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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository liblog-any-perl.

      from  d257d19   releasing package liblog-any-perl version 1.03-1
       new  0552b2b   Add Breaks/Replaces/Provides on liblog-any-adapter-perl.
       new  749d524   update changelog
       new  259ae62   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  bbc6cee   Update debian/changelog
      adds  6b74236   init
      adds  2a23271   various
      adds  1d62f80   changed
      adds  0a4dd99   add docs
      adds  3d2813f   added
      adds  b859f92   whoops
      adds  0d6c19f   changed
      adds  a10bc65   tidy
      adds  71367b9   not needed
      adds  cdb197e   not needed
      adds  98a5219   changed
      adds  92eed4f   no more category matters
      adds  9e3f543   test lexically created logger; fix get_logger default 
      adds  f980e2c   test memoization
      adds  3f89b65   don't need croak
      adds  f397906   new
      adds  dbc6034   more error tests
      adds  711bf5d   fixup
      adds  8df7f92   old
      adds  c25b643   fix method calls
      adds  99412cb   add docs
      adds  4c54123   new
      adds  55fe257   tidy, add log level aliases
      adds  716806d   add sprintf versions
      adds  6c52b1f   new
      adds  7fbbb6f   doc updates
      adds  0993243   doc updates
      adds  2f9fe7c   s/make_alias/make_method/
      adds  41a3225   added
      adds  dfc49ab   document constructor
      adds  4741a29   tidy
      adds  ead3f45   add pod for adapters
      adds  973da56   added
      adds  0ce01ba   fixes
      adds  c0bf51e   add
      adds  9dae375   fix delegate_method_to_slot call
      adds  5b05720   test
      adds  b44527f   test
      adds  892cd3e   doc fixups
      adds  e211070   doc fixes
      adds  d8ba3a1   doc fixes
      adds  e530219   doc fixes
      adds  541b947   doc fixes
      adds  f345059   doc fixes
      adds  a754d0b   doc fixes
      adds  70fb653   remove requires
      adds  7901885   use Log::Any
      adds  0378bbb   moved adapters to separate dists
      adds  3e37bfb   add read_file
      adds  1cb1be4   only log4perl and dispatch for now
      adds  d3994f7   clean up description
      adds  2c41c38   doc fix
      adds  81ec6f7   add
      adds  4ee8fa7   updating date for 0.01
      adds  2b217c8   s/die/return
      adds  3c57233   critic
      adds  d64be2b   deleted
      adds  2126fbf   delete
      adds  b00958c   copyright 2009
      adds  475785a   updating to next version 0.02
      adds  2db882a   remove 01-tidy
      adds  f39b5a6   eliminate InternalOnly
      adds  c252c5b   doc fix - thanks schilli
      adds  571315a   delete 01-pod
      adds  b1ca54d   link fix
      adds  6032a8f   method list fix
      adds  4cd59a5   precompute alias and method lists
      adds  6ad814a   forward methods instead of aliasing, as the aliases won't 
reach the subclass
      adds  57297b8   update
      adds  210ce24   updating date for 0.02
      adds  781f9b5   add
      adds  192b155   add Carp
      adds  d4a7091   updating to next version 0.03
      adds  6190e4f   eliminate 'Log::' in adapter class names
      adds  0efe3d6   whoope
      adds  c70e7eb   0.03
      adds  f1aa0d6   updating date for 0.03
      adds  43cdff0   updating to next version 0.04
      adds  f36c9c0   sort exports
      adds  5d0fc6d   replace Test::Deep::cmp_deeply with a cheap version to 
avoid dependency
      adds  93f7ae2   updating date for 0.04
      adds  2bdb544   perlcritic
      adds  b174d03   0.04
      adds  2f00151   updating to next version 0.05
      adds  1dc7d03   rename
      adds  5966509   rename
      adds  86fcca8   remove set_adapter checks
      adds  5e501a4   forward set_adapter_for and remove_adapter to manager
      adds  ddb5a6e   tidy
      adds  f31ec9c   add
      adds  6a2bcbd   delete
      adds  3d719de   continue separation of log-any and log-any-adapter
      adds  89aa22c   remove unnecessary use Carp
      adds  fedf9c1   modify and purge docs
      adds  0ad4b84   remove set_adapter_for; fix up docs
      adds  e52cdfd   0.05
      adds  9aaa1d2   more doc refinements and code reductions
      adds  24cc949   Change to Log::Any::Adapter->set and 
      adds  c377c0e   pass @_ to init
      adds  07404be   tidy
      adds  3aed9ea   strip it down further
      adds  4666249   0.05
      adds  5338a71   0.05
      adds  f4f5b78   minor doc tweaks
      adds  98a8f87   updating date for 0.05
      adds  6e220fc   updating to next version 0.06
      adds  c50c6d9   add set_adapter for backward compatibility
      adds  a33a1c8   add set_adapter for backward compatibility
      adds  cbc4595   updating date for 0.06
      adds  e0c2052   updating to next version 0.07
      adds  5a39c35   add
      adds  f572595   add Log::Any::Adapter example in synopsis
      adds  26e70a2   require only Test, not Test::More
      adds  eb79ecc   use Test::Simple
      adds  e331e0b   add
      adds  c84ca41   omit perl version requirement - not sure what it is
      adds  bc70351   omit perl version requirement - not sure what it is
      adds  39f836e   add descriptions back
      adds  0e7a113   added
      adds  3ef78dd   0.07
      adds  97f04a4   mention Log::Any::Test
      adds  b6b450c   updating date for 0.07
      adds  b6f86b1   add missing desc
      adds  4dc1ae7   0.07
      adds  19d780d   Test::Simple
      adds  a5b16bf   updating to next version 0.08
      adds  cddcbc3   update docs
      adds  5182979   add
      adds  65c1d5e   use a global memory buffer for testing
      adds  e085b56   0.08
      adds  7aa9f7e   updating date for 0.08
      adds  f372056   updating date for 0.08
      adds  d2f513d   updating to next version 0.09
      adds  6ad12bd   test aliases and sprintf method versions
      adds  5f3218e   remove spurious comment
      adds  4aa6fa9   add pod
      adds  cf3cfc9   convert undefined values to <undef> in printf-style 
      adds  d83a500   0.09
      adds  dd54b8b   updating date for 0.09
      adds  9d14c70   reword
      adds  bf79cf4   updating to next version 0.10
      adds  a9dc44a   fix complex references in printf style methods
      adds  2682de0   0.10
      adds  4d8d2e7   updating to next version 0.11
      adds  f1fd377   add trace
      adds  515bf5f   add trace
      adds  a377217   add trace
      adds  8fbec43   date
      adds  74d621f   updating to next version 0.12
      adds  8880a1b   to dzil
      adds  a509ab4   return false from null adapter is_xxx methods - RT #64164
      adds  5b11153   return false from null adapter is_xxx methods - RT #64164
      adds  051935e   updating date for 0.12
      adds  264c525   distzilla stuff
      adds  69ee126   weaver.ini
      adds  ec4cfcf   updating to next version 0.13
      adds  55151e7   Typo fix in does_not_contain_ok
      adds  640978c   Merge pull request #1 from sdt/patch-1
      adds  1cc3395   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  5d16a7e   updating date for 0.13
      adds  ca58059   updating date for 0.13
      adds  a13edee   updating to next version 0.14
      adds  ea9fcba   remove explicit $VERSION
      adds  73cd50b   0.14
      adds  b88e371   updating date for 0.14
      adds  fc919cb   updating to next version 0.15
      adds  159a8f3   add whatis entries - RT #82200
      adds  4579a40   hide 'package Log::Any::Adapter' from 
PAUSE/Module::Metadata - miyagawa/carton#75
      adds  4a3039c   0.15
      adds  7d0f9e9   updating date for 0.15
      adds  87f0872   blank tidyall
      adds  082f09b   Move Log::Any::Adapter::Base methods to ::Core
      adds  b9768c2   convert to @DAGOLDEN style dzil
      adds  176adc6   Remove xt dependency on Log::Any::Adapter::Dispatch
      adds  8fbc4f8   get xt tests passing
      adds  41cc60b   set x_authority to JSWARTZ
      adds  a169376   clean up cruft files; add CONTRIBUTING
      adds  b55f55f   tidy code
      adds  9633000   Simplify Log::Any::Test
      adds  0404986   Make printf-style methods produce truly single-line 
      adds  a44617d   update README and META for new contributor
      adds  411093b   Rationalize Core, Test and Null Adapters
      adds  ea24f96   Implement per-category default adapter classes (RT#63284)
      adds  0496954   squeltch another Perl::Critic complaint
      adds  7fd5ed4   add test methods to check messages in a specific category
      adds  a71f640   dzil-ize Changes
      adds  206aed7   update README
      adds  7eb35fd   rename 'default' option to 'default_adapter'
      adds  e4c9343   first draft of Log::Any::Proxy
      adds  095097f   add Proxy::Test support to get tests passing
      adds  c311e64   modify backcompat test for proxy
      adds  9d1ee8c   import refactored Log::Any::Adapter
      adds  0745d58   fix up Adapter tests for new Log::Any::Proxy
      adds  60b4f57   remove use of Guard module
      adds  b15a588   inline pure Perl Devel::GlobalDestruction
      adds  3290d09   Make Log::Any use Log::Any::Manager
      adds  ac68e3b   removed FileScreenBase class
      adds  2b578e8   clean up files for use with dzil
      adds  2e0feb6   eliminate use of Capture::Tiny in testing
      adds  70ab8c7   fix critic and spell check errors
      adds  9226642   allow Util to be indexed
      adds  2a99eff   remove unused global variable
      adds  adc2c4a   updated dist.ini and support files
      adds  32fa0ab   update cpanfile
      adds  bcf6f0c   fix how defaults work - don't use the stack
      adds  3d2c7a7   add attribute accessors to Log::Any::Proxy
      adds  704c28d   start documenting Log::Any::Proxy
      adds  cc7106f   standardize tests on Test::More
      adds  6e8dc4b   revise Log::Any documentation
      adds  b21b31d   revised documentation for Log::Any::Adapter
      adds  7bbb37c   update docs for Log::Any::Adapter::Development
      adds  1457195   add .travis.yml
      adds  9627971   modernize dist.ini and repo files
      adds  62ea97f   add VERSION; fix typos; add Makefile.PL
      adds  3b251b9   revise documentation
      adds  e9b7f24   add category/level to filter/formatter and document them
      adds  1f69d87   don't generate pod for some modules
      adds  c89e2b1   add simple Proxy tests
      adds  a224c51   avoid needing newer Test::More
      adds  25cddb5   updated Changes
      adds  554cc06   update travis.yml
      adds  dd94f74   fix up changes format
      adds  145d452   After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      adds  2c74de7   reorganize docs
      adds  66d415e   clean up Base
      adds  091cae7   update Changes
      adds  7199467   update Makefile.PL for Dist::Zilla version bump
      adds  6bb879b   After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      adds  8647691   refactor Base
      adds  edf2c5c   revise adapter development docs further
      adds  f6a91e9   no need for aliases in Base
      adds  bd89868   rearrange Util; deprecate methods; drop alias creation
      adds  270d422   updated Changes
      adds  7bd974b   add log_level to File, Stdout and Stderr adapters
      adds  1c72c7a   flock when appending in File
      adds  337f719   Don't require adapter classes that are already available
      adds  9f6ae6a   update Makefile.PL
      adds  75ae62c   clean up adapters
      adds  253ecf1   After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      adds  e1ab4cb   pull trial release changes into new section for release
      adds  1fd8be6   bump Makefile.PL version in prep for release version jump
      adds  6c1dd20   After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      adds  043c556   add numeric_level to export list
      adds  ee605dc   After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      adds  6323ac5   have Log::Any::Adapter::Util also load Log::Any
      adds  3df84ac   avoid circularity
      adds  37e799d   After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      adds  d3a526c   Concatenates arguments to basic logging functions with a 
      adds  7d791ba   After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      adds  72b7a3e   remove redundant CONTRIBUTING file
      adds  f57920e   fix Pod link errors [RT#95570]
      adds  02ced23   lazy load Carp
      adds  78a9d43   make Test adapter ignore all args except category
      adds  60d2158   update Makefile.PL
      adds  eed3962   update Changes
      adds  ffbf873   Update Makefile.PL
      adds  cfcadf4   After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      adds  e2c6de0   updated Changes
      adds  9294e90   Imported Upstream version 1.032
       new  270bc58   Merge tag 'upstream/1.032'
       new  0c8e707   Update debian/changelog
       new  de2aaaf   Update debian/ (changed filename).
       new  54c7d5e   releasing package liblog-any-perl version 1.032-1

The 8 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 CONTRIBUTING                        | 70 -------------------------------------
 Changes                             | 14 ++++++++
 MANIFEST                            |  3 +-
 META.json                           | 32 ++++++++---------
 META.yml                            | 30 ++++++++--------
 Makefile.PL                         | 10 ++----
 README                              |  2 +-
 debian/changelog                    | 14 ++++++++
 debian/control                      |  3 ++
 debian/         |  2 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata            |  7 ++++
 lib/Log/                      | 11 +++---
 lib/Log/Any/              |  8 ++---
 lib/Log/Any/Adapter/         |  2 +-
 lib/Log/Any/Adapter/Development.pod |  2 +-
 lib/Log/Any/Adapter/         |  4 +--
 lib/Log/Any/Adapter/         |  4 +--
 lib/Log/Any/Adapter/       |  4 +--
 lib/Log/Any/Adapter/       |  4 +--
 lib/Log/Any/Adapter/         | 20 ++++++++++-
 lib/Log/Any/Adapter/         |  4 +--
 lib/Log/Any/              | 10 +++---
 lib/Log/Any/                | 16 +++++----
 lib/Log/Any/Proxy/           |  2 +-
 lib/Log/Any/                 |  4 +--
 t/00-report-prereqs.t               | 13 +++++--
 26 files changed, 143 insertions(+), 152 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 CONTRIBUTING
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata

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