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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.27
in repository libcpan-reporter-smoker-perl.

        at  49877e4   (tag)
   tagging  0111061c1e5aeeb51404330f7178445adbc9fe57 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.26
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Wed May 6 20:38:11 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.27

Alexandr Ciornii (3):
      Add reloading history of modules smoked
      allow filtering out some dists
      New option 'skip_dev_versions' to work on minicpans

Christian Walde (3):
      whitespace cleanup
      prepared test for Smoker-side parsing of disabled.yml
      implemented functionality to skip dists in disabled.yml before CPAN gets 
loaded; test included

David Golden (159):
      Creating trunk directory for CPAN-Reporter-Smoker
      setting svn:ignore
      - initial import
      - runs cpan in subshell to have clean build_dirs each time
      - skip smoking distributions already tested
      - fix tempdir bug; tempdir is now global for duration of process
      - better signal messages
      - doc and todo updates
      - perl critic fixes
      - bumped version to 0.01_02; more todo
      - more todo
      - added new index approach that picks up latest dev and latest regular 
      - documentation updates
      - removed old parse routine
      - timestamp of Changes
      - Added private minicpan for testing (t\CPAN)
      - more todo
      - added mock Test::Reporter
      - dos2unix on lots of tar or gz files from windows
      - add MyConfig
      - fix up Todo
      - test minicpan needs CHECKSUMS
      - bump version to 0.02
      - added notes for 0.02 to Changes
      - add API test to smoke
      - more fixes to cleanup (ugh)
      - yet another attempt at sane cleanup
      - updated Build.PL requires/build_requires
      - more adjustments to prereqs (generally down)
      - more todo
      - bumped version to 0.03
      - MANIFEST update
      - bumped version; fixed broken dist with prereq and missing fcn
      - more todo
      - add a Bundle
      - skip Bundles
      added 'command_timeout' hint
      change CPAN invocation to respect trust_test_report_history
      more todo
      add missing files
      line count fix
      various ugly testing code for loops
      cleaned up %ENV variables used to control test operation of
      added support for cache scanning
      less todo (hooray)
      updated prereqs
      bump version; document distroprefs
      updated docs and meta for 0.06 release
      more todo
      add M::B and EU::MM to requirements
      bumped version to 0.07
      documentation of cache scan frequency
      added documentation
      added progress messages to title
      reorganized todo
      todo: bug - move SIG{INT} handler
      move INT handler after CPAN's INT handler is set
      bumped version to 0.08
      doc updates and tagged Changes
      [repos] tagging release-0.08
      doc fix
      timestamp changes for 0.09
      add Build and _build to gitignore
      add .git to MANIFEST
      add .gitignore to MANIFEST
      update meta for 0.09 release
      call CPAN reset_tested() if build_dir_reuse is set
      added clean_cache_after and set_term_title args; added build_dir_reuse 
      merge latest changes with released 0.09 changes; bump to 0.10
      doc change: build_dir_reuse is experimental; bumped version to 0.11
      really bumped version to 0.11
      bumped version to 0.12
      cache Reporter history at startup
      show number of dists found when checking index
      note delay at end of smoking available dists
      todo: doc how to disable CPANPLUS
      show index counter [1/N] as dists are processed
      todo: write dist being smoked to a file
      add status_file argument
      fix syntax error
      updated meta for 0.12 release
      bump version to 0.13
      call CPAN::Index->reload before reset_tested
      Todo: refactor to support Poco::C::R
      remove local() from command line to address 5.6.2 problems
      bump version to 0.14
      note start of 0.14 in Changes
      todo: tty sanity
      timestamp Changes for 0.14 release
      bump version to 0.15
      fix test bug if PERL5OPT is set
      more todo
      set PERL_EXTUTILS_AUTOINSTALL=--defaultdeps
      add 'list' option; prep meta for release
      update MANIFEST
      doc updates; prereq updates
      bump to 0.17
      have 'list' arg take filename as well
      manifest update
      bump to 0.18; bump prereqs; skip
      better gitignore
      ignore MYMETA
      add dummy cpan reporter config
      add t/dot-cpanreporter
      Merge branch 'master' of 
      bump to 0.19; add install argument
      remove test file included by mistake
      ignore test files in the future
      label temp directory (RT#48092)
      add --reverse option (RT#58273)
      add 'force_trust' option
      update docs for early distropref skip feature
      test force_trust argument values
      update distmeta
      bump version to 0.20
      update Changes
      timestamp Changes
      update MANIFEST
      bump version to 0.21
      skip disabled testing unless YAML is installed
      timestamp changes
      don't allow cached index files
      Convert to Dist::Zilla
      remove Build.PL
      tweak dzil conversion
      update gitignore
      Restore part of MANIFEST.SKIP
      ignore .build
      filter PortabilityTests from dist.ini
      bump Changes
      fix cache cleanup with newer
      bump Changes
      Fix DotDirs for new required 'transport' argument
      update dist.ini to new @DAGOLDEN and tweak prereqs
      move comments around for new @DAGOLDEN bundle support
      updated Changes
      don't run portability tests on release
      bump Changes
      update dist.ini and support files
      fix errors
      updated Changes
      bump Changes
      added docs for skip_dev_versions
      updated cpanfile
      update dist.ini and support files
      update cpanfile
      fix typos
      bump Changes
      make List::Util version explicit
      update distribution meta files
      fixed tests to run in parallel
      keep CPAN::MyConfig out of prereqs

gregor herrmann (2):
      Add new option 'random'.
      Imported Upstream version 0.27


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