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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat May 9 23:19:52 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.633

Andy Lester (3):
      Updated tests to use Test::More.  Added -T flags.
      Added some more Test::More-isms
      Updated to use good ol' Test::More

Ask Bjørn Hansen (1):
      fix typo in the error handling

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (2):
      Fix POD for SQL_BIGINT type constant
      Use GVSV_set() instead of assigning to GVSV

Dan Wright (2):
      Adding prefix for DBD::Multi per #93204
      Use multi_ for DBD::Multi per timbunce's request.

David E. Wheeler (11):
      Added `ChildCallbacks` tests.
      Document the `Callbacks` attribute.
      Add AutoInactiveDestroy.
      Rewrite AutoInactiveDestroy tests.
      Add CLONE() function to test driver. Seems needed for the fork.
      Add t/16destroy.t` to `MANIFEST`.
      Fix bad test counts on Win32.
      Add Win32 workaround to disable annoying popups. Only relevant when 
      Callbacks ought not to be passed inline to connect_cached.
      Add the `connect_cached.connected` callback.
      Note the reason for connect_cached.connected.

David Steinbrunner (1):
      typo fixes

Dean Arnold (4):
      added SQL_BIGINT support; closed a C<> pod tag
      added support for filehandle traces
      update MANIFEST w/ t/19fhtrace.t
      Add array binding info to DBI::DBD

Greg Sabino Mullane (1):
      Fix typo, thanks to Peter Buchman

H.Merijn Brand (108):
      Fixes to DBD::File (H.Merijn Brand)
      only parse options when set
      croak on no filename
      Make note in changes about last DBD::File change
      typo in old file (in search of RT43440)
      don't discard too many matches. I will need myself
      added f_schema attribute to DBD::File
      up the version of DBD::File, now that 1.608 is out
      Quoted table names should match case sensitive
      note DBD::File case sensitiveness in Changes
      workaround a bug in SQL::Statement (temporary fix)
      The first call is still reliable, so just do the right thing
      perldoc fix for r12812
      perl-5.10.x sets filename to "*main::STDERR" when using 'DBI->trace (0, 
      Document last change
      Updated dbipport.h to Devel::PPPort 3.19
      Merijn uses git svn
      Merijn uses git. These changes should not affect anyone else ...
      make test under a git svn clone:
      Document the purpose of
      Fix for DBI->trace (4, *FOO);
      Also remove blib copy of .pm, as otherwise the changes have no effect at 
      Because version numbers are compared in a numeric way, prevent warnings
      More work needed. 'make install' still installs without versions if you 
checkout the mods after test
      prevent empty modlist file. makes it harder to get them back
      Add tests for 'DBI->trace (1, *FOO);
      git stuff cleanup
      The pure-perl fix for DBI->trace (1, *FOO)
      Enable f_schema to be "" for $DBI_DSN
      prevent warnings for undefined f_schema
      Code cleanup, consistency in returns.
      Added f_lock support to DBD::File
      Correct typo's in Gofer (RT#54056)
      Note typo fix in Changelog
      Document fetchrow_hashref () behaviour for aggregate functions
      Fix typos. Some rewording (mje)
      Added f_encoding support to DBD::File
      Thread-related adjustments for DBD::File (Jens)
      Start in modernizing DBD::DBM
      Dropped semi-colon put back
      Thread owner check already done on DBI level.
      Style-only change for DBD::DBM (Jens)
      Added perltidyrc for DBD::File
      Cleanup/DESTROY should close (Jens)
      Test the encoding layer
      Fix layer test
      Fix initialization of meta attributes
      Grammatical and typological fixes in the documentation
      fixes related to table_info () returning invalid entries
      test cleanup issues
      Fix table_info () and table names
      $schema can be undef, so do not interpolate
      Even safer schema-undef
      tidying / consistency / spelling
      More tests to ignore for git
      tidy, recode and sanity-check.
      pod improvements for DBD::File
      tidy & consistency
      A few spelling fixes
      Some more typo fixes
      Base test for spelling tests in pod (only if available)
      Spell checking fixes
      Line ending in DBD/Multiplex was windows
      More spelling
      en_EN spelling consistency
      Do not use deprecated 'my $var = ... if 0' style initialisation
      more tidy
      I prefer no space after the .
      skip aspell file (if present)
      my (...) = (...) if expr is not really good code
      Fix assert failure for NAME_lc and NAME_uc
      ->{ChopBlanks} should *only* strip spaces, not other \s
      Document {ChopBlank} fix for DBD::File
      Another round of spell checking
      Added tests for delete in DBM (H.Merijn Brand)
      Fix for failing t/50 when old SQL::Statement available (e.g. 1.16)
      fix RT#61281 - bad implementation of bind_param ()
      use correct printf formats
      fixed badly placed paren
      Corrected format for wrong argument in commit 14466
      add git-dpull to gitignore
      TYPE is numeric, TYPE_NAME is alphanumeric
      Fixed parameter-count check for complicated statements using 
      RT#67630: L</NAME> will link to the =head1 NAME
      Register mo_ for DBD::MO
      Note mo_ in changes
      Fix po_ to mo_ cut'n'paste
      • DBD::Unify now supports uni_unicode attribute
      one quote -> quote_identifier to many
      Trying to catch up on the sqlengine branche
      Fix DBD::File tests
      Fixed RT#81516 - Test failures due to hash randomisation in perl 5.17.6
      tidy - layout consistency in both code and examples
      Spell and style issues in Jens'; request
      spell check new docs
      Ignore space issues of JSON formatting
      Merge pull request #1 from dsteinbrunner/master

H.Merijn Brand - Tux (26):
      pod text/link was reversed in a few cases
      Change DBI's docs from svn to git
      Hardcoded version strings
      Support multiple folders in DBD::File's f_dir attribute
      Use a new attribute: f_dir_ext
      Jens really prefers f_dir_search over f_dir_ext
      Make deep searches work.
      Give Ville the credits for his patch
      one more typo
      Tests for f_dir_search
      Give Ville the credits for his patch
      one more typo
      Support multiple folders in DBD::File's f_dir attribute
      Jens really prefers f_dir_search over f_dir_ext
      schema part is optional
      File::Basename::fileparse returns .\ instead of ./ on Windows :(
      VMS indicates current dir with "[]" instead of "./"
      RT#87029 - exit is a unary operator.
      Missing comma in code example in docs
      Add IRC to resources [ #99004]
      Do not connect DBD::File on non-existing folder in f_dir
      The f_dir change warrants a version bump
      small error in docs for write_typeinfo_pm
      Changed $sth->{TYPE} to be NUMERIC in DBD::File
      Two nits noted by mje
      DBI-1.632 was released without the TYPE stuff

Jeff Urlwin (1):
      Fixed to use File::Spec for devnull and deal with -e

Jeff Zucker (28):
      DBM + Nano + File, with verbose comments in DBM for DBD authors and full 
pods for DBM and Nano
      implemented all changes suggested in your last email
      new DBM and File
      new Nano
      new 50dbm.t
      Nano now supports ORDER BY. Locking is next, then the book, I swear, the 
book is next :-)
      grr, bugfix for ORDER BY in Nano
      added file locking with flock(), tested on Debian
      added lockfile attribute and changed check for availability of flock()
      couldn't resist - added BerkeleyDB support, ... transactions?!? coming?
      added test for BerkeleyDB
      pod addition for BerkeleyDB
      comments out DBI_SQL_NANO so tests users default
      back to Nano=1 for now, maybe something more complex later, but not 
      Gack, bad STORE and FETCH in DBD::File
      reverting DBD::File to how it was before my last braindead change
      POD fixes to DBD::DBM
      added handle-Active; fixed bug in $drh
      Active & drh fixes, schema storage for Class::DBI
      Test to detect bad SQL parsing of spaces
      Fix for bad SQL parsing of spaces
      Changed Nano version number to reflect previous patch
      fixed Active flag in execute
      added ping(), bumped version #
      typo fixes encoding problem
      strangely missing
      removed outdated DELETE; fixed bugs in _one_row methods

Jens Rehsack (249):
      Fix typo
      - do not fill column names on CREATE TABLE
      Note current changes
      Fix types of col_names/col_nums members of table object
      enable DBD::DBM and DBD::Gofer are tested with SQL::Statement (when
      - move from "die" to "croak"
      DBI::SQL::Nano requires SQL::Statement >= 1.28 for API compatibility
      - Fix some issues when SQL::Statement is used as engine
      remove trailing "\n" from croak messages
      - add test with FreezeThaw
      - move file2table to DBD::File::db - allow override in subclasses
      - apply Jens' style
      add more tests
      - rename 50dbm.t -> 50dbm_simple.t
      Add high level view of recent changes to the Changes file
      Fix typo
      Add support $ENV{DBD_DBM_TEST_BACKENDS} to allow more tests for
      - port drop behaviour from SQL::Statement
      Refactor DBD::File::Table and heavily use new attribute f_meta in $dbh
      test NDBM_File and ODBM_File, too - when available and 
/home/trevor/.shrc{DBD_DBM_TEST_BACKENDS} eq 'all'
      change order of attribute checks in DBI::SQL::Nano::Table_
      Fix prototype of DBD::DBM::Table::fetch_row
      Add test for DBD::File basics
      - modernize toolchain requirements
      fh is in meta since refactoring
      - add support for st attributes TYPE and NULLABLE
      - add column_names() support like SQL::Statement provides
      refactor DBD::DBM simple tests to prove each executed statement
      Remark latest changes
      clean up some attribute handling (dbm_ext -> f_ext, dbm_lockfile, ...)
      use attribute 'dbm_lockfile' as meaned
      move dbm_lockfile attribute and behaviour from DBD::DBM into
      Fix DBD::DBM typo and test
      Add evaluating amount of rows as TODO
      take DBI amount of fetched rows from statement handle
      unify additional test combinations
      prove $sth->rows after DELETE and UPDATE statements
      Add some documentation, especially bugs and limitations
      document some private attributes
      - correct dbm_lockfile attribute into f_lockfile
      fix placeholders for multiple rows insertion
      fix divison by zero error when MLDBM is not installed
      Add test for case insensitive table names
      Fixing trunctate method (thanks to Tux)
      Add supposed fix for DBD::CSV and similar derivates
      - add DBD::PO and DBD::RAM to conflicts
      - massive documentation updates, fixes and warnings added
      Small documentation update
      Add test for YAML Serializer (MLDBM) - when available
      Document depreciated attributes
      - croak for invalid amount of columns
      Prevent DBD::File sees a warning we don't want to share (DROP TABLE IF 
      fix typo
      - attribute f_ext must not be initialized to an empty string to allow
      Fix issues of DBD::File introduced during refactoring found by DBD::CSV 
      Add Roadmap for DBD::File and Pure Perl DBD's
      Adding developer documentation for DBD::File (first part)
      Adding more method description to the DBD::File developers
      finish rough developer documentation for DBD::File
      Add driver_prefix method to DBI to allow generic routines find out the
      - introduce general accessors to table meta information
      Fix issue regarding new implementation of dbm_versions
      Add test to prove fix for RT#58039
      basic file name tests for DBD::File using DBD::DBM
      Note last Changes
      prevent wrongly double initialization of table's meta in get_versions
      Prevent double initialization for already known table but different 
      Fix a test which will not run with Gofer-autoproxy
      Add complex join tests - first shot testing joins work and import between 
tables ...
      work around derived modules compatibility things
      Fix arguments of clear_file_meta
      Add documentation for get_versions, get_file_meta, set_file_meta and
      Fixing POD
      - fix some variable names
      - add proper support of public table meta access via "${prefix}tables"
      Add Clone as recommended dependency (fallback to Storable::dclone
      add test to test f_versions
      Add test workaround for Gofer limitation
      fix typo in POD
      Provide fix for i18n issue on drop table reported by daxim
      - Fix i18n issue on DROP TABLE error msg parsing (detected by daxim)
      Fix bug (UPDATE on INSERT statement)
      Fix duplicate PK (detected by the DBD::DBM fix suggested by
      add support to retrieve multiple meta data sets
      - add latest changes
      Move default attribute initialization from DBD::DBM::dr::connect into
      Add ability to set multiple meta data for one or more tables (with test)
      - try to update the test to run with DBD::Gofer as proxy
      - Improve DBD::File::db::get_versions and retrieve additional info from
      Update developer documentation according to latest DBD::File changes
      S::S 1.27_01 should be enough - bump to 1.28 for release
      Add some wanted features to the Roadmap
      Adding t/51dbm_file.t and t/52dbm_complex.t
      - try to fix data_sources
      remove empty connect method
      MSWin32 Cwd::abs_path throws exception for non-existent files
      "/" is not a path separator for every OS
      Add link to SQL::Statement::Roadmap for future feature discussion
      Extract dealing with Perl SQL engines from DBD::File into
      remove depreciated code
      It would be reasonable for ->{NAME} => ->{NAME_[lu]c} mapping to handle
      Try a workaround fix for table_defs related FETCH results in DBD::CSV
      fix typo
      - remove duplicated code from DBD::File
      Add some documentation
      add data dictionary persistence to the DBD::File roadmap
      add register_reset_on_modify documentation
      remove sql_* attrs from initialization and tidy
      prepare for final release - require at least SQL::Statement 1.28
      test with MLDBM::Serializer::JSON, too - if found
      Update/enhance documentation
      try a requiring more current PathTools on MSWin32 to fix an issue from 
      fix RT#59568
      Fix tests failing when ran parallel
      add $$ to tracefile for parallel tests
      File::Spec is in core for 5.8.0
      choosing a more immutable dir for scanning
      skip aggregation function usage when using DBI::SQL::Nano
      try to guess where no S::S is available and skipp aggregation there, too
      add test for absolute pathname as table
      - fix issue when absolute filename is used as table name
      Note my last changes (DBD::File and t/50* related)
      Fix missing super class method invocation in 
      - add 2 phase initialization support to DBI::DBD::SqlEngine
      add two phase initialization support
      Note DBI::DBD::SqlEngine enhancements and doc improvements
      add new doc to the MANIFEST
      remove "several pointless $@=undef's"
      - cleanup after testing
      clean up after testing
      adding comments when $@ isn't proved sometimes
      Review code (while writing DBD::File HowTo) and correct:
      minor corrections and improvements
      cut DBI::DBD::SqlEngine related documentation
      fix typo on creating developers pod for DBI::DBD::SqlEngine
      refer to DBI::DBD::SqlEngine::Developers as base
      Do not inject driver methods without a prefix
      fix typo & correct perl-requirement to 5.8 (as DBI tells)
      minor enhancements
      add a guide for DBD::File based DBD's
      adding a note about both added guides
      fix a copy/paste error from SQL::Statement code merge
      Fix several issues when using full qualified path names as table name
      work around a SQL::Statement or tr/// issue
      simplifying SQL::Statement approval
      kick out pointless basename in testdir
      Croak manually when file after tie doesn't exists in DBD::DBM when it have
      rewrite a string eval into a code eval
      - tidy
      Added register_compat_map() and table_meta_attr_changed() to 
      Fixed issue in DBD::File when users set individual file name for tables
      Fix gofer test failures for late $dbh attribute settings
      note my last changes
      fixing for file/directory names with whitespaces in them
      probably a better fix for RT#61445
      Merge r14444
      Adding fix to recognize SQL::Statement errors even if instantiated with 
      Adding fix to recognize SQL::Statement errors even if instantiated
      committing mergeinfo
      Merged /dbi/trunk:r14459-14475
      Adding new attribute "sql_dialect" to DBI::DBD::SqlEngine to allow users
      - allow multi-phase initialization in derived drivers
      - better phase recognition
      recent changes
      add new test script to test DBI::DBD::SqlEngine and enable it's
      cleanup SQL::Parser dialect handling
      allow INSERT statement without "INTO" - SQL::Statement compat
      add check for RT#61513
      fix typo in %compat_map initialization
      remove D:D
      fix <Invalid attribute 'sql_init_phase'>
      let it run with Gofer, too - ask Tim about the error
      fixing backward compatibility $prefix_tables thanks to Tim Bunce
      skipping tests when using Gofer, because they must fail as Gofer 
encapsulated drivers are persistent
      fixing behavior when running in a Gofer-Proxy as suggested by Tim Bunce
      Merging r14476 through r14571 into '.'
      Note latest changes regarding Gofer
      add comments about how it deals with Gofer
      Merged /dbi/trunk:r14572
      ensure merge is up-to-date :)
      Merging r14582 through r14622
      merge back merged sqlengine trunk to resolve merge conflicts
      Fixing issue described in RT#68250
      merge DBI/trunk from r14623 to r14894
      Fixing RT#69260
      replace 8 lines if/else by 1 line ?:
      - rollback broken fix from Tux
      merge r14895 to r15371
      Refactor table meta information management from DBD::File
      fix dbm_schema using internal data structures ...
      require newer SQL::Statement because of bug in SQL::Statement::DROP
      introduce readonly support for pure-perl databases
      remove debug diag output
      - improve error message in case of lock mode
      Guard f_dir against using undef
      DBD::File Plugin-Support for table names and data sources
      fix typo
      compat fix to support DBD::File 0.40 API
      bump versions
      - allow more than one attribute being reset on user meta information 
      - reset "sql_data_source" meta attribute when f_file is set
      - fix table meta initialization
      - "fix" f_lockfile => f_lock (f_lockfile is the attr for lock file 
      improve reaction on required open_file call in case of multiple executes()
      Fix RT#72343 and add patches for it (Martin Evans, Jens Rehsack)
      fixing the open_file issue remaining after streaming support added
      re-introduce ->{sql_params_checked} to handle SQL::Statement limitations
      avoid Subroutine DBI::st::sql_get_colnames redefined ... when loading 
      move flock check to DBD::File::DataSource::Stream and add one liner to 
query capability from derived classes
      merged from trunk (revision 15471)
      fix using of STDOUT for flock() availability check even when STDOUT isn't 
an opened filehandle
      merge from trunk (r15472 through r15480)
      sort expected data for table_info test, too
      - warn when $dbh->{dbm_ext} and $dbh->{dbm_lockfile} are used
      Merged /dbi/trunk:r15481-15512
      - update basic documentation
      perltidy code
      fix DBD::File::DataSource::Stream::open_data during self-code-review 
while hacking some docs
      applying changes made to the driver infrastructure to documentation
      clarify methods belongs to ...
      tidy examples in pod as Tux would write the code
      tidy examples in pod as Tux would write the code
      move some private function description to DBI::DBD::SqlEngine
      some POD corrections
      fix doc typo
      move meta compat description from DBD::File::HowTo to 
      update Copyright (years)
      updating doc - primarily for ::dr::connect
      put initialization funcs at the very end of initialization procedure
      merge sqlengine branch into trunk
      merge trunk back to be safe
      2nd merge after merged back for being sure
      Update recommends/conflicts
      Fixed ignoring RootClass attribute during connect() by
      fix repository URI (svn is declared dead)
      handle aliasing of STORE'd attributes for looking up into read_only 
attribute list ...
      Always insert *ALL* fields on INSERT
      Always insert *ALL* fields on INSERT in Nano
      stop confusing duplicate defining @tbl ...
      Fix handling "0" different from ""
      Fix handling "0" different from ""
      Fix string prove in Nano ("0" is not always false)
      add warning on unregistered driver (RT#93204)
      add class for driver without prefix warning
      add IRC resource
      add note for fixing RT#93204
      Add ad2_ prefix for clean room DBD::AnyData2
      reflect prefix (multi_, ad2_) addition in Changes

Karen Etheridge (1):
      move optional deps to "suggest"

Martin J. Evans (109):
      Added support for array context to execute_array and execute_for_fetch
      In execute_for_fetch, ensure -1 is returned for total rows affected if any
      Clarify what execute_array and execute_for_fetch returns in list context 
for rows affected if the driver cannot determine the rows affected
      Mention "panic: DESTROY (dbih_clearcom)" in Changes for 1.56
      innocuous change to test login details - sorry Tim
      Add new notes on Makefile.PL,META.yml advice and passing CPAN testing
      Update instructions for Makefile.PL to provide latest information on 
      Fixed typos and spelling mistakes
      When dbd_st_prepare_sv was added the driver prototype was omitted.
      In sql_type_case_svpv:
      Document StrictlyTyped, DiscardString and new behavior when TYPE specified
      Added pod for sql_type_cast_svpv to
      Tests for DBI::sql_type_cast - not necessarily finished but wanted to let
      Fix test count and tidy output for a full make test - disable warnings 
      Needs SQL types and DBIstcf_XXX
      Fix tests for conversions to IV on machines where IVs are 8 bytes
      Some tests cannot be performed with PurePerl e.g., DiscardString (skipped)
      Omit some tests on Perl < 5.10.1 due to a change in sv_2nv.
      In sql_type_cast catch warnings casting a non-numeric type by adding 0 so
      Document new utility method sql_type_cast
      Corrected the Timeout examples as per rt 50621
      Document drivers which do not support column_info
      Fix f_encoding outside of over
      croak if binmode fails
      Minor change to the signal handling example to add comment, fix reference
      Forgot Changes file entry
      Fix mistake in Changes where I accidentally added a 1.613 section
      Changes for better English and explanation
      minor pod fixes
      more English pod fixes
      Minor grammatical change
      Corrected some typos and English
      some grammatical fixes to Sno's last pod changes.
      A few more grammatical pod fixes.
      Reworked pod - spelling, grammatical errors and hopefully better 
      some grammatical fixes to Sno's last pod changes.
      grammar fixes
      grammar fixes
      more grammar changes - still not sure about the truncate method!
      more grammar changes
      more grammar changes
      more grammar changes
      more grammar changes
      he's => he is
      fix truncate description
      Fix unterninated L<>
      Fix grammatical errors
      Move type/inherited from attribute names in =head to body of attribute 
      Minor typo for header file
      Removed all that complicated test counting from 50dbm_simple and fixed
      add missing test names to ok calls
      Fixed compiler warnings for ignored hv_store result
      Add some test names to ok/is etc calls
      Document dbd_st_execute return
      Add MS Access null handling results from Memo Garcia
      Small change to the way dbipport.h is included so driver authors can
      revert include change on dbipport.h - will come back to this later
      Document drivers which avoid creating a statement in do and the effects
      Fixed the definition of ArrayTupleStatus and remove confusion over
      Add Con, ENC and DBD trace flags and add macros for XS including the 
existing SQL trace flag
      Extend 09trace.t to test ENC, CON, TXN and DBD trace flags
      Fixed ParamTypes example in pod
      Add test case for rt 64330
      Fixed sql_type_cast example and typo
      add test for rt 66127
      fix compiler warnings
      comment only
      Add pod for default_user
      Change tests added for rt66127 and rt64330 to TODO tests as I don't think
      Revert r14891 as it does not work and seems to cause test failures 
      Reserve spatialite_ as a driver prefix
      add TODO
      revert last cange, sorry that was really just a test checkin - forgot my 
svn passwd
      Remove 2 TODOs in the unicode table name test which now:
      Ooops : missing from SKIP label
      test for unicode table name having utf8 set was on wrong field
      fix small typo in test msg
      rt72343 - default table_info method used NAMES instead of NAME
      Minor tweak to execute_for_fetch pod
      Revert rt72343 change - Jens wanted it in his branch
      Fix rt72343 - NAMES => NAME in default table_info and removed unnecessary 
      rt 73286 gmax links no longer valid
      Fix for rt74975
      Added some notes to existing TODO items
      Update dbipport.h to 3.20 from Devel::PPPort
      Define some NEED macros suggested by Devel::PPPort
      Fix compile errors on Windows introduced in 1.617
      Stop tracing the password in the connected method
      rt76520 - Optimize fetchall_arrayref with hash slice
      rt76572 - Allow renaming columns in fetchall_arrayref hash slices
      applied patch in rt 76296 and tested FILE is set correctly
      Fix for rt 67223 and 69260 - neither Jens nor Merijn have tuits to look 
at this right now and the the patch seems reasonably sensible since list_tables 
returns @table_list and not @tables. Note the DBI rt was marked patched but I 
think it was only patched in a branch and not in trunk.
      Reserve snmp_ and tree_
      as ilmari points out on irc he did not fix CvFILE - I don't know the name 
of the person who did
      minor typo
      apply Dave Mitchell patch fix for rt 77137
      change ref to bind_columns in bind_col to a link
      Some fixes for DBD::SQLite now that the bugs I reported in it are fixed
      RT64330 - ping wipes out errstr - new test cases and fix which removed 
      a couple of it's => its
      Fix pod suggesting there are only 2 trace flags
      fix typo
      Stop setting err to 0 when creating a new drh
      Fix RT#83132 - move DBIstcf* constants to utils export group
      Clarification of ReadOnly attribute when driver cannot enforce it
      ignore a load of generated files in .gitignore

Martin McGrath (1):
      Update - POD changes

Matt Phillips (1):
      Check for global destruction in neatsvpv

Peter Rabbitson (3):
      Fix test t/*35thrclone.t hang on older < 5.8.9 perls
      Fix t/*10examp.t and t/*19fhtrace.t failing under very high test 
      Skip a group of tests intermittently failing on 5.8.1

Philip M. Gollucci (4):
      test access
      remove test  addition
      Fix all the following warnings when compiling against bleed ~5.9.5
      Fix the regex's checking for blib warnings to match.

Reini Urban (1):
      perl5.21 warns about Redundant argument in sprintf

Robert (1):
      Setup DBI

Stevan Little (5):
      Updating Test files for Phalanx project
      Adding in recent test changes
      Updating 03handle.t tests
      commiting several changes to tests
      possibly fixing test issue

Stuart Johnston (1):
      Move DBD::Gofer::Transport::http releated change notes to appropriate 

Tim Bunce (847):
      Import DBI-1.38
      Changes for DBI-1.39
      Changes for DBI-1.40
      Updating source to current work-in-progress and adding some non-source 
      Adding tar containing all the old RCS files. Theoretically these can be 
used to recreate any older version of the DBI. I'll delete the file from HEAD 
after the next release so it won't be a distraction in future.
      Subject: Patch against DBI-1.40/ (for signal handling section of 
      Edits of signal handling section
      Fix dbiproxy usage doc error (
      Add "How to create a patch using Subversion" to docs
      Fixup DBI::PurePerl
      Clarified that $sth->{PRECISION} is OCTET_LENGTH for char types.
      Add and document an interface to set_err() logic for drivers.
      Add new $h->{Executed} attribute and use it to control the
      Polish description of the C<Executed> attribute
      Added dbivport.h to provide backwards compat for drivers
      Add tests for $h->{Executed} and DBI::PurePerl support
      Assorted polish
      Added bind_col to Driver.xst so drivers can define their own.
      Changed trace level to be a four bit integer (levels 0 thru 15)
      Fix $dbh->DBI::set_err(...) to be $dbh->set_err(...)
      Extended bind_param() TYPE attribute specification to imply
      Minor fixups before release
      Corrected type_info_all index hash docs thanks to Steffen Goeldner.
      Fix set_err(0,...) thanks to Steffen Goeldner
      Add $h->{PrintWarn} attribute
      Added $h->{ErrCount} attribute
      Change table_info() and column_info() to check argument count.
      Use rise in ErrCount to detect errors in cases where err was not cleared
      Clarify primary_key_info docs.
      Fixed $sth->{NUM_OF_FIELDS} of non-executed statement handle
      Corrected typos in docs thanks to Steffen Goeldner.
      Changed ShowErrorStatement to apply to more $dbh methods.
      Clarify that drivers may not provide full warning details
      Fixed DBD_ATTRIB_DELETE macro thanks to Marco Paskamp.
      Store patch for implementing discard_pending_rows as an alias for finish.
      Add t/09trace.t left out of earlier commit
      Major additions that Jeff Zucker and I have been working on:
      Fixed DBI::PurePerl looks_like_number() and $DBI::rows.
      Added SQL_CURSOR_TYPE constants thanks to Jeff Urlwin
      Add to docs and tweak ToDo
      Add new generation of DBD::Multiplex
      Corrected execute_for_fetch example thanks to Dean Arnold.
      Tweak connect and installed_versions docs.
      Add dbm_ to driver registry.
      More tweaks to trace documentation
      Use carp::shortmess to add stack trace info to DBI::PurePerl at tracel 
level >=2
      Clarify when a fetch method should turn off the Active attribute.
      More work on tracing. Good enough for release.
      Fix up (or workaround) some issues with DBD::File/DBD::DBM
      Prep for 1.42 release candidate 1
      Forgot to add lib/DBI/SQL/ to MANIFEST
      Add PREREQ_PM => { "Test::More" => 0 },
      Fix $h->trace with no args core dump
      Make t/50dbm.t more conservative about which extensions it uses.
      Fixed ref($h)->can("foo") to not croak.
      Moved methods common to all handles into DBI::common.
      Prep for RC2
      -    else if (Perl_sv_derived_from(hrv, "DBI::common")) {
      Restrict DBI->installed_versions test to developers
      Only use SDBM_File to test DBD::DBM by default.
      We are go for launch...
      Fixed compiler warning thanks to Paul Marquess.
      Changed selectall_arrayref() to call finish() if $attr->{MaxRows} is 
      Minor tweaks
      Changed more tests to use Test::More thanks to Andy Lester,
      Change note for Jeff's r231 checkin.
      Added t/pod.t from Andy Lester.
      Fixed last_insert_id(...) thanks to Rudy Lippan.
      Fixed propagation of scalar/list context into proxied methods.
      Fixed DBI::Profile::DESTROY to not alter $@.
      Tweak svn docs thanks to Lincoln A. Baxter
      Fixed DBI::ProfileDumper new() docs thanks to Michael Schwern.
      Fixed connect() and connect_cached() RaiseError/PrintError
      Add "1;" to end of tests so the zv??_* tests don't complain.
      Change "DBI handle cleared whilst ..." to "DBI handle 0x%x cleared whilst 
      Fix some problems with test skipping
      Update Test::More prereq and Changes notes
      Tweak t/40profile.t for perl 5.6 vs 5.8 difference in DESTROY behaviour.
      Fixed _load_class to propagate $@ thanks to Drew Taylor.
      Fix thread test (mainly by putting "use threads;" at the very top)
      Add DBI->parse_dsn()
      Fixes for make -j4 and recent ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      Added docs for parse_trace_flags() and parse_trace_flag().
      Fixed DBD::Sponge not to generate warning with threads.
      Pass \%attr from (old-style) bind_columns call down to bind_col()
      Delete issues that have been addressed or are otherwise no longer 
      Release candidate
      Fixed last_insert_id(...) thanks to Rudy Lippan.
      Changed getting or setting an invalid attribute to no longer be
      Changed TraceLevel 1 to not show recursive/nested calls.
      Changed bind_param_array() so it doesn't require all bind arrays
      Add DBIcf_Executed and allow state to be null in DBIh_SET_ERR_CHAR()
      Corrected docs to say that get/set of unknown attribute generates
      assorted tweaks to ToDo
      Changed Test::More prerequisite to Test::Simple, which is also the name
      Updated and reordered to better indicate goals for 2.0
      Corrected fetchall_arrayref() docs example thanks to Drew Broadley.
      Fixed build warnings on VMS reported by Jakob Snoer.
      Fixed build issues on VMS thanks to Jakob Snoer.
      Add DBI Roadmap document (newly written, draft)
      Clarify prepare_cached docs
      Add Batch Statements
      Assorted ToDo tweaks
      Fixed DBD::File finish() method to return 1 thanks to Jan Dubois.
      Tweaks to Roadmap and ToDo
      Workaround vmsify issue for VMS
      Fix typos in t/06attrs.t (#7588)
      Minor tweaks to File::Spec usage
      Updated roadmap (and minor tweaks to ToDo)
      Fixed rare core dump during global destruction thanks to Mark Jason 
      Changed bind_param_array() to error if placeholder number <= 0.
      Added $h1->swap_inner_handle($h2) - sponsored by
      Fixed risk of utf8 flag persisting from one row to the next.
      Tweak Roadmap and install as DBI::Roadmap for perldoc.
      Require Test::More 0.4 up-front
      Fixed DBI::DBD code for drivers broken in 1.44.
      Fix "transfer of control bypasses initialization of variable"
      Fixed space-parsing bug in DBI::SQL::Nano thanks to Jeff Zucker. (prev 
      Added data_string_diff() data_string_desc() and data_diff()
      Updates to roadmap
      Re-fmt and a few tweaks to the roadmap
      add docs for new funcs. add $neat_maxlen to :utils export tag
      Updated roadmap and todo.
      Fix parsing of WHERE expressions.
      Changed DBD::File to enable ShowErrorStatement by default.
      Prep for DBI 1.46
      Changed execute_array() definition, and default implementation,
      Skip hash(,1) tests for PurePerl if Math::BigInt isn't recent enough.
      Fix testing left-overs - thanks to Tels for spotting it.
      Assorted updated to the docs.
      Fixed some tests to work with older Test::More versions.
      Switch to using =head3/=head4
      Added note that DESTROY for sth should call finish.
      Use FETCH/STORE for Active instead of $h->{Active}
      Fixed setting $DBI::lasth where DESTROY calls other methods.
      Updated docs to recommend common some DSN string attributes.
      Changed driver handle caching in DBD::File.
      Updated err/errstr/state docs for DBD authors thanks to Steffen Goeldner.
      Updated handle/attribute docs for DBD authors thanks to Steffen Goeldner.
      Updates to driver connect() example code
      Tweak DBI::DBD docs some more.
      Thanks to podchecker. (Not 100% clean, but much closer.)
      More doc tweaks thanks to Steffen Goeldner
      Fixed DBD::Proxy method calls to not alter $@.
      Add return type for SQL_DATABASE_NAME
      Fixed DBI::ProxyServer to not create pid files by default.
      Updated docs to clarify that the default fetchrow_hashref behaviour,
      Updated connect_cached() docs with issues and suggestions.
      DBI 1.47
      Fixed DBI::DBD::Metadata generation of type_info_all thanks to Steffen 
      Updated docs for NULL Value placeholders thanks to Brian Campbell.
      Add basic t/11fetch.t as prelude to upgrading fetchall_hashref
      Initial commit of enhanced fetchall_hashref
      Polished up multi-keyfield nested hash fetching to fetchall_hashref docs.
      Seems I forgot to checkin the final 1.48 change, D'oh.
      Added $h->{Callbacks} attribute to enable code hooks to be invoked
      Fixed croak() in DBD::NullP thanks to Sergey Skvortsov.
      Callbacks invoked with local $_ = method_name
      take_imp_data work:
      Fixed handling of take_imp_data() and dbi_imp_data attribute
      Fix warning due to dbd_take_imp_data macro
      Changed warning about multiple copies of Driver.xst found in @INC
      Apply Stas's mg_get patch and document Jeff's in Changes
      Changes from Andy Lester:
      Clarify unrecognised attribute name warning
      Added $sth->{ParamTypes} specification thanks to Dean Arnold.
      Fixed bug in DBI::ProfileDumper thanks to Sam Tregar.
      test from Sam re DBI:ProfileDumper
      Fixed assorted bugs with attribute handling in DBD::Proxy.
      Fixed ping in DBD::Proxy thanks to George Campbell
      Fixed dangling ref in $sth after parent $dbh destroyed
      Pass original args to $dbh->connected.
      Make the 'VCVARS32.BAT has not been run' check fatal.
      Fixed prerequisites to include Storable thanks to Michael Schwern.
      Move ChildHandles support into C code (and PurePerl).
      Fix core dump on DESTROY
      Note progress in Changes (gott'a find tme to tackle take_imp_data...)
      Fixed take_imp_data to be more practical. Yeah!
      Release time...
      Fixed warning options for gcc
      Release 1.49
      Fixed Makefile.PL options for gcc bug introduced in 1.49, reported by 
Eric Rybski.
      Fixed handle magic order to keep DBD::Oracle happy.
      Changed dbi_profile_merge() to be able to recurse and merge
      Fixed selectrow_array to return empty list on error.
      Fixed $dbh->clone method 'signature' thanks to Jeffrey Klein.
      Changed DBI::ProfileData to be more forgiving of systems with
      Fixed t/40profile.t to be insensitive to long double precision.
      Added 'fetch array of hash refs' example to selectall_arrayref docs 
thanks to Tom Schindl
      Clarified the 'Subclassing the DBI' docs.
      Changed Makefile.PL to avoid incompatible options for old gcc.
      Fixed for perl 5.8.0's more limited weaken() function
      Use prompt() instead of <> in perl version warning.
      Improved performance for thread-enabled perls thanks to Gisle Aas.
      Drivers can now use PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT thanks to Gisle Aas.
      Fixed DBD::Proxy to not alter $@ in disconnect or AUTOLOADd methods.
      Under PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS the gettimeofday() function is provided by the 
      DBI::DBD tweaks (from someone whose names escapes me now, sorry).
      Added notes on PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT thanks to Gisle Aas.
      Add Id svn:keyword property to files using $Id$ keyword
      Fixed bind_columns to use set_err() instead of die() to report incorrect 
      Remove 'use Test::*' from Makefile.PL
      Fixed error building on threaded enabled perl.
      Fixed for perl 5.9.x for non-threaded builds thanks to Nicholas Clark.
      Fixed fetching of rows as hash refs to preserve utf8 on field names
      Updated docs and Changes to note that DBI->installed_drivers was added in 
      Doc clarifications.
      Added ability for DBI::Profile Path to specify attribute names.
      Convert t/40profile.t to Test::More and better tests
      Changed DBI::Profile format to always include a percentage,
      Added example to parse_dsn docs.
      Fixed build on Win32 (dbd_postamble) thanks to David Golden.
      Fix connect_cached to not modify caller data thanks to Dami Laurent
      Upgrade dbipport.h to perl 5.8.8's thanks to Philip M. Gollucci.
      Minor tweaks. Starting to prepare for release.
      Assorted minor changes to docs from comments on
      Fixed bind_col() to ignore undef as bind location, thanks to David 
      Added docs for $sth->{ParamArrays} thanks to Martin J. Evans.
      Fixed memory leak (16 bytes per sth) thanks to Doru Theodor Petrescu.
      Minor tweaks to and docs.
      Added $dbh->statistics_info thanks to Brandon Black.
      Refactor profile code slightly in preparation for code refs in Path
      further profile code refactoring
      Fixed small memory leak (per interpreter/thread) thanks to Ephraim Dan.
      Convert DBIprofile_* magic values from numbers to strings
      Fixed execute_for_fetch/execute_array to RaiseError thanks to Martin J. 
      Fix execute_for_fetch error handling and add tests.
      Added basic ParamValues support to DBD::Sponge.
      Added ability for DBI::Profile Path to contain code refs - cool.
      Fix (hopefully) an assertion failure in bleedperl.
      Fixed memory leak (per handle) thanks to Nicholas Clark.
      Fixed memory leak (per handle) thanks to Nicholas Clark and Ephraim Dan.
      Bump version. Add wmi_ for DBD::WMI to dbd registry. Add ex/ to 
      Tweaks that were in 1.52 but didn't get checked in
      Fixed checks for weaken to work with early 5.8.x versions
      Tweak wording for list context execute_array & execute_for_fetch
      Experimental addition of caller into to RaiseError/PrintError message. 
Disabled for now.
      Clarify docs that execute_for_fetch can return early on hard failure.
      Add to svn somes files that were in 1.52
      Add high-level TASKS.pod.
      Fixed DBD::Proxy handling of some methods, including commit and rollback.
      Added some more docs to DBI::Profile and DBI::ProfileSubs.
      Fixed to work with current 'bleadperl' (~5.9.5) thanks to Steve Peters.
      Fixed t/40profile.t to be insensitive to small negative shifts in time 
thanks to Jamie McCarthy.
      Fixed t/40profile.t to be more insensitive to long double precision.
      Added Tie::Cache::LRU example to docs thanks to Brandon Black.
      Fixed to be more robust against drivers not handling multiple result sets 
properly thanks to Gisle Aas.
      Revert to inherit from Exporter.
      Improve auto-adjustment of NUM_OF_FIELDS
      Prep for release
      Fixed t/40profile.t to skip tests for perl < 5.8.0.
      Changed t/40profile.t to skip tests for perl < 5.8.0
      Fixed type_info when called for multiple dbh thanks to Cosimo Streppone.
      Extra notes for README thanks to Steve Canfield
      Fixed to compile for perl built with -DNO_MATHOMS thanks to Jerry D. 
      First reasonably-working version of DBD::Forward (stateless proxy)
      Much more complete handling of many edge cases.
      Next big chunk of DBD::Forward development.
      DBD::Forward now correctly tables dbh methods that return sth (like 
      Update Revision and try out new svn keyword magic
      Added missing t/65transact.t
      Add some docs to DBD::Forward.
      Spin-off changes from falling into a rabbit hole with DBD::Gofer 
(formerly DBD::Forward)
      Delete DBD::Forward and add DBD::Gofer (with many changes)
      More work-in-progress, including adding a 'pipe' transport.
      Renamed Gofer transport pipe to pipeone
      Factory methods (ie connect & prepare) copy error/warn/info to their 
parent handle (drh,dbh)
      Rename pipestream to stream.
      Add basic ssh config for stream transport.
      Tweak docs for DBD::Gofer ready for RC1
      Fix binary compatibility problem introduced in r8532.
      Add DBI::Util::_accessor and use instead of Class::Accessor::Fast
      Update revision
      Fix wrappers -T to avoid need to search @INC to find the wrapped .t file.
      Add some link love for sponsors.
      Fixed some compiler warnings on 64bit systems.
      Minor tweaks
      Replace go_ssh attribute with more general go_url attribute.
      Add usage info to dbiprof
      First working draft of http->mod_perl transports.
      Specify that drivers should return utf8 for non-iso-8859-1 character data.
      Convert DBI::Gofer::Execute into an object
      Add initial dir_config configuration support for mod_perl transport.
      set_err won't duplicate an error message now.
      Make dbh_method_* handling like sth_method_call handling (so we don't 
need separate _name and _args)
      Implement 'policy' config mechanism for DBD::Gofer
      Added mechanism to fetch back all dbh attributes on first (or every or 
never) request.
      Minor tweaks
      Added basic docs to all gofer modules.
      Make pipeone and stream use $^X and not mess with PERL5LIB.
      Fix compiler warnings thanks to Ron Savage.
      Add version skew protection
      Added connection persistence.
      Loosen up attribute handing now that transport class will croak on bad 
      t/85gofer.t uses go_perl to ensure correct perl -Mblib=... is used for 
      Fixed DBI::ProfileDumper to not be affected by changes to $/ and $, 
thanks to Michael Schwern
      Move go_perl special case handling into new().
      Make classic the default policy instead of pedantic.
      Limit the insanity (to managable levels) when using DBI_AUTOPROXy with 
      Move go_perl and related logic down from stream into pipeone.
      Fix trace_msg calls so DBD_GOFER_TRACE works independently of DBI_TRACE
      Refactor transmit_request and receive_response into Base
      Attempt to fix t/zvp_10examp.t failures related to closing trace files.
      Force quote and quote_identifier to gofer for now - will ass policy later.
      Post mod_perl transport to MP2 thanks to Henri Asseily.
      Doc updates from Henri Asseily.
      Make dbi_dumpcom more robust, also show Name or Statement if possible.
      Add a default destroy method in DBI.xs like the one in Driver.xst
      Fixes to last_insert_id after testing with DBD::SQLite
      Fixed set_err so HandleSetErr hook is executed reliably, if set.
      Changed DBD::Gofer to work around a DBD::Sybase bind_param bug.
      Fix http transport.
      Use nfreeze for serialization.
      Improve AutoCommit handling in DBD::Null
      Don't pass RootClass DbTypeSubclass to gofer server
      For Sybase warn about >9 params (temp) and do proper numeric sorting.
      Give less verbose outut for DB?_GOFER_TRACE=1
      Add locally_quote and locally_quote_identifier policy hooks.
      The array methods do work with gofer - basically.
      Polish up Apache::Status output
      Implement Gofer::Execute stats and report via Apache::Status
      Fix croak call in PurePerl.
      Add mechanism to log errors/warnings on the server side.
      Support prepare & prepare_cached naturally (ie prepare_cached works on 
both client and gofer server)
      Add more stats.
      Added support for DBI Profile Path to contain refs to scalars which will 
be de-ref'd for each profile sample.
      Implement policy-controlled caching of (non sth) metadata methods 
(tables, parse_trace_flags, get_info etc)
      Remove Apache:Status hooks as that code is now in a new 
Apache::Status::DBI module
      Remove DBD/Gofer/Transport/http and DBI/Gofer/Transport/mod_perl as they 
now have a separate distribution.
      Polish up for release
      Make pipe and stream transport ignore wsrn from old versions of blib.
      Implement skip_default_methods policy:
      Make gofer timeout handling more useful and thorough (kill subprocess for 
      Further improvements in trace output (summary_as_text)
      Fix classic policy to only request dbh attributes on first contact
      Avoid sending \%attribs to prepare if there are only local gofer attribs.
      Avoid reusing dbh cached by parent in child
      Changed tests to work with other DBMs thanks to ZMAN.
      Include syb_result_type in gofer sth attribs.
      Tweak Gofer Response summary_as_text
      Add connect_method and prepare_method gofer policies.
      Use proper select() code to read stdout+stderr from child process
      Remove old DBI internal sanity check that's no longer valid (after 
spending a few hours banging my head against it)
      Fixed 42prof_data.t on fast systems with poor timers thanks to Malcolm 
      Remove restrictions on altering NUM_OF_FIELDS.
      Add forced_single_resultset, max_cached_sth_per_dbh and 
max_cached_dbh_per_drh to gofer executor config.
      Always delete Password from connect attr.
      Moved _new_handle and TIEHASH to C.
      Convert CachedKids into an (almost) normal attribute
      Document dbilogstrip.
      Reworked CachedKids. It's now just an ordinary attribute.
      Changed some internals to improve performance with threaded perls
      Partial work on retry mechanism for gofer.
      Fixed potential corruption in selectall_arrayref and selectrow_arrayref 
for compiled drivers, thanks to Rob Davies.
      Improve error message when 'dbi:driver:' is missing of malformed.
      Added more functionality to the (undocumented) Callback mechanism.
      Added DBI_GOFER_RANDOM_FAIL env var and mechanism using callbacks to 
induce random failures in particular methods.
      Move setting Executed fag to after Callback handling so flag not set if 
callback skips the method.
      Add automatic retries on failure - works very well.
      Prep for RC1
      Added details for SQLite 3.3 to NULL handling docs thanks to Alex Teslik
      Add take_imp_data to DBI::PurePerl
      Added ReadOnly attribute.
      Make first value in DBI_GOFER_RANDOM_FAIL be a percentage rather than 
1-in-N value.
      Changed ex/ to be more descriptive
      Move track_recent and related logic from mod_perl transport into 
update_stats() method here.
      Fix Exiting ... via last warning.
      Use update_stats in DBI/Gofer/Transport/stream
      Fix forced_single_resultset
      Fix summary_as_text
      Fixed printf arg warnings thanks to JDHEDDEN.
      Workaround Math::BigInt broken versions
      Fix test for broken Math::BigInt versions
      Overhaul pod docs, including using =head3 in the DBI docs
      Fix driver-private sth attributes via gofer.
      Add FETCH_many method (currently undocumented)
      Removed META.yml so it'll be autogenerated correctly.
      Minor doc tweaks
      Changed dbi_profile_merge() to dbi_profile_merge_nodes()
      Added $profile->filename method to DBI::ProfileDumper
      Added support for !Time and !Time~N to DBI::Profile Path.
      Fix typo
      Test that lib/DBI/ProfileDumper/ can be loaded outside apache.
      DBI::ProfileDumper: empty() now sets Data to undef not {}.
      Assorted minor changes and polish.
      silence a debug warn
      Add trace mechanism to DBI/ProfileDumper
      Added ability to sort by Path elements.
      Added DeleteFiles option to delete files once read.
      Corrected timeout example in docs thanks to Egmont Koblinger.
      Added extra trace info to connect_cached thanks to Walery Studennikov.
      Fixed XS versions of select*_*() methods to call execute() fetch() etc., 
with inner handle instead of outer.
      Fixed execute_for_fetch() to not cache errstr values thanks to Bart 
      Added DBIXS_REVISION macro and mechanism to update it
      Don't profile DESTROY during global destruction
      Changed t/01basic.t to warn instead of failing when it detects
      Added as_text() method and tests.
      Prep for RC1
      Fix test count.
      dbi_profile() now returns ref to relevant leaf node
      Don't warn if $h->{Profile} is undef.
      Add format_path_element to DBI::Profile as_text()
      Use Config{Path_sep} when setting PERL5LIB
      Note: this release includes a change to the DBI::hash() function which 
      Fixed code that triggered fatal error in bleadperl thanks to Steve Hay.
      Fixed t/40profile.t to use int(dbi_time()) for systems like Cygwin where
      Removed dump_results() test from t/80proxy.t.
      Fix test count. Update VERSION.
      Unescape headers lines from data file in DBI/
      Add draft DBI FAQ tiddlywiki
      Delete inapropriate test from t/41prof_dump.t
      Add doc note about sth attributes relating to current result set.
      Jul 03 Alexey Tourbin  (  32) [ #27946] [PATCH] 
DBI/SQL/ do not clobber $_ FAQ update
      Make *.PL self-extracting files do a syntax check on the extracted file
      Add commas to trace level 1 dispatch messages FAQ update FAQ update FAQ update
      Fixed bug (typo) in DBD/Gofer/Transport/Base.
      tweak eror messages FAQ update
      Improve support for multiple serializations.
      Fix knock-on effects of changing an error message.
      Fix undef warning from dbi_profile($h, $stmt, undef, $t1, $t2)
      Fix proxy_rows when 0
      Fix to match change in freeze/thaw calling conventions.
      Only fail on syntax check of .PL files if a developer FAQ update
      Add DBI_PROFILE_FLOCK and LockFile attrib in DBI::ProfileData and 
      Handle deserialization errors better
      Fix t/05thrclone.t to work with Test::More >= 0.71 thanks to Jerry D. 
Hedden and Michael G Schwern.
      Set version to 1.601
      Use $DBI::stderr instead of 1 as generic err value.
      Fix for VMS thanks to Peter (Stig) Edwards 
      Added client-side caching to DBD::Gofer. Can use any cache
      Assorted fixes for DBD::Gofer caching
      Fix $h->can() returning () on some installations.
      Add docs
      Add client-side caching to DBD::Gofer.
      Change my url from to
      Fix caching (silence warning) for non-cachable requests.
      Prep 1.601 FAQ update
      Avoid undef warnings in proxy server (though they may indicate deeper 
problems as I've only seen them on cpan testers reports where the proxy test 
has failed).
      Change FAQ links to a more permenant address (
      Tweak build error message
      Improvements to t/80proxy.t test script.
      Gofer: track_recent now also keeps track of N most recent errors.
      Don't write files to /tmp else concurrent tests may fail.
      Fixed DBI::Util::CacheMemory->new to not clear the cache.
      DBD/Gofer/Transport/Base: improve trace messages when fetching from cache
      Fixed potential coredump if stack reallocated while calling back into 
perl from XS code. Thanks to John Gardiner Myers.
      Raise kwalitee somewhat.
      Fixed avg in DBI::Profile as_text() thanks to Abe Ingersoll.
      DBD::DBM bug fix from J Davitt.
      Fixed take_imp_data for some platforms thanks to Jeffrey Klein.
      Clarify error message text (re rt#33015)
      Fixed docs tie'ing CacheKids (ie LRU cache) thanks to Peter John Edwards
      Fixed fetchall_arrayref with $max_rows argument to pure-perl
      Fix printf format vs argument type mismatches.
      More sprintf changes, this time for a threaded build.
      Refactor t/85gofer.t test ahead of some debugging.
      Changed gofer stream transport to improve error reporting.
      Changed dbi_profile() to accept a hash of profiles and apply to all.
      Try to avoid spurious test failures on slow/overloaded systems, like
      Changed gofer test timeout to avoid spurious failures on slow systems.
      A better way to avid suprious test failures on slow systems.
      Fix some harmless compiler warnings (on cygwin).
      Fixed fetchall_arrayref with $max_rows argument broken in 1.603
      Fixed the selectall_arrayref, selectrow_arrayref, and selectrow_array
      Fixup whitespace - remove tabs
      Increased timeout on tests to accomodate very slow systems.
      Removed the beeps "\a" from Makefile.PL warnings.
      Fixed lean in neat() for some kinds of values thanks to Rudolf Lippan.
      Clarified docs re ":N" style placeholders.
      Avoid an odd die in t/09trace.t that's happened on some win32 machines.
      Log 'transmit_request cache miss' if $go_cache true.
      Added $drh->dbixs_revision method (undocumented, only for problem 
      Apply original _concat_hash_sorted implementation patch from Rudolf 
      Change Newx() to New() as Newx() doesn't exist - not sure what Rudolf was 
      Fix #32309 - 
      Fixed dbixs_revision code in Driver.xst template.
      Fix DBIS initialization broken in earlier change.
      Redo gofer executor error handling to avoid duplicate error text in 
      Rework lvalue DBIS to ensure binary compatibility with existing drivers.
      Fix _concat_hash_sorted (test wasn't testing xs code, mixed hashes needed 
      Bring PurePerl _concat_hash_sorted into line.
      Store request/response object refs in recent buffer if frozen ones aren't 
      DBI/Gofer/Execute update_stats() can be called without frozen_request 
and/or frozen_response
      Add extra other_meta argument to update_stats (unused, mainly for 
      Fix _concat_hash_sorted/_join_hash_sorted to work with values with 
embedded nul bytes.
      Tidy up concat_hash_sorted code some more. Fix test count.
      Rename sort_type & sort_order to num_sort.
      Update test
      Rename t/05thrclone.t to t/35thrclone.t
      Fixup some _concat_hash_sorted use_neat inversion issues.
      Use _join_hash_sorted for ParamValues in ShowErrorStatement.
      Remove duplicated constants, thanks to Greg Sabino Mullane.
      Handle lack of rv in response to dbh method when there's a transport 
      Add gofer_execute_class to list of valid config attributes.
      Refactor response_needs_retransmit by separating decision logic into new 
response_retry_preference method.
      Refactor DBI_GOFER_RANDOM logic
      Fix trace_msg so transport trace level, if set, overrides DBI trace level.
      Add outline_as_text methods to Gofer Request and Response objects
      Gofer transport trace changes:
      Improve retry-on-error logic.
      Allow response_retry_preference to return a code ref
      Increased default $DBI::neat_maxlen from 400 to 1000
      Changed trace levels 1..4 to show less information at lower levels.
      Revert fail=odd/even% distinction change made recently (r11378)
      Clean up Changes file.
      Fix missing 'use' in DBI/Gofer/
      Clarified docs for ReadOnly thanks to Martin Evans
      Minor gofer optimization.
      DBI now requires perl 5.8.1 or later. 5.6 is no longer supported.
      Prep 1.606 release
      Fix min perl version requirement (was accidentally 5.8.10)
      Prep 1.607
      Fix DBD_ATTRIB_DELETE to use SvRV as it should.
      Fixed DBD_ATTRIB_DELETE macro for driver authors
      Credit Martin
      Improved DBI::DBD docs thanks to H.Merijn Brand.
      Fixed two small memory leaks when running in mod_perl
      Add pgpp_ as registered prefix for DBD::PgPP
      Added response_retry_preference to DBD::Gofer::Transport::Base docs.
      Fixed 64bit issues in trace messages thanks to Charles Jardine.
      Rework ParamType and ParamValue docs, and move Statement attr docs above 
      Add sqlite_ to driver prefix registry (odd that it wasn't there before)
      Add tests for placeholder support in DBD::DBM (and thus DBD::File)
      Fix execute() to use the same logic to get param count as is used to set 
      Fix subtle bug in FETCH_many when using drivers that (incorrectly) return 
      Prep for 1.608 release.
      Added docs form column_info()'s COLUMN_DEF value.
      Better wording for bind_param() data type behaviour.
      Added DBI->visit_handles($coderef) method.
      Continue the timeout dance with automated testers.
      Prep for dev release
      Note lack of graceful shutdown for DBI::ProxyServer.
      Avoid automated testing of other profile tests on xen systems.
      Move general to-do's out of Changes into TASKS.pod
      Added ImplementorClass and Name info to the "Issuing rollback() due to
      limit memory usage stress when performing automated testing of 
      Use a plain "use 5.008_001" instead of a BEGIN block.
      Note that DBIh_SET_ERR_SV doesn't like null pointers.
      Bumped required perl version to 5.8.1 (as announced in DBI 1.607)
      Avoid noise from warnings generated when syntax checking expanded .PL 
      Partially revert r13151 as it was incomplete and needs more work
      Avoid DBIS_TRACE_LEVEL macro as it's slow with multiplicity/ithreads.
      Added some more ChildCallbacks tests
      Expanded tabs and set vim: ts=8:sw=4:expandtab in some files
      Added ChildCallbacks => { ... } to Callbacks as a way to
      Updated DBI::Profile and DBD::File docs to fix pod nits thanks to Frank 
      Added DBI::sql_type_cast() and corresponding internal sql_type_cast_svpv()
      Provide a little insurance against thread scheduling issues (hopefully)
      Don't try to run gofer ssh tests if sshd not running.
      Bump Test::Simple prereq to 0.84 to get note() function.
      Provide some protection against growth in size of '.' while running 
      Removed size column from tests to avoid failures like
      Increase timeout for gofer tests
      Fix test count in t/80proxy.t.
      Taught neat() about UV values.
      Tweaked the docs for bind_col to be slighly less focused on internals.
      Fixed UVdf to be UVuf and slapped my wrist for not testing before checkin.
      Added DBIstcf_STRICT and DBIstcf_DISCARD_STRING to DBI::PurePerl.
      Use *_set() forms for DBIstcf_DISCARD_STRING
      Fix typo
      Fixed selectcol_arrayref MaxRows attribute to count rows not values 
thanks to Vernon Lyon.
      Prep for a dev release
      Fixed sigaction() example. RT#52342
      Edited new docs and extended them slightly.
      Revert DBISTATE_VERSION to 94. Tweak related comments.
      Tweak whitespace in docs. Pick up bumped DBIXS_REVISION.
      Prep for release
      Tweak URL/search details for MSDN ODBC docs.
      Fixed "Argument "aa" isn't numeric in addition" warnings from 
      Added t/90sql_type_cast.t to MANIFEST
      Prep for 1.611 release
      Added default perltidyrc
      Changed DBI::ProfileDumper to rename any existing profile file by
      Allow (undocumented) $DBI::shared_profile to be used to set profiles on 
subsequent drh's
      Include interpreter pointer in trace log message to help debug issues 
with multiplicity.
      Clear profile data at end of on_destroy method.
      Revert unconditional adding of Trace to DBI::Profile hash.
      Clarify that private_attribute_info relates to handle attributes (not 
method attributes)
      Fix a typo in DBI::FAQ spotted by John Gabriele and rewrite the section.
      Prep for devel release.
      Updated and clarified documentation for finish method.
      Prep for dev release.
      Fix copy-n-paste blunder to give H. Merijn Brand his rightful thanks!
      Prep for next release
      Bump svn rev in Changes for release
      Tweak the date in Changes
      Corrected typos in DBI::FAQ and DBI::ProxyServer (Ansgar Burchardt)
      Bump version and update Changes
      Updates to r14282 prior to actual implementation
      Added pid to handle structure. Reuses an existing spare U32 slot to avoid 
the pain of
      Added plausible handling of fork failure (eg on non-supported systems). 
Not well tested.
      Changed diag to note.
      Fix use of old 'polluted' symbols that now break with perl 
      Prep for dev release
      Bump version to 1.614
      Fix profile tests to run in parallel.
      Add make ptest target to makefile for parallel testing.
      Temporarily undef PERL_POLLUTE to ease testing
      DBIXS_REVISION update
      Prep for dev release
      Minor tweaks to the README
      Restore PERL_POLLUTE mode for now so the DBI itself isn't the cause of 
premature pain
      Prep for dev release. Reorder Changes into Fix/Changed/Added order.
      Prep for dev release
      Take TASKS and Roadmap.pod out of MANIFEST (and thus out of the distro).
      Prep for (another, maybe final) dev release.
      Remove activity from Makefile.PL
      Prep for release
      Fixed portability to VMS (Craig A. Berry)
      Adjusted t/40profile.t for extra line added to zvg_* test by VMS patch
      Prep for dev release
      Create sqlengine branch:
      Replace the assertion in $h->{NAME*} code with a warning.
      Optimized connect() to remove redundant FETCH of \%attrib values
      Add missing 0x prefix in return from DESTROY trace message
      svn merge
      Fixed spurious dbi_profile lines written to the log in some situations
      Prep for dev release
      Add xt directory with assorted stuff I had not checked in before
      Fixed typo in InactiveDestroy thanks to Emmanuel Rodriguez RT#62898
      Fix (harmless) use of uninit variable if trace >= 3 (and a compiler 
      Add "sleep N" command to DBD::NullP
      when writing to stream call print as method
      Minor tweak to DBD::Gofer::Transport::stream error handling
      Add note for previous commit re RT#62640 to Changes
      svn merge --reintegrate
      Prep for release
      Add DBD::Gofer::Transport::corostream
      prep for release
      Add and ex/ to MANIFEST
      prep for release
      Add t/48dbi_dbd_sqlengine.t to MANIFEST
      Fix version in Changes and tweak wording
      Remove mention of DBI v2 from TODO_2005.txt
      Removed old code that was an inneffective attempt to detect people doing 
      tidy up the IMA_* macro definitions
      Add DBD_ATTRIB_GET_UV macro
      Extend the 'internal method attribute' trace_level mechanism, that was 
used to
      Fix references to DBI::dbi_debug to mask off the flag bits.
      Add DBIf_TRACE_TXN. Added T=><trace flag> to some methods.
      Extend DBD::NullP execute() to return an error triggered by SQL
      Reorder changes into Fixes/Changes/Additions
      fix stray smart-quotes to straight-quotes noted by Steffen Winkler
      Add some more fetchall_arrayref(..., $maxrows) tests re RT68126
      Updated link to the SQL Reunion 95 docs, RT69577
      Remove TODO from RT64330 ping_keeps_err test. Polish up the test
      Add note to DBI::FAQ that it is not maintained. Remove links to broken 
domain. RT67838
      remove need for png file, just generate a binary string ourselves
      Allow DSN etc on the command line.
      Initial partial support for Postgres
      Move schema tests to last. Minor code cleanups, variable renaming.
      Avoid // so test runs on old perls. Set vim:ts=8:sw=4:et
      Tweak comment on ChopBlanks
      Clarified docs for fetchall_arrayref called on an inactive handle
      Fixed Gofer error handling for keeperr methods like ping
      make t/08keeperr.t ping test less strict
      Fixed $dbh->clone({}) RT73250
      Fixed is_nested_call logic error RT73118 (Reini Urban)
      Clear ParamValues on bind_param param count error RT66127
      fixup previous commit
      Changed DBI::ProxyServer to require DBI at compile-time RT62672
      Added note to DBI::Profile about async queries (Marcel Grünauer).
      Bump version to 1.617
      add note about officially supported minimum perl version to Changes
      Fix test to be strict-safe
      Show errstr when aborting t/85gofer.t
      fix typo (thanks H.Merijn Brand)
      fix DBIc_STATE to be DBIc_DBISTATE
      get rid of more dPERINTERPs - thanks to Dave Mitchell for the nudge
      enable xsbypass for threaded perls, provide escape hatch env var
      tweak comments
      tweak Changes revision and date
      simplify use_xsbypass env var logic
      oops, fix that to avoid non-constant expression
      tweak Changes for actual DBI 1.617 release date and revision
      Added comment: don't include SVs in dbi_ima_t as they won't be cloned by 
      polish code in setup_driver (thanks to Merijn Broeren)
      Fixed compiler warnings in Driver_xst.h (Martin J. Evans)
      Corrected typo. Noted in docs that clone() may warn in future
      Fixed compiler warning in DBI.xs (H.Merijn Brand)
      Minor changes to the install_method() docs in DBI::DBD
      speeding up XS_DBI_dispatch patch from Dave Mitchell
      5.8.8 seems ok with 31methcache.t
      silence "may be used uninitialized in this function"
      Fix thread archname test eg
      bump version to 1.618 for trial releases
      Don't call getenv during CLONE
      Significantly optimized DBI internals for threads (dPERINTERP -> MY_CXT) 
patch from Dave Mitchell
      bump Changes not for DBI-1.617_902 trial release
      HvMROMETA workaround for 5.10.0 (Dave Mitchell)
      bump Changes not for DBI-1.617_903 trial release
      Update Changes for trial release.
      Bump for DBI-1.618
      Add comment about optimizing fetchall hash slices
      give less confusing skipped message when testing DBI::SQL::Nano
      move method cache into dbi_ima_t struct (David Mitchell)
      inline inner_method_lookup (David Mitchell)
      detmeine method type when installed (Dave Mitchell)
      in XS_DBI_dispatch, short-cut mg_find (David Mitchell)
      XS_DBI_dispatch: eliminate is_FETCH (David Mitchell)
      XS_DBI_dispatch: only test qsv when it may be set (David Mitchell)
      XS_DBI_dispatch: micro-optimise method cv (David Mitchell)
      XS_DBI_dispatch: optimise stack handling (David Mitchell)
      Bump version to 1.619 (though there are no plans for a release yet)
      recommend Mike Ash "Getting Answers" over ESRs
      Only grumble about threads for perl <= 5.12
      Improve doc comments for DBIc_TRACE macro.
      Subject: [PATCH] under ithreads, make DBIS efficient for DBD::*
      Subject: [PATCH] cache imp_xxh in mg_ptr
      fix "warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code"
      prep for trial release
      Prep for trial release
      give thanks to sprout and fix ticket number
      Prep for release
      Fix fatal typo in DBD::TreeData registration
      rework fetchall_arrayref slice logic to use a column loop
      Modified column renaming in fetchall_arrayref, added in 1.619, to work on 
column index numbers not names (an incompatible change).
      prep for release
      Give credit to for sponsoring Dave's recent work
      Prep for release
      tweak Changes wording
      Corrected typo in DBI::ProfileDumper thanks to Finn Hakansson
      Fixed lack of =encoding in non-ASCII pod docs. RT#77588
      Bump version to 1.622 and prep for release
      force destruction of children before parents (eg during global 
      Fixed unused variable / self-assignment compiler warnings
      bump version number
      Fixed unused variable / self-assignment compiler warnings
      commit bumped DBIXS_REVISION
      Corrected typo in DBI->installed_versions docs RT#78825 and polished
      merged trunk in
      Fixed RT#80474 - segfault in DESTROY with threads.
      Added extra internal handle type check, RT#79952
      Added cubrid_ registered prefix for DBD::cubrid, RT#78453
      Fixed RT#75868 - DBD::Proxy shouldnt call connected() on the server.
      prep for DBI-1.622_921 dev release
      Fixed RT#81724 - Handle copy-on-write scalars (sprout)
      DBI-1.622_931 dev release
      Prep for 1.623 release
      fix time-machine error in Changes
      clarify docs for can() re RT#83207
      polish up the GETTING HELP section of the docs
      minor cleanups for the t/87gofer_cache.t test
      Fixed Gofer for hash randomization in perl 5.17.10+ RT#84146
      Bump ptest make target from --jobs 4 to 8
      Prep for 1.624
      Fixed heap-use-after-free during global destruction RT#75614
      Oops. Missed a bit for the heap-use-after-free fix RT#75614
      and credit where it's due for RT#75614
      drop old thread warning from Makefile.PL
      prep for 1.625 release
      add svn-users.txt
      add .travis.yml
      Minimal tweaks to README
      Deeper reworking of the README
      Add INSTALL file with notes extracted from the README
      Move some old and/or out-of-date files into a new Old directory
      MANIFEST updates and some housekeeping
      Apply the script to "fix" the svn keywords like Id and 
      Fix travis-ci link in README
      prep 1.626 release
      Fixed skip() count arg in t/48dbi_dbd_sqlengine.t
      remove utility that's no longer needed
      Fixed VERSION regression in DBI::SQL::Nano
      Prep 1.627 release
      Tweak reference to Ingeneering and remove (broken) url
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/f_dir-ref' (and updated Changes)
      revert empty string handling in Nano (f2a2df0)
      Enable compiling by C++ RT#84285 [Kurt Jaeger]
      Fixed stack corruption on callbacks RT#85562 RT#84974 [Aaron Schweiger]
      Fixed reference to $sth in selectall_arrayref docs RT#84873
      Tweak Changes description of DBI::SQL::Nano_::Statement fix
      Stay in C90 rules - avoid declaring a variable within code.
      Prep another dev release
      Bump release date. Drop $Date$ from Changes. Add test_output_* to 
      Merge "File::Basename::fileparse returns .\ instead of ./ on Windows "
      Update Changes for RT#87029
      Merge pull request #2 from theory/cb-doctweak
      Added connect_cached.connected Callback PR#3 [David E. Wheeler]
      Clarify wording of log message when err is cleared.
      Sorted .gitignore, added test_output_* and MYMETA.*. Added .gdbinit
      Merge pull request #5 from ilmari/fix-bigint-pod
      Added Changes for PR5 and polished wordings
      Add perl 5.18 to .travis.yml
      Added ErrChangeCount attr to fix PrintWarn for STROE etc. RT#89015.
      No longer show quote and quote_identifier calls at trace level 1.
      Enable PrintWarn by default. (Trial for testing by developers.)
      Prep for 1.628_50 trial release.
      Replaced ErrChangeCount with alternative approach that's binary 
      Fix err_hash for threaded perl
      Tidy Changes notes
      Switch to a modern form of handling $VERSION & $XS_VERSION
      Prep for 1.629_50 release
      Changed DBD::Gofer ping while disconnected set_err from warn to info.
      Prep for DBI 1.630 release.
      Make DBI::_handles return only the outer handle in scalar context
      Pass outer handle to Callbacks instead of inner handle.
      Merge pull request #8 from perl5-dbi/topic/concurrency_testfixes
      Merge pull request #7 from karenetheridge/topic/recommends_to_suggests
      Merge pull request #6 from mattp-/master
      Update Changes file for PR8, 9, and 10
      Fixed err_hash handling of integer err RT#92172
      Add test_output_* to list of things to rm on make clean
      Fixed use of \Q vs \E in t/70callbacks.t
      Write profile log to a filename that make clean will remove
      Bump version to 1.631
      Update changed with release date for 1.631
      Fixed DBD::PurePerl to not set $sth->{Active} true by default.
      Fix the $sth->{Active} fix (1682ad6) properly so it only applies to sth.
      Add "or again" to "perhaps you need to call execute first" errstr for 
in-Active sth
      Register neo_ prexfix for DBD::Neo4p.
      Merge pull request #9 from MartinMcGrath/master
      Merge pull request #13 from rurban/master
      Update Changes and tweak code for sprintf warning RT#97062
      Add security notice to DBD::Proxy and DBI::ProxyServer re Storable 
      Changed delete $h->{$key} to work for keys with 'private_' prefix RT#83156
      Fixed risk of memory corruption with many arguments to methods RT#86744
      Add 5.20 to .travis.yml
      Add 5.20-extras and 5.18-extras to .travis.yml
      Merge pull request #14 from perl5-dbi/dbd_file-nodir
      Fix new compiler warning in old code.
      Added note to AutoInactiveDestroy recommending it be enabled in new code.
      Bump version to 1.632
      Add release date to DBI 1.632 heading in Changes
      Make t/42prof_data.t more informative
      Fixed selectrow_*ref to return undef on error in list context
      Merge pull request #16 from ilmari/blead-fix-defsv-not-lvalue
      Merge pull request #17 from ribasushi/5_8_1_testfix
      Added docs for escaping placeholders using a backslash and get_info(9000).
      Tweak Changes wording s/GVSV/DEFSV/
      Bump version to 1.633. Prep for release.

Ville Skyttä (2):
      Spelling fixes.
      Spelling fixes.

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.633

guest (1):
      Converting test files to use Test::More

martin (2):
      Clarify bind_col TYPE attribute is sticky
      Clarify bind_col TYPE attribute is sticky


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