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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sun May 10 18:23:55 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.09

Daniel Friesel (284):
      Allow user to specify date and time
      Major code cleanup
      Added debug switch
      Code cleanup
      Added documentation
      Added zsh completion
      use 5.010;
      Ignore all unknown information
      A little bit input validation
      Added --time-for to get departure/arrival time
      efa(1): Fixed typo
      efa: Added --post to add any values to the HTTP POST request
      efa: Don't touch $raw while parsing
      Added --via (→ --from some place --to other place via teh place)
      Removed --time-for, added --arrive and --depart instead
      Added --restrict option for line selection (e.g. use ICE lines, too)
      Some restructuring
      efa: Show possible alternatives when receiving ambiguous input
      efa: Display possible values for every ambiguous input
      Don't use STDERR to display choices (it doesn't have binmode utf8)
      efa: Put some stuff into subs
      efa: parse_content: Print skipped infos in debug mode
      efa: Don't print trailing separation mark ("------")
      efa(1): Fixed a typo (thx zaba)
      efa: Added alternative "efa city stop city stop" invocation
      efa: Added note about no-break space in a regular expression
      efa: Display additional train-related information
      efa: Added --ignore-info switch, ignore bicycle-related information by 
      Added --ignore-info to zsh completion...
      efa: Extend $ignore_info to cover more cases
      efa: Added <from> <via> <to> invocation
      efa(1): Fixed and updated --ignore-info
      efa(1): Fixed the --restrict list
      Assume that this is v0.9
      efa: Added --help option
      Added README
      efa: Added --prefer option (choose connection based on 
      efa: Added --proximity ("Berücksichtigung von Nachbarhaltestellen bei 
Start und Ziel")
      efa: Added --max-change (maximum number of interchanges)
      efa: Added --exclude ("ausgewählte Verkehrsmittel")
      Version bump to 0.9.1
      efa: Added --walk-speed ("Gehgeschwindigkeit")
      efa: Added --bike option ("Fahrradmitnahme")
      efa: Improved --ignore-info handling
      efa: fixed a typo in an error message
      Added makefile
      efa: --walk-speed: Use smart matches instead of regexes
      efa(1): --from and --to are no longer mandatory
      efa: Added support for --{from,to,via}-type
      efa: Fixed parsing of "Fußweg" messages
      efa: Fixed generic messages without time
      efa: Show "Fußweg" on all connections, not just the last one
      Version bump to 1.0
      efa: --date: Make the year optional
      Makefile: Don't use $(RM)
      Makefile: Don't use install
      Shortened zsh completion a bit
      efa: Use perldoc -F
      efa: Refer to efa --help whin invoked with wrong arguments
      efa: Support additional cases of un-timestamped connections
      efa: Support more non-timestamped connections
      efa(1): Fixed a POD warning
      efa: changed something, fixed the resulting encoding fuckup
      Version bump to 1.0.1
      Makefile: install: Make sure the file mode is right
      Added tests (right now only for valid pod, but whatever :-)
      efa(1): Mention missing unicode support for arguments
      test/main: use sh -e
      efa: Added --version switch
      efa: Renamed --restrict option to --include
      efa: Fixed a really stupid mistake
      test: Do a normal syntax check of bin/efa
      Some code cleanup
      efa: Code cleanup
      Use foreach instead of for with useless $j counter
      efa: parse_content: Merged two if () checks
      efa: parse_content: Correctly parse Fußweg messages with time
      efa(1): Unicode may work or may not.
      Version bump
      Improved readability of the regular expressions
      Yet more code cleanup
      Fixed length of unicode chars in printf (but now unicode in arguments 
doesn't work)
      Update Changelog for 1.0.3
      efa: Allow stop-specification as addr:stop and poi:stop
      Yet further continued code cleanup
      More code reuse
      Simplify --exclude parsing
      Improve an error message, use die/warn instead of print STDERR
      Update the version in the script... ahem.
      efa: Add licence text
      Release v1.1
      Add argument verification for --date & --time; die upon invalid arguments
      Add short options
      Slight makefile/manpage cleanups, release v1.1.1 while at it
      Replace shell test script by Perl TAP stuff, add test target to Makefile
      Fix --date verification regex
      Add test for a few offline efa options
      efa: Add option checking for --exclude
      Add tests for some more options
      Add tests for short options
      Add short option for --version
      efa: --max-change arguments are verified by Getopt::Lang
      Add some actual parser tests
      Fix --ignore-info handling, add more parser tests
      efa: Correct --date help message
      Add installation note to README
      Release v1.1.2
      Die upon invalid options
      test/50-efa.t: Some cleanup
      efa(1): Add some general POD sections
      Add --timeout switch, decrease default timeout from 180 to 60 seconds
      Use HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath for parsing. Todo: Lots of code cleanup.
      Parse most options via subs instead of vars
      Slight variable name cleanup
      Put some more stuff into functions
      efa: Fix opt_date
      Fix special cases like "nicht umsteigen, Weiterfahrt [...]"
      Update and reenable parser tests
      Add parser test for ambiguous input
      Fix(?) UTF-8 issues with bin/efa. Nobody knows why it works.
      Set utf8 binmode on STDOUT & update tests again. I have not the slightest 
clue why the tests are actually still working.
      Set proper encoding for decoded_content
      Specify decode comment
      Use latin-1 for decoded_content
      Update documentation
      Release v1.2
      parse_tree: Minor performance improvenets (bin/efa: 2.5s → 1.8s avg)
      Slightly change option error messages
      Use HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML. Major performance enhancement.
      Use XML::LibXML directly
      Remove HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML workaround
      Detect error messages
      Update documentation + fix typo in source comment
      Detect non-itinerary output (i.e. upon invalid input data)
      Write errors to STDERR
      Fix a few perlcritic warnings
      Update Changelog and README
      Actually, release v1.3
      Remove prereqs file (useless for distribution)
      README: Add modules required for testing
      Remove --x-type, error handling for --to city type:something
      Update zsh completion
      Fix --exclude argument validation
      Move tests to t/, re-structure the directory while at it
      Switch to Module::Build
      Initial splitup to WWW::Efa. Lots of stuff to improve yet
      First try at API. And it even seems to work.
      Rename bin/efa test
      Add Efa::Error class (probably sucks so far :p)
      Fix internal error handling + tests for it
      Initial module test (new/isa/can)
      Tests for WWW::Efa->new() => correct post data
      Make POD test futureproof
      Add Test::Synopsis test, rename pod test
      Make WWW::Efa synopsis actually work
      Split up into WWW::Efa::Error::{Backend,Setup}
      Add README, begin documentation for Efa::Error::Setup
      Some documentation
      Add $efa->setup_error() to replace $efa->{'error'} check
      WWW::Efa::Error::Setup: document as_string a bit
      WWW::Efa::Error::Setup: Add accessors for inernals
      Add remaining error classes, sort of Remove unnecessary double quotes
      Remove 'time' option from WWW::Efa
      Fix efa --help
      (Hopefully) fix addr: etc. handling. Thx penma.
      Fix tests for new POST stuff
      Build.PL: Get version from git. Still need to get it into the .pl file, 
      WWW::Efa: create_post: Fix indentation, use correct date/time
      WWW::Efa documentation updates
      Improve(?) error handling
      WWW::Efa: Also allow dates, for those really lazy people
      Slightly improve date handling
      Update gitignore
      Code cleanup, remove WWW::Efa::Error stuff for now (to be reimplemented)
      Rename to Net::Travel::DE::VRR
      Update Changelog
      Introducing ::Route and ::Route::Part
      More descriptive accessor names in Net::Travel::DE::VRR::Route::Part
      Eliminate $efa->parse(), include it in $efa->submit() Fix SYNOPSIS Change new() key names Somewhat unfuck post_ methods
      efa(1): Note that it works all over germany Convert all remaining functions to methods Make post_ methods better usable as external setters Documentation
      Fix efa --ignore-info to allow the argument to be omitted
      Rename to Travel::Routing::DE::VRR
      Remove useless git version magic from Build.PL, update gitignore
      bin/efa: Actually use Travel::Routing, not Net::Travel... HTTP request error handling
      Try Exception::Class Document new submit behaviour Add Travel::Routing::DE::VRR::Exception base class
      Document exceptions Update SYNOPSIS
      Further documentation fixes
      efa: Add little help text, do not launch perldoc on --help
      Update Changelog and README
      efa(1): Update EXIT STATUS
      efa: Show help upon Getopt::Long error as well
      efa: Handle more setup errors
      Minor code style adjustment (no parens after accessors)
      Release v1.04 (about time)
      Documentation: It's Travel::Routing, not Travel::Status >_>
      efa: Fix Travel::Routing::DE::VRR::Exception::Net handler
      Re-add setup error tests
      Release v1.05
      Documentation / Build.PL: WWW::Mechanize is no longer required
      Add missing LWP::UserAgent dependency in README/Build.PL
      Release v1.06 Fix spelling mistake (inofficial -> unofficial)
      start switching from HTML to XML mode (parsing works fine, todo: error 
      Re-add error checking
      Fix extra info display
      efa: Add -E option to display total route time and ticket class/price
      Add more XML dumps for future test cases
      Initial support for intermediate stops (via -E -E). will be cleaned up 
      Fix display and parsing of delay connections
      add tests for XML parsing
      Route/ Fix typo in via
      note that ->via does not work reliably, remove it from bin/efa
      Add ->via test
      Route/Part: _stop_and_platform: Only concatenate if platform is non-empty
      Release v2.00
      Route/ Fix departure_stop_and_platform (closes github #3)
      Release v2.01
      Mention WWW::EFA in documentation
      efa: Align dashes with destination column
      update gitignore
      release v2.02
      changelog: fix date
      replace obsolete domain
      fix smartmatch warnings on perl >= 5.018
      Build.PL: specify M::B version
      efa / Handle UTF8 / decoded input with non-ASCII chars
      Decode all arguments (thanks mxey)
      version bump
      Improve unparsable route data error message, and two-way trips to 
      Add an exception class for EFA backend errors, pass provided message
      Move EFA logic to ::EFA, just set URL in ::VRR
      add efa-url support to efa script
      rename XML specific functions to ..._xml
      Add option to specify maximum number of connections
      add -f/--full-route option (show all interemdiate stops)
      add missing entries to changelog
      version bump to 2.05
      Route/ add {arrival,departure}_{route,station}maps accessors
      efa: add -m, --maps option
      fix exclude / --exclude bug
      version bump
      Update README (URL / primary manual)
      add more EFA entry points
      support EFA services which do not set itdDateTimeTarget
      add --discover option and get_efa_urls method
      efa: add --auto-url / --discover-and-print option
      efa(1): --post is not supported
      efa(1): add other EFA services to description
      version bump
      Fix typos (patch by gregoa)
      update additional typos in the documentation
      Add shortname to EFA service list
      add efa -l / --list option
      efa: add -s / --service option
      efa(1): -u: refer to -l as well
      Merge branch 'szabgab-patch-1'
      efa -l: shorten table headers
      efa -s: use case insensitive matching
      efa(1): Add examples
      efa(1): sort options alphabetically
      efa(1): spellcheck
      version bump
      Add an alternative VRR EFA entrypoint (Thanks to @NoMoKeTo for pointing 
it out)
      Improve error messages, especially for ambiguous input values
      documentation Add DING (Donau-Iller Nahverkehr). Thanks to @_stk for pointing 
it out
      Version bump

Gabor Szabo (1):
      link to GitHub from META files and thus from

Maximilian Gass (1):
      Replace WWW::Mechanize with LWP::UserAgent (first step)

Roland Hieber (1):
      respect proxy environment variables

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2.09


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