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        at  17cb24f   (tag)
   tagging  b3aa40b26470e07b346d450b2c28a1c089d929fa (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.65
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Mon May 11 22:57:32 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.68

Brandon L Black (12):
      added cmd_alias to accomplish "verbose|debug|v|d" sort of stuff
      support scalar cmd_aliases, so that singular aliases are not so clunky to 
      added ARGV accessor which holds a copy of the original @ARGV
      small fixups (didnt make test before the last commit)
      add a new test
      another test
      Throw exceptions from new_with_options if @ARGV parsing fails
      fix typo in ChangeLog
      add MX::ConfigFromFile support
      0.08 version/changes
      0.10 - support default configfile w/ MX::ConfigFromFile
      0.11, required not necessarily required

Chris Prather (2):
      add a NoGetopt metaclass
      fix Float which doesn't exist with Num which does

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (1):
      add MooseX::Getopt::Dashes

Damien Krotkine (3):
      transform MooseX::Getopt::GLD into a MooseX::Parameterized Role
      fix dist.ini
      Added getopt_conf documentation

Devin Austin (2):
      fixed minor spelling nit
      fixed another minor spelling nit

Drew Taylor (1):
      empty commit for Contributors metadata

Florian Ragwitz (16):
      Bum the Getopt::Long::Descriptive dependency to 0.081 in an attempt to 
avoid test failures.
      Version 0.27.
      Add release date for 0.27
      Changelog doy's work
      Convert to Dist::Zilla
      Specify prereqs manually
      GLD is a hard dep since 2008 anyway
      Proper author names
      Remove some more trailing whitespace
      Ignore dotfiles
      Remove some more trailing whitespace
      Version 0.28
      Fix repository url
      Version 0.29
      Fix author test fail
      Re-enable AutoPrereq

Gordon Irving (1):
      if configfile is a coderef call it and write some tests for it

Hans Dieter Pearcey (6):
      update for latest moose
      unify version numbers
      fiddle with ilmari's changelog entry and bump version
      add a synopsis
      update MANIFEST
      update MANIFEST (again)

Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson (3):
      Add test for strange --version handling
      Skip relevants tests when appropriate
      Just skip the test if we don't have Capture::Tiny

Jesse Luehrs (1):
      make ::Strict work with the trait stuff

John Goulah (1):
      replacing Build.PL with Makefile.PL

Jonathan Swartz (1):
      move most of new_with_options logic into separate publically accessible 
process_argv method, so that arg processing can be done without actually 
creating object

Justin Hunter (1):
      make sure no tests are run if MX::SC 0.07 is not found

Karen Etheridge (198):
      Disable auto_help config in Getopt::Long, to avoid calling into pod2usage 
when the --help option is used (the intent is just to fetch the value of the 
configfile option).  (RT#57683)
      add number to filename of new testcase
      oops forgot to add this file to the commit!
      ChangeLog update
      clarify comments/changelog -- MooseX::ConfigFromFile is a prerequisite 
for this bug/fix
      removed timestamp from Changelog; added additional test to swallow stderr 
output (and updated dependency list)
      removed timestamp from Changelog; added additional test to swallow stderr 
output (and updated dependency list)
      Merge branch 'topic/no_auto_help' of 
into topic/no_auto_help
      Implements feature suggestion RT#58715 by storing the Usage object, fixes
      use insertion order to sort attributes when formulating arguments for 
      adding ether to author list ;)
      convert to using Test::Requires
      convert all uses of Test::Exception to Test::Fatal.
      doc patches, re Getopt::Long config and extra_argv.
      clarify doc patch - the "pass_through" option enables no strict 
*options*. Extra arguments that do not look like options are already passed 
      fix typo in Changes :)
      Stay out of the guts of Getopt::Long::Descriptive::Usage when testing its 
      print --usage, --help to stdout not stderr
      version bump
      fix timestamp from 0.41 release
      rename ChangeLog->Changes
      reformat the Changes file
      test the Changes file; standardize the dates
      test manifest
      add a few more tests
      automatically add the version to the Changes file, to prevent more 
releases with ugly {{$NEXT}}
      changelog for next release
      be more specific about the 0.41 change
      some release-time git plugins that should meet rafl's requirements
      these were actually trial releases
      fix version string in commit message
      whitespace fix
      push release back to origin
      release test for Changes content; pre-release checks in git
      TODO tests for configfile in constructor failure
      author note
      respect new_with_options(configfile => "foo")
      comment out plugin that aborts the release process
      avoid MSWin32 test failures
      -? is also accepted as a help option
      also treat "-h" as a request for help
      add some more metadata to the dist
      include -TRIAL in the Changes file
      some more release-phase things
      work around [@Git] bug in allow_dirty
      oops, PkgVersion was being applied twice
      some more release tests
      no need to fuss about versions installed
      make sure the author has prereqs installed
      fix some broken pod links
      remove useless shebangs in tests
      add test counts, obviating done_testing
      test for warnings everywhere
      done_testing is gone; no need for 0.88
      As of v0.36, there is a hook to change this
      mention the aliasing feature of NoGetopt as well
      prefer trait over metaclass as much as possible
      I'm always forgetting where the repo data is...
      spurious whitespace
      package name not needed here
      use Test::Fatal to test this exception
      changelog re metaclass->trait
      don't test private methods, but just what happens in each case
      expose print_usage_text() as public method
      fix typo in pod
      remove spurious version requirements
      collapse these tests together
      test for warnings here too
      MooseX::Getopt now pulls in ::GLD and Getopt::Long::Descriptive 
      list the optional prereqs as recommendations
      allow tests to run without warnings even if YAML::XS is not installed
      remove Test::Deep usage that is not that necessary
      Test::Requires must come before Test::NoWarnings
      chain _getopt_full_usage in the other direction, to unbreak modules that 
override this
      add missing prereqs
      Path::Class -> Path::Tiny
      fix incorrect prereq declaration
      can use the same enclosing block for all these tests
      use Try::Tiny instead of eval
      add missing prereq
      force path to Path::Tiny so comparisons on win32 still work
      unroll [@FLORA]
      change these paths to be more clear
      remove useless temp variable
      allow for has configfile => ( init_arg => 0 )
      support the configfile sub being totally overridden
      include configfile=>$value to new()
      use OO syntax for handling subref
      fix tests for MooseX::ConfigFromFile 0.08
      remove specific version requirement for MooseX::ConfigFromFile
      ignore todo files
      make all warnings fatal in tests
      use new bail_out_on_fail feature (no-op if plugin version is too old)
      perform all path comparisons unix-style, to avoid win32 issues
      bring back 5.8 compatibility
      bail out on failed prereqs
      use warnings tester with fewer dependencies, issues
      add reference to MooseX::Getopt::Usage
      [Test::Pod::LinkCheck] is still broken
      spelling (RT#87780)
      keep tests in xt
      use my pluginbundle
      Class::MOP::load_class is deprecated in Moose 2.1100
      migrated repository to github moose organization
      add missing authordep
      update list of files in git, for pluginbundle migration
      tighten up .gitignore entries
      bump req on fixed bundle
      remove Test::UnusedVars - we like $class
      make Test::Kwalitee happy - MXRP not yet recognized as providing strict
      remove spelling tests - ilmari is not parsed out properly
      use Moose::Util::find_meta
      Config::Any 0.24 removed $NO::YAML::XS::Warning
      do not let warnings kill an install
      this is a redundant test with generated t/00-compile.t
      move authors metadata to contributors (some encoding issues might still 
be outstanding)
      fix this broken test - $usage->die has not been called since before 0.41
      remove mojibake tests for now - choking on stopwords that look like utf-8 
to me
      add another missing mapping for t0m
      add missing authordep
      Dist::Zilla 5.000 fixes our encoding issues
      new CONTRIBUTING file
      [-Encoding] is redundant with Pod::Weaver 4.000
      add irc and mailinglist addresses to metadata
      set starting year for copyright
      clean up formatting of Changes file
      changelog for this release
      spelling fixes
      test that namespaces are clean
      take these subs from the proper place
      new t/zzz-moose-outdated.t test
      autogenerate this test with my new plugin
      Sometimes MooseX::SimpleConfig is installed but YAML::* is not
      [Test::CheckBreaks] 0.004 will keep the ->check_conflicts call in an eval
      better diagnostics on failure
      remove use of Test::CleanNamespaces, until it can properly test 
parameterized roles
      more succinct way to keep these deps optional, while not transcribing 
specific version numbers
      GLD 0.097 no longer defaults to no_ignore_case (RT#93592)
      use my new [Test::CleanNamespaces] plugin!
      :no_end_test requires Test::Warnings 0.009
      Merge pull request #1 from oalders/master
      tighten up entries
      monitor the installed version of this - it may be buggy?
      remove unneeded plugin
      add some keywords to metadata
      GLD 0.088 contains an infinite loop fix; sounds scary
      now using [Git::Contributors]
      time to blow away README.pod
      Getopt::Long::Descriptive 0.099 changed whitespace and added a type 
      Merge pull request #2 from pplu/master
      fix use of package BLOCK syntax that does not work on older perls
      fix eol tests
      remove unneeded shebang
      whitespace; remove use of discouraged lives_ok()
      fix comment
      ensure that a new requires prereq is not added for the optional test 
      proper contributors attribution to jmartinez
      changelog for RT#101938 (github PR#2)
      do not attempt to apply moose meta logic to the main package
      add warning test
      at long last, drop the use of fatal warnings in tests
      increment $VERSION after release
      add extra whitespace around $VERSION
      avoid older bundle that uses [PkgVersion]
      fix incorrect alteration of Test::Requires lines (cbf6a4d1cc)
      it is time to start committing a TODO file
      fix the email used for dhoss
      these recommendations are used by Test::Requires, so they are required 
for author testing

Nelo Onyiah (5):
      Applied patch to fix RT46200
      Applied patch in RT43255
      Updated ChangeLog
      Applied patch to fix RT46200
      Applied patch in RT43255

Olaf Alders (1):
      Link to MooseX::Getopt from ::Dashes Pod

Ricardo SIGNES (4):
      skip pod tests, do not block install
      bump version, prepare next release
      prep new release with fixed MANIFEST.SKIP

Ryan D Johnson (5):
      TODO tests for loading required attributes from config
      When required attributes are loaded from config, they are no longer 
required on cmdline
      Update versions, changelog, fix test when ConfigFromFile isn't available
      Getopt shouldn't require ConfigFromFile role applied at same level
      Woops - convert some tabs to spaces in the ChangeLog

Shlomi Fish (11):
      Enable the argv argument to the constructor.
      Reverted the latest commit.
      Splitted into Getopt::Basic and Getopt::GLD.
      Implement functionality of MooseX::Getopt::Basic .
      Added $VERSION and $AUTHORITY to MX/ again.
      Remove POD of a removed option.
      Move _gld_spec to ::GLD - it's only used there.
      Docs of MooseX::Getopt::Basic now refer elsewhere.
      Convert HAVE_GLD to _HAVE_GLD .
      Convert HAVE_GLD to _HAVE_GLD .
      Add t/106_no_ignore_case.t .

Stevan Little (24):
      Adding MooseX::Getopt first draft
      prettty much done I think
      adding metaclass laliasing
      start of 0.03
      some helpful errors added
      bumping version and adding Changelog
      misc crap
      no-getopt stuff
      some doc fixes
      failing tests

Todd Hepler (2):
      typo fix
      added links to the traits

Tomas Doran (67):
      Doc patch for argv parameter from rindolf++
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Cleanup test, removing unneeded code serving no purpose or tested 
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Add Test::Moose, as requested by RT#48843
      Fix RT#47766
      Bump versions
      New M::I doesn't want to play
      Add repos info
      Fix README version
      Merge master into branch
      Force author tests to be run when in author mode
      Update .gitignore to skip built dists
      Bump GLD required version
      Bump version for release
      Merge commit 'upstream/topic/configfile_default_codref_call'
      Changelog, bump version
      Slight rewording
      Pull exiting with useage out into a method
      Make option warning eacy to override for Catalyst. Needs tests
      Bump version
      And more overrideable
      Properly pull apart into roles
      Basic test for hooking the usage method
      Ignore editor files
      Update changes, tests for new hooks
      Bump versions
      Fix this not having a $VERSION
      Revert "Fix this not having a $VERSION"
      Bump version
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Remove date from changelog as not shipped
      Fix eol test
      Add a skip if we don't have mx::simpleconfig, or not new enough version
      Swap options round
      Version 0.30
      Version 0.31
      Fix handling of union types (RT#58417)
      Version 0.32
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master'
      Remove Test::Most dep, doh
      Version 0.33
      Chop up docs - dzil processes the Pod
      Clean up namespace
      Whitespace pickyness
      revert d08ef824 - test_requires wrong
      Fix abstract for docs
      Add jswartz to authors
      Version 0.34
      Fix to all use Test::Fatal
      Fix changelog
      Version 0.35
      Merge 0611312e
      Version 0.36
      Fix missing dependency RT#67077
      Version 0.37
      Version 0.38
      Fix pointed out by Gaal Yahas in irc
      Version 0.39
      Spelling fix from debian. Jonathan Yu <> RT#74681
      Pod fix from debian. Salvatore Bonaccorso <> RT#74681
      Fix tests for new GLD. RT#76287
      Version 0.40

Tomas Doran (t0m (1):
      Fix Getopt config spec

Tomas Doran (t0m) (8):
      Fix bug when handling upper/mixedcase accessors
      Trim trailing whitespace
      Add some tests showing that upper case options don't work in 
      And fix
      Revert "Just skip the test if we don't have Capture::Tiny"
      Revert "Skip relevants tests when appropriate"
      Revert "Add test for strange --version handling"

Yuval Kogman (21):
      Refactor MooseX::Getopt into smaller methods
      further refactorings to benefit MooseX::App::Cmd
      hide ARGV and extra_argv from usage
      _usage_format method
      revert dep
      use Getopt::Long::Descriptive only if it's available
      Doc note about Getopt::Long::Descriptive
      remove the FakeUsage thing, not needed after all
      Merge 'gld' into 'trunk'
      changelog and version bump
      ARGV and extra_argv should be nogetopt
      refactor cmd alias extraction to a separate method
      Getopt::Long processes all option names, do the same in the 
name_to_init_arg index
      Params passed to new_with_options are no longer required
      demand Module::Install 0.75
      also accept type constraint objects in option type map (fixes 
autovivified type constraints
      version bumps

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.68

pplu (2):
      new_with_options will only pass argv if the class has an argv attribute
      use Test::Fatal

t0m (4):
      Fix warnings
      Add .gitignore
      Fix tests from RT#44909

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (3):
      MooseX::Getopt::Dashes: Document how ::Dashes interacts with the cmd_flag 
      Convert tabs to spaces
      Partially revert fe193b814520900810bc4c0e6d9819d444b26930


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