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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.9991

Arnaud "Arhuman" Assad (1):
      Fix (very few) typos in documentation

Arnaud (Arhuman) ASSAD (3):
      French translations (first draft)
      Fix Dist::Zilla issue when copyright_holder is missing
      Fix most tests regarding the I18N issues

Cosimo Streppone (1):
      Capture::Tiny < 0.12 doesn't have capture_stderr()

David E. Wheeler (2107):
      Add initial README with links and a couple Git notes.
      Need full decoration to distinguish tags from other symbols.
      A few more Git notes.
      Add links to other two blog posts.
      Start work on interface.
      Start documenting commands.
      Add `--extension`; minor doc tweaks.
      Add POD tests and correct spelling.
      Add terminology.
      Add `config` commmand.
      Document plan file format.
      Document configuration file formta and [core] properties.
      Document command configuration properties.
      Add "See Also" section.
      Start filling out description/intro.
      Add a couple of doc comments.
      Pod typo.
      Add missing option examples.
      Add configuration file subsections.
      Fully qualify config property names.
      Start sqitchtutorial.
      Sync license.
      Add `add-step` command.
      Add metadata schema/prefix setting.
      Add example of first deployment to tutorial.
      Rename `package` to `bundle`.
      Add `--requires` and `--conflicts` to `add-step` command.
      Add `verbosisty` core configuration property.
      Add a second deployment.
      Add more deploys and bundle.
      Add `log` command.
      Better empty tags; show status and log.
      Use `status` and `log` commands instead of table output.
      Add options to the `status` command.
      Merge pull request #2 from arhuman/master
      Pod and spelling errors fixed.
      Tweak some phrasing and terminology.
      Use `sqitch status` throughout.
      Add a branch, some more changes.
      Fix spelling errors.
      Add merge conflict example.
      I kant spel.
      Handle merge ordering issue.
      I kant spel.
      Add discussion of revising a function.
      Add example bundling idempotent changes.
      Add Build.PL, MANIFEST.SKIP, and .gitignore.
      Add Changes file.
      Iplement code to split command and options.
      Parse core options.
      Remove most short options.
      Test short options.
      Move documentation to `bin/sqitch`.
      Stub App::Sqitch::Command.
      Implement core functionality of command class.
      Change the param name to "verbosity".
      Add simple constructor and attributes.
      Add configuration support.
      Use Hash::Merge to simplify code.
      Add load parameters to Command->load().
      Add command options parsing.
      Add `_pod2usage()` and `command` to Command.
      Choke on invalid command options.
      Add the `help` command.
      Get the `help` command to use a pager.
      Get a pager working with `sqitch --man`.
      Add `usage()` method to Command.
      Use exitval 2 on error.
      Test `go()`.
      Remove undef options from command option parsing, too.
      Remove execution bit from test scipts.
      Start implementing config commmand.
      Merge pull request #3 from cosimo/master
      Implement read_config().
      Remove namespace::autoclean requirement.
      Simplify, move config file detection to new().
      Implement the `config` command.
      Eliminate warnings in test.
      Add config file locking.
      Delete our test lock file.
      Test `set` and add To Dos.
      Test `unset`.
      Add `do_system()` to Command.
      Test `edit` config action.
      Switch from Config::INI to Config::GitLike.
      Remove unused stuff.
      Add config --get-all, -add, and --unset-all.
      Create directory if it does not exist.
      Add `--get-regexp` to the config command.
      Add value regex param to get actions.
      Add the value regex to unset and unset-all.
      Add --remove-section and --rename-section.
      Add config data type support.
      Add `configure` method to Command.
      Move option processing to `configure` in `config`.
      Moosify commands.
      Add `project_file` method to Config.
      Have `file` figure itself out as needed.
      Switch App::Sqitch to Moose.
      Move docs to `` and handle no command issue.
      Add invalid argument detection to config commands.
      Execute `get` if no value passed and no action specified.
      Remove spurious leftover usage of Class::Accessor::Fast.
      Have `usage` prefer sqitch-$command-usage.
      Fill out most of the sqitch-config docs.
      Add --bool-or-int.
      Do not convert option key dashes to underscores.
      Convert dashes to underscores before merging options with configuration.
      Use dashes in commands.
      Add --replace-all action.
      Allow project config file to be set via $SQITCH_CONFIG.
      Uncomment --replace-all example.
      Add `bail()` to Command.
      No croak.
      Not using sum anymore.
      Doc fix for Command->new.
      Stub Plan class.
      Update prereqs.
      I kant spel.
      Note that Plan is just a stub.
      Mark status as "unstable".
      Simplify the README, with emphasis on the fact that this is not done yet.
      Timetamp v0.10.
      Increment to v0.11.
      Stub out `init` command implementation.
      Implement `make_directories()`.
      Start work on `write_config()`.
      More `write_config()` tests.
      Stub out Engine.
      Stub out the pg and sqlite engines.
      Forgot to add Test::File prereq.
      Turn `App::Sqitch->engine` into an object.
      Require Perl 5.10.1.
      Properly require v5.10.1.
      Fix failing tests on different versions of Moose.
      Fix test failure on Perl 5.12.
      Import dir_exists_ok only from Test::Dir.
      Simplify setting of engine in init config.
      Actually, we always want to set the engine.
      Add `config_vars` to Engine.
      Make `config_vars` a hash and document its format.
      Add `config_vars` to the pg and sqlite engines.
      Add attributes to the SQLite engine.
      Use configuration for SQLite engine attrs.
      Remove defaults from engine-relevant attributes.
      Add attributes to pg Engine.
      Rename db_file to db_name.
      Add engine config to file created by init.
      Update mention of init in main doc.
      Link to `sqitch-init` and `sqitch-config`.
      Have command option parse failures call `usage()`.
      Don't copy engine to _engine if it's undef.
      Add `sqitch-init-usage.pod`.
      Add sqitch-init.pod.
      Add sqitch-help-usage.
      Mention `sqitch help` in sqitch doc.
      Move config docs out of sqitch.pod.
      Update changes for v0.11.
      Timestamp v0.11.
      Increment to v0.12.
      Add VERSION to files missing it.
      Add --local to config command.
      sqitchtutorial =~ s/\Q.ini/.conf/g;
      Write engine specific vars with defaults as comments.
      Write configured settings to init config as comments.
      Document that configured and default values will be written as comments.
      Use group_set() to write vars more efficiently.
      Write engine section header if no vars.
      Show commented-out engine config in tutorial.
      Copy output methods to App::Sqitch.
      Remove ouput methods from Command.
      No need to create command to call help.
      Expand documentation of `usage()`.
      Another attemp to fix failures on other Mooses.
      Stub out add-step command class.
      Move system config file to sqitch directory.
      Start `add-step` docs and templates.
      Add `user_dir()` and `system_dir` to Config.
      Change var name from "name" to "step".
      Implement add_step class.
      Require MooseX::Types::Path::Class.
      Finish implementing `add-step`.
      Make `command()` hyphenate names.
      Add `sqitch-add-step-usage`.
      Doc tweak.
      Move templates to `etc` directory.
      Add Module::Build::Sqitch.
      Fix test failures when templates are installed already.
      Build system config dir into Config.
      Add --etc-path.
      Don't test system_dir from blib.
      Note chages.
      Replace mentions of $(prefix) with $(etc_path).
      Document `add-step` variables and template syntax.
      Increment to v0.20.
      Timestamp v0.20.
      Increment to v0.30.
      Stub out the deploy command.
      Write `[core]` section header when no variables.
      Remove `./` from local file name.
      Fix brain-fade where --requires and --conflicts were not treated as 
      Fix anticipated Win32 test failures in `t/init.t`.
      Implement plan parsing.
      Turn the plan into a list of objects.
      Add iteration interface to Plan.
      Remove `plan` in favor of `all` with dereferncing.
      Require IO::File and Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Parameterizable.
      Add `write_to()` to Plan.
      Make `parse` public and index tags.
      Implement and test _find_untracked.
      Add `load` method to Plan.
      Rename `_push_untracked` to `load_untracked` and have it return a tag.
      Die when parsing a tag named "HEAD+".
      Prevent writing a plan with the tag "HEAD+".
      Throw an error for a duplicat tag.
      Add dependency parsing and sorting.
      Put step sorting to work.
      Handle dependencies from earlier tags.
      Move `do_system` to
      Add `backticks`.
      I kant spel.
      Add `psql` to pg.
      Add pg Sqitch schema DDLs.
      Add `probe()`.
      Use IPC::System::Simple instead of our own system/capture code.
      Did not mean to leave that line.
      Have `run()` and `capture()` throw exceptions on error.
      Get pg db initilization working.
      Require directory options to be Path::Class::Dir objects.
      Reformat with perltidy.
      A little more perltidy.
      Add Step object to Plan.
      Tidy Step.
      Add `vent()` and `spool()`.
      Start implementing Engine deployment.
      Add `is_deployed_step()` and `is_deployed_tag()`.
      Finish testing deploy and revert in Engine.
      Fill out Engine documentation.
      Test `_handle()` methods and document Step.
      Document `name()` in Tag.
      Revert only deployed steps.
      Support conflicts/requires params to Step->new.
      Ignore BUILDARGS.
      Test `target` in pg.
      Iterate over file handle in `spool()`.
      Test _spool(), run_file() and run_handle().
      Remove _spool.
      Restore _spool.
      Add methods to begin and rollback tag deploys and reverts.
      Add `rollback_deploy_tag()`.
      Test tag reversion and multiple tag names.
      Change schema from step history to deploy events.
      Add log_fail_step()`.
      Expose `sort_steps()`.
      Finish testing (and fixing) all the pg methods.
      Add `index_of()` and `last()` to Plan.
      Convert options to objects.
      Start the `deploy` command.
      Add `count` to Plan.
      Fully test deploy command.
      Implement `current_tag_name` in pg engine.
      Do not require subclasses to document methods in their parents.
      Start `deploy` documentation.
      I kant spel.
      Allow current_tag_name() to work if no sqitch schema.
      Prevent test failures when system has user and system config files.
      Start to update tutorial based on actual output.
      Test and fix `is_deployed_tag()`.
      Always have a HEAD+ tag with --with-untracked.
      Make sure HEAD+ is findable in the plan.
      Make sure HEAD symbolic tag is findable.
      HEAD is reserved, not HEAD+.
      Disallow tag suffixes in plans.
      Some tutorial tweaks.
      Timestamp v0.30.
      Increment to v0.31.
      Coupla typos fixed.
      Add missing \Q.
      Fix "no plan" warning.
      Add simple sort of untracked steps.
      Timestamp v0.31.
      Increment to v0.32.
      New plan spec.
      Fix failing tests when system has env vars set.
      Start rewriting plan parser.
      Coupla syntax errors fixed.
      Implement new plan parser.
      Add index to hash returned by `_parse`.
      Finish rewriting Plan.
      Sort steps.
      Update the Plan docs.
      Update plan line class docs.
      Add `add_tag()` and `add_step()` to Plan.
      Make sure added tag and step name are valid.
      Add test to ensure tags can be prereqs.
      Have sort_steps() return a list, as documented.
      Update deploy command for new plan.
      Update `deploy` docs.
      Update `deploy` to handle steps and tags separately.
      Start updating deploy for new plan.
      Gonna use sha1s.
      Make sure multihop cycles are detected.
      Allow dupe step for separate tags.
      Add NodeList.
      Checkpoint: Adding dupe step name support to Plan.
      Switch from Array::AsHash to NodeList.
      Make sure lookup of dupe steps works.
      Get `seek()` working with tags.
      Die on use of reserved name.
      Add LineList and simplify NodeList API.
      Use $step@$tag for lookups.
      Fix `append()` in NodeList.
      Ban `@` in all node names.
      Add `index_of_last_tag` to NodeList.
      Allow a dupe step with intervening tag.
      Note the banning of "@" in plan node names.
      Add Plan::Diretive.
      Pod fixes.
      Add tests for plan directives.
      Rename Directive to Pragma.
      Tweak pragma grammar.
      Add and require syntax-version pragma.
      Document plan pragmas.
      Add `operator` and associated space attributes to Line.
      Document SYNTAX_VERSION and fix Pod errors.
      Add action-specifying methods to Step.
      Make sure node classes are correct.
      Mention + and - in plan grammar.
      Add leading `+` to each step in samples.
      Prevent "#" in node names.
      Remove "generated by" comment.
      I kant spel.
      Get deploy tests passing again.
      I kant spel.
      Add `first_index_of` to NodeList.
      Document NodeList and allow multiple nodes to be appended at once.
      Add `plan` to App::Sqitch.
      Make `sqitch` a weak ref in Plan.
      Use `Sqitch->plan` in deploy.
      Remove most of deploy.
      Add `first_index_of()` to Plan.
      Start work on new engine interface for new plan.
      Test step and tag change methods.
      Add nodes and lines to Plan when no file.
      Implement and test `_sync_plan()`.
      Test `deploy()`.
      Add App::Sqitch::X.
      Allow `ident` to be optional in `hurl()`.
      Reformat `with` for easier scanning of roles.
      Check requires and conflicts before deploying steps.
      Use localized exceptions in Engine.
      Rename `target` to `destination`.
      Update pg test descriptions for s/target/destination/.
      Die on attempt to deploy with an empty plan.
      Localize all Engine messages.
      Set ident default to "DEV".
      Handle Sqitch exceptions in `go()`.
      Test `_deploy_by_step()`.
      Test `deploy_by_tag`.
      Add `start_at` to Engine.
      Test `_deploy_all()`.
      Remove unused tests from the old Engine code.
      Test `is_deployed()`.
      Test tag and step deployment methods.
      Document `first_index_of()` in Plan.
      Update Engine documentation to reflect latest reality.
      Change `--to` to `--to-target`.
      Eliminate now-used methods from
      Disable most of the pg live tests.
      Add `sha1` attribute to Step.
      Add `sha1` to Tag.
      Rename `sha1` to `id`.
      Have tag ID refer to previous step ID.
      Add test to ensure Tag ID uses first previous step.
      Update pg schema and engine.
      Use Sqitch::X and localized messages in
      Turn PostgreSQL errors into Sqitch exceptions.
      Stub methods to implement in
      Add string overloading to exceptions.
      Test and fix pg step logging.
      Implement and test tag application and removal.
      Test and fix is_logged_step() and is_logged_tag().
      Remove unused tests.
      Test step deploy with prereqs.
      Test and fix check_requires() and check_conflicts().
      Document `deploy` config vars.
      Document `stringify` in X.
      Eliminate "Useless use of a constant" warning in tests.
      Add `uri` attribute.
      Add `since_tag` to Step.
      Throw proper exception for missing URI config val.
      Test that _parse_core_opts() converts strings to objects.
      Meant to push this two commits back.
      Add `info` to Tag and Step and use for IDs.
      Fix test failures due to project URI integration.
      A couple of to-dos done.
      Require Tag to have an associated Step.
      Index nodes by ID in NodeList.
      Add `get()` to Plan.
      Test IDs for UTF-8 encoded step and tag names.
      Start `revert()`.
      Add `tags` to Step.
      Add tags to their associated steps.
      Change NodeList to just manage steps.
      Rename NodeList to StepList.
      Rename some StepList methods and internals and update its docs.
      Add `items` back to StepList.
      Add `index_tag()`.
      Have plan just add tags to the internal plan.
      Update Engine for removal of tags from the plan.
      Remove more tag deployment stuff.
      Remove tag apply and remove methods.
      Remove `latest_item` and `latest_tag` and add `latest_step_id`.
      Better `start_at` value.
      Test `latest_step() and then fix it.
      Add `format_name_with_tags`.
      Add tags to output as tags deployed.
      Start cleaning up pg.
      Document `format_name_with_tags.
      Get pg working again.
      Add `exitval` to X.
      I kant spel.
      Add test for up-to-dateness.
      Return `exitval` from `go` when handling an exception.
      Add more steps to better test _deploy_by_tag.
      White space.
      Test `revert` and make it actually work.
      Test and fix deployed step ID fetching in
      Add `begin_work` and `finish_work` and put them to work.
      Implement `begin_work` and `finish_work` in
      Move To-dos to and add a coupla items.
      Add `is_dupe` to Step and change file nams.
      Add `@ROOT` as an implicit tag on the first step.
      Include @ROOT ID in info for untagged steps.
      Remove @ROOT from all step info and IDs.
      Rename `%seen` to `%line_no_for`.
      Mark previously-seen step as duped.
      Add `deploy` command.
      Remove old, disabled tests.
      Replace dependency parsing with attributes.
      Parse dependencies from the plan.
      Add dependencies to Grammar.
      Eliminate the term "prerequisite."
      Some more to-dos.
      Make `add_step` fail on dupe even with intervening tag.
      Add `rework_step()` to Plan.
      Refactor dependency parsing into its own section.
      Allow `$step@$tag` as a dependency.
      Add `find()` to StepList.
      Add `find()` to Plan.
      Add `requires_steps()` and `conflicts_steps()` to Step.
      Document `find()` in Plan.
      Check for requires and conflicts by ID.
      Bunch of to-dos done.
      Rename `sql_dir` to `top_dir`.
      Change `top_dir` default to current directory.
      Make `plan_file` default to the top dir.
      Replace the term "step" with "change".
      Split directories out of change file names.
      Rework `add_change` to properly add a change.
      Remove unnecessary lines from change test deploy file.
      Remove leading `:` from requires/conflicts in script templates.
      Did that.
      Increment to v0.50.
      Show trailing slash after directories in info output.
      Clean up file paths.
      Create directories after creting config file and plan.
      Rename `add-change` to `add`.
      Fix template location detection.
      Make sure that `add` writes the added change to the plan file.
      Show info for added change.
      Emit info when creating metadata tables.
      Some wordsmithing of deployment messages.
      Add a coupla to-dos.
      Show dependencies in `add` info message.
      Remove some quotation marks.
      More tutorial updates.
      Add `tags` to ChangeList.
      Add `tags()` to Plan.
      Add `tag` command.
      Rename `rework_change` to `rework`.
      Fix exception in `first_index_of()`.
      Clear `_fn` when suffix is set.
      Add `last_tagged_change` to Plan.
      Don't report dependency from a deploy file.
      Fix error on dependency specified as `$change@$tag`.
      Add `rework` command.
      Add `rework` docs and rework `sqitchtutorial`.
      I kant spel v2,691,342.
      Copy previous step deploy as reworked revert.
      Throw an error on unknown revert ID.
      Add `name_for_change_id()` to Engine and Pg.
      Show change name in revert failure.
      Try looking up change to revert by name if ID fails.
      Proper fix for copying revert script for reworking.
      Tweak info messages in rework.
      Finish revising the tutorial.
      Update `sqitch.pod`.
      Add changes for v0.50.
      Timestamp v0.50.
      Increment to v0.51.
      Add v0.51 to Changes.
      Localize `add` command messages and exceptions.
      Remove `--dry-run`, which was ignored.
      Localize the `config` command.
      Localize `help` error message.
      Localize `init` messages.
      Throw localized exception in `rework`.
      Throw localized exceptions for plan parse failures.
      Remove `bail()`.
      Require RoleHasMessage.
      Remove `unfound()`.
      Remove `help()`.
      Remove last vestiges of calls to `fail()` in Plan.
      Ooops, missed one more call to `fail()` in Plan.
      Remove `fail()`.
      Remove references to `fail` and `usage` from MockOutput.
      Convert call to `die` to localized `hurl()`.
      Remove and replace usage of Carp.
      Replace `carp` with localized `hurl`s in ChangeList.
      Replace `carp` with localized `hurl`s in Config.
      Update Changes.
      Fix failing Plan tests due to ChangeList changes.
      Timestamp v0.51.
      Increment to v0.52.
      Change synopsis to "Sane database change management".
      Remove or modify mentions of VCS integration.
      Add `sqitchcommands` and change command abstracts.
      Show `sqitchcommands` on call to `sqitch help`.
      Show `sqitchcommands` for `--help` and `sqitch` for `--man`.
      Note --help and --man fixes in Changes.
      Fix execution of `sqitch nonexistent`.
      Add a blank line between a tag and a new change.
      Add `current_state` to Engine and implement in pg.
      Make `commit` emit even with verbosity 0.
      Add `state` command.
      Fix misspelled method call and localizaation bug.
      Rejigger status state output.
      Add --format-date option to `status`.
      Always use en-US for RFC2822 formats.
      Add the `status` docs.
      Remove `status` opts from `sqitch.pod`.
      Test `execute()` in status.
      Catch invalid date formats earlier.
      Add App::Sqitch::DateTime.
      Switch engine over to App::Sqitch::DateTime.
      Convert status to use A::S::DateTime for formatting.
      Note addition of A::S::DateTime.
      Add current_changes() and current_tags() to Engine.
      Separate current_changes() and current_tags() docs.
      Implement `current_changes() in pg.
      Add `current_tags()` to pg.
      Show changes in status when requested.
      Show tags in status when requested.
      Tweak changes and tags display.
      Update tutorial with real live `status` output.
      Increment to v0.60.
      Handle case with no tags in --show-tags.
      Minor doc tweaks.
      Timestamp v0.60.
      Increment to v0.61.
      Return iterator code references instead of lists.
      Fix whitespace changes in pg.sql.
      Add `search_events()` to Engine.
      Implement search_events() in pg.
      Add `log` command.
      Require String::Formatter and Term::ANSIColor.
      Add `--color` option to Log.
      Add `pager` and `page`.
      Fix `pager` when no TTY.
      Document `page()`.
      Add `strftime:` and `cldr:` options to `--date-format`.
      Allow any string in `date_format`.
      Add `event` parame to `search_events()`.
      Add the `--event` option to `log`.
      Test `log` color configuration.
      Test named log formats.
      Test individual log format codes.
      Fix plans.
      Complete testing of `log`.
      Show database from which log output comes.
      Update `sqitch-log.pod`.
      Add `sqitch-log-usage`.
      Update changes.
      Increment to v0.70.
      Timestamp v0.70.
      Increment to v0.71.
      Update example `sqitch log` output in `sqitchtutorial`.
      Switch term from "actor" to "committer".
      More detailed changes to introduce the term "committer".
      Timestamp v0.71.
      Increment to v0.72.
      Add `log` to `sqitchcommands.pod`.
      Add `user_name` and `user_email`.
      Prefix "db_" to db-specific attributes and options.
      Disallow "<" in user name and ">" in user email.
      Create UserName and UserEmail earlier.
      Add "raw" format to DateTime.
      Make `as_string()` default to "raw" format.
      Add timestmap and planner to Change and Tag.
      Have the raw log format use the raw date format.
      Make `pspace` default to " " in Change.
      Add additional formatting methods to Change.
      Use `format_op_name_dependencies` for display of new change in `add`.
      Use `format_op_name_dependencies` for display of new change in `rework`.
      Document interface changes in Change and Tag.
      I kant spel.
      Add timestamp and planner support to the plan parser.
      Rename `add_tag()` to `tag()` in Plan.
      Change `add` in Plan to take parameters.
      Change `rework` in Plan to take parameters.
      Change `tag` in Plan to take parameters.
      Do not include leading whitespace in comments.
      Escape and unescape newlines in comments.
      Add --message to the add command.
      Add --message to the rework command.
      Add --message to the tag command.
      Update pg schema and queries with new metadata.
      Update `stats` to use new metadata.
      Update docs of state, change, tag, and event hashref keys.
      Fix failing `t/tag.t` test due to clock tick.
      Add `requires` and `conflicts` to events.
      log =~ s/committed_by/committer_name/g;
      Update `log` formats for new metadata.
      Add `comment` to events, tags, and changes.
      Replace "comment" and "message" with "note".
      Add the %s, %b, and %B formats.
      Trim vertical white space from notes.
      Remove redundant condition.
      Add missing modules to Build.PL `requires`.
      Add `require_note` param to Line.
      Change note requirement to a method that does the work.
      Add `note_prompt` to Change.
      Request note when adding a change.
      Request note when reworking a change.
      Request note when tagging.
      Add required "project" pragma.
      Add the `%uri` pragma and accessor.
      Remove App::Sqitch `uri` attribute.
      Require project name and add optional --uri option to init.
      Remove `core.uri` from config file.
      Update use of --uri in docs.
      Make ChangeList and LineList separate attributes.
      Add project name and URI to info/ID.
      Increment to v0.80.
      Note changes.
      Integrate new formats into the default formats.
      Ignore user and system config in t/base.t.
      Add `:event` arg to `%C` format.
      Add `%r`, `%R`, `%x`, and `%X` formats to log.
      Add required and conflicting changes to "full" format.
      Add required and conflicting changes to raw format.
      Require URI.
      Add rspace when there is a note.
      Ignore user and system config in change.t.
      Use `-CAS` in the `sqitch` script.
      Start updating tutorial for new log formats, etc.
      Encode text passed to the pager.
      Use one color per log item.
      More updates to `sqitchtutorial.pod`.
      Finish updating `sqitchtutorial.pod`.
      Use Config::GitLike `encoding` attribute.
      Fix --quiet so it actually turns off verbosity.
      Update `sqitch.pod`.
      Document user configs, remove `core.uri` config docs.
      Must encode when priting to the pager, and note when printing to a GLOB.
      Update changes for v0.80.
      Timestamp v0.80.
      Increment to v0.81.
      Remove wayward and unnecessary `/l`.
      Fix broken `log` output on Perl 5.12 and earlier.
      Fix syntax error with use of `when` on 5.10.
      Timestamp v0.81.
      Increment to v0.82.
      Require Moose 2.0300.
      Add `done_testing` to subtest to support Test::More 0.94.
      Require POSIX in `t/datetime.t` to fix test failure with CentOS 6 Perl. 
      Timestamp v0.82.
      Increment to v0.83.
      Require `parent`.
      Add RPM spec file.
      Add `sqitch-pg.spec`.
      Move `priv` to `inc` so that dzil will create a Build.PL to automatically 
use it.
      Move pod-spelling test to `xt/release`.
      Remove pod-spelling.t from MANIFEST.SKIP.
      Specify required module versions in code.
      Switch to the AutoPrereqs plugin.
      Automatically extract version, author, copyright holder.
      Group stuff together nicer in dist.ini.
      Adjust abstract for dzil.
      Get actual commit time.
      Note clock tick fix in t/pg.t.
      Remove use of ":" to declare required dependencies.
      Validate project names.
      Update name syntax error messages.
      Bump syntax version.
      Match project names in dependencies.
      Exclude ":" from all names.
      Use the name regex consistently.
      Add App::Sqitch::Plan::Depend.
      Integrate App::Sqitch::Plan::Dep.
      Include ":" in invalid name error messages.
      Always test for dependency parse failures.
      Test parsing external dependencies.
      Add `projects` table to pg.
      Validate names in a single regex.
      Have `parse()` return params instead of an object.
      Update `dep()` test function.
      Add `plan` attribute to Depend.
      Require plan pragmas in header section.
      Require Config::GitLike 1.09.
      Add `id` attribute to Depend.
      Support change IDs in dependency specifications.
      Add `is_external` to Depend.
      Add `is_internal()` and document `is_external()`.
      Rename `_id_passed` to `got_id()` and add `got_project()`.
      Update PLan to use `got_id` and `got_project`.
      Fix failing tests due to derived project value.
      Update engine to use Depend objects.
      Replace `check_*()` with `is_satisfied_depend()`.
      Implement `is_satisfied_depend()` in pg.
      Add project info and search to search_events().
      Add --project-pattern to log.
      Add project info to the raw, longer, full, and online log formats.
      Add project info to current_status().
      Add the --project option to status command.
      Always comment on the database for which the status is to be fetched.
      Add `registered_projects()` method to Engine.
      Make engine lazily required.
      Require project attribute in status.
      Now that engine is required, wrap it in a `try` when it is optional.
      Use Try::Tiny.
      Merge branch 'xproj-depend'
      I kant spel.
      Increment to v0.90.
      Exclude dist.ini from the distribution.
      Mention cross-project dependencies in sqitch.pod.
      Add `sqitchchanges` and point things at it.
      Revert only current project changes.
      Fetch only the last ID from the current project.
      Don't count `_` as punctuation in names.
      Fix $name_regex bug where "v1.0-1b" would not match.
      Start updating tutorial with project and schema.
      Update tutorial through merge conflict.
      Finish updating tutorial.
      "Flipr" is a word in the tutorial.
      Update Changes and timestamp for v0.90.
      Increment to v0.91.
      Fix test failure caused by failing to ignore user config file.
      Change version to 0.901.
      Eliminate "Use of uninitialized value in length" warnings.
      Update spec files for v0.901.
      Timestamp v0.901.
      Increment to v0.902.
      Make pg SKIP a bit quieter.
      Fix another clock-tick-caused test failure.
      Use sqlite engine in test.
      Timestamp for v0.902.
      Increment to v0.903.
      Remove completed items from To Dos.
      Add `resolved_id` to Depend.
      Replace `is_satisfied_depend` to `change_id_for_depend`.
      Make sure required dependencies resolve.
      Add `dependencies()` to Change.
      Add `type()` to Depend.
      Use singular depend type names.
      Add `depedencies` table to pg and populate it.
      Remove `requires` and `conflicts` from `changes` table.
      Add `is_required_change()` and better dependency constraint.
      Replace `is_required_change` with `change_required_by`.
      Rename `change_required_by` to `changes_requiring_change`.
      Die in `revert_change()` when other changes require it.
      Fix pg bug where `name_for_change_id` could include an invalid tag.
      Make `current_changes()` and `current_tags()` project-aware.
      Likely fixes for Win32 path-specific test failures.
      Eliminate "Can't do inplace edit without backup" warning.
      Attempt to fix user name issues.
      Looks like even 64bit Windows is called MSWin32.
      Pass project to current_tags() and current_changes().
      Recommend Win32 libs only on Win32.
      Use the variable we have.
      Ignore dependencies in other projects.
      Make sure dependency projects get default values.
      Make sure `changes_requiring_change()` returns multiples.
      Merge branch 'fixdeps'
      Increment to v0.91.
      Update changes for v0.91.
      I kant spel.
      Timestamp v0.91.
      Increment to v0.911.
      Use the variable we have.
      Fix user name and email tests.
      Note platform test failure bug fixes.
      Increase liklihood of finding full name on Windows.
      Timestamp v0.911.
      Increment to v0.912.
      Update test description.
      Fall back on Sqitch->sysuser.
      Timestamp v0.912.
      Attempt to fix Win32 locale issues using Win32::Locale.
      Be more explicit in Win32 module exclusions.
      Update v0.912 timestamp.
      Increment to v0.913.
      Replace one last use of $ENV{USER}.
      Timestamp v0.913.
      Stub the `bundle` command.
      Change bundle::dest_dir to a directory object.
      Add _dir_map to bundle.
      Add top_dir to dir map.
      Add _mkpath() to bundle.
      Add _copy() to bundle.
      Only copy files not up-to-date.
      Rename _copy() to _copy_if_modified().
      Implement and test bundling methods.
      Document the bundle methods.
      Replace `_dir_map` with individual dest attributes.
      Increment to v0.913.
      Emit notice when bundling starts.
      Set file copy output to DEBUG.
      Emit notices for each bundle part.
      Indent mkdir and copy debug output.
      Update `bundle` output in tutorial.
      Add --from and --to options to bundle.
      Add $from and $to args to Plan->write_to().
      Hook up --to and --from when bundling plan.
      Document bundle.
      I kant spel.
      Merge branch 'bundle'
      Increment to v0.92.
      Update change reference metacharcters.
      Disallow duplicate project URIs.
      Note URI agreement fix in Changes.
      Add ON UPDATE actions to FK constraints.
      Timestamp v0.92.
      Increment to v0.921.
      Require Win32::Locale only on Windows.
      Fix RPM versions.
      Use "noarch" as the RPM build architecture for sqitch-pg.
      Fix module requirement declarations.
      Timestamp v0.912.
      Increment to v0.922.
      Allow more charcters to be used before digits at the end of names.
      Add `bundle` to `sqitchcommands`.
      Note `bundle` doc fixes.
      Timestamp v0.922.
      Increment to v0.923.
      Move refpunct directly into the name regex.
      Add forward and backward change references.
      Make "FIRST" and "LAST" reserved words.
      Add `earliest_change()` support to engine.
      Add support for @FIRST and @LAST.
      Use `@LAST` in reverts in the tutorial.
      Mention the other symbolic tags in the tutorial.
      Show actual change name when deploying or reverting to a target.
      Tweak reversion message.
      Tweak revert message a bit more.
      Move To Dos to GitHub Issues.
      Merge branch 'changerefs'
      Increment to v0.93.
      Note changes for v0.93.
      Add `$offset` arg to earliest/latest engine methods.
      I kant spel.
      Timestamp v0.93.
      Fix fat-fingered version.
      Increment to v0.931.
      Properly require Locale::TextDomain 1.20.
      Start adding l10n infrastructure.
      Exclude po directory from distribution.
      Get po-file generation working.
      Increment l01n files to v0.931.
      Update po files.
      Add LocaleTextDomain plugin support.
      Remove mo-based rules from Makefile and update .po files.
      Update POT file using `dzil msg-scan`.
      Fix mis-named bundle option --dest-dir.
      Remove po Makefile.
      Update language files with `dzil msg-merge`.
      Note changes for v0.931.
      Attemp to fix "List form of pipe open not implemented" error on Windows.
      Timestamp v0.931.
      Increment to v0.932.
      Add v0.932 to Changes.
      One more try to fix Windows bug.
      Timetamp v0.932.
      Increment to v0.933.
      Add v0.933 to Changes.
      Don't let `init` die when `top_dir` doesn't exist.
      Yet another attempt to fix Windows failures.
      Timestamp v0.933.
      Increment to v0.934.
      Fix typo.
      Timestamp v0.934.
      Increment to v0.935.
      Properly get a single string for Windows pipe.
      Add debugging for Win32 test failure.
      The name is "MSWin32", not "Win32".
      Try to catch windows exceptions, too.
      More diagnostic output for Window failures.
      Require `postgrsql`, not `postgresql92`.
      Set datetime locale properly on Win32 in tests.
      Remove diagnostic output from test.
      Match either error message.
      Note all changes since v0.934.
      Merge pull request #46 from arhuman/master
      Fix syntax errors in French translation file.
      Timestamp v0.935.
      Increment to v0.936.
      Add `variables` to Engine.
      Pass variables to psql via --set.
      Document variable methods.
      Add --set to the deploy command.
      Add --set to the revert command.
      Note addition of --set options.
      Merge sqitch-pg.spec into sqitch.spec subpackage.
      Note spec file merger in Changes.
      Drop required Perl version to 5.10.0.
      Convert command option key dashes to underscores.
      Add `path_segments()` to Change.
      Have `bundle` copy scripts in subdirectories.
      Timestamp v0.936.
      Increment to v0.937.
      Add v0.937 to Changes.
      Fix the --to option.
      Timestamp v0.937.
      Increment to v0.938.
      Will just stick to three digits after the decimal from now on.
      Identify the French translation as Latin-1.
      Credit @arhuman for the French translation.
      Add primary key to the `events` table.
      Timestmap v0.938.
      Increment to v0.939.
      Merge pull request #47 from arhuman/test_i18n
      Fix iovation name.
      Fix test failures.
      Force spool tests to run in english locale.
      More l10n-related fixes.
      Force Locale::TextDomain to encode in UTF-8 and to decode all messages.
      Return originally-cased keys from get_section.
      Fix typo.
      Show list of commands when no command passed to sqitch.
      Add test that fails due to non-preservation of change order.
      Preserve original plan order when dependencies allow it.
      Just assign; no dupes are passed.
      Document (but hide) Config->original_key.
      Update Changes.
      Add issue number to Changes.
      Respect core.plan_file.
      Improve failed change log error handling.
      Parse options before bailing with no command.
      Restore command args.
      Suppress duplicate "Deploy failed" message.
      New failing ordering test.
      Stop reordering changes when parsing the plan.
      Rename sort_changes to check_changes.
      Add `parent` to Plan::Change.
      Add more info and update the ID.
      Add note to tag info.
      Add lookup by old ID to ChangeList.
      Vivify old_id to fix failing tests.
      Add hook to update old IDs.
      Add code to update IDs in
      Return max plan index when updating old IDs.
      Re-use variable, add comment.
      Calculate relative changes to @LAST and @FIRST in the database.
      Note ID changes.
      Work in progress.
      Search by change ID, select complete change.
      Test change_id_for_depend().
      Test find_change().
      Finish documenting Engine and remove unused abstract method.
      Restore the `load_change()` abstract method.
      Finish convertint deployed_changes and deployed_changes_since().
      Test and fix load_change() and change_offset_from_id().
      Test and fix change_id_for().
      Fix pod typo.
      Change "test" to "verify".
      Add the rebase command.
      I kant spel.
      Deprecated @FIRST and @LAST.
      Remove offset suffix from search target.
      Get database searches with offsets to actually work.
      Merge branch 'find-db-changes'
      Increment to v0.940.
      Make sure dependencies are uniq.
      Note that dupes are now ignored.
      Die if --template-dir does not exist or is not a directory.
      Set locale in test DT objects.
      Add List::MoreUTils to the RPM spec.
      Add prompt() and ask_y_n().
      Prompt on revert.
      Prompt before reverting.
      Update localization libraries.
      Alphabetical order.
      Actually exit if the user declines to revert.
      Update localization libraries.
      No newline after a prompt.
      Note addition of revert prompt.
      Show off the revert prompt, -y, and rebase in tht tutorial.
      Only show default as selected when unattended.
      Leave one space after prompt, not two.
      Add the `show` command.
      Add `show` to `sqitchcommands.pod`.
      I kant spel.
      Update Changes; a bit more on `show`.
      Eliminate silly warning.
      Timestamp v0.940.
      Updage localization libraries.
      Increment to 0.941.
      Forgot to mention `s/test/verify/` in changes.
      Fix `sqitch-rebase` name.
      Note fix to sqitch-rebase.
      Make sure dbchange tags have consistent timestamps.
      Log any new tags on `deploy`.
      Add -log-only. to deploy.
      Add --log-only to revert and rebase, too.
      Check all dependencies before deploying.
      I kant spel.
      Check all dependencies before reverting.
      Make no all changes to be deployed are already deployed.
      Add `verify_change()` to Engine.
      Add --verify to the deploy command.
      Add --verify to the rebase command.
      Add `--mode` to the `deploy` command.
      Note the addition of --verify (ref #15).
      First pass at `verify()`.
      Die if change_id_for() finds multiple IDs.
      Factor out dupliate "find by key" code.
      Set resolved ID for locally-resolved dependencies, too.
      Revert change after failed verify.
      White space.
      Factor change object creation into private method.
      Refactor `verify()`.
      Test and simplify _trim_to().
      Test and fix _verify_changes().
      Project tests from user and system config files.
      Complete testing and implementation of verify().
      Add the `verify` command.
      Skip verification for reworked changes.
      I kant spell.
      Increment to v0.950.
      Update translation files.
      Start updating tutorial with verify examples.
      IO::Pager 0.30 will return an IO::Handle when no TTY.
      We need an object, not a hashref.
      Update next section of tutorial with verify examples.
      Show undeployed changes when no $to specified.
      Show pending change when no $to.
      Prefer the DB change ID to the plan change.
      Use privilege functions instead of divide-by-zero for verify.
      Add separate "run" methods for deploy, revert, and verify.
      Add `_capture()` to
      Suppres STDOUT in verify scripts by default.
      Add short aliases for commonly-used core options.
      Add `declare()`.
      Show verify status "ok" or "not ok" for each script.
      Add `*_literal` alternatives to output methods.
      Show "ok" or "not ok" after each deploy.
      Show "ok" or "not ok" after each revert.
      Note chnage of deploy and revert output format.
      Add dots and "ok"s to the tutorial.
      Proof and modify first few tutorial sections.
      Link commands and work through flips section.
      Finish updating the tutorial.
      I kant spel.
      Update translation files.
      Update copyright year.
      I kant spel.
      Remove example use of `rebase` to apply a tag.
      Timestamp v0.950.
      Increment to v0.951.
      Strip leading "@" from when loading changes from the DB.
      Note double-@ fix.
      Assign suffix to changes fetched from the database.
      Not fix for reverting reworked changes.
      Add test for multiple tags on a change.
      Add `is_reworked` to Change.
      Replace `suffix` with `rework_tags` in Change.
      Replace `suffix` with `rework_tags` in Plan.
      Replace `suffix` with `rework_tags` in Engine.
      Properly check for file existence.
      Die and list all altneratives when reworked deploy script cannot be found.
      Use first possible file name instead of throwing an error.
      Merge branch 'rework_tags'
      Note change in rework script name algorithm in Changes.
      Timestamp v0.951.
      Update translation files.
      Increment to 0.952.
      Add v09.52 section to Changes.
      Add root directory to @INC in `t/sqitch`.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'schwern/switch_to_mouse'
      Require specific versions of Mouse modules.
      Note switch to Mouse.
      Restore use of maybe_type and bare `default()` calls.
      Timestamp v0.952.
      Increment to 0.953.
      Try to avoid clock tick leading to failed tests.
      End in ROLLBACK, not COMMIT, in default verify script.
      Now is now.
      Don't die when a change can't be found in the database.
      Remove superfluous lines.
      Use full git command, not my local alias.
      Add note about extensions for PostgreSQL 9.0 tutorial followers.
      Fix some Pod typos.
      Recommend Pod::Simple v1.41.
      Fix test failure triggered by a different locale.
      The french translation is actually Latin-1.
      Avoid installed config files in the revert tests.
      Fix test failure due to presence of user template directory.
      Finesse the handling of the etc directory.
      Timestamp v0.953.
      Increment to v0.954.
      Remove -CAS from `sqitch` on perl 5.10.0.
      Get rid of the space, too.
      Don't import unused modules.
      Require sqitch() and deploy_variables() as appropriate.
      Use the current dir for the Git dir.
      Have checkout manage multiple independent plans.
      Decode the plan file contents.
      Test checkout option and config merging.
      Replace test git repo with mocking.
      Add the `-y` option to checkout.
      Add Pod to checkout.
      Document Plan->parse.
      Move all of the common code for rebase and checkout into a role.
      Merge branch 'checkout'
      Note the addition of the awesome `checkout` command.
      Update the checkout docs.
      Fix Pod typo.
      Add `checkout` to `sqitchcommands`.
      Teach `rebase` not to die if nothing needs reverting.
      Teach `checkout` not to die on non-fatal revert errors.
      Add the `search_changes()` method to Plan.
      Add App::Sqitch::ItemFormatter.
      Fix error and color handling in ItemFormatter.
      Switch `log` over to ItemFormatter.
      Add the `plan` command.
      Pass correct param to `search_changes()`.
      Tweak the plan `oneline` format.
      MOAR FUN.
      Add --oneline to log and plan.
      Add `insert_at` to LineList.
      Add the `change` param to `Plan->tag`.
      Comment on use of offset in line list.
      Allow an arbitrary change to be tagged.
      Note ability to tag any change.
      Start work on the SQLite engine.
      Remove unused File::Temp directory.
      Use a temporary database file.
      Start EngineTest.
      Add SQLie Sqitch schema and initialize database.
      Use a separate database for SQLite Sqitch metadata.
      Replace references to SQLite prefix with separate database.
      Handle missing --db-name, especially in `init`.
      Get db_name from config again.
      Throw an exception when no db_name for SQLite.
      Add state and search methods to SQLite engine.
      Start moving DBI-based engine stuff to a role.
      Implmeent project registrtion for DBI engines.
      Implement SQLite deploy logging.
      Log new tags in SQLite.
      Add transactions to DBI activities.
      Add revert logging to DBIEngine.
      Make sure fail logging works in SQLite.
      Add change loading queries methods to DBIEngine.
      Insert all tags in a single query.
      Get an exclusive transaction to prevent concurrent writes.
      More SQLite tests.
      Note that blanks are not allowed in names.
      Store lists space-delimited.
      Test and fix search_events.
      Add change_id_for().
      Finish testing SQLite.
      One more method to mention.
      Missed a timestamp.
      Require `dbh` instead of `_dbh`.
      Eliminate the `ts2char` method.
      Move live tests to EngineTest.
      Create and drop a test database for testing Pg.
      Get the Pg engine using EngineTest.
      Record commit times with fractional second precision on SQLite.
      Rename t/pg to t/engine.
      Restore pg engine _update_ids tests.
      Rename EngineTest to DBIEngineTest.
      Add the DBIEngine role to pg.
      Port the pg engine to the DBIEngine role.
      Move `earliest_change_id` and `latest_change_id` back into 
      Note engine changes.
      Make sqitch db default to $db_name-sqitch.
      Start the SQLite tutorial.
      Add `meta_destination` to engine.
      Add the next section to the sqitch tutorial.
      Add the "Ship It!" section to the SQLite tutorial.
      Add branch merging sections to the SQLite tutorial.
      Indent preformatted text.
      Fix sqitch-bundle synopsis (oops).
      Add the `userflips` view to the SQLite tutorial.
      Add rework example to the SQLite tutorial.
      Note addition of sqitchtutorial-sqlite.
      Increment to v0.960.
      Document meta_destination.
      Fix test failure introduced by c45818f.
      Add sqitch-sqlite to RPM spec file.
      Update l10n files.
      Use File::Temp directly.
      Use `undef` to un-disable ANSI colors.
      Timestamp v0.960.
      Increment to v0.961.
      Get working on PostgreSQL 9.0.
      Support PostgreSQL 8.4.
      *Actually* support PostgreSQL 8.4.
      Update the README with a better intro.
      Add Git::Wrapper to the RPM spec file.
      Note RPM v0.960-2.
      Skip live SQLite tests when sqlite3 cannot be found.
      Skip live Postgres tests if psql cannot be found or errors out.
      Skip live Git tests when git is not in the path.
      Compare stringification of file name.
      Actually, db_name should be a Path::Class object.
      Make sure ANSI colors are disabled.
      Make sure ANSI colors are disabled.
      Note Windows fixes.
      Make config var sort order deterministic.
      Remove comment.
      Fix encoding issue that causes test failures on Perl 5.17.
      Require UTF-8 encoded text in `parse()`.
      It is Moose, not Mouse, in App::Sqitch::X.
      Require Devel::StackTrace 1.30.
      Note requiring Devel::StackTrace 1.30.
      Always pass $@.
      Remove documentation of throw().
      Timestamp v0.961.
      Increment to v0.962.
      Add Devel::StackTrace 1.30 to the RPM spec.
      Merge pull request #86 from rdunklau/master
      Fix test failure on Perl 5.12 and lower.
      Require Test::File::Contents v0.20.
      Timestamp v0.962.
      Increment to v0.963.
      Fix test failure when not run from a Git checkout.
      Add `plan` to `sqitchchanges.`
      Show contents of file on failure.
      Replace tags.tag unique constraint.
      Note sqitch schema fix.
      Add diagnostics to try to pinpoint test failures in the next release.
      Skip better when DBD::SQLite not installed.
      Require Devel::StackTrace at runtime, too.
      Remove dependency on Git::Wrapper.
      Timestamp v0.963.
      Update l10n files.
      Increment to v0.964.
      Use Try::Tiny to avoid $@ scoping issues.
      Oops, missed a `local $@`.
      Eliminate "v-string in use/require non-portable" warnings on Perl 5.10.0.
      Encode text before Test::More outputs it.
      Do no override previous_exception on Throwable 0.200007.
      VERSION, not version.
      Try to fix test on some Windows.
      Note attempted Windows fix in af9519563.
      Update localization files.
      Timstamp v0.964.
      Increment to v0.965.
      Finally, really fix line-ending issue on Windows.
      Replace `$/` with `"\n"` on output.
      Use base instead of parent in Build.
      Timestamp v0.965.
      Increment to v0.966.
      Have `plan` show changes in ascending order by default.
      Switch to PerlIO::utf8_strict for fast en/decoding.
      Add links to tuturials, presentations, to main pod.
      On unknown/invalid option, show only synopsis and options.
      Add `sqitchusage` and use it for usage statements.
      Not improvement to invalid option help output.
      Add a header to `plan` with the project name.
      Start schema for Oracle.
      Use varrays.
      Start Oracle engine.
      Test creation of sqlplus script.
      Test and document passing multiple file hancles to spool().
      Test non-live oracle stuff.
      Get sqitch initialization working.
      Have _capture() send output to STDERR on error.
      Handle array aggregates.
      Get more Oracle stuff working.
      Make Oracle timestamp format consistent with pg and sqlite.
      More Oracle fixes.
      Add _multi_values() to the DBI engine.
      Man, doing LIMIT/OFFSET on Oracle is convoluted.
      Fix up CTEs.
      Override change_offset_from_id() in the oracle engine.
      Keep notes.
      Add a second in oracle tests.
      Get oracle search working.
      Abstract getting change as of @HEAD to handle LIMIT.
      Sort dependencies in tests.
      Add references to Oracle to the docs.
      Let tests pass when Oracle not set up.
      Start the Oracle tutorial.
      Add sqitch-oracle RPM.
      Another workaround for the collect()/placeholder conflict.
      Finish first section of Oracle tutorial.
      Finish next two sections of Oracle tutorial.
      Another workaround for the collect()/placeholder conflict.
      Update Oracle tutorial up to "Ship It!".
      Get through "Ship it!".
      Sqitch sets up error handling itself.
      Simplify Oracle compile warning detection.
      Update Oracle tutorial through the merge section.
      Finish rework section of Oracle tutorial.
      Fix pod errors, spelling.
      Merge branch 'oracle'
      Note Oracle support in Changes.
      Increment to v0.970.
      Add missing versions.
      Fix dist.ini syntax error.
      Fix requires/recommends in dist.ini.
      Show status changes and tags when project and plan do not match.
      Update l10n catalogs.
      Add new dependencies to the RPM spec.
      Timestamp v0.970.
      Increment to v0.971.
      Remove most uses of smartmatch.
      Suppress smartmatch warnings only on 5.17.11 or higher.
      Sleep for 0.1s between fred and barney.
      Add `shell()` and `quote_shell()`.
      Shell out an editor so its options will be respected.
      Remove Pod-checking tests from the distribution.
      Timestamp v0.971.
      Add String::ShellQuote do the RPM spec.
      Timestamp v0.970 in the RPM spec file.
      Increment to v0.972.
      Fix Windows test failure.
      Fix locale settings on WIndows.
      Suppress the missing DLL dialog on Windows.
      Only suppress the error dialog if Win32::API is installed.
      Fix indentation.
      More notes on Windows fixes.
      Timestamp v0.972.
      Increment to 0.973.
      Make sure we have SQLite 3.7.11 or higher.
      De-dupe list of missing dependencies.
      Skip SQLite test on unsupported versions of SQLite.
      Update localization files.
      Timestamp v0.973.
      Stub out MySQL support.
      Hammer out mysql basics.
      Start live MySQL tests.
      First cut at the MySQL schema.
      Get fetcuing of eariest and latest change Ids working.
      Get about a quarter of the MySQL live tests passing.
      Require MySQL 5.6.4+ for microsecond precision.
      Skip tests on older SQLites and MySQLs.
      Missed a few TIMESTAMPs.
      Get all live MySQL tests passing.
      Fix tag array sort order on MySQL.
      Test the MySQL connection configuration.
      Test the SQLite foreign_keys pragma.
      Test the Postgres search path.
      Mention the MySQL support in the docs.
      Start the MySQL tutorial.
      Fix meta_destination.
      Lock all MySQL tables.
      Add the first change section to the MySQL tutorial.
      Disable mysql_use_result.
      The `log` command works on MySQL now.
      Update MySQL URL.
      Throw exceptions for invalid dependency rows.
      Add a simple procedure to throw an exception.
      Replace raise() with checkit().
      Add a user as the first MySQL change.
      Add the "More Configuration" section to the MySQL tutorial.
      Link to the MySQL client docs.
      Mention and link to the SQL*Plus DEFINE variable docs.
      Don't pass variables to MySQL.
      Add the users table change to the MySQL tutorial.
      Add the "Add Two at Once" section to the MySQL tutorial.
      Change sqitch_db default to $db_name\_sqitch.
      Fix failing test broken in 16323c36.
      Tweak the MySQL missing DB error message.
      Eliminate the checkit() procedure.
      Go back to MySQL sqitch_db default "sqitch".
      Update tutorial sections so far.
      Add bundling section to MySQL tutorial.
      Add flips table to MySQL tutorial.
      Add flip functions to MySQL tutorial.
      Name literal values in subselect.
      Unlock MySQL tables when work is done.
      Add merge conflict section to MySQL tutorial.
      Finish merge section of MySQL tutorial.
      Finish the MySQL tutorial.
      Spelling, Pod fixes.
      Add sqitch-mysql to the RPM spec file.
      Merge branch 'mysql'
      Increment to v0.980.
      Add v0.980 to Changes.
      Update Oracle testing instructions.
      Improve and simplify the Oracle VM test instructions.
      Add _quote_idents() to DBI Engine role.
      Change the default SQLite sqitch_db to `sqitch.$suffix`.
      I kant spell.
      Merge pull request #101 from 
      No need to decode the system name.
      Adjust tests for older versions of SQLite.
      Allow change_id_for() to find multiple IDs.
      Find the earliest change, rather than the latest.
      Add Git clone build instructions to the README.
      Add .travis.yml.
      `dzil smoke` also wants an email address.
      Allow tests to run in parallel.
      Install Mouse to ensure Moose::Any tests pass.
      Force install of Any::Mose.
      Force install Encode (for now).
      Fix option bundling.
      Note the issue.
      Alias --get-regex to --get-regexp.
      Config actions have underscores, not dashes.
      FindBin is not required for the RPM.
      No need to use the root directory.
      Trim leading and trailing vertical *and* horizontal whitespace from notes.
      Really trime all leading and trailing white space from notes.
      Teach `config` to notice an uninitialized database.
      Prevent creation of SQLite file.
      Use Encode::Locale to decode user names.
      Move templatess to `templates/$action/$engine.tmpl`.
      Add oracle and mysql templates.
      Document the new --template option and locations.
      Move old templates in etc directory.
      Notify installer that template locations must be updated.
      Note addition of --template-name in Changes.
      Add diagnostic to try to figure out why Travis CI fails.
      Emit diagnostics for Travis failure only if RELEASE_TESTING is set.
      Add `--exists` to the `show` command.
      Update l10n files.
      Timestamp v0.980.
      Timestamp spec file.
      Require PostgreSQL 8.4.0 in the spec file.
      Timestamp v0.980.
      Collect values for duplicate add command --set keys into an array.
      Use Template Toolkit for templates, if it's installed.
      Remove diagnostic; actuall *use* Template.
      Test both Template::Tiny and Template Toolkit.
      Try to fix parallel test execution failures.
      Mention Template Toolkit upgradability in the docs.
      Update l10n files.
      Look for old templates in destdir if appropriate.
      Timestamp v0.980 (for real).
      Increment to v0.981.
      Use Encode::Locale when reading full user name from the OS.
      Add diagnostic output for test failure.
      Try to fix SQLite failures.
      Require sqlite3 3.3.9 or higher.
      Test for proper SQLite version.
      Use --port and --host when connecting to MySQL.
      Special-case the --password option to mysql.
      Keep generated test files separate.
      Fix semicolon placement.
      Update translation files.
      Timestamp v0.981.
      Incrememnt to v0.982.
      Die when Template::Toolkit encounters an error.
      Clone variables before passing to template.
      Fix skip count.
      Dump Git::CommitBuild.
      Require Clone.
      Need to return to avoid following code.
      Don't run revert scripts when rolling back under --log-only.
      Update translation files.
      Timestamp v0.982.
      Increment to v0.983.
      Make sure there is a value to compare!
      Protect all tests from the user setting of SQITCH_CONFIG.
      Teach the installer to Respect `destdir`.
      Detect both missing DB and missing table.
      Replace log_only variable with an engine attribute.
      Set LC_ALL instead of LC_MESSAGES.
      Require DBD::Pg 2.0.0 in the RPM.
      Always report command errors as invalid.
      Make cpanm less verbose in Travis.
      Exclude .travis.yml from the distribution.
      Only do release and author testing for ourselves.
      Don't set release and author testing too early.
      Use options when you can.
      Add -m as an alias for --note.
      Note addition of -m.
      Try updating CPAN::Meta.
      Try specific version of dzil, suggested by @xdg.
      Suppress warning on Perl 5.10.
      Avoid unexpected errors when connecting to the DB.
      Try harder to check for an uninitialized database.
      Query for the actual schema on Oracle.
      Ignore search path errors inside callback.
      Merge branch 'tsibley-open-editor'
      Credit tsibley for --open.
      I kant spel.
      Pass the correct number of args to set_err().
      Update translation files.
      Timestamp v0.983.
      Increment to v0.984.
      Dist::Zilla 5 is in the wild, now.
      Add DBURI role.
      Add port, remove unused class.
      Install URI::db from GitHub.
      Skip URI::db for now.
      Add `db_uri` attribute to Engine.
      Make db_uri read/write.
      Switch to db_uri in the SQLite engine.
      Replace db_name with db_uri in SQLite engine.
      Move the `db_uri` attribute into Engine.
      Adjust SQLite configuration for DB URIs.
      Move client config to Engine and restore sqitch_db config.
      Restore sqitch_db_uri.
      Deprecating old config vars, so they won't be returned by the method.
      Convert the Postgres engine to use a DB URI.
      Convert the MySQL engine to use a DB URI.
      Set URI params in deterministic order.
      Die on warnings.
      Just emit a warning for no MySQL db name.
      Convert the Oracle engine to use a DB URI.
      Convert Sqitch->engine into a constructor.
      Pass engine() parameters through to load().
      Note new URI support.
      Update config examples in the tutorials to use db_uri.
      Merge uri-db.
      Increment to v0.990.
      Add URI lookkup methods to
      Assume default DB might be a config key.
      Rename the db_uri config to database.
      Remove comment; adjust whitespace.
      Always merge options into URI.
      Add the database param and option to status.
      Remove password from destination.
      Make sure no engine includes password in destination or meta_destination.
      Pass URI params to connect().
      Make db_uri read-only.
      Rename the Postgres Sqitch metadata schema attribute "registry".
      Rename the mysql "sqitch_db" attribute to "registry".
      Suppress password in the MySQL meta destination.
      Rename SQLite sqitch_db attribute to "registry".
      Allow SQLite registry to be an absolute path.
      Rename the Oracle sqitch_schema attribute to "registry".
      Move registry attribute to Engine.
      Remove config_vars from engine subclasses.
      Update change info on config vars.
      Replace the term "metadata" with "registry".
      Fix spelling and Pod errors.
      Allow the engine to be inferred from the DB URI.
      Let --engine take priority.
      Use the dbi_driver attribute to look up the engine subclass.
      Add use_driver() and friends to improve driver loading.
      Add more notes on testing with the Oracle VM.
      Script should be executable.
      Remove the term "target" from the checkout command.
      Remove the --to-target option from the deploy command.
      Remove target options from rebase.
      Remove the --to-target option from the revert command.
      Remove deprecation of options that never exited.
      Remove target options from the verify command.
      Replace the term "target" with "change" in Engine.
      Remove last uses of "target" from the docs.
      Replace `*_for_db` methods with `*_for_target`.
      Change "destination" and "databse" to "target" in the log command.
      Change "destination" and "databse" to "target" in the status command.
      Add `target` to engine.
      Purge use of "destination" in docs.
      qHave Engine target default to config setting.
      Separate the _engine and engine lookups in init.
      Move `client` into base Engine class.
      Centralize handling of `registry` in the Engine class.
      Add `core.$engine.uri` config variable.
      Allow client to be configured by a target.
      Restore use of `destination` to the status and log commands.
      For the destination, not to it.
      And there we list the database, not the registry.
      Show registry database for uninitialized errors.
      Add the target param and option to the log command.
      Warn on two targets to log and status.
      Add `contains` to Plan and use it in Engine.
      Add `parse_args` to Command.
      Need to recognize URI targets, too.
      Add target option and arg to verify command.
      Restore option arg specs to usage statements.
      Add target option and arg to deploy command.
      Add target option and arg to revert command.
      Be consistent in documenting targets.
      Add target option and arg to rebase command.
      Move target stuff from rebase to the RevertDeployCommand role.
      Add target option and arg to checkout command.
      Merge branch 'db-config'
      Update Firebird for URI support.
      Require DBD::Firebird v1.15.
      Update test/sample firebird config.
      Update Firebird tutorial with URI and registry changes.
      Add NOT NULL constraint to columns that need it.
      Store notes, requires, conflicts, and tags in text blobs.
      Emit debug info from `_no_table_error()`.
      Properly handle NULL URIs.
      Minor tweaks.
      Merge pull request #125 from theory/firebird
      Give credit where credit is due.
      Fix borked getopt option.
      Rename format_uri to connection_string and have it handle host without 
      Use connection_string() in the client test.
      Merge pull request #132 from wcravens/minor_editorial_edits
      Stub out the target command.
      Only append .exe if it's not already there.
      Write the target docs.
      Set Pod encoding.
      Send non-fatal exception messages to info().
      Spec out target commands, write and test list action.
      Configuration should ignore config file.
      Add method to process the name and URI.
      Prefer set- actions to --set options.
      Add the add() action to the target command.
      Add set_uri(), set_registry(), and set_client().
      Implement the `rename` and `remove` target actions.
      Implement the "show" target action.
      Add target to lists of commands.
      Document undocumented methods.
      Correct spelling.
      Add target usage Pod.
      Merge branch 'target'.
      Show usage on unknown target action.
      Update changes.
      Get `engine_for_target()` to always specify the target.
      Update the PostgreSQL tutorial with targets.
      I kant spel.
      Prevent conflicts in add tests with user config.
      Update title.
      Stringify isql path for Str client attribute.
      Only stringify file object.
      Credit @tsibley.
      Add -batch option to sqlite3.
      Eliminate wide character warning when piping instead of paging.
      Update SQLite tutorial with targets.
      Update MySQL tutorial with targets.
      Update Oracle tutorial with targets.
      Start updating the Firebird tutorial with targets.
      Document that `verify` does not execute tests for reworked changes.
      Remove the undocumented test options from the add command.
      Add support for generating arbitrary scripts from templates.
      Fix precedence issue that prevented an exception from being thrown.
      URI::db is now on CPAN.
      Recognize HEAD and ROOT as aliases for @HEAD and @ROOT.
      Prevent already-installed templates from triggering failures.
      Update Firebird tutorial for targets.
      Add new modules to RPM Spec file.
      Reemove unused module.
      Update localization files.
      Add missing paren.
      Update localization files.
      Organize v0.990 changes into sections.
      Timestamp v0.990.
      Greatly simplify determining the Firebird ISQL client.
      Note the change to determining the isql client.
      Increment to v0.991.
      Revamp Firebird tutorial.
      Eliminate attempt to modify a constant value.
      Use the proper name for isql.
      Make HEAD and ROOT work when querying the database.
      Eliminate unititialized value warnings.
      Don't use File::Which.
      Reduce minimum required DBD::Firebird to v1.11.
      Return full isql path when not first in path.
      Silence CONNECT output from isql in the tutorial.
      Properly search for isql on Windows, too.
      Tweak Changes.
      Try to set a default for $! in test.
      Suppress STDERR when probing for isql.
      Call use_driver().
      Remove incorrect info from the README and link to homebrew.
      Update presentation links.
      Use short path on Win32.
      Fix the --verbose option to target.
      Credit chromatic.
      Avoid test failures when PGPASSWORD ise set.
      Update localization files.
      Timestamp v0.991.
      Increment to v0.992.
      Try copy instead of syscopy.
      Port to XC.
      Use one SQL file for Postgres and XC.
      Fix test failures on Win32.
      Note PGXC support.
      Note XC distribution by replication.
      Simplify Maria DB detection, give @edlitmus credit.
      Detect XC on the server, instead of the client.
      Use probe instead of capture.
      Note XC and MariaDB support in engines.
      Mention XC and Maria in the main doc and the config doc.
      Upcate copyright date.
      Update language catalogs.
      Timestamp v0.992.
      Increment to v0.993.
      Add v0.993 to Changes.
      Prefer engine derived from target URI over the configuration.
      Only check firebird client value if it exists.
      Fix docuemntation for core.top_dir default.
      Add plan tags as rework tags when loading changes from the database.
      Give credit where credit is due.
      Always cast COLLECT() to a data type.
      Tell SQL*Plus to ignore `@` in file names.
      Make cpanm noisier.
      Go verbose with cpanm.
      Work around Test::Manifest parallel test failures.
      Sleep a bit for SQLite again.
      Go verbose again.
      Looks like Test::File fails with parallel tests, too.
      Be quiet again.
      Use symlinkeds for Oracle scripts with special characters.
      Unlink before symlink.
      Do error handling for copying or symlinking file.
      Don't ignore MySQL errors on initialization.
      Make the MySQL checkit() function deterministic.
      Set :tableopts on PostgreSQL 8.4, too.
      Symlink to absolute path.
      Tweak changes.
      Update l10n catalogs.
      Timestamp v0.993.
      Increment to v0.994.
      Add v0.994 to Changes.
      Be explicit about what we use.
      Skip writing file with quotation marks on Windows.
      Spurious character.
      Fix function lookup errors with Text::ANSIColor.
      Attempt to fix Windows test failure.
      Blame the right guy.
      Hide the ANSIColor function.
      Update localization libraries.
      Timestamp v0.994.
      Timestamp v0.994 in the RPM spec file.
      Increment to v0.995.
      Fix RPM spec changelog ordering.
      Eliminate new warning on Perl 5.21.1.
      Try again to eliminate test failure when no Firebird isql.
      Try quoting SQLite file name on Windows.
      Test _read().
      Don't leave database droppings lying around.
      More carefullly tweak the SQLite registry URI.
      Disconnect all drivers.
      Note SQLite registry URI fix.
      Circumvent Config::GitLike bug on Windows.
      Note Config::GitLike bug workaround.
      Link to the Config::GitLike bug.
      Replace old reference to db_name.
      Don't exit with 1 on deploy to up-to-date db.
      Link to platform-specific installation instructions.
      Update l10n libraries.
      Timestamp v0.995.
      Increment to v0.996.
      Set max name length *before* calling code that uses it.
      Number printf params.
      Switch from Digest::SHA1 to Digest::SHA.
      First pass at switching from Mouse to Moo.
      Get t/add.t passing on Moo.
      Get plan and bundle tests passing.
      Get the config command working.
      Get the init and deploy commands working.
      Get remaining engine tests passing.
      Get the engine subclasses working.
      Get ItemFormatter working with Moo.
      Get log command working with Moo.
      Get the log and plan commands working with Moo.
      Get rebase, revert, and rework working with Moo.
      Get remaining commands working with Moo.
      Remove `required` param when there are defaults.
      Restore the IO::Pager constraint.
      Build on 5.20, not 5.19.
      No more Any::Moose.
      Eliminate use of meta in plan, engine.
      Drop use of the MOP in the init command.
      Drop use of Moose roles in X.
      Load App::Sqitch::DateTime lazily.
      Merge branch 'Moo'
      Note Moo and DateTime changes.
      Rename the "DBI" type to "DBH".
      Update dependency lists.
      Recommend Type::Tiny::XS.
      Document recommends changes.
      Type, not Try.
      Require Throwable 0.2.
      Require namespace::autoclean v0.16.
      Test on Perl 5.21.
      Throw a "parse" error when the parser fails.
      Further categorize plan exceptions.
      One more place needs to propagate parse errors.
      Ignore errors for non-X object.
      Add CPAN version and Travis status badges.
      Attempt to avoid l10n issues on Postgres.
      Let I/O exceptions propagate, as well.
      Add `prompt_accept` variables.
      Set $MYSQL_PWD when we have a password.
      Look in the MySQL config for a password.
      Note addition of ISC_PASSWORD in Changes.
      Start Vertica support.
      Add initialization, get base tests passing.
      Use a single environment variable for Vertica testing.
      Stop calling query_params().
      Get Vertica engine working.
      Separate tag param list from column list.
      I kant spel.
      Add sqitch-vertica RPM spec.
      Add vertica templates.
      All references to Vertica to all docs.
      Get vertica engine lookup working.
      Force Vertica to create default projections.
      Require Config::GitLike 1.11.
      Start vertica tutorial.
      Complete the Vertica tutorial.
      Note addition of Vertica support.
      Fix wayward comment.
      Merge branch 'vertica'.
      Fix Pod issues.
      Update localization catalogs.
      Record RPM spec changes.
      Only use MySQL::Config if it's installed.
      Timestamp v0.996.
      Increment to v0.997.
      Fix borked Vertica links.
      Support Vertica 6.
      I kant spel.
      Test::File 1.39 fixed its tests.
      Load only the Type::Utils we need.
      Thank you, @GeJ.
      Test more Perls.
      Simplify help output and add --guide option.
      Document --guide option to help.
      Start work on Sqitch::Target.
      Add options attribute to App::Sqitch.
      Rename t/target.t to t/target_cmd.t.
      Get Target to compile.
      Test Target basics, defaults.
      Add `file` attribute to Plan.
      Fix test.
      Fully test target contstruction.
      Test and fix attribute config hierarchy.
      Add --registry option.
      No longer a todo test.
      Replace engine attributs with target attributes.
      Get PostgreSQL engine working with Target.
      Get mysql tests passing with Target.
      Update vertica engine to work with Target.
      Update Oracle engine for Target.
      Restore option deprecations.
      Remove deprecation warnings from Postgres tests.
      Eliminate deprecation warning sin mysql test output.
      Support and warn on deprecated engine configs.
      Add target attribute to Plan.
      Update plan-related classes to use target.
      Teach Target to pass itself to Plan.
      Fix linelist test.
      Remove t/dburi.t.
      Always use target plan for db tests.
      Get Firebird tests passing with Target.
      Get command working with target.
      Pass target to parse_args().
      Update deploy command to use Target.
      Make sure target works with no engine key.
      Add the `default_target` attribute to Command.
      Add `target` as alias for `name`.
      Update init to use default_target.
      Update add command to use default_target.
      Update checkout command to use Target.
      Fix config tests.
      Update log command to use Target.
      Teach the plan command to use default_target.
      Teach rebase to use Target.
      Teach revert command to use Target.
      Teach rework to use default_target.
      Teach show command to use default_target.
      Teach the status command to use Target.
      Teach the tag command to use default_target.
      Teach target command to use Target.
      Teach the verify command to use Target.
      Remove target methods from App::Sqitch.
      Remove old reference to
      Teach bundle to use default_target.
      Eliminate warnings in tests.
      Restore test plans.
      Fix typos.
      Add missing Pod.
      Stub out App::Sqitch::Target docs.
      Handle additional target cases.
      Fully document Target.
      Add support for other config properties to the target command.
      Add missing tutorial line.
      Merge branch 'target-config'.
      Only pass through parse and io errors.
      Remove unused code paths.
      Modernize the init docs.
      Remove unnecessary references to --db-* options.
      Remove more references to deleted Sqitch attributes.
      Update changes with all the new target goodness.
      Emit warnings for deprecated `add` options.
      Remove long-deprecated sqitch_schema nand sqitch_db configs.
      Emit warning on use of `@FIRST` or `@LAST`.
      Return $t, in case $1 disappears.
      Reorganize changes.
      Increment plan format version to v1.0.0.
      Add the Engine command.
      Fix command list.
      Pod fixes.
      Deprecare core.$engine in favor of engine.$engine.
      Update tutorials to use engine.$engine.
      Tweak update-config.
      Use "engine" for the engine command error ident.
      Replace `[core "$engine"]` with `[engine "$engine"]` in docs.
      Make sure engine target is known.
      Use `sqitch engine` in the tutorials.
      Add missing target labels to `show` output.
      Prevent deletion/renaming of targets with dependencies.
      Add basic tests for update-config.
      Fix test failure on Windows.
      Fix Windows test failure.
      Fix links.
      Warn only once per run.
      Document `sqitch engine update-config`.
      Fix --etc-path.
      Add engine & target configuration guide.
      Spelling, Pod format fix.
      Tweak Changes.
      Fix version.
      Limit merging of deprecated URI parts.
      Fix typos. Thanks Michelle!
      Let --db-* options override target URI parts, too.
      Update localization libraries.
      Don't delete old core config.
      Double-quoted string for newline.
      Don't migrate core.$engine if engine.$engine exists.
      Update l10n libraries.
      Make Inline::C install verbose.
      Well, now Inline::C builds fine.
      Okay, install Inline::C separately. Whatever.
      Tweak changes and timestamp v0.997.
      Increment to v0.998.
      Prevent `update-config` from updating the wrong files.
      Update the plan version in the tutorials.
      Usually want to pass the target when adding an engine.
      Fix the configuration guide file name.
      Add the `releases` table.
      Tweak MySQL and Vertica version trypes.
      Add registry updating to the engine.
      Always upgrade the database.
      Throw an error for a registry of the wrong version.
      Add the `upgrade` command.
      Add the `script_hash` column to the `changes` table.
      Let script_hash be NULL.
      Cache script_hash.
      Include the script hash in the current state.
      Include script_hash in current_changes.
      Show more context in error finding change in plan.
      Restore file when test finishes.
      Use try/finally to restore reworked script.
      No need for that map.
      Populate script_hash with change_id on upgrade.
      Get upgrades working on Vertica.
      Catch uninitialized databse errors in current_state().
      Silence the running of Vertica registry changes.
      Require Path::Class 0.33 for copy_to() and move_to().
      Update script hashes.
      Make the script_hash column NULLable on Vertica.
      Update Pod.
      Note upgrade behavior for script_hash.
      Get Firebird upgrades working properly.
      Add "revert" event type.
      Fix script_hash update on Firebird.
      Use COMMENT for database object comments on Firebird.
      Add "merge" to the Firebird CHECK constraint.
      Note addition of "merge" events.
      Update the language files.
      Emit literal bytes.
      Timestamp v0.998.
      Increment to v0.999.
      Be smarter about upgrading the registry.
      Don't fail test when psql is not in the path.
      Require Config::GitLike 1.15 to build on Windows.
      Clarify revert behavior with deploy vs verify failures.
      Add SQITCH_PASSWORD environment variable.
      Add password and environment guides.
      SQITCH_PASSWORD is consistent.
      I kant spell.
      Prefer SQITCH_PASSWORD over target URI password.
      Make a couple of failing tests verbose.
      Turn off multiprocess testing for failing tests.
      Silence timer and parallel tests for failing tests.
      Just use prove.
      Update localization catalogs.
      Timestamp v0.999.
      Increment to v0.999_1.
      Restore non-verbose testing on Travis.
      Require DateTime::TimeZone::Local::Win32 on Windows.
      Fix the name of the Vertica tutorial.
      Use --disable-pager with MariaDB.
      Omit --skip-pager on Windows.
      Fix SQLite upgrade failure.
      Update copyright year.
      Try using travis-perl.
      Try again.
      No verbosity for parallel jobs.
      Install Params::Validate.
      Install ExtUtils::CBuilder, too.
      Never mind 5.10.0.
      Add coveralls badge.
      Add recommended developer modules.
      Recurse into subdirectories.
      Tweak IRC notification.
      Try irc again.
      Recommend and Suggest database drvivers.
      Install aspell on Travis.
      Recommend mysql.
      Sudo apt-get.
      No apt with `sudo:false`.
      Find out what's up with MySQL.
      Remove MySQL-specific test.
      Fix upgrade failure on PostgreSQL 8.4.
      Use a datetime in MySQL releases table.
      Reduce minimum required MySQL to 5.5.0.
      Add a script to upgrade a Registry for MySQL 5.6.4.
      Run tests on MySQL 5.5 or higher.
      Pass no precision to utc_timestamp() befor MySQL 5.6.4.
      Fix event ordering test failure on MySQL 5.5.
      Try installing Firebird.
      Let "vertica" be valid spelling.
      Let's see what's up with the Firebird and Vertica tests.
      See why Firebird can't find DBI::DBD.
      Try installing DBI first.
      Install all modules required by DBD::Firebird.
      Only need one build status link.
      Reduce minimum required MySQL to 5.1.
      I kant spel.
      Properly fetch status booleans from config.
      Fix spelling of --abbrev.
      Consistently set rspace on a note.
      Have init die on invalid project file.
      Fix DOS/Windows line endings.
      Add all_targets constructor to Target.
      Teach `bundle` how to deal with multiple plans.
      Parse engine and plan file args to bundle.
      Update bundle documentation for plan args.
      Parse engine names and plan files in Command.
      Document that targets can be specified as engines or plan files.
      Handle change params to bundle.
      Add changes to all plans and scripts to all top dirs.
      Teach the tag command to read/write all plans.
      Note new add and tag options.
      Add the --all option to the Tag command.
      Use -c as short variant of --change.
      Fix misspelling.
      Disallow mixing --all with target arguments.
      Add the --all option to the add command.
      Make sure only the option sets add->all.
      Stub docs for parse_target_args.
      Add the --all option to the bundle command.
      Teach the rework command to rework all plans.
      Don't recognize changes unless we want them.
      Switch checkout to use parse_target_args().
      Switch remaining commands over to parse_target_args().
      Merge parse_targt_args() into parse_args().
      Eliminate duplicate file listings.
      Add the engine variable to the templates.
      Add the project variable to the templates.
      Make sure we list the proper files in rework note request.
      Be consistent when referring to etc files.
      Add project name to tutorial scripts.
      Increment to v0.9991.
      Fix bug looking up reworked change + tag.
      Remove inadvertently-added text from Changes.
      Undeprecate --db-* options.
      Restore --db-* docs.
      Update and merge translation libraries.
      Organize v0.9991 changes into sections.
      Stop overwriting file again.
      Timestamp v0.9991.

Dickson S. Guedes (2):
      fixing a typo in README
      fixing a typo

Ed Silva (1):
      add checks for MariaDB

François Beausoleil (1):
      Fixed typos

Helmut Wollmersdorfer (1):
      Typo in

Mark Lawrence (4):
      Add vim temporary files to MANIFEST.SKIP
      Un-magic test utility scripts containing "#!"
      Remove hardcoded #!/usr/bin/perl from bin/sqitch
      Add t/../lib to @INC for t/sqitch

Michael G. Schwern (3):
      Switch classes from Moose to Mouse.
      Mouse::Util::TypeConstraints does not have maybe_type, do the equivalent.
      Mouse appears to have a bug with $attr->default($instance).  Work around 

Randy Stauner (2):
      Expect '.exe' in configuration test files on windows
      Don't re-copy file if mtimes are equal

Ronan Dunklau (7):
      Add checkout command.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Add tests to checkout.
      Refactor deploy and revert variables configuration.
      Reencode in UTF-8
      Force temp file for note to be written as UTF-8.
      Fix test to compare temp file contents as UTF-8.

Slobodan Mišković (1):
      Very minor spelling fix

Stefan Suciu (53):
      Add initial files for Firebird engine
      Fix SQL schema for Firebird
      Quote timestamp
      Firebird use FIRST/SKIP instead of LIMIT/OFFSET
      Fixes and changes to the Firebird engine
      Fix the lenght of VARCHAR for the project field in the tags and events 
      Test 'live database': Looks like you failed 2 tests of 338 :)
      Fix engine_err_regex and the related test
      Fix for _ts2char_format return seconds:60
      Fix typo in firebird.t
      Replace isql with isql-fb as used by Debian
      Add Firebird engine
      Fix database name
      Add Firebird templates
      Fix for drop test database code
      Add module to locate isql
      Refactor and fix locate_firebird_ms
      Add .al to .gitignore
      Integrate Firebird utils into the engine module
      Make the firebird client a Path::Class::File object
      Fix init_error string in firebird.t
      Try to make test paths portable
      Fix typo in
      Try to debug '-invalid transaction handle' error in search_events sub
      Try a 'LOCK TABLE changes' substitute with 'ib_set_tx_param'; clenup
      Add the .fdb extension to database names
      Add the tutorial draft
      Fix time zone problem and check againg the first 1/2 of the tutorial
      Use Time::Local to calculate GMT offset
      Add descriptions (comments) to the database tables
      The default sqitch_db database is sqitch.fdb in the same dir as db-name
      Update POD
      Skip cleanup in the END block if no live test was made
      Revert "Skip cleanup in the END block if no live test was made"
      Set the name of the sqitch db to "sqitch-<dbname>" by default
      Skip dropping database without a pass and a valid path
      Found the reason for '-lock time-out on wait transaction' on drop database
      Check the first half of the Firebird tutorial (again)
      Update the last half of the Firebird tutorial
      Finish the Firebird tutorial
      Small fix for config command
      Skip live test for Firebird if there is no driver installed
      Fixes in firebird tests.
      Fix test failure because of Firebird not being installed
      Find ISQL on Darwin (not tested)
      Apply 2 patches from theory (thanks!)
      Fix drop test databases when there is more than 1 active connection
      Make paths in firebird.t portable; Add missing param in read_registry
      Add changes necessary for Windows
      Do not relay on password setting to skip cleanup, add test for live 
      Use $sqitch->quote_shell for shell params as learned from @theory
      Fix dbname parameter for isql and create_database
      Using the ISC_PASSWORD environment variable for the Firebird engine.

Thomas Sibley (8):
      Typos in sqitch-add doc
      Add a coercible ConfigBool attribute type
      Optionally open change scripts in editor after add/rework
      Add a -e alias for --edit
      Pick up add.open_editor in rework if set
      Test --open-editor for add and rework
      Prevent SQITCH_EDITOR from overriding localized EDITOR and causing test 
      Fix "Cannot find deploy template" errors when installed into a local::lib

Tomohiro Hosaka (2):
      fix username encoding. User::pwent return utf8 chars on Mac.
      fix sha1 oid calculation at t/change.t. do encode_utf8.

Wes Cravens (3):
      Minor readability improvement
      Remove duplicated 'checkout' subcommand description from pod
      editorial: s/online/oneline/

ben hengst (3):
      first pass with Dist::Zooky
      getting dzil test to pass by addition of the abstract so the built in pod 
weaver action will work
      I overlooked the custom MB::Sqitch, this fixes that

chromatic (1):
      More user environment variable protection.

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.9991


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