh_cme_upgrade
@@ -93,10 +93,12 @@ foreach my $package (@do_packages) {
     my $purge = $cm_config{'cme-purge'};
     my $command = $cm_config{'cme-command'} || 'migrate' ;
+    my $conf_target = $cm_config{'cme-conf-target'} || '/etc' ;
     my $munge_sub = sub {
+        s/%CONF_TARGET%/$conf_target/g;
         no warnings 'uninitialized';
@@ -258,6 +260,14 @@ Specify the configuration files or directory to be removed 
when purging the pack
 C</etc/LCDd.conf*> or C</etc/java/>. Several files or directory can be purged 
by using a shell glob.
 If this option is empty, configuration files handled by cme will be left as-is 
after a purge.
+=item cme-conf-target
+Specifies where the target configuration files is expected. Defaults to
+C</etc>. This parameter is used to create a message to inform user who
+don't want automatic upgrade where to find the original configuration
+file (in C</usr/share/doc/package_name>) and where to copy it (in
 =head1 Examples
diff --git a/debian/dh/template-cme b/debian/dh/template-cme
index 53b68ae..d78b644 100644
--- a/debian/dh/template-cme
+++ b/debian/dh/template-cme
@@ -10,5 +10,6 @@ Description: Perform automatic configuration upgrade ?
  You can later edit %PACKAGE% configuration with the command 
  'sudo cme edit %APPNAME%'.
- If you decline this option, your configuration file will not be managed
- by the package manager.
+ If you decline this option, you must then copy the original configuration
+ file(s) from /usr/share/doc/%PACKAGE% to %CONF_TARGET%. This file will
+ not be managed by Debian package manager.

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