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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libcourriel-perl.

      from  5b94457   releasing package libcourriel-perl version 0.36-1
      adds  96fee7f   initial checkin
      adds  d74a8fc   Test against real headers
      adds  3b6d56d   Add some tests for bad headers
      adds  d1e949f   Tighten up regex to catch some bad header variations
      adds  d291c2d   add some tests for Part::Single
      adds  d1c5f19   remove some unused code
      adds  4818b02   move headers to shared part role, add ContentType type
      adds  fb5c633   Started testing
      adds  df6dc2e   Tests for
      adds  aeb58f5   get part parsing to actually work
      adds  fa0d80e   Courriel is really just a thing wrapper around a part
      adds  01568f9   add some benchmark code
      adds  dc81d6f   add datetime method
      adds  14cfb6c   Add recipients and participants methods
      adds  d5d1b32   Add new Disposition class
      adds  43a3729   Get header MIME encoding/decoding to not be totally 
      adds  7d7fc85   Add a test for round tripping all Chinese header
      adds  299c92a   Add more tests for mime encoded words in headers
      adds  f4e564d   Formatting tweaks
      adds  0ebbb74   add as_string method
      adds  3f7ec7c   Start working on docs, which means lots of little API 
tweaks too
      adds  15cf4e4   Wrap line sep re in parens for safety
      adds  948fa03   Tidy code
      adds  2bd5a67   Docs for Headers
      adds  be4b76e   small doc tweaks
      adds  4b9e4a1   add pod coverage & spelling tests
      adds  231fb7f   Skip Courriel::Helpers
      adds  9e0025b   Docs for Courriel
      adds  87ca0bc   CPAN Changes test
      adds  4ea01cb   add $NEXT token
      adds  78198b8   lots of docs and some API changes
      adds  587f96f   Pod coverage is manual
      adds  cdee460   No need for Hash::MultiValue
      adds  557b076   Include prereqs
      adds  93fd7de   Add CREDITS section
      adds  82ce70e   Add more words to whitelist
      adds  cfd3f8e   Always trust BUILD method
      adds  36176d1   fix some small doc errors
      adds  0d1cc55   Can't use EOLTests for now
      adds  f8f27e6   s/v5/5/
      adds  2934fd6   Add .gitignore
      adds  0416ee8   v0.01
      adds  26ec993   a bunch of small doc fixes
      adds  453bb73   Handle escaped backslash and quoted in header attribute 
      adds  1f6bf70   Changes for next release
      adds  b1ec049   Properly unescape all escaped values in a quoted attr 
      adds  ec6a98d   Add content-disposition to test multipart emalis
      adds  4d85a0a   Connect Content-Type and -Disposition headers to their 
respective objects more closely.
      adds  be6e6f9   Only add value from ContentType or Disposition object to 
headers if one is explicitly provided.
      adds  4189dc6   Add Headers->replace and use it where appropriate.
      adds  86eb021   Add some test for Multipart parts
      adds  b5c8a02   Make sure boundary in Multipart object and ContentType 
object stay in sync
      adds  f6be926   More changes for next release
      adds  fbcb779   Allow passing unencoded content to the Single part 
constructor, and create raw_content as needed
      adds  a1e0943   s/raw_content/encoded_content/ - this is a lot clearer
      adds  8020f90   Doc encoded_content change
      adds  f840e35   Add _set_headers method, and make sure content-type stays 
in sync
      adds  f356d82   Allow setting disposition in a Single part as an object, 
and make sure it stays in sync with the headers
      adds  64bbcbe   use MX::StrictConstructor in all classes
      adds  f4bd179   Changes for explicit disposition
      adds  c43701c   More about change
      adds  42000a8   Add some new prereqs
      adds  7dd8bd0   Builder module - has some tests but needs a bunch more
      adds  95c28cf   some more builder tests.
      adds  11b1ea2   Add test for bad args to build_email
      adds  113d457   Builder is working and reasonable well tested
      adds  54400e0   add validation to all function in Builder
      adds  76693cc   Rename _part to top_level_part and add replace_part 
method (for Email::Abstract)
      adds  42d7319   Make the replace_body method work
      adds  0019b41   Add mention Email::Abstract hacks
      adds  68fd390   Doc text_body -> plain_body change
      adds  3dfce84   Allow setting filename, mime type, and content id for all 
      adds  5e95ff2   Tidy code
      adds  bdce16a   Remove some TODO items
      adds  3a02eb6   Clarify why Mail::Box is complex
      adds  3540306   Tests for clone_without_attachments
      adds  4c1af78   Add all_parts_matching method
      adds  76ff05f   Reorder changes by importance (ish)
      adds  e5bcd6a   Don't doc Courriel->replace_body
      adds  0dee552   add some missing docs
      adds  f19d262   Add more words to whitelist
      adds  505f78c   doc clone_without_attachments
      adds  67a3391   Doc clone_without_attachments addition
      adds  337b6ca   Bump version
      adds  8be1607   v0.02
      adds  b58fcfe   Ensure that encoding attribute is always synced with 
      adds  e5c7fd4   Changes for 0.03
      adds  6756883   Bump version
      adds  d7d3688   v0.03
      adds  5bb09e4   Add File::LibMagic prereq
      adds  3818832   Bump version
      adds  01e2aba   Changes for 0.04
      adds  d20ad6b   v0.04
      adds  9bb81d9   Test clone_without_attachments for email with multi/alt 
      adds  e097720   Changes for 0.05
      adds  25e8972   Bump version
      adds  87ef15a   v0.05
      adds  35b2220   Add File::Slurp as test prereq
      adds  7b899bf   Move encoding attr to Single part.
      adds  17c28ed   Cannot get default encoding from headers or we have a 
circular dep issue
      adds  b3c1d31   When creating a clone, set encoding in new Single part 
based on old part
      adds  97a81f4   Changes for 0.06
      adds  0542b3a   Bump version
      adds  5d5abd3   v0.06
      adds  6a6db02   Loosen up mime type check for perl code
      adds  7fedd0d   Bump version
      adds  5d97244   Changes for 0.07
      adds  0a0b8d3   v0.07
      adds  2f95d70   wrap Content-ID in brackets
      adds  aee0cb9   Make content & encoded_content return a string rather 
than a ref
      adds  5bd674e   Bump version
      adds  d393424   v0.08
      adds  e676936   Add Email::Abstract plugin to distro
      adds  5b0aef6   Changes for 0.09
      adds  f56750e   Bump version
      adds  85580d8   v0.09
      adds  ecb6aae   set_body does work
      adds  1430c79   No need to require a specific version of Courriel since 
this ships with Courriel itself
      adds  d582a67   Add tests for using Courriel with Email::Sender
      adds  5e19d85   Test that transfer encoding is preserved during clone
      adds  d6519c4   Put some more vertical whitespace around parts
      adds  87332ea   Tidy all code
      adds  dae2374   make sure that parsing sets the encoding properly for 
parts that are parsed
      adds  09686f4   Changes for 0.10
      adds  106009b   Bump version
      adds  0a0e477   v0.10
      adds  19aecfe   add MIME-Version: 1.0 in Builder
      adds  369d932   Bump version
      adds  f05e9d3   v0.11
      adds  a88aef3   Encode/decode character set for content/encoded content
      adds  14bb1a0   Doc cleanup for encoding/decoding
      adds  0973870   Make sure that content is always run through Encode even 
if transfer encoding is 8bit, etc.
      adds  0232e12   Bump version
      adds  7be175f   Tweak changes text
      adds  55c2483   fix test to expect properly encoded bytes in 
      adds  047b0ed   v0.12
      adds  fa49751   s/needed/required/
      adds  9df0b70   Formatting tweaks
      adds  dfa76e9   fix a bug where the Content-Type did not have a boundary 
attribute set properly
      adds  835d43b   Changes for content-type boundary bug
      adds  a073bad   Don't mess with line endings of unencoded content
      adds  8442ad2   Changes for CRLF fix
      adds  95e733c   test that attachment content matches original
      adds  901a976   Don't mess with encoded content line endings either
      adds  353c29b   Changes for 0.13
      adds  5a80b96   Another test for content round tripping
      adds  2a35ad9   Recommend that encoding not be set
      adds  765f876   Recommend passing content
      adds  2072b5c   Bump version
      adds  210bcc4   v0.13
      adds  cfc43f1   Don't decode binary data into character data.
      adds  f78293e   Bump version
      adds  00a2db5   v0.14
      adds  2e5b867   Return $bytes as ref
      adds  839a4e6   Skip test which sometimes fails except on my machines
      adds  445f4c4   Changs for 0.15
      adds  bcae974   Bump version
      adds  133c310   v0.15
      adds  4a28c4c   add ->from, ->to, and ->cc methods
      adds  19184c2   Add some more pod tests
      adds  45211e1   Skip all tests for mime type of perl script except for 
release testing
      adds  2004a3a   Doc test fix
      adds  beefd3e   Bump version
      adds  c69c2e8   v0.16
      adds  9412971   tidy all code
      adds  c3cfb59   no need for Courriel::Role::Headers
      adds  3c71ea7   Remove Role::HasParts, since the only thing which 
consumed it was Part::Multipart
      adds  796c1d3   ignore case of mime type
      adds  8adb242   Revamp case handling of mime type - save original casing 
in ContentType object but make ->mime_type return lc value
      adds  00cb90d   Allow a continuation line in the header with no content 
beyond its initial whitespace - probably not RFC compliant but it apparently 
      adds  d669fac   Need Test::Requires
      adds  b50ccb2   Added stress tests
      adds  0ad31a2   handle more broken headers without an exception
      adds  4c17fb4   Make part parsing a little less picky
      adds  37d041a   Make mbox separator removal much more accepting of broken 
      adds  720c3c5   Show unparseable chunk in error message
      adds  2134b3a   Handle empty headers cleanly
      adds  e563b77   add more tests for weird cases
      adds  beef094   Handle more broken From lines
      adds  048a128   Don't blow up on totally bogus headers, just return empty 
      adds  d0d1ed2   Stress tests pass
      adds  bcdb052   Remove unreachable die
      adds  926ac4f   Test totally broken multipart message with no boundaries
      adds  7a97073   Changes for next release
      adds  65f4a79   Bump version
      adds  838c59a   v0.17
      adds  e591cbb   s/$mail/$text/g
      adds  5b2cfd9   Small formatting fix
      adds  b3615ca   No need for Test::Differences
      adds  216c891   Explicitly handle charste of "unknown-8bit" when decoding 
part content
      adds  50873d8   Don't load Email::MIME
      adds  3b9a36b   Try harder to find a date for the email
      adds  b521c0f   Changes for next version
      adds  c5c319d   More changes for next release
      adds  ac710b3   Clarify handling of broken email addresses in headers
      adds  7c298bd   This seems to be about mbox handling, which isn't really 
a Courriel issue
      adds  392a073   explicitly test some weird cases
      adds  8e3bea9   Changes clarification
      adds  a00589e   Bump version
      adds  035a117   Refactor datetime extraction a bit
      adds  4a51df0   get dates from Received in reverse order, and expect UTC
      adds  d26dd9b   v0.18
      adds  f9f22e8   Explicitly set all DateTimes to UTC for comparisons
      adds  50df03a   When comparing datetimes, use strftime to compare strings
      adds  47f58bc   Changes for next release
      adds  09e8100   Bump version
      adds  9392917   set all DateTime objects to UTC
      adds  0c827a1   v0.19
      adds  1d40338   Massive refactoring of how headers are handled
      adds  1c29a4e   Add Scalar::Util dep
      adds  be785a0   Parse encoded header attributes correctly, as well as 
continuation lines
      adds  771e47e   Make $TSPECIALS a regex
      adds  907809a   No need to escape backslash in qr
      adds  092f3cf   first stab at proper encoding of header parameters
      adds  8137ccf   s/\x07f/\x7f/
      adds  34a20a4   Formatting fix
      adds  6126cca   Handle no language in an encoded parameter properly
      adds  bab84f5   Enforce UTF-8 for non-ascii data via constructor
      adds  4026073   tests for header attribute formatting
      adds  a6496fe   Skip Courriel::ContentType and ::Disposition
      adds  146c656   Add some tests for ContentType object
      adds  468b4d1   Make HeaderWithAttributes a parameterized role to share 
more code between CT and Disp
      adds  0ed9948   Add docs for all modules.
      adds  d9c1888   various doc/pod fixes
      adds  66d9447   Add section about robustness principle
      adds  430a0d3   Changes for next release
      adds  7e70dde   Bump version
      adds  7fe217a   Add Postel's
      adds  a9c4670   Ignore _trial_temp dir
      adds  8513b89   v0.20
      adds  851a49a   Add another utf-8 decoding test
      adds  557bbac   Fix dumb typo in range for decoding substitution
      adds  086962d   add attribute_value method for headers with attributes
      adds  4a1d89c   Fix docs for ->get_attribute, replace with ->attribute & 
      adds  20ebeb6   Add Headers->get_values()
      adds  21ab33d   Mention Courriel::Header in Headers docs
      adds  6756316   s/RFC/RFC /
      adds  1322e56   Changes for next release
      adds  3f754ed   Bump version
      adds  14e83a5   v0.21
      adds  981d8b0   Add rt ticket info
      adds  23b73a3   Require List::Moreutils 0.28+
      adds  fbd9608   Sort prereqs
      adds  d116d84   Update prereqs
      adds  7fa7ccc   More changes for next release
      adds  a079392   Bump version
      adds  0365aa9   Fix spelling of MoreUtils
      adds  b64bc85   v0.22
      adds  9faf69a   Allow passing both binary & character data to 
      adds  43a0119   small doc tweaks
      adds  d4af850   Doc is_binary flag for Courriel->parse
      adds  81db762   Doc is_binary flag in Changes
      adds  45ffcea   Bump version
      adds  edff24b   v0.23
      adds  62f9cd9   Fix grammar in pod
      adds  e586b85   Replace is_binary with is_character
      adds  43079ef   Changes for is_character
      adds  91c07be   Bump version
      adds  809e641   Credit zby for change
      adds  18d951b   v0.24
      adds  e3b40da   Move header mime encoding into Courriel::Header
      adds  0be1949   Make sure whitespace is preserved properly when 
mime-encoding header values
      adds  36ee9e6   Always need a space between an encoded chunk and anything 
that follows it
      adds  5d2524e   Add a test to ensure that we only encode chunks that have 
      adds  d9d3242   Doc as_header_string method
      adds  5ae9f7d   Make section names match the ones we use with Moose
      adds  5bc8ab4   Bump version
      adds  1b08f1e   Changes for next release - header encoding fixes
      adds  2513083   s/L/C/
      adds  a655c36   v0.25
      adds  8ee7fca   Add missing prereq - MooseX::Role::Parameterized
      adds  2d4199d   Changes for next release
      adds  c11e49a   Bump version
      adds  99a0598   LinkCheck consistently reported a bad link where none 
      adds  58d6182   v0.26
      adds  15a64fc   s/\2/\g{2}/
      adds  be28b60   s/as_header_string/as_string/g
      adds  f94b6ed   Added a stream_to API for all objects which stringify
      adds  14da2ac   Mention stream_to API in Changes
      adds  a0ba361   Remove extra line break
      adds  a0e6ce3   Add docs for Courriel->stream_to
      adds  d582f4d   small doc fixes for stream_to
      adds  4df86ac   Bump version
      adds  d548227   v0.27
      adds  509bf68   Add missing make_immutable
      adds  10c5a01   Add lookup to spelling whitelist
      adds  de3b496   Allow case-insensitive attribute lookup
      adds  f81c987   Bump version
      adds  b5b848c   s/use base/use parent/
      adds  b70a0a5   Use autoprereqs
      adds  1a614ea   v0.28
      adds  c4908d9   Use :encoding(UTF-8) instead of :utf8
      adds  02856a2   No need for CheckChangeLog plugin
      adds  914e1e5   People often send emails with empty subjects
      adds  5f54981   Merge remote-tracking branch 'zby/master'
      adds  83c61f7   Use proper types and allow an empty subject in Builder too
      adds  f8c0fea   Changes for next release
      adds  9435a7c   Bump version
      adds  db1fb27   v0.29
      adds  4cdf44e   Remove bcc "header" support in Courriel::Builder
      adds  4279124   Changes for next release
      adds  8a79ecc   Bump version
      adds  5ab6f64   v0.30
      adds  df566e2   Typo fix in Changes
      adds  5de46aa   Small grammar fix
      adds  ddb6cce   Doc fixes
      adds  256c329   Remove old comment
      adds  30d73c9   Add Sendgrid example
      adds  45e654a   Require Perl 5.10
      adds  d3fa7ec   Remove alpha warning
      adds  036b910   Bump version
      adds  f6b74a5   Update test plugins
      adds  697e94b   Add BUGS and DONATIONS to docs
      adds  b4d4e39   Add contributors to META.* & docs
      adds  6a89e98   Add names to spelling whitelist
      adds  4c9be12   v0.31
      adds  bd4a25c   Fix comment - RFC5322 does specify how folding whitespace 
is treated
      adds  b96dfb1   Fix typo in pod
      adds  1b598bd   Make Courriel much laxer about line endings
      adds  55f5563   Bump version
      adds  c653e07   Remove long deprecated modules
      adds  fd69e88   Add [Encoding] directive for images
      adds  7cb1249   Add =encoding directive to all POD
      adds  e5bda9b   Temporarily disable LinkCheck test
      adds  ea20ea8   v0.32
      adds  dd2ed1d   Fix tests that fail with latest DT::F::Mail
      adds  d789596   Bump version
      adds  373e147   v0.33
      adds  1cb6b29   Relax date header regex more
      adds  a0d6b35   Bump version
      adds  cb37eab   v0.34
      adds  fa3eff9   Replace File::Slurp with File::Slurp::Tiny
      adds  7c9742d   Bump version
      adds  f1f1abb   v0.35
      adds  c3e6971   Allow headers with whitespace prefixes
      adds  491d199   Merge pull request #2 from 
      adds  4e06af8   Changes for space in header fix
      adds  692477b   Handle a set of chunks with no text, just whitespace when 
encoding a header
      adds  ab2514f   Remove links to roles without POD
      adds  0fcadef   Switch to DROLSKY plugin bundle
      adds  099f1d1   v0.36
      adds  264eb2a   don't call character strings "utf-8 encoded"
      adds  68251cc   Merge pull request #3 from rjbs/patch-1
      adds  d2a7b26   Require MX::PV 0.21 and fix failing test with changed 
error message
      adds  2e9af9a   Add generated files
      adds  61f7f77   Add $VERSION to all modules
      adds  fbde6ef   EOLTests is not Test::EOL
      adds  f0d8bd0   ispell apparently spell checks "Postel's" as "Postel" now
      adds  07d0551   Tidying and critic fixes
      adds  3ab9f63   Ignore .tidyall.d dir
      adds  8accc17   Add more generated files
      adds  9c53350   Add .travis.yml
      adds  af8f125   Add Email::Sender to TestRecommends
      adds  dbaef06   Update generated files
      adds  508f372   Install libmagic-dev for File::LibMagic in .travis.yml
      adds  9b32fbd   Add Pod::Coverage::Moose to DevelopRequires
      adds  91db455   more tidying
      adds  c301803   Only test MIME type detection on my desktop machine
      adds  2afaf5d   Add Path::Class to TestRecommends
      adds  eadb5d6   v0.37
      adds  a4ac52f   Imported Upstream version 0.37
       new  1325625   Merge tag 'upstream/0.37'
       new  c25f9fb   Update debian/changelog
       new  464748d   Update years of upstream and packaging copyright.
       new  a8bae1f   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  cdf2ac6   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  77e9339   Update build and runtime dependencies.
       new  6d59ab0   update changelog

The 7 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                       |   6 +
 INSTALL                                       |   1 -
 LICENSE                                       |   2 +-
 MANIFEST                                      |   8 +-
 META.json                                     | 415 ++++++++++++++++++--------
 META.yml                                      | 358 ++++++++++++++--------
 Makefile.PL                                   |  23 +-                                     | 357 +++++++++++-----------
 cpanfile                                      |  72 +++++
 debian/changelog                              |  12 +
 debian/control                                |  10 +-
 debian/copyright                              |   4 +-
 dist.ini                                      |  14 +-
 lib/                               |  36 ++-
 lib/Courriel/                       |  27 +-
 lib/Courriel/                        |  10 +-
 lib/Courriel/Header/            |  18 +-
 lib/Courriel/Header/            |  13 +-
 lib/Courriel/               |  15 +-
 lib/Courriel/                       |  43 ++-
 lib/Courriel/                       |  11 +-
 lib/Courriel/Part/                |  16 +-
 lib/Courriel/Part/                   |  21 +-
 lib/Courriel/Role/     |   4 +-
 lib/Courriel/Role/                     |   8 +-
 lib/Courriel/Role/                  |   5 +-
 lib/Courriel/                         |   4 +-
 lib/Courriel/Types/                |  11 +-
 lib/Email/Abstract/                |   8 +-
 perlcriticrc                                  |  58 ++++
 perltidyrc                                    |  21 ++
 t/00-compile.t                                |   9 +-
 t/00-report-prereqs.dd                        |  17 +-
 t/00-report-prereqs.t                         |  13 +-
 t/Builder.t                                   |  10 +-
 t/ContentType.t                               |   9 +-
 t/Courriel.t                                  |  30 +-
 t/Email-Sender.t                              |   1 +
 t/HeaderAttribute.t                           |   2 -
 t/Headers.t                                   |  20 +-
 t/author-pod-spell.t                          |  21 +-
 t/release-pod-coverage.t                      |   6 +
 t/release-portability.t                       |   1 +
 t/release-test-version.t                      |  30 ++
 t/{release-pod-syntax.t => release-tidyall.t} |  11 +-
 tidyall.ini                                   |  19 ++
 46 files changed, 1207 insertions(+), 603 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 cpanfile
 create mode 100644 perlcriticrc
 create mode 100644 perltidyrc
 create mode 100644 t/release-test-version.t
 copy t/{release-pod-syntax.t => release-tidyall.t} (70%)
 create mode 100644 tidyall.ini

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