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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/1.2014
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        at  ed70768   (tag)
   tagging  1e2e0c8ab2ae79c481fc6c95473c2961bbb7ff32 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.2011
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Wed May 6 20:13:56 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.2014

Alexandr Ciornii (29):
      EU::MM higher perl required line
      option to retry report submission
      Term::ReadLine::Perl cannot be loaded directly
      Catalyst::DispatchType::Regex should not be loaded too
      list of modules that should not be loaded with comments
      Devel::Trepan with Enbugger may start debugging session when checking 
      Merge pull request #12 from chorny/master
      Do not check ExtUtils::ParseXS::Utilities because it modifies @INC
      Do no load modules that conflict with each other
      some modules work only if other module is already loaded
      Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native can't be loaded without Class::MOP
      No need to be compatible with very old
      Tk::Label requires loaded Tk
      Test::More::Hooks requires loaded Test::More
      perl 5.5 is not supported
      Merge pull request #21 from eserte/issue-20
      changes for previous commit
      test Travis on 5.20
      update list of problem modules for C::R::PrereqCheck
      add config option for problem logging
      Save output of hanging modules
      special case for Dancer::Plugin::FlashNote
      add error checking when _store_problems_in_dir is on
      Added experimental option to save list of hanging modules
      Fixed issue#23
      incorrect label in Changes
      mention bug with command_timeout

Breno G. de Oliveira (13):
      dzil failing unless git_remote is under [Repository]
      SMTP reports are deprecated. Switching to Metabase
      SMTP reports are deprecated. Switching to Metabase (tests)
      updated docs with Metabase information instead of SMTP
      updating Changes file
      Merge pull request #11 from chorny/master
      removing whitespace
      documenting the new 'rety_submission' option
      updating Changes file
      making sure extra policies (bang) aren't loaded
      stopwords seem to be case sensitive
      bump Changes

Christian Walde (5):
      prevent CPAN::Reporter::Config from ignoring ~ on Win32
      fix inc module spaces in a cross-platform manner
      enabled helper code that scans for test grades to deal with paths 
containing backslashes
      replaced use of with tee_merged from Capture::Tiny, since the two 
don't play well with each other (also removed one use of temp files in the 
      Fix 03_config_file.t test on Windows

David Golden (662):
      r4169@vesta (orig r678):  dagolden | 2006-08-01 23:36:10 -0400
      r4172@vesta (orig r681):  dagolden | 2006-08-01 23:37:22 -0400
      r4189@vesta (orig r698):  dagolden | 2006-08-08 16:55:44 -0400
      r4190@vesta (orig r699):  dagolden | 2006-08-08 23:38:47 -0400
      r4191@vesta (orig r700):  dagolden | 2006-08-08 23:57:43 -0400
      r4206@vesta (orig r715):  dagolden | 2006-08-26 10:45:27 -0400
      r4207@vesta (orig r716):  dagolden | 2006-08-26 12:20:57 -0400
      r4209@vesta (orig r718):  dagolden | 2006-08-26 19:06:38 -0400
      r4214@vesta (orig r723):  dagolden | 2006-08-29 06:31:20 -0400
      r4215@vesta (orig r724):  dagolden | 2006-08-29 06:32:33 -0400
      r4224@vesta (orig r733):  dagolden | 2006-09-06 15:39:52 -0400
      r4225@vesta (orig r734):  dagolden | 2006-09-06 15:40:28 -0400
      r4226@vesta (orig r735):  dagolden | 2006-09-06 15:40:56 -0400
      r4227@vesta (orig r736):  dagolden | 2006-09-06 15:41:19 -0400
      r4228@vesta (orig r737):  dagolden | 2006-09-06 15:41:45 -0400
      r4229@vesta (orig r738):  dagolden | 2006-09-06 15:42:12 -0400
      r4230@vesta (orig r739):  dagolden | 2006-09-06 15:55:17 -0400
      r4232@vesta (orig r741):  dagolden | 2006-09-06 19:22:56 -0400
      r4233@vesta (orig r742):  dagolden | 2006-09-06 19:24:46 -0400
      r4235@vesta (orig r744):  dagolden | 2006-09-08 07:17:42 -0400
      r4236@vesta (orig r745):  dagolden | 2006-09-08 07:20:07 -0400
      r4237@vesta (orig r746):  dagolden | 2006-09-08 07:20:33 -0400
      r4238@vesta (orig r747):  dagolden | 2006-09-08 07:22:30 -0400
      r4240@vesta (orig r749):  dagolden | 2006-09-09 07:10:49 -0400
      r4241@vesta (orig r750):  dagolden | 2006-09-09 07:13:34 -0400
      - added note about config file location on OSX
      - updated todo
      - added workaround for strange VERSION conflict
      updated Pod and meta files for 0.18
      - changed test output capture to IO::CaptureOutput
      - bumped version; changed meta files for 0.19
      changed module name
      - made test module name generic
      - rearranged test distros; added new ones for some unknown cases
      - fixed RT#21626: "unknown" results will now be reported to
      - MANIFEST updates
      - divided test report into sections
      - added support for files -- though under "make", report is based
      - renamed test distro
      - added several more test distros
      - updated todo
      - runs Makefile.PL/Build.PL with "do" to save system("perl") time
      - updated todo with option ideas
      - refactored dist test loop and mocking to separate file
      - renamed most test dists for clarity
      - updated todo
      - more todo
      - added full support
      - bumped version; updated docs/meta for 0.21
      - added support for future support for separate requires and
      - change test grading under ExtUtils::MakeMaker from output
      ready for 0.22
      - added wrapper instead of running twice
      - renamed test distros to be shorter
      - updated metafiles for 0.23
      - datestamp in changes for 0.23 release
      - emergency bugfix: add dummy file to NoTestFiles/t so it gets included 
in manifest
      - changed _prereq_report to take $dist argument instead of full $result
      - rewrote prereq testing
      - prereq_report: basic old-style CPAN prereq_pm test works
      - all basic prereq_pm scenarios tested
      - added tests for perl prerequisites
      - updated meta for 0.25 release
      - fixed MANIFEST for 0.25
      - bumped ExtUtils::MakeMaker prereq to 6.26
      - bumped version and prepared meta files for 0.26
      - fixed bug in prereq handling from some versions of
      - updated prereq_pm mocking to better match
      - updated meta for 0.27
      - changed tempdir to add prefix and autocleanup (avoids bug in File::Temp)
      - meta files for 0.28 release
      - more todo
      - added and reordered Todos
      - added test for multiple pass/fail messages causing spurious pass
      - added test for recursive builds with unrelated "tests successful"
      - removing low Perl version detection test cases
      - output parsing now happens line by line in reverse and stops at first 
      - option parsing sub added and tested
      - Changed config options to new grade-specific style
      - reordered test files
      - changed OS X config directory
      - fixed config file tests
      - Pod tweaks; meta files for 0.28_51 release
      - mock File::HomeDir for all files that require CPAN::Reporter
      - fixed RT#22557: recursive build directories with no tests will no longer
      -updated meta
      - added grade:action pair explanation during config
      - added validation to interactive configuration
      - updated meta for 0.29
      - added environment and special variable report subs;
      - refactored out version finding subroutine for use in different reports
      - added locale/language ENV variables
      - added locale vars to; fixed manifest
      - tweak to test svk authentication
      - added custom intro paragraphs per grade; clarified why authors might 
get CC
      - added env/special vars to report output
      - fix broken 0.30 ; missed checkins
      - added toolchain report; bumped version to 0.32
      - added privacy warning; prepped 0.32 release
      - added Test::Harness/More to toolchain report; ready for 0.33
      Changes typo
      - fixed test skip block count when M::B not installed; prepped 0.34 
      - fixed Changes typo
      - added ANSI color
      - fixed up tests for CPAN color prompting
      bumped version
      updated meta for 0.35
      - added note about subscribing to list during email prompt
      - report intros
      - modified report intro paras; send_report defaults to no for na; prep 
0.36 meta
      Added example and FAQ; updated meta for 0.36
      - fixed bad return from test() when config file missing
      - updated meta for 0.37
      - fixed uninitialized bug; bumped version to 0.38
      - added test to confirm proper report info header
      - doc tweak; meta for 0.38
      - fixed up tests for info header on Win32
      added todo
      refactored max string length calculation
      bumped version number
      added tests for Module::Build advance prereq formats
      bumped meta for 0.39 release
      added David Cantrell requests to Todo
      Perl::Critic fix-ups
      added todo
      added tests for missing author object
      added defensive code in case CPAN can't provide an Author object
      added tests for CC list
      tweaks and meta for 0.40
      improved CPAN::Distribution mock inputs
      added tests and code for poorly formatted names that suggest the
      prep for 0.41 release
      Added send_duplicates option and tests
      preparing for 0.42
      adding duplicate test file
      updated manifest for 0.42
      add perl version to dup checking
      prep for 0.43
      added flocking; changed duplicate search to read file instead of making 
      duplicate history includes perl patchlevel if it exists
      bumped version and distmeta
      added timestamp to Changes for release
      Tests that bailout detected as FAIL not UNKNOWN
      updated meta files for 0.45 release
      added bugs to todo
      prerequisite failures are now discarded instead of being sent
      updated todo
      Added tests and code for OS not supported
      added date to Changes for release
      updated FAQ
      Fixed bad manifest; ready for 0.46
      updated todo
      bumped version; fixed FAQ spelling errors
      added initial tests and code for record_command
      More tests for record_command
      split test() into record_command() and send_test_report()
      added YAML and YAML::Syck to toolchain report
      added failing PL distro
      removed debug print of Test::Reporter package name from mock new
      - Simple Makefile.PL/Build.PL tests pass
      - fixed test label with uninitialized value
      - Added tests for Makefile.PL/Build.PL and unsupported Perls
      copied PL-RequirePerl to form base for Unsupported OS
      - Added PL tests for dying with q/OS Unsupported/
      - copied OS Unsupported to No Support for OS
      - addded test logic for No support for OS
      - updated Changes and Todo
      - copied new distro for failing make/Build
      - make-Fail now dies on make/Build phase
      - Refactored to reduce duplication
      - alternate approach to fail Build
      - added tests for grade_make
      - updated Changes and example config file
      - updated MANIFEST
      - separated docs into separate API and Config docs
      - first draft at having record_command() handle shell redirects
      - record_command() preserves pipes in the command to execute
      - moved some options from interactive config to advanced config
      - bumped version to 0.99_01
      - classified Todo
      - options requiring validation are validated when read from config file
      - bumped Test::Reporter prereq to 1.30 to get various bug-fixes
      - refactored config option code into
      - doc fixes and fixed bug on archive suffix in history
      - added test dist that sleeps
      - timeout vaguely working on Win32 only
      - timeout on Win32 passes tests
      - hacky unix timeout code passing tests
      - more robust unix timeout
      - not needed
      prepared 0.99_01 release
      - bump version to 0.99_02
      - relative path in record_command() timeout passes on Win32
      - updated API for timeout
      - updated pod
      - merged Changes from 0.47_01
      - Author tests (e.g. pod/pod-coverage) moved to 'author_t' directory
      - renamed author tests and regenerated meta files
      -bumped Test::More prereq
      - dos2unix and fix svn:eol-style property
      - cleaned up author tests
      - bumped version to 0.99_03
      - updated docs to show CPAN 1.91_53 needed
      - fixed pl testing bug
      ready for 0.99_03 release
      - updated todo
      updated Todo
      - more todo
      - bumped version; tweaked error message on clone failure
      - merge 0.4801 change
      - distmeta for 0.99_04 release
      - bumped to 0.99_05; fixed typo in 0.99_04 release; updated meta files
      - bumped version to 0.99_06
      - documentation improvements
      - cleaned up Config code
      - noted recent changes
      - added bug to Todo
      - always more to do
      - moved extra tests
      - fixed up MANIFEST
      - extracted Test::Harness output parsing to separate subroutine
      - added code to alternate parsing depending on T::H version
      - major changes to get TAP::Harness to work
      - rename recursive test dir
      - added other passing test dists to recursive pass; removed old subdir
      - improved recursive Makefile.PL testing
      - bumped EU::MM dependency to get recursion fixes
      - removed subdir again; weird svk bug
      - improved wrappers
      - prepping 0.99_06 release
      - bumped version to 0.99_07
      - skip timeout on Win32 unless Win32::Process 0.10
      - bail out on T::H 2.99_01
      - timestamp on Changes for 0.99_07 release
      - bumped version to 0.99_08
      - check T::H::VERSION instead of method -- works around old
      - more refactoring of history/config into modules
      - added automatic history file updating
      - renamed t_extra to xt for easier shortcuts
      - remove unnecessary Symbol module usage
      - revised tests of duplicate report by phase
      - fixed broken tests
      - make make and perl calls portable
      kill it
      - timestamp on Changes
      - bump to 0.99_09
      - fix test failure on bleadperl
      - bump to 0.99_10
      - added send_*_report advanced options
      - added (failing) test for custom Makefile.PL testing
      - added custom testing to Build.PL
      - added support for custom test in Makefile.PL and Build.PL
      - added Dimtry to changes
      - timestamp Changes; updated docs/metafiles for 0.99_11 release
      - updated MANIFEST
      - bumped version to 0.99_12
      - reorder and cleanup report
      - prettier report
      - bump CPAN prereq to 1.92; prep for 0.99_12 release
      - bumped version to 0.99_13
      - improved history conversion
      - add transport() support
      - transport option put back to Test::Reporter default
      - bumped metafiles for 0.99_13 release'
      - numbered xt tests; added Test::Perl::Critic tests
      - perlcritic in lib; adjust some policies
      - bump version to 0.99_14
      - update MANIFEST
      - more test cleanup
      - revert cleanup code
      - updated FAQ and Changes
      - bump version to 0.99_15
      - more todo
      - 5.005 compatibility fixes
      - truncate test output at 100K
      - more todo
      - more todo
      - forgot to add LongOutput test dist
      - more todo
      - more todo
      - pushed test output cutoff back down to 50K
      - more todo, can't release yet
      - fix bugs in OS Unsupported in and perl version fail in test 
      - timestamp changes and MANIFEST for 0.99_15
      - bumped version to 0.99_16
      - more todo
      - bugs todo
      - bump version to 1.00 and update metafiles
      - updated Changes
      - timestamp Changes for 1.00 release
      - note bug for post 1.00 fix
      - fixed no prompting on send_*_report
      - added Mod::Install style perl require fail
      - another bug
      shorten name
      - adding much more prerequisite failure testing
      - fixed up Mod::Install test fails
      - prep 1.01
      - added dists to test prereq problems during make/build
      - command written to wrapper gets quotemeta() treatment
      - tweaked prereq to match similar PL case
      - work around M::B bug that doesn't die on *.PL failures
      - added dist to test perl version fail during make/build
      - add downgrade checks to make phase
      - bumped version to 1.02 and updated meta files
      - prepped changes/todo for release 1.02
      - more todo
      - more todo
      - extract code to modulino
      - added modulino
      - Prerequisite check reports "broken" if a prerequisite module file is
      - documented PrereqCheck
      - updated Changes and manifest for 1.03 release
      - updated distmeta
      - bumped version to 1.04
      - bumped version to 1.05
      - expanded temp file templates to include CPAN-Reporter in name
      - require a version for File::Temp
      - added tests for prompts; fixed cc author typo
      - Added checks for Makefile.PL/Build.PL dying early on Perl < 5.6 if
      - updated MANIFEST
      - changing prompts; lots of tests breaks
      - fixed tests for new output style
      - more message test fixes
      - final Changes timestamp for 1.05
      - bumped version to 1.06
      - removed Changes timestamp -- still bugs to fix
      - shouldn't have had Makefile here
      - more explicit boilerplate about CPAN Testers Wiki
      more todo
      more todo
      - more todo
      - more todo
      - fixed bug printing T::R error string
      - more explicit boilerplate about CPAN Testers Wiki
      - fix up MANIFEST
      - timestamp Changes
      - bumped version to 1.0601
      - tweaked grand smoker
      - bump version to 1.0602; add timeout test diagnostic output
      - more todo
      - improved timeout diagnostics and increased timeout timings
      - perl critic cleanup
      - added skipfile config option
      - set version to 1.07
      - check if skipfile is set AND readable, not just readable
      - renamed skipfile to send_skipfile; added cc_skipfile (not fully tested)
      - added cc_skipfile testing
      - add t/65 to manifest
      - doc fixes
      - bumped version to 1.07_02; tweaked duplicate report message
      - more todo
      - added rudimentary have_tested function to
      - add VERSIOn = eval VERSION everywhere
      - more todo
      - more todo
      - added dist that warns OS unsupported and exits with 0
      - Bug fix: PL files that warned "OS Unsupported" and exited with 0 will
      - less todo but higher priorities
      - fixed timeout test to be one-sided to avoid precision problems
      - record DISCARD reports into history file
      - timestamp Changes for 1.07_02 release
      - test fix - chmod history after copy in t/66
      - shuffled Todo
      - bumped version and meta to 1.07_04
      - fix skipfile testing; update timestamp on Changes
      - added _temp_filename to replace File::Temp in some places
      - removing more instances of File::Temp
      - added PERL_CPAN_REPORTER_DIR/CONFIG environment variables
      - more todo
      - bumped version to 1.07_05
      - rename
      - update MANIFEST
      - timestamp Changes for release
      - bumped version to 1.07_06
      - added command_timeout config
      - downgraded mywarn to myprint for progress messages; less todo
      - distributions that hang to check timeout report behavior
      - added tests for interrupted test report grading; now discards
      - fix regex to better target result message
      - hanging test dists don't hang forever; less dangerous
      - doc updates for 1.07_06 release
      - manifest fix
      - bump version to 1.08
      - more todo
      - more todo
      - bump version to 1.0801; adjust 14_command_timeout.t timings
      - bump version to 1.09
      shorten boilerplate
      skip t/14 if Win32::Process isn't available
      fixed detection of make or Build for progress messages
      fix test regex for default comment under smoke testing
      timestamp changes
      update manifest for 1.09
      todo: command_timeout shoudl take 0
      add pass and fail (without timeout) to confirm good behavior
      document switch from Win32::Process to Win32::Job
      make hanging test show clearer output if not halted
      document need for Win32::Job for command_timeout on windows
      Switched to using Win32::Job for command interruptions since 
      bumped version to 1.10
      timestamp changes for 1.10
      more todo
      added prereq missing distro that doesnt die in PL
      Bug fix: successful PL's where prereqs happen not to be satisfied were
      updated MANIFEST
      update meta files for 1.11 release
      todo: bug -- downgrade based on configure_requires
      added diagnostics if prereqcheck output doesn't parse well
      bump version to 1.12
      added FsType to environment report
      timestamp changes
      more todo
      silence PrereqCheck parse warnings
      added test dist that does exit 0 before Makefile or Build created
      timestamp Changes
      fix manifest
      todo: windows errormode hack
      more todo
      'transport' config option is validated against Test::Reporter
      fix tests to handle new transport logic
      split transport config on spaces
      clean up transport arg passing code
      cleanup transport args again
      prepare 1.14_01
      fixed diagnostics
      bump version to 1.14_02
      fix transport test
      more todo
      bumped version to 1.14_03
      updated version in docs and meta
      more docs for transport option
      added .gitignore
      bump version to 1.14_04 due to bad Changes file
      add todo from my email box
      todo: check for working signals
      bump version to 1.15; bump Test::Reporter prereq to 1.40
      updated MANIFEST.SKIP for git; updated .gitignore for EU::MM
      record bad distnames in history as DISCARD
      bumped version to 1.15_50
      noted new version in Changes
      use Devel::Autoflush in record_command()
      added dist with configure_requires
      add failing test for missing config requires
      have mock dist must mock unsat_prereqs
      failed configure_requires is discarded
      stop undef warnings on older perls
      Merge branch 'configure_requires'
      note changes and less todo after configure_requires support
      fix test bugs when prior PERL_CPAN_REPORTER_* vars are set by tester
      todo: paths for prereqs found
      prep for 1.15_50 release
      removed tests that broke with Devel::Autoflush
      bumped to version 1.15_51
      bump version to 1.15_52
      fix bug for environment variable with leading space
      update meta for release
      bumped version to 1.15_53
      dont set PERL5OPT with a leading space
      bumped version; removed setpgrp from wrapper
      use Proc::Killfam to kill on timeout without setgrp
      handle bad META.yml when checking for configure_requires
      bump version to 1.15_55
      added Changes and fixed format bug on parse warning
      updated MANIFEST
      Changes typo
      suppress uninitialized warnings
      dont tell people to subscribe to cpan-testers anymore
      update todos
      Include -I path to Devel::Autoflush in PERL5OPT
      bumped version to 1.15_56
      note -I fix for Devel::Autoflush in Changes
      prepare Changes for release
      bumped version; documented changes for 1.16
      updated version in docs/meta
      bumped version to 1.1601
      reverted -I in PERL5OPT from 1.15_56
      add checks for Proc::ProcessTable
      bump version to 1.16_50
      add back -I flag for PERL5OPT but to a temp directory
      make sure PERL5OPT is reflected in environment report
      timestamp for release
      fix bug in environment variable report tests when testing ourself
      bump version to 1.16_51
      todo: squelch Build -j2 errors
      bumped version to 1.17; changed tests for PL/make fails to UNKNOWN
      pl/make failures now UNKNOWN, not fail; removed cc_author code
      updated meta files
      fix perlcritic issues
      discard Build -j3 type errors
      discard Makefile out-of-date errors
      fix test dist META.yml
      update changes, todo and manifest for release
      revert fix of what was an intentional error
      bump to 1.1701; reverse -I and -M flags in PERL5OPT to fix perl 5.6 bug
      bumped T::R prereq to 1.50
      bump to 1.1702; emergency fix - reverse PERL5OPT flag order to avoid T::H 
      only add -I flag to PERL5OPT for Perl 5.8+
      bumped to 1.1703; bumped Devel::Autoflush prereq to 0.03
      attempt fix of prereq section formatting
      only use Autoflush for *.PL commands
      merged Changes
      prep for 1.1703 release
      protect CPAN::Reporter from itself
      bump prereqs; bump version; prep for release
      bump to 1.1705 and fix CPAN Tesetrs URL
      more Todo
      added distfile test
      set Test::Reporter->distfile if supported
      updated Changes for distfile support
      added distfile test to MANIFEST
      bump version to 1.17_51
      always do distfile()
      fix CPAN Testers wiki URL and bump version to 1.1706
      update Changes for release
      bump Test::Reporter prereq to 1.54
      bump version to 1.1707; note Changes
      bumped version to 1.1708
      only call T::R->distfile if it has distfile
      timestamp changes
      added 'Port' example for transport options
      add MYMETA to gitignore
      Add special cases for PrereqCheck and improve diag
      update Changes
      bump version to 1.1709
      fix failing tests due to diagnostic message change
      change Prereq check to 'use Foo ()' instead of requires
      bump version to 1.1710
      Note Changes
      revert version to 1.1709
      add test dist with no Makefile test target
      add test for missing make test target
      downgrade FAIL due to no 'make test' target
      improve check for Test::Reporter::distfile()
      more distfile fixes
      prep Changes for release
      update manifest
      add cases for downgrading without a make test target
      bump version to 1.1710
      note changes and timestamp for release
      remove trailing spaces
      remove trailing spaces
      bump version to 1.1711
      note Changes and prep for release
      don't die on missing mail when using Metabase
      change success message to show transport not email list
      Bump version to 1.1800
      restore email_from requirement
      update Changes for release
      Merge remote branch 'wchristian/win32_homedir_config'
      Bump version to 1.1801
      fall back to My Documents on win only if exists
      update docs and META
      timestamp Changes
      bump version to 1.1802
      increase max report size to 1 MB
      remove dependency on Proc::ProcessTable for timeouts
      timestamp Changes for release
      fix timeout detection
      re-timestamp Changes
      bump version to 1.1803
      update Changes for release
      bump version to 1.18_04
      SIGKILL child process groups in wrapper
      timestamp Changes for release
      fix expected test value
      untimestamp Changes
      Bump version to 1.18_05
      fix spaces in path of version finder
      timestamp Changes
      bump version to 1.18_06
      discard reports with test harness failures
      list prereq versions in code
      remove cruft and update Changes for NEXT
      fix license in dist.ini
      update gitignore
      remove version, pod boilerplate
      various dzil conversions
      A::T prereq
      more dzil cleanup for xt tests and prep for release
      bump Changes
      update Changes for release
      bump Changes
      Updated Changes
      bump Changes
      Bump Tee prereq to 0.14
      bump Changes
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'wchristian/master'
      Updated Changes files with wchristian's work
      Add new CPAN::Meta libraries to toolchain reporting
      Change how PrereqCheck tests if modules can load
      Remove more email-related cruft
      Require a transport paramater or don't send
      Allow relative path to metabase id_file
      Don't set SMTP server for Test::Reporter anymore
      More documentation revisions for Metabase
      Add vim modelines
      Prompt to create metabase profile during config if needed
      Update Changes for new features
      Rephrase (and reorder) interactive config messages
      bump Changes
      add attribution to Changes
      Tilde-expand id_file parameters
      Use existing email for profile generation
      Automatically fill in metabase-profile fields
      use Task::CPAN::Reporter in the synopsis
      bump Changes
      update to new @DAGOLDEN in dist.ini
      update Changes
      bump Changes
      update Changes
      bump Changes
      Fix failing tests
      bump Changes
      allow multi-level classes as transport [ #73045]
      updated meta files~
      bump Changes
      Tighten regex for tilde expansion on MSWin32
      updated META files
      Fix spelling errors
      turn off some perl critic warnings
      updated Changes
      add perlcritic config file
      bump Changes
      Merge pull request #9 from kentfredric/rt-70504
      updated Changes
      bump Changes
      bump IPC::Cmd prereq to 0.76
      updated meta
      PrereqCheck: don't load modules with absolute path
      bump Changes
      Merge pull request #10 from chorny/master
      updated Changes
      updated meta files
      bump Changes
      skip loading Acme::Bleach in prereq checks
      bump Changes
      skip prereq load for Acme::*
      bump Changes
      add comment about supporting recommends/suggests from future
      add support for optional prereq reporting
      update dist.ini and support files
      expand list of environment variables included in reports
      move test corpus from tarball to directory
      remove MANIFEST.SKIP and update .gitignore
      fix up how prereqs get set
      bump Changes
      update distribution for newer @DAGOLDEN bundle
      update repo meta files
      updated Changes
      After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      update Changes to note no changes
      Update Makefile.PL

Ed J (1):
      Fixes for "perl in space"

Kent Fredric (1):
      Canonicalise the path returned by bsd_glob as its sometimes got extra 
slashes in it

Matthew Musgrove (1):
      Fix leading tilde on MSWin32 using File::HomeDir

Scott Wiersdorf (1):
      add tests for CPAN::Reporter::PrereqCheck

Slaven Rezic (1):
      fix for

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.2014


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