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        at  459c940   (tag)
   tagging  0cb4b425b3beb5b45d098a84c8d8ac1c58f3d93b (commit)
  replaces  v0.10
 tagged by  Dana Jacobsen
        on  Mon Jul 23 10:00:36 2012 -0600

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 0.11

Dana Jacobsen (13):
      Turn off threading tests for Cygwin
      Change exp2 to pow, and incorporate inverse into exponent
      Wrap inverse into exponent in Riemann Zeta evaluation
      Bump version number
      Compile issues, especially MSC
      Add a prototype, remove an unused variable
      rearrange math to keep precision in some cases
      Change tests for next/prev 0..3572 to do 2 tests instead of 7146.  Speeds 
up a lot, and in theory should give us the same debug info
      bigint / bignum changes
      Note the changes for today
      Add racing SQUFOF
      Racing SQUFOF & other UV factoring changes
      Turn off racing squfof in main routine


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  7d7ae7a   Initial commit
       new  db6e278   Implementation
       new  173374e   Add MemFree object for better memory control
       new  b918b92   Add factoring
       new  d9467f3   text cleanup
       new  b7d0e69   Add some items to do
       new  1bfc4ea   Updates for 32-bit behavior
       new  504099f   prime_count uses segmented sieve
       new  40b1a2a   Updates for next release
       new  c54cd40   Speed up factoring a smidgeon, prep for 0.03
       new  39f6ea1   Make squfof recurse, and fix some issues with it
       new  f7deef1   Miller-Rabin and prob_prime
       new  7e66d0d   New tests and benchmarks
       new  5c160e0   factoring benchmarks
       new  f761e56   Split out bitarray and type header files
       new  7d6012c   Redo factor loop
       new  52935e2   Factoring is isprime updates
       new  a740090   More factoring changes
       new  15e84bd   pedantic cleanup
       new  62a9793   Next prime overflow, HOLF factoring, compare with Pari
       new  04af4ab   Fix next_prime
       new  f9b9193   Factoring updates
       new  0e4fe85   random primes, and no asserts
       new  8ebc5ae   Try another 64-bit detection method
       new  f4de011   Rename some test files
       new  18c272d   Changes for v0.04
       new  e0ab486   Tweak to mulmod use
       new  b7796c8   Add pseudoprime test for MR
       new  c882d45   Note need for more pseudoprime testing
       new  eafd373   Make asm x64 only
       new  85685bc   More pseudoprime testing
       new  8f4796d   Add perfect square discriminator
       new  f7169a1   Overflow for nth_prime, segment prime_count
       new  92269f6   Add math functions
       new  cd97a86   Rewrite prime_count for segments
       new  4afae2b   Updates from testing, make nth_prime_approx more accurate 
for large values
       new  2c3cc18   Allow random_prime to use overridden rand
       new  c62ab6f   Fix issue with sqrt rounding
       new  a17975b   Small fixes
       new  be45b08   Many more tests
       new  e8a0765   Move from mallloc/free to New/Safefree
       new  852bd58   Update for 0.06
       new  5ceba17   Move Test::More to build vs. prereq; comment changes
       new  3f327f7   Update for 0.07
       new  fd0d5e5   Initial scaffolding for threads
       new  fd61c4c   Accuracy for math functions
       new  f900788   Remove simple sieve
       new  ed6a752   7/11/13 presieve added
       new  1be2ec9   7/11/13 presieve added
       new  4df9619   Add add_factors
       new  4f1ca63   Add rational Chebyshev approx for Ei
       new  fc1e8c6   Thread safety
       new  10fba38   improve threading
       new  e5857a6   Improve threading
       new  78d5bed   Add tests for all_factors
       new  f3fd04e   Segments were in MB instead of KB.  Waaaaay too much 
       new  1bcf403   Add PrimeArray tied array
       new  9334951   Fiddle with Makefile.PL
       new  b2e0c52   Add tests for primearray, move MemFree, prepare for 0.08 
       new  863fed3   Get ready for 0.08 release
       new  ef43b9b   Start work on PP code
       new  cc71cd2   Pure Perl working on all tests
       new  57028c6   Big speedups for pure perl code, though still too slow
       new  bfcdbea   threading and PP changes
       new  2e93053   Wasn't correctly selecting win32
       new  f1ac8f0   Documentation
       new  a2f9630   Add documentation
       new  8c1a02c   PP sieve benchmark, update tests, MR always returns 0 for 
even input
       new  2f3e8ce   Update timings, fix test plan
       new  b728d6b   Add some more implementations
       new  3fedfb5   Add simple SoA (along with rant)
       new  1362a6b   Add some PP benchmarks
       new  1670eb8   Style change for is_prime -- no performance difference
       new  5c2f083   Speedup for PP is_prime and factor
       new  b4d8c78   Speedup for powmod/mulmod (helps factor, isprime, etc.)
       new  e6ac88e   Cleanup random_prime a little
       new  cc7c8a4   Speed up random_ndigit_prime a little for 9+ digits
       new  4c0490e   Adjust comments
       new  bd31f9a   Remove old renamed file
       new  eda96a0   Forgot prototype -- could be cause of test failure
       new  fc21970   Turn on bignum support for PP code
       new  d94fc11   Lots of bignum support
       new  8e22367   Do a mod before power operations -- avoids fp exception 
for very large bases on small n
       new  3e23f1f   Many changes for bignum support
       new  a940cb0   Test euler_phi for small values
       new  d33cde5   Note some bignum things that should be done
       new  2188da0   Lots of bignum changes, new tests, update version number
       new  50222df   More bignum fun
       new  fff06a5   Benchmark both XS and front end
       new  61e1c65   Add BPSW primality test, hooray
       new  0c0f910   Miller Rabin returns 0 or 1 only.  Export strong Lucas 
pseudoprime function
       new  fb04008   Add missing test file to MANIFEST
       new  3e3b780   Bigint enhancements
       new  9271a62   Doc updates
       new  8c46868   Full bigint support, add -bigint to import list to turn 
       new  5f0ed78   Merge conflicts?
       new  2187c92   Restore from $&^&$ up merge
       new  c1a3e12   Update for older Perls and bigint
       new  da62a64   Add tests for strong lucas pseudoprimes
       new  695c937   3x speedup for bigint factor and primality
       new  a5842dc   Redo random primes, add Maurer's algorithm.  
random_ndigit_prime needs work.
       new  b72adcd   Updates for portable bigints and random primes
       new  40cb80d   More random prime work
       new  c4219ab   More random prime changes
       new  c05f032   Minor updates
       new  23d03cd   Tests for random primes, fix for random primes on 5.6.2
       new  d65f872   Recommend Math::BigInt::GMP and try to use in tests
       new  330a0a1   more fun with bigints and random primes
       new  3d981b4   Use the MPU:GMP module if we can
       new  15cfc51   Fix an issue with random primes
       new  084e79e   Minor GMP related change for performance and doc
       new  d569ae0   GMP and bigint stuff
       new  533650a   fix POD issue
       new  8347ffa   Work on factoring a little
       new  2d1025e   Factoring speedups
       new  4828d2f   Change %lu to use unsigned long
       new  097995b   Use GMP primes function.  Doc tweaks
       new  60d5b63   Update TODO, add Math::Big to performance
       new  dfde14f   Update performance number with Math::Primality estimate
       new  9736a13   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  e7ecf6f   Strip out the prime_count and nth_prime bounds and approx 
from C code
       new  b7a24d3   Minor updates for release
       new  b37e2ba   Tweak native precision factoring sequence
       new  c48ac70   Tweaks, Dusart 2010 bounds, documentation overhaul
       new  0fcc6dc   Big documentation update for PP
       new  1424210   Check main::rand() existance at runtime
       new  5b2c0f6   Turn off threading tests for Cygwin
       new  f440ed1   Change exp2 to pow, and incorporate inverse into exponent
       new  7b8aa40   Wrap inverse into exponent in Riemann Zeta evaluation
       new  ca6fc7b   Bump version number
       new  22003b3   Compile issues, especially MSC
       new  a6ece61   Add a prototype, remove an unused variable
       new  77b5fcf   rearrange math to keep precision in some cases
       new  6915076   Change tests for next/prev 0..3572 to do 2 tests instead 
of 7146.  Speeds up a lot, and in theory should give us the same debug info
       new  1d54e81   bigint / bignum changes
       new  7677b7b   Note the changes for today
       new  ed1a67a   Add racing SQUFOF
       new  e885753   Racing SQUFOF & other UV factoring changes
       new  0cb4b42   Turn off racing squfof in main routine

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